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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev pick out the perfect Christmas Tree together on Tuesday (December 4) in Atlanta, Ga.

The Vampire Diaries couple pointed out different trees to each other before selecting one – at one point Ian held up some tree to Nina‘s nose for her to smell!

Unfortunately, that same day, Nina was running a fever!

“Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….” she tweeted.

The week before, Nina and Ian, along with their Vampire Diaries co-star Claire Holt, took in a performance of TOTEM by Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Check out the pics of Ian with some of the performers below!

FYI: Nina and Ian are wearing American Eagle while shopping for the trees.

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nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 01
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 02
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 03
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 04
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 05

Credit: Ben Rose, Yann Arnaud/Cirque du Soleil; Photos: WireImage
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  • Yaddle

    Such “candid” shots.

  • Veronica

    Perfect for each other. :3 GET MARRIED!

  • Mirabella


  • So true

    Oh so THERE ARE paps in their Atl bubble! Niiiice! Where there way years before huh? Oh right, they wew recpecting privacy of the showmance!
    And oh jared why waiting so long about that TOTEM mention? Was waiting while the fuss of Ian being there meters away from Nina, drinking beer and having fun with others will pass on tumblr

  • Louna

    so fake

  • Urethra Franklin

    Love how in a few of the pics that are acting as if the cameras aren’t even there. Uh, puhleeze.

  • iugiu

    I like him. i don’t like her.

  • sherry

    Certainly they look sweet…But I just read on the ISF Page about deforestation,, I just assumed he was against this sort of thing!!! Tis a bit confusing… explanation anyone???

  • Evolvinglady

    Very Cute Couple, but I thought they were so environmentally friendly, So why are they picking out a live tree and not a fake one? You can see they are real cause some of the trees are behind them. Just asking….

  • amanda

    So there just so happened to be pap’s in Georgia. Um, not buying it. They just seem so fake sorry. They both tweet when they want something. ie, when Ian was thanking the car dealership for his car which means he got the car free. When they name places where they shop, meaning they get free clothes. Same with this cirque whatever. The vampire diaries used to be so great. Now it’s just the Nina and Ian show, which is boring. Now before the delena’s start there usual bullying no I’m not stelena I was just a fan of the vampire diaries. The ratings will show how alot of people agree with me. Were all tuning out.

  • soemi

    how much evil!

  • jane

    Don’t watch the show but they are relly cute :)
    They look genuine.

  • Guest

    With all due respect and nothing against them, for me they are very good friends and that´s all. The way the he behaves with Nina, is the same way that he behaves with other people. I see no difference. Ian is a big flirt and when he is really and in love with someone we will see the difference.

    I won´t say that it´s a brother sister thing, but kind of. I think that they have great affection for each other and very good friends and when the show is over this Nian thing will be over too. Another stage in their lifes.

  • The only true

    @So true: Why are you so hate them? Are you so boring that you spread lies? You know nothing about them, I assure you.

  • ella

    He definitely wants Christian Grey’s role…and hope he will have it. :)

  • soemi

    very beautiful together!

  • Amy

    Their relationship is real. Ian did a livestream in his dressing room and Nina came in after she was done shooting and said she wanted to kiss him but not in front of the whole world.

  • Evolvinglady

    @Guest: I think they make a very beautiful couple and you can see the love they have for each other.

  • So true

    I am so with u at it. A lot of ppl know that they are good friends with ups and downs, and up and downs only b/c they forced to play along fan wishes.
    And no i do not hate them. I hate that fans put them in position where they need to pretend to buy a tree and also to work out sponsorship for TVD
    we all know that Nina lost to many fans so yeah it was time for Nian thing

    abd no Nina wasn’t entering his room during livesteram it was Kat Grahem cheking up on him.
    Nina and Ian friendship (and a lot of ppl can confrim that always was just friends even with out benefits) was at bad place. I am glad that things got better than they were in autimn if not, then these pics is just damage control

  • Fingers

    Nina Dobrev is NOT Elena Gilbert. I don’t know why they picked that girl to be Elena. In the Vampire Diaries books, Elena was blonde, like the author. She was supposed to look like a goddess, not like this twit. Oh yeah, Bonnie was supposed to be a pale redhead and Caroline was supposed to be a strawberry blonde. In the books, Elena had a sister named Margaret, not a brother. Her aunt was named Judith, not Jemma. They totally screwed up the casting. I quit watching after the first season.

  • soemi

    then spend the holidays with their families because they are friends? please!

  • Guest


    Of course that they are cute together, I like them really do, and I don´t doubt that they love each other, but love and to be in love is way too different. I don´t get that vibe at all. And I think fans of this couple expect too much from them, Ian never confirmed the relationship in the first place and avoid talking about it (maybe because there is not such a committed or serious relationship??) . I think that all are a big family (TVD cast) and it´s true also, that what Ian is doing in those pictures with Nina, you can perfectly see him doing it with his co-stars in the show, is the way Ian is.

    There are tons of examples of two costars getting together (apparently) and when the show is over (or even earlier) bye bye, because was not serious in the first place but well you can not say a thing. It´s how the business works

  • Sherry


    That’s exactly what I wanted to know…Couple cuteness aside…Why buy cut real tree’s when one is against it!!! I mean he seem’s to be very passionate about the environment, so I found this news a bit shocking…surely there’s an explanation???

  • The only true

    Honestly, I think that most of the haters are Paul’s or Twilight fans OR full of jealousy OR have a big crush on Ian so they hate Nina… Otherwise, why spend their OWN time only to spread hate. You don’t have to believe in NIAN but what you are doing is not smart, not nice and even IF NIAN were fake – what you are doing is worse.

  • Cat

    What the hell is with all the hate, they are the cutest couple ever and the world wont end if he picks 1 real tree i know he said he was against that or whatever but calm down.

  • soemi

    Nina was not Kat.. also denied the evidence!

  • Just me

    True couple! not fake one at all!

  • So true

    There is a difference between spreading the hate and pointing out the obvious. Ians attutude towards nina even with Kisses and hugs is just Ian to every female who is his friend. But his attitude toward his real gf is different.
    It is showbiz. Fans started to dream about Nian since may 2009, first CW upfronts b/c Ian & Nina look cute together. Later managers just read what fans want and give it to them with staged pictures and events, also all events are sponsored by TVD sponsors. Nothing personal just business.
    Ian and Nina are smart enough to use it at their own purpose and i do trespect them for that.
    But fans are different. They caged both actors so the must spend time together fotr fans even if they do not want to and that is sad.

  • giada

    if you don’t like them and if you believe they are fake why bother to come in VERY single article about them. Don’t like=don’t care!
    this is just beyond annoying!

  • Guest

    @So true:

    I agree and nothing wrong with that, it´s how the business works and more reason when they are starting.

    They never acted like a normal couple, they dissapear for a period of time and they suddenly appears together. Ian and Nina´s family know that they only are friends but they understand the business and help them. How come Nina doesn´t follow on twitter Ian´s family or friends?? but well they are professional and will keep with this until the show is over.

    Again I don´t see Ian or Nina (mostly Ian) in love at all.

  • terri

    Hollywood has been doing it for years. They have there actors pretending they are a couple because fans want them to be. Ian is 34 and has been around for a while. His ex’s are proof most of his love life is staged. When he was a nobody he “dated” Nicky Hilton, got his picture taken. Was on Lost all of a sudden he’s dating Maggie Grace. Before TVD’s became big he dated the biggest Vampire show’s actor, Twilight’s Ashley Greene, and now it’s Nina. Hollywood is Hollywood once TVD’s is done all of a sudden Ian will be dating whoever else is next. God people how old are you to fall for this.

  • soemi

    their families spend the holidays together, absolutely twitter haha nina and ian super cute!

  • The only true

    @So true:
    I agree @giada If you beliece they are fake so why it is so important to you? If you don’t hate them and if they are just friends with benefits, as you said, what you are doing can hurt them, so WHY?

  • So true

    exactly! That is how business works. You see i don’t mind it at all. But here is the thing, things like that is both sided road. Ian is in this business for a long time and he pull his part gracefully, never confirming relationship (recently in TV Guide he denied them again, hitting that it’s just the show) and acts around Nina friendly. Nina on the other hand most of the tumes crosses the line, but hey she is just a kid and scared that her only valiue to fans is the fact that she is ians gf. So she pulls that card all the time. Yes she is a nighmare as a personality but what else u would excpect with such a pressure as she recieves from fans?
    They are genually good ppl. But fans expect to much of them, fanms expect them to perfom a fairytail which fans created. Easier work for managers harder for Ian and Nina. We all know what a drastic change happened in their friendship.
    Also it is a common knowledge that she is just a kid for him and for her Ian is not enough, she is always aimong for a more higher league when she is flirting at events.
    as for the holidays with families, as i said it is showbiz. CW pays for their parents attendance at one place or another.
    But as we see here, fans are blind and obsessed.
    Why i do rant about this pics is b/c Nina again lied to the fans and that is no good at all

  • The only true

    @So true: LMAO I think you have a crush on Ian, seriously. I know Nina personally and she is ADORABLE. A nighmare? Are you kidding, right?

  • So true

    @The only true:
    oh really i know her personally two, my fav part of her behavior is being moody 24/7 and throwing a tantrum each time as someone gets more attention than she does.
    Come on, if u here to claim how saint she is, than indeed it is true that this Thx giving and Xmas Nian thing is just a damge control, also fake ninas flue to not to be near Ian on his BDay b/c he can’t bear to be near her anymore.
    If you know her personally than you should know that they live in separate flats in Atl and in separate hotels during trips. You also should know how hard drinker and smoker she is.
    Crush in Ian. For god sake NO! We both know that he is no saint and how hard is to be near him despite all good qualities he has. Yes he is smart and down to earth and mostly nice man, but you should know what hapens when Ian goes mad or angry and how stubborn and controlling he is.
    We both here on this board for the same reason. You – doing damadge control, me looking how many ppl are able to see the truth.

  • soemi

    hard drinker? smoker? and that means? you hold on to everything, jealous!

  • Sherry


    No true, some will say its just one tree, but remember, there are a lot of people dedicated to ISF and some of those people are huge tree huggers, not to mention the countless number of fans that are donating to ISF for his Birthday, so Obviously it is something to ponder over…A bit of an Oxymoron!!! This has nothing to do with his Acting/show which I love btw…Its about putting your money where your mouth is…just saying!!!

  • mark

    wow!!!!!! the same looser come here and post a negative comment.
    get a life!!!!

  • The only true

    @So true: Well, no one is a saint and Im NOT going to talk abt too personal details (which most of them are not true). Nina and Ian are people (even if they are actors) like everyone else. How would you feel if someone talks about your OWN personal life in public? and fyi, you are the one who are doing the damage by spraying poison on them!

  • Mandy

    So cute, I love how sweet they are with each other.

  • JC

    You’ve got to laugh at all the jealous Ian fan girls or Stelena/Paul Wesley shippers hating on this page. It’s pathetic. Time for a reality check and a need for a real life outside of fiction. It seems to be a regular gathering spot on JJs comment section.

    Beautiful couple. I hope they have a lovely family Christmas and a well earned holiday.

  • XYZ

    it cannot get any faker than that….

  • XYZ

    @Just me:

    Oh really? Are u a relative or friend of them?

  • XYZ


    NINA IS JUST A “BEARD”, thats all

  • elisa

    They’re both so beautiful..
    Wonderful couple, I wish them all the best :-)

    Btw, I’d like to look like Nina when I’m running a fever LOL!

  • Meg

    I have to say I believe its fake. Mostly because of all their PDA being right before a huge Delena episode. I adore Ian, he is a sweet dude but really dont care for Nina. So sue me lol, everyone has opinions. Just my 2 cents about it.

  • So true

    Nina herself gets no more than 15 comments under article and the all about eaither a dress she wears eaither how wooden actress she is. So be gratefull that comments like mine give her a chance to get some defending comments from blind obsessed fans.
    My points here from the beginning are based on facts.
    1)AE on their web put exactly same closthes which she is wearing on the sale the same day articles about her with links on AE sale went all over the web. And you dare to say it is not PR or working for sponsors?
    2)Nina doesn’t attend cons b/c no one wants to work with her. It is a fact.
    3)Fans all over the web posting stories that outside cameras and fan zones she acts like a pregnant dog. So thats a fact too.
    4)Ppl see ian hugging and kissing females on the lips all over the world for years, even holding hands with guys (i do not state that he is a gay, he is stright all riight) so his attitude towards Nina is not exclusive – fact
    5)Ian never confirmed the relationship but denayed them often. Fact
    6)If there is no negative comments there is no attention to Nina at all.
    So thank me instead of insulting me.
    And why stelena shippers or Dobsley fan? Or better why crush on Ian?
    May be i have a crush on Nina and envy Ian that he is lucky one to have all opportunities to do her, but that idiot wastes them b/c they never crossed friends and co workers line toward romance. Towards hate each other guts, yes, but lack of romance is obvious.
    And hey may be i am upset with Nina, If Ian Somerhalder is not enough for her, then i guess i have no chances/

  • Ava

    @So true: You are truely insane.

  • Yoki

    If I was her, I think I would be pregnant by now! He’s so hawt!