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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev pick out the perfect Christmas Tree together on Tuesday (December 4) in Atlanta, Ga.

The Vampire Diaries couple pointed out different trees to each other before selecting one – at one point Ian held up some tree to Nina‘s nose for her to smell!

Unfortunately, that same day, Nina was running a fever!

“Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….” she tweeted.

The week before, Nina and Ian, along with their Vampire Diaries co-star Claire Holt, took in a performance of TOTEM by Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Check out the pics of Ian with some of the performers below!

FYI: Nina and Ian are wearing American Eagle while shopping for the trees.

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nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 01
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 02
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 03
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 04
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 05

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181 Responses to “Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!”

  1. 1
    Yaddle Says:

    Such “candid” shots.

  2. 2
    Veronica Says:

    Perfect for each other. :3 GET MARRIED!

  3. 3
    Mirabella Says:


  4. 4
    So true Says:

    Oh so THERE ARE paps in their Atl bubble! Niiiice! Where there way years before huh? Oh right, they wew recpecting privacy of the showmance!
    And oh jared why waiting so long about that TOTEM mention? Was waiting while the fuss of Ian being there meters away from Nina, drinking beer and having fun with others will pass on tumblr

  5. 5
    Louna Says:

    so fake

  6. 6
    Urethra Franklin Says:

    Love how in a few of the pics that are acting as if the cameras aren’t even there. Uh, puhleeze.

  7. 7
    iugiu Says:

    I like him. i don’t like her.

  8. 8
    sherry Says:

    Certainly they look sweet…But I just read on the ISF Page about deforestation,, I just assumed he was against this sort of thing!!! Tis a bit confusing… explanation anyone???

  9. 9
    Evolvinglady Says:

    Very Cute Couple, but I thought they were so environmentally friendly, So why are they picking out a live tree and not a fake one? You can see they are real cause some of the trees are behind them. Just asking….

  10. 10
    amanda Says:

    So there just so happened to be pap’s in Georgia. Um, not buying it. They just seem so fake sorry. They both tweet when they want something. ie, when Ian was thanking the car dealership for his car which means he got the car free. When they name places where they shop, meaning they get free clothes. Same with this cirque whatever. The vampire diaries used to be so great. Now it’s just the Nina and Ian show, which is boring. Now before the delena’s start there usual bullying no I’m not stelena I was just a fan of the vampire diaries. The ratings will show how alot of people agree with me. Were all tuning out.

  11. 11
    soemi Says:

    how much evil!

  12. 12
    jane Says:

    Don’t watch the show but they are relly cute :)
    They look genuine.

  13. 13
    Guest Says:

    With all due respect and nothing against them, for me they are very good friends and that´s all. The way the he behaves with Nina, is the same way that he behaves with other people. I see no difference. Ian is a big flirt and when he is really and in love with someone we will see the difference.

    I won´t say that it´s a brother sister thing, but kind of. I think that they have great affection for each other and very good friends and when the show is over this Nian thing will be over too. Another stage in their lifes.

  14. 14
    The only true Says:

    @So true: Why are you so hate them? Are you so boring that you spread lies? You know nothing about them, I assure you.

  15. 15
    ella Says:

    He definitely wants Christian Grey’s role…and hope he will have it. :)

  16. 16
    soemi Says:

    very beautiful together!

  17. 17
    Amy Says:

    Their relationship is real. Ian did a livestream in his dressing room and Nina came in after she was done shooting and said she wanted to kiss him but not in front of the whole world.

  18. 18
    Evolvinglady Says:

    @Guest: I think they make a very beautiful couple and you can see the love they have for each other.

  19. 19
    So true Says:

    I am so with u at it. A lot of ppl know that they are good friends with ups and downs, and up and downs only b/c they forced to play along fan wishes.
    And no i do not hate them. I hate that fans put them in position where they need to pretend to buy a tree and also to work out sponsorship for TVD
    we all know that Nina lost to many fans so yeah it was time for Nian thing

    abd no Nina wasn’t entering his room during livesteram it was Kat Grahem cheking up on him.
    Nina and Ian friendship (and a lot of ppl can confrim that always was just friends even with out benefits) was at bad place. I am glad that things got better than they were in autimn if not, then these pics is just damage control

  20. 20
    Fingers Says:

    Nina Dobrev is NOT Elena Gilbert. I don’t know why they picked that girl to be Elena. In the Vampire Diaries books, Elena was blonde, like the author. She was supposed to look like a goddess, not like this twit. Oh yeah, Bonnie was supposed to be a pale redhead and Caroline was supposed to be a strawberry blonde. In the books, Elena had a sister named Margaret, not a brother. Her aunt was named Judith, not Jemma. They totally screwed up the casting. I quit watching after the first season.

  21. 21
    soemi Says:

    then spend the holidays with their families because they are friends? please!

  22. 22
    Guest Says:


    Of course that they are cute together, I like them really do, and I don´t doubt that they love each other, but love and to be in love is way too different. I don´t get that vibe at all. And I think fans of this couple expect too much from them, Ian never confirmed the relationship in the first place and avoid talking about it (maybe because there is not such a committed or serious relationship??) . I think that all are a big family (TVD cast) and it´s true also, that what Ian is doing in those pictures with Nina, you can perfectly see him doing it with his co-stars in the show, is the way Ian is.

    There are tons of examples of two costars getting together (apparently) and when the show is over (or even earlier) bye bye, because was not serious in the first place but well you can not say a thing. It´s how the business works

  23. 23
    Sherry Says:


    That’s exactly what I wanted to know…Couple cuteness aside…Why buy cut real tree’s when one is against it!!! I mean he seem’s to be very passionate about the environment, so I found this news a bit shocking…surely there’s an explanation???

  24. 24
    The only true Says:

    Honestly, I think that most of the haters are Paul’s or Twilight fans OR full of jealousy OR have a big crush on Ian so they hate Nina… Otherwise, why spend their OWN time only to spread hate. You don’t have to believe in NIAN but what you are doing is not smart, not nice and even IF NIAN were fake – what you are doing is worse.

  25. 25
    Cat Says:

    What the hell is with all the hate, they are the cutest couple ever and the world wont end if he picks 1 real tree i know he said he was against that or whatever but calm down.

  26. 26
    soemi Says:

    Nina was not Kat.. also denied the evidence!

  27. 27
    Just me Says:

    True couple! not fake one at all!

  28. 28
    So true Says:

    There is a difference between spreading the hate and pointing out the obvious. Ians attutude towards nina even with Kisses and hugs is just Ian to every female who is his friend. But his attitude toward his real gf is different.
    It is showbiz. Fans started to dream about Nian since may 2009, first CW upfronts b/c Ian & Nina look cute together. Later managers just read what fans want and give it to them with staged pictures and events, also all events are sponsored by TVD sponsors. Nothing personal just business.
    Ian and Nina are smart enough to use it at their own purpose and i do trespect them for that.
    But fans are different. They caged both actors so the must spend time together fotr fans even if they do not want to and that is sad.

  29. 29
    giada Says:

    if you don’t like them and if you believe they are fake why bother to come in VERY single article about them. Don’t like=don’t care!
    this is just beyond annoying!

  30. 30
    Guest Says:

    @So true:

    I agree and nothing wrong with that, it´s how the business works and more reason when they are starting.

    They never acted like a normal couple, they dissapear for a period of time and they suddenly appears together. Ian and Nina´s family know that they only are friends but they understand the business and help them. How come Nina doesn´t follow on twitter Ian´s family or friends?? but well they are professional and will keep with this until the show is over.

    Again I don´t see Ian or Nina (mostly Ian) in love at all.

  31. 31
    terri Says:

    Hollywood has been doing it for years. They have there actors pretending they are a couple because fans want them to be. Ian is 34 and has been around for a while. His ex’s are proof most of his love life is staged. When he was a nobody he “dated” Nicky Hilton, got his picture taken. Was on Lost all of a sudden he’s dating Maggie Grace. Before TVD’s became big he dated the biggest Vampire show’s actor, Twilight’s Ashley Greene, and now it’s Nina. Hollywood is Hollywood once TVD’s is done all of a sudden Ian will be dating whoever else is next. God people how old are you to fall for this.

  32. 32
    soemi Says:

    their families spend the holidays together, absolutely twitter haha nina and ian super cute!

  33. 33
    The only true Says:

    @So true:
    I agree @giada If you beliece they are fake so why it is so important to you? If you don’t hate them and if they are just friends with benefits, as you said, what you are doing can hurt them, so WHY?

  34. 34
    So true Says:

    exactly! That is how business works. You see i don’t mind it at all. But here is the thing, things like that is both sided road. Ian is in this business for a long time and he pull his part gracefully, never confirming relationship (recently in TV Guide he denied them again, hitting that it’s just the show) and acts around Nina friendly. Nina on the other hand most of the tumes crosses the line, but hey she is just a kid and scared that her only valiue to fans is the fact that she is ians gf. So she pulls that card all the time. Yes she is a nighmare as a personality but what else u would excpect with such a pressure as she recieves from fans?
    They are genually good ppl. But fans expect to much of them, fanms expect them to perfom a fairytail which fans created. Easier work for managers harder for Ian and Nina. We all know what a drastic change happened in their friendship.
    Also it is a common knowledge that she is just a kid for him and for her Ian is not enough, she is always aimong for a more higher league when she is flirting at events.
    as for the holidays with families, as i said it is showbiz. CW pays for their parents attendance at one place or another.
    But as we see here, fans are blind and obsessed.
    Why i do rant about this pics is b/c Nina again lied to the fans and that is no good at all

  35. 35
    The only true Says:

    @So true: LMAO I think you have a crush on Ian, seriously. I know Nina personally and she is ADORABLE. A nighmare? Are you kidding, right?

  36. 36
    So true Says:

    @The only true:
    oh really i know her personally two, my fav part of her behavior is being moody 24/7 and throwing a tantrum each time as someone gets more attention than she does.
    Come on, if u here to claim how saint she is, than indeed it is true that this Thx giving and Xmas Nian thing is just a damge control, also fake ninas flue to not to be near Ian on his BDay b/c he can’t bear to be near her anymore.
    If you know her personally than you should know that they live in separate flats in Atl and in separate hotels during trips. You also should know how hard drinker and smoker she is.
    Crush in Ian. For god sake NO! We both know that he is no saint and how hard is to be near him despite all good qualities he has. Yes he is smart and down to earth and mostly nice man, but you should know what hapens when Ian goes mad or angry and how stubborn and controlling he is.
    We both here on this board for the same reason. You – doing damadge control, me looking how many ppl are able to see the truth.

  37. 37
    soemi Says:

    hard drinker? smoker? and that means? you hold on to everything, jealous!

  38. 38
    Sherry Says:


    No true, some will say its just one tree, but remember, there are a lot of people dedicated to ISF and some of those people are huge tree huggers, not to mention the countless number of fans that are donating to ISF for his Birthday, so Obviously it is something to ponder over…A bit of an Oxymoron!!! This has nothing to do with his Acting/show which I love btw…Its about putting your money where your mouth is…just saying!!!

  39. 39
    mark Says:

    wow!!!!!! the same looser come here and post a negative comment.
    get a life!!!!

  40. 40
    The only true Says:

    @So true: Well, no one is a saint and Im NOT going to talk abt too personal details (which most of them are not true). Nina and Ian are people (even if they are actors) like everyone else. How would you feel if someone talks about your OWN personal life in public? and fyi, you are the one who are doing the damage by spraying poison on them!

  41. 41
    Mandy Says:

    So cute, I love how sweet they are with each other.

  42. 42
    JC Says:

    You’ve got to laugh at all the jealous Ian fan girls or Stelena/Paul Wesley shippers hating on this page. It’s pathetic. Time for a reality check and a need for a real life outside of fiction. It seems to be a regular gathering spot on JJs comment section.

    Beautiful couple. I hope they have a lovely family Christmas and a well earned holiday.

  43. 43
    XYZ Says:

    it cannot get any faker than that….

  44. 44
    XYZ Says:

    @Just me:

    Oh really? Are u a relative or friend of them?

  45. 45
    XYZ Says:


    NINA IS JUST A “BEARD”, thats all

  46. 46
    elisa Says:

    They’re both so beautiful..
    Wonderful couple, I wish them all the best :-)

    Btw, I’d like to look like Nina when I’m running a fever LOL!

  47. 47
    Meg Says:

    I have to say I believe its fake. Mostly because of all their PDA being right before a huge Delena episode. I adore Ian, he is a sweet dude but really dont care for Nina. So sue me lol, everyone has opinions. Just my 2 cents about it.

  48. 48
    So true Says:

    Nina herself gets no more than 15 comments under article and the all about eaither a dress she wears eaither how wooden actress she is. So be gratefull that comments like mine give her a chance to get some defending comments from blind obsessed fans.
    My points here from the beginning are based on facts.
    1)AE on their web put exactly same closthes which she is wearing on the sale the same day articles about her with links on AE sale went all over the web. And you dare to say it is not PR or working for sponsors?
    2)Nina doesn’t attend cons b/c no one wants to work with her. It is a fact.
    3)Fans all over the web posting stories that outside cameras and fan zones she acts like a pregnant dog. So thats a fact too.
    4)Ppl see ian hugging and kissing females on the lips all over the world for years, even holding hands with guys (i do not state that he is a gay, he is stright all riight) so his attitude towards Nina is not exclusive – fact
    5)Ian never confirmed the relationship but denayed them often. Fact
    6)If there is no negative comments there is no attention to Nina at all.
    So thank me instead of insulting me.
    And why stelena shippers or Dobsley fan? Or better why crush on Ian?
    May be i have a crush on Nina and envy Ian that he is lucky one to have all opportunities to do her, but that idiot wastes them b/c they never crossed friends and co workers line toward romance. Towards hate each other guts, yes, but lack of romance is obvious.
    And hey may be i am upset with Nina, If Ian Somerhalder is not enough for her, then i guess i have no chances/

  49. 49
    Ava Says:

    @So true: You are truely insane.

  50. 50
    Yoki Says:

    If I was her, I think I would be pregnant by now! He’s so hawt!

  51. 51
    Liza Says:

    Actually a real tree is more enviornmentally friendly than fake for a number of reasons. Plus they are farmed, a bit diff. than deforestation. you can google it.

  52. 52
    mysterious girl Says:

    didn’t nina tweet about having a fever yesterday? how is she out shopping for trees if she is that sick

  53. 53
    Meg Says:

    @mysterious girl: was wondering the same exact thing lol she doesnt look sick at all

  54. 54
    mysterious girl Says:


    it’s just so weird. I certainly wouldn’t be going out if I was sick. I would be home in bed resting up and trying to get better

  55. 55
    Sherry Says:


    I don’t have to google it, Because It’s on the IS Page, So – if tree’s are farmed, they don’t release Carbon when they are cut !!! Seriously….They all store Carbon whether they are farmed or not ….

  56. 56
    bluenightfox Says:

    nina looks like red riding hood. so what do you think ian looks like? the wolf? or …

  57. 57
    Natalie Says:

    Folks Ian and Nina are modelling American Eagle

    [2 Dec 12] “It’s official… Winter is here, and I’ve got the flu. Deathly sick… So sick I havent been able to tweet. :( “

    Really? Ok then

    [4 Dec 12] “Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….”

    Look people, Nina is sick so she’s wearing “a cute red Toggle coat which is on sale for $99.99.”

    If I was “Deathly sick” and had intentions to buy a Christmas Tree on the day I’m “bed ridden,” I would tweet the fan base too just so they can reply “Aww, Ian make sure to take care of Nina.”

    He does not need to take care of Nina folks she’s perfectly fine, and looks even better on Dec 4th 2012 than she did hanging with those [Cirque du Soleil ] professional clowns at the circus on Nov 9th 2012.

  58. 58
    terri Says:

    @Natalie: Publicity photo and I won’t be buying AMERICAN EAGLE because of this stunt!

  59. 59
    Teyla W. Says:

    Adorable couple! Just two people in love that are out and about in Atlanta shopping for their Christmas tree. Looks like they found one. Absolutely love these two. They are so much fun and very genuine.

  60. 60
    Natalie Says:

    @Teyla W. I stated the facts and you still write crap like you just did. Not all of us are delusional. One thing I know about Nina Dobrev is she is a deceitful and manipulative human being who knows how to play the fan base. The girl is a liar, always has been. So you are right about this couple they are “very genuinely” fake.

  61. 61
    Meg Says:

    @mysterious girl: same here and LOL at the negative votes on our posts…because of something nina said and i sure would not want to be out and about if i was as sick as she claimed to be

  62. 62
    mysterious girl Says:

    @Meg: I didn’t say anything wrong/negative so I don’t understand why I’d get negative posts.

  63. 63
    Danielle Choi Says:

    @Sherry: I’m wondering the same thing! Maybe he’s helping Nina pick out the tree for her place instead. Maybe it’s not going to be his tree. Who knows …

  64. 64
    Sharona Says:

    @XYZ With all the hate on here, I was just waiting for the “Nina is a beard” comment to pop up, and sure enough, it did. That statement is full of more sh it than a Christmas turkey. In fact, I was LMFAO at it!

  65. 65
    Meg Says:

    @mysterious girl: neither did i lol people are too idk uptight at times

  66. 66
    uh Says: the paparazzi were just ‘lucky’ to find them.. standing around?! 0_o
    this looks like one big photo op but whatever.. im sure the tumblr girls are screeching about it

  67. 67
    uh Says:

    ..and did anyone else see the episode of chelsea lately with ian’s appearance? that guy was off his face.. even she looked taken back — don’t know it was drugs or drunk though but i’d say pills.. and calm down.. i don’t hate or know much about him besides the few interviews i have seen and in each of the he looked gone!

  68. 68
    TvFan Says:

    Sweetheart do not bother. They wont hear. Even if Ian and Nina themselves would loudly admit that those pics were taken to promote clothes they won’t belive them and’d say that bad producers forced them t say so.
    Even when Ian and Nina will(pretty much soon) make it clear that they are hnot together and never was, those fans would say thet Nian playing coy b/c of haters.
    Even when they will be with other persons fans will think that it is to hide their wedding.

  69. 69
    ha Says:

    @Natalie: lol seriously don’t bother.. just wait 5 yrs when no one remembers them

  70. 70
    natalie Says:

    For the ones trying to understand how she’s out when she has fever here comes the answer… ITS A EUROPEAN THING! Just because you have fever doesn’t mean that you can’t go out.. -_-

  71. 71
    Todd Says:

    These two are so sweet together.

  72. 72
    Peg Says:

    He is so friggin hot!

  73. 73
    Leah Says:

    Absolutely love him. More pics please.

  74. 74
    Misty Says:

    Gorgeous couple.

  75. 75
    kemcco1955 Says:

    Yes, because plastic trees and the chemicals used to make them are so much better than planting real trees, even though they will be cut down. Not being rude, but plastic trees and the products used to make them are not always better and a real tree smells lovely.

  76. 76
    Verite Says:

    The truth of any situation is usually far more obvious, boring and mundane than either the fans or non-fans will consider. There’s no big conspiracy theory of lies. They aren’t nefarious evil people deceiving the public or anyone. They are just normal people making a living and the truth lies somewhere in between PR and true epic romance. Here’s what I think is the boring truth. They are dating in real life and they are somewhat serious but do not live together like most people who date. They are close to their families and for the most part do not parade around their relationship. Google how many pics they have together and they don’t even come close to some other celeb couples. That said they do work in an industry that requires publicity and self-promotion. They need to stand out somehow. Most of the time you don’t see pics. When you see HQ pics like these it shows the paparazzi were tipped off by their publicist. The pictures were probably not taken in the day noted in the captions; they’re likely more than a few days old. As for their personalities I’ve known performers all my adult life and have never known one who wasn’t self centred and egotistical. It’s the nature of their career to be focused on selling themselves so much. Most of them are insupportableand that’s why they can only date and marry each other. No delusions, just real life. When professional couples get together, they often work together and support each others careers. I don’t subscribe to all the silly romantic notions but I don’t believe there’s some sort of big evil plot to lie to fans. It just is what it is and what it looks like. Two actors who date supporting their mutual and individual careers,

  77. 77
    ally Says:

    jesus. paparazzis are smart these days, sometimes you just dont notice them lurking around behind a tree snaping your pictures very quietly. if u think for one sec that they intended these pictures to b taken then you are very wrong. nina+ian have been tryin their hardest to keep their relationship in the dark, they wouldn’t even talk abt it. so why do you have to think that theyre dating for publicity? thats very absurd. if you dont like them, just stfu.

  78. 78
    So true Says:

    Well may be i am insane? but thx to my comments fanforum folks came here to defend their beige princess of fakeness and this news got enough comments.
    So than ke very much for someone to notice her at least this way.

    Agree to use relationship for PR from time to time. Well that is nothinh new in Hollywood. But we can see how Beckhams or Brad do it, right. Classy and u can always see that they use themselves for PR. But here. Oh come on.
    Though as here was said before, no need to bother. Fans will belieave in epic love they imagined even if Ian and Nina will openly say that they never been together at all

  79. 79
    chloe Says:

    As much as I like Ian and Nina, this screams PR to me. Paparazzi in ATL at a place that sells christmas trees right when Ian and Nina are here too? How convenient.

  80. 80
    Charlie Says:

    Don’t get me wrong..I love Nina and Ian and want them to have lot of babies etc…BUT you have to be either blind or delusional to think those pics were not staged!
    they look like they are shooting(Ian has Damon smirk and Nina face gives it away in some pics imo)

  81. 81
    River Says:

    Ian and Nina are just adorable together. Loved watching them shop for their Christmas tree on Monday. Ian is a very careful shopper and was checking the tree branches to be sure they were not dry, not to mention he wanted a fresh pine fragrance in the house. As Nina was smiling after picking out the tree she liked, Ian was trying to figure out how he was going to get that tree into the elevator and into their den. Love these two! Hope they have a very happy Christmas holiday.

  82. 82
    The only true Says:

    @So true:
    Why are you so obsessed with Nina and Ian? If they are dating or not its their own business, not yours. I dont know who are you but one thing Im sure, you are jealous of nina, otherwise you wouldnt comment in every item about Ian and Nina. Your comments are not only about Nian, Im not buying it you are here only to see how many people are able to see the “truth” (and btw you dont know the truth). You cant stand Nina and thats why you come here and write mean stuff and lies about her and hope that other people will read it and hate her. That is sad.

  83. 83
    Laura Says:

    Well, that doesn’t look staged at all.

  84. 84
    Guest Says:

    All the people complaining about them buying a real Christmas tree–those trees are grown specifically for that purpose. No extra trees are being cut down.

  85. 85
    So true Says:

    @The only true:
    oh darling you are so wrong. But hey…why bother to answer me if i am only saying lies? why bother to prove me wrong if you are not afraid that someone think alike me (and there are a lot of who does). Of course i am jealous of Nina, as i wrote before if Ian is below her league and aimig for another whom to use for her climboing than i have no chances at all.
    jokes aside. Thank me for the chance to say smth nice about Nian and Nina. Without ian and haters she is zero. Only crazy Nian fans like her. That is fact. So thank us that her news got any attention at all

  86. 86
    wow Says:

    Why would there be paps in Atlanta looking for celebrities shopping for Christmas. They clearly called them, and staged a “candid” photoshoot.

  87. 87
    Danica Loreene Says:

    Ian looks kind of… well he looks off. I love them to death, but what’s got Ian’s panties on a twist.

  88. 88
    The only true Says:

    @So true:
    OMFG you are so hate her! I bother to answer you because you are MEAN and I try to understand why you are so evil. You dont have to like her but why so much hate? Nina never hurt you, she doesnt even know you! Only crazy Nian fans like her, oh yeah… She has more followers than Ian you know… fact my a**. you see? you are lying again. I never said Nina is perfect or an angel, but she is not a zero or a nightmare as you said (oh jealousy), she is pretty, young, talented, smart and very kind person and that is a FACT.

  89. 89
    So true Says:

    @The only true:
    Вon’t bother. I am not bothering to understand why you are so blind and ignore the fact that wireimages is acll in paps agency for example. Or why u don’t see that there is no smoke with out a fire and i am not the only one who says that Nian forced to pretend to be in love(showmance) b/c of ppl like you. So don’t waste you time on me. Go VOTE FOR PCA
    btw if u would be carefull and read all the threads as u say, you would know that no one lashes out on Ian.Surprise huh?
    Go back to fanforum where u say that we all are delusional but deep down inside every one of you are scerad that ppl who say that Nian never been together are right
    Nina is a beige princees. Accept it. if not Ian no one would notice her.
    Say thanks that insecure chicks prefered her to pose near Ian insttead of poor Meghan.
    And my thank you yo you, for another post here. At least article is still on top and folks will vote more for aoffended girl. And she wont be bi!tching on set as she is doing last week

  90. 90
    Jomofan Says:


    Cause that wasnt planned at all nah? Seriously that girl is riding on his success, thats obvious. It wont last no disrespect but it seems like a big publicity stunt to get ratings, fans want delena they get it, fans want nian they get it, its all good ratings for the show. We dont know much about their private life but I am looking as an outsider and I dont get it. Ive met the guy and he is a VERY BIG FLIRT he tells girls want they want to hear. I mean who tweets that he will be at his bros pizza place what on thanks giving I mean seriously cause you really want to spend that holiday with your gf and family. I think half the time its all a publicity stunt, the guy has dated half his cast members, I did hear he dated candice before Nina but to be honest I think they get fame out of it, he dates a pretty girl and she dates a hot guy on the show good for ratings, these days everything is about ratings. I agree Ian and Nina do tweet only when they want something. Whatever happens I can see it not lasting after the vampire diaries. She has made it clear she doesnt want to get married she wants her career and he is hiting what 34 now so he isnt a spring chicken he will probably want to settle down and have kids, sorry Nian fans but I cant see that happening Nina wont want to be tied down that way she is far too ambicous for that she wants to make it and marriage and kids is the last thing on her mind. So I say enjoy it while it lasts. I dont have anything against them as I said I have met Ian and he is a lovely guy, this is just me as an outsider seeing it. I mean they get more paps in their face than our royals, Kate and Willian are expecting a baby but they dont get have the publicity as much as these two, sometimes I think Nina has them on speed dial lol.

  91. 91
    Jomofan Says:

    @So true:

    @true I totally agree with what your saying High Five. One question, was it really Kat cause I heard when she said I wanted to kiss you and he was like oh no no, didnt think it was Kat. However if it was Nina I so think she planned that part knowing he was on livestream, you what they say, give the fans what they want.

  92. 92
    Jomofan Says:


    Hun he invited the paps to come to his brothers pizza place for gods sake it was just another publicity stunt and he kissed nina cause fans wanted it. I just think Nian is abit too forced. I love how Paul and Torrey are and even Kat and her hubby to be are so different they dont care showing PDA anywhere but Nian looks as if its so calculated and planned sometimes I do think they are acting!

  93. 93
    So true Says:

    it was Kat and the words were – we all miss u,we lost u for the rest of the world.
    They were searching for him to leave the set after they wrapped.
    Nina is just fan imagination, like they did a fun video where they used cleaners hands and ian leaning to peanuts to say that it was indeed Nina and he pecked her.

  94. 94
    soemi Says:

    miss you? ahaha you are deaf? continue to invent things rather than make a life!

  95. 95
    Jomofan Says:


    High five! No one picked up on that cause they are mindless fans who think the sun shines outta their asses!! Wake up people! ITS FAKE!!

  96. 96
    So true Says:

    BTW FIY ppl like i, Tvfan,Guest,natalie,someone with a name -”me” wrote a predicement after Ninas articles in august and september that there will be Nian silence till late autumn. And hey…we were right. How could we knew that if we are lying?

  97. 97
    The only true Says:

    @So true:
    Ha! I didnt talk about Nian or the paps. Im talking about your hate on Nina and why you are so bother to “reveal” them. I never said Im a Nian fan, I dont visit Fanforum and I dont even voting for them. Im not a fan at all. You are the one who waste your time on hate. Wait a minute, are you Meghan Auld???

  98. 98
    FrenchGirl Says:

    @Guest: @Guest:
    They are real couple. Nina follows Ian everytime he’s coming in Paris (and another cities), a “just” friend wouldn’t do that (And no, Nina wasn’t invited to the first TVD convention in Paris) , and for seeing them together in the street of Paris (where there is no real paparazzi unlike in usa) I can say they are REALLY in love, you just have to see how Ian looks at Nina , and how he speaks of her (Eyes never lie!) . And he confirmed they were a couple when they first came to Paris, Nina’s mother and Ian’s mother were also there, definitely not “just friends” . Plus, they are ALWAYS together with their families, for thanksgiving, for holidays, for christmas… Everytime!

    You just have to deal with it : Ian and Nina are in Love, they want to keep their relationship a little private, and I can totally understand that!

    (Sorry for bad english..French girl here!)

  99. 99
    soemi Says:

    and says that he does not say anything .. Ian always calls “my woman”, always!

  100. 100
    The only true Says:

    @So true:
    LMAO you can clearly hear the word “KISS” and recognize Ninas voice. Thank you for making me laugh, seriously.

  101. 101
    TvFan Says:

    It is yesterday news and common knowledge that CW payed Mama Dobrev and asked her to join her daughter while Nina was doing her photoshhot with Vogue in Paris (you can see her clothes in Paris on Elena on screen during season 3).Welcome to showbiz.They scheldued her photoshoot with his con, b/c fans wanted Nian in Paris, and payed her mother to join.
    As for Paris this year, she was there only for plec BDay.Not b/c Ian missed her. He had a blast resting form her.
    henever called Nina – his woman. He named her girlfriend, smae as kat, Candice,Claire
    stop twisting facts

  102. 102
    TVDFan Says:

    I do find these comments rather amusing, its funny how you guys get your knickers in a twist over Nian, I mean someone would think you Nian fans are in love with these two? Ok so heres my two cents, I am a fan of the show not the couples.

    1. These photos look very staged, not a hair outta place and Ian kinda does look pissed maybe they photographed his bad side who knows!

    2. Sorry Nina fans but Nina is quite a handful, friends who have met her have said she is quite off and at one of his events she acted quite rude to some of the ISF peeps there. She doesnt get invited to many events because of her attitude, its been known she has asked for double the amount of money because her answer was “I play two characters” so bully for you, doesnt give you the right to ask for double the money!

    3. As for their relationship, it does look like a publicity stunt, rumours went around that Ian was spending alot of time with Matt Davies because Nina was getting too him and that was last season. Remember Nian was fan made up, the fans pushed this, even Delena has been pushed, fans send poor Julie Plec hate tweets because Delena hasnt happened I mean come on guys show some respect, its not your show if you dont like it watch something else!

    4. They hid they relationship and yes Ian has denied it on several accounts that he wasnt dating he even said he was dating the show and this was when pics of him and nina leaked I mean come on we can see your kissing or holding hands dont treat us like idiots, but why hide the face your dating her for me that just seemed silly. If your dating a hot guy wouldnt you want to tell the world and the same for him if you were dating a hot chick you would want to tell the world but they didnt but Stephen Mcqueen has no problem saying he is in a relationship, Kat is engaged and I am not sure but Candice and Zach at no problem revealing they were dating, so tell me what makes them two so special?

    4. TVD is not all about Nina and Ian but to me it seems that everything centers around them, I mean you have them banging on screen and now fans want them in real life. I agree with the above comment these two get more tv/media coverage than Kate and William ffs!

    5. Nina and Ian I agree do only tweet when they need something, look how he is in first place for the ISF thing, he tweeted and his fans helped. Not knocking what he does isnt great cause it is, I think what he does for the environment is great, kids and animals and I am an ISF supporter.

    6. Thanksgiving, what the heck was that all about, he tweets he will be at his brothers pizza place, come on Ian did you think fans werent gonna turn up? Nina was there doing pizza come on people that was fab publicity for the both of them, Ian helping his brother and the so called girlfriend helping out, well makes fans love Nian even more right, which will make you watch TVD even more right, which will make ratings go up right? Can anyone see a pattern here?

    Its all about ratings, when Kirsten cheated on Robert, fans was outraged noone wanted to see the last installment and then we find out Kirsten and Robert together well how convienant that is and look twlight was a huge success. Come guys Bella and Edward on screen Kirsten and Robert off screen again anyone see a pattern?

    Once the show is over it will end, Nina is young and wants success, she strikes me as someone using Ian for his success and he doesnt mind as he has a hot chick on his arm which makes fans love him even more!

    Come on Delena happened bet you ratings went through the roof and now all these pics of Nian people seriously you cant all be blind and playing ignorant cause you love these two. What happened before all of the Delena fuss, I didnt see many pics of them at all.

    I have been to the TVD cons and I have to agree with @SoTrue Ian is a ladies man and he does love the woman, he does flirt, he flirted with me and my friend made me laugh cause he came off so sleazy but that doesnt mean I dont like him I do, I think he is a nice guy but in show business you dont get where you are without being abit devious and sorry Nian fans this whole thing is a publicity stunt to get ratings up.

    Would you still like Nian if say tomorrow they ended it and Ian say started dated Phoebe Tonkin? Would you still be happy for Ian?

    Fans need to get a grip with whats fiction and whats reality and to me it does look kinda fake. Paparazzi are good but seriously are they that good finding them two searching for xmas trees come on people you may hate on the people who state the obvious deep down inside you must know something isnt right.

    I remember Ian saying he would never date someone who smoked or he hated smokers something like that dont quote me, Nina smokes and so does Ian for someone wanting to help the environment etc surely smoking isnt good for his health let alone anyone elses as I have seen them smoke in public, for me thats abit hypercritical!

    He should really find someone his own age.

  103. 103
    Guest Says:


  104. 104
    TVDFan Says:


    I think you should GROW UP! Its called FREEDOM of SPEECH! If you dont like it then dont comment TWAT!

  105. 105
    TVDFan Says:


    Your that much of a idiot you have to come on as a GUEST!

    I think you should GROW UP! Its called FREEDOM of SPEECH! If you dont like it then dont comment TWAT!

  106. 106
    Guest Says:

    @TVDFan: I will grow up eventually, I’m only a 15 yo kid, not as old as you (I bet you are), but you will stay an idiot forever.

  107. 107
    Damian Says:

    I am a TVD fan but really who gives a rats ass if they are dating or not? I really couldnt care less, Everyone is entitled to their opinions and @GUEST that was abit out of order to say someone to GET A LIFE since you aint much better coming onto here and saying how much you love these two? I could tell you the same thing. Whats with all the negative feedback just cause your not a NIAN fan lets give them a thumbs done, come on were not a school?

    I for one dont like NIAN so you gonna give me a bad rating for that? I am all for DELENA so do I get a good thumbs up for that comment, this is all getting beyond a joke!

    People are entitled to their own opinions your gonna agree to disagree if you cant respect everyones comments and opinions then thats sad!

    I for one am reading all of these comments and I agree with the relationship being staged, come on the perfect shot when he hands her a piece of tree to smell now that looks like a kodac moment not natural at all, maybe I would take their relationship seriously if she wasnt wearing designer clothes to promote or pretending to be ill when she is out shopping for trees and she wonders why she has some many haters? I cant name one pic that they look natural in they all looked some what posed.

    My mate knows Mr Somerhalder and says he is a attention ***** (in the nicest way, they are friends) Ian is the sort of person who would go out shopping and if he isnt recognised he would make sure he is, he would see someone he knows and shout out hey its Ian so people would turn and pay attention. But hey each to their own. I met the dude nice enough guy down to earth but yeah loves the women, he said my gf looked hot, let that slide since he was a celeb.

    Who knows whats going on in that relationship, come on girls you gonna hate anyone Ian dates thats a fact unfortuately it happens to be Nina, yeah I heard she is a nightmare and rude too. I cant see how Nian really works to be honest I cant see it lasting they are a mis match.

    Its obvious that half of these people on here are NIAN lovers so my advice to the others dont bother saying what you think, they dont want to hear, I read your comments and do agree with some of them but you dont see me giving negative feedback for it.

    I think people should take a step back remember you shouldnt always believe what you read in tabloids, things never are what they seem.

    NIAN fans just be fans and not obsessive abusive fans, noone really knows what goes on in their private lifes and whatever they do its none of our business, this is getting as bad as the shipping war, stelena/delena.

    Intelligent people know whats fake and whats real, dont get side tracked or wrapped into a life of two celebs we dont know nothing about.

  108. 108
    Katy Says:

    I like them as a couple but this seems very much like a photo op. It’s obvious they called the paps.

  109. 109
    Meg Says:

    @Jomofan: I bow down to you and everything you said there…thank you!

  110. 110
    mysterious girl Says:

    @natalie: I’m european and I never go out when I’m sick

  111. 111
    So true Says:

    High Five! Really!
    I may also add that it’s obvious that their agents read ALL comments,positive and negative too. Nina created FB after fans complaining she doesn’t have one, Ian got instragram recently b/c fans wanted too.
    Agents can’t force ppl to work with Nina, so she isn’t attending event’s even more. Rmember she got a dress for Emmy this year? Was she theer? NO! Even being Ian’s supposed gf this time hadn’t helped her.
    Now, what is REALLY interesting, that too many ppl here and not only here said that Atl gives them privacy and here we go they called paps to ATL!WOW! that is called DAMAGE CONTROL!
    Bro u rock! Really! Ian indeed is kind of attention *****, but but but, that dude manages to do it charmingly and easy. Like he is just generally loud person. He knows how business works and doing all what is needed to stay wanted and unknowledged.
    It is surprisingly that u know that and still like him.
    With Nina is totally opposite. Her temper tantrums when she is unnoticed are notorious.
    As for womaniser thing. Oh come on bro why wouldn’t he? he is young, single, why not?Wouldn’t you act the same if you would be single and hot?
    they are total mismatch. Nina is immature kid, Ian is grown upo man.
    It is true that he did hide with Matt Davis when Nina started to chase him again at some point.
    But ppl in Atl knows thar they been friends, then went to just co workers. But never a lovers even casually.
    It is all for fans.

  112. 112
    Guest Says:

    @So true:
    u know so much abt ppl u don’t like. I’m impressed. r u living in atl?

  113. 113
    So true Says:

    u change ur attitude fast. U started here long ago not only in this article comments as the one who tried to calm down Nian obsession, stating that u know that they are just friends. And here we go a change of attitude. Weird huh?
    And what different it will make if i am from Atl from time to time or from BigApple, or been send to EU or…erghm…Siberia?
    I am at Atl often enough, to say what i am saying

  114. 114
    Guest Says:

    @So true:
    Just b/c u know so much abt them even though don’t like them, I thought u might live nearby. I mean, otherwise, how could u know all of this.

  115. 115
    So true Says:

    I am often guest in ATL and GA for TV shows and other filmings there.
    Also i visit NYC much. And i know a lot but i also know when the cat is out of the bag and agents do not mind of info spreading around (u noticed i am not the only one with that kind of info) and when i need to keep my mouth shut.

  116. 116
    Natalie Says:

    Believe me Nina has told the world she is dating Ian that’s something she loves to talk about because that’s all she has to talk about, and the problem with this fan base is a heap of children giving Somerhalder relationship advice.

    Let’s keep in mind Nina and Ian both have close friends in the media, they can have any sort of paparazzi encounter arranged quite easily. They are friends with the founder of Just Jared and the list goes on.

    I just want to thank who was it? @River, who confirmed that Ian is a supporter of farmed trees to be cut down even though they can’t fit into his elevator, and that Nina looked perfectly fine all smiling and rosy on the day she was bed ridden, who is still trying to convince us by the way on twitter talking with her media friend, that she’s still ill.

  117. 117
    Damian Says:


    You go girl!! High five to you and @so true :)

  118. 118
    Guest Says:

    @So true:
    I was sure they r just friends but my sources told me otherwise. there is something between them, though, I donno how much serious it is or when it started. also I know they r not living together. well it’s not a secret.

  119. 119
    .... Says:

    Seems staged

  120. 120
    So true Says:

    i know that they are just friends. Ian never wanted her and he is not good enough for her, she is aming for someone whom she can use with better chances to A list.
    But i know that smth going on between them is either her blackmailing him, either to cvover the tracks b/c to many ppl see them with different persons.
    damage control
    They do not live together, they stay at different hotels duirng trips.

  121. 121
    So true Says:

    what u sources say? That somewhere during from september till now there was a shift in between them to casual hook ips and booty calls?
    I know that in the end of the summer things were pretty bad between them. They are mismatch on so many levels. Troubles during shooting too.
    The only way i can see that someone said that their’s smth between them is either about being at each others throats, eaither new trick for damage control.

  122. 122
    so Says:


  123. 123
    Verite Says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how many people are bound and determined to pour so much energy into proving or disproving whether these two are dating. Who cares? How does this affect anyone’s life? All you guys have done is made this set of pictures a “hot topic” on Just Jared’s site and you are further promoting their promotional relationship if that’s what you believe. If you think its all bullshit, stay away, stop commenting and posting and then, guess what? The paparazzi wouldn’t have anyone to buy their pictures.

  124. 124
    So true Says:

    oh i forgot to say, as i see we all went almost open here. Someone even mentioned that Michaela was payed by CW for the Paris. So here we go, what i know for sure. (hope u’ll share what u know also)
    ppl on the set never could understand why fans created Nian. B/c Ian is very passionate man and if he wants smth he goes for it or if he can’t he would make a flirty attitude. But on set from the very beginning there was no interest from his side in Nina. he was looking through her. She was busy making herself a center of everyones attention and didn’t flirt with him more than with others.
    In 2011 when CW decided to give Nian fullforce, Nina tryed to seducve him but failed. It pissed her off and she spread rumors that he is to fast in bedroom. That was a beginning of bad blood between them. They hadn’t hooked up till november 2011 that is 100% sure.He was running circles from her. During summer 2011 she was to busy flirting with thick walltes on parties, but after Halloween there was Ninas chase after Ian once again. Matt davis was Ians refuge. In the end of season 3, they werent even friends any more, just co workers and Ian was her baby sitter at paties, summer was easy the spend it apart and whern they met ian did drink himself to obvilion near her.In autumn things went worse so they called for damage control. I dunno when they managed to hook up. B/c at party in Atl in october end he was still running from her and only timethey were near is leaving together b/c fans were watching. During TOTEM Ian had at least 7 beers and was rarely near Nina if not fans were talking about them. So i dunno, may be there is smth in between them. But i don’t see it.

  125. 125
    Guest Says:

    @So true:
    nope. I cannot detail here, sorry. but I can tell u that one source told me that Ian did the first live stream from Nina’s place. it doesn’t mean anything, of course.

  126. 126
    So true Says:

    here is the thing what i can add. What i mentioned before is not a secret anymore, so i was open. I do understand and respect ur reasosn. As u can guess i know more than i am saying. But back to the topic.
    Fans tend to look for mathing things and TV sets and blah blah blah. So the SONY TV they see as a proof b/c both Nina and Ian tweeted a pic with it, stands on set in a lounge.
    As for Ian being at Nina’s place. Well first of all it is possible and for so many no romantic reasons. second both of them are aware of fans obsession on finding matching furniture. So i wouldn’t be surprised if Ian did so.
    And third. I am not saying that ur source is wrong, but it is actually possible that their places look a like or the same from inside, b/c the live in the same apartament block (as other actors) and design is the same for all apartaments.
    So i do agree that what was said give me shadow of a doubt for what i wrote above, but still is not enough comparing to what i saw and what i know to say that there is smth besides friendship and co workers between them.

  127. 127
    guest Says:

    And don’t forget the part where he very firmly tells her NO! Not once, but twice! Weirdest couple ever! He STILL won’t admit she’s his g/f, and never mentioned ANY of her mag interviews or covers when she was blabbing all over that they were a couple. He’s always supported her mags before. It looks like a very one-sided relationship. She’s a little girl looking up to her big man boyfriend, and he’s in a mid-life crisis, trying to hang on to his youth.

  128. 128
    Guest Says:

    @So true:
    it just makes more sense that he live streamed from her place than they bought the same TV. also, the cat he was holding is probably Nina’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in purpose. I know some more details that might surprise u a bit but even if they r really dating, they r not living together.

  129. 129
    So true Says:

    Here is account for spam and especialy for jarred
    send a mail. lets chat in private)) Lol that is fan. I hope Ian gets the PCA with the hard dicussion that gets this article on the top
    BTW cat whom he is holded can be his third cat. Same colors.His bro send a pic od ians third cat, can be taken for Ninas as well.
    It is hard to surprise me. B/c i work with media.
    And what shoking u would say that even if they are dating they sleeping around with others? Yestreday news. Or that they barely talk to each other and mostly are on each ther throats?

  130. 130
    So true Says:

    Check the video with Gabby Douglas from the set. She is in the same room Ian streamed first time. It is loubge on the set with SONY TV in it, palm trees and other stuff.

  131. 131
    Guest Says:

    @So true:
    I’ll talk to u after TVD.

  132. 132
    So true Says:

    same here

  133. 133
    Amy Says:

    The conspiracy theories here are cracking me up. Don’t be jelly. Also there’s nothing wrong with some harmless flirting. I think my favorite conspiracy theory is that the CW is behind Nian because the fans wanted them together. Is that why Ed and Leighton from GG dated? Oh wait, they didn’t.

  134. 134
    chick Says:

    @So true:

    so true, iam interested in what you know as I have heard alot of things too, can I mail you?

  135. 135
    So true Says:

    sure. But be awre i am saying only what is out of the bag already

  136. 136
    Sammy Says:

    Wow… these comments are very interesting. I don’t know how genuine these two are as a couple.. but seriously so many negative comments makes me doubt them as a couple.. As they say no smoke without fire.

    Oh yeah i agree with the whole twitter promotion these guys do. :)

  137. 137
    chick Says:

    I have always had doubts about these two, I am friends with people who know them and I have heard so many negative things about them. I agree Ian only does tweets when he needs something, like last night it was dont forget to watch TVD or dont forget to vote for me at PCA I am not knocking the guy but I feel its all about him sometimes and not his fans, I notice he only replies to fans that actually do something for him or someone trying real hard to get his attention. Dont hate me but I have met him and I dont think he is one of the smartest people neither, have the time he looked pretty out of it. The relationship I have to agree with some of the negative comments, it does look staged these pics and its like they are acting, there is something more to this relationship. I have heard alot of bad things about Nina and what she says about Ian and I think thats really bad. I mean what happened to the PCA awards last year was it when Nina wasnt even in the catergory and all of a sudden she wins one??? Then she flaunts it in poor Ians face knowing how badly he wanted one. She strikes me as really shallow to be honest and I think he is too good for her. She doesnt really follow his ISF stuff I think she jsut hangs about for the publicity. At the coachella concert if you look at the pics she is always looking at the pics, maybe its a question of he is into it more than her. I dunno I think the whole relationship is not real. But I suppose we will never know!

  138. 138
    Verite Says:

    Personally between the two I will tend to defend Nina before giving Ian the benefit of the doubt. Nina is so young. Three years ago she was a little girl straight out of suburban Toronto whose only experience was degrassi and some awful TV movies. Ian on the other hand has been dallying about with god knows who since he was modelling at 17. He’s much older and yet he’s still pretty much immature. He’s the same age as Joshua Jackson and look at the difference in how they conduct themselves and the projects they take on. Ian behaves like a frat boy most of the time.

  139. 139
    Sherry Says:

    @So true:

    Wow…This is both insightful and shocking at the same time…So I think I’m going to play the devils advocate here….If it is all PR, and I really don’t know one way or the other, but if it is, just say for arguments sake — Then it’s a pretty good business move don’t you think on their part…I mean after all, they are young, and what young person doesn’t want to promote their career!!! After all they are T.V.actors not big movie stars, so why not try and move it along further- I mean they are after all entertainers in the entertainment business, and if I go by that and that alone – then they’re doing their job, ..I really do enjoy TVD… Anyway, I’m just saying….

  140. 140
    Verite Says:

    I agree with you. If this is all marketing then they’re doing a great job. As for sotrue and a few others here I guess my question is who appointed any of you guardians of the truth and saviours of the delusional fandom? I mean even if you think people are being misled and that this couple is leading other fans, what business is it of yours and why do you care? Nobody is being hurt. Every fan ever has bought into an image constructed by publicists. This is what entertainment is and of all the awful things that a person can believe this stuff is relatively harmless. People are having fun and joining a community of like-minded fans and making friends. How is this so awful and why should you, sotrue, spend so much energy on such a negative pursuit? Forget all this, go out, have fun, make friends, and forget it. You hating these people doesn’t change a thing and does nothing good or helpful for you.

  141. 141
    Elena Says:

    wow, just wow, so much hate. Sorry but with all due respect grow up really.

    @sherry thank for your post in this nonsense and crazy argument that many have here.

    You know, I do think too that Ian and Nina are only friends, started probably as some friends with benefits but no way these two are in love or whatever, for me it´s pretty clear. And right know they are dealing (due to the nature of the show and age of the audience) with some crazy fanfare, and when you start (although Ian has been in this business for quite some time) as any actor/actrees you need fans and a real love story sells. It happens with them and many actors all the time at some point in their carrers, especially when you are young, this is how it works in Hollywood baby as Billy Crystal said once, HOLLYWOOD A PLACE OF SECRETS AND LIES and business. I think that one of the mistakes that people make is putting a celebrity or relationship on a pedestal really, not only Ian or Nina, I am talking about any celebrity.So I consider Ian or Nina the worst human beings for that? no, they do what many actors do, and I don´t know them either.

    I think that they are using this Nian thing very wisely, they use it in some dosis without hurting their careers (because it could hurt), for them their careers are their priority and are very focus on that and I have the feeling that they are very professional too, let´s say that this Nian thing is an extra bonus, they are selling a love story (and that sells) and in general have good press.

    On the other hand, if people like this couple, let it be, people have the right to think and like what they want. I think time is wiser and probably this Nian thing will be over when the show is over and many people will look at things then with perspective but in the mean time if they want to enjoy this coupling again let it be. I am pretty sure that is what Ian and Nina are thinking too, let the people think what they want (good things or bad things) that I countinue with my life.

  142. 142
    Jayme Says:

    I wonder what will be the next big step in their relationship:engagement,wedding,pregnancy or … breakup?LOL
    Get your bet on!

  143. 143
    chick Says:


    no but blake and penn did!

  144. 144
    Natalie Says:

    I have a conspiracy theory. Nina likes her fans to know when she’s having sex with Ian so they can tweet her about it.

  145. 145
    Natalie Says:

    I have another conspiracy theory nothing is top secret with Nina Dobrev.

  146. 146
    chick Says:


    lol u crack me up! yep i had the same theory lol you mean boootieeee call dont ya lol

    btw did nina even wish ian a happy bday? nian fans went mad last year when she tweeted happy birthday to my favourite vampire………but didnt see nothing this time what i saw was “sending you, you know what wishes to you know who..shhh top secret. Thats such a *cough* interesting way to wish your boyfriend a happy birthday!

  147. 147
    So true Says:

    @Natalie: @chick:
    I love u theory, though sadly reality is much more entertaining. Nina spend a day with a manager paul Cha in Atl, who celebrated his BDay as well! They spend it together(while ian run from her to LA), but the best part of it thta Paul Cha has a flue the whole week!! Interesting hah?

  148. 148
    chick Says:

    @So true:

    oh now thats interesting lol

    Ians at the creations tvd con today wonder if she will show up……..doubt it lol

  149. 149
    So true Says:

    i doubt it to. She was supposed to attend this one, before organisators cancelled her. So imagine WHAT normal fans would do if she will show up jut to Ian insted of them?

  150. 150
    Verite Says:

    OMG people are so hateful I can’t stand it anymore. I hope you all are enjoying your miserable lives cackling about other people’s business. What a bunch of witches.

  151. 151
    Verite Says:

    @So true: Ian was in LA with the exec director of ISF for meetings. Nina does not attend ISF meetings with Ian; my significant other doesn’t attend my business meetings, why should she? He then flew to Orlando for his convention. Paul Cha has the same birthday as Ian and celebrated with Nina, who is his friend. Unlike little children, we adults have lives and commitments and can’t drop everything because its our birthday. Maybe one day, try to put a rational explanation on something instead of inventing the worst possible fiction. A. you’ll be happier and B. you’ll be closer to the truth.

  152. 152
    So true Says:

    haah i love it!
    Ian was in LA for dinner with friends in Malibu, where yes he discussed the sacuntary thing, actually a possibility of the second. It wasn’t a business meeting. And Nina being such a supportive gf and future wife have no interce or role in the most important thing in his life aka ISF?Really!? and he chose axacly his BDay to collect all important persons to him in LA leaving Nina in Atl to talk abouyt ISF b/c it is also his babies ISF bday!
    Paul Cha is not Ians friend, he is Kevin Williamson friend! Ian , Nina and others are just a cast of the show where he works!
    That is the facts!
    So do not try to sell me that FUTURE WIFE or REAL loving gf spends BDay of her man with an executive director who also has a BDay and the man himself runs to the left coast with persons who are important to him to celebrate!

    still waiting for ur e mail

  153. 153
    chick Says:

    Another thing that has bugged me was where was Nina at the EMA awards that environmental award where Kat Graham gave him the award didnt see Nina there to support him Kat was there. That I found interesting unless she was there but hiding. I seem to see Ian supporting her more than her supporting him, that birthday message was a load of crap to be honest why couldnt she wish her boyfriend quite openly a very happy birthday on twitter instead that dribble she did shh top secret no nina as natalie said nothings top secret with you, unless she wasnt wishing Ian a happy birthday but Paul Cha instead who knows all these cryptic tweet messages! @sotrue I will do asap need to find your email again :)

  154. 154
    Vertie Says:

    @So true: I don’t understand how the sanctuary is not a “business meeting”. Its ISF business. So its a business meeting. It was not a personal meeting. His girlfriend doesn’t need to be there. I said Paul Cha was HER friend, not his. I’m sorry but modern relationships and modern women do not hang on their boyfriends arms at every moment for every meeting. Just admit it, you look for the worst answer in everything because you have made it your personal mission to dislike these people in public. Why? Why is this so important to you? And don’t say its for the fans, the fans don’t care what you have to say. You just keep spouting the same stuff over and over and over and NOBODY CARES. Yes, he chose his birthday because it was SATURDAY And he’s not filming. And on SUNDAY he was busy. Why is this so inconceivable to you? He is not a 4 year old who has to put everything on hold for his birthday. He is 34.

  155. 155
    Sherry Says:

    @So true:
    How do you know all of this….they say that somewhere in the middle there lies the truth…albeit , just saw photo’s that surfaced of Ian and Kim leaving LAX…regardless, Is it so wrong for them to want to promote them selves, after all isnt this the business that they are in….I mean as long as they are the ones calling the shots, Right!!!

  156. 156
    Natalie Says:

    I have a conspiracy theory, the TVD family loves to spread hate but are utterly terrified of being hated.

  157. 157
    Natalie Says:

    I have another conspiracy theory, the TVD family loves to dig up old trash, scatter it around and then clean it up under the disguise of ISF.

  158. 158
    Natalie Says:

    Third conspiracy theory, the TVD family thinks it can intimidate others, but the members of this group are only fooling themselves.

  159. 159
    Natalie Says:

    Forth conspiracy theory The TVD family has a problem with Somerhalder communicating with certain people (or person), but reality is these members can’t do a thing to stop that.

  160. 160
    soemi Says:

    I see that some people still need to get a life haha

  161. 161
    Verite Says:

    @soemi: agreed the Internet is full of bullies who need to find something better to do with their lives than pick on people they don’t know and who aren’t hurting anyone.

  162. 162
    Rayne Says:

    Whoa! I see the same crowd that always spews the Ian and Nina hate are out in full force on this website again. It has got to be borderline insanity. Anyway, Ian and Nina are absolutely adorable in these photos. My sister and I were at the same Christmas tree farm and saw Ian and Nina there together. I can say these two are definitely in LOVE! Someone else commented about Ian being a bit concerned about getting that large Christmas tree onto the elevator and up three floors to their loft, I can say he was definitely concerned about that. He may have needed to call in re-enforcements to help him, that is unless he talked her into a smaller tree, but I don’t think he did. Nina and her Mom love the Holiday season and go crazy with the decorating and the baking. Ian and Nina are the perfect couple and I love how both of their families claim each of them as a family member. United and Adorable!!!

  163. 163
    Natalie Says:

    I have a conspiracy theory, the TVD family likes to hear its own bullying voice so by demanding the silence of others who do not share the same views.

  164. 164
    Natalie Says:

    I have another conspiracy theory, when the TVD family says “some people still need to get a life” they really don’t know who they are talking to.

  165. 165
    Natalie Says:

    Third conspiracy theory thanks to @Rayne. Nina LOVES to DECEIVE those who LOVE her, especially the TVD family.

  166. 166
    Natalie Says:

    I have a forth conspiracy theory, when one person calls another person Catman, they are really calling that person a P U S S Y.

  167. 167
    Katherine Says:


    Thanks for posting! :) Also during the livestream when Nina said she wanted to kiss him, Ian blushed. Are you telling me he can blush on cue too?

  168. 168
    Natalie Says:

    @Katherine Nope, but he sure as hell can say “No, no” sternly.

  169. 169
    chick Says:

    @natalie email me your conspiracy theories I have some of my own ;)

  170. 170
    Natalie Says:

    @chick LOL, I’ll be in touch.

  171. 171
    guest Says:

    @Rayne: Everybody knows than the paps are not going to stop taking pics when they “decide” on the perfect tree. They are going to take pics of them putting the tree on a vehicle and driving away. I don’t see those. They would also have pics of someone paying for the tree. I don’t see those either. Also, why would these “seemingly intelligent” actors bother with getting a live tree when BOTH of them already knew they wouldn’t even be spending the holidays in Atlanta?? I’m no rocket scientist, but this was definitely a STAGED photo op. If Ian’s smart, he will slip on home to Louisiana to spend Christmas with his family where he belongs and let her go on to Utah or Colorado or wherever she “secretly” goes with her family. And, the pics of him at LAX were from the NIGHT of Dec. 9 as he was heading back to Atlanta. Kim lives in Canada. The pics show her standing closer and looking more perturbed than Nina ever has when he’s travelling with her. Perhaps his relationship is with his ISF prez. I know she was UBER protective of him at SYM to the point that she didn’t want any fans around him. Nina wasn’t even there just like she’s NEVER at ANYTHING he does. If they do end up together at Christmas, you can believe the CW put up a pretty penny to keep up the act! So staged.

  172. 172
    Sherry Says:

    Apparently they’re flying to Asia For New Years!! I mean , that was just leaked…but hey, together, not together, who knows,,,Have fun!!!

  173. 173
    guest Says:

    @Sherry Again, I believe the CW will stop at nothing to make it look like they are a couple and I can tell you that I have some male friends that I am close enough to that if someone else foot the bill, I’d travel all over with them too. But, the only reference I saw about China was Nina. Maybe Ian will go, maybe he won’t. Still all we know is what we see on their Twitter accounts. What’s to say they don’t tweet things to make it look like something different. I mean, we’re not there with either one of them to know. She tweeted she was sick in bed and then these Christmas tree pics came out. Neither one of them is honest about being together or apart! When TV Guide asked him 2 weeks ago how does his real-life relationship with Nina affect them on TVD, he didn’t answer the question until he said, “I’ll just talk about the show…” They weren’t asking him to talk about her, just if it affected the show. Doesn’t sound like he’s in love at all, sounds like he’s in denial! LOL

  174. 174
    Sherry Says:

    Well this all very interesting to say the least…I’m asking, and looking at responses because I was asked to be an admin of a huge Ian Fan based page, but- I have not decided if I will except it or not….I try and take things with a huge grain of salt, when I read things like this, I suppose though everyone has their opinion…I have no knowledge of how the film industry works, but I would imagine a great deal of PR has to go along with it….I do remember seeing/hearing him in an interview that his huge amount of twitter followers are young, so yeah, I guess he can use that to ask/promote things that he is doing or wants to do, for sure its no secrete there, its quite Utilitarian, I mean the greater good for the greater number of people right!!! As for what TV guide asked, well it was suppose to be about the show, I don’t find it strange that he would want to deviate from that question, I’m sure it was a manipulative move on TV guides part to get that in…He only avoided questions about them further by stopping them in their tracks…I dont think its unusual for Celebrities to not want to talk about coupling….maybe some dont mind, but some do… Anyway, thanx for your response :)

  175. 175
    Katherine Says:


    This is a fail argument. Actors date co-stars because they spend long hours together on set. Steve McQueen and Candice Accola dated. Their characters aren’t together on TVD.

    On GG, Leighton dated Sebastian, Ed dated Jessica and Penn and Blake dated. Other than Penn and Blake, none of these other couples played popular couples on the show. If the CW did this, they would have had Leighton and Ed “date” considering how popular Chuck and Blair were.

  176. 176
    Ressiden Says:

    I love her but I don’t think “she had the flu” LOL

  177. 177
    Leah Says:

    Christmas tress can be recycled and used for mulch. People who are environmentally conscious do this with their trees. He has a righ to get a real tree if he wants one. It sn’t a crime against nature.

  178. 178
    lex Says:

    I don’t like people who say that they’re ecological and than buy cut off trees for Christmas. Don’t like the tree on the floor also. I guess animals are more important than plants and many sick and poor people who need medical care and education. We all have our priorities.

    Nina is unproportionally built girl, doesn’t starve herself with a diet but practices too much, has lost a lot of weight, that’s why her hips and shoulders are not in proportion with her arms and legs what can be seen when she wears tight dress around her hips and legs, without any decoration which she avoids. An average girl with a team around her and a lot of make up on her face. Likes to be in news and leaves links on tweeter where to find her and Ian. He paints his eyebrows and hair to look more wild and expresses his eyes, that’s about it what he can play – a wild, build up guy. He is too old for some serious catch of a more famous actress what he would like so Nina will be ok.

    ISF? I don’t like that they use kids and their pocket money. Especially consider funny what woman will do when he writes how they will be his pen pals if they send the money while he spends his time with Dobrev traveling. Do you know how much money that costs and he asks you for money? Ian has money, he is rich, you are not.

  179. 179
    lex Says:

    @leah, recycle yourself, it’s not a crime against the nature. There are not Christmas trees, just trees. Forests.

  180. 180
    lex Says:

    @Verite, good actors don’t have a need for fake romances, they are famous for doing their jobs well. I honestly don’t know who is Natalie Portman’s boyfriend and an affair didn’t ruin Kristen Stewart’s career. Good actors are good actors. That what I don’t like about these two is manipulation – for money, for votes for awards. Or better two say it is a negative surprise and tells how mediocre they are.

  181. 181
    blueberry Says:

    hahah cracked up Laughing so hard at the theories. We don’t know them and will never know what is going on in their lives. But since everyone is writing their theories here are mine. Personally I think Ian is an attention *****. Like I followed most of the conventions cause I used to like TVD. Dude always speaks instead of his castmates and cuts them off. That really bugs me. Also he was grabbing ladies parts in photoboots when hugging them WTH? Nina ? Well I still like her but I think Ian has a really bad influence on her. Girl even changed her style on twitter. She writes just like him. Started asking ppl to vote all the time too. She used to be fun when she was single.

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