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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev pick out the perfect Christmas Tree together on Tuesday (December 4) in Atlanta, Ga.

The Vampire Diaries couple pointed out different trees to each other before selecting one – at one point Ian held up some tree to Nina‘s nose for her to smell!

Unfortunately, that same day, Nina was running a fever!

“Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….” she tweeted.

The week before, Nina and Ian, along with their Vampire Diaries co-star Claire Holt, took in a performance of TOTEM by Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Check out the pics of Ian with some of the performers below!

FYI: Nina and Ian are wearing American Eagle while shopping for the trees.

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nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 01
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 02
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 03
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 04
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 05

Credit: Ben Rose, Yann Arnaud/Cirque du Soleil; Photos: WireImage
Posted to: Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev

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  • Liza

    Actually a real tree is more enviornmentally friendly than fake for a number of reasons. Plus they are farmed, a bit diff. than deforestation. you can google it.

  • mysterious girl

    didn’t nina tweet about having a fever yesterday? how is she out shopping for trees if she is that sick

  • Meg

    @mysterious girl: was wondering the same exact thing lol she doesnt look sick at all

  • mysterious girl


    it’s just so weird. I certainly wouldn’t be going out if I was sick. I would be home in bed resting up and trying to get better

  • Sherry


    I don’t have to google it, Because It’s on the IS Page, So – if tree’s are farmed, they don’t release Carbon when they are cut !!! Seriously….They all store Carbon whether they are farmed or not ….

  • bluenightfox

    nina looks like red riding hood. so what do you think ian looks like? the wolf? or …

  • Natalie

    Folks Ian and Nina are modelling American Eagle

    [2 Dec 12] “It’s official… Winter is here, and I’ve got the flu. Deathly sick… So sick I havent been able to tweet. :( “

    Really? Ok then

    [4 Dec 12] “Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….”

    Look people, Nina is sick so she’s wearing “a cute red Toggle coat which is on sale for $99.99.”

    If I was “Deathly sick” and had intentions to buy a Christmas Tree on the day I’m “bed ridden,” I would tweet the fan base too just so they can reply “Aww, Ian make sure to take care of Nina.”

    He does not need to take care of Nina folks she’s perfectly fine, and looks even better on Dec 4th 2012 than she did hanging with those [Cirque du Soleil ] professional clowns at the circus on Nov 9th 2012.

  • terri

    @Natalie: Publicity photo and I won’t be buying AMERICAN EAGLE because of this stunt!

  • Teyla W.

    Adorable couple! Just two people in love that are out and about in Atlanta shopping for their Christmas tree. Looks like they found one. Absolutely love these two. They are so much fun and very genuine.

  • Natalie

    @Teyla W. I stated the facts and you still write crap like you just did. Not all of us are delusional. One thing I know about Nina Dobrev is she is a deceitful and manipulative human being who knows how to play the fan base. The girl is a liar, always has been. So you are right about this couple they are “very genuinely” fake.

  • Meg

    @mysterious girl: same here and LOL at the negative votes on our posts…because of something nina said and i sure would not want to be out and about if i was as sick as she claimed to be

  • mysterious girl

    @Meg: I didn’t say anything wrong/negative so I don’t understand why I’d get negative posts.

  • Danielle Choi

    @Sherry: I’m wondering the same thing! Maybe he’s helping Nina pick out the tree for her place instead. Maybe it’s not going to be his tree. Who knows …

  • Sharona

    @XYZ With all the hate on here, I was just waiting for the “Nina is a beard” comment to pop up, and sure enough, it did. That statement is full of more sh it than a Christmas turkey. In fact, I was LMFAO at it!

  • Meg

    @mysterious girl: neither did i lol people are too idk uptight at times

  • uh the paparazzi were just ‘lucky’ to find them.. standing around?! 0_o
    this looks like one big photo op but whatever.. im sure the tumblr girls are screeching about it

  • uh

    ..and did anyone else see the episode of chelsea lately with ian’s appearance? that guy was off his face.. even she looked taken back — don’t know it was drugs or drunk though but i’d say pills.. and calm down.. i don’t hate or know much about him besides the few interviews i have seen and in each of the he looked gone!

  • TvFan

    Sweetheart do not bother. They wont hear. Even if Ian and Nina themselves would loudly admit that those pics were taken to promote clothes they won’t belive them and’d say that bad producers forced them t say so.
    Even when Ian and Nina will(pretty much soon) make it clear that they are hnot together and never was, those fans would say thet Nian playing coy b/c of haters.
    Even when they will be with other persons fans will think that it is to hide their wedding.

  • ha

    @Natalie: lol seriously don’t bother.. just wait 5 yrs when no one remembers them

  • natalie

    For the ones trying to understand how she’s out when she has fever here comes the answer… ITS A EUROPEAN THING! Just because you have fever doesn’t mean that you can’t go out.. -_-

  • Todd

    These two are so sweet together.

  • Peg

    He is so friggin hot!

  • Leah

    Absolutely love him. More pics please.

  • Misty

    Gorgeous couple.

  • kemcco1955

    Yes, because plastic trees and the chemicals used to make them are so much better than planting real trees, even though they will be cut down. Not being rude, but plastic trees and the products used to make them are not always better and a real tree smells lovely.

  • Verite

    The truth of any situation is usually far more obvious, boring and mundane than either the fans or non-fans will consider. There’s no big conspiracy theory of lies. They aren’t nefarious evil people deceiving the public or anyone. They are just normal people making a living and the truth lies somewhere in between PR and true epic romance. Here’s what I think is the boring truth. They are dating in real life and they are somewhat serious but do not live together like most people who date. They are close to their families and for the most part do not parade around their relationship. Google how many pics they have together and they don’t even come close to some other celeb couples. That said they do work in an industry that requires publicity and self-promotion. They need to stand out somehow. Most of the time you don’t see pics. When you see HQ pics like these it shows the paparazzi were tipped off by their publicist. The pictures were probably not taken in the day noted in the captions; they’re likely more than a few days old. As for their personalities I’ve known performers all my adult life and have never known one who wasn’t self centred and egotistical. It’s the nature of their career to be focused on selling themselves so much. Most of them are insupportableand that’s why they can only date and marry each other. No delusions, just real life. When professional couples get together, they often work together and support each others careers. I don’t subscribe to all the silly romantic notions but I don’t believe there’s some sort of big evil plot to lie to fans. It just is what it is and what it looks like. Two actors who date supporting their mutual and individual careers,

  • ally

    jesus. paparazzis are smart these days, sometimes you just dont notice them lurking around behind a tree snaping your pictures very quietly. if u think for one sec that they intended these pictures to b taken then you are very wrong. nina+ian have been tryin their hardest to keep their relationship in the dark, they wouldn’t even talk abt it. so why do you have to think that theyre dating for publicity? thats very absurd. if you dont like them, just stfu.

  • So true

    Well may be i am insane? but thx to my comments fanforum folks came here to defend their beige princess of fakeness and this news got enough comments.
    So than ke very much for someone to notice her at least this way.

    Agree to use relationship for PR from time to time. Well that is nothinh new in Hollywood. But we can see how Beckhams or Brad do it, right. Classy and u can always see that they use themselves for PR. But here. Oh come on.
    Though as here was said before, no need to bother. Fans will belieave in epic love they imagined even if Ian and Nina will openly say that they never been together at all

  • chloe

    As much as I like Ian and Nina, this screams PR to me. Paparazzi in ATL at a place that sells christmas trees right when Ian and Nina are here too? How convenient.

  • Charlie

    Don’t get me wrong..I love Nina and Ian and want them to have lot of babies etc…BUT you have to be either blind or delusional to think those pics were not staged!
    they look like they are shooting(Ian has Damon smirk and Nina face gives it away in some pics imo)

  • River

    Ian and Nina are just adorable together. Loved watching them shop for their Christmas tree on Monday. Ian is a very careful shopper and was checking the tree branches to be sure they were not dry, not to mention he wanted a fresh pine fragrance in the house. As Nina was smiling after picking out the tree she liked, Ian was trying to figure out how he was going to get that tree into the elevator and into their den. Love these two! Hope they have a very happy Christmas holiday.

  • The only true

    @So true:
    Why are you so obsessed with Nina and Ian? If they are dating or not its their own business, not yours. I dont know who are you but one thing Im sure, you are jealous of nina, otherwise you wouldnt comment in every item about Ian and Nina. Your comments are not only about Nian, Im not buying it you are here only to see how many people are able to see the “truth” (and btw you dont know the truth). You cant stand Nina and thats why you come here and write mean stuff and lies about her and hope that other people will read it and hate her. That is sad.

  • Laura

    Well, that doesn’t look staged at all.

  • Guest

    All the people complaining about them buying a real Christmas tree–those trees are grown specifically for that purpose. No extra trees are being cut down.

  • So true

    @The only true:
    oh darling you are so wrong. But hey…why bother to answer me if i am only saying lies? why bother to prove me wrong if you are not afraid that someone think alike me (and there are a lot of who does). Of course i am jealous of Nina, as i wrote before if Ian is below her league and aimig for another whom to use for her climboing than i have no chances at all.
    jokes aside. Thank me for the chance to say smth nice about Nian and Nina. Without ian and haters she is zero. Only crazy Nian fans like her. That is fact. So thank us that her news got any attention at all

  • wow

    Why would there be paps in Atlanta looking for celebrities shopping for Christmas. They clearly called them, and staged a “candid” photoshoot.

  • Danica Loreene

    Ian looks kind of… well he looks off. I love them to death, but what’s got Ian’s panties on a twist.

  • The only true

    @So true:
    OMFG you are so hate her! I bother to answer you because you are MEAN and I try to understand why you are so evil. You dont have to like her but why so much hate? Nina never hurt you, she doesnt even know you! Only crazy Nian fans like her, oh yeah… She has more followers than Ian you know… fact my a**. you see? you are lying again. I never said Nina is perfect or an angel, but she is not a zero or a nightmare as you said (oh jealousy), she is pretty, young, talented, smart and very kind person and that is a FACT.

  • So true

    @The only true:
    Вon’t bother. I am not bothering to understand why you are so blind and ignore the fact that wireimages is acll in paps agency for example. Or why u don’t see that there is no smoke with out a fire and i am not the only one who says that Nian forced to pretend to be in love(showmance) b/c of ppl like you. So don’t waste you time on me. Go VOTE FOR PCA
    btw if u would be carefull and read all the threads as u say, you would know that no one lashes out on Ian.Surprise huh?
    Go back to fanforum where u say that we all are delusional but deep down inside every one of you are scerad that ppl who say that Nian never been together are right
    Nina is a beige princees. Accept it. if not Ian no one would notice her.
    Say thanks that insecure chicks prefered her to pose near Ian insttead of poor Meghan.
    And my thank you yo you, for another post here. At least article is still on top and folks will vote more for aoffended girl. And she wont be bi!tching on set as she is doing last week

  • Jomofan


    Cause that wasnt planned at all nah? Seriously that girl is riding on his success, thats obvious. It wont last no disrespect but it seems like a big publicity stunt to get ratings, fans want delena they get it, fans want nian they get it, its all good ratings for the show. We dont know much about their private life but I am looking as an outsider and I dont get it. Ive met the guy and he is a VERY BIG FLIRT he tells girls want they want to hear. I mean who tweets that he will be at his bros pizza place what on thanks giving I mean seriously cause you really want to spend that holiday with your gf and family. I think half the time its all a publicity stunt, the guy has dated half his cast members, I did hear he dated candice before Nina but to be honest I think they get fame out of it, he dates a pretty girl and she dates a hot guy on the show good for ratings, these days everything is about ratings. I agree Ian and Nina do tweet only when they want something. Whatever happens I can see it not lasting after the vampire diaries. She has made it clear she doesnt want to get married she wants her career and he is hiting what 34 now so he isnt a spring chicken he will probably want to settle down and have kids, sorry Nian fans but I cant see that happening Nina wont want to be tied down that way she is far too ambicous for that she wants to make it and marriage and kids is the last thing on her mind. So I say enjoy it while it lasts. I dont have anything against them as I said I have met Ian and he is a lovely guy, this is just me as an outsider seeing it. I mean they get more paps in their face than our royals, Kate and Willian are expecting a baby but they dont get have the publicity as much as these two, sometimes I think Nina has them on speed dial lol.

  • Jomofan

    @So true:

    @true I totally agree with what your saying High Five. One question, was it really Kat cause I heard when she said I wanted to kiss you and he was like oh no no, didnt think it was Kat. However if it was Nina I so think she planned that part knowing he was on livestream, you what they say, give the fans what they want.

  • Jomofan


    Hun he invited the paps to come to his brothers pizza place for gods sake it was just another publicity stunt and he kissed nina cause fans wanted it. I just think Nian is abit too forced. I love how Paul and Torrey are and even Kat and her hubby to be are so different they dont care showing PDA anywhere but Nian looks as if its so calculated and planned sometimes I do think they are acting!

  • So true

    it was Kat and the words were – we all miss u,we lost u for the rest of the world.
    They were searching for him to leave the set after they wrapped.
    Nina is just fan imagination, like they did a fun video where they used cleaners hands and ian leaning to peanuts to say that it was indeed Nina and he pecked her.

  • soemi

    miss you? ahaha you are deaf? continue to invent things rather than make a life!

  • Jomofan


    High five! No one picked up on that cause they are mindless fans who think the sun shines outta their asses!! Wake up people! ITS FAKE!!

  • So true

    BTW FIY ppl like i, Tvfan,Guest,natalie,someone with a name -”me” wrote a predicement after Ninas articles in august and september that there will be Nian silence till late autumn. And hey…we were right. How could we knew that if we are lying?

  • The only true

    @So true:
    Ha! I didnt talk about Nian or the paps. Im talking about your hate on Nina and why you are so bother to “reveal” them. I never said Im a Nian fan, I dont visit Fanforum and I dont even voting for them. Im not a fan at all. You are the one who waste your time on hate. Wait a minute, are you Meghan Auld???

  • FrenchGirl

    @Guest: @Guest:
    They are real couple. Nina follows Ian everytime he’s coming in Paris (and another cities), a “just” friend wouldn’t do that (And no, Nina wasn’t invited to the first TVD convention in Paris) , and for seeing them together in the street of Paris (where there is no real paparazzi unlike in usa) I can say they are REALLY in love, you just have to see how Ian looks at Nina , and how he speaks of her (Eyes never lie!) . And he confirmed they were a couple when they first came to Paris, Nina’s mother and Ian’s mother were also there, definitely not “just friends” . Plus, they are ALWAYS together with their families, for thanksgiving, for holidays, for christmas… Everytime!

    You just have to deal with it : Ian and Nina are in Love, they want to keep their relationship a little private, and I can totally understand that!

    (Sorry for bad english..French girl here!)

  • soemi

    and says that he does not say anything .. Ian always calls “my woman”, always!

  • The only true

    @So true:
    LMAO you can clearly hear the word “KISS” and recognize Ninas voice. Thank you for making me laugh, seriously.