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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev pick out the perfect Christmas Tree together on Tuesday (December 4) in Atlanta, Ga.

The Vampire Diaries couple pointed out different trees to each other before selecting one – at one point Ian held up some tree to Nina‘s nose for her to smell!

Unfortunately, that same day, Nina was running a fever!

“Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….” she tweeted.

The week before, Nina and Ian, along with their Vampire Diaries co-star Claire Holt, took in a performance of TOTEM by Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Check out the pics of Ian with some of the performers below!

FYI: Nina and Ian are wearing American Eagle while shopping for the trees.

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181 Responses to “Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!”

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  1. 51
    Liza Says:

    Actually a real tree is more enviornmentally friendly than fake for a number of reasons. Plus they are farmed, a bit diff. than deforestation. you can google it.

  2. 52
    mysterious girl Says:

    didn’t nina tweet about having a fever yesterday? how is she out shopping for trees if she is that sick

  3. 53
    Meg Says:

    @mysterious girl: was wondering the same exact thing lol she doesnt look sick at all

  4. 54
    mysterious girl Says:


    it’s just so weird. I certainly wouldn’t be going out if I was sick. I would be home in bed resting up and trying to get better

  5. 55
    Sherry Says:


    I don’t have to google it, Because It’s on the IS Page, So – if tree’s are farmed, they don’t release Carbon when they are cut !!! Seriously….They all store Carbon whether they are farmed or not ….

  6. 56
    bluenightfox Says:

    nina looks like red riding hood. so what do you think ian looks like? the wolf? or …

  7. 57
    Natalie Says:

    Folks Ian and Nina are modelling American Eagle

    [2 Dec 12] “It’s official… Winter is here, and I’ve got the flu. Deathly sick… So sick I havent been able to tweet. :( “

    Really? Ok then

    [4 Dec 12] “Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….”

    Look people, Nina is sick so she’s wearing “a cute red Toggle coat which is on sale for $99.99.”

    If I was “Deathly sick” and had intentions to buy a Christmas Tree on the day I’m “bed ridden,” I would tweet the fan base too just so they can reply “Aww, Ian make sure to take care of Nina.”

    He does not need to take care of Nina folks she’s perfectly fine, and looks even better on Dec 4th 2012 than she did hanging with those [Cirque du Soleil ] professional clowns at the circus on Nov 9th 2012.

  8. 58
    terri Says:

    @Natalie: Publicity photo and I won’t be buying AMERICAN EAGLE because of this stunt!

  9. 59
    Teyla W. Says:

    Adorable couple! Just two people in love that are out and about in Atlanta shopping for their Christmas tree. Looks like they found one. Absolutely love these two. They are so much fun and very genuine.

  10. 60
    Natalie Says:

    @Teyla W. I stated the facts and you still write crap like you just did. Not all of us are delusional. One thing I know about Nina Dobrev is she is a deceitful and manipulative human being who knows how to play the fan base. The girl is a liar, always has been. So you are right about this couple they are “very genuinely” fake.

  11. 61
    Meg Says:

    @mysterious girl: same here and LOL at the negative votes on our posts…because of something nina said and i sure would not want to be out and about if i was as sick as she claimed to be

  12. 62
    mysterious girl Says:

    @Meg: I didn’t say anything wrong/negative so I don’t understand why I’d get negative posts.

  13. 63
    Danielle Choi Says:

    @Sherry: I’m wondering the same thing! Maybe he’s helping Nina pick out the tree for her place instead. Maybe it’s not going to be his tree. Who knows …

  14. 64
    Sharona Says:

    @XYZ With all the hate on here, I was just waiting for the “Nina is a beard” comment to pop up, and sure enough, it did. That statement is full of more sh it than a Christmas turkey. In fact, I was LMFAO at it!

  15. 65
    Meg Says:

    @mysterious girl: neither did i lol people are too idk uptight at times

  16. 66
    uh Says: the paparazzi were just ‘lucky’ to find them.. standing around?! 0_o
    this looks like one big photo op but whatever.. im sure the tumblr girls are screeching about it

  17. 67
    uh Says:

    ..and did anyone else see the episode of chelsea lately with ian’s appearance? that guy was off his face.. even she looked taken back — don’t know it was drugs or drunk though but i’d say pills.. and calm down.. i don’t hate or know much about him besides the few interviews i have seen and in each of the he looked gone!

  18. 68
    TvFan Says:

    Sweetheart do not bother. They wont hear. Even if Ian and Nina themselves would loudly admit that those pics were taken to promote clothes they won’t belive them and’d say that bad producers forced them t say so.
    Even when Ian and Nina will(pretty much soon) make it clear that they are hnot together and never was, those fans would say thet Nian playing coy b/c of haters.
    Even when they will be with other persons fans will think that it is to hide their wedding.

  19. 69
    ha Says:

    @Natalie: lol seriously don’t bother.. just wait 5 yrs when no one remembers them

  20. 70
    natalie Says:

    For the ones trying to understand how she’s out when she has fever here comes the answer… ITS A EUROPEAN THING! Just because you have fever doesn’t mean that you can’t go out.. -_-

  21. 71
    Todd Says:

    These two are so sweet together.

  22. 72
    Peg Says:

    He is so friggin hot!

  23. 73
    Leah Says:

    Absolutely love him. More pics please.

  24. 74
    Misty Says:

    Gorgeous couple.

  25. 75
    kemcco1955 Says:

    Yes, because plastic trees and the chemicals used to make them are so much better than planting real trees, even though they will be cut down. Not being rude, but plastic trees and the products used to make them are not always better and a real tree smells lovely.

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