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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev pick out the perfect Christmas Tree together on Tuesday (December 4) in Atlanta, Ga.

The Vampire Diaries couple pointed out different trees to each other before selecting one – at one point Ian held up some tree to Nina‘s nose for her to smell!

Unfortunately, that same day, Nina was running a fever!

“Still bed ridden. Not feeling too Hott. Well.. Technically I have a fever so I am hot. But you know what I mean….” she tweeted.

The week before, Nina and Ian, along with their Vampire Diaries co-star Claire Holt, took in a performance of TOTEM by Cirque du Soleil at Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Check out the pics of Ian with some of the performers below!

FYI: Nina and Ian are wearing American Eagle while shopping for the trees.

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nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 01
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 02
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 03
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 04
nina dobrev ian somerhalder christmas tree shopping 05

Credit: Ben Rose, Yann Arnaud/Cirque du Soleil; Photos: WireImage
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  • Verite

    @So true: Ian was in LA with the exec director of ISF for meetings. Nina does not attend ISF meetings with Ian; my significant other doesn’t attend my business meetings, why should she? He then flew to Orlando for his convention. Paul Cha has the same birthday as Ian and celebrated with Nina, who is his friend. Unlike little children, we adults have lives and commitments and can’t drop everything because its our birthday. Maybe one day, try to put a rational explanation on something instead of inventing the worst possible fiction. A. you’ll be happier and B. you’ll be closer to the truth.

  • So true

    haah i love it!
    Ian was in LA for dinner with friends in Malibu, where yes he discussed the sacuntary thing, actually a possibility of the second. It wasn’t a business meeting. And Nina being such a supportive gf and future wife have no interce or role in the most important thing in his life aka ISF?Really!? and he chose axacly his BDay to collect all important persons to him in LA leaving Nina in Atl to talk abouyt ISF b/c it is also his babies ISF bday!
    Paul Cha is not Ians friend, he is Kevin Williamson friend! Ian , Nina and others are just a cast of the show where he works!
    That is the facts!
    So do not try to sell me that FUTURE WIFE or REAL loving gf spends BDay of her man with an executive director who also has a BDay and the man himself runs to the left coast with persons who are important to him to celebrate!

    still waiting for ur e mail

  • chick

    Another thing that has bugged me was where was Nina at the EMA awards that environmental award where Kat Graham gave him the award didnt see Nina there to support him Kat was there. That I found interesting unless she was there but hiding. I seem to see Ian supporting her more than her supporting him, that birthday message was a load of crap to be honest why couldnt she wish her boyfriend quite openly a very happy birthday on twitter instead that dribble she did shh top secret no nina as natalie said nothings top secret with you, unless she wasnt wishing Ian a happy birthday but Paul Cha instead who knows all these cryptic tweet messages! @sotrue I will do asap need to find your email again :)

  • Vertie

    @So true: I don’t understand how the sanctuary is not a “business meeting”. Its ISF business. So its a business meeting. It was not a personal meeting. His girlfriend doesn’t need to be there. I said Paul Cha was HER friend, not his. I’m sorry but modern relationships and modern women do not hang on their boyfriends arms at every moment for every meeting. Just admit it, you look for the worst answer in everything because you have made it your personal mission to dislike these people in public. Why? Why is this so important to you? And don’t say its for the fans, the fans don’t care what you have to say. You just keep spouting the same stuff over and over and over and NOBODY CARES. Yes, he chose his birthday because it was SATURDAY And he’s not filming. And on SUNDAY he was busy. Why is this so inconceivable to you? He is not a 4 year old who has to put everything on hold for his birthday. He is 34.

  • Sherry

    @So true:
    How do you know all of this….they say that somewhere in the middle there lies the truth…albeit , just saw photo’s that surfaced of Ian and Kim leaving LAX…regardless, Is it so wrong for them to want to promote them selves, after all isnt this the business that they are in….I mean as long as they are the ones calling the shots, Right!!!

  • Natalie

    I have a conspiracy theory, the TVD family loves to spread hate but are utterly terrified of being hated.

  • Natalie

    I have another conspiracy theory, the TVD family loves to dig up old trash, scatter it around and then clean it up under the disguise of ISF.

  • Natalie

    Third conspiracy theory, the TVD family thinks it can intimidate others, but the members of this group are only fooling themselves.

  • Natalie

    Forth conspiracy theory The TVD family has a problem with Somerhalder communicating with certain people (or person), but reality is these members can’t do a thing to stop that.

  • soemi

    I see that some people still need to get a life haha

  • Verite

    @soemi: agreed the Internet is full of bullies who need to find something better to do with their lives than pick on people they don’t know and who aren’t hurting anyone.

  • Rayne

    Whoa! I see the same crowd that always spews the Ian and Nina hate are out in full force on this website again. It has got to be borderline insanity. Anyway, Ian and Nina are absolutely adorable in these photos. My sister and I were at the same Christmas tree farm and saw Ian and Nina there together. I can say these two are definitely in LOVE! Someone else commented about Ian being a bit concerned about getting that large Christmas tree onto the elevator and up three floors to their loft, I can say he was definitely concerned about that. He may have needed to call in re-enforcements to help him, that is unless he talked her into a smaller tree, but I don’t think he did. Nina and her Mom love the Holiday season and go crazy with the decorating and the baking. Ian and Nina are the perfect couple and I love how both of their families claim each of them as a family member. United and Adorable!!!

  • Natalie

    I have a conspiracy theory, the TVD family likes to hear its own bullying voice so by demanding the silence of others who do not share the same views.

  • Natalie

    I have another conspiracy theory, when the TVD family says “some people still need to get a life” they really don’t know who they are talking to.

  • Natalie

    Third conspiracy theory thanks to @Rayne. Nina LOVES to DECEIVE those who LOVE her, especially the TVD family.

  • Natalie

    I have a forth conspiracy theory, when one person calls another person Catman, they are really calling that person a P U S S Y.

  • Katherine


    Thanks for posting! :) Also during the livestream when Nina said she wanted to kiss him, Ian blushed. Are you telling me he can blush on cue too?

  • Natalie

    @Katherine Nope, but he sure as hell can say “No, no” sternly.

  • chick

    @natalie email me your conspiracy theories I have some of my own ;)

  • Natalie

    @chick LOL, I’ll be in touch.

  • guest

    @Rayne: Everybody knows than the paps are not going to stop taking pics when they “decide” on the perfect tree. They are going to take pics of them putting the tree on a vehicle and driving away. I don’t see those. They would also have pics of someone paying for the tree. I don’t see those either. Also, why would these “seemingly intelligent” actors bother with getting a live tree when BOTH of them already knew they wouldn’t even be spending the holidays in Atlanta?? I’m no rocket scientist, but this was definitely a STAGED photo op. If Ian’s smart, he will slip on home to Louisiana to spend Christmas with his family where he belongs and let her go on to Utah or Colorado or wherever she “secretly” goes with her family. And, the pics of him at LAX were from the NIGHT of Dec. 9 as he was heading back to Atlanta. Kim lives in Canada. The pics show her standing closer and looking more perturbed than Nina ever has when he’s travelling with her. Perhaps his relationship is with his ISF prez. I know she was UBER protective of him at SYM to the point that she didn’t want any fans around him. Nina wasn’t even there just like she’s NEVER at ANYTHING he does. If they do end up together at Christmas, you can believe the CW put up a pretty penny to keep up the act! So staged.

  • Sherry

    Apparently they’re flying to Asia For New Years!! I mean , that was just leaked…but hey, together, not together, who knows,,,Have fun!!!

  • guest

    @Sherry Again, I believe the CW will stop at nothing to make it look like they are a couple and I can tell you that I have some male friends that I am close enough to that if someone else foot the bill, I’d travel all over with them too. But, the only reference I saw about China was Nina. Maybe Ian will go, maybe he won’t. Still all we know is what we see on their Twitter accounts. What’s to say they don’t tweet things to make it look like something different. I mean, we’re not there with either one of them to know. She tweeted she was sick in bed and then these Christmas tree pics came out. Neither one of them is honest about being together or apart! When TV Guide asked him 2 weeks ago how does his real-life relationship with Nina affect them on TVD, he didn’t answer the question until he said, “I’ll just talk about the show…” They weren’t asking him to talk about her, just if it affected the show. Doesn’t sound like he’s in love at all, sounds like he’s in denial! LOL

  • Sherry

    Well this all very interesting to say the least…I’m asking, and looking at responses because I was asked to be an admin of a huge Ian Fan based page, but- I have not decided if I will except it or not….I try and take things with a huge grain of salt, when I read things like this, I suppose though everyone has their opinion…I have no knowledge of how the film industry works, but I would imagine a great deal of PR has to go along with it….I do remember seeing/hearing him in an interview that his huge amount of twitter followers are young, so yeah, I guess he can use that to ask/promote things that he is doing or wants to do, for sure its no secrete there, its quite Utilitarian, I mean the greater good for the greater number of people right!!! As for what TV guide asked, well it was suppose to be about the show, I don’t find it strange that he would want to deviate from that question, I’m sure it was a manipulative move on TV guides part to get that in…He only avoided questions about them further by stopping them in their tracks…I dont think its unusual for Celebrities to not want to talk about coupling….maybe some dont mind, but some do… Anyway, thanx for your response :)

  • Katherine


    This is a fail argument. Actors date co-stars because they spend long hours together on set. Steve McQueen and Candice Accola dated. Their characters aren’t together on TVD.

    On GG, Leighton dated Sebastian, Ed dated Jessica and Penn and Blake dated. Other than Penn and Blake, none of these other couples played popular couples on the show. If the CW did this, they would have had Leighton and Ed “date” considering how popular Chuck and Blair were.

  • Ressiden

    I love her but I don’t think “she had the flu” LOL

  • Leah

    Christmas tress can be recycled and used for mulch. People who are environmentally conscious do this with their trees. He has a righ to get a real tree if he wants one. It sn’t a crime against nature.

  • lex

    I don’t like people who say that they’re ecological and than buy cut off trees for Christmas. Don’t like the tree on the floor also. I guess animals are more important than plants and many sick and poor people who need medical care and education. We all have our priorities.

    Nina is unproportionally built girl, doesn’t starve herself with a diet but practices too much, has lost a lot of weight, that’s why her hips and shoulders are not in proportion with her arms and legs what can be seen when she wears tight dress around her hips and legs, without any decoration which she avoids. An average girl with a team around her and a lot of make up on her face. Likes to be in news and leaves links on tweeter where to find her and Ian. He paints his eyebrows and hair to look more wild and expresses his eyes, that’s about it what he can play – a wild, build up guy. He is too old for some serious catch of a more famous actress what he would like so Nina will be ok.

    ISF? I don’t like that they use kids and their pocket money. Especially consider funny what woman will do when he writes how they will be his pen pals if they send the money while he spends his time with Dobrev traveling. Do you know how much money that costs and he asks you for money? Ian has money, he is rich, you are not.

  • lex

    @leah, recycle yourself, it’s not a crime against the nature. There are not Christmas trees, just trees. Forests.

  • lex

    @Verite, good actors don’t have a need for fake romances, they are famous for doing their jobs well. I honestly don’t know who is Natalie Portman’s boyfriend and an affair didn’t ruin Kristen Stewart’s career. Good actors are good actors. That what I don’t like about these two is manipulation – for money, for votes for awards. Or better two say it is a negative surprise and tells how mediocre they are.

  • blueberry

    hahah cracked up Laughing so hard at the theories. We don’t know them and will never know what is going on in their lives. But since everyone is writing their theories here are mine. Personally I think Ian is an attention whore. Like I followed most of the conventions cause I used to like TVD. Dude always speaks instead of his castmates and cuts them off. That really bugs me. Also he was grabbing ladies parts in photoboots when hugging them WTH? Nina ? Well I still like her but I think Ian has a really bad influence on her. Girl even changed her style on twitter. She writes just like him. Started asking ppl to vote all the time too. She used to be fun when she was single.