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Gabriel Aubry: Burgers for Lunch!

Gabriel Aubry: Burgers for Lunch!

Gabriel Aubry keeps a low profile while out on Thursday (December 6) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old model enjoyed a quick solo lunch at The Counter Burgers during his outing.

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In case you missed the good news, Olivier Martinez agreed to drop all criminal charges against Gabriel after their Thanksgiving brawl at Halle Berry‘s house.

Gabriel was finally able to spend some quality time with his and Halle‘s daughter Nahla once his restraining order was lifted.

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  • Anne

    Maybe it’s about time to give this guy some peace, let him be a dad, and stop taking about his “anger issues.” If I were him I’d be very angry now.

  • ibi

    Gabriel is damn HOT <3

  • May

    i don’t think he has anger issues… i mean who the hell wouldn’t get angry at that psychotic b*tch! any GOOD father would be f*cking pissed when they try to take his child away from him.

  • wren

    He has to own his role in this mess and put the child first. His career isn’t escalating…he has a lot on his mind I am sure….

  • hmmm

    The police said he was the one to start the suddenly the police are lying? why? what do they have to gain..this guy is a jerk and got his ass whipped.

  • Fly

    We do what we need to do. You have my support.

  • Oliver Martinez


  • Jokergurl

    He’s lucky the Martinez did not do worse to him, seriously I’ve read that Olivier Martinez is actually lethal in real life, he has a boxing background. It’s too bad that two grown man would let this situation escalate into this. I feel for the little girl, who hopefully did not witness any of this behavior.

  • Wanda

    What did Gabriel see in the psycho Halle? Have you heard her scream in her high pitch obnoxious voice, ugh! She brings violence in her life and those around her and always play the victim. FBeatch! I hope the father takes the child away from Halle and her thug bf Martinez.. The child deserves a better upbringing with the father, give him a chance he is trying hard.

  • Oh My!

    if I was only 6 years younger, I would move to CA just to try and date him! He is so SEXY!! His HUGO BOSS campaigns are beautiful.

    Anyway, he seems like a guy who just want to be a part of his daughter’s life. The reason he probably fight so hard is 1. He loves her. 2. He was a foster child and probably vowed he would never abandon his child/children. You have to respect him for that. I mean he could have said forget it and moved own found another beautiful woman and continue doing more work in the modeling world. Just imagine how much income he has lost because he no longer resides in NY because he put his relationship with his daughter before fame and fortune.

  • Danna

    Team Gabriel!!!! I agree, what did he see in the fugly HB? She is so cunning and full of drama all the time! Gabriel, stay with a white woman…this black woman is ghetto! Take the child and bring her up the right way.

  • bigteddybear

    Team Gabriel keep put Nahla first god bless you both, happy hoildays

  • she puts on a good act

    @Wanda: Like the exes etal have said…she puts on a very good and convincing act

  • Give gabe time

    @Wanda: give him time, I am sure at some point, Nahla will probably be living with him. She can still go to France just not with the kid as if she were really going the first place.

  • to appease Halle

    @Oh My!: He also gave up his place in Miami to appease Halle besides moving out to LA and not spending all the time in NYC and run his restaurant. Then pays his ex partner to lie about him…what a C-U-N-T.

  • jerry

    Diamondkissing_c.0.m_where you have the opportunity dreaming about dating a millionaire and make it true! u dont have to be a millionaire.but u can meet one. I want to share with you and hope you find your perfect match.trye

  • Petra

    @Wanda: Yes, Gabriel is trying hard. Poor guy. One does not have to take any sides to see that Gabriel was assaulted. If his face is ruined for his modeling career, I hope he sues the woman and his boyfriend for the assault and still have charges brought against them. I feel sorry for the kid. I am a mother and would normally says a child is best reared by the mother but in this case the way I see it, at the end of the day, the kid deserve a safe and healthy environment the father offers.

  • Amaleta

    “Team Halle” “Team Gab”.. What’s wrong with you people? Are you 6??

  • Marie

    I love how Halle’s PR team are fighting tooth and nail to still trying to make her look like the victim in all of this !!! Now sites are saying she’s the one who walked away from this and chose not to prosecute Gabriel for Nahla’s well being….. REALLY ?! If Gabriel would have actually started this whole thing and based on Halle’s past behavior on trying to stick anything on this guy to remove him from his daughter life, Ya don’t actually think she would have crucified him ???? She planned this whole thing up and it got out of control and backfired when the pictures of Gabriel came online and now she’s trying to save face. So with that said, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst out of this old rag of an actress who only cares about herself and the loving Father who probably just wants to live peacefully is stuck in the destructive path of crazy nutcase sociopath narcissist Hell Berry and her dwarf Rocky Balboa. So good luck Gabriel and one day you’ll be the only one who can hold your chin up high and look into your daughter eyes and say You fought for her and never abandoned her or played dirty like her mom did. Halle on the other hand….. She’ll have to lie the shit out of it and by then it’ll be too late anyway. You did it to yourself girl… You did it to yourself. Karma will hurt bad for you.

  • prettydew


  • Kilem

    He always looks so uncomfortable having his pic taken. Interesting as he has been a model for so long, but I guess he is a private guy.
    I wish ppl would not make this about race. How silly and purely ignorant.

  • Reese

    I think he doesn’t like being stalked by the paps and that’s why he looks so uncomfortable.

  • Flo

    @Danna: Black woman are guetto really ??!! purely ignorant and by the way Halle is mixed and was raised by her mother who is white so blame it on his mother for the ghetto side ! So much ignorance !

  • Mix Up

    God bless you Gabriel and Nahla

  • Single Digit Handicap

    Yeh, you enjoyed those burgers on the golf course too didn’t you? How’s the shinner? you have to admit to yourself.. you did need a little ass kicking now for like the past decade cause your sad little self was just so high and mighty… guess these scars were worse than your bike spill…. how’s the handicap.. high I bet?

  • Mia


    Just shut up! How is he a K-Fraud. He is did not ask for child support until 2,5 years AFTER the two broke up. FACT! You have some serious male issues, no doubt. But this is not about YOUR life, this is about a man who has his daughter every second week which means 50 % of the time. You should read the court documents instead and I just don´t understand why you write in italics- it makes you look like a desperate, angry, fat woman with issues with exboyfriends.

    Stop being so hateful doesn´t give you a cute face, take your face out of your ass and see Gabriel for what he really is- a father who cannot let his OWN CHILD grow up without a father like he had to do. I wish more fathers could do what he is doing for his child.

    BTW, you must be black! And from what I know, black men don´t want to take any responsibility…glad there are others who loooove their kids.

  • Mia


    I totally agree with you!

  • Mia


    Isn´t he =D
    If I was Halle I would be ashamed of myself for letting that man leave me. Even if people don´t understand that it was Gabriel who left Halle, I know that Gabriel himself knows and smiles about the stupidness from some people…

  • Team Gabriel


    Come on seriously??? He has been fightning tooth and nails to be able to be with his only child for almost 3 years and still is one of the highest paid models in the world. Models who earn a lot doesn´t go auditioning if that´s what you think, people contact them and pay them A LOT! Look a Gisele Bundchen, RIver Viiperi, Kate Moss and other models who you probably don´t know, they are not working every day, but when they do the get so much money that they don´t need to work for some time. The same is with Halle, she is not working…She has two films A YEAR!

    You have some problem dude, you probably have an ex who are not paying child support and you want to be angry at him, instead you come to the Internet and attacks a poor father who wants his daughter to grow up knowing she was LOVED!
    Bitch Please!

  • Anne

    It is pretty sad that this story has become a dispute between races, when it has nothing to do with it. But I have noticed that most women insulting Gabriel are in fact black. If Nahlas father was black, you would be saying now that Olivier is a white thug. Your reasoning is related to skin color… that’s a nonsense.
    This is only about a child’s right to have her father in her life. In Montreal, where Gabriel comes from, 50% joint custody is the normal situation. Many of my French Canadian friends have joint custody of their kids. Besides, Gabriel grew up in foster homes, and thus he might know pretty well the pain of abandonment, and he doesn’t want the same for him and his daughter. The courts have decided that the child should not be separated from her father, so they have evidence he is a good dad. That’s the only thing that’s important.