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Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake: 'Playing for Keeps' Premiere After Party!

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake: 'Playing for Keeps' Premiere After Party!

Jessica Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake walk arm in arm while leaving the after party celebrating the premiere of her new film Playing for Keeps on Wednesday (December 5) at the Dream Downtown in New York City.

The 30-year-old actress was also joined at the party by her co-stars Gerard Butler and Judy Greer, who couldn’t attend the screening earlier in the night as she was performing on Broadway in Dead Accounts.

Also pictured at the event: Rodrigo Santoro.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake at the party…

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jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 01
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 02
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 03
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 04
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 05
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 06
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 07
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 08
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 09
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 10
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 11
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 12
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 13
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 14
jessica biel justin timberlake playing for keeps premiere after party 15

Credit: Dave Alloca, Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty, Starpix/Just Jared
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  • DocP

    Rodrigo Santoro was there, remember he played Xerxes in 300. That’s cool he was there to support Gerry and his movie. Isn’t he doing the prequel for 300 which Gerry wasn’t included due to scheduling conflicts with Motor City??

  • nimi

    Its so obvious there is some tension breewing between butler and biel they did separate interviews and have no intercation on the red carpet shes the leading lady and hardly standing next to him, also justin hardly attends her premiers so he’s prob there do support her.

    His movie is utter cra/p nothing worth spending ticket money on when theres the like of the hobbit and les miserables out that you actually get your money’s worth the country is in recession

  • Eli

    Gosh just observing that it looks like GB’s fans are starting to vanish slowly and only very few unrealistic supporters left finally ppl will see the light of the day and move on, his shallow life has been exposed its laughable because he actually had a loyal fanbase signs of bad times i guess feel sorry for him that he couldve taken another direction and made so much of himself but unfortunately his poor judgement and choices have wrecked his career

  • big apple

    @nimi: It must have been his PR team that leaked that story about Biel is the one that got away and for once she was not pleased about free PR since it came out on the heels of her wedding. Then again it may have been tit for tat as her team was clearing the one sending out the stories about them hooking up on the set of PFK so she could make Justin jealous. If you are going to be a player don’t pout when you get played.

    Gerry is posing with Len Cariou, Alan’s only other major client. He plays Tom Selleck’s dad in Blue Blood. A good character actor.

  • Another Opinion

    What is creditworthy is how much money is being spent on the promotion of this movie. What’s the necessity of having a premiere for the movie in Italy, for example, if it’s not attracting the audiences in the rest of the world? It’s a pointless waste of money. With regard to Butler, I find his entourage embarrassing. Why is he dragging Alan and Amy with him on the red carpet? And why are they taking photos/videos of him behind his back? And why is Alan hugging Butler’s fans? Maybe he believes he is a movie star now. I haven’t seen another actor whose assistant and agent are there for him 24/7. They all give the impression that Butler is incapable of handling anything on his own, even buying a cup of coffee. There is definitely something off with the people who surround him.

  • Another Opinion

    What the hell, I meant what is cringe-worthy. Is this site
    editing my post? :D

  • big apple

    I always wonder how after all these years Butler manages to keep people from taking photos of his girlfriends at these event even MG though you know she was doing everything she can to get into the photos last night. The others were likely more complacent. But what a tedious bore to have to spend all these events making sure no one gets a good photo of your dates. Rather takes away the enjoyment. Join the real world GB or make the girlfriend stay at home. Like this one would,

  • wiphoenix

    The sad thing is when he isn’t ”on” he looks lost and sad. I can’t imagine the pressure he’s feeling right now. The difference between the ‘real’ Gerry and showtime Gerry are night and day. To the point where I think he has a stand in, he’s so different.

  • wiphoenix

    And another thing, is that red head the default to com chick? She’s literally been in every single cheesy from com from 27 Dresses to The Wedding planner! Seriously, isn’t there a single other fallback actress? She’s like Flo. Except in romcoms.

  • big apple

    @Another Opinion: Actually Butler has been doing well overseas in general whether that still applies we will see. Muccino is an Italian director so he’s tooting his own horn. Someone posted an article from a site about why movies suck today and one reason is they keep the plot lines simple for the overseas audience who are bringing in the cash on movies, even if they bomb here. They can recoup their costs with a strong overseas box office. And of course another reason may be to give the Romanian debutante an opportunity to shine. They won’t let her officially on the red carpet here but on her turf?

  • Hey Sanctimonious

    @@at the premier: Last time I checked, JB didn’t achieve her success by bonking one HW actor after another to bring attention to herself. Nor did she start disrobing for money as a child.

  • she looks really pretty

    she looks really pretty here
    she’s au naturel
    whoever said she had fillers isn’t right in the head or needs glasses.
    jessica looks the same as she did from 7th house days except now she is grown up
    congratulations to her and jt

  • Totally Useless Information

    big apple @ 12/06/2012 at 12:04 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Another Opinion: Actually Butler has been doing well overseas in general whether that still applies we will see.

    May I ask why you think he’s been doing well overseas? I’m just curious why you think that is true. I’d like that to be true, too, but I don’t see it.

  • Peapo

    The heck with Justin, Jessica and Gerard Butler, I love Judy Greer. She is hysterical in every role she plays.

  • she looks really pretty

    looks like you’ve never had one–a relationship

  • Come on

    Guys ignore questions and comments regarding Mada-whoever. It’s her people posting on these threads to try and promote her. If Gerry were really proud to be with her and it was the real thing, he would have walked the red carpet with her or at least walked into the after party with her. JB looks really fantastic IMO.

  • she looks really pretty

    @Untamable Shrew:

    its new york
    guys were those hats in the northeast during the winter. its cold and windy…it covers their ears…they don’t have hair. but even women need earmuffs or the same hat or something.

  • Bad press

    Now Moe Jackson’s column is slamming his whole career. The articles this morning are just getting worse. He really needs to disappear and find a new direction. How embarrassing.

  • Whatshedonenow

    The reviews have been pretty dire, worse than CM. Wow. What a clusterf**k. I see a pattern emerging here. He screwed up his career potential as a lawyer and he’s doing it again as an actor.  As for the Romanian he doesn’t want to be photographed with her officially in the US because he knows she’s bad PR.  

  • Mmmmmmm

    @big apple: @Totally Useless Information:

    Hello from overseas! In Europe, with exemption of a very very few countries, his movies have gone directly to DVD since TBH.

  • Probably

    @Another Opinion:

    He probably goes to Italy to attend the premier because the PFK director is Italian (Gabriel Muccino) and is well known in Italy, but in reality it may be because he is a love fool (((

    I wonder if he plans to attend the UK premier.

    PS It is really a bit too much of Alan to be with him everywhere. So GB’s NY resolution should be something like “Try to live without Alan”.

  • she looks really pretty

    @Another Opinion:
    maybe the people he hugged are friends waiting to get in to see the movie.

  • cupcake

    Hello ladies.Gerry needs to go away for a little while. He needs to rethink his career. Maybe take some supportive roles and work his way back up.what do you guys think?.

  • angela

    She finally has dragged him to attending an event with her. Good for Jessica.

  • DocP

    I know I’m gonna get thumbed for this comment but I don’t think Justin timber lake is good looking at all. He looks like one of the lost boys from Peter Pan. He didn’t bring sexy back for me since he never had it to begin with. I like Jessica but I do think she’s had some lip injections and if he truly wants a acting career she better quit playing Mrs Timberlake and start doing more acting roles hat stretch her abilities. Ever since she got involved with the “lost boy” she has neglected her career.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @she looks really pretty: Is he going skiing or to a movie premiere?Where’s Jessica’s ear muffs then?

  • Kharma

    I’m not a violent person but Justin Timberlake has a face I want to bitch slap.

    And I hate to say it but Jessica Biel looks okay here. She can do better.

  • you’re paranoid

    you’re so small minded and meanspirited jealous doc
    jt has already made it he can retire now if he wants to. he does acting because he’s bored and its a chance to make an extra buck but he really doesn’t need it. he had it made in the music business everything else is gravy. he is set for life. poor you stuck at work dispensing drugs and jealousy.

  • Whatshedonenow


    He should, but he won’t. After reading those reviews he’ll be in major panic mode.  He’ll probably keep promoting PFK like crazy, then do the same for his other two cr*p to mediocre films. Also he now has the Romanian in tow, who’ll be making him feel more insecure and panicky, because he knows she’s bad PR and  essentially a dodgy person.  And the kid gloves are off around the media circuit. He’s now seen as a bit of a laughing stock. They are openly saying he makes bad movies. He has solidifyed his reputation as a lazy actor who’s only in it for the sex, money and fame. With GB it’s going to have to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. 

  • bodysnatcher
  • DocP

    @you’re paranoid:
    Where do you get paranoid?? What a strange reply, I’m not saying you don’t have the right to your opinion so why are you attacking me because I don’t have the same opinion as yours. Sounds like your the one with the small mind. You seem to be intolerant of other people’s opinions, I suggest you move to a country that doesn’t have a democracy since you seem imperialistic!!

  • you’re paranoid

    @Come on:
    i think he is proud of her and doesn’t show her because its not relevent. just a bunch of jealous trolls having a go at her. and yes some of them attempt to promote her by being nasty. i agree with you there.
    but you’re paranoid and just as nasty and meanspirited when you claim the reason he’s not showing her is becuase he’s not proud of her…just laughably jealous…its eating you up inside. doc isn’t it.
    you don’t like gb either….so why are you here?

  • you’re paranoid

    you must live in the cloudy depressing part of london. once a whiny grouch always a whiny grouch

  • you’re paranoid

    tell me
    is it just you or is it all of england who has the anti success mentality of how dare you be successful?

  • you’re paranoid

    i have a better attitude than yours
    i don’t hate people
    why are you posting on gb threads when you don’t like gb?
    are you a man hater?

  • Lipstick

    Am i the only one who thinks JB looked good at the premier…? And GB just looks jumpy, panicky i think he is really loosing the appeal 1. doing bad films 2.Hooking up with trashy models with zero personality with the reputation she has this one did actually need hiding

  • you’re paranoid

    docp you wanted a fight now you got it.

  • SnowFlake

    My Friend always has a theory about men hooking up with lingerie models she said if a guy really loves you no way would he want you expose yourself to the world…I used to give her examples of mirander kerr and orlando and she used to say they will never last i read rumours that she was flirting heavily with leo and her marriages are on the rock..

  • you’re paranoid

    he’s not hiding her…she’s his date. they are together. just because they aren’t photographed together doesn’t mean they aren’t. what is this? the high school prom?

  • you’re paranoid

    a guy who really loves women wouldn’t mind that you did that for a living either.
    judgmental jerks don’t love.

  • you’re paranoid

    ok better put judgemental jerks’s love is very limited. their love is not as big as others. some are capable for more love than others. you are on the smaller love budget ….others are more generous in the love department. you are not one of the generous lovers. and that’s not about money that’s about real genuine love.

  • you’re paranoid

    whatever your job is i don’t like it. therefore you are unworthy of love. that is how your line of thinking goes….can you read golddigger?

  • bodysnatcher Is it a bad sign when there’s a Groupon 4 specific movie coupled w Groupon bucks? Pretty much begging U to see it! #playingforkeeps 0% on RT

  • bodysnatcher Can Gerard Butler just go back to making only action movies? I’m wearing out my mute button watching these romantic comedies.

  • bodysnatcher Gofobo, no amount of free screening invites will make me want to see #PlayingForKeeps. You can stop now.

  • bodysnatcher “Playing For Keeps” is sitting at 0% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This is the least shocking thing ever. Hahaha. Looks ATROCIOUS.

    Gerard Butler needs to re-evaluate.

  • bodysnatcher So Playing for Keeps is the Gerald Butler Story?

  • Your paranoid= LOL

    I’m not fighting with you, you’re the one with the issues. I must have really hit the nail on the head when I said you have no friends that’s why you come here, to antagonism others. Because you are such an unhappy person. Get a life and quit being so hateful and intolerant to your fellow mankinds opinions. My lunch is over and this is the last reply you will get from me. BTW, it’s not about winning in life, it’s about being happy with yourself. I suggest you stop posting at JJ and go findbsomebinner happiness. Perhaps India would be a good place to start :))))

  • bodysnatcher
  • you’re paranoid

    he looks pale but that could be the fault of the photographer. jj doesn’t exactly buy the best shots…he buys the cheapest ones. people could protest jj by demanding he fire photographers who do shoddy work. there are lots of shoddy photographers and yet they make bank. there should be quality standards when buying shots, drive out the shoddy ones and promote the quality ones.