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Kate Upton Covers 'British Vogue' January 2013

Kate Upton Covers 'British Vogue' January 2013

Kate Upton takes the cover of British Vogue‘s January 2013 issue.

The 20-year-old model was interviewed by fashion features director Sarah Harris for the issue.

“Growing up, she idolised Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. In the flesh, this all-American beauty resembles a young Anna Nicole Smith or Marilyn Monroe; her face is very pretty and perfectly symmetrical,” the feature says.

“When I decided to shoot Kate for our first cover of 2013, it was to kick off the year with a young women who is not a stereotypical fashion model – although, let’s face it, she’s hardly a heffalump!,” photographer Alexandra Shulman told the mag.

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Credit: British Vogue
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  • AMY

    Introducing photoshopped asss and ti.tties!

  • hno

    vogue? really? shes just an average girl and the only magazine she should pose is playboy. shes only in evidence cuz of her big t*ts, nothing else

  • Danni

    Yay I’m so happy for her. The fashion world is up in arms about her being curvy and not straight up and down and mannish like the other typical runway models.

  • anon

    Holy sh!t this is her second Vogue cover. This one is actually better than the Italian Vogue last month. Congrats.



  • Kate Upton……..

    is in an entirely different league than any model of her generation. What other girl has gotten covers from US GQ, US Esquire, US Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, Muse, CR Fashion Book (first issue at that), Vogue Italia and now UK Vogue all in less than a year?
    No one.
    That’s some serious old school supermodel behavior. American Vogue is the next logical step.
    NO OTHER past SI cover girls are on her level.
    Not now nor probably ever!

  • Okay?

    Wow, although this cover isn’t anything spectacular I can see her blowing up in the fashion world because you can do a lot with her, You change up her look from high end to swimsuit to catwalk modeling to cosmetic company spokemodel She’s very versatile.

  • essie

    is she a VS model? she seems like the type

  • wow

    shes reminds me of cindy crawford, not because of the dime size turd that sits right above her upper lip, but her styl, her movement, shes beautiful

  • lovely

    what the fashion geeks seem to not understand is that Kate is approachable. Her look and body aren’t intimidating and that will get her far in the biz if that’s what she wants,

  • wow

    t u r d

  • ???

    She has a very efficient agent. Period.

  • cool

    she’s giving a break to all of us from looking at models who are walking x-rays with bitcy attitudes on the runway.

    Kate stay sweet & humble and strong. The vultures are jealous.

  • lovely


    Yes but she’s pretty and relatable so it works out beautifully. Nice to see a model on a fashion cover instead of a movie star/entertainer.

  • Sam

    Only Vogue cover cow boobs will ever get! Cause she will NEVER be in the cover of US Vogue Magazine.

  • @15

    Sorry hater. Too late. Sh’es gotten another Vogue cover already – Italia
    As well as several Vogue editorials. Vogue USA next. Deal with it

  • Warren

    She is hot and has a very pretty face.

  • @15 is an idiot

    Listen up you loser that’s hanging on to Kate Upton’s cow boobs, she is fat and she will never be a supermodel she has the trashy white look. Any loser can get the cover of Vogue Italia and Vogue magazine, but she will never come out in the cover of Vogue US.

  • Olivia

    I always wonder why she’s famous and why she gets so much hate

  • Halli

    She’s 20!!!

    She’s stunning but I thought she was like 28.

  • an opinion

    @@15 is an idiot: She is not fat. As noted she has a Marilyn Monroe body. I wonder is she will be doing SI again.

  • @18 is a loon

    Look how worked up you are getting. Poor thing
    The ‘trashy’ girl already has a portfolio that androgynous models would pray for. From claiming she has no Vogue covers to now saying Vogue Italia does not count
    (For the record Vogue UK,USA, Paris and Italy are the important ones and Kate already has 2). Shes gonna have US Vogue cover. She already has editorials.
    The ‘ fat trashy white’ girl is gonna do it nappy head. Stay hysterical LMAO.

  • Sam

    @an opinion are you serious? Did you just compare this cow to Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn not only had body and looks she had talent. This cow is only famous for the guys she sleeps with and coming out half naked with her cow boobs in trashy magazines. And the reason why she came out in Vogue magazine Italia and UK is because any loser with a good agent can be in the cover.

  • @ #22 is a creepy lesbian

    No one is getting hysterical, you are one pathetic person, that has too much time in her hands coming here and defending someone you problably will never meet. You dont know nothing about modeling just because someone gets a cover in Vogue UK or Vogue Italia does not mean you will be on the cover of VogueUSA magazine dont be ignorant. Check your facts before you make and a$$ out of yourself.

  • Emma

    It’s no secret in the industry how she got this far this fast on so little.

  • @24 is a lonely d**e

    you are equally pathetic to rave and rant against a ‘fat trashy white’ person on some blog whose winning in life as you foam at the mouth. Don’t have a dog in this fight ghetto girl.
    Where did I say been on one Vogue automatically meant you get the other? A claim was made that Kate would never get Vogue and I said that was redundant she already has 2 Vogues in her portfolio. Not Vogue Turkey or Hong Kong. But Italy and UK. Its not an opinion its a fact. You better use those welfare checks you collect to go to comprehension school so you don’t look an ass.
    Denial is not only an Egyptian river. Look to see Katie on US Vogue soon as you burst in flames and rave. Good times. LOL

  • LOL

    @an opinion:
    I think she’ll get the SI cover again. Rivalling Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkely for back to back SI covers. She also has a superbowl commercial pencilled in. She’s had quite a year. Cosmo, Vogue, CR, GQ too. Beauty is subjective and Good for her.

  • @ #26 is a fat cow

    Get a life! i’m not going to argue with a fat lonely loser who spends all her time here defending losers like Kate Upton. You are an ignorant person and you can tell that the school system failed on you. You are such a close minded idiot and call everyone with a negative opinion on cow boobs ghetto. I rather be “ghetto” than a fat cow who spends all the time here picking fights with people, cause they dont agree with your creepy lesbian obsession of Kate cow boobs Upton.

  • @ #26 needs a lipo

    You are the reason why obesity rates in america are increasing, because of cows like you.

  • @28 needs fried chicken

    ” I rather be “ghetto” than a fat cow who spends all the time here picking fights with people” – LOL. Look who’s talking.
    Cause judging by your hysterical posts, YOU’RE you’re not here all the time picking fights. Oh no. I mean obviously not. You can degrade someone else’s looks/race and toss invectives on their sexual preferences ghetto bird however you’re neither ignorant nor close minded. Oh no! You must be insecure in your looks to now tell me I apparently have a weight problem beacuse the ‘fat white cow’ has supporters. Don’t worry nappy head, as Kate the ‘white cow’ keeps slaying with more covers you shall keep raging.
    It’s because of ignoramous like you that the deficit keeps tiliting now go look after your little ****** Shaniqua.
    I’ll be back when JJ posts her US Vogue in 2013. Count on it happening. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Whatevs


  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @AMY: You’re jealous.
    @hno: Yeah, she’s “average” It’ll give millions of average little girls someone to look up to (sort of) LOL
    It’s funny how a bunch of average and below average women are hating on her. ahahahaha You busted biiishes will never be like one of those stick skinny VS models so why hate on a “average” girl who’s getting some light.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    I bet from the neck up Upton’s better looking than every biish who commented negatively on this thread. LOL

  • brookline

    I think she’s very pretty but I don’t know that she’s so much different than any other model – people make it seem like she’s this groundbreaking model, but come on she’s still tall, thin, blond, perky nose, etc.

    Check out some of the really interesting models from Italy, etc. they have unique facial features and a cool style.

  • D

    I think she looks quite pretty in that pic. However, I do not think she deserves to be in Vogue–much less get a cover. It’s NOT her curvier body, which I think is beautiful. It’s that she is kind of trashy and isn’t sophisticated enough to be in Vogue. Every single time I hear a story about her, it’s about her doing a “jiggle dance” or whatever the F she called it in a video or a picture of her prancing around in a 10X too small bikini. I also see her as desperate and sad–remember that story about her paying to be allowed to go to the MET Ball?? She also seems to work with that creeper Terri Richardson a lot, who probably introduces her to all his great contacts. Wonder what she did to get him to endorse her so much…she’s got a GREAT agent though (obviously), I will say that much.

  • cheep

    good for her. If someone who looks like Gisel Bunchen can make it, then so can kate.

  • Jokergurl

    When I first saw this gal I thought she was British because of her last name “Upton”, it sounds very British. I thought that supermodels were supposed to be more tautly muscled than she is. She’s tall but this cover looks funny? Photoshop perhaps (which I think they photoshop celebs way too much these days) maybe it’s just an odd angle…

  • Poppins

    Kate Upton – The name alone makes you pay attention. She’s an accomplished equestrienne, so could a Hermes campaign be far behind if it hasn’t happend already?

    Vogue USA will be in the cards for her because she is well liked, professional and Ms. Wintour likes her. So everyone relax and be happy for this young one.

  • @ #30 has cankles

    Why do you repeat yourself? You must have too much fat in your brain to come up with anything new. Like I said before you are pathetic and you are a waste of a human being. People like you make me sick your too fat to go out and get a life so you come here and take out your anger on people like me by calling me ghetto, just because we dont agree with your lard a$$. I feel sorry for you because I can tell there so much hate on you! You are a bigoted close minded hag with no social life, but the one you make here when your posting your sad pathetic comments. Instead of trying to make an attempt to make me mad lol figure out your life you nasty greasy tub of lard.

  • ali

    beautiful and sexy !

    good luck to you :)

  • Sean

    I’d motorboat her…

  • Arya

    I can’t understand the phenomenon of this girl. She’s nothing special. She looks so commonly to me. Not like a top model for sure. I know that many JJ visitoes hate me for that, but Kat really not impress me. There is so many beautiful models who deserve so much more for Vogue cover.

  • @39 needs watermelons

    Keep telling yourself I’m fat Salmonellaniqua. Its probably therapeutic for people like you. Other people’s success drive you crazy. Its a blonde white girl and its drive by shooting time!
    The ‘fat white girl with cow boobs’ is winning. Your rage on here
    Your constant diatribes at that reality show you to be very much a pathetic human being and waste of space that you call me. LOL. Again no self awareness poor you Then again your kind always are. The white girl is winning the one with c’ow boobs’.and only other girls who are confident in their own looks don’t feel threatned by that fact Hello?
    Now go look after Kishawn and your little ******, all that time their dad spends in prison with Kate’s SI pictures on his wall I can totally understand your frustration. Vogue 2013 coming up. There’s NOTHING you can do about that nappy head.
    Oh is it not usually Taniquas who are known for being obese? All that fired chicken, baby daddy’s and no jobs. I understand your rage. Your likely Kate’s age but she does not have little b**** or a prison record.

  • LOL

    She’s obviously successful in making you mad which is why you keep coming back angrier than before. Anyone can see that
    I would too.

  • Mia

    Sorry but Kate is not Vogue Material. Even though she has been on the cover of Vogue twice, dosen’t make her worthy.

  • Mia

    Only a man would say that.