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Miranda Kerr & Lily Aldridge: VS Fashion Show Wins Ratings!

Miranda Kerr & Lily Aldridge: VS Fashion Show Wins Ratings!

Miranda Kerr wears a trench coat while leaving her apartment building on Wednesday (December 5) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge was spotted leaving her hotel that same afternoon.

The 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired earlier this week and was the top rated program for the night and helped fuel CBS to a win!

The special brought in 9.3 million viewers and had a 3.5 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, which was down 24% from last year.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge in the Big Apple…

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Credit: Tom Meineit; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • Model Fan

    Hahahha who called the paps first, Lily or Miranda?

  • Hussy

    Love that Miranda’s people are planting stories about her going to London to see Orlando after all the stories of her and Leo started breaking. Damage control much?

  • Fugly

    I have no idea why Lily is referred to a model, except for the fact that she is friends with JJ and he posts everything about her.

  • Terrible Twos

    I don’t understand the blog post. It won ratings but it was down 24% from last year? How is that a good thing?

  • Huh?

    Um, JJ, what would Lily possibly have to do with the ratings, no one knows who she is, the only reason her name is mentioned is in reference to Caleb. Anyone who saw her horrible walk and awkward posing knows she’s not a good model. Why don’t you try mentioning Candice or Adriana if you want to talk about who brought in ratings, because no one watched the show b/c of Lily, unless they wanted more ammo to make snarky comments about her.

  • taz

    these two are the perfect example of: ‘only relevant because their spouses are famous’

  • Beard

    She looks like a stick insect.

  • Bou

    oh wow. Lily looks gorgeous!!!!


    They’re both so chic. Love them.

  • sea

    Put a coat on!

  • @1

    Neither, Miranda is the most famous as she’s known all around the world and Lily is starting to become more well known so neither of them need to call the paps. The paps are paid by newspapers, magazines, celebrity blogs for their pics as they know they’ll get more hits on their sites hence more dollars. You leaving a comment adds to them being featured more often but because you’re so filled with jealousy your too dumb to work that out….lol.

  • @Hussy…..#2

    Wrong, Miranda mentioned ages ago in an interview she was going to see Orlando well before the made up BS story!

    The three of them have been friends for years as they share similar beliefs.

    Poor sad thing Orlando & Miranda are still in love & happily married no matter how much you wish otherwise!!!

  • @Hussy

    Leo is dating his co star Australian actress Margie Robbie from his latest movie The Wolf. They happen to be both friends with Miranda and they were out at a night club with Miranda and other Aussie models. Leo has been friends with Orlando for a long time & with Miranda since she first started dating Orlando.

  • You

    @@1: Stop being an idiot. The famous models are Kate Moss, Kate Upton, Gisele, Adriana, Linda Evangelista, Naomi, Heidi.
    Stop being a fool and accept Miranda for being who she really is, an attention wh*re. She’s popular but not as the above mention.

  • @Hussy

    Is there much damage control needed when only two people who comment on JJ and who think that Miranda is Satan’s daughter believed that story? Just saying.
    Even the sites that have talked about that story have shown their skepticism on the very same article.


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  • say what?

    @@1: I read on that Adriana started trending at twitter worldwide well before the show started. And continued trending well after it ended. They said she trended under two different names.
    Kerr only started trending after the show started. So yes, Miranda is the most famous… haha

  • JonathanWiki

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  • thar

    Lily has a chic outfit on. Me likey

  • shanghai

    Lily is gorgeous as is Miranda but that interview with Bruno Mars was sooooo embarrassing. Talk about making a fool of herself flirting and fawning over him. That girls has been around enough celebrities to not act like that!!

  • Mika

    Orlando Bloom will run away from her!

  • yes!


  • sal

    Miranda looked so amazingly beautiful on the show. Such a natural beauty.

  • tass

    Miranda is perfection.

  • sigh

    Miranda’s black and white costume for the show was the most beautiful of the entire night.

  • @2

    Funny how all of the articles hinting at a leo/Miranda hookup in their headlines, explained that they were only seen together surrounded by groups of friends (including Lily, BTW), and that it wasn’t scandalous because Leo, Orlando and Miranda have been friends for years in the actual articles.
    It’s only you haters who are so desperately clinging to this non-story. Makes you seem even more pathetic. LOL!

  • @17

    She was probably trending because people were talking about her weight. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Adriana is gorgeous, and still the queen of VS, bur she should not have tried to be in this years show. She should have waited until next year. Appearing this year, and being so much heavier, just made her look like she was desperate for attention. And Adriana doesn’t need that.
    The fact that Miranda was trending at all, given that she isn’t as well known in the States as Adriana, is proof that she really mades an impact during the show. She looked amazing in all of her outfits.
    Lily’s calendar costume was a lot of fun, but every time I see her walk, I want to smack her.
    Doutzen and Candice looked gorgeous, too.

  • sara

    Orlando is supposed to finish filming today.
    I hope that he will show up at The Hobbit premiere in London. Seeing some of the LOTR actors together on the red carpet would make me very happy!

  • steph

    Just watched Orlando’s new UNICEF video.
    That man just makes my heart melt. He is such a good person!

  • @1801

    I love Miranda casual style. Effortless.

  • aah

    @@17: I agree with you. I don’t get the hate for Miranda. She’s famous and rich and beautiful. Is that a crime?!!! I don’t know if she calls the paparazzi but if she does, what’s so bad about that?!
    But I’m going to say that Adriana trended on twitter because she’s ADRIANA LIMA. Not just because of her weight. I’m an active twitter user and I’ve seen her trending several times. She also trended during last year’s fashion show.

  • ez

    “She should have waited until next year. Appearing this year, and being so much heavier, just made her look like she was desperate for attention.” — you are disgusting. She was beautiful.. and are you trying to say your body is better? she had a kid 2 months ago.. her weight is fine and completely healthy. Stop being an ignorant twa*t

  • A

    This year’s VS show was horrible compared to past shows. So boring!

  • charlotte

    i’m so sick of miranda kerr. ugh this fame whore has got to go! and i see absolutely nothing interesting about lily aldridge. she’s not pretty/hot/skinny at all. she’s also too short to be a model.

  • charlotte

    i have a better body than both these fame whores

  • @35

    Oh, I bet that you do. That is if you are wanting to audition for a plus size calendar. LOL!
    We’ve seen pics of some of you haters, remember. Most of you are fat and ugly. That’s the main reason why you are so bitter. Flinging insults at beautiful models is the only way to feel better about yourselves, I guess. LOL

  • fra

    in the fashion world NOBODY knows who Lily Aldridge is, she only does VS because of Caleb fame (being a rockstar wife and all that, they always mention that in the VS interviews) and the only site on the internet who writes about her is JJ because he’s friends with her .

  • angie

    Lily always calls the paps (just jared’s, because no one else is interested) these days, that’s why she never even wears a coat. So pathetic.

  • @26

    I don’t know enough about Miranda to hate her but it was noticeable how often Leo and Miranda ended up at the same event in the past couple of weeks. I don’t believe they are involved but that Page Six article does sound like damage control. These papers tend to blow things out of proportion for sure and create a romance around some sightings ( see Leo & Margot ).
    @13: it’s interesting to read Margot was there but nobody mentioned her even though just a couple of weeks ago Leo&Margot made headlines.

  • @39

    Nothing of notic for friends to celebrate a birthday together. Or to have dinner when in the same town. It’s not like they went out with just the two of them. There was no time where they were not with a group of people. Even the tabloids were saying that they are longtime friends out in a group.
    No damage done, so why would they need damage control?

  • @39

    It wasn’t convenient to mention Margot if they were making up some story about Leo and Miranda, don’t you think?

  • @41

    The Daily News was all about Leo and Miranda for sure. But the New York Post had a completely different angle and they barely mentioned Miranda. They focused on Leo and Cameron Diaz – no mention of Margot. This is the paper that was reporting an alleged Leo & Margot romance weeks ago so in their case there was no reason not to mention her. It would have been their interest to put Margot there to prove their previous point.
    Don`t get me wrong I don`t believe that Leo and Miranda are involved but some flirting could have happened… And as I said these columns tend to create a whole love story around a couple of sightings.

  • @42

    Newspapers always try to imply that something is going on whenever a male and female are in the same room. Remember when they tried to claim that Orlando and Jennifer Aniston were an item because they were at the same hotel in Mexico for a friend’s wedding? Same thing. Orlando and Jen were nothing but friends. Leo and Miranda are nothing but friends. Some people interpret a woman being friendly with a man as flirtation. But that is the obsever’s issue, not the subject’s.

  • @43

    True. If they are seen at the same place more than once they are together, they are an item. And Leo is single now so whoever shows up around him is his new girlfriend.
    The two NYC papers had completely different angles on the same night. Leo with Cameron and Leo with Miranda. There was a post about Leo and Cam being `friends with benefits` not just old friends and of course Leo being involved with Miranda. Same with his co-star weeks ago.
    You are right it`s all about different interpretation and different agenda.

  • WHAT?

    Two people having a rational discussion on JJ?
    No name calling? No vulgarity?

  • Melinda

    Miranda is beautiful, and is a successful business woman. Flynn is such a cute kid. She has done well in the fashion industry and Miranda is one of the best models out there right now. I don’t get the hate for Miranda either. Are they mad because she has a beautiful son, is successful, and has a loving and supportive husband? She has done nothing to them and yet they sound like lunatics. The Delphi site is not a great site at all. I can’t believe how they insult Miranda, her family,Orlando, and Flynn. They must be bitter people to do that. I just don’t get the hatred for Miranda. She comes across as a sweet and kind person, and they can’t seem to deal with the fact she is successful. They keep thinking they will split up but they are full of crap. Miranda and Orlando make a beautiful couple.

  • @ez…….#32

    Adriana was trending on twitter because of her weight.

    She should have waited until next year to model in the VS show.

    Even though she looked ok, the runway shows up every little imperfection and it was very obvious she had only recently had a baby.

    There is nothing wrong with looking like you’ve just had a baby if you’re an everyday mom, but she’s a VS Angel so she was compared to the other models.

    Unfair but she would have been better off waiting rather than have people critize her body shape as the tv & pics were not very flattering to her.

  • haha

    @@ez…….#32: Adriana is the most famous VS model. She trended because she’s famous. Don’t be jealous because you attention seeker still isn’t as known as she is with all her effort. People barely mentioned her weight. And it not like it’s her first time trending, so please!