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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia'!

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia'!

Vanessa Hudgens is elegant on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia‘s December 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her Spring Breakers experience: “I’ve never been on spring break, I’ve never gone to college or had this group of girlfriends to go away with. I became very, very close with these girls. We had such an amazing experience together; it felt like it was our own little spring break. We allowed ourselves to let loose and push each other and see how far we could take it.”

On Gimme Shelter: “I had to chop off all my hair and live in a pregnant woman’s shelter for about two weeks before we even started filming to get me in my headspace. It was a bit of a shock. It’s a world that I’ve never had a chance of looking into, let alone be a part of, and I remember calling my mom on the first night, and I was like ‘Mom, what have I gotten myself into.’ It was a lot of fun after I got past those initial feelings of shock at the environment.”

On looking up to Meryl Streep: “She has such an amazing, long career, and that’s the goal – a long career! She has done everything there is to do under the roof, and been brilliant at everything she does. She’s the master of her craft – and that’s her priority – her craft. She is just astonishing.”

For more from Vanessa, visit the mag’s Facebook page!

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Credit: Harper's Bazaar Arabia
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  • And Now V

    A Who’s Who in no-talents were on Harper’s Bazaar covers.

  • tammy

    i love her whole look, she is one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen

  • The truth

    Not beautiful No talents Please vanessa STOP STOP STOP !!!!! this is the truth….the truth speaking..

  • VEE

    Stunning Vanessa.. you look stunning!
    Can’t wait to see all the outtakes and read the full interview, HBA was one of my favorites Nicole Richie fashion shoots, and it looks like it would be the same with Vanessa.

  • Mollie


  • Mollie
  • Alice

    I LOVE VANESSA!! She looks stunning <3 xo

  • Mollie


  • lily

    wow, what a sad life you must lead, the truth, go back to whoever-you-are-a-fan-of thread.

  • Mollie

    Madonna to.

    she looks gorgoeus

  • lily

    Vanessa looks flawless and i love the fact that her new photshoots are more mature… :)

  • george

    how is it possible to be so flawless? Vanessa you are so gorgeous.

  • george

    thank you
    gorgeous, she looks gorgeous

  • sofie

    Love you vanessa, love this cover

  • The truth

    don’t be hateful of the truth !!!! i’m a fan of nobody the truth hurts !! the truth speaking…

  • carrie

    i’m in love with the green dress, she looks fabulous.

  • Sam

    Wow!!! Harper’s Bazaar cover. You go girl. Hope her next movie is a comedy.

  • kim

    she is so pretty, i’m happy she is living in New York with her boyfriend, and now her sister is with them too.

  • kim

    @The truth:
    you are so stupiiiid, … this is the truth….the truth speaking..

  • Xo

    She looks great! I really like the dress on the cover

  • Selma

    OMFG ! Why so flawless Vanessa ?

  • veritas

    To the brainless people hating on Nessa,
    you all have been in the cover of most important magazines before her, right???
    Why putting down other countries magazines??? The Americans or Europeans versions aren’t the only important ones, you know?
    Just to say Nessa looks perfect!! Loking forward to next year. XO

  • http://justjared Doug

    Vanessa is beautiful. But I will never , ever, ever , never leave Mz. Lovato for another woman………

  • freya

    What’s this consolation prize because Selena Gomez was chosen to be Harper bazaar’s America’s cover girl in January. VANESSA HUDGENS IS PATHETIC

  • tonn


  • tonn

    Love the cover

  • Nightwish

    Wow. Fourth page and none of the core team has posted a comment, or so it seems. Might as well come out of the woodwork, we know you are there. Hellooooooooooo! lol

  • http://@psychotuitero MIKE

    comparing selena with vanessa is just stupid, seriously selena is nothing more than a teen actress with a lame boyfriend and that’s where seh gets fame, not talking about their carreers which are so different vanessa’s more mature she even chopped her hair for a movie and that proves that she is very determinated, wait a couple year, vanessa will be a great hollywood actress, while selena is gonna be just crying and have regrets, and in the beauty side vanessa is way better she has an amazing body, perfect bone structure and so on, im not hating on sel, but these 2 aren’t comparable.

  • http://@psychotuitero MIKE



    Helllooooo, am here. Just enjoying the peace and quiet, loving all the positive comments.

    @ the truth, you flatter yourself.

  • tina

    Great cover, as I said on the last thread stunning.


    Yep, Harpers Bazaar anywhere is one classy/ couture magazine. So proud of the gal.

  • Nightwish

    @MIKE: That was the biggest crock of s hit i ever read. Hudgie yeah, let’s hope her career gets REVIVED. Selena has a bright future ahead of her. She’s very talented and gorgeous as well. Guess Bieber, the guy who can get any chick he wants in the world, chose her for no particular reason at all. LOL

  • Nightwish

    @tina: She looks pretty awesome, i must say Bitchee Tina, you were right about that

  • http://@psychotuitero MIKE

    @nightwish, whaterver keep loving your idol, selena will have an amazing on being a single mom that one day was famous.

  • Nightwish

    Have you guys ever seen Selena’s mom? MILF! That’s where Selena gets her fantastic looks.

  • Nightwish

    @MIKE: I just don’t agree, im sorry. Van’s best days are probably behind her. Spring Breakers, and the publics reaction to her supporting role in that flick will be crucial for her.

  • me2


    And everyone, just ignore Nightwish, and he will start talking to himself. Lol i love all the good comments! Im so happy for her and she looks gorgeous in NY, Austin is a lucky man.

  • Nightwish

    @MIKE: It’s the reach of that particular magazine, retar d, not the country itself that people are taking issue with. Good heavens, here we go with the racial nonsense once again…


    @ Nightwish, Oh shut up! Stop talking rubbish just for want.

  • nana

    Awww she always looks gorgeous.

    Her birthday is next week!!!

  • Juliet

    @Nightwish: You are an asshole.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: Well, some of us do work. I disagree about Bieber. You’d have to be under 18 to want to be with the nasty Bieber. I also think Spring Breakers is important to Gomez. She has no significant roles under her belt, other than her Wizards show. Her movies have all been kiddy or teen roles. We’ll see how she transitions to adult roles. It’s not easy. And one more thing. Back on the last thread, you were whining to Neutral that we were such boring posters, with nothing much to offer. I beg to differ. When are you going to admit WE are the reason you come here, cause we at least can carry on some semblance of an intelligent conversation?? You KNOW Zac’s threads are filled with “omg, he’s so hot” gaggy comments, with nothing intelligent going on. You’ve also invited two known haters into your e-mail realm. Are you crazy? BO is a certifiable nutcase. You do know that she has been on Zac’s thread, whining about her zanessa fantasies, and agreeing with the people who think they are still together, and then she comes here and talks filth about her. Like I said, certifiable. Be careful.

  • maria

    Love this photoshoot. The pics really show her gorgeous features, love the hair, and the clothes are perfect. Nothing I don’t like, except that heavy necklace, but I can overlook that one thing.

  • carmen

    Siempre hermosa «3

  • Wow

    Vanessa is asdfghjkl stunning. Really looking forward for the trailer of her new movie !

  • Jay

    Oh Maria ofcourse you guys are the attraction here. Its not like Vanessa is worth any attention anyway. Efron’s fans are smarter. They don’t waste their time defending their idol on some stupid gossip site like it actually matters to him or them. You guys do. You think if Pudge is famous on this site then she must be the same in the industry. But you guys know she isn’t. She is pretty much non existent.

  • justsaying

    This is soooo good-there isn’t anything bad that anyone can say that anyone on here would even take seriously at all ! This photo shoot has just proven what us fans have been saying all along. WE FRIGGIN LOVE THIS GIRL! She looks amazing! Congrats V ! I am an adult woman and it is so fun watching her grow up into a woman at her speed-her way-with her choices. That black and white picture and the one in the blue dress-wow! She is soooo good at modeling!

  • justsaying

    This is what I am hoping for-I want to see her as the long lost unknown daughter of Johnny Depp’s in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

  • Haters Suck!

    Thanks for confirming you and the rest of your fanbase are idiots. Smart people don’t spend time researching and looking for information on people they hate. You know why zac fans don’t defend Zac fans on his posts? Cause Vanessa fans stay off there and don’t trash him. We give you the common courtesey you don’t give us. Take me for example zac could fall off the edge of a clif or find the lost city of Atlantis either way I wouldn’t give two $hits.