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Jennifer Aniston is Not Pregnant!

Jennifer Aniston is Not Pregnant!

Jennifer Aniston flashes her huge engagement ring while furniture shopping with her fiance Justin Theroux last month in Los Angeles.

It was recently reported that the 43-year-old actress was expecting a child, but her reps have shot down the rumors.

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“It’s crap!” the rep told Us Weekly.

Jennifer and Justin are currently renovating and expanding their 8,500-square-foot home in Bel-Air. The couple is planning to expand “the master bedroom, including the addition of a deck with a trellis; add a cantilever roof eave; remove a different trellis and install roof covers outside the living room, dining room and library,” according E! News.

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jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 01
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 02
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 03
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 04
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 05
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 06
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 07

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155 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston is Not Pregnant!”

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  1. 26
    Jen In Rehab Says:

    Pic#7, looking a little Rough
    JJ the best photos are missing, the guy behind jen was picking his nose and the one of jen stomping toward the car like she has pole uphera$$

  2. 27
    Kola Says:


    How do you know he was bored? It seems more to me he saw a sugar mama in Aniston. And in what world is Aniston not boring. All she has is her hair and average body. Seems life with her would be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and superficial. I have never heard an intelligent or interesting thing come out of her mouth. This is the same woman who had the same lunch for 10 years on Friends, never changes her hair and only ever goes to Mexico.

  3. 28
    rachel Says:

    and this is news. how many times does this old hag need to tell media that she is not pregnant

  4. 29
    lauren Says:

    The tabloids are saying she is pregnant every other week. Has there ever been a thread on a denial before. And why is it necessary. I mean when there is NO baby everyone will know it was not true.

    I don’t get this at all.

  5. 30
    Kola Says:

    Heidi is so, so beautiful and actually seems smart unlike Aniston. Aniston can’t even present an award without slurring.

    Cause in point….

    What an idiot. Not funny or witty, just insecure and dull.

  6. 31
    Well Duhhh! Says:

    Of course she’s not preggers. Old hag’s eggs are dried up. And sorry Anna, the Chin is no Monica Belluci. In her dreams. Make that Justin’s dreams. Ha ha ha ha.

  7. 32
    WhyNot Says:

    Jennifer Anniston is not going to have a baby. She would have done so much younger if she was so inclined. Her body is a shrine to her. She wants to look good when she is 84. IF she had one now, she would be 44 by the time she delivered and 64 when the kid was 20. She does not want children. Some people have a hard time believing that, because THEN, they would have to admit that Brad drifted away from Jen and eventually split up because he wanted kids and she did not.
    Get over it. Brad and Jen did not agree and got divorced. Brad and Angie have 6 kids. Jennifer has none, and she is good with that. So be happy for her. She is living life her way, and apparently she and Justin are a good fit. Let it be.

  8. 33
    Grandma Says:

    Jennifer and pregnancy go together like oil and water.
    No dumb movie to promote, so out pops the old chestnut, Jennifer is pregnant, plant the story in one tab and deny it in another.
    I can’t hold in the laughter any more, knew she was going to pop up this week for attention.
    They’re renovating their home, the laughs keep coming, where is he getting the money from, oops his sugar mama.
    She was desperate to hold on to a man, after being dump by so many, and being known as the woman that could not keep a man, he was in Hollywood for twenty years with no success, then he ran into money bags.
    I’m so excited for this wedding to happen, so Justin can get ALIMONY, when he dumps her, and he will.
    Maybe if she was nicer to her mother, she would not be in therapy for thirty years.

  9. 34
    by Says:

    How is it their home?

    I bet Jen has paid for it all, the house, the renovations, the furniture. Oh don’t forget her ugly gaudy ringpop ring. Justin is just along for the all expenses paid ride.

    FYI, writers do not make a whole lot unless they are big name writers like Roth or Woody Allen. Justin makes pennies compared to them.

  10. 35
    danielle Says:


    Well Brad was bored with his seven year relationship with JA and he moved on and both he and AJ are still being vilified. JA broke up a 14 year relationship and she gets away with it and doesn’t even get a slap on the hand.

  11. 36
    ez Says:

    @Anna: i know women in their 40′s who have fallen pregnant too but it’s so incredibly dangerous — even women in their mid 30s are considered high risk now..
    anyway, not sure why she’s still relevant? does she still act?

  12. 37
    Journalistic Says:

    So sick of all the Jen Aniston pregnancy rumors. This woman obviously does not want kids, she just can’t outright say it because she’ll offend the mini-van majority.

  13. 38
    ez Says:

    @WhyNot: lolll.. you live with them?

  14. 39
    ez Says:

    @Journalistic: then she should be grown enough to admit it — the reason she doesn’t stop the rumours (because the media can be paid off) is because this keeps her in magazines..

  15. 40
    Anna Says:

    @ez: It’s not so incredible dangerous. All the women I know who had babies at their early 40s were fine and the babies too. They had to go through a few tests to be sure the baby was fine, that’s all. Maybe you will end up wanting a baby at that age if you find someone you love around that time. Younger women should be careful about their statements because they don’t know what life is reserving for them.

  16. 41
    eve Says:

    She is so plain looking withouth the make-up and fancy clothes.I’ve seen a lot good looking women much older than her on the streets.With regards to pregnancy, I think she doesn’t want to have kids,well it’s her life.

  17. 42
    ethel Says:

    Aniston is overrated and overpaid.

  18. 43
    ethel Says:

    @yep: ewww…..!!!

  19. 44
    ez Says:

    @Anna: excuse me but you’re over stating my comment – re read it – i didn’t say a thing was wrong with having kids later in life but they ARE very high risk pregnancies – and secondly, having a baby later in life doesn’t mean you’ll be a better mother.. some are more equipped later in life.. (that’s true..) but it doesn’t mean women who have kids in their 20s aren’t capable either

  20. 45
    Hayley Says:

    Not every one wants to wreck things by having kids. Maybe she doesn’t want them. My friends that have the best marriages don’t have kids.

  21. 46
    Peapo Says:

    Black skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. Aniston has to adopt the fashion and hobbies of the men she is with because she doesn’t have any real style or personality all her own. It is so funny to see her morph into style of all the different men she has been with. Maybe she will dye her hair black and wear a newcap all the time. It shows shencan’t be herself because she is empty inside. She does everything she can to please the men in her life. Jennifer Aniston- Taking feminism back one year at a time.

  22. 47
    So true! Says:

    ^^ This. Jen never wore motorcycle boots before she hooked up with skinny jean baldy. She was all about the wedges. Guessing she thinks she looks cool like her wannabe hipster fiancé?

  23. 48
    Stop Now! Says:

    I thought this liar didn’t read the TABLOIDS! Yet, she is denying every dumb tabloid rumor unless it connects her in someway to her ex then it is complete silence.

    When are her fans going to get it through their thick skulls that Aniston does not want to have kids. I mean you don’t ever even seen her around kids unless she is paid to do it and even then she looks uncomfortable. She will never deny it because like someone says it keeps her useless name in the news.

    Her a$s is like little boy blue!

  24. 49
    JL Says:

    Of course Jennifer wants to have children.
    In the perfect world.
    She tried twice even in THIS world.
    Having children doesn’t make person better automatically.
    God has his own plans about her.

  25. 50
    Joe Says:

    Come on stupid “Fakelina” fans!
    Your idol isn’t pretending she is a saint in some miserable country and buying starving kids right now? Go follow her and forget Jennifer!
    BTW, it’s hilarious to see those stupid girls saying that a woman can’t got pregnant after 40, I know LOTS OF WOMEN who had children after 40,50 and 60 years, this “after 40 you can’t be pregnant” is doctor’s B.u.l.l.s.h.i.t to make women have afraid of it.
    Lots of young girls born sterile and keeps this way until their death, not to mention the ones who dies giving birth. This has nothing to do with age, go back to school and learn something!

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