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Jennifer Aniston is Not Pregnant!

Jennifer Aniston is Not Pregnant!

Jennifer Aniston flashes her huge engagement ring while furniture shopping with her fiance Justin Theroux last month in Los Angeles.

It was recently reported that the 43-year-old actress was expecting a child, but her reps have shot down the rumors.

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“It’s crap!” the rep told Us Weekly.

Jennifer and Justin are currently renovating and expanding their 8,500-square-foot home in Bel-Air. The couple is planning to expand “the master bedroom, including the addition of a deck with a trellis; add a cantilever roof eave; remove a different trellis and install roof covers outside the living room, dining room and library,” according E! News.

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jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 01
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 02
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 03
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 04
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 05
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 06
jennifer aniston & justin theroux bel air house renovations 07

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  • Dd

    Her ring might be big and expensive but it looks cheap and poor quality seems like it has too much inclusions (cloudy)

  • Samantha

    She’s to old to have kids now!

  • HowdyHo

    Look how young I am. I wear skinny jeans and motorcycle boots just like my young and virile boyfriend with the jet black hair. I’m so young and fertile that I must constantly refute pregnancy rumors. We’re just a couple of kids!
    Hey, Aniston, Demi Moore saved a spot for you on the couch. You two can be “young” together.

  • JL

    @Goes both ways:
    Aniston fans are not saint
    they prefer to talk about Jolie’s inner nature:
    * * * SHE IS A LIAR * * *
    as a “loving mommy” & UN representative.
    To provide peace and happiness to children
    Jolie must talk to leaders of aggressive countries
    to quit their aggressive politics and stop the conflicts.
    But who is Jolie with her reputation?
    So she prefers to demonstrate her mug in the camps on TV -
    and to adopt!
    Did Jolie clean her body from drugs?
    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s a hard work!
    Did Jolie fight with drug dealers?
    Did she say ‘DRUGS=EVIL’?
    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Teenagers are still sure “It’s cool as Angelina Jolie did that!”….
    She prefers just to say “It’s in the past”.
    It’s TOO-TOO EASY.
    NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All she can do – to make some financial donation
    like the rest of celebrities….
    As you can see – Aniston fans don’t talk about her nose, chin, surgeries and so on.
    Because it’s not the main things about her.
    Think about that.

  • Empty Lives

    Buying more furniture to fill that empty void they keep expanding…Extending the masterbed room, totaling the house to 10,000 sft…for 2 people.Kind of pathetic

  • JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig

    Jen Sucks the creativity out of her men, JM had a break-down,VV and GB ran bloated and drunk with a string of flops before they got it together ,BP was doped the entire time, the others and there are Many just went away

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Get out loony

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Loons melt down

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Best wishes justifer

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Pretty as always

  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • Hannah

    How is this news? She is too old to have a kid at least first one…

  • marlanni

    Age and smoking no way…too late for her…..she looks like old biddy in these photos

  • rachel

    granny is too old to look like a hipster. grow up old woman

  • JL

    She is not “old” but honest
    to have children.
    It’s not a question of age or health for today.
    Not all the people MUST have children.
    Helen Mirren hasn’t
    and nobody care!
    BTW Helen Mirren is happy with her life.

  • marlanni

    @Hayley #45

    I don’t think anyone has a problem with it, it’s just that she has said it herself in her ‘I did, I do, I will’ speech…she’s been lying

  • JL

    Oh big deal: SHE SAID!
    How many years ago?
    That was in another Century!
    She can adopt any time, don’t forget that.
    She can adopt at the age of 95.
    So wait a little.

  • JL

    Every stupid hen who has freaking children
    thinks she has a moral right
    to f.u.c.k the brains to other people
    about that!
    No condom – and HERE WELCOME -
    I HAVE A CHILD !!!
    Than I’ll not care about him, and I’ll have a million reason
    to justify that…
    BUT I HAVE !
    What a Hero …

  • alw

    yes she is pregnant #76,but its not the right time to let the public know,remember she is the only one that is pregnant-NO,KATE MIDDLETON IS PREGNANT,NO,I WANT TO BE THE ONLY ONE PREGNANT CRIED JENNIFER ANISTON.

  • JL

    Jolie was pregnant 3 times -
    SO WHAT ?
    Anyway :
    NO HOME .
    Just a house with a kindergarten.

  • Lara

    what else is new?

  • JL

    And no peoples respect.
    Just a shame.

  • a

    well I dont know, she looks pregnant to me!

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    What was it again ??
    I did… I do… And I will…….
    Curtain hair…. Cecurity blanket …
    What next Baby Jane ??
    Fillers … Nose jobs… EXTENTIONS … Yoga… salad diet…. Margaitas with Phinnochio and SHIIT HO down cabo….MEE – HE… CO…..
    The best life …. eveeeerrrrr.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Corrections… Not cecurity but Security .

  • Lorraine

    Thought the title was ”Jennifer Aniston is Pregnant”
    Got excited!! :(
    They’d have one beautiful baby!!!
    Oh well.
    They might adopt one day. or she might actually eventually get pregnant. Fingers crossed.
    or whatever they could not have a kid.

  • Jen is fantastic

    Once again, Jolie maniacs takin over.
    Great. *Rolls eyes*
    Whats new?

  • Blue

    And she never will be, because she doesn’t want to. And that’s okay, why does she HAVE to have kids? Women do have kids at her age, but she seems disinterested.

    Most actors really aren’t good parent material they are busy abnd self centered. Look at halle Berry, she shouldn’t have had a kid, she’s selfish.

    At least Jennifer doesn’t want to pretend to maternal if she’s not and she’s clearly not. Leave her alone. She doesnt’ owe anyone anything. If her and her man have decided it’s not for them, that’s their business. Angelica Huston never had kids no one ever gave her crap about either.

  • Sammy

    Oh I love this cute couple=)

  • Jean

    @Anna: #23
    @gsrghrhrhrhrh: BTW, Halle Berry was 42 when she had Nahla.
    Halle was 41, not 42 when she had Nahla, and was VERY hard for her. It took her a long time to conceive. It was hard for her. (her words)

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    @JL: #104
    What is the main thing about Chinny chin chin…. do tell ….
    the JACKASS Luuppy Lulu has been taken over by someone more up market, to defence the HAIRNESS .

  • by


    Their kid would be homely as h*ll. Their noses together would be horrible. Combined with her chin and non existent lips. She is doing good by not bringing a poor kid into the world with her facial features.

    And time is running out to have biological kids. She will be forty soon and with her years of smoking, not too easy. Also considering she goes to awards shows drunk, could she give up her precious booze?

  • JL

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    Poor-poor ShiitHo:
    no money for Mexico…
    Oh, what the Mexico are we talking about?
    No money for nice hair.
    No money for fillers…
    No nose job… :)
    No yoga trainer…
    No healthy salad…
    No Margarita…
    That is why – The Best Hate Everrrrrrrrrr…

  • Blue


    Halle Berry is severely diabetic, she takes shots.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Jennifer Anniston is no more pregnant that Barack Obama is president. Sorry about that.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jen rocks

  • http://Justjarde Gun


  • No Maternal Instincts

    Aniston can’t be a mother when she don’t even love or care for her own mother!

    Her deluded fans only see Rachel Green getting pregnant, not the selfish, self-centered, bitter, I hate my mother real Jennifer Aniston. You would think a person like her with all her money and no one to support, other than her vain comforts, would pay for her sick mother medical bills! The woman who didn’t beat her but nurtured her from the time of her birth! Yes, they have their differences but to cut your mom off because she said you weren’t beautiful is STUPID!!

    So no, no way she will bring a child in this world because she filled with to much hate towards her own mother but she lead her whimpy fans down the rabbit hole like she does to keep them following her.

  • JL

    . :)


    Jen is not pregnant? Who care? She is old,not like childs,it´s all.Your fans are sick,fanatic,insists she want kids…not! She needs atention,many men in your history and continuous forever in triangle whit your ex -husbnd for success…jared promotes this revenge here every day,for almost 8 years!You not tired?I am…grow up!

  • JL

    @No Maternal Instincts:
    This is not your f.u.*.k.i.n.g business
    because you know NOTHING
    about what the sadistic b!tch her mother is.
    So she knows
    so called “family values” are a big myth.
    Pray God Nancy isn’t YOUR mom.

  • Bellaboo

    @Anna: Regardless if it’s possible or not, she SHOULDN’T be having kids after 40- especially medically assisted. There is simply no valid reason for waiting that long and if you waited that long without *having* children, you should move on.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Jackass Luupy Lu, live with me folk … You all know that, right???
    He don’t call him self Jackass Lala for nothing….
    That’s why…
    The best everrrrrr… Jackass Luupy La La can do is talking about him self!!!!!
    Dildo… Soap … and Lubricant ….anyone????
    Murley and Dolly is waiting …..

  • Listen to me

    Jen is lookin FUG. Sorry to break the news

  • Listen to moi

    @Listen to me: I think you’re FUG. sorry to break the news.
    I cant see you but your comment made me think it. only ugly women will call a obviously beautiful woman fug out of spitfulness.

  • Jen Sucks

    PPl do not like fug phoney Aniston for being a sneaky man stealing bytch. Get over it. Aniston won’t be having a kid b/c as she said last yr. they are messy. Can’t have that can we. lol

  • Testosterone Jennifer

    My mother is my cancer says Jennifer Aniston. I did i do and i will have children. She never gave them to Brad Pitt and lost a good man for being a complete testosterone abuser to lose weight. Brad Pitt knew in 03 testosterone would ruin all chances of having a child.
    Thank Christ he got out . Got himself a life of happiness while the fug fool aniston feeds, supports her suga daddy. boo hoo to the one fan here trying to make out like ppl give a crap about the dumb bytch.