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Kate Middleton's Hospital Receptionist Found Dead After Radio Prank

Kate Middleton's Hospital Receptionist Found Dead After Radio Prank
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  • Dave Franco

    Wow. That is sad! She probably felt the guilt. Those pranksters are bullies and went to far.

  • sad

    the royals have left a wake of tragedy throughout history, the price paid for putting a few people on a high pedestal

  • seeaaaa

    wow…that’s horrible, really really sad

  • Dave Franco

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those DJ’s get fired. This is just bad PR.

  • an opinion

    So sad. I am sure this make Kate feel even worst.

  • Jane

    She was apparently really put through harsh words by the hospital ceo, but this was not worth a life. My god, i hope those pranksters are ready for their karma, people be kind to one another, life is hard as it is!

  • Media Gone Too Far!

    This is really heartbreaking to hear! Yes, the poor girl made a mistake however she did not give up damaging information. Yet, the bullies of the media and probably the psycho fans of the Royals pushed this woman over the edge! This is why we all should be careful on how we treat one another. You never know what someone is going through in their life. She may have already had issues going on and this was the one thing that pushed her over the edge!

    I hope the family sues the radio station and fire those DJ’s for being so insensitive! Because they showed a clip of the female dj telling everyone to just get over it, it was a joke. Well honey, your joke is now the cause of a woman’s life! Is that funny!!!

    God bless the family & friends of this young woman during these trying times.

  • Media Gone Too Far!

    Also, it is not the Royal Family’s fault in this matter. They couldn’t help it that Kate was hospitalized. The media took it upon themselves to say the family was mad about the release of information, yet there was not official released statement to acknowledge the reports. The family probably blew it off because no damages were done, just being overblown by the media.

  • danielle


    This was hardly their fault. The ones culpable are those that pulled the prank.

  • Emily

    So sad. That poor woman. Everyone makes mistakes on their job, but as another poster pointed out, the nurse did not give out damaging information. The difference is that most people’s mistakes are not splashed across the worldwide media. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

  • Moriah

    How horrible, my prayers go out to her and her family. I bet the hospital blamed her for those pranksters, but it was not her fault, Shame on that radio station. I hope that is on their minds, that was wrong.

  • WhyNot

    The DJ’s have gone radio silent, suddenly and have been ordered not to speak to the press. I doubt they think they went too far in order to be the first to break the news of a possible tragedy and their actions created one. It’s now duck and cover, in case they are charged with mischief causing death. How sad that this has happened? How unnecessary and vile that people simply will not respect anyone’s privacy. You could be the next one to hear something very private about your life, that you do not wish to be known, but as long as paps, dj’s and ‘reporters’ know no bounds, it will continue. People said a lot of negative things about the nurses. They were all under such duress to ensure the safety and health of the Duchess while tending to all the other patients, dealing with the legal issues of nursing, the pressure of life and death decisions… and now, this poor nurse, wife, mother of two is dead because 2 obnoxious DJ’s thought it was funny and pushed her over the line. And they know they were wrong, else they would not now be hiding under the very rocks they crawled out from under. Shameful!

  • nEpotisMMA roberts

    This nurse was obviously quite fragile. They picked the wrong type of person to do a prank on. I hope those pranksters feel bad, and they will live with this guilt for the rest of their lives.

  • This could get ugly

    We already have one tragedy out of this stupid prank and I hope that the rest of the media don’t over sell this to cause another one. I believe the DJ’s should be held responsible however the media and public must tread lightly. Because just as they didn’t know the nurses state of mind, we don’t know the people who caused this uproars state as well after this has happened. They will be shamed and riduculed but let’s not let it go too far like it did with this young nurse that we hear about another suicide or murder because someone went on a vengence hunt.

  • KT

    @sad: You shouldn’t blame the royals for the actions of some stupid, immature adults who had nothing better to do than make a prank call impersonating the Queen. You can’t choose the family you’re born into or who you fall in love with (in Kate’s case).

  • Seema

    Yes, some people take their job very seriously. It is almost the same as if someone here was pranked into talking about the First Lady or the President’s info while they were somewhere. I know she probably felt so bad. Thank prank was so unneccesary, invasive and foul. I hope those DJ’s face some disciplinary action. Now someone has died because of their foolery.

  • Stripped

    Suicide? Sure…
    Princess Diana’s death was an accident? Sure..

  • Jaja

    This is very similar to the NJ college kid bullied by his roommate by recording him with his bf in the act & posting it on youtube. When are people going to learn that bullying and pranks are just plain WRONG! Think of how your actions affect other people first. Those 2 DJ’s should be fired – they wouldn’t be laughing now that they have her death on their conscience.

  • Blah

    Poor nurse…….bless her soul and whoever caused her death will have karma at their door.

  • XYZ


    TRUE. some little royal sacrifice before Xmas? Occult anyone?

  • XYZ


    Yes the royals are so innocent, u creep. and im not talking about kate and will…

  • KT

    @XYZ: Yes, because expressing an opposing opinion makes me a “creep.” Might want to look up the definition in the dictionary before you make a fool of yourself with another reply full of grammatical errors. Using the word “royals” does apply to Kate and Will, so if you’re not talking about them, especially in a post that is relevant to Kate Middleton, be specific instead of getting defensive and upset that someone interpreted your comment differently than what you wanted to convey because you failed to be clear about who exactly you were referring to.