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Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund attend a screening of their film On the Road on Thursday (December 6) at the Sundance Cinema in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress and the 28-year-old actor were joined by their director Walter Salles at the event, as well as legendary director Francis Ford Coppola.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

In case you missed it, check out Garrett on the cover of Interview Magazine‘s latest issue, in which he shares his experience of filming the new movie.

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Jason Wu top and shorts with Barbara Bui heels.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the screening…

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kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 01
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 02
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 03
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 04
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 05
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 06
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 07
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 08
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 09
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 10
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 11
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 12
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 13
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 14
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 15
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 16
kristen stewart garrett hedlund on the road screening 17

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Magritt

    Screening №. 143,565,423,167! Still no Oscar buzz or critical acclaim. The movie is still a bomb. KStew is still a whore.

  • Cboxrk

    I Love Kristen… great… great … great.

  • aila

    I swear, after her skan*ky scandal –she has appeared the most comfortable and amused in her rather scandalous outfits. That tells me something about her.

  • meh

    she’s so pleased with herself, slore.

  • Once a cheater….

    Oh no, Ms. Trampire. By the way, stop pressuring Rob to propose to you! Who does that! He is not the one who has to prove himself. You do! You are the one who cheated with a married scu-m with children while playing coy and innocent!

  • L

    How many more screenings are they planning to do for this flop? Nobody is talking about it, nobody cares about it, it leaked a thousand year ago, so it will not be making any money. Seriously doubt it’s getting those noms they soo DESPERATLY want~specially the cheater fake broad.

  • Sideboobs

    Are side boobs in again? Kristen is a piece of work. I agree she has been more comfortable on the red carpet after her scandal.

  • Lola

    Not a fan. Anyone who can smile in a wife’s face, play with the kids and cheat with her husband is not an idol of mine.

  • Tina

    Golly, I cannot get over how happy Kristen has been looking lately. I guess she is reveling in her new found fame.

  • Bria

    Over her. That Kristen ruined Twilight for me. I could not even watch it convincingly without thinking about her cheating on Rob in real life.

  • Noah

    What a joke. She needs to leave Rob alone. Rob can do so much better.

  • L

    Agree. The cheater just has like 10 lines, shows her b oobs, jerks off lads in a car, shows her boobs again, screams like a dying pigs while getting f, shows her boobs again, yeah that’s pretty much it, yet the gal has the cojones to campaign for noms, embarrassing and comical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Pllllease

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Is there any reason that she is stressing Rob now to marry her? What happened to her professing her love for him before the cheating pictures? Oh, yes, it was not convenient for her than. She could not even stand to mention his name before…

  • Grace

    Twilight made me angry. Did she really say in an interview she want children when she could not even respect the children of that married, loser director.

  • Carly

    I wanted to like her — I really did, but I could never get over her sanctimonious, borderline narcissistic attitude.

  • J

    Wow. Some bitter hag polluted this Kristen Stewart post too early. Lol. You are just one person, bitterass. So hilarious. Your hate for her is mind-blogging. I mean, if you hate her too much, why do you even care? Why did you even click the page? Pfft.

  • J

    The funnier thing about this hater is that she knows too much about Kristen. I love Kristen but I haven’t even seen On The Road. But this bitterass.. Jeez she already knows that Kristen only has a few lines and her sex scenes.

  • Ergo

    Kristen is exactly the sort of person you have to look out for among your friends. A friend who will smile in your face, all the while he or she is stabbing you in the back. The crazy thing about it, when the friend gets caught, the friend tries to blame it on you. As if somehow you asked to be stabbed in the back. That’s exactly what she is trying to do with Rob.

  • carla

    Over her too and so are many of my friends. Poor Rob. May he find happiness. I’m only 17 and I know not to cheat on my boyfriend or cheat with a married man or mess with a man who is old enough to be my father.

  • A

    Her obsession with sheer dresses started after she was caught cheating.

  • J

    I forgot my original train of thought because of this hater. Anyway, Kristen Stewart, in my wholly honest opinion, looks chic and adorable as usual. No one looks this good being sick. Oh, and the best thing, her posing with Francis Ford Coppola?! THE FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA?! She is sooo royal.

  • Frue

    I can’t hear the babbling of the hater because the picture of Kristen posing with Francis Ford-Coppola is sooo major! So A-List!

  • Anonymous

    I watched the film about 2 weeks ago. I thought I was in for a profound good drama but it came off very pretentious, superficial, and boring. It was basically about people in the 1950s who liked to drink, do drugs, party, and have sex with whoever wherever. No depth or emotion at all, just a empty wannabe of a film. Oh and it was an hour too long. Don’t waste your time

  • deena

    @Ergo: I agree with you. lt. Blaming the victim. Old Trick. Shame on Kristen. Poor Rob is so nice he probably is falling for her trifling ways.

  • Caren

    Does Kristen think the most side boobs or nakedness she puts on display, the larger turnout at the movies? Buy some class girl. Well I guess she left her class in the car she was caught cheating in…

  • lana

    oh jeez. she’s old news. guys, as much as you wanna slam her career down, it ain’t happening because clearly we’re the ones that’s just boosting her up from giving her more attention than ever. stop giving her anymore views on this page, it’s annoying seeing her face everywhere. so i beg everyone to just shut up about her so we won’t see everything she does in life.

  • aeriel

    i actually love her makeup. what the f*ck.

  • Frue

    So what?! Twilight certainly doesn’t need audience like you since BD Pt. 2 is still skyrocketing into major box office records. Who needs your opinion?! Lol.

  • jam

    @lana: And yet, you’re still here. Lol. Yeah “don’t give her any more page views” lol

  • lila

    The movie was lame. Thank goodness I did not pay for it.

  • Sidney

    So many haters. But still, Kristen owns Robert Pattinson. Not letting go. :)

  • Trudy

    Her face looks kinda weird here.

  • L

    Lol Kristen’s fans are so petty. Better not even bother.
    Francis L Coppola legend and all, just produces flops nowadays, taking them to sundance, Cannes, Rome etc for his name alone and still flopping.

  • loop

    You might want to check again, Skyfall is #1 in box office at the moment.

  • pam

    for the love of god garrett, you beautiful beautiful man, please stop gelling your hair and you can NOT wear a suit well. bless him lol

  • V

    The movie sucked, and Kristen sucks for cheating on Rob. No excuses for her behavior and now she is guilt tripping Rob!.

  • aeriel

    @jam: well someone has to start saying sh*t. lol

  • Lara

    she looks gorgeous

  • bb


  • Kylie

    This top was a weird Western vibe and I’ve never been a fan of high-waisted shorts. This one is a fail.

  • beauty

    Kristen looks beautiful.

  • karen

    over her completely.

  • nicky

    the only reason they’re bringing kristen to these events and shoving this movie down everybody’s throats is for the academy to look at garrett’s performance since kristen brings alot of exposure and that has been a terrible idea since day 1 (i saw the movie back in the UK and it was pretty bad).

  • outcome

    wow i am loving Kristen’s life.

  • SS

    I find it strange that she claims she is never one of the fake Hollywood type but she is at all these governors award parties and what not, obviously lobbying for an Oscar. Sounds hypocritical. Give me Anthony Hopkins anyday, who never gave a f**k about lobbying and won an Oscar purely by his talent and the blockbuster status of Silence of the Lambs.

  • tan

    beautiful film

  • d.

    @SS: she never claimed she wasn’t one of the “fake hollywood type” she just acts like she’s not. And she goes to all these “governors award parties and what not” because she was invited. Yes invited. Because she’s a cast in several independent films. One can’t just randomly attend an event as such.

  • TackyZacky

    Poor haters!

    What on earth are you going to do when Kristen ever wins an Oscar – choke on your own vomit? lol

  • Trabajos Verticales Madrid

    Great movie! Waiting to watch it

  • la

    how can the movie be a flop,its hasn’t even been released in the US yet??