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Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund attend a screening of their film On the Road on Thursday (December 6) at the Sundance Cinema in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress and the 28-year-old actor were joined by their director Walter Salles at the event, as well as legendary director Francis Ford Coppola.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

In case you missed it, check out Garrett on the cover of Interview Magazine‘s latest issue, in which he shares his experience of filming the new movie.

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Jason Wu top and shorts with Barbara Bui heels.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the screening…

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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# 1

Screening №. 143,565,423,167! Still no Oscar buzz or critical acclaim. The movie is still a bomb. KStew is still a *****.

# 2

I Love Kristen… great… great … great.

# 3

I swear, after her skan*ky scandal –she has appeared the most comfortable and amused in her rather scandalous outfits. That tells me something about her.

# 4

she’s so pleased with herself, slore.

# 5
Once a cheater.... @ 12/07/2012 at 2:19 am

Oh no, Ms. Trampire. By the way, stop pressuring Rob to propose to you! Who does that! He is not the one who has to prove himself. You do! You are the one who cheated with a married scu-m with children while playing coy and innocent!

# 6

How many more screenings are they planning to do for this flop? Nobody is talking about it, nobody cares about it, it leaked a thousand year ago, so it will not be making any money. Seriously doubt it’s getting those noms they soo DESPERATLY want~specially the cheater fake broad.

# 7
Sideboobs @ 12/07/2012 at 2:20 am

Are side boobs in again? Kristen is a piece of work. I agree she has been more comfortable on the red carpet after her scandal.

# 8

Not a fan. Anyone who can smile in a wife’s face, play with the kids and cheat with her husband is not an idol of mine.

# 9

Golly, I cannot get over how happy Kristen has been looking lately. I guess she is reveling in her new found fame.

Over her. That Kristen ruined Twilight for me. I could not even watch it convincingly without thinking about her cheating on Rob in real life.

What a joke. She needs to leave Rob alone. Rob can do so much better.

Agree. The cheater just has like 10 lines, shows her b oobs, jerks off lads in a car, shows her boobs again, screams like a dying pigs while getting f, shows her boobs again, yeah that’s pretty much it, yet the gal has the cojones to campaign for noms, embarrassing and comical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Pllllease @ 12/07/2012 at 2:27 am

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Is there any reason that she is stressing Rob now to marry her? What happened to her professing her love for him before the cheating pictures? Oh, yes, it was not convenient for her than. She could not even stand to mention his name before…

Twilight made me angry. Did she really say in an interview she want children when she could not even respect the children of that married, loser director.

I wanted to like her — I really did, but I could never get over her sanctimonious, borderline narcissistic attitude.

Wow. Some bitter hag polluted this Kristen Stewart post too early. Lol. You are just one person, bitterass. So hilarious. Your hate for her is mind-blogging. I mean, if you hate her too much, why do you even care? Why did you even click the page? Pfft.

The funnier thing about this hater is that she knows too much about Kristen. I love Kristen but I haven’t even seen On The Road. But this bitterass.. Jeez she already knows that Kristen only has a few lines and her sex scenes.

Kristen is exactly the sort of person you have to look out for among your friends. A friend who will smile in your face, all the while he or she is stabbing you in the back. The crazy thing about it, when the friend gets caught, the friend tries to blame it on you. As if somehow you asked to be stabbed in the back. That’s exactly what she is trying to do with Rob.

Over her too and so are many of my friends. Poor Rob. May he find happiness. I’m only 17 and I know not to cheat on my boyfriend or cheat with a married man or mess with a man who is old enough to be my father.

Her obsession with sheer dresses started after she was caught cheating.

I forgot my original train of thought because of this hater. Anyway, Kristen Stewart, in my wholly honest opinion, looks chic and adorable as usual. No one looks this good being sick. Oh, and the best thing, her posing with Francis Ford Coppola?! THE FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA?! She is sooo royal.

I can’t hear the babbling of the hater because the picture of Kristen posing with Francis Ford-Coppola is sooo major! So A-List!

Anonymous @ 12/07/2012 at 2:39 am

I watched the film about 2 weeks ago. I thought I was in for a profound good drama but it came off very pretentious, superficial, and boring. It was basically about people in the 1950s who liked to drink, do drugs, party, and have sex with whoever wherever. No depth or emotion at all, just a empty wannabe of a film. Oh and it was an hour too long. Don’t waste your time

@Ergo: I agree with you. lt. Blaming the victim. Old Trick. Shame on Kristen. Poor Rob is so nice he probably is falling for her trifling ways.

Does Kristen think the most side boobs or nakedness she puts on display, the larger turnout at the movies? Buy some class girl. Well I guess she left her class in the car she was caught cheating in…

oh jeez. she’s old news. guys, as much as you wanna slam her career down, it ain’t happening because clearly we’re the ones that’s just boosting her up from giving her more attention than ever. stop giving her anymore views on this page, it’s annoying seeing her face everywhere. so i beg everyone to just shut up about her so we won’t see everything she does in life.

i actually love her makeup. what the f*ck.

So what?! Twilight certainly doesn’t need audience like you since BD Pt. 2 is still skyrocketing into major box office records. Who needs your opinion?! Lol.

@lana: And yet, you’re still here. Lol. Yeah “don’t give her any more page views” lol

The movie was lame. Thank goodness I did not pay for it.

So many haters. But still, Kristen owns Robert Pattinson. Not letting go. :)

Her face looks kinda weird here.

Lol Kristen’s fans are so petty. Better not even bother.
Francis L Coppola legend and all, just produces flops nowadays, taking them to sundance, Cannes, Rome etc for his name alone and still flopping.

You might want to check again, Skyfall is #1 in box office at the moment.

for the love of god garrett, you beautiful beautiful man, please stop gelling your hair and you can NOT wear a suit well. bless him lol

The movie sucked, and Kristen sucks for cheating on Rob. No excuses for her behavior and now she is guilt tripping Rob!.

@jam: well someone has to start saying sh*t. lol

she looks gorgeous


This top was a weird Western vibe and I’ve never been a fan of high-waisted shorts. This one is a fail.

Kristen looks beautiful.

over her completely.

the only reason they’re bringing kristen to these events and shoving this movie down everybody’s throats is for the academy to look at garrett’s performance since kristen brings alot of exposure and that has been a terrible idea since day 1 (i saw the movie back in the UK and it was pretty bad).

wow i am loving Kristen’s life.

I find it strange that she claims she is never one of the fake Hollywood type but she is at all these governors award parties and what not, obviously lobbying for an Oscar. Sounds hypocritical. Give me Anthony Hopkins anyday, who never gave a f**k about lobbying and won an Oscar purely by his talent and the blockbuster status of Silence of the Lambs.

beautiful film

@SS: she never claimed she wasn’t one of the “fake hollywood type” she just acts like she’s not. And she goes to all these “governors award parties and what not” because she was invited. Yes invited. Because she’s a cast in several independent films. One can’t just randomly attend an event as such.

TackyZacky @ 12/07/2012 at 4:12 am

Poor haters!

What on earth are you going to do when Kristen ever wins an Oscar – choke on your own vomit? lol

how can the movie be a flop,its hasn’t even been released in the US yet??

@TackyZacky: LMAO! Kristen will never win an oscar. Who are you kiddin? Have you seen the girl “act?” The academy will never stoop that low.

@la: its already been released internationally (uk, france, etc.) and then theres ppl in the US that have already downloaded the leaked torrent of the movie. and yes, it is indeed a 2 and half hr snooze fest of a flop.

@TackyZacky: Kristen will win Oscar when Paris Hilton wins a Nobel prize which means NEVER.

@mac:well i wouldn’t say silver linings playbook is a success either and its been released everywhere and after 3 weeks still has not earned more than the budget it cost to make.

to all those saying kristen will never win an oscar,how do you know what will happen in the future? nobody thought braveheart would win an oscar yet it won five and it is the most inaccurate film ever made about scottish history

Eye witness accounts from twitter say that Rob was present at the screening after party. Its good to see a guy who likes to guard his cheating girlfriend’s smelly ****** in a room full of married men. If this is not true love then I don’t know what is :’)

@aila: would not call any outfits she has worn scandalous

her smile makes me uncomfortable

@la: Braveheart was entertaining whereas OTR is long and boring.

RUPSTEN IS UNBROKEN! @ 12/07/2012 at 5:40 am


@RUPSTEN IS UNBROKEN!: thanks for the news dumbsh*t

RUPSTEN IS UNBROKEN! @ 12/07/2012 at 6:02 am


Pobert Rattinson @ 12/07/2012 at 6:06 am

I wonder if Kscrew spent some quality time with Mr. Coppola if you know what I mean lulz

@ROBMAT: you robsteners are so stupid and delusional, the girl was photograped with her director literally eating each other in a car in broad daylight but for you it’s nothing, it’s a mistake, Rup’s tongue had fell by accident on the KStew’s tits , but if robsten make eye contact for more than 2 seconds, is epic love, how much sexually frustrated you can be to believe a so big bs like that?

@ROBMAT: oh sorry, wrong person. :)

Once a cheater alway a cheater. She will cheat again just give her time.

@R: lol have you ever been on tumblr? if a celebrity tweets another it’s on every blog as if they give a sh&t about each other.. if they smile in the same direction its: ‘OMG THEY’RE GONNA BE TOGETHER FOREVER’ — yeah tell that to billy bob/angelina fans.

I saw this movie On the Road she wants to win an Oscar for showing breasts, bad actress

Kristen Stewart is amazing as always.

@Magritt: lololol…hahahahaha..can we be friends… actually embarassing on how they are trying to promote is movie.

Smug b!tch. GH looks like a sleazebag too, hell she prob effed the whole cast….

Would not suprise me at all if she hit on Garrett and offered herself up to him

You know what list she made this year in all the media and gossip sites. The biggest scandal list for her “momentary indiscretion” she should be so proud! Ugh, this dirty hipster needs to just go away… She’s uneducated and needs acting lessons. She always plays the same characters that uses their body and sexuality… I mean the only exception to this is Twilight, but the rest of her work is still disgusting.

anemic tramp

Beautiful, gorgeous and pretty Kristen all in one!
Fan from Singapore.

LooseLipz @ 12/07/2012 at 9:54 am

She always look like an awkward boy wearing sexy clothes. So sick of this nobody.


I agree..this movie is only entertaining to so bored slacker in high school.
enough with the over promotion of it…don’t they have any other gigs???lol no probably not.

I don’t understand the hate … She cheat .. WOW ! Everybody cheat .. She don’t kill anybody …. She make mistake … I give her a second chance.

@MyLeNe: Everyone doesn’t cheat! God, don’t make cheating sound like a household chore, its sick!

I am praying that she doesn’t get a nomination for this stupid movie for her stupid acting. I haven’t seen this film and I don’t really watch indecent movies so I won’t watch this one either, I heard there’s sex galore and threesomes and all that. eww, no I’m not seeing that. I want Jen Lawrence to win, she deserves it!

I heard Rob was at the After party. Seriously, he’s such a cabana boy!

How many d@mn screenings does one film need?

Oh lord even the top Oscar contenders didn’t have this many screening. Not even close to it. Enough is enough.

kristen always look stunning.haters just get to use it.

@notafan: jennifer lawrence does not deserve to win, if she wins over the likes of judi dench, rachel weisz, jessica chastain or even naomi watts then the oscars are a joke as jennifer lawrence is not even in the same league as them.

and NO i do not think kristen is going to get nominated but really don’t care if she does as she would not win, not because she is a bad actress but the fact that she has basically played a teenager in every film she has done to this day which does not really show if she can be a versatile actress.

Has anyone ever done a Study on these Comments? I mean ALL Comments for any story on any website. Please STOP Hating Each other, I know its Hard to Not Speak your Feelings but NO ONE who has ANY True Worth ever reads these things, including ME! As for Kristen, Rob & Twilight, I’ll always Swoon! Could theTwilight mvies have been Better? Maybe. Could Young Adults make better Choices? Most for Sure, But w/o Twilight, there would have been No Rob & thats to Hight a Price to pay! Now quit reading these stupid comments & go help Animals or Vets back from War.!!

blahblahblah @ 12/07/2012 at 4:35 pm

only you haters would believe what a trashy magazine says about her (especially when its negative)…she can’t win with you and she doesn’t need to prove anything to you so leave her the f&$@ alone

you pretend you know kristen but in truth none of you do, so stop pretending and believe crap that tabloids sprout out of boredom because they don’t know anything either

Homewrecking sIut !!

Call me french @ 12/07/2012 at 5:53 pm

her acting is horrible so it’s kind of obvious that she’d have to show her tatas to get some buzz… The whole movie is a joke. btw: her boobs are really ugly lol!

Just tryin' @ 12/07/2012 at 6:21 pm

@J: Finally someone with mind here, you said exactly what I think, really why do you, haters, are here? I mean, you hate her, why do you have to search news-and comment- about her? If you’re a hater, just get off, leave this girl alone, seh doesen’t deserve what are you sating, she’s a good person that made a mistake, get off, please.

Ugly Krisbians @ 12/07/2012 at 6:40 pm

What did she do to her face? Tardlight has a better chance of winning a Oscar than this pos movie. 49498484949839399 screenins later and no nominations or victories. Lawd it’s embarrassing. KStew and her bony boy chest need to go away. Enough already

aquarius64 @ 12/07/2012 at 7:00 pm

@Sidney: Correction – Kristen OWES Robert Pattinson because if he didn’t take her back it would have been the end of her career.

dirty ***** playing the game after claiming she doesn’t. and shaming others… the eye to Garrett who she was doing on the OTR set…girl is more famous for BJ ‘s than acting

Why are all the nice comments about Kristen hidden due to low comment? odd just jared. Also if you hate Kristen so much why do you bother to obsess over her pictures and bother to post comments?

@L: why you have so much don’t have family; sisters? No mam? So sad for you..

Oh look, There is ms trashy and mr. classy.

She is beautiful here! way to go gurl. Sending love…

@Ugly Krisbians:
Enough for whpo, you stupid fat pig? You would never see this movie and it is not intended for shi tt eaters like you. Go and drink some draino to clean your dirty a ss and wash your sweat pants- urine stinks.
Go to home shopping network-fcking moron.

@ule: @Call me french:
I am fcking French and you are a parasite. What films of hers did you see? Twilight idiot? And more Twilight while dreaming that Pattsion will fck you? No he will not. You have to do it yourself. Betetr now?

Me, liking @ 12/07/2012 at 9:51 pm

Kristen looks so pretty here, like air, light and fresh. I will see OTR at IFC on Dec22. Such a long wait. They will have it on pay per view but I like to watch it first on a big screen. I have a big screen,lol, maybe I like to watch it with other

You are an idiot and no nothing about Jack K. or the movie. I remommend that you remain mute.

Presh. Call me.(Kristen, not Garrett)

Ever since that cheating scandal, I haven’t really been able to look at her the same, and especially when someone asked her how she and Rob are doing post-cheating scandal, and she said, we’re totally fine or something like that. Way to just brush off someone’s feelings like that. I think she’s just kind of cold, and I’m sorry but she can’t act. She pulls no facial expressions. I honestly think she might have Asperger’s disorder.

She doesn’t want to be an idol. She is a young actress who made a big mistake. He was the one who broke a commitment. Not her. And I doubt that was his first time. Stop blaming the girl.

I’m tired of this one. And for anyone who is citing her age as an excuse for her cheating is just plain silly.

Good luck to Rob!

no, not again @ 12/08/2012 at 12:28 am

Next please. Her makeup looks odd — and she looks like a snob who pretends her stuff does not smell.

garrett should’ve promoted this film with the guys (sam riley, viggo mortensen, tom sturridge, and/or danny morgan). OTR is a testosterone filled movie and people would’ve recognized his performance much more and garner a bigger audience that way instead of having this girl overshadow him every time. his supporting actor campaign strategy aka kristen is not working at all in his favor and it doesnt help that the movie isnt good to begin with.

Ugly Krisbians @ 12/08/2012 at 2:58 am

@YOU You’re pressed because it’s true. She can’t act and she’s a ugly slore. Deal with it.

Go away! Enough girl. Please, enough of this stupid movie, no one’s going to watch, even those who are defending you! I heard there are trillions of screenings yet to come. Stop suffocating us

@Pllllease: who says she is pressuring him to marry her, clearly you are one of those people who believes every BS story the media has made since she cheated. media have been saying they are getting married for the last 2/3 years and it still is not true.

@deena: kristen is not blaming anyone for her stupidity of cheating in the first place. rob is the one who took her back when he could have just moved on and got on with his life which is what people should really do when it concerns the personal life of two people who do not care what you think of their relationship cos it none of your goddam business.

p.s i know im going to get thumbs down for being honest as i know the truth hurts

aquarius64 @ 12/08/2012 at 5:44 am

@Beta: What honesty? Kristen and her team are blaming Rupert; they are floating stories that he was some predator? KRISTEN WAS EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HER ACTIONS – accept it. She cheated in broad daylight (knowing she’s a pap target) making it EVERYONE’S business – accept it. Magazines are writing stories and taking bets that Kristen is going to crawl into a car with another married director (Ben Affleck) – accept it. That LAX incident with paps is the reminder she’s now known as Miss Loose Booty, an image she’s not going to live down anytime soon despite any awards – accept it. Those are the truths that seem to bother you.

And even with supporting her at events (supposedly) don’t be surprised Rob may be thinking he made a mistake in taking her back, especially after the airport incident. What guy wants to have thrown in his face that his gf is perceived as the village bike, where EVERYBODY can have a ride? If he swung on the paps at LAX Rob would have been arrested.

@aquarius64: no they aren’t blaming rupert, those stories about rupert being a predator are BS as well. yes im a fully aware kristen is responsible for her actions. there you go blaming kristen’s pr team for the stories about rupert when its just the media making up stories from so called “sources” i.e they are made up.

if magazines are taking bets then that is kinda sad, people assuming that ben affleck is going to cheat on his wife are hurting his family by making up lies about him. i don’t think she is going to get nominated for any awards soon let alone win any right now cos that is not going to happen.

she cheated in public but she did not make it anyone’s business, the sleaveball of a photographer who sold the pictures to magazines made it public knowledge and one day karma is going to come back and hit that person when they least expect it and then maybe they will realise how much damage they have done to the innocent people involved (rob, liberty and her two kids) and realise that yes what rupert and kristen did was wrong but they papz who took the pictures had no right making them public knowledge when they could have easily just told rob and liberty about the pictures( as the magazine who printed the pics could get sued, sienna miller sued the magazines for printing her cheating pics and won both cases) and let them handle it the way they want instead of humiliating them for all the world to see.

just imagine how you would feel if someone took pictures of your partner cheating (if you have one) and put it on the internet for all your family and friends to see.

@Beta: * but the papz

@aquarius64 @ 12/08/2012 at 8:58 am

@aquarius64: You nailed it!

She can be whatever you all what her to be. But she looks nice.

Call me french @ 12/08/2012 at 10:22 am

@Blabber: i’m french too, honey, and no, i didn’t see twilight, nor do i want rpattz to f-ck me, i saw on the road, and meet the rileys as well, and thought she was a pathetic actress, but then again, you wouldn’t know what good acting is even if it hit you in the face, seeing as you’re a fan of a untalented girl :)

lovely_girl @ 12/08/2012 at 11:28 am

@Natasha: yes kristen is so famous in asia. i am proud of her as a fan. she’s beautiful and very talented young actress. she perfect.

lovely_girl @ 12/08/2012 at 11:39 am

@aquarius64: there you go again still obsessed with kristen. why you worried so much about her. poor hater just mind your business.

@Call me french:
Masturbate, it should help you!!You didn’t see any of these movies, “French”, the government dosn’t pay for them. She got outstanding reviews for Welcome… . Dream on…

Call me french @ 12/08/2012 at 1:14 pm

@do it: I’m not, by any means, sexually frustrated, you on the other hand, seems to be, but thanks for yout concern. And yes, I saw those movies, thought she was horrible in both, as well as the whole movies itselves.

Aquarius lost her marbles @ 12/08/2012 at 1:15 pm

Stupid Hag- Get help for your obssesion with Pattison. You are useless to him, Nobody, a corpse of a woman. In your opinion he is G-d who can move and shake the universe- your universe only. Kristen doesn’t need him for anything but carnal pleasures!!(while you have to do it with his cut out)

Do it French! @ 12/08/2012 at 1:19 pm

@Call me french:
WHY THE FCK YOU FOLLOW HER? You are fcking bully! One advice for you, you will never be wrong- Nicholas Sparks novels> read it and rub yourself and go tell your man or your kids that you “love “them. You have a dog’s **** where people have hearts.

Call me french @ 12/08/2012 at 1:24 pm

@Do it French!: I don’t follow her, I really don’t care about her personal life, I’m only giving MY opinion about her acting skills, which are nonexistent, and one advice for you, sweetie: seek profissional help, you seem to be in need for it.

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