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Mila Kunis Treats Herself to a Massage!

Mila Kunis Treats Herself to a Massage!

Mila Kunis keeps it casual as she heads back to her car on Thursday (December 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress is back in town after filming scenes for her upcoming flick Third Person in Rome.

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Mila took advantage of her day off by treating herself to a relaxing Thai Massage session.

According to THR, the actress recently teamed up with other celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith in the ILO ‘End Slavery Now’ campaign.

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  • ha ha

    She always looks like a shlub when she’s not working, she must be so lazy. She always looks nasty too.

  • me

    “End Slavery now” is a great cause…I am so proud of you Mila..keep it up…

  • cindy

    Makeup free and still so pretty.

  • laly

    looking rough!

  • Just Watch.

    Can almost predict the upcoming comments already “Ugh, look at the grumpy face, no smiles!!” Not even a smile for the lovely stalkers with the cameras in the parking lot? wow, she must be a total monster then! LOL and follow that up with a comment from a severely insecure and low self-esteemed person, saying how supposedly ugly Mila is and that somehow, it makes sense to do stuff like that, all day, every day. Throw in an embarrassingly stupid comment about the paparazzi being paid by Mila to take these pointless parking lot shots, that do nothing at all for her career, and of course the comment about her relationship being so bad etc.

    On a non mental-patient note, I love how Mila doesn’t care about not wearing a lot of make-up and doesn’t feel the need to dress like a dopey runway model when just going to the gym or supermarket. Which is more than I can say for the majority of people in showbiz, full of insecure, yet attention craving a-holes who can’t go 3 minutes without going on twitter to tell thousands of strangers about their wonderful day as a celebrity lol. Very few go against the grain in Hollywood (as much as they can anyway) and is one of the reasons I’m a fan of some of these people, such as Mila.

  • B

    How dahell can you leave your house looking like this. She should be going to a hair dresser, not a massage.

  • Just Watch.

    Scratch that I’m already too late in typing and pressing send, look at the comments above mine ^^ lol knew it. ‘Misery loves company’. Words to ponder there.

  • rene

    @Just Watch: you wrote my thoughts to the T… if you get a chance read the comments on Daily Mail site, I think that is anti Mila site… :/

  • Joanna

    Omg, she looks bad..

  • Just Watch.

    @rene: Funny enough, I just clicked on what I call “Daily Fail” Where articles usually look like they were written by someone with an IQ of a potato, and saw the Mila article with these same nail salon pics. The comments prove my point completely. The saddest part is a lot of these people are literally blind to how ridiculous they sound. In their world, it’s so normal to spew hate at nothing at all. What’s even MORE sad is that there’s a strong chance that none of these whack-jobs have ever went on a site were people make jokes of terrorism or racism, and spew the same hate towards them. But little ol’ Mila walking to her car, calls for some severe hatred and school yard bully mentality. Jealousy is an UGLY emotion, that’s what’s really ugly here, not Mila or anyone else. Jealousy because you wish you could have a happy, eventful and fun filled life, while being financially secure :) grow up.

  • Dasha

    Sexiest woman of the year? Really? LOL

  • CrayOldie

    This is what years of make-up caked on your face does ladies. I’ve yet to wake up next to a stripper that looked as hot the night before as she does while I kick her out in the morning.

  • jane

    she still looks good

  • rene

    @Just Watch: exactly, we should be encouraging women to embrace their natural self and true beauty, not promoting plastic surgery and botox…and I cant believe in this day and age we still have ppl who are racist, and make derogatory comments .. psychotic jealousy.

  • bri

    be nice guys, i’ve been in mila’s place! a flight from italy to cali is one of the worst! jet lag is a bitch!

  • nikka

    @Just Watch.: @Just Watch.:

    yup daily mail sucks.. i don’t see why they are hating on mila,, the fact that she doesn’t care wearing makeup all the time makes me love her even more.. and she is still gorgeous with or without make up…

  • eva


    hmmm…we should also be encouraging women to take care of themselves…it seems to me that she doesn’t

  • mojo

    @Just Watch
    you’re the one that sounds insane having some much pent-up anger about such a mundane subject (comments on Mila Kunis’ looks…I mean really?),

    besides you’re probably the one spending entire afternoons on web sites like this,gobbling up every move celebrities make, instead of having a life….take it easy,
    you’ll make more sense!!

  • Just Watch.

    @mojo: Talk about sense. Let me make sense out of your comment for a start. You (a stranger to me) claim I have pent up anger about someone’s looks? Talk about missing the point of my comment by a mile. What a genius you are lol. My whole comment is about pathetic people who do nothing but hate things/people, yet, to you, that means I spend all day following “celebrities”, have no life and have a lot of anger towards people who don’t like Mila Kunis’ looks? How about practice what you preach and YOU take it easy lol. Now if you want to talk anger, yeah, I’m a person who’s not brain dead and naive, and actually see non stop hatred, bullying, racism, sexism, ignorance, and a whole list of other things, every day, and YES that does make me angry. Do you have a point? What’s not to be angry about when it comes to the evils of the world? All I did was express that in comment. All your comment did was show ignorance and judgment of a stranger’s life on the internet. good job. I gave my excuse for my anger. What’s your excuse. Also, I don’t have to prove my life to a stranger lol so you can think what you want, if you have that much free time to guess strangers’ life quality.

  • mojo

    Just Watch– you’re clearly insane, chill out !
    Channel your anger on more worthy matters !

  • bobby

    still would… :P

  • Just Watch.

    @mojo: I would call you “insanse” right back, but I’m going to go with “not too bright”. Did I not mention EVILS of the world, racism, bullying, etc etc? I guess expressing my dislike towards things a web page is “worthy” if I express it over something else? Like what for example? I hate hateful and mean people, I hate racism, bullying, war, spousal abuse, sexual abuse, slavery, child abandonment, animal cruelty, hard drugs creating addicts, etc etc etc. Again, what is your point? And are you a doctor? Psycho analyst? Can you call someone insane over comments on the internet about their dislikes? LOL It’s called my opinion. Only my opinion is based on facts that I see in front of my eyes. Your opinion is that someone you never met or talked to in person,even one time, is insane for sharing their beliefs? What is this website and others for again? Oh yeah, expressing an opinion. My opinion was, it’s pathetic to come online and instead of ignoring an actress you despise (rarely ever any valid reasons), just come here and talk about how ugly they are and some even wish harm on them :S but I’m the insane one lol. Nice try. Anyways, if my day is going bad, this happens from time to time. I’m done now, no more comments. Everyone can get back to their nastiness now. For those who have a decent bone in their body, props to you nice people.

  • Lindsay

    She just had a massage. Good for her. No one wears makeup to get one. Let her be.

  • martha

    she looks good, though a lot older than she really is…more like 35, not 29.

  • mojo

    just watch- wow, unhinged/angry much? writing soooo much for such an unimportant topic!
    why not enjoy life like Mila ?!

  • mo

    She looks Tired anyhow or as if she has cried.

    And I would also not make myself up if I get a bottle of water.

  • anstac

    you people are morons. she just got off a red eye from rome. off course she’s going to look like “a mess” aka sleepy. she looks fine. better than you or I would after a 16 hour international flight.

  • Ehsan

    I totally saw Sarah Hyland at first…

  • Avy

    @Dasha: Better than that slummer girl from slumdog millionare. That girls looks like a beggar without makeup. how sad that a woman from slums tries to act like a brit or american.
    Mila is stunning. Love her with or without makeup.

  • think digital

    @Just Watch.:
    Couple days ago you were adviced to seek professional help, now you’re here again embarrassing yourself.. poor little thing..
    Obviously, not every single candid photo of Mila is PR – once you get the ball rolling they will follow you around if they can sell the photos. However, first you need to create demand and that’s done by pushing the right buttons at the right time and Mila and her team have been doing this for good two years now. Once that demand starts dropping another story pops up and so on and on…’s how 9 out of 10 ‘stars’ are manufactured in Hollywood.

  • woowee

    I have to admit her state in these photos is basically how i look when i wake up in the morning with the messy hair and swollen makeupless face but id never leave the house like that i never wear makeup but i would brush my hair and wash and moisturize my face, it doesn’t look like she has even done that, dont get me wrong im a fan of hers but still.

  • Sean

    Ahhhhh. The magic of professional hair and make-up

  • Angie

    Is she really 29? I would figure her for like 23 or 24 atleast.

  • KissThis

    Not looking her best here, but she’s still a cutie

  • lara

    @me: Isnt Demi and Ashton into that? Good move Mila.

  • Vivian São Paulo Brasil

    Mila is ugly, unsympathetic, lacking charisma. Demi go

  • Effy

    Normally Mila looks stunning leaving somewhere with no makeup or her hair done, but this picture she doesn’t look like her normal, glowing self at all :(

  • stop hating Demi Fans..

    @Vivian São Paulo Brasil : Errm Demi can have Ashton, its not like he is such a prize, ( I as Mila’s fan think she can do alot better)…on the other hand ..its not Mila’s fault if Ashton cant stand the sight of Demi…

  • stop hating Demi Fans..

    oh and BTW do you think Demi is beautiful without makeup? have u ever seen her…and while ur at it check out the pics of cellulite on her legs from yesterday its all over the internet…so before u hate on Mila get ur facts straight or shut the fuk up

  • uh huh

    Wow, bunch of catty little bit*hes on this website. Mila is human there fore she isn’t always going to look like she stepped out of a photoshoot. Cut her some slack.

  • tamy

    I wonder what Ashton thinks. Does he have true love for her despite her not looking that great sometimes?

  • csa

    she looks bad lately

  • matahari


  • ben

    Perhaps Ashton really does love her if she really looks like this when they wake up.