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Miranda Kerr: Manhattan Business Mom!

Miranda Kerr: Manhattan Business Mom!

Miranda Kerr strolls her son Flynn out of their apartment on Friday (December 7) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model and her little guy headed to Midtown Manhattan to an office building.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda‘s husband Orlando Bloom, who is a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, recently spent a day with children in Cape Town, South Africa.

“It was incredibly inspiring to see how children and young people are taking charge of their lives and making a very positive impact on the lives of their peers,” Orlando said.

FYI: Miranda is using her Nuna PEPP stroller! She is also using her Rimowa luggage.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out for some business in Manhattan with Flynn

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  • Martinez

    oh, mrs. miranda kerr and her fabulous beautiful pampered life

  • Jopp

    Flynn looks so much like Orlando.

  • wow!

    She looks amazing! So beautiful, and so chic!
    And Flynn is just a miniature Orlando. Such a gorgeous child.

  • YAY!

    This family is just so gorgeous!
    I saw the UNICEF video of Orlando with the children in South Africa.
    He has such a beautiful soul.

  • Coco

    Who takes their kids to the business building?! If you afford paying nanny then you will hire a nanny for your kid and go to your work. I call it unprofessionalism.

  • Jess

    Adorable kid, overexposed mother.

  • Matt Hill

    Why is this girl so often on this site compared to so many other models that are so much more successful than her?

  • ha ha

    She’s such a damn showoff, the hell with her already. The kid is rich but stuck with this damn selfish kunt.

  • tasch

    ALL OF “EM!

  • Laura

    I have no problem with her taking the kid IF her intention it had not been just for photo op.

    I’m beginning to think she only plays mom in front of the paps.

  • Trebuchet

    @Matt Hill: Because she, like so many other celebrities, hire PR firms that make sure that they’re posted about on here. Money deals, set times with the paparazzi, I can only assume that you’re not from USA because it’s common in the celebrity world here. I worked with Edelman for 7 years before I moved to L.A.. Same thing here.

  • @5

    They may hav egiven the nanny off for the holidays.
    And why not thake the kid to work if she can?
    Most mothers would love to be able to do that.
    BTW, she really does look amazing. And Flynn is Orlando’s mini-me

  • @7

    Because haters like you give her so many hits. DOH!!!!

  • sal98

    Thought she was flying to South Africa today to see her husband?

  • Trebuchet

    @Laura: It’s one thing to be photographed at events, but you even see this girl photographed leaving buildings where she doesn’t live. That means someone has notified the paparazzi of her whereabouts, a call that usually comes from either someone in the celebrity’s PR team, publicist, assistant or even from the celebrity themselves (Affleck-Garner call themselves). It’s common for actors in the months leading up to awards season, but why this girl does it I’m not sure since the VS show, which she didn’t even have that big of a part in since Adriana stole the show, is over.

  • sara

    She looks like she just stepped off a high fashion runway. Incredible!
    And Flynn is so handsome! Just like his daddy.
    And Orlando is such a good person. You could tell how much he enjoyed working with the children in Capetown.

  • The title should be…

    Miranda Kerr: Manhattan Garbage…

  • Mika

    Hey Miranda how’s your hubby in London?Already run away from him?

  • @15

    No, that means that the paps followed her. We have eyewitness accounts from objective witnesses talking about how they jumped on motorcycles to follow her car.
    Paps wait for her. We have proof. Why are you haters being so stubborn? Why do you continue to beat a dead horse?

  • Andie

    Here we go: #3, #4, #9, #12, #13, #16 are all written by the obsessed fan. Miranda threads are just like her: just not worth it….

  • Trebuchet

    @@15: @@15: Are you insane? You obviously don’t know anything about how the PR world works. Do you really think that that girl is featured on the site just because people are interested in seeing her? It’s Miranda Kerr. Pictures of her don’t even sell for a third of what pictures of Rihanna do. It’s not worth it for paparazzis to stick around and follow her an entire day unless she’d have a deal with just one like Angelina Jolie used to. Man, obsessed fans just make the celebrities seem even more insane than they already are.

  • Frozoid

    It’s 40 degrees in Manhattan today. WHY DOESN’T THE BOY HAVE A COAT ON AND A PROPER HAT?

    Weird, disconnected and most of all narcissistic mother.

  • Sara

    @Coco: Those who set up paparazzi photo ops and pimps their kid out.

  • HA!

    Same idiot hater sockpuppets!
    S O P A T H E T I C !

  • LOL

    @@15: Why do you insist on thinking that she doesn’t call the paps? There is the real world and the world of make believe – guess you live in the latter.

  • WOW

    @Mika: Didn’t she say that she was “so excited” about going to London to see her husband who she has not seen for six weeks? I guess she needs one more fling with the Biebs and DiCaprio.

  • @21

    Only those detached from reality ignore PROOF!
    Prove that the paps DON’T follow her then. Even YOUR OWN HATERS have seen them camped out.

  • @25

    Why do you ignore eye witnesses?
    You forget that we are the real world, not your pathetic hater world.

  • Terrible Twos

    I’m sorry but this heading makes me laugh, Manhattan Business Mom? No she’s a fashion model, two very different things. Working the runway does not equal working the corporate world in Manhattan. I doubt she would last a day in business.

  • my my

    @Frozoid. You mean that boy who is completely calm? Children are not carrots, they react when they are cold. Seriously, this whole “negligent mother” thing you’re trying to pull lately is quite low.

    @LOL well, there are many reasons why we don’t think so, but every time someone mentions them, you ignore them on purpose. So instead of talking to a wall, let’s just say that you believe that she calls the paps, and probably also that she’s responsible for all evil in the world, and we don’t.

  • @26

    She’s probably taking an overnight flight. Just like a lot of people do. I guess that you don’t travel very often, hmm?

  • @Terrible Twos

    Stop doubting, as she does have a business and apparently it works well.

  • Terrible Twos

    I’m not buying what she’s selling.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a beautiful woman, it would be a lie to say otherwise, but I’m not running out buying anything because she endorsed it. Let me guess, besides underwear, it’s clothes and some cosmetics like perfume, makeup or skin care. And I seriously don’t know, I’m just guessing because that’s what all ‘models’ do when they don’t have the talent to act or move on to other things.
    So I’m sorry ‘business’ woman she isn’t. She’s the face to a brand or multiple brands.

  • @29

    Uhmmm, she has her own, successful skincare line.
    She IS a business woman. See, this is a perfect example of haters hurling insults without any facts. And when they do have all of the facts, they ignore them.

  • true true

    Celebs do call the paps, even the biggest names, but people understand that because they’re huge names and their pictures sell astonishingly well. They don’t call them all the time though. Just when they need them. They are famous enough for the paps to follow them night and they without calling then. They might need the paps to mend their image after a negative incident or so. People know that and people are fine with it if they don’t do it with no purpose on a daily basis.
    Miranda here is not as famous as Adriana Lima let alone Beyonce (and those girls aren’t that photographed) so it makes zero sense for the cameras to make it their mission to capture her images every other day.
    She calls them. She calls them. She calls them

  • @33

    “…. ‘business’ woman she isn’t. She’s the face….”
    See. So ignorant. Do you ever bother to find out the truth? Or do you just come out swinging?
    Or is it that you are only pretending to be ignorant.
    Maybe you are fully aware of her business success, and just want a reason to spew venom?
    Which is it?

  • Tricia

    She said she would visit her husband on Friday but didn’t specify which Friday. If she is still in NY means this weekend will continue flirting with Leo Dicaprio.

  • @35

    They wait for her.They wait for her.They wait for her.They wait for her.
    Your own hater buddy SAW them waiting for her.
    We have several tweets from objective observers who not only saw them camped out, but witnessed them jumping in cars and on motorcycles to follow her.
    Is the part of your brain in charge of truth and reason damaged in some way?
    I just don’t understand your inability to comprehend the truth.

  • @37

    Even the tabloids are saying that this is a non-story.
    Are you saying that you are worse that the TABLOIDS?

  • Terrible Twos

    @36 – Sorry but I’m not a hater or an ignorant fool as much as you’d like to play me off as one.
    I hate to break it to you but skin care is a racket. It is not hard to break a profit on an item that costs pennies to produce. A bottle of perfume cost 3 cents to produce and we know what the markup is, 60, 70 up to 100 dollars or more for a bottle. Bam, instant profit. Why do you think Paris Hilton has lent her name to so many perfumes out there?
    Miranda is capitalizing on her success and fame by expanding to the highly profitable world of ‘skin care.’ She’s making money doing something that many other people in her position have done before her. This does not make her a ‘business’ woman in the traditional sense. I’d love to see her go to an office everyday and survive the real business world. I don’t think she can hack it, and it’s fine, she doesn’t have to. But don’t go trying to sell her as a business woman because she represents some face cream.

  • @40

    Oh, so now you are qualifying what it means to be a businesswoman?
    Developing, starting, marketing, manufacturing and distribution is not a BUSINESS?

  • #'sandTay Gisele

    @@26: LOL – No, I believe in checking and knowing airline flights – what’s your excuse? Homebody

  • #'sandTay LOL

    @@29: You are one too if you think her selling skin care products that are priced ridiculously high make her a business woman, especially when she has her fameho mother, father and brother invovled.

  • #'sandTay LOL LOL

    @@40: She is not running the business but her parents and brother are. She recently endorsed Clear Shampoo which is the worse shampoo anyone can use. She is just a brand selling another brand.

  • @42

    If you knew airline flights, you would know about evening flights out of NY to the UK, then right?
    So since you checked on them, you know about those flights, but still made insulting comments?
    And what does that make you?
    Oh yeah. a HATER

  • @44

    Owning a business and endorsing a product are two different things.
    And she did hire her family to manage the business, but she is still the decision maker, the owner, the developer and the one who approves the new products.
    You idiots trying to re-define what makes a business woman are just sounding more and more desperate.

  • steph

    She looks gorgeous!
    Flynn is just too cute to be believed. =)

  • HA!

    I guess that the hater socks didn’t get here in time to flood the first page. LOL!
    Someone was sleeping on the job!
    Too funny!

  • Anne

    When I first saw a picture of this girl I thought, “pretty doll face”, but these set up pictures are so beyond ridiculous that I can’t see any beauty anymore. Besides, amid the VS girl, Adriana and the Dutch girl are much prettier than her. Maybe her husband could find inspiration to tell his wife to stop being this ridiculous.

  • @49

    Now you are pretending to be a sock who doesn’t know that the paps wait for her, and that she doesn’t have to do set ups?
    And you idiots wonder why we make fun of your desperation?