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Miranda Kerr: Manhattan Business Mom!

Miranda Kerr: Manhattan Business Mom!

Miranda Kerr strolls her son Flynn out of their apartment on Friday (December 7) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model and her little guy headed to Midtown Manhattan to an office building.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda‘s husband Orlando Bloom, who is a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, recently spent a day with children in Cape Town, South Africa.

“It was incredibly inspiring to see how children and young people are taking charge of their lives and making a very positive impact on the lives of their peers,” Orlando said.

FYI: Miranda is using her Nuna PEPP stroller! She is also using her Rimowa luggage.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out for some business in Manhattan with Flynn

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  • KissThis

    I liked Kerr, but now she’s everywhere and it’s getting annoying.

  • tam

    50+ posts in just over two hours, and no telling how many hits, and you cretins still wonder why she gets so many threads?

  • Diana

    @tam: OMG get help!!!!!!!

  • tam

    Only a hater could see logic and common sense as medical conditions.

  • Fan of models

    Wasn’t she supposed to be on her way to London to meet her husband?

  • @1801

    If you hate her so much, if you sick of her, why even bother to give those pathetic comment. Lol! Get a life, guys.

  • MoonBeams

    Poor Flynn! It must be freezing in NYC and his mother couldn’t afford to buy him a heavy coat?? That child is going to get very sick with pneumonia if this mother keeps dragging him along in the without a hat and a heavy jacket while Miranda is dressed for the cold weather. I am so afraid that this child may getting pneumonia.

  • @57

    psssst…germs cause pneumonia, not the cold.
    I bet you think that kissing can get you pregnant.
    And besides, he doesn’t act like he is cold. Why bother wrapping him up in a heavy coat for a short trip to the waiting, warm car? It’s not like it’s freezing, or wet.


  • ?

    Did she, herself say that she was flying to London on Friday? Or was that from “a friend”?
    His filming is suppsed to be over now, so they should be meeting up somewhere. I was wondering where? NY? London?
    Personally, I’m hoping London. I really want to see him at the premiere!

  • sammi

    Miranda tweeted a picture of her during a VS photo shoot today, so that’s probably where she is going in these shots.
    She sure is cramming in a lot of different shoots while in NY. I wonder if she is planning on another extended break?

  • —-

    I wonder if the poor kid will even remember what his father looks like. When was the last time he was him?

  • @61

    probably every night on skype
    in person very soon

  • Terrible Twos

    @@40: “Developing, starting, marketing, manufacturing and distribution is not a BUSINESS?

    Um, excuse me but I own my own business, so yes I do think I have a right to say what a real business woman is or isn’t. A celebrity model hawking a skin care line is NOTHING new. What did she develop exactly? Did she come up with an original idea? NO. Did she invent anything? NO. Is she some sort of chemist that comes up with the formulas for the products? NO. She’s endorsing a product that is created by SOMEONE else, manufactured and distributed by other people who need her to represent the product.

    I don’t know who you are but you are not doing Miranda any favors by coming on here and calling everyone idiots. I did give her some compliments but I tell you what, she’s not a business woman and TRUST ME, I KNOW what that means. I’ve started my own business from the ground up and I can say that Miranda is not an entrepreneur. She’s a celebrity endorser of a line of products that needed a face to go with the product. So back off.

  • @63

    But Miranda owns her own business as well. Why can’t you understand that simple fact?
    She isn’t just endorsing the product, she OWNS the product.
    She came up with the idea for the products, and supervised their production.
    She started the company with her own money, and works hard to make it a success. How is she not an entrepreneur, again?
    It is a small company, but it is growing steadily.
    How can you claim that she isn’t a business woman? I just don’t get it.
    Why are you in such denial?

  • @63

    Was Andrew Carnegie a foundry worker? No. But I bet you consider him a business man.
    Did Cornelius Vanderbilt lay ralroad track? No. But I bet you consider him a business man.
    Is Donald Trump a construction worker? No. But I bet you consider him a business man.
    And I comparing Miranda’s little entrepreneurial effort to these men? No.
    Is she a chemist? No. But I still consider her a business woman.

  • taz

    she’s an amazing role model
    for one fan at least — If she does something substantial i might change my mind.. but i doubt it — anyway, can she dress her child accordingly? everyone else has their kid covered in those onesies that make them look like giant marshmallows and flynn is just in a sweater?

  • taz

    @@57: actually – a cold nose is what carries and harvests the flu & the germs that come with it

  • @Terrible Twos

    You’re just being stubborn because you don’t want to take your original claim back
    “Did she come up with an original idea? NO”
    - Yes, it was her idea to create that particular skin care line.
    “Did she invent anything? NO”
    - The majority of companies sell things that have already been invented, they simply apply some traits in particular to their product and the consumer decides if he wants it or not. The same happens with her skin care line.
    “Is she some sort of chemist that comes up with the formulas for the products? NO”
    - No, but unless a business is very small, the owner is rarely the artisan. Just like the owner of a car company isn’t the engineer. Not even the chief of engineers.

    Congratulations for being a business woman, but as such I don’t think you’ll survive if you can’t tell the difference between endorsing and owning. Miranda endorses Mango. Meaning, Mango is not hers and she just offers her face to them. Her skin care company is hers, and she gives her face AND is responsible for it in every sense.

  • Terrible Twos

    My dear….I know what I’m talking about and I didn’t even have to look it up. But for your sake, please educate yourself:
    The co-founder of her cosmetic line is George Moskos. He targeted her to be the face for the brand and helped her create it. It’s not unusual and that’s how I know how this was probably done. Once he helped her get the product off the ground, he sold his share and her family runs the business. So no, Miranda is not an entrepreneur, George is. He basically did the business plan and with his knowledge of business got the line up and running and worked with her on it.
    Here is a line from the article that says it all:
    ‘George worked with Miranda to create the concepts, put together the business plan, pitched to investors for finance, and created the brand, the name and the design, then took it to market.’

    And I think I’ll survive in my business just fine, thank you. :)

  • Diliana von Bork

    @Trebuchet: Your comments are very important. I think people must know how it works.

  • sxdcfvgybhunjmk

    No airport photos yet of her on her way to meet Orlando…

  • miapocca

    so something is not right with this picture

    Even when this kid was a little baby, the entire family was in and out of airplanes…

    All of a sudden there is over exposure for miranda and the more famous Orlanda is nowhere in sight

    Something tells me, all is not well chez the blooms….

    enjoy the festive season!!!

  • @69

    Yes, she had a partner, as do most smart, new business owners. You partner with someone with experience to get YOUR BUSINESS off and running. And since he has sold his share, and the brand continues to grow, Miranda must be doing something right.
    But I find it funny that you ingore the inconvenient (for you) part of your own quote.
    ‘George worked WITH MIRANDA to create the concepts, put together the business plan, pitched to investors for finance, and created the brand, the name and the design, then took it to market.’
    So he was a partner, for sure, but he would not have had a product if it wasn’t for Miranda’s ideas.
    And you can’t claim that he only used her for her celebrity. The brand was in development long before she became so widely known. If it was just his ideas, he wouldn’t have taken a chance on Miranda.
    Are you being deliberately obtuse? Is it jealousy of some kind? Why can’t you give a fellow woman credit where credit is due? Men often try to negate the accomplishments of women in business. It’s depressing when another woman does it. Why are you using your own insecurities to imply that another business woman is just another pretty face who got where she is because of a man? It harkens back to the people here who claim that if Miranda was a good mother she would quit work to stay home with her husband and child. Are you that person? Or does your sexism only apply to business?

  • @72

    Oh for Pete’s sake. Talk about being deliberately obtuse.
    Miranda has been working in NY, where the paps camp out on her doorstep.
    Orlando has been working in South Africa on set. No paps, so very few photos.
    Now someone ask that again so we will all know how stupid you idiots are. Come on. We know you will. Get it over with.

  • :(

    MK`s PR TEAM are on fire! They deserve a raise this year. So most posts defending her. Oh Joy! I think she doesn´t have fans anymore only employees. Sooo sad (not).

  • @75

    Uhmmm, there wouldn’t have to be so many posts defending her if the haters would stop posting lies and ignorant comments.
    cause and effect.

  • Terrible Twos

    @73 – My comments are not criticisms towards Miranda, I’m sure she is a lovely human being. But I’m not going to sit here and let you tell me what to believe about her. Do you really think I think she has what it takes to do this on her own?
    The truth is, she got paired up with an investor who knew what he was doing. And in fact, the man must be a genius because even you sincerely believe she did this, she created this and she’s running this all on her own.
    It’s a success, good for her. She came out with a line of organic skin care products, that’s all the rage right now. People have good ideas all the time. Miranda had money to invest, growing fame and an idea perhaps and even the idea I’m not so sure was hers, but after the investor talked to her was something they came up with as something she could get behind because it resonated with her life philosophy. The true business person is George. And nothing you say here is going to convince me otherwise.
    And yes, as a woman am I supposed to blindly support every woman just because we have the same genital parts? Come on. If you want my honest opinion, the last thing the world needs is another line of skin care! My God. Whenever I see that I just roll my eyes. If you really delve into that market, it is HIGHLY profitable because of low cost production and high mark-up. Same with perfume. Paris Hilton is raking it in with her perfumes. But I get it, these are businesses that celebrities expand into because it is an extension of their brand: clothing lines, cosmetics, etc.
    (Someone else said it on here, maybe if she does something substantial she would take her seriously.)
    Look, we can go back and forth all you want. I’m happy for her, I hope she does well, However, I don’t believe in underestimating what it takes to truly launch your own business, find investors to believe in what you are selling. People work VERY hard to make all that happen and it’s blood, sweat and tears. Celebrities have a much easier time of it because they are already brands themselves. Part of the marketing strategy was to pair her up with a PR team that would work on promoting HER. You get it? A side ‘business’ like this is just an extension of that brand.

  • PW

    @Trebuchet: And yet you are here buying into the PR hook, line and sinker like everyone else on this site. Thank you for your patronage.

  • @77

    So basically what you are saying is that unless you have a hard time setting up your business, you aren’t a ‘real’ business person?
    Let’s look at your own words.
    “However, I don’t believe in underestimating what it takes to truly launch your own business, find investors to believe in what you are selling.”
    But Miranda did that. She had an idea, yes HER idea (unless you think that George had the idea to include noni and just ‘happened’ to find a popular model who grew up on the stuff) for a new range of skincare.
    She found a financial partner. Who obviously wasn’t really that involved with the product itself if he sold his shares so early on.
    Yes, her celebrity helped. But she wasn’t as popular back then, so George must have thought that it was a good product in its own right to back its developement.
    She had the idea, She found investors. She oversaw development of the product. She oversees production, distribution and advertisement.
    She can be credited with the growth of her line. George isn’t there anymore. She is responsible for her own success.
    How again is she not a business woman?
    And I love how you are holding profit margin against her. That, and the fact that you evidently believe that anyone involved in the cosmetics or skincare industry can’t be consideredv a business person.
    You are just digging your hole deeper.
    Why can’t you just accept that you are wrong, and give her the credit that she is due?

  • eh

    If using your face to promote someone else’s brand makes you a business woman (and not just someone who is endorsing it) then i’m a doctor because i watch greys anatomy

  • she bedded Orlando

    Her giggest victory was getting pregnant with Flynn. She would be still waiting for Orlando Bloom t marry her. She is a biz woman, I can see her having her own tv show very soon.Always ready.

  • !!

    i got bored of her! -.- NEXT

  • Terrible Twos

    @79 – Haha, okay. We obviously aren’t going to agree so let’s just agree to disagree? How about that?
    I only have one more thing to share. My last roommate was a PhD in chemical engineering and a scientist that worked very long hours in a lab developing technologies for hybrid vehicles. Now that is a woman I admire and respect, and that is just one example. I know many other brilliant women like that, executives, attorneys, engineers etc. all doing wonderful things and I don’t see them on the covers of any magazines. It’s sad that as a celebrity worship society that this is what we value. So pardon me if I’m not getting all excited because a pretty lady decides to launch another face cream. There’s no ingenuity in that.
    Miranda is a beautiful woman, a model, and she decided to expand her brand by “creating” a skin care line that is a money making endeavor for her because people want to look and be like her. If you want to call her a business woman for that, go right ahead. But please, let’s not make this more than what it is. I have my opinion on what it is.
    I also think that celebrities sometimes lack creativity in what they pursue as opportunities because they are being held by the hand and led into such type activities because it has been successful for other people in the past in similar positions.
    So okay, you think she is a business woman because of that. Okay. I’m not going to take that away from you if you want to believe that. I think she is in a profession that lends itself to these types of opportunities and motivation for it is largely money-driven. So when I look at someone like Miranda, I think it’s typical and pretty unoriginal.

  • ryanp

    Miranda Kerr is gross. Not a friend of the gay community in my opinion.

  • Orlando and Kate 4 ever

    This chick is only famous for marrying Orlando bloom and having his kid , Orlando needs to get back with Kate bosworth. Best chick for him

  • @1 etc etc etc…..

    Wow, you are not only obsessed, but delusional and frankly insane. To post over & over again using different names and then to answer yourself is beyond scary. Even more so to go to the trouble of accessing several computers so you can green arrow your own nasty comments and red arrow any positive posts about her…..You seriously have a mental disorder and need help with your obsession with Miranda, the best thing would be for JJ to bar you from his site!!!

  • JJ

    I feel sorry for the little toddler Flynn being dragged all over the place even if it is freezing out. He should stay inside where it is warm , rest peacefully., and take his naps. I feel Miranda is using this poor child like an accessory to attract attention to her.

    This child is truly under dressed for the weather while she’s galavanting around town with beautiful and expensive jackets while her son is dressed only in long sleeves tops and jeans without a real heavy jacket. This child is still so very young and therefore, his immunity system still not fully developed. yet.

    Orlando needs to come home and check up on his little boy.

  • -_-

    @@1 etc etc etc…..: right??!! how is she still able to post? but then again have you seen the angelina thread? “she’s” normal compared to them

  • @Terrible Twos

    I don’t think this is a matter of agreeing or not. There may be differing opinions about her looks, but not about what defines a business woman.
    For some reason you think that seeking help from an expert like George is something shameful. I actually think it’s very professional to seek help to do something you have no experience at. NOW it is her business and nobody else’s. She profits from it, but it is also her responsibility and only hers. If it fails, it’ll be her failure. Are you saying that running a company once it’s already been developed is so easy that even the total inept that -for some reason- you think Miranda is, could do it? Aren’t you insulting your own profession with that statement?

    And nobody is asking you to be all excited about Miranda’s modest company, nor to admire her more than your engineer friend for it. You are free to not give a toss about anything Miranda is involved in, but don’t say she isn’t running a business because she is. You made a claim, facts prove it wrong.

  • -_-

    @@Terrible Twos: GROW UP!!!!!! she wasn’t arguing with you, at least respond like an adult.
    Here’s a fact: you have some serious deep seeded issues that make you think that every statement you make about miranda kerr is right. And that’s a scary place to be.

  • @90

    You make numerous comments that all have the same infantile tone, yet you tell people having an adult discussin to “grow up”?
    That is priceless!
    And so pathetic.

  • Terrible Twos

    @89 – I can’t help to point out that it was you who claimed she did this all on her own. I was merely pointing you to a website article that proved otherwise. She didn’t. And is she running a business? I was under the impression that her family was running it for her? Quote from the article: “George has since sold his share of the business, and Miranda’s parents have now taken over the reins.”
    I guess only time will tell if she has what it takes to be successful. I’m reading reviews that her products are overpriced in comparison to other organic lines and there are other more affordable alternatives of similar quality. Not that I care, I don’t buy that stuff anyway.
    Look, slice it and dice it anyway you want. There is truth to what I’m saying, I’m not here to spin lies and make Miranda look bad. I just honestly don’t think that she was ever that involved and even now not that involved. If I’m wrong, then point me to some facts that show she in fact, RUNNING a business. What you say isn’t going to suffice. As far as I’m concerned these are ramblings of a crazed fan who believes that Miranda walks on water.

  • -_-


  • @terrible twos……#92

    No you’re the crazed hater who believes that Miranda can do no right and finds fault with her no matter how many times you’re proved wrong.

    The comment you use “that George has since sold his share of the business, and Miranda’s parents have now taken over the reins”

    This simply means that she has bought out GEORGE’S share and Miranda is STILL running the company but has employed her parents to do the day to day things just like ANY other companies that employ people.

    In other words she IS running her own business. When she’s in Australia she often talks about Kora on tv & radio proving how committed and involved she is with her business……Once AGAIN you’re proved wrong.

    But keep trying as it’s fun for many of us to show it’s all pure jealousy and envy of the gorgeous Miranda…….lol.

  • Terrible Twos

    @94 – A crazed hater? Pure jealousy and envy? Is that what you are getting from all this? Do you enjoy calling people idiots and making up sh*t because you have no hard facts? Give me a link to an article, a radio talk or tv spot so I can see for myself. Or am I supposed to just lie down and believe something because someone said it was true?
    I’m secure in my looks and I haven’t criticized her appearance, so you can’t lump me into that jealous of her looks category, sorry hon. And why would I be envious otherwise? I have a wonderful life of my own and my own personal success and even said I was happy for her and wanted her business to succeed. So where is the hatred and the envy that you speak of?
    Did you ever stop to think that maybe I (and quite a bit of my personal contacts) are in Miranda’s target demographic for the product Miranda is trying to sell? Successful business women who care about their appearance and can easily afford to buy products such as these? I personally don’t buy these types of products but you didn’t know that until I told you. Maybe if I had a better experience interacting with you here instead of being called names like ‘ignorant fool’ and ‘crazed hater’, etc. I would seek out and buy these products as holiday gifts or even recommend them to my friends, eh?
    Do you want to turn me into a hater? A real true hater? Is that what you want?
    I’m sorry if I had an opinion about how Miranda’s business actually came into fruition and how it is being run and found evidence of that to be true. You would like me to say I was wrong and you were right, based on what? You believe one thing and I believe another. I provided some evidence to prove my point and you didn’t. I’m still waiting…….

  • @Terrible Twos

    Yes, you pointed out that she didn’t start it alone. I didin’t know that, and
    since I’m not stubborn as a mule, I have no problem accepting that seems to be a fact as true.
    Now, I doubt you know much about either Miranda’s or her parents’ skills as business people, but you have concluded that her parents can run a business and she can’t, only you know why.
    Many people who own companies don’t have time to be involved with everything concerning them and hire other people who can, and I think this is probably her case. She chose to hire her family, I suppose that she did so mainly because she trusts them.
    As for her products being overpriced, they probably are, but they won’t be the first nor the last overpriced products on the planet. If people buy them….well, that’s the law of offer and demand.
    And she’s probably not that involved, it’s obvious that she doesn’t have the time. But like several other business people, she has given her family part of the control. It happens in many other businesses. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not her business, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get involved in it.
    I don’t get why you suddenly call me crazy and my words ramblings, as I’m not doing anything that you aren’t and it’s obvious that you don’t think what I’m saying is worthless, but for the record, I don’t think Miranda walks on water. When she made those mistaken comments about epidural analgesia, I disagreed almost 100% with what she said.

  • Terrible Twos

    Hey look it’s fine. I said those things because we were in black and white territory. Everything I said was construed as Miranda can do no right and everything you said appeared to me as Miranda can do no wrong.
    If you want to get technical about it, I believe Miranda was a partial investor and celebrity endorser in the beginning and worked in partnership with someone on creating a product that she felt good about. Once that business launched, she became total owner and celebrity sponsor of her own product and has other people managing the day-to-day operations. That’s not unusual. Many entrepreneurs start companies because they have that skill, to take an idea and turn it into something to take to market. Then when things start to get going and they start growing, at a certain point that’s when start-ups start hiring executive teams and get CEOs and CFOs, etc., on board to take things to the next level and manage daily operations. Entrepreneurs/investors then move on to the next great thing. That’s exactly what happened here.
    What I’m saying and have been saying from the beginning is, Miranda was neither the entrepreneur nor the operations executive, which means she does not/did not have the talent or skills to truly launch, start and run a business. There is no harm in that. She’s been walking the runway and doing a TOTALLY different profession. How would she even have the knowledge or the skillset to be able to do that? I’m not saying she is incapable. I’m saying it was highly unlikely that she was as involved as you were making it out to be because of her other work related commitments and because she had little to no experience.
    I don’t know if her parents are competent in their jobs. I didn’t say I had faith in them over her. I was just re-iterating what the article said that they had ‘taken the reins’ which to me meant they were involved in day-to-day operations and truly ‘running the business.’
    I get it. Miranda is involved is marketing, going on talks shows, commercials, tv, and whatever to market and sell her product and is somewhat involved in decision-making about products, packaging and the like. That’s fair, I’ll give her that.
    I’m sure Miranda would be able to tell the difference in her own profession between someone wearing fashionable clothing and a fashion model. I feel the same. Miranda in my eyes owns a business, that doesn’t mean she is a business woman, as in understands all the facets of business.
    I did not mean to insult her or you by saying she wasn’t a business owner. We got a little carried away. If anything we both learned some things about her that we didn’t know before. That’s a good thing.

  • @Terrible Twos

    Ok, that’s far more reasonable. I don’t want you to get me wrong either, I suppose that Miranda is not licensed in Economics nor has studies to take control of certain aspects of a business. Like you said, there’s nothing wrong with that.
    Maybe you interpreted that we were, let’s say, under rating your job by saying that a fashion model can do it just like you, but I believe that was never our intention, or at least not mine.
    I simply give her credit for having the initiative, the idea, the will, the guts to accept a risk especially in these moments of worldwide economic downfall to create her own company, know who to hire to do what she can’t do, etc. She obviously lacks knowledge on some areas, but she had an idea and turned it into a successful business, and as the business woman you are I think you will agree that not everyone can do it. And it’s very possible that she makes efforts to educate herself about the parts she knows less about to become a more competent business owner.
    So in that sense I consider her a business woman, and I don’t think it’s ridiculous to see her going to an office building in Manhattan to make this or that deal about her company (in case that’s what she was doing there, that is), and that’s why I took issue with your original statement that there was no way she could possibly be running a business. But I guess you’re right, this site is full of people who see things black or white and having a discussion is actually pretty difficult.

  • @Terrible twos

    My disagreement with you is your stubborn stance on whether or not the products were her idea. You seem to be stuck in the notion that she is just endorsing the products, so she isn’t a business woman. But that just isn’t the case.
    She has stated in several interviews that she was looking for organic products that contained certain ingredients. She stated that since she couldn’t find them, she decided to get into the buseness to produce them herself. This process started well before her rise to international fame, so you can’t say that they just latched her name to the product to take advantage of her popularity.
    As any smart person does, she partnered with an experienced business person. And as any smart person does, she hired organic chemists to help develop them. But once again, the products were HER idea. Do you really think that George came up with the idea of using noni, when Miranda has been using it since she was a child? Really?
    Sure, she has handed off daily oversight to her employees (which is exactly waht her family members are), but doesn’t every CEO rely on their managers to run the business? And just like those CEOs, Miranda has the final say on business decisions.
    Do you consider only the people who deal with money to be business people? What about the creative side of business? Without them, there wouldn’t be any products to sell.
    Some may consider her products to be overpriced, but you get what you pay for. There are cheaper alternatives, certainly, but there is a difference in quality. Do you think that Cover Girl’s quality is the same as Clarins or Este lauder? No. Miranda’s products consistantly get rave reviews by beauty bloggers, who test all brands. The quality is there. That is what is important.
    BTW, you are talking to more than one person, here. Just thought you should know.
    Oh, and with your continued comments about her products being overpriced, you can’t now pretend that you might have bought them as gifts for your friends if it wasn’t for the comments from a couple of posters on a gossip site. Comments that you earned with your stubborness and your comments that anyone defending Miranda thinks that she “walks on water”. You aren’t innocent either, so stop acting like a martyr.

  • Terrible Twos

    @99 – I said I wasn’t so sure it was her idea. But because you failed to provide any evidence of that, I had to take your word for it and since you had already been wrong to begin with about how her business got started, why should I have believed you? I still haven’t seen any evidence that it was her idea? So once again, you are expecting me to take your words on faith alone.

    Let’s say for argument’s sake that it was her idea. OK, great. Please refer to my comment #77 where I said people have good ideas all time. If she hadn’t met a REAL business person, her idea would have stayed with her until the day she died. She, by herself, was most likely not capable of taking the product to market. Which is what I believed all along to be true.

    OK, so now George is out of the picture and she is ‘involved’ to whatever extent you think she is involved. The fact that she chose her parents to run the business for her is something that tips me off that she doesn’t know what she is doing. Amateurs give jobs to their friends and family. People who know what they are doing hire the appropriate people who are experienced and qualified and can truly take the business to the next level. I SERIOUSLY doubt her parents have the qualifications and experience to manage a potentially global skin care brand and that Miranda is banking on her name alone to sell the product which amateurish at best.

    As for quality and pricing, please refer to my comment #92 where I said “I’m reading reviews that her products are overpriced in comparison to other organic lines and there are other more affordable alternatives of similar quality.” I’m not saying she is priced more than items of less quality, that wouldn’t make sense would it? These are reviews from the user community, people who actually use and buy the product. Believe me, user word of mouth is what buyers use A LOT to determine if it is worth buying a product. The value of the product needs to meet the expectations as far as delivering the same quality and benefits to the user. What I have been reading is that people have found based on their OWN experience that for the price, her products are not worth it compared to others that deliver similar, if not better, experience to the user. That’s a death knoll right there. It shows that her products are also priced a bit higher based on her name alone and not appropriately competitively priced. So no, if SHE is involved in that as well, or she has hired people to be involved in that as well, she either doesn’t know what she is doing or she didn’t know how to hire the right people to mitigate that from being a serious user complaint.

    And something being overpriced is simply a matter of fact. If I compare three products, similar quality, and I find one that is priced higher than the other, then it is simply priced higher and that is why people call it ‘overpriced.’ You make the assumption that because I said something was priced higher, that I could not afford to or wouldn’t buy the products, which is absurd. I can buy whatever I want. And I do. Holiday shopping is in full swing. You don’t know what I will purchase at all.

    Being combative and calling people names isn’t doing Miranda any favors. Yes, there are a bunch of trolls on JJ but seriously, they should just be ignored. As for people like me, your arguments are lacking in proper support. Do you expect people to just believe things because you said it? Ha! Well, I hate to break it to you but it won’t work and you are wasting your precious time. Just like people who believe she calls the paps. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. Just because you said something about it doesn’t make it true. You have to provide evidence to support what you claim or no one is going to change their mind about anything.

    I’m going away now. Bye bye. Say whatever you wish but I won’t be responding. I’ve spent enough airtime on Miranda and her skin care line. I have found that my initial reactions about Miranda were true and that my assessment of her business acumen is pretty spot on. Believe whatever you want, I have experience in this and I didn’t get where I am today by being wrong all the time. :)