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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Barneys New York Shoppers!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Barneys New York Shoppers!

Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux head into Barneys New York to do some shopping on Saturday (December 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress and the 41-year-old actor had lunch with jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer upstairs from Barneys at the Greengrass restaurant, sources tell

Last weekend, Jen hosted her annual holiday party, which was attended by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Demi Moore, and others.

Jen always puts a lot of effort into planning her holiday party. It’s a thank you party for her employees, and she always gives them thoughtful gifts. Jen always asks her celebrity friends for charity donations instead of personal gifts,” a source told People.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux going shopping…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 15
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 16
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 17
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 18
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 19
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 20
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 21
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 22
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 23
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 24
jennifer aniston justin theroux barneys new york shoppers 25

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  • JL

    Don’t be surprised guy!
    Do you think the posts of JA haters are casual?
    Lots of ‘writers’ have a money for their posts.
    PR agencies use them – why not?
    So they protect Angelina Jolie in this way.
    Jolie is а home wrecker as Brad Pitt was married during
    “Mr &Ms Smith” set.
    “Attack – the best defense” – that is their rule.
    That is why they equate Brad’s official MARRIAGE with Jennifer
    to Justin’s friendship with Heidi.
    14 years of boring friendship with sex – this is all the story
    about Justin Theroux and Heidi Bivens.
    I don’t try to say Heidi is a bad girl – may be she loved him.
    But “friendly” posters never bash Justin, but Jennifer!
    It’s like Justin is a little boy (a kid – not a midget).
    SO: as you are neutral to Jennifer they will criticize
    That is why they say “a nice try” about your comment.
    Because they see JA troll in every person here.
    If you will protect Jennifer they will try to mix you with sh1it (sorry).
    But it’s funny – a perfect entertainment.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Amazing woman

  • JL

    You asked about her mother…
    There is a sort of parents who can’t love own children.
    It’s sad.
    It’s a highest degree of human egoism.
    Look at Oprah Winfrey and her father…
    Look at Angelina Jolie and her father…
    I guess it happen usually with talented children
    who are smarter, and more beautiful comparing to parents.
    JA’s mother was a model and actress.
    May be motherhood destroyed her body and career.
    May be bashing own child was her only way to take energy…
    It’s not normal anyway.
    Nancy Dow is an author of BOOK about own daughter.
    Not too friendly book…
    She talked not nice things about Jennifer in the interviews…
    Her own achievements are not too impressive.
    Comparing to Jennifer’s especially…
    She has the alimony from JA’s father and it’s enough to her.
    No workout, no big efforts to prove she is talented too.
    Just a hate and jealousy.
    The result – cancer…
    It’s a sad story, and Jennifer haters LOVE to talk about her mother.
    Jennifer tried to fix their relationship many times.
    Jennifer paid all the cancer treatment – so what?
    Jolie fans ENJOY this story.
    That is why their idol has a health we can see
    (Jolie need a new liver).
    Have a nice day German Guy!
    German cars are the best! :)

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    In Inonesia, Chinnochio chin2 only known as Brad Pitt Ex…
    Before that Aniston, only known as RACHEL GREEN from Friends.
    and now everyone laughing at this Uglyest most unusual looking fiancé (how sad) what’s up with that hair nose and skinny legs.
    In Indonesia, Angelina Jolie always and forever been the most Popular… People Admired .. Respect .. idolized and Loved Her for who she TRULY IS…. what you see is what you get… She is well known all over Indonesia for her talent …Beauty… Sexiness… looks… generosity … and beyond.
    She is the most remarkable Women of all times….
    Angelina and Brad forever…. long live the JPs !!!!!

  • JL

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    Sleeping with the mother’s guy
    in an Indonesian National Tradition.

  • hilarious

    OMG! I’m Brangelina fan (actually Brangelina’s Kids-fan now) but please leave this two alone. Can’t they just go shopping without all these ugly comments after wards?
    I very hope not all of these ugly comments here are from Brangelina fan. As their fans, we should behave more civilized like Brangelina themselves. Especially Angelina, she never hates someone, always gives love. If she has the chance to love Jennifer, she would.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    No 1 UGLY daughter is in Tempo front page!
    Chicken outlets queen and being most F@uckable is in Jakarta Post!
    Curtain hair Fabio look alike is in Surabaya daily!

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Why don’t you preach that on the JPs threads…. Re all the sick and the PSYHCOpath that foaming day and night over there, dude…. OMG indeed!!!!

  • JL

    Oh really?
    The chance to love Jennifer?
    It’s very easy!
    Let she call her and apologize personally
    for stealing her husband.
    It’s a so simple thing!
    I promise her liver will work better after that.
    Also Jolie can ask her fans publicly
    to stop bashing Jennifer in the internet.
    We are waiting…

  • JL

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    Why not to stay on Surabaya site?
    No need to come here with this crap.

  • JL

    one more chance to love Jennifer
    is permission to Brad
    to talk to Jenifer and see her.
    They can have lots of subjects for talking -
    new movie projects for example.
    Why not?
    What does Jolie afraid for?
    Jolie is YOUNGER.
    Jolie has OSCAR.
    Jolie is a HUMANITARIAN…
    Jolie is so FERTILE…
    Jolie’s legs are LONGER…
    Jolie’s CHIN is so beautiful…
    Jolie’s NOSE is so perfect…
    Jolie’s hair is DIFFERENT every day…
    Jolie’s movies are never flop…
    Jolie is not self centered…
    Why not to?
    Jennifer has no chances to attract Brad Pitt today.

  • JL

    She is not “ordnary”.
    Nobody invites “ordinary” girls in to the industry.
    Her father is a Studio Owner.
    She won hundreds of castings before “Friends” and after.
    She never looks ‘like a mom”.
    About Justin – he will with her no matter what her look is.
    She may look like a bird, like a fish, like butterfly – he care about money.

  • JL

    sorry: Her father is NOT a Studio Owner.
    She is not like Tori Spelling.

  • tandra

    I really dont understand why Jolie’s fans keep talking about Heidi Bivens and saying that Jen is a homewrecker. It doesnt make any sense, since Jolie did exactly such a thing with Jen! But those same fans used to say that no one can stole a person from another, saying that it was Jen’s fault bla bla bla. But know they start to attack, not defend anymore. So are you assuming that Jolie stole Brad from Jen? I think that Jolie’s fan dont give a sh!t for Bivens! They pretend to be sorry for her but the only thing they want is to hit Jen! So they pretend to be the good guys to do bad things! What a hypocrisy! It sounds just like Angelina Jolie! She and her fans are not good people, are not generous! They are fake, mean, selfish, nasty, bitter

  • goopiness


    Angie wasn’t with Brad when he was involved with Jennifer Aniston.

  • JL

    @goopiness: Brad Pitt was not “involved” but MARRIED with Jennifer Aniston.
    They divorced because Jolie “wasn’t” with him. Under him.

  • Question


    Thank you so much JL!!
    I think I understand now a little bit better “how this page works”. Strange, really weird… but all the haters are some kind of amusing. It’s entertainment for free, so where is my popcorn? :)

    And I’m sure that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t care about the comments on JJ anyway, so nobody gets hurt.

    P.S.: I bet, that I’m gonna get at least 30 thumbs down. HAHA

  • JL

    This system works against JA
    as after -15 “Hidden due to a low comment rating”…
    What a democracy…
    Sometimes enough to type just one point :)
    But we need decent posters.
    So you may enjoy this discussion anytime.
    They need a fresh view from Europe :)

  • To Question

    I find it funny that you believe the resident lunatic JL (aka BET) but don’t believe the truth coming from non-fans who haven’t been lured into Aniston’s pr fluffed lies & fairy tales.

    Well, it something you will have to learn on your own.

  • Question

    @To Question:

    Did you just label JL as a lunatic, just because her/his opinion is different from yours??? OMG, we aren’t talking about war, crime, death or something comparable. JL doesn’t said, that killing children or raping women is great, because to say THIS would be insane. But there is definitely no reason to call her/him crazy and lunatic just because she/he said some nice things about a celebrity nobody of us knows and answered a question of mine. I can’t believe how you can attack her/him in such an insolent way. I’m sorry, but that’s definitely lowbrow!!!
    But it seems to me, that attacking and mobbing others is very common here…

    So, JL, I feel really sorry for bringing you into this position because of my questions!

  • JL

    It’s OK.
    Now you may see how IT works :)
    I’m ‘He’, and they think I have lots of nicks here…
    JL is my only nick here ( Jolie Laceration) :)

  • Question


    Ja, the fear of the multiple nicks is wide spread. In another thread that i have read, they are fighting about who is a troll and who’s not… There are about 700 posts, but some of the people are sure that there are only 3 or 4 real posters and all the others are trolls. But if this would be true, the troll had talked to himself for hours :) That’s so funny!
    So just to point this out: If you ever read something like Jennifer Aniston is a slut, ugly and fat, than that’s not me ;)

    So good night to everyone, especially to you and your multiple personalities JL! ;) LOL

  • JL

    If you will see the nicks like:Ssushii_baby, ChelSHIIT HOndler, MJ, AGA – they work in to Jolie’s favor for sure. Trolls also love to use multiple nicks to demonstrate “the voice of folk”. But smart people can see this kitchen very easy.
    Sweet dreams! :)

  • Wow

    justin theroux is soooo damn hot!!

  • AGA

    @Question: Uh UH JL wrote that she wanted Angelina to crash a plane into her children!! IS that OK with You! Is hateful rascism toward the kids OK with you?? Is making up incredible BS about Angies health OK with you?? If so,stick with JL and you and her can moon over JA delicious ears.

    BTW–Is JT trying to be a tough rocker from the 50′s. His look is dated and stupid(MY OPINION!!)

  • AGA

    @Question: I have only one nick name too. Stay here for awhile and make up your own mind. Check out JL’s Hate filled posts when she really gets going. I do not care that she Hates Brad and Ange,BUT I cannot tolerate her HATE for innocent kids who have done nothing wrong. Just wait with an open mind,unless you are a troll or JL talking to herself!!

  • JL

    See ‘Question’?
    That’s it!
    AGA, what is the Date and post #? Concretely?
    Did I wish “a crash plane into her children”?
    1. You are a liar.
    2. Ans as I told that I’m a racist!
    Everything against you is a racism!
    I love this point. :)
    3. BTW I’m not a JT fan.
    4. AGA, stop calling me “she”. I’m ‘He’!
    I hope you are able to feel the difference.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Jackass Luupy LaLa is as dumb as a Dumbo the dog… Tell me how can a Talking walking Human Beeing can be STOLEN…. KIDNAP yes… Stolen???
    Thanks God BP dump that sorry ass Chinnochio… HALELUYAH!!!!
    Why don’t you crawl under a rock and sleep until the kingdom come … Surabaya .. Jakarta .. Paris… New Jork.. London… VIVA Internet..
    This is how it’s work, old man!!!!!

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Sorry AGA… I meant to reply to JL…

  • JL

    Oh “Sorry AGA” !
    ShiitHO is drunken after sex with his dog.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Good looking couple

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    It’s The First 8 Minutes Of Brad Pitt In ‘World War Z’… Described By Someone
    Written by Ashley Burns
    Film Drunk

    There’s really not much to say about the disaster in a disaster that is World War Z, the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ outstanding zombie novel that isn’t actually based on the book, that we haven’t already said before. The basic recap is that the film rights caused a bidding war between production companies owned by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, with the latter eventually securing the rights, and that was probably the only positive highlight of an otherwise doomed film production.

    With World War Z reportedly way over budget and experiencing a litany of production problems, fans of the literary version have grown incredibly skeptical of the film’s prospects, and we’re all basically endlessly crying over this movie, despite the fact that we haven’t seen it. Thankfully, someone finally got his eyes on a clip of WWZ, specifically the first eight minutes, and it sounds like we basically have more to complain about now.

    That someone is Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci, who was able to peep the exclusive footage at Harry Knowles’ birthday movie marathon.

    “The ‘zombies’ are full on rage zombies as seen in 28 Days Later. They even have those very yellow eyes, and all that spastic movement. It’s obvious that 28 Days is the source material for this film, possibly even more than Brooks’ novel.”

    Faraci calls the whole thing “dead generic” which pretty much sums up our expectations to this point, especially since the film’s first trailer already revealed that we were getting superhuman Speedy Gonzales zombies instead of the traditional Slowpoke Rodriguez type. At this point, I’m just trying to lower my expectations to the point that I’ll walk into the theater thinking, “Here comes the worst movie ever” so I’ll exit thinking, “Hey, it was better than Grown Ups.”

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    From the UK are:

    The Top 10 Favourite Female Stars of 2012 are:

    1.Judi Dench (27%)

    2.Helena Bonham-Carter (10%)

    3=Cameron Diaz (6%) =Mila Kunis (6%)

    5.Anne Hathaway (5.7%)

    6.Jennifer Lawrence (5.4%)

    7.Rachel Weisz (5.1%) 8

    8.Jennifer Aniston (4.9%)

    9.Nicole Kidman (4.1%)

    10.Emma Watson (3.9%)

    Top 10 Actors:

    The Top 10 Favourite Male Stars of 2012 are:

    1.Daniel Craig (26%)

    2.Johnny Depp (11.5%)

    3.Will Smith (11.4%)

    4.Christian Bale (7%)

    5.Robert Downey Jnr. (6%)

    6.Daniel Radcliffe (5%)

    7.Tom Cruise (4%)

    8.Colin Farrell (3.7%)

    9.Michael Fassbender (3.5%)

    10.Tom Hardy (2.8%) … s-of-2012/

    Umm Where’s the love in the UK for Jolie and Pitt?? Aren’t they internationally loved and adored??

  • JL

    They are internationally aborted.

  • Debbie

    Looking so lovely Jennifer!

  • Hi!

    2 hotties shopping. awwww.

  • Good point

    @Gun: Haha:D

  • Shreya

    @ Gun: you really need to get a life instead of obsessing about Brad and Angelina. I say that you are obsessed with them because you seems to know a lot more about them than your supposed idol Jennifer.

    I am from the UK and I can tell you that most people here dont give a shit about Jennifer and her movies. Mostly because the movies are the same story again and again. We love Brad and Angelina’s movies because they are diverse and has social messages in them.

    FInishing of with this: Brad’s latest movie was made with a budget of $15million and within 10 days the gross is the double at $30.. That my friend is what we call star power.

  • Shreya

    ops – meant the gross was $30million

  • Naomi x

    @Shreya: I am also from the UK,and let me just say. People adore Jennifer! when girls get together, they watch Jennifer’s flicks. They’re just awesome and funny and makes you feel all warm and happy inside.
    The only movies we know of angelina is mr and mrs smith and the only movie most of us know of brad is mr and mrs smith that tenth ocean film and the curious case of benjamin button. oh and I remembered one more from Angelina,tomb radar. but generally we know alot of Jennifer’s movies. and we love em. Just putting my opinion out there. Thanks.

  • :-D

    Beautiful Jen!
    I like her glasses!

  • :-D


  • :-D

    I love this couple!

  • JL

    Jolie’s body is like this :-D-000===:
    Jolie’s mug is like this ‘*@*’

  • Nicky

    @JL: Hahahahahahaha

  • aww

    I hope the pregnancy rumors are true

  • JL

    Theroux is pregnant with her money.

  • Princess Peach

    Nice smiley happy couple.
    I want a partner like him!

  • Melanie Beatriz

    How cute are this couple???!??

  • Themusicaddict

    Jen being happy makes me happy.
    Jen’s smile makes me smile.