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Jennifer Connelly: Christmas Tree Peek-a-boo!

Jennifer Connelly: Christmas Tree Peek-a-boo!

Jennifer Connelly peeks out from behind a Christmas tree while trying to find a cab on Wednesday (December 5) in New York City.

The 41-year-old Oscar-winning actress ended up getting some assistance from a couple of police officers in trying to get a ride to her next destination.

Jennifer is currently at work on her new film Winter’s Tale in the Big Apple. She was spotted on set last weekend filming some scenes with her co-star Colin Farrell!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Connelly hiding in the trees…

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jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 01
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 02
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 03
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 04
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 05
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 06
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 07
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 08
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 09
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 10
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 11
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 12
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 13
jennifer connelly christmas tree peek a boo 14

Credit: Curtis Means/ACE; Photos: INFdaily
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  • shabbo

    she has gotten too skinny. Her legs are the same width all the way up!

  • Reba

    I love Jennifer! Yeah, she is a bit too skinny, but I think she’s always been that way naturally. I mean she’s had a bunch of kids, so it’s gotta be genetic at this point in her life.

  • laura

    She’s so ugly.. Her features are too manly, puah!

  • Sammy

    She is much too thin – I hope she’s okay.

  • canada

    at first glance, i thought this was jared leto

  • Bear

    Please eat.

  • Leenah

    OMG..I thought it was Jared Leto in the pics at first sight…

  • Nano

    She’s obviously sick. Hope she’ll get the help she needs, she’s such a great actress!

  • Zoe

    Totally looks like the paps are stalking her here. She probably doesn’t want it because she has no makeup on. And she IS a very beautiful woman. She just looks plain here because she doesn’t have any makeup on. Reality….90% of woman do so quit slamming her.

  • kiki

    sorry, but she is disgusting:((((

  • lanas-world

    @Leenah: Now that you say that…wtf?

    She is too skinny =( . I love her. Is it me or everyone seems to be way too skinny lately?

  • taz

    i remember a few years ago when she looked like a skeleton with skin and her husband came up with some lie but it’s obvious that she has an eating disorder. You can tell by her hair, that’s the first thing to go.. hope she gets help but honestly ‘hollywood’ like their actors this thin — and don’t say it’s for a role she’s playing.. anne hathaway has exhausted that excuse

  • taz

    @Zoe: uh people are commenting about her weight (well, minus 1) & not the fact that she isn’t wearing any make up!

  • Ceara

    I think she is a naturally skinny woman but it does look like she has lost weight. She needs to gain at least 10 pounds.

  • Black-Dahlia

    @Leenah: same here. Which is WEIRD.

  • Love The Shoes

    Everyone criticizing Jennifer, Angelina and others who don’t happen to be fatties are probably themselves calorically challenged in that “you can’t STOP stuffing your pieholes! For America to be the most overweight, overeating country in the world (and that’s documented) it is also the most hypocritical one when it comes to people always being on a d@mn diet or joining a reducing plan. If they aren’t on Weight Watchers they’re on Jenny Craig.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Ceara: Why does she need to gain? Are you the weight police? Why does it bother some of you so that she’s the size that she is? American women and their issues with OTHER females and their weight is fascinating.

  • @ Love The Shoes

    Get over yourself. She’s extremely thin, and it is well-documented that many Hollywood women have eating disorders and go to extremes to keep themselves thin (and young-looking, but that’s another issue). They usually don’t reveal that until they are older (and one of the magazines pays them for their exclusive).

  • lola_uk

    @Reba: “naturally” “genetic”? you can’t really believe that, right? This is not what naturally thin looks like!

  • hmmmm

    I think she looks thinner because of the shoes too. I mean they make her legs look much thinner then they may actually be. Her feet look gigantic and thus her legs look smaller. She is thinner but I still say the shoes are not helping

  • http://justjared tatiane ribeiro vaz

    sempre linda

  • Love The Shoes

    @@ Love The Shoes: No, you get over thinking you know someones life just because you got fat issues! Everyone isn’t waddling around your world has some dietary tribulations and your stereotyping and assuming Jennifer C or anyone else does who doesn’t fit your fat ideal is your problem not theirs.

  • Love The Shoes

    @lola_uk: Whats it look like Dr Lola_uk? You know everything so tell us.

  • Diana

    Cut the lady some slack. She does look a bit too thin. Maybe her look is for a movie role.

  • mariuppie

    I think family, friends and media should support her. When skinny jeans look like baggy jeans there’s got to be something wrong…

  • kat

    @Love The Shoes: so which is it, your #16 comment that everyone commenting on her weight is fat and stuffs their piehole (which is judgemental of other women)? or your number #17 comment where you say women should stop judging women (because you just did by insulting other women). doesn’t sound like your to fascinated by other women, your just judgemental as all the other women.

  • nika

    @canada: Haha, exactly! She looks like Jared for sure and they’re both ugly when they’re too skinny. Please, J and J EAT!

  • Love The Shoes

    @kat: Don’t even try it. If you think some dumb ass attempt to deflect from the main point; everybody isn’t a fat ass, you’re dialing the wrong digits and you will hung up on with a slam. Don’t be stupid all your life. Better yet, go stuff your face.

  • NYC

    Hello Anorexia
    A very serious illness.
    She looks like she is starving to death and I hope she gets some help.
    Her husband must be very concerned, I would think.

  • JIM


  • alejandra

    Oh my goodness…When I saw this, I hadnt read the title so I thought it was Jared Leto!

  • Frozoid

    Scary anorexic legs. She was twenty pounds heavier in the Rocketeer:

  • Frozoid

    @NYC: Her weight has gone up and down radically in the last ten years. But go to Google images and see how much heavier she was in earlier movies like The Rocketeer.

  • Frozoid

    @Reba: Um, no, she was 20 pounds heavier in the 1990s. Do your homework, go to Google images and put in “Jennifer Connelly- Rocketeer.” She was positively buxom and voluptuous then.

  • Frozoid

    @Love The Shoes: PLEASE do your homework. Perhaps you weren’t around in the 1990s when Connelly was twenty pounds heavier? Plenty of photos from her old movies on the internet.

  • Frozoid

    @Love The Shoes: It bothers us because she has an eating disorder. Do your homework.

  • Gigi

    She is obviously very uncomfortable. I don’t want to see pics of a woman that doesn’t want to be photographed, can’t understand why the paparazzi feels the need to take these sorts of pics.

  • Rilo

    @canada: Really sad but at first I thought this was Jared Leto too. Until I realized she had eyebrows.

  • -_-

    ..she has that diet drink in her hand, too. =/

    its disappointing because she has a daughter now and this isn’t the best image, no matter how young she is


    Yes she look terrible, so skinny, its not sexy at all, so like a sceleton or old lady, all clothes hang on her like on some stick, she should get some treatment in some eating facility.

  • Beard

    I don’t know if Jennifer Connelly is naturally thin, but look her up in ‘Dark City’ with Rufus Sewell and you’ll see how beautiful she can look with a few extra kilos.
    of course, a woman’s weight is everybody’s business.

  • Coco

    God dammit for a second I thought it was Jared Leto. Whoa!