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Kristen Stewart: Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Attendee!

Kristen Stewart: Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Attendee!

Kristen Stewart dons red heels while attending a screening of her new film On the Road held at Skywalker Ranch on Friday (December 7) in San Francisco, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was joined by directors Walter Salles, Francis Ford Coppola, and co-star Garrett Hedlund

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The day before, Kristen and Garrett were all dressed up for a screening of the film in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that Kristen will join Jessica Chastain to raise money for the upcoming 12-12-12 Sandy Fundraiser, which will help victims of the storm that affected the Northeast.

FYI: Kristen is wearing H&M leather pants, BCBG jacket, A.L.C. t-shirt, and Christian Louboutin heels.

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Credit: C Flanigan; Photos: Wireimage
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  • kenny

    great look on her!

  • nina

    ok now, this try-hard award campaigning is REALLY embarassing..

  • fg

    she’s really beautiful, best to you kristen!

  • anne

    brace yourselfs, haters comments are coming! KRISTEN YOU ROCK

  • yeah, right

    like she cares…..

  • CHO

    Looks great again

  • Kylie

    Wow – you know her PR team is working overtime when this young woman is all of a sudden joining fundraising efforts. That’s so classic Hollywood, a move I would have thought was way too unreal for such a real gal like her.

  • Nightwish

    f u c k ing GORGEOUS

  • Nightwish

    @anne: AS HOT AS S AS THEY WILL EVER GET, how’s that for ya?

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love her… <3

  • Coco

    This is probably the most promoted movie right now, but I don’t see it in the lists of potential candidates for awards. I heard that Garret was the one who gave a great perfomance in the movie and he deserves recognition, but they are all focus Kristen for some reasons. I really believe this wont happen, as competition of this years AA is very strong. And also since when Kristen started to attend charity events, we have never seen her before in any events, but now ?

  • always

    Love her ,gorgeous,hot

  • kim

    WHY Rob? You can do so much better. This girl is horrible and boring.

  • numberone

    kristen look so elegant and beautiful. she is very unique and special. i love how she always being herself. kristen you are the best!.

  • Everhart

    She is a goddess

  • Joan

    this girl is ugly. she deserves stay alone forever. She hasn’t class.

  • Clarice

    She looks gorgeous!!!!

  • Marta

    Honestly, Rob is too much for Kslut. He deserves someone beautiful, talented and respectful by his side.

  • jojo

    she is now what she said she hated. she is becoming overexposed at this point.

  • Lia

    is that me … or it is a little bit awkward ? Anyway she looks lovely , but I can’t stand her ! I don’t personnaly know the chick but still … There is something about her that is so annoying !
    I will be extremely upset if she is nominated !

  • hno

    you have to be a sl.ut to support a sl.ut

  • notafan

    On the Road, seriously, is getting On the Nerves of people. Why are they doing so many screenings, its suffocating. Enough! God knows how much the producer spends on these stupid screenings, it may cost more than the movie itself, and since I now this movie isn’t going to make money, these futile screenings are just going to add to the overall financial loss

  • booboo

    Definitely it is that KPIGSCREW is cleaning up her sl*tty, smelly, dirty, awful, vulgar (yet all her true character) image… would someone bite?!
    Only those gullible & stupid TwiTARDS!

  • wow

    how many more unnecessary screenings of this terribly boring movie??? its like you’re really, and i mean REALLY beating a dead horse with this one, holy shizzzzzz!

  • http://twitter kiana

    people stop acting stupid the governors awards is for people who are nominee’s that’s what it’s for and the varity event she was at both you do the math i don’t here any news website blog or award commitee talking about garret performance just her’s and get over it twilight is over this is a different movie that she sigined on to do before twilight it’s not trying to get an oscar it’s called promoting a movie.

  • lex

    why do people talk about things they don’t have any clue about. stop being so negative just because you dont know about it doesn’t mean she doesn’t do it. she helps with redcross, shoe revolt and oxfam. yes she did something wrong but we all do things wrong at some point in life and she didn’t do anything to you so why so hurt ?

  • Jenn

    The happiest day in my life will be when Kslut go away forever from films and Rob’s life.

  • saysay

    KLEWD doing some charities is like seeing Kim Kardasskank being a ‘nun’!

  • lex

    the only thing about this post that makes me smile is garrett wearing a beanie ^_^

  • Stewart the Fame Wh@ress

    This film is boring. There’s not one character in it that is relatable. How ridiculous that this overpaid twat thinks she understands the lost generation and all she does in it ( big news) is have sex scenes. That’s called porn not acting.

  • Julie

    LMAO!! these comments are hilarious especialky from the haters! She can give two shits about what you think, rock on kristen you’re beautiful!!


    @kiana:The Governors award is not for nominees, it for scientific and technical merit in film making and Honorary oscars. All those actors and actresses that attend are just there to campaign and sell themselves in hopes of being nominated by rubbing shoulders with Academy governors. And considering the fact that On the road is being released in limited theatres……that is studio speak for being a big flop. The cannes critic reviews already gave it a thumbs down.


    @kiana, The governors award is for scientific and technical merit in film making and for honorary oscar winners. The actors and actresses that attend are campainging and selling themselves to the Academy governors in hope of being nominated. Most sights aree sawing the gaarret’s performance was great, Kristen not so great and the movie not really worth watching, which is why the studio is only releasing it in limited theatres, the continual promotions is in the hopes to drum up more interest which is not happening. Cannes Critic Review already gave it a thumbs down.

  • Julie

    Another thing, you claim you dont like her and she should stay away??? how about you quit clicking on links that have her name in it!! You people are so damn transparent its hilarious! She will always have more in her life than you anyway, so yet AGAIN she wins. Face it she owns your ass ifyou have time to comment on a post about her, especially if you hate her! What do you get out of it anyway? You enjoy being mean, petty and jealous? Thats a damn shame and really sad.

  • Other Julie

    @Julie: Jealous of Stewart ??? Certainly not x) Jealous of what ???
    She is unfaithful, she doesn’t know how to act and she is a Razzie nominee (actually, 3 times. Certainly 4 in 2013)

  • Julie

    @Other Julie: sweetheart the fact that your on a page that talks about kristen and her career and all you can do is bash her and insult her tells me you’re nothing but jealous and just pathetic. She was unfaithful? Ok, yes i will give you that but so are so many others, what gives u the right to throw her in a pit of fire? And she aploogized, move on. Those razzies mean shit especially when its for twilight lmao hello the actors themselves make fun of the movie! And the fact that you know how many nominations tells me one thing YOU ARE OBSESSED!

  • R

    Non riesco a vedere sopra la testa di questa cagna! alla riscossa!

  • Mason james

    Dude, this girl is fine! Yeah twilight sucked but give the girl a break she has others movies and she was pretty decent in them. I personally enjoyed adventureland and into the wild. I dont know, i know some dont agree but i think shes a beauty!

  • R

    @Julie: we’ll stop talking about her when we no longer see her dirty untalented slut’s face simple.

  • Carly

    @R: wow, you are very hateful and mean, i sure hope nobody ever wishes something like that to you.

  • Natasha

    too beautiful kristen.. my eyes hurt. there’s something about her face…
    for you people who says that Robert is too good for her, well, personally in terms of looks alone, Robert is just okay looking.

  • Carly

    @Julie: i agree with everything you said, but honestly dont waste your time on these people, they enjoy this and its so not worth it!

  • Reed

    she’s desperate for a job but nobody wants to hire her, has time on her hands and keeps seeking attention. I will not see on the road just because she is in it.

  • you don’t get it

    Pardon me, but you do not know how artsy films are dirstributed or promoted. On the Road is a Salas’ and Capolla’s dream, a pet project. Something they waited years to do. It is not form profit. They screening is a way of distribution. It will be only shown in 2 or 4 cinemas after that.
    Stop your rumbling,you will never see the film, why even comment?

  • Reed

    @you don’t get it:
    oh, shut up. People can comment on the stuff they like or don’t like. It’s called freedom of speech. Now go on and fight with someone else.

  • asking

    I love Kristen (Garrett too) In reality I LOVE KRISTEN MORE NOW, AFTER THE SCANDAL THAN BEFORE. !! I am trying to go to SVA showing and promo on Dec13, but i have no idea how to get a ticket! Anybody knows at least what time it is, eveing or day? I wish to go badly. I wanted to ask thta twitter girl”IamTulip’ but I don’t have a twitter.
    Can sonbody ske her? She knows everything and lives in NYC, I think,Thanks

  • crabs are back!

    haters are back and they are like fleas. Sarah pallin is calling you- she needs your support.Wallmart has a sale- don’t miss it!

  • F ckk off her

    You are closeted Twilight hag who bullies a young actress (undererving garces of Edward Cullen) for hobby. Fck off her, take care of your crabs , wash your sweat pants and get your arm shaved. You reek of urine. You are a dead corpse of a human. Don’t follow Kristen. Why the f ck you are here?

  • right

    no Brangelina news so the loonies are pairing up to fight for KStew. There is a life beside online boards girls, don’t miss it

  • nika

    She sucks in On the Road. Her character is way different in the book AND I hate that producers concentrate on her since she was only in the beginning of the book and the story was much more than what they put out.