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Kristen Stewart: Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Attendee!

Kristen Stewart: Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Attendee!

Kristen Stewart dons red heels while attending a screening of her new film On the Road held at Skywalker Ranch on Friday (December 7) in San Francisco, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was joined by directors Walter Salles, Francis Ford Coppola, and co-star Garrett Hedlund

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The day before, Kristen and Garrett were all dressed up for a screening of the film in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that Kristen will join Jessica Chastain to raise money for the upcoming 12-12-12 Sandy Fundraiser, which will help victims of the storm that affected the Northeast.

FYI: Kristen is wearing H&M leather pants, BCBG jacket, A.L.C. t-shirt, and Christian Louboutin heels.

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Credit: C Flanigan; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Kelly

    I was being serious, can someone please explain it to me?

  • Sl*Ut

    D-list actress will always be a cheater!

  • M

    @Kelly: 1. She will be passe when this Twilight nonsense i.e. the promotion ends 2. Her image is forever tainted by the public’s perception of her as a homewrecker with very little acting talent. Her relationship with her rather sniveling and spineless boyfriend will probably come to a screeching halt by this time next year.

  • M

    Honestly, this awkward girl is just plain unlikable and I agree that she has a bad rep. Her only saving grace is that the Twilight movie is raking it in at the box office. But come on, the only way the movie was not going to make money is if a natural disaster struck and demolished all of the movie theaters.

  • eh

    the only thing that comes to mind when looking at her is.. twilight is over!!

  • Melanie

    @amy: Shes only got a bad reputation in your town population 25 idiots, everywhere else where it MATTERS she is praised, just because you refuse to admit it to yourself or have a hard time reading doesnt take away the fact that she is respected and well lked to the IMPORTANT people in hollywood. Places like this and tabloids dont matter… Idk y im even arguing here, people like you are a waste of time. You can post all the hateful comments you want, you can claim all the things you want they will never matter! Now im gonna sit back and watch haters be predictable and dislike this comment and hate on me…. Ready…set…GO!!!!

  • Garrett

    Yes! I hear he is a good guy. Bought himself a simple apartment in HW with the money he earned. He is a serious dude, not a joker. Maybe there is not too many roles for him in films but I am sure he will make living acting. We all fell in love with him after Tron. He didn’t have the best childhood, his parents divorced. he is close to both of them. I think when a person goes through a lot in life it he becomes more sensitive and kinder to others. I likes his ‘ aged” look, a bit pre mature wrinkles on his face. He is a pug to me, lol. Look, his gf isn’t young or a virgin but he loves her , goes hand in hand with her. I am happy for both of them. Who knows what life brings, at the moment Garrett is in a happy place.

  • Rot!


    At 75.Call ahot line for help. What the c unt like you doing here? Get your f cking ass to the shower bofore you attack Pattison’s cut out! Vile p ig!

  • Kelly

    Thanks for explaining… I dont agree with you, i personally like her and find her refreshing and just different, but you have your own thoughts obviously. Just wish people wouldnt be so mean about it

  • alana

    trying to make the public like her now and show the industry she cares, she is pathetic, she just needs to go away to AU like she used to talk about when Twilight started, no one wants to work with her anymore, all the others from Twilight have work lined up, but her, she’s NOT a nice person and yes she can’t get work in this town

  • Lea


  • Cwe

    @Rot!: Stop barking

  • ula

    Ruth is working double time on KSCREW’s image…she used to work for LiLo, she dealt with worse, KSCREW can’t get work and is blaming Rupert when in reality, she doesn’t have a good reputation, KSCREW just needs to go away, work on herself, and do some growing up.

  • A

    @Melanie: “Shes only got a bad reputation in your town population 25 idiots, everywhere else where it MATTERS she is praised, just because you refuse to admit it to yourself or have a hard time reading doesnt take away the fact that she is respected and well lked to the IMPORTANT people in hollywood” -You DESPERATELY need a REALITY CHECK.Try pulling your head out of Kristen’s a*s maybe that will help

  • To foopa “girls”

    @<a href="/2012/12/08/kristen-stewart-hurricane-sandy-fundraiser-attendee/comment-page-5/#comment-26708@M:
    Are you making you wish list to Santa? Oh, I am so sorry that you have to watch Kristen in Twilight 10 times, I can see now how badly your belly hurts when she glows on the screen. I fell sorry(NOT) for haters. They have to look at Kristen for 1.5 hr out of 2 hr of each twilight film. She is always on the screen. Can you ,redneck girls, do something about it- like put glasses on to cover her face and mute her voice and put you instead, no? (Don’t forget to wash you old sweat pant in a gentle cycle and leave them out to dry. They should be dry by Monday)Also Old Navy has a sale on sweaters- 2 for $30 in assorted colors and sizes to cover your foopa.
    Yes, you do need a new pair of leggings to go with it.!!Whatever you do, haters, do not miss the latest episode of Honey BooBoo and T bow special at you local sport’s channel!

  • Curly here

    I like Kristen’s hair her, on one side. I noticed that this must be a current fashion. Had seen it on others. You must have a long hair and long neck for it but at least a gurl deosn’t have to bake and flatten her hair daily(that is me!)

  • ash

    KSCREW is a laughing stock in the industry, no she working on her image, Ruth is really earning her keep, no one wants to be associated with KSCREW, in a few years she will be doing Lifetime Movies for Women and trying desperately to get on a prime time network show.

  • Melanie

    @A: I need a reality check?!? You people are bashing someone who you do not know. You act like her existance affects your lives, you live and breathe her name and dont deny it because you’re here arent you? And yet im in need of a reality check, desperately at that?!?!?LOL…. My head is mighty comfy up kristens ass thank you ;)

  • Melanie

    @ash: Even if that was the case and i can promise you it wont be, its still MORE than you will accomplish

  • run

    Pure bulling by some.Ppoor nurse who take care ofKkate Middelton- her peers bullied her to death over her error. It is easy to many hags her to remain “pure” as they call each other- nobody wants them in a first place, nobody challenge their faith , their friendship. I feel sorry for men who will be trapped in marriages with such terrible women! Crusaders!

  • mia

    Giovanni Agenelli-I know you read these comments & try to defend KSCREW. Can you please do the public a favor & tell her to just go away. She has screwed up her own career, no likes her, no one will go to see her, which means no one will hire her. Just tell her to take her millions and move far away, just get out while she is ahead.

  • speard joy!


    So, alana, you are following and spying on her from the time she started Twilight and you will tell her what she should do? Why the f ck youhave glued you rotten as s to her? Why the F ak are you posting here? Sniffing her butt? Counting her p pubic hair? You are nobody, noting , a waste an an error of gens.You contribute nothing to society . As ss sniffer. Get a new cut out of Rob, request from Santa. Like a nice Christian girl, spreading love and joy to all this holy season.

  • Melanie

    @mia: LMAO to this whole comment, minus the giovanni part bc i think he talks too much and he needs to stop!

  • yo ho -ash


    Yes indeed, K will be doing tv for women while “ash” will scrub and polish the studio bathrooms (with union benefits, of course)

  • Melanie

    @speard joy!: lol predictable behavior is predictable! They wont stop sweetie, but their comments are funny arent they!

  • lola

    I for one want her to stay around…the way she’s going it’s only going to be a matter of time before she ends up like LiLo…I want to watch the crash and burn.

  • Curious here


    Do you like watching people “crush and burn”, why? It gives you joy? I am very sorry for LiLO, she is a human , not well, used early on by her parents. I would never rejoyce over anybody’s misfurtunes. Kristen is strong, don’t worry about her. twilight is over and I hope that 50 Shades of Gery will be make so all those needy and greedy females move to “love” those actors.

  • Melanie

    @Curious here: perfectly stated! Wonderful comment!

  • crazy b itch mia


    Can sombody , please, help that hater girl? She must be that Aquarius 64 chick. Nobody wants Kristen but you still commenting and raging over her! Twilight is not real, it is over anyway!! No more Twlight, hear that? Pattsion was faking sex and kisses on the screen, does it help you, no? I see you need a new Edward poster…go ahead , buy it. Just do no came back here. Be true to yourself.

  • Melissa

    Someone please tell this girl to stop with the Adderall, he acting would improve so much.

  • http://doitbitch crazy b itch mia

    Bitch you are either ASH OR MIA, chose one! You can up your Haldol to 1 mg 2 x day, do that!

  • A

    @Melanie: “My head is mighty comfy up kristens ass thank you ;)” Spoken like a true moron.

  • Sindy

    She’s turned into all the things she always has claimed she’s not, this is just pathetic pandering.

  • Melanie

    @A: well, takes one to know one i guess… Kisses :)

  • Words of wisdom

    This page is being attacked by a loony Kstew fan who likes to call out each and every person who makes a negative remark about her queen.This is what happens when you start living through Kstew to date Rob P,you start taking insults directed at her personally and loose you mental balance

  • A

    @Melanie: Everybody knows that Kristen fans are morons its not rocket science,ya know? ;)

  • Sarah

    Looks like “Melanie” is logging in multiple times to attack anyone who doesn’t like Ho White. Melanie-do US all a favor, step away from the computer, take another dose of your meds, and go for a walk outside. Thank you:)

  • Melanie

    @Words of wisdom: I assume you mean me, she is not my queen lol far from it, i just believe if you can dish you can recieve, have i hit a nerve? Terribly sorry, i know haters like to keep these pages for themselves since its the only place few people tend to agree with them.

  • Melanie

    @Sarah: Melanie is one person thank you, she doesnt stoop down to your kind of peoples level. :)

  • Melanie

    My, my we are being feisty arent we? I lOVE IT!

  • Sarah

    Melanie-you love this?! Really, honey you aren’t acting like it, I really do think you need breather, those nasty comments are NOT healthy. A walk outside will do you a lot of good, even just 15 minutes, get some sun while it’s still out.

  • Melanie

    Hey A?? Since everyone knows kristens fans are morons, and i included you in the group by saying “takes one to know one” to which you didnt deny since you replied with everyone knows kristens fans are morons, u basically just called yourself a kristen fan AND a moron…. Congratulations :))

  • Melanie

    @Sarah: I havent said one nasty thing, the comments by people like you, why yes those are pretty nasty… What i love is annoying people like you and its working since you’re answering me in such a rude manner…. I spent all day outside actually, im just having some fun now before bed :)

  • Luiza

    @Jayden: CLAP CLAP CLAP. I saud everything. Perfect comment, exaclty how I think.

  • Pobert Rattinson

    Poor Melanie is trying to defend a wh–e,guys please allow her.But Mel let me tell you that you’ve got a lot of defending to do sweets as the general perception about Kstew is homewrecking sk–ank. I know you are safely tucked between Kstew’s buttcheeks but you need to come out and face the real word.

  • Cyn

    She looks beautiful

  • cute

    It’s getting really hard to look at her standing with any director or producer without thinking of that other episode and wonder, hmmmm. But love her outfit and shoes. Where’s Rob, he’s virtually disappeared? I want to see his pretty face too.

  • aquarius64

    Operation Image Rehab – phase 3. Since Rob forgiving her and taking her back has not quelled the criticism of her character and cleaned up her image, this is a last ditch effort. She has NEVER made public any charity work, nor has she participated in a telethon like event to raise money publicly. No matter what she does, Kristen did something so horrendously selfish, stupid and cruel it’s going to stay with her for a very long time. Correction – her Mini-Cooper mess is in her Wikipedia bio entry; it’s never going to go away.

  • Sarah

    Melanie-I’m trying to help, it’s just so sad your not able to see it. It true what they say you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. Just don’t do anything to hurt yourself.

  • A

    @Melanie: My previous comments on this post prove that I am not a Kristen fan so I don’t need to spell it out for you,dumbo. ;)