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Ryan Gosling Wears New Sweater for Breakfast!

Ryan Gosling Wears New Sweater for Breakfast!

Ryan Gosling heads to breakfast wearing a maroon cardigan sweater on Friday morning (December 7) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actor has been criticized this past week for wearing the same sweater in the past three times he has been spotted out and about – all within just a few days!

Ryan wore the sweater while picking up Mexican food on Wednesday, while out for lunch on Monday, and while receiving a large shipment at home last Friday.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ryan Gosling’s new sweater choice?

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  • Dan

    Cool Guy!

  • Sarah

    Creepy. How the f*ck do you know it’s a new sweater? Stalker alert. Leave the pretty boy alone. He can wear the same sweater a week in a row with that face and body!

  • I called it!

    Oh please! He can wear the same sweater for a year if he wants…what does it matter? He’s still sexy as heck!!

  • Cyn♥

    I love him so much!! He’s Perfect!! ♥

  • Lou

    I think he could wear the same sweater for a whole month, he would still be hot.

  • Yohji

    I doubt anybody has been criticising him. That seems a little melodramatic.

  • calli

    good to know

  • Dana

    I could give a s**t about an old sweater! I’m just happy to see that smile. *le sigh*

  • Lola

    Anyone know the story behind the key he always wears around his neck?

  • czd

    oh i love his style. Handsome guy!!!

  • carie

    @Lola: the key of his heart?

  • carie

    honestly,it’s the most idiot question of the month !
    we need a referendum about this important question!
    we need to ask Obama’s opinion on Ryan’s new sweater!

  • Jen

    What they mean is that the paparazzi are criticizing him for wearing the same thing because it makes the pictures less valuable and less likely to be bought by a magazine or blog. He can wear whatever he wants and if that bothers the people trying to make money off of his photo, then they should go find another job.

  • Cate

    LMAO @ this bizarre title! Definitely got my attention at least.

  • doglatin

    The irony of it all is, this “new” cardigan is actually a few years old. He wore it on the Ellen show when he gave away the onesie pjs. Anyone remember?

  • Jimmy

    I just came in here to say the title of this post is pretty hilarious.

  • sookie

    how do you know he wears new sweater? lol He’s HOT

  • Alaia

    @Jen: I think the Olsens used to do the same thing.

  • LA_Love

    @Lola: I heard once that it was his house key. it kinda looks like a house key, so that makes sense. Kinda funny, though.

  • Daniel

    Much too good for the Cuban tranny Eva.

  • Claire

    Congrats on the new sweater, Ry!

  • lovely

    I don’t see why it matters if someone wears a sweater a few times? I only have a few sweaters myself and wear the same ones over and over– and the problem is? are people really supposed to only wear something once? silly!

  • lovely

    papparazzi suck. Leave people the f alone!

  • Prezes

    Who haven’t wore the same sweater/sweatshirt for few days in a row, shall first throw a stone. I mean really, I study abroad and I couldn’t take all my clothes with me, so obviously I have to wear the same piece multiple times, so that’s why it doesn’t bother me. Really, Jared, you’re making a headline because a guy wore a different sweater ? He’s not Kim Kardashian, we don’t expect him to wear different clothes every 5 minutes.

  • rikki

    lmao jared who writes these articles?!

  • Terrible Twos

    I think he should buy a bunch of the same sweater in the same color and wear a clean one everyday! That’ll teach ‘em.

  • ela

    he looks great!

  • R

    Let’s get real here. He’s not perfect. He’s not the greatest/nicest/kindest guy in the world. He’s an actor who’s successful and projects an image that is not reality. He tells you the story you want to believe. Come on.

  • cookie

    what an article! journalism at its finest, lmao.

  • rach

    Oh seriously. Who’s criticizing? Who cares? It’s no wonder stars get sick of paps and the press when they make ridiculous things like this into stories. I mean, what, you got some pics of him walking about, and, ooh, look at that he’s not wearing the same jumper as the last few days, well, that’ll do. It has no no real story, but hey, you have the pics right? I adore Ryan but jeez, real stories of interest please.

  • nini

    what about pants hahaha i think if he don’t wear anything than this problem solves and everybody to find peace…and took the chance for see the perfection of mankind…

  • christina

    I’ m just delighted to see THAT smile too…totes gorg!
    ‘MORNING MR.G-have a lovely day!
    See you in London xoxo

  • Len

    are you serious .. so he’s supposed to change five times a day like any other “celebrity” right? this is ridiculous.

  • lila

    so he wore the same shirt a few days in a row, whats so wrong with that?? at least he didnt show up to an event with a sloppy old t shirt with a hole in it under the arm area like Chris Evans used to do.. plus Ryan has his swag he can do that anytime!

  • ace11

    Eva pick that 1 out??

  • Ale

    But where is the problem if Ryan wears the same sweater for more days???? he is a great actor, a great singer, multi tslented man and the man of dresms. Cant understand why it’s so important talking about his look in his spare time

  • dmr

    I think he looks better in the brown one. Who gives a flying F*** what he wears. He could wear a garbage bag and pull it off.