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Cate Blanchett & Freida Pinto - Dubai International Film Festival 2012

Cate Blanchett & Freida Pinto - Dubai International Film Festival 2012

Cate Blanchett is stunning in a Rodarte gown as she arrives at day one of the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival held at the Madinat Jumeriah Complex on Sunday (December 9) in the United Arab Emirates.

The 43-year-old actress was joined by Freida Pinto on the red carpet.

Cate is the head of the jury that will pick the winner of the IWC Schaffhausen Filmmaker script award and Freido is the head of the jury for the short film competitions.

Also pictured: Suraj Sharma, who stars in Life of Pi, the opening film of the festival.

FYI: Cate accessorized with Jimmy Choo shoes. Freida is wearing Ralph Lauren dress with Charlotte Olympia shoes and a Ferragamo clutch.

15+ pictures inside of Cate Blanchett, Freida Pinto, and Suraj Sharma at day one of the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival

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Credit: Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • hanja

    cate always the queen

  • Lou

    Cate is so gorgeous.

  • Megan

    Cate is the best actress and gorgeous. Who is the girl in gold tho?

  • George

    That women is beyond gorgeous. Her face is just perfection.

  • mahamoud

    Dear JJ, this is the troll
    Tanya Periera
    Now well know who she is and her goal.LOLLLL!!!!
    Must be either a relative of Pinto or a close pal.
    This faggot has said many nasty thing on indian actress Aishwarya rai. Calling her ugly round face. She even insulted beautiful Hollywood atctresses like Angelina Jolie. Fugly troll. Check out youtube and this person has many accounts like Krevo,Barthan,
    Fugly troll, You are not as pretty as Angelina or Aishwarya.In your dreams.
    They are an indian pretending to be white. but like to all other actresses
    exposed Big time LOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mahamoud

    And pinto can promote herself however she likes.fact is she is a flop and she really needs to get some big role and some acting lessons if she wants to stay in movies.

  • mahamoud

    Cate is a great actress .Wonderful talented woman. Would rather see her than some no talent,average looking girl flaunting around.

  • Avy

    If you are talking about Cate the yes she is perfection. Talent and a beauty. Could not tak my eyes off her in FOTR even though she was there for like 5 mins lol.

  • sid

    brown girl looks like she clean horse sh!t for a living who is she anyways?

  • Jenna

    Cate & Freida are gorgeous!

  • Desmound

    Freida is okay in looks but not a good actress. I would never put her with these two women. She is not on their level. Besides why was she invited as a judge? She doesn’t know how to act herself lol. Cate I can understand but her? Okay then.

  • mahamoud

    Also people this is what I mean
    This is the little faggot.You have been caught. Shame on you.
    You call indian actress ugly hook nose when you are below average in looks?Whaddya have to say for yourself???
    You call Miss Jolie man-like and Miss rai Beaky nose?Ugly bitch
    Too bad they are known as most beauitful actress,most beautiful women and not fugly pinto.

  • paris

    @sid: racist much??

  • Emilyes

    Guys no more racial fights. Lets talk about how gorgeous Cate looks!

  • Page

    Suraj Sharma is hot!

  • Ivy

    Freida’s dark chocolate skin looks amazing in gold. Love her brown eye shadow…..the make up is flawless as usual. Love the elegant chic hair style. And she’s got the best smile in Hollywood. So gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what she’ll wear next.

  • rikki

    @Ivy: that’s what you call “chocolate brown”?? lmao

    it’s true- they all look great!! X

  • Ivy

    Great to see young Suraj having the time of his life. Reminds me of Freida and Dev when they first broke out with SDM.

  • KK

    Nice to you to to protect and sniff up her ass.
    You have been put to shame and exposed.

  • Danielle Trute

    Cate is a goddess!

  • paris

    @KK: kk you’re missing a k. if you’re going for it then go for it. So typical for a racist to be a coward

  • KK

    @rikki: Please ignore this person.They are some pathetic loser who don’t allow any critcism of madame Pinto.She is someone related to freida. She comment over any blog saying the same thing and says bad things on other stars to make Freida look good.Many have identified this troll.Be ware. Why put down someone else to make another look good? Horrible person.

  • KK

    @paris: Who says anything about me being apart of that klue klux clan? My name is KK and I have not said anything racist. If you want to see a racist commentor please go check out iVY and her Fake IDs. I wish well For freida and she looks great here but I can still give her criticims no? She should get criticism like any other celebrity.

  • Ezra

    Anybody see the Hobbit yet?

  • Ezra

    @KK: You are entitled to your opinion. Is it just me or does it look like paris is the racist ? I agree that this is a celeb blog and people should be allowed to say whatever they want. Hello people we live in 2012. Not 1445.

  • tichien

    @mahamoud: That facebook page is weird. It looks like one of the commentor writing here matches the one on facebook. How odd. Did you know that JJ is site for PR people? Maybe Freida’s PR likes to leave comments here too. Its looks very fishy and odd.

  • Milestogo

    Freida Pinto sure knows how to dress but imo she can’t act or has any talent. Cate on the other hand is both beautiful and talented!

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    Dear Kate,

    You are waay too much of an esteemed actress to be wearing such and ugly dress. I have seen you do better. Please step up your style game like you used to.

    Love, Reason

  • Toni

    Gold looks beautiful on Freida and I love Cate Blanchett

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    @Ivy: Kerry Washington is Chocolate. (I love Kerry. Too bad L’Oreal under utilized her) Frieda is tan. Frieda is very regal, and gorgeous in gold. If there are so many people here hating Frieda she must be doing something right.

    “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”
    -Elie Wiesel

  • Priyanka

    @mahamoud: I mean I have seen other justjared posts and this person even knows where Freida and Dev hang out and where they dine. Who would know such things if they were not a relative or a pal of theirs? They even know about Freida’s family memebers and how they own a resturant. Ohhh shocking !

  • Priyanka

    Keep talking to your hand. We know who you are.
    Freida has no fans or ‘haters’ .You don’t know what that word means. This is a celebrity blog where people come to have their views heard. If you are too immature about it then don’t come here. Or grow up.

  • Why

    Is is just me or are Ivy and VoiceofReason the same person? We get that you like Freida but no need to get this low LMFAO.
    Cate looks great! Can’t wait to see her in the Hobbit movies!

  • Cate

    Queen Cate looks so regal! Freida looks lovely too.

  • Nigga Homy YO

    Whos that nigga b1tch yo

  • Trin

    Cate is a queen. Cate is a goddess . I love her on the stage and in the movies. Mesmerizing. I love see her with her family.

  • KO Tatasugi

    OH no!
    I have not been on JJ for while but still? There are still racist fights over Freida Pinto?Why hasn’t Justjared done something about this one person.
    Very sad to see they are still thumbing up their own comments and thumbing down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Its very immature too.
    Freida looks really cute and pretty here but she no competitor of someone like Cate Blanchet,Angelina Jolie,Aishwarya Rai Bahchan.
    Yes I do agree that Ivy and Voice whatever are the same person. If you are new to JJ then let me tell you that this person is a dysfunctional troll and says many nasty racist things on Indians and indian celebs. Which is sad. Many indian women are very pretty light skin or dark skin. This person is thought to be some relative of freida Pinto. They way the write about her and defend is very passionatly and as if they personally know her.
    If you check Pinkvilla this person goes by the name of rasuinda.
    Its very sad to see that this person has nothing better to do but trash and insult an entire race of people over a useless celeb like freida pinto.She hasn’t achieved anythng major in Hollywood and compared to most of the stars in hollywood she is not amazngly pretty or even talented. What they are doing is wrong and racist. Please put your anger aside and just leave a comment without bringiing up indians,bollywood,Aishwarya Rai,etc. Please for the last time this is a public forum and let people have their comments. Please let others have their opinions. No need to be rude or nasty. I also agree to stop with the racial fights. Please stop it.

  • KO Tatasugi

    Yes Cate is looking very goddess-like. I am in awe of her beauty and acting.
    Freida looks very cute and pretty But I am sad to see she has not been offered alot of roles. She really needs to upgrade her acting skills.

  • AfI

    Cate is a beauty.

  • Trin

    I CAN’T stand racism.
    Freida is gorgeous.
    AND Cate is stunning. The best Actress in the World. Her outfit is flawless. I love her.

  • Thyres

    Yes I also agree I have seen only one person writing the same comments on Freida Pinto’s posts. Okay there are people who like her but there are people who don’t like her. Why does that shock you so much? Have heard of twitter or facebook. To this one person why are you trying to hard to make it look like she has so many fans but write the same exact way ? Why? What are you hoping to achieve by putting down a group of people to make her look good? Thats awful.
    I am not indian but I am of persian decent(iranian) and I can tell you that indian women are really stunning. Yes they are of all colours and it looks beautiful. Freida is pretty but compared to those women? Nah.
    Please take your racist mentality elsewhere. We don’t want it here. You asshole!

  • Thyres

    I am sorry but I laughed at that page. I know its not funny but I am still laughing. Its this person here, Ivy/Voiceofreason
    Pathetic all.
    No more racist comments from now on okay?

  • Lones

    Love Cate but who the heck is Freida Pinto?

  • Simran

    I mean Freida is not beautiful or a good actress but she alteast tried.
    Good she tried. Maybe she can do better in Bollywood? Good luck to her future works. I was sad that she got casted as a maid in Trishna. Indians are alway seen as poor maids or beggars to Americans.

  • Tonyfraz

    Duchess Cate brough along the help lol
    The freida chick looks like her driver or someone who runs the bath for her. So ugly. I think I have seen her before, oh wait she works at a mexican bar lol.

  • Niki

    @sid: LOL so true! She does look like she cleans horse shit! Arabian kings can hire her as a horse poop shoveler.

  • potel

    Shut up VoiceofReaon/IVY. Loser.Dumb idiot writes racist comments but can’t handle it when others question her? She must be a relative of Pinto.
    What haters does miss pinto have? or even fans. She hardly got a fanbase or haterbase.Only one lame troll who has been exposed lol.
    Now we know who it is.

  • Ivy

    LOL……I love making the Bigots expose themselves.

  • Ivy

    In trying to run down Freida … have just insulted the Mexicans, you twat!

  • Jenna

    OMG! There is so much hate within this post. I guess the power of anonymity turns people into animals. So sad.