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Miranda Kerr: Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot Sneak Peek Pic!

Miranda Kerr: Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot Sneak Peek Pic!

Miranda Kerr shows off her legs for days as she heads out to dinner on Saturday night (December 8) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model recently tweeted a new picture from an upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion campaign shoot, where she is modeling a pair of bra and underwear!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Good afternoon world. Shooting @victoriassecret with @frankiefoye and @rmsbeauty. Sending love and light đź’‹” Miranda tweeted, along with the pic earlier in the week. Check it out below!

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miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 01
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 02
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 03
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 04
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 05

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  • ha ha

    pumpkin headed twaaaaat

  • Carla

    Orlando deserves a better wife, he is a good man. I didn’t see them as a family..

  • hmmm

    oh, miranda again. doing what she does best – parading around NYC for photo ops.

  • Miranda & Orlando are Dunzo

    I thought she was flying back to London to see him? Wonder why that got cancelled *cough Leo cough*. They should both be ashamed of themselves, and she sure does love calling the paps!

  • Orlando Fan

    She was indeed supposed to fly to London this very weekend to meet Orlando. So that was obviously a lie or some excuse to try to hide that she was in fact staying in NY to party with Leo. I don’t trust this girl.

  • Reba

    JJ, you are posting her a bit much lately. Much more than other sites:(

  • What’s next?

    What happened with visit to Orlando on friday…?

  • RupertSanders

    she is lovely

  • As expected

    @4, 5, 7:
    You all realized that she is full of it. A cheater, that’s what’s she is.

  • Ring

    Where is her wedding ring?

  • mary jane

    @Carla Its Orlando who chose to have a trophy wife. I’m sure he wasn’t thinking of her in an apron with a hoover in her hand when he went for her.

  • Fooled much

    Does she think people can get fooled by her pretending she is going to meet Orlando in London? C’mon. She hasn’t left NY, she is not wearing her wedding ring and she goes out dining on a Saturday night all dressed up. But guys, remember…. her and Leo DiCaprio are “just” friends. Yeah right.

  • ha ha

    another trampire……..

  • Terrible Twos

    She’s photographed a lot going to dinner but we never know who with.
    I wanna see her dinner companions!

  • No Wedding Ring

    She’s not wearing a ring, she was supposed to go to London to see Orlando but didn’t, and now she’s still in NY with Leo. They’re over! Poor Orlando

  • ?????

    She is in New York WITH LEO? You must know something that others don`t. Please, share!

  • stella

    She is an idiot. Her whole brand is based on her wholesome, good but sexy girl image including her marriage and family with Orlando Bloom.
    If it wasn´t for him she wouldn´t be by no means as famous as she is now. Risking her family and her fame for Leo diCaprio is just beyond stupid, Leo is the new Jack Nickolsen, he is not serious about anyone, he will change his gf every couple months and pick a new VS girl, he will never settle down.
    Also poor Flynn.

  • @17

    Is it confirmed that she is involved with Dicaprio? Until then you should just chill. BTW Dicaprio dated 2 VS girls, Gisele and Erin.

  • YAY!


  • sami

    Love her! She’s my favorite angel.
    Such a beautiful woman!

  • tam

    She is amazing!

  • Hey morons

    Miranda is in London with Orlando.
    And still with this Leo garbage?
    Garbage that even the tabloids don’t buy? Are you admitting that you are dumber than the tabloids?

  • *eyeroll*

    You idiots do realive that continuing to harp on the Leo non-story just makes you look even more pathetic than you already do. if that is even possible.
    You delphidiots lower the bar every time you post, and keep crawling right under it.

  • tasch

    She tries not to wear her rings to photo shoots. She has said this herself.
    And since she is now in London, I guess that makes you losers look like fools. LOL!

  • @14

    We saw one of her dinner companions photographed with her last Saturday. Lily Aldridge was pictured getting out of the same car. You remember, when they went out WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS that just happened to include Leo.

  • WOW

    @mary jane: and I’m sure he didn’t think his wife would be such a fameho either.

  • steph

    These pics are from a few days ago. She’s now in London.
    You haters are a bit behind, aren’t you.

  • LOL

    @Hey morons: You don’t know how to read – it does say she is in New York and you know she is with Orlando because?

  • LOL
  • Terrible Twos

    @25 – No I don’t remember, I’m not following that closely.

  • tessie

    She is so gorgeous! And her style is amazing.
    New style icon.

  • @28

    She was in NY when these photos were taken….a few days ago.

  • Fooled much

    If she is in London then why is it mentioned above
    “Miranda Kerr shows off her legs for days as she heads out to dinner on Saturday night (December 8) in New York City.” ?

  • @33

    Yeah, like gossip site are always right? *rolleyes*
    These pics are from Friday afternoon/evening. They showed up on The Fashion Spot first.

  • @32

    where did you read she was in London? Can you post a link please?

  • @35

    I don’t know where they saw that info, but I have seen several tweets bout both Orlando and Miranda being seen in London. And Miranda was spotted at the airport.
    I don’t consider twitter to be very reliable, but everything seems to fit, so I’m willing to believe that she really is in London.

  • @34

    Bellazon had them up early Saturday morning as well.

  • hmmm

    These weren’t taken on Saturday night, and she’s coming out of a photo shoot, not heading to dinner. That isn’t their apartment building, it must be where the shoot was taking place.

  • Daily Mall

    Daily Mail is also reporting she went out on Saturday night in NYC. Are they wrong too?

  • @39

    The Daily Mail? Wrong?
    Are you KIDDING!
    Anyone who believe that rag is a beacon of truth needs to be commited…PRONTO!
    If these pics are from Saturday night, how did they show up on the internet Saturday MORNING????
    The Mail just picked up someone else’s gossip. Or JJ did.
    Either way, they are both wrong.

  • @ha ha…#1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc…

    What a loser posting the first 7 comments & then being the first to whinge & moan that she’s featured too much…….lol……how dumb can you be!

  • @terrible twos

    You calim that you don’t follow her closely. You said the same thing (several times) in the last thread. Yet here you are. Again.

  • @40

    OK, relax. We’re just trying to figure out what’s what. It’s not a conspiracy.

  • @43

    Then do some research and stop arguing with people who have told you where to find the truth.
    Citing the Daily Mail as a resource is enough to get that reaction from anyone.

  • @43

    Says a member of a group of people still trying to push the Leo story.
    We wouldn’t put anything past you lot.

  • Hey

    Miranda tweeted a photo of NY taken on the morning of Dec. 8. So she was def in NY going out to dinner like it is mentioned above! OK?

  • Terrible Twos

    @43 HAHAHA. On the last thread I was discussing with you (maybe, or several yous – you never post a moniker so it’s hard to tell), had nothing to do with following Miranda’s every move.
    I come to just jared for sh*ts and giggles and look at what all the celebs are doing.
    Miranda is featured here EVERYDAY. So yeah, I do see her.
    But if you think I’m twitter stalking or remember exactly what she did last weekend – Please.

  • Fooled much

    is it so difficult to post a link of where it says she is in London? So far I didn’t find any. So stop pretending things unless you show evident proof she is not in Dicaprio’s company. Period.

  • @46

    How EXACTLY does being there in the MORNING prove that she was there that NIGHT?
    And please explain how these photos SUPPOSEDLY taken Saturday NIGHT, showed up om the internet Saturday MORNING?
    We’ll be waiting.

  • @48

    We’ve never seen her photographed with Leo. And ALL reports only spoke of them in a group. So why don’t YOU prove that she has EVER been in his company alone? Put up of shut up.
    But nothing changes the fact that these pictures were not taken Saturday night. Nothing.