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Miranda Kerr: Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot Sneak Peek Pic!

Miranda Kerr: Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot Sneak Peek Pic!

Miranda Kerr shows off her legs for days as she heads out to dinner on Saturday night (December 8) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model recently tweeted a new picture from an upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion campaign shoot, where she is modeling a pair of bra and underwear!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Good afternoon world. Shooting @victoriassecret with @frankiefoye and @rmsbeauty. Sending love and light ­č’ő” Miranda tweeted, along with the pic earlier in the week. Check it out below!

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miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 01
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 02
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 03
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 04
miranda kerr victorias secret photo shoot sneak peek pic 05

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Instagram
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  • @48

    I don’t see Leo in these pictures, do you?
    There you have it. She’s not in Leo’s company. You asked for proof, you got it.

  • @46

    Is that NY? Or is that somewhere in England?
    That landscape sure feels more like England than NYC.

  • @47

    And she’s still here.
    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • @Fool much

    Actually, since you are the one making the accusation, the burden of proof is on you.
    Prove that there is anything but friendship between them, or drop it. Even the gossip rags have dropped it, because they know that it leads to nothing. But you haters can’t seem to let go of it. That really does make you look bad when even the gossip mongers show more logic than you do.

  • @46

    The picture with the taxis? That was taken very early in the morning, and it doesn’t look like her neighborhood. On the way to the airport, maybe?

  • uh

    seriously my day feels incomplete with this “model/business woman/girl who walks around doing pis*s all”

  • @56

    To and from photo shoots. To and from meetings. To and from playdates with her beautiful son. To and from interview tapings. To and from doing everything a busy working model mom should be doing.
    I’d say that the one doing “pis*s all” is you. A hater stalking her across the internet complaining about a woman who has never done anything to you.

  • uh

    @@56: well not across the internet and i work, but thank you.. :)
    your input is as useless as your need to wipe this b&tches as*s.. who doesn’t know YOU!!!!!!!

  • @58

    Not across the internet? Are you saying that you stalk her in person! GASP!

  • @58

    But you think that spewing venom at a woman who doesn’t know you exist is ‘useful’? LOL!

  • uh

    @@58: aren’t you smart? *GASP* you’re an as*shole :)

  • uh

    @@58: thanks moron – but you’re paying attention, aren’t you? OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  • @62

    But aren’t you paying attention to me, too? After all, you responded to my post first, right?
    Vulgar, desperate and hypocritical is no way to go through life, dearie.
    But watching you do it is is hysterical LOL!

  • @48.fooled much

    What I don’t understand is why do YOU care so much about whether she’s in London or not???

    Or how many times she’s featured on JJ or The Daily Mail.

    How does it in any way effect your life???

    Why do you have to be the first to post negative comments over and over again & then green arrow them???

    Why are you so obsessed by Miranda???

    The only reason that makes any sense is that you’re jealous of her!

    Now why can’t you be honest and tell us the reason for the jealousy???

    My guess is that you’re an Orlando Bloom fan & you’re envious that their happily married with a gorgeous son.

    Am I right???

  • uh

    @@62: is is is it? great. now you can continue masturbating to miranda kerr’s photos…

  • lizzeh

    @mary jane: I am also thinking that she chose him because of the social exposure that she would be in and so her end would be the trophy wife. Come on, they are both trophies for each other. If not for the husband’s ego, for her career as well. I use to like Miranda, but her constant exposure and using her image to be the “best wife” or “best mother” is played pretty much by any starlet in Hollywood who wants to be the “best” when they all end up being otherwise. So in the end, she is not much any different anymore.

  • What?

    So right now people don’t know if she’s in NYC or London, but for what I see, haters consider that if she’s in NYC, that┬┤s hard rock proof that she’s cheating with Leo DiCaprio…eeer, what??
    Just out of curiosity, do you also grasp at straws to try to break families with unfounded rumours in real life? Because if you do you should get help. Honestly.

  • taz

    i’d say i’m surprised she’s on this site so often but i mean they have paris hilton on here so it doesn’t matter. They so the same amount of nothing

  • What?

    Hating Miranda is not enough reason to insult all the models on the Earth saying they do nothing, you know?

  • taz

    @What?: ahahah you think someone leaving comments on a blog will split up (or save) a marriage? do you live in jumanji?

  • taz

    @What?: well if you could read and comprehend a sentence it’d be nice — i was ONLY referring to miranda kerr as this is her thread.

  • What?

    No, I don’t. But many of these people think they’re the centre of Miranda┬┤s universe and that everything she does is “damage control” to avoid the consequences of their “witty” observations, so they do.
    Forget about celebrities, imagine they do this in real life with their neighbours. Then again, maybe they only do this because they hide behind anonymity and think that’s the excuse they were waiting for to behave like a snake.

  • What?

    @taz (71)
    Since Miranda Kerr does photoshoots, runways, covers of mags, etc, you know, what models do, you are insulting all of them.

  • taz

    @What?: ugh you’re stupid. bye.

  • lancelot

    yes, there is a bulldog sitting at the door of Miranda threads ready to pounce on any unsuspecting victim. i reckon jared and company tries to protect her reputation from getting smeared as much as possible on the threads seeing as she is spending a lot of money to have pics posted on the site all the time. so u can look but u cannot say anything bad about her. i dont see what the fuss is about her looks are average at best.

  • @lancelot

    What are you talking about? There are lots of comments saying bad and even horrible things about her. In fact, it’s the comments that say good things about her the ones that get thumbs down, and sometimes get hidden for that. If someone has to play the opressed victim card it’s the people who make positive comments, and we don’t do it.

  • no

    @@lancelot: “oppressed victim card”.. said by a white girl no doubt.. don’t use the term “oppressed” in a miranda fu<king kerr thread to get your point across.

  • @no

    Not allowing someone to use a word is a form of oppression.
    And you have it difficult to judge me as a person without knowing me based on my race, as I am white in every country except for the US, where I’m not, so not even I know what race I am.

  • no

    @@no: LOL bullsh<t!
    …and you're not oppressed because you can't say something on a blog.

    go away

    you're disgusting

  • @no

    I am one of the few people who hasn’t insulted, slandered or judged anyone on this thread, so for the moment I think I’m the least disgusting person here.
    And if you read (properly) what happened, I never complained about being oppressed, it was “lancelot” the one saying that some people here are poor victims that can’t say anything bad about MK. I said the exact opposite, that everyone here could say whatever they wanted.
    Then again, why bother to know what happened if you can just insult someone just because, right?

  • no

    @@no: LOL
    you’re no victim -x- it’s a celebrity blog
    disappear please

  • @no

    This is the second time that I tell you that I’m not a victim and have never claimed to be one, “lancelot” did.
    If you want, I can repeat it a third time, but it won’t make you look very good…you decide.

  • 1019

    I’m a fan of Miranda Kerr, but if she chooses leo over orlando, then she’s a STUPID b*tch! i really hope they’re just friends.. poor Orlando.

  • @75

    LOL! Haters are usually the first to post on her threads, since they are the ones who troll the internet looking for news, and you claim that there is a “bulldog” sitting at the ready to defend her?
    I guess that we are back to the haters who post a dozen times claiming that fans are obsessed because they post once.
    Are you just angry that we caught you in yet MORE LIES??
    Poor babies.
    Yeah, that’s it.

  • @83

    If you really are a fan of Miranda’s then you would know that the story is completely fabricated.
    It is so stupid that even the tablids themselves said that it was nothing. The only ones who keep bringing it up are hatefilled idiots with sad litt;e lives. Idiots who evidently only feel good about themselves when they are trying to bring down a woman who has never harmed a hair on their heads. A woman whose only crime is being beautiful, successful, and married to Orlando Bloom.

  • @no

    Why did you change socks? You were ‘Uh’ just on the previous page.
    What scared you off?

  • no

    @@no: lolll is that what you think? you think i’m scared of a blog so i’d change my name? hahahaaaaaaa good luck with yourself

  • @no

    Well, with your hair trigger vulgarity it’s obviously you.
    Why deny it? Why not fly your sock flag high like the other idiots who admitted to being socks?
    Denying it just makes you look more ridiculous.

  • no

    @@no: the only person who continues to be ridiculous is you
    like i said if it was me i wouldn’t change my name who am i suppose to be scared of? you? ahahahahansjndsjndsk no

  • z

    I’am not a Miranda fan, I don’t even can say her resume as a model, apart from her VS work. I’am only here to read the comments because it’s involving Leo and he’s the one I care about. For the one here that said Leo is gargabe, take care with your words, this is very insulting for anyone not only for him, and you probably don’t know nothing about Leo to call him like that. All I know is that this rumors on internet are all made up and fake, they were on the same parties and so what? Margot and Cameron were at other parties with Leo as well and that doens’t mean he’s dating one of them. But off course media love scandals so they found entertaining to invent a flirt between Miranda and Leo to create polemic, they love this kind of stories. And it seems some people here are ignoring the fact that media made up all types of crap. Leo is friends with Orlando way before he met Miranda and as I know Leo is not disrespectful with married woman and even more with a woman that have a kid, Leo is single. So please stop with this non sense about Miranda and Leo being a couple because this don’t exist.

  • @z

    I haven’t seen this woman trying to hide from the photographers once. I haven’t seen her trying to hide her son from being photographed, even going to the playground is a photo op for her. And her fans call Leo garbage based on a rumor?

  • Mika

    How people want to believe she is in London, when is obviously she is in New York!

  • Bobble

    In conclusion, Miranda Kerr is a two-faced hore.

  • @90

    I think that people were caling the rumor “garbage”, not Leo.

  • monroe

    You people are all so gullible. It is just gossip and you are all falling for it. So sad.

  • A

    Haha some of you are the epitome of bitter, jealous, or insecure women on the internet. Miranda is pretty and seems sweet. Wtf is your problem?

  • Woz

    @Miranda & Orlando are Dunzo: Why would Miranda call the paps? She is a very famous model and is well liked. If you want a loser who calls the paps its people like Kim Kardashaina and Frieda pinto. These two fuggies have not talent and are famous for nothing.

  • Woz

    Besides doesn’t she live in NY? Where alot of other celebs live?
    I would rather see Miranda than Miss Sex Tape or the Slum Girl.

  • Woz

    @A: Its pure jealosuy. I agree. People call the Slum Girll beautiful but she not and has no real talent. Ugly,untalented slum filth. People even keep Miss Sex Tape by watching her stupid show and buying her ugly products.

  • sarah

    so can anyone PLEASE give us the link that mentions Miranda is in London or what?