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Adam Lambert: 'I'm Not Really Thinking About Marriage'

Adam Lambert: 'I'm Not Really Thinking About Marriage'

Adam Lambert sports an all leather look while leaving a television studio after appearing on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday (December 10) in New York City.

The 30-year-old singer talked with the talk show host about his thoughts on marriage.

“The way I look at it is everybody should have the right to get married, if they so choose. Right now, I’m not really thinking about marriage,” Adam said. “When I grew up, I didn’t ever think marriage was even something that would be part of my reality. Now that, that’s something new and that’s becoming totally accepted, it’s a different world.”

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Credit: Enrique RC; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • noplace

    One and only smart, talented and gorgeous ADAM!

  • Flop Albums

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s dropped by his label any day now. His last album flopped big time, as well as all of his singles.

  • sillyme

    He looks horrible.

  • amie

    I use to like Adam. But EVERYTHING he ever talks about now pertains to being gay. Nothing against his preference. But there are other things in life to talk about. Well, there should be.

  • Biks

    @Flop Albums:

    You think? Well, considering he:

    - Just sold out two concerts in SA, one of them for around 20K people.

    - Just came back from a couple of very succesful appearances in China (one of them in the most important awards ceremony of K-Pop).

    - Is hosting the Divas show this Sunday.

    - Is performing in Bali in New Years Eve.

    - Is going on an international tour next year (Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Finland, etc.) (He even sold out the Helsinki gig for around 18K in 20 minutes. He’s also sold out everything in Japan thus far.)

    - More to come.

    I think if he got dropped (which I don’t think he will), he would be immediately picked up by another label. What a stupid, unfounded comment you made. *Eyeroll*

  • A Pig is a Pig

    @amie: And his style looks really tired and dated. Is he ever going to stop with all the clown makeup and troll doll hair?

  • Flop Albums and Singles


    Face the facts: The album has only sold 148,000 copies in the US since it was released in May. That’s awful. Other American Idol alumni were dropped even though their albums sold waaaay more than that. Plus, all of Adams singles flopped: Better Than I Know Myself flopped at #76 and Never Close Our Eyes didn’t even chart on the Hot 100. The album and singles did so poorly they stopped releasing singles. Not a good sign.

  • jaymes lover

    Stop saying shit stupid people! if yo don’t know what are you talking about… just don’t write shit on him!

    he is actually one of the best artist of our generation! no matter how he wears or if he is gay! he is just an artist damn!

  • Biks

    @Flop Albums and Singles:
    Actually, they released another single. Haven’t you heard? It got another #1 on one of the Hot Single Billboard charts.

    Anyway, you face the facts. He has a faithful and growing fanbase, he’s respected by everyone in the Industry, he’s really big internationally, he’s going on tour. He’s not getting dropped. The label would be stupid to drop someone with such international renown. And again, if they dropped him, someone else would pick him up immediately.

  • Jo

    @Flop Albums and Singles:

    You sure know a lot about him for someone who hates him so much. I’m guessing a Kris fan who is still jealous of Adam’s accomplishments. Time to get over that. Besides, where is Kris these days. Oh, he’s playing outlet malls since being dropped by his label. haha!

  • Lilly

    @Amie. It’s the US media and interviewers who like to talk about him being gay.

    @ Flob albums and singles. You are talking about US sales. Adam is an international megastar and his albums have sold gold and platinum in many countries all over the world.

  • Andie

    Adam is such a class act!! He was WONDERFUL on the show!! LOVE HIM FOREVER!!!

  • Nick

    In some countries Trespassing was not published due to low sales in USA. Unfortunate but true.

  • J. Taylor

    I don’t get it.. Jared always writes amazing positive articles about all artists and then so many of the people who comment here are so awful & negative. Wish ppl would take their neg vibes somewhere else.

  • Jun

    Adam Lambert is an amazing talent!! Love his voice and his awesome personality.. seems like a really great person!

  • melody

    Haters…If you don’t like Adam why don’t you go elsewhere?

    You think you’re terrific by putting Adam down,you’re just fools with too much time on your hands and nowhere to go.

    If you had to give your real names ,don’t think you’d be here.

  • Melissa

    Adam is such a good person with a big heart. He even goes so far as to diss himself to make another person look good (that happened today on the Wendy Williams show when she said she never hears about the winner of Adam’s season). Adam has defended Kris many, many times, yet Kris’s fans have to put down Adam just because Kris’s career is nowhere near Adam’s level.

    Yes, Adam has had some phenomenal appearances overseas recently, and many more to come next year. And I hadn’t even spoken of his six huge sold-out Queen concerts.

  • beelzebub

    I love him too.

  • mlm

    @amie: Could it be that it’s the only thing these interviewers seem to want to ask him!! He’s already stated that there is more to him than just being gay.

  • Milkman

    Hi everyone, I’m a gay man who stalks all Adam articles and obsess over him. I read every article about him and post nasty comments because well what can I say I’m a loser. I have no friends and no one loves me. I’m washed up so I have to take it out on someone.
    I totally obsess over Adam.

  • Julie

    @Melissa: The Queen concerts were sold out because of Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor) not because of Adam.

  • Talisa

    Love him!!!!

  • Bella

    He looked great today!

  • Allison

    @Julie: awww you’ve never been the brightest bulb in the box, have you? Perhaps the draw was Queen because yes, they’re a legendary band who have been around for decades. But if you don’t think Adam gained many, many more fans from the way he handled those concerts, you’re even dumber than I originally thought :)

  • Allison

    @Flop Albums and Singles: Omg lolol another person who hates Adam so much it’s turned into an obsession. Dude, you know more about him than his stans do, that’s really pathetic on your part. Time to move on from your bitterness already jfc it’s been 3 years.

    Also, just because you refuse to believe something doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Adam IS an international star, and you can spew your fecal matter all day long but nothing is going to change that.

    Hey..thanks for clicking on something with Adam’s name and making him even more of a draw though, that’s awesome :)

  • mac

    @Allison: and I have to inform @Julie there were many Glamberts at the London concerts.

  • Allison

    @sillyme: lol no he looks fantastic, like always

  • Jennifer

    oh, looking good!

  • adamrules

    The fact that Adam changes his looks every other month is just another indication of what a true artist he is! It’s exciting and he’s hot as hell no matter what look he chooses at the moment! Aside from good looks- this man is so talented vocally it’s sic!

  • Allison

    @mac: it’s funny how the stuff they say to try to prove Adam is a failure is always wrong lol

  • ceecee21


    In all fairness, I don’t think it’s Kris fans putting Adam down. If you read the Idol Forums, you will see fans of another Idol currently putting Adam down, so I’m guessing these comments are coming from that group.

  • Jacki

    Who are these obsessive twerps who constantly seek out articles, vids etc about Adam Lambert just to spout the same hateful nonsense over and over again. Grow up people. Adam is singing better than ever, scoring gigs with audiences in the millions, sought after by industry greats, loved & respected worldwide and is generally doing just fine – actually better than fine. And he looks absolutely fantastic! Sorry, that’s just the facts. Get used to it and move on with your lives. You’ll be so glad you did :D

  • MJM

    Adam looked so adorable yesterday on The Wendy Williams Show. He should be on TV every day. He is always so gracious, articulate and interesting. Love him!

  • Hesamess

    What a mess. He just keeps getting creepier and creepier looking. Eww! How these women oooh and aaah over him is laughable!!! So charming how he loves to wear animal skins too. So heartless.

  • pr63

    amazing how many people STILL rag on adam. get real, people. he’s here to stay. incredible voice, looks, attitude. he’s the real deal, folks. live with it

  • Jane Dough

    It’s true. It’s not about his talent, what he so obviously had on American Idol. He made it about being gay right off the bat. He should have remained ambiguous. He put way too much of himself out there. Its a shame,. He still has some major growing up to do.

  • Grah

    @Hesamess: am presuming (and almost entirely sure) that animal-patterned clothes he wears are FAKE. This insult of yours is really lame and sad. Very immature, considering you know nothing about him.

  • Gleaux

    I actually find all the negative comments funny. It’s the same sad person using multiple identities to post negative comments. We need to be more understanding. Exposure to Adam Lambert is addictive and the poor soul is hooked. BTW, your @Julie identity should check out the vids of the Queen + Adam concert in Kiev to hear 250,000 people chanting Adam’s name. Cool, eh!!!

  • Amy

    Alison, kindly shut up. You sound like a fing know it all.