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Gerard Butler: Norway Arrival with Madalina Ghenea!

Gerard Butler: Norway Arrival with Madalina Ghenea!

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea arrive at the airport on Sunday (December 9) in Oslo, Norway.

The 43-year-old actor is in town to host the Nobel Peace Prize Concert tomorrow night with Sarah Jessica Parker. The show will feature performances by Jennifer Hudson, Seal, and more!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard recently confirmed his relationship with Madalina during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“It’s been seven months now…it’s not a record,” Gerard joked on the show.

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  • Villa Villekulla
  • big apple

    @Gotta say: Not at all we will start making predictions for the divorce and/or when he is caught cheating on her. If his movie career is over no one here will care. JJ will have to find a new cash cow.

  • @Villa Villekulla

    she looks terrible. those bags are awful. has she forgot her makeup artist or is this a new thing she has to get fixed?

  • Villa Villekulla

    In the link above …
    “LITTLE TIRED?: Movie stars Gerard Butler (43) began to yawn at the end of today’s ceremony in Oslo City Hall.”

  • alex

    But what a kind of horrible persons post their comment here…..You call people that you don’t know AT ALL whore or prostitute. Rubbish…

  • Special One

    She doesn’t look attractive at all on a daily basis. And he looks so old, almost pushing 60, honestly. I don’t know about this but she looks gorgeous on photoshoot pictures but in normal pic, she is just an average tall woman with the face of a weird frog. It’s ridiculous, this whole thing. We shouldn’t even pay attention to the Butler, but he should start thinking about a second profession. Maybe his last name

  • missjude

    @Villa Villekulla: so disrespectful. its a HUGE honour for him as tbh he isn’t anywhere near worthy. He is really no pro. he has zero class and she doesn’t help either.

  • wax lips

    She flirts with the camera, not with him. I think it’s disrespectful that he even brought her there.

  • sigh

    so from this article just posted, Gerry is embarrassing himself at a prestigious event but no surprise, so much for using this opportunity to improve his image and he has another 24 hours to embarrass himself further, go Team Gerry go

    when the Romanian is getting better press and Jessica Biel is getting better acting reviews…..

  • fashho.

    She has chronic bags under the eyes – the photos of her modelling when she was much younger same bags, she does this odd thing with brown eyeliner under her eyes, not even on the lower lid, I suppose from a distance it hides that imperfection but not close up.

  • big apple

    Have to say I am surprised. I didn’t think the Norwegians would have been so sneaky and snarky, I am impressed.

  • big apple

    They even reported that Gerry’s people told some famous Norwegian stylist he was no longer needed at the very last moment after arranging for his services a while ago. Is Alan going to dress Gerry instead?

  • embarrassing

    he’s better off at a footie match.

  • papermoon

    Holy crap!! She actually did something with her hair. Wow. I didn’t think that it was possible. Even if it is only a side braid. Way to go MG. lol

  • Huh?

    @Villa Villekulla:

    There is another article and video about 1/3 of the way down this page, or see link below:

  • Bored

    @Villa Villekulla: She looks bored out of her mind, and is looking for a camera lens, as per usual. I must say there’s no accounting for taste. She looks quite unnattractive in these pics, but then again, I never thought she was attractive in the least.

  • 18 years my a*se

    the article references the alleged 18 year age gap between them. from the pictures of madalina accompanying the article you’d think it was only 2 years. she is really looking her real age now. the Norwegians must be laughing at the idea she is supposed to be 25, i know everyone else is.

  • Villa Villekulla

    Some pictures (3, 8-12, 29). Is he falling asleep in picture 29?
    From the article: “the Hollywood star Gerard Butler … is bored and leave without being able to suppress a yawn.”

  • bodysnatcher

    Actual takings for the weekend (not $6million)

    6: Playing For Keeps Actual – $5,750,288

  • bodysnatcher Poor Gerald Butler, he’d have gotten more attn. this weekend if he’d just put on a sheepskin jacket & ran around an IKEA.

  • JC

    Villa Villekulla, är du svensk? Are you Swedish?

    I used to respect GB alot more before, right after I saw him in POTO this fall (one of my favorite movies btw and I love the musical). Before I saw that I only knew him as Leonidas and a man who was/is known as a womanizer. However after watching a few interviews with him from 2004-2009 I thought he seemed like a funny and nice guy, guess I was charmed lol. But not so much anymore, and it´s not only because of jealousy (yes I admit I am a bit jealous now) but also the type of women he chooses. I wouldn´t mind if he was dating someone a little older or Emmy Rossum who might be very young but she´s still a respectable woman IMO. I can´t believe some fans who defend this behaviour with comments in forums like “Awww look at Gerry how happy he looks with all these (almost naked) girls around him”. I seriously don´t get it. It´s sad that he´s almost more famous for his playboy-attitude than for his movies. I agree that his choice of scripts now a days are not the best, they don´t make me excited at all.
    I don´t know anything about MG other than her being a model and that she seems to REALLY love the cameras, even paparazzi. I just hope GB knows what he is doing and that he can win back more of my respect.

  • Sally

    Butler is a has-been. His movies bomb again and again. His looks have gone to seed and what ever small talent he had is gone,gone,gone. I think he looks seedy. Who cares who he sleeps with? He is yesterday’s sad,sad news. RIP Gerard Butler…it was fun while it lasted!

  • Box Office Poison

    No wonder he has flop movie after flop movie – all of his time is spent trying to get PR and doing these phony staged photo ops where he pretends he didn’t expect any cameras to be around. And he’s looks more like 53 than 43. Any dreams of being a “leading man” he may as well forget.

  • Villa Villekulla

    Jag kunde inte instämma mer! ;-)

  • wowwwww

    @Villa Villekulla: wow, madalina is letting herself go. she looks atrocious!

  • Lea

    @Villa Villekulla:
    Geez…. GB and MG don’t belong there!!

  • Seedy

    @Sally: Good word for it. I was trying to find the right word to describe his looks lately. “Seedy” works. And how the heck did he age 15 years in the last six months? I swear I’ve never seen anyone, male or female, lose their looks so fast. I wouldn’t look at him at all if I passed him in the street.

  • missjude

    @Villa Villekulla: embarrassing. he’s an absolute joke right now. can it get worse for him?!

  • missjude

    @Lea: they stick out like a sore thumb. no class

  • three words for gerry

    dump the model

  • four words for gerry

    take good supporting roles

  • five words for gerry

    leave producing to the experts

  • missjude

    @Seedy: she’s loosing her looks also and just as fast. what are they eating? they look hideous. people in the first stages of love glow, they look like cr*p.

  • last word for gerry


  • bodysnatcher

    @three words for gerry:


    Please don’t get me wrong, because I agree with you. But the more it gets fed back to him that he’s made a huge error with her, the more likely he is to stick with her just to “prove everybody wrong”. Much like the way he’s treated his career – doesn’t listen to any of the good advice you know he’s been given over the years; he’s going to “do it my way”, hence the mess he’s in right now.

  • goodgravy

    After a certain time potential just turns into wasted potential. He’ll probably marry this one and have a couple of kids. Once she gets her 18+ years of child-support she’ll bounce. It’s sad. I’m not psychic, but you don’t need to be to see what’s coming. I feel for his mom and family. Some people just have to learn the hard way. Good luck Ger.

  • justmyopinion

    it looks like gerard has madalina on the drugs. they look depressed! this doesn’t look like a good relationship, it all seems naaasty! he needs a classier girl to influence his sloppy behaviour. she seems just as bad or is just easily led. he needs a challenge, not someone as sloppy as him. he’ll loose respect after a while-unfair but true

  • Seedy

    @missjude: IMO, it’s a little late for “first glow” stuff. And remember they’ve been living together all this time. I would think the bloom is pretty much off this rose by now, and the petals are drying up. In terms of eating, I don’t think they do much of that. Although she may feed at night, by the looks of her, lol.

  • She doesnt look happy one bit!

    That is She looks bored out of her scull when the camera is off of her! But why shouldnt she be bored? Its at events like this that the age difference really begins to show! I mean how many 20 yr olds are at this ceremony? I’m sure she’d rather been rockin the red caret for Playing For Keeps which I noticed he didnt take her to. she could have easily flyed in! instead shes at some boring (for any young person that is ) ceremony wear she has to keep her boobs and her back covered and wear black! she looks bored and absolutely petulant in the airport pics at the ceremony and in the video where she(with her arms folded) GB andAlan are getting into the car. No opportunity to show off her model moves because its a much more conservation event than cannes and any HW premiere. Thats no fun for her I bet.

  • carmen
  • missjude

    @She doesnt look happy one bit!“:I mean how many 20 yr olds are at this ceremony?”

    none, including her. how many 30 year olds pretending to be 24? only her.

  • whatshedonenow

    My God. I can’t believe how rude and tacky he is yawning his way through the ceremony. What’s wrong with him, did his mother not teach him any manners at all? No class. No class at all.

  • rain

    She is from Romania.

  • Villa Villekulla

    Is it just me or it looks that there were more paps waiting for SJP than for GB?

  • yep

    @justmyopinion: agree, they look completely blotted….either using drugs or up all night playing 50 Shades of Grey… I can’t decide which!!!!

  • yep

    @rain: in fact, slu.tania, how appropriate!!!

  • missjude

    @She doesnt look happy one bit!: she bored because she is a boring person. someone who has to lie to the extent she does has to be lacking personality wise

  • that book

    if it was 50 shades they should look happier and be losing weight surely

  • snowfall

    I’ve heard that your outer appearance is an equal reflection of your inner state (of heart and mind). Looks to me like neither of them are happy right now. They don’t even look like they’re “okay”. They look like they are both miserable.
    And yes, why couldn’t GB at the very least cover his mouth when he yawned if he couldn’t stifle them at all. I wonder if he let out a verbal “yaaaaawwwwn” too. classy.

  • GGG

    Is he really yawning??? Two times??? OMG that’s totally embarrassing… Okay, he’s probably jet-lagged, but on the pictures it seems that he isn’t even trying to hide it. He has to know that there are photographers all over the place! (And if he doesn’t he just have to ask MG. She always knows where the cameras are)