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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Malibu Beach with Nahla!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Malibu Beach with Nahla!

Halle Berry and her fiance Olivier Martinez take an afternoon stroll by the beach with her adorable daughter Nahla on Sunday (December 9) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 46-year-old actress and Nahla walked along the sandy shore together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Halle Berry

It was recently revealed that Halle‘s latest film Cloud Atlas will be coming to stores on Blu-ray and DVD on February 5. Make sure to pick up a copy of the epic flick in case you missed it in theaters!

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  • Yaddle

    Thank goodness Halle is walking. If she’d be driving, she would very likely run someone over and then flee.

  • sillyme

    Wasn’t there a movie with Halle and Olivier? Whatever happened to that?

  • Nancy

    They make me sick poor Nahla.

  • TJ

    Did Oliver happen to bloody anyone?

  • Nancy


    It probably went straight to DVD.

  • Olivers Jeans


  • Lynn

    Make this woman go away

  • DemiTasse

    This is Halle’s campaign to make us forget the bad publicity she & Olivier got from him beating up Nahla’s father. Halle makes sure she gets photographed as much as possible, then she pretends she wants to run to France because of all the photographers.

    Now she wants everyone to see that things are “normal” so she went out with Olivier, then her and Olivier went walking on the beach with Nahla. All Olivier wants is for her to support him, and maybe he gets famous again so someone will hire him. Loser.

    I can’t stand Halle and her drama queen ways. I hate what she is doing to Nahla. Olivier has no place around that kid. He is the one with uncontrollable rage issues. I am Team Gabriel all the way. I wish they would have stayed together, but now I see how crazy Halle really is, I am glad Ganriel got away from her.

    Too bad she has to mess up Nahla. Nahla would have peace and safety and be happy with her father not Olivier. Olivier makes my skin crawl and I used to like him years ago.

  • Cho

    PR stunt… All of a sudden she is happy to have the paps follow her around and she nor olive oil are throwing shade

  • SunnyAutumn

    What are they on a “Repair our Image campaign?” Fake smiles, wow.

  • SunnyAutumn

    “Come on Nahla, run around and play, like you do with your daddy” ROFLMAO.

  • esi

    Yes…they’re on an extensive damage control campaign with the general consensus from the court of public opinion aren’t buying it. Yet, Halle’s opnly doing what she knows what to do–pimp herself and Nahla in front of the pappis. Quit turning your kid into a Honey Boo Boo.


    LMAROTF–no matter what she does, it’s not going to change her image with the majority…let her/them twirl. Hope Nahla will be okay through Halle’s/Ollie’s dysfunctionalism.

  • Celine Dion

    Eventually, Halle and Olivier will break up and she will move on to another white man and screw up his life, too..

  • Evenit

    No! I won’t be watching anything with that evil bĂ­tch in it. I’d rather read the book.

  • Dysfunktion Junction

    Part of this weekend’s installment of Dysfunktion Junction….more of Halle’s overkill.

  • MIX UP

    Is this women for real? put NAHLA out their like that, coming halle get real

  • Kim

    No one is buying this PR stunt! Halle, you are DONE!

  • Lou

    I will make sure that I will never watch a movie with this woman ever, ever again. Going to a boxing match just after the incident shows the complete lack of class of this couple. I find seeing this man with the little girl after what happened while Halle’s PR team continue to try to trash her father… absolutely disgusting.

  • http://none blondie

    Well, if you MUST know,
    Halle’s OTHER ex-boyfriend
    has a new song out!!!

    “News For You” is the name of the song
    by none other than the fabulous… Eric Benet!!!

    Found at

    Enjoy it. I know that I do.

  • prettydew

    BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! I wonder how much of you are going to dislike this comment and how soon it will be ‘hidden due to low comment’, because I said something nice about this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, WHO GAVE BIRTH TO A LOVELY LITTLE GIRL AND IS ENGAGED TO A COURAGEOUS MAN, A REAL MAN!!!!!!

  • http://none blondie

    And by the way,
    didn’t Halle have her two adorable dogs
    eaten whole, by some sort of wild coyote
    or desert wolf, or somethings many years ago?

    What has THAT
    have to do with THIS???

  • Anne

    @prettydew: If you find this type of man to be a “real man”, you probably also find domestic violence against women normal and feel attracted to thugs. This lovely girl happens to be a mini copy of her lovely father.

  • justme

    I thought halle is against domestic violence what a big lier

  • boy o boy

    that kid is not attractive, she is ugly like the mother.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Nancy: Why? You know them personally? Dumbest _hit I ever heard. You make me sick how about that? I don’t know you from a rock so what in the hell would I be basing my ere on? You can’t be this obtuse to say something so inane as to suggest someone you don’t know makes you sick just because. What are you using as evidence? photos taken by pap’s? This kid obviously adores all three of the adults in her life and yet,you feel sorry for her because why? You are pathetic and without a life.

  • nowitall

    Thank you!! “prettydew”. You are so right, they are a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY and seem very happy together. Now both our comments will be hidden lol…….

  • nowitall

    @boy o boy:

    WOW!!! calling a child ugly… immature.

  • nowitall


    Thank you “prettydew”. You are so right, THEY ARE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Nahla seems to be happy and well with both ber parents. Now both our comments will be hidden lol…….



  • kayla

    Halle Berry is an attention getter but that Olivier there’s something mean about him! I’m telling you this is not going to last much longer. Word is he has no money he’s living off of Halle Berry and he’s a cheater!
    I personally think the man is nasty looking and not cleaned she must be the same and Gabriel is STUPID for backing down he could have and should have sued the crap out of OLivier and Halle! But what goes around comes around so those two better watch it!
    I think Nahla is darling ! Remember children are innocent!!!

  • Lou

    @kayla: I don’t think he was stupid for backing down. Not doing it would have probably meant a long time without any access to his daughter. What is more important: to win a fight or to keep the love of your child?

  • prettydew

    @Anne: Someone’s projecting their inner dumbness, I know the difference between domestic violence, thugs and real men. Weak try too Anne, it was almost a waste of time to reply to you, seeing that you’re just upset you got your ass handed to you on a plastic plate, Gabriel!

  • justme

    @prettydew if Olivier is a real man why he jump gabriel from the back? If Olivier is a real man why don’t make his own child by now and wash his dirty ass. He smoking and drinking and this is the kinded of man she want around NAHLA. for real

  • Grandma of Four

    I am amazed CPS has not hauled ALL the adults in for a chat to put a STOP to this behavior. Martinez needs to return to France ALONE and one can only hope Halle finally wises up and gets rid of this creep. Hopefully, Gabriel has strong wording in place with the custody agreement to protect not only himself from this violent man but his daughter as well because her mother has the brain of a pea! And, I am still shocked Halle and Martinez went to the fight last week! Doesn’t this woman have a PR team that tells her to knock it off!? Then they take Nahla to the beach! How much more open can you get!? That pretty much shoots down her argument of the safety of France…posing for the paps and allowing her daughter to pose as well! Exhausting!

  • Kilem


    It went straight to DVD cause it was terrible! Dont waste your time.

  • Kilem

    I guess at least he doesnt look loaded drunk here. I think that it was one the provisions with Gabriel letting go of the criminal matter -that Martinez has to cut back on the drinking and none is permitted around Nahla.

  • lovely

    the fact that that man beat the crap ou of that child’s dad just shows what kind of person he is. That has to have dammaged Nahla. she is supposed to love and trust this man who hurts her father? what kind of message is Halle giving her daughter- that violence against people she loves is okay. sad. I would have thought Halle would choose more wisely. poor nahla. menawhile I think gabriel seems like a kind man- he just looks gentle and kind and when I see photos of him with Nahla he looks loving and protective like a good dad. #teamgabriel

  • Seriously?

    You people sound ridiculous- Get off her jock, Geez?

  • Right

    @nowitall: LOL So true. If you want your comment to be hidden on this site just say something positive about Halle Berry or something negative about Gabriel Aubry lol

  • MIX UP

    what you don’t understand is halle is for herself ,not even NAHLA six month after she and nahla dad broke up she sleeping with another man what kind a women do that??????? ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  • settling fees

    funny the typo on ROL referring once again Nahla being Halle & Olivier’s daughter when they meant Halle & Gabe…2nd or 3rd time they did this. LOL

  • matahari


  • Daniel

    Oh, allegedly the father of that little girl is a bad person, NOW. This is the guy she wants around her daughter? Somebody that’s not her father? Poor little girl.

  • tyblue

    @lovely: And yet Nahla so happy with him and her mummy. Guess what folks Nahla is happy with both parents, so if she doesn’t have a problem why should you?

  • me

    Halle looks ridiculous in that getup. I don’t even find her attractive any more. Yuck. When a TV commercial with her in it comes on, I immediately change the channel.

  • huggybear

    @ tyblue because the poor child don’t know her mother man beat up her father.that why halle run not walk court to make a deal gabriel ,get it .

  • tyblue

    @me: You do realise that she still gets paid right?LOL

  • me

    @tyblue: I hope she loses the gig. There are lots of other better looking model/actresses who would love the work.

  • Ernie

    Hey trolls ! stop making nasty comments about this people. YOU DON’T KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. It’s been established that pretty golden boy started the fight, no one jumped him from behind,get over it!..but Oh no! the devotion to Angel Gabriel is well worth of your time and nastiness. I mean calling an innocent 4 year old girl “Ugly” ..What a low and malicious comment. For all that BEAUTIFUL girl is concerned,she is HAPPY with her Parents and also feels comfortable around Mummy’s Frenchie fiancee and, if you don’t like il Get stuff..Nahla is not your daughter and Olivier is not your man,so your vicious opinions are unimportant!