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Sophia Bush & Ryan Phillippe: Charlie Ebersol Birthday Party!

Sophia Bush & Ryan Phillippe: Charlie Ebersol Birthday Party!

Sophia Bush and Ryan Phillippe attend the 30th Birthday Party of producer and fashion designer Charlie Ebersol at a private residence on Sunday (December 9) in Los Angeles.

The event, which also served as a fundraiser for Charity:Water, was also attended by Kellan Lutz and Skyler Shaye.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sophia Bush

Last week, Sophia hosted the official opening celebration of Joe’s Jeans Melrose Place flagship store.

Sophia was joined by Jaime King and best buds Chris Zylka and Chris Galya at the bash.

FYI: Sophia is wearing Monika Chiang shoes and Joe’s plaid pants.

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Credit: David Crotty; Photos: Patrick McMullan
Posted to: Charlie Ebersol, Chris Galya, Chris Zylka, Jaime King, Kellan Lutz, Ryan Phillippe, Skyler Shaye, Sophia Bush

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  • Zoey

    So, I see that Sophia went back to her ex-boyfriend after dumping Mark Foster. We can’t blame her, this Ebersol dude is full of cash and way better than Foster.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love them all..

  • Wery

    Ryan Phillippe looks great. He’s yummy.

  • rosa

    @Wery: Shes turning into such a sleeze, jumping from one guy to the next. Her life can be summed up as college dropout, former cw actress, and hollywood call girl.

  • rosa

    @rosa: whoops that was a meant to be a reply to the first comment not the third.

  • ag

    sophia looks busted as shit

  • Philipp

    Nooo Sophia, why did you cut bangs? Did season 3 of OTH teach you nothing? They don’t work for you AT ALL!

  • Sara

    Oh maan , that sophia bush just keeps going down hill… never found her attractive, but these pics are quite scary. fugly and fat. baaad combo.. plus what does she do??? a whole lot of nothing.

  • RobinRichard

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Sara: her show’s just been cancelled, give her a couple of months at least before saying she isn’t doing anything

  • shay

    oh lord, haters you’re so pathetic, wasting your time on someone you hate without spreading rumors without knowing!

    A girl can be friends with a guy, you know! she’s not dating Charlie and never did! She’s still with Mark!

    Plus she had not much boyfriend Chad her ex husband 2 years before he proposed then he cheats on her (not her fault!) then rumors with James Lafferty (saw some close pics, none kiss or anything) then Austin 4 years on/off and 3 years together and between one year with Jon Foster so it’s not a lot, it was serious so before bitching on her, think!

    oh and really she’s fat? didn” know size 2 is fat and reallly it’s juste lame to talk about it, think about girls who have a problem with their bodies and if tehy think Sophia is fat for a size 2, they will eat even less… I think she have a nice body (not skinny, not fat) and a beautiful face, not a fan of her bangs, too long.

    And she was in a show who ends like 2 weeks sooo… and mainky she’s active as activist.

  • Denise

    Crazy OTH peeps. Jumping on Sophia every chance you get. GET OVER IT.Sophia works more than anyone from that show. Hopefully she will be working again soon. Charlie is a delight. They are only friends. Haters gonna hate….

  • laura

    I agree, she’s lovely and I’m a fan, but that bangs is awful. It just doesn’t suit her face, she’s not made for bangs..

  • hehe

    Doggy jenny was there. lapping it up.

  • Zoey


    So she is still with a guy with whom she hasnt hung out in weeks! Ok. then!

  • Really

    WTF Sophia went to a birthday party. What the h@ll are you all talking about? Big freakin deal. Stop with all the drama.

  • Maggy

    Is she still with Mark or not?

  • Carol

    I am a fan of SB but she has packed on the pounds. Depressed about her show? Maybe.

  • Kellie

    Okay, so it’s quite obvious that anyone who has something jealous to say about Sophia is a JEALOUS motherf*cker. This woman is nothing but perfection and pure beauty. If someone dare thinks that she is “fat,” then you must be nothing but a disgusting bag of bones who finds unhealthy and sick looking chicks “sexy.” Sophia Bush has the type of body women should wish for-not fat, not disgustingly skinny…but just right.
    And I just love the handful of idiots who think that if they bash Sophia, then they’re doing there favorite ex OTH star a favor. Grow the f*ck up you idiots and please accept the fact that Sophia Bush is the only OTH star the media and the public actually gives a damnn about. She’s here to stay and just because her show Partners didn’t make it to the end, does NOT mean she’s leaving Hollywood. She’ll be around for a long time and this is just the beginning. And I’m sure if Sophia actually gave a sh*t about what haters thought, then she’d tell you imbeciles the exact same thing.
    Good day to you all.

  • Jamie

    Oh god, the jealousy defense is getting ridiculous. No, not everyone hates on Sophia because they’re ‘jealous.’ I have nothing to be jealous of her for, I just don’t think she’s very attractive or all that talented. I happen to find her overrated and you know, people do have a right to an opinion that’s different from yours. Go figure.

  • Right

    Yet you keep returning to the posts and comment….

  • rosa

    “Sophia Bush is the only OTH star the media and the public actually gives a damnn about. She’s here to stay and just because her show Partners didn’t make it to the end, does NOT mean she’s leaving Hollywood”

    Most of the cast from that show has found other work, and she seems to be the only one unemployed so calm down with your delusions. But I do agree with you that shes going to be in hollywood, dating any male celebrity she can get her hands on.

  • Libby

    I love Sophia,but I’m suprised to see pictures of her without her doggie Jenny on it.It is sad when people or “friends” live off of rich persons.I really ask myself if Jenny has work herself or doesn’t do anything but tagging along with Sophia.

    Please don’t say I’m jealous,because I’m not.I’m just wonderin.:)

  • Kellie

    Lmao. Bice. Yet youfeel the overwhelming need to keep coming back to Sophia’s posts and checking up on what other people are saying. I’m s huge fan. But what’s your excuse for this semi obsessive behavior?
    It’s quite interesting when haters use the “I’m not jealous” excuse to cover up their actions….or their words. Especially since haters always seem so much more obsessed then the fans….to the pint where it makes you wonder how many years of therapy they’ll need in the future.
    I’ve literally seen haters actually ADMIT to hating in Sophia because of how jealous they are over how much attention Sophia garners from left and right as opposed to their OTH favorite. It’s quite pathetic really. So excuse me for not believing you or any other idiot who spews negative sh*t on here isn’t jealous or just really bitter.
    As for the person who said that some other cast members of OTH have found work….so WHAT?? So did Sophia and while it didn’t work out doesn’t mean she won’t be in another movie or tv show soon.
    This is Hollywood people, it’s unpredictable and no actor or actress knows what going to pan out or isn’t. This isn’t your ordinary 9 to 5 job.
    And while Partners didn’t end up going all the way, it was still a success for Sophia because it garnered her publicity and brought her to the attention of other producers/writers on CBS as well as other networks. It got her a lot of exposure which is always a plus.
    So people can take their childness and bitterness somewhere else.
    Ps….we can do this song and dance all day ;-)

  • janakie

    Sophia’s acting in Partners was very bad. I’m not surprised it got cancelled. Urie was the only actor on that show with talent and I hope he gets hired again. The rest of them need to get shipped to an acting program.

  • janakie

    Chad Michael Murray has the most successful career post anyone out of OTH with several movies already lined up and a good stint on Homeland.

  • Maggy


    First of all, it’s Southland. Second if all, his career is far from successful; he hasnt done anything worthwhile since leaving OTH. None of his movie (post OTH) have even made it to DVD or theatre, his book is one of the worst things ever written, and the TV pilot he was attached to didnt even make it to the air.

    But if you call that success, then fine.

  • Shay

    First of all, I would hardly call Chad’s career as an actor a “success.” He left OTH 3 years before any of the other cast members, and had had a lot more time to become one of the next big things. But he’s nowhere close to being even remotely good. And as for those lined up movies, I’d hardly call them anything “special.” It’s all nothing but random BS in which he is playing a supporting role…..if anything. Other then his graphic novel, he’s done work that’s barely gotten him any press or media acknowledgement.
    Furthermore, it’s been only a year (if not less) since OTH ended. So the other actors have years ahead of them to reach where they want to be and are NOW getting the opportunity to branch out to other projects post OTH.

  • Lynn

    Yeah no jealous OTH fans here…right. Bringing up other cast members and saying they are successful, more than Sophia. You are so transparent. Stay out of Sophia posts. Oh yeah you can’t because….your favoritre gets NO posts.

  • Ally

    So Very True.
    Explains why they frequent anything that has to with Sophia so much.
    Any ways, Soph looks gorgeous. No surprise there.