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Tom Brady: Vivian is Going to be an Athlete!

Tom Brady: Vivian is Going to be an Athlete!

Tom Brady carries his adorable son John over his shoulders while having some fun at a park on Sunday (December 9) in Boston, Mass.

The 35-year-old football star was joined by his parents Tom and Galynn and younger son Benjamin.

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Earlier this week, Tom and his wife Gisele Bundchen welcomed a baby girl named Vivian to their home.

Tom recently talked about what he thinks Vivian will do when she grows up.

“She’s going to be an athlete,” Tom shared.

FYI: Tom is using his BOB stroller.

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  • Ugly glasses (nose bigger)

    You go Brady family!!! Family is what matters regardless of what other people says.

  • jules

    She’s going to be really tall.

  • Diliana von Bork

    Something different here… I am tired of seeing the same celebs.

  • No name

    Jack is five and his cousin is at least six — why in the world are they still being pushed in the stroller??? My not even four year old hasn’t been in the strolller since he turned three and makes it around a 1 1/2 mile lake without issue. I think the Brady’s are babying their kids too much…

  • No name

    @No name: just to clarify, i think it was on PopSugar where I also saw Jack in the stroller with Ben; its not just their cousin.

  • Nina

    Great dad!

  • nancy

    @ no name, you see the 5 year old in a stroller one time and they are babying him? seriously? My 5 year old gets tired and at times gets a ride in my 2 year olds stroller if the seat is free…get a life he’s not an adult being pushed he’s 5….
    And did you ever stop to think they are playing near a major roadway that it may be for safety to have them in there to push them? That side street being shown isn’t an alley, cars fly up and down there with little to no regard for people…
    just a thought.

  • ladyb

    I’m sure he will so love and protect the girl. The fact that he is commenting that the girl will be an athlete which is unusual of him (to comment on his kids) shows how excited he is to have a girl. He is a good father and husband. Gisele is so lucky. Not so easy to find men like him.

  • No name

    @nancy: Ive taken my boys 5 1/2 and almost 4 into NYC many times over the past year, and not once were they held. And I certainly didn’t have a stroller with me. We held their hands and they were fine. Five year olds (and three year olds) know not to run into the street.

  • nancy

    @ no name, your so special then, you must be proud and the rest of us who happen to throw our 5 year olds in a stroller every once in a while should go take parenting classes! Thanks for the insight.

  • No name

    Really. Maybe you should considering that kids (not babies) have infinitely more energy than adults. There is no reason for a stroller.

  • nancy

    Your right. Again thanks for enlightening me. I’ll be sure to spread your wisdom to the other moms and dads I see doing the same.

  • An Athlete?

    Don’t force your wishes on your child, it could cripple her. Find out what she wants, then and nurture and support her, and if she turns out to be an athlete it wil be that much sweeter for you.

  • Lame

    Copying Brang . AGAIN!

  • LOL

    Still no Super Bowl with Gisele! LMFAO!

  • Fur Sher

    Tom and Gizz’s kids will al be trust fund crack addicts.

  • lainey


    Jelous much!

  • Diliana von Bork

    There is something wrong with my comment? Why those thumbs down?

  • Tom

    “she’s going to be a horse-faced pole dancer”

  • no name

    @nancy: maybe if parents did, there would be less of a childhood obesity issue.

  • Ohboy

    He’s always showing more affection toward the older kid. Maybe he liked his mother more. I don’t really get the feeling that he likes, let alone loves, Giselle. Something is off there.

  • LOL


    Can’t handle the truth much!

  • LOL


    Can’t spell much! ROTFLMFAO

  • Dan

    Whatever Tom, and your first child from a different woman will be what?

  • Shecky

    Comments section is simply further proof that people suck.
    Congratulations to all.

  • ivy

    @Ohboy: So, do you know Tom personally? Have you ever seen him, other than in papparazzi shots, hanging out with his children? You “have a feeling” he doesn’t love if wife…based on what? They just had a second child together. It never ceases to amaze me that some posters form these strong opinions based on a few random papparazzi shots and/or taken out of context comments

  • ivy

    @No name: I kow any number of kids who like hitching a ride on a younger siblings stroller, especially if the walk home is long and the child is tired from playing at the playground. If you look, one of the photos had Tom’s niece Jordan in the stroller and she is even older than Jack. Really, you can tell from a few random photos that Tom is “babying his kids too much”?
    I used to teach kindergarten…4 & 5 year olds…and walking less than a mile on a local field trip had most complaining that they were tired.

  • Anna

    I really love that family! I’m sure he gives love to his three children as well, and Vivian Lake will be a really lucky girl ;)

  • rachel

    @Ohboy: yes he doesn’t love Gisele. He only dated her,married her,shares homes with her, have two babies with her. u have a problem. He dated his ex gf for a little over 2 years…never put a ring on it…Gisele is THE ONE obviously….quit living in 2006. its 2013 almost, time to get a life.

  • GMM

    I was glad to read that Tom Brady aspires to have a ‘daughter’ he can be proud of. Hopefully, she won’t turn out to be a ‘SOFT-PORN’ model or pole dancer like her mom…Gazelle.

  • GMM

    @Ohboy: I AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT 100%. I believe he still loves Bridget;-)!

  • GMM

    @ivy: Do you know Tom Brady personally…WHAT’S WITH THE ‘DRAMA’?!