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Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

Gerard Butler and Sarah Jessica Parker take the stage to host the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert on Tuesday (December 11) at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

The 47-year-old actress looked lovely in an Erdem dress and Fred Leighton jewelry while being joined by performers Seal, Ne-Yo, Kylie Minogue and others at the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, the stars all attended a press conference ahead of the big event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and others at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

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gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 01
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 02
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 03
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 04
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 05
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 06
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 07
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 08
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 09
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 10
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 11
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 12

Credit: Ragnar Singsaas; Photos: Getty
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  • cupcake

    We we got a new thread.sjp lpoks good love her dresses.

  • Manny

    Thank God they invited SJPeePee so there would something intelligent said from a host.
    Let me guess, Butler saluted again…

  • Terrible Twos

    Two threads in one day? Wow, same outfits….I’m blown away again.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Hi Cupcake. She does look stunning and Gerry looks quite dapper as well. Hope somebody will tape the concert. You don’t suppose he is going to sing. Oh boy, hope not.

  • Villa Villekulla

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    The concert videos will be uploaded to the official web page of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert at some point (but I am not sure exactly when). In the other Nobel Prize pages it usually take one or two days.

  • karen

    He looks very relaxed and good. Still can’t figure out why he is to hated by the press, mussed have missed something a long time ago

  • missjude

    @karen: he’s not hated just judged badly on his bad movie choices

  • Angel Tree Topper

    Did Gerry forget to wear his tighty whiteys?

  • Suzanne Cummings

    He has more new threads than anyone else. JJ doesn’t even cover most of the bigger stars, only the needy ones like Gerry. His agent must be paying JJ off.

  • Gutter Much

    @Angel Tree Topper: @Angel Tree Topper:

    You really need to do something about your horniness.

  • Angel Tree Topper
  • food 4 thought

    @Angel Tree Topper: I think he just had his hand in his pocket the whole time. Maybe pretending to be Jon Hamm. He was making me nervous standing so close behind SJP. Hope she had a taser handy.

  • Pattycake

    What are these people’s fees? I’ll bet each is pretty substantial. I can’t imagine doing something so innovative for my field as to win a noble prize and the best they could come up with to host the celebration is SJP and Gerald Butler, two who haven’t provided anything significant in their field in a long, long time, if ever.

  • cupcake

    Ducky hr foes look good. If he does sing.please not wonderwall.

  • lolita

    @Manny: Manny, saw your comment and cartoon on last thread, priceless.

  • cupcake

    I meant to say to say he looks good.

  • Angel Tree Topper


    I have the same question—-maybe one of our European posters can answer how SJP and Gerry were chosen to do the concert?

  • blah

    Great now the ugly fat housewives club start to rip GB to pieces .
    you can start your thumb trolling now

  • lolita

    @Maggie, PU, I don’t know if you will see this but I want to wish you a Happy Holiday. How are you feeling and how is your legs healing? Was your surgery successful and I hope you aren’t in a lot of pain. I always like to read your post, you and wtf bring a straight forward yet kind opinion of our lunk head.
    Take care and God Bless, hope you are back to your crazy lady status soon♥♥

  • missjude

    @Angel Tree Topper: no idea. i would imagine other more notable celebs would have been asked first? and declined? not sure

  • Dear Santa

    Now that “Night of the Has-Beens” is over, can they just go away now? Thanks, Santa.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    I was thinking the same thing Cupcake. Bet he wanted to though.

    Hi Lolita. Hope you had a good day. WTF left a message for you and Angelsrock on the old thread if you haven’t seen it.
    Have a good night all. Ducky

  • TheDudeAbides

    The Nobel Peace Prize is as phony as Barack Obama’s born again birth certificate.

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Hi Ducky, SJP is not a stunning lady but she is very attactive and always looks put together when she does press events or HW functions. She looks very nice in these pics and Gerry looks good also.

  • Maddie G is a good influence

    His fashion style has been right on lately, from the suits and the hair to makeups. Maddie is such a stylish lady. Good for her.

  • Villa Villekulla

    @Pattycake: @Angel Tree Topper:
    Well, the Peace Nobel Prize is not awarded because of something innovative for the field, and some times it can be a little bit “subjective” (same thing happens with the Nobel prize in literature). This concert is NOT related with the other Nobel Prizes (Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature and Economics) that are celebrated in Stockholm.
    This concert is not part of the original celebrations included in Alfred Nobel’s will. This is something created to promote the Peace Nobel Prize and draw attention from the international community … so that why they bring those celebrities. They probably have a list of possible celebrities to they want to invite to host and perform in the concert, but not necessarily all of them are affordable and/or available.

  • lolita

    @Lord Love a Duck: Ducky, I saw it and responded. wtf is a sweetheart and I am glad she stopped in.
    Have a good evening also.

  • oh get real

    @Maddie G is a good influence:
    Gerard has always cleaned up well in a suit. While his casual looks can be hilarious, his red carpet styling seldom misses.
    Madalina, on the other hand, looked liked seven shades of hell at her last two public appearances. If anything, she’s the one who should take advice from Gerry’s stylist. MG doesn’t even seem to know how to use a hair brush let alone dress herself.

  • @oh get real

    Someone complained about her style at the airport, but I actually liked her outfit.
    She has good fashion sense.

  • missjude

    @@oh get real: her look at the airport was quite nice tbh. i liked that, thought they both looked good but her style and look at events lately has been dire. she looks unhealthy. she has gained weight not thats thats a bad thing but she is letting herself go for some reason.

  • Nobel Retirement Prize?

    So the Nobel Peace Price Concert is where washed up actors go to die?

  • @missjude

    she might be jetlagged and on a tight schedule…not getting enough sleep. that’s probaby why gb yawned.

  • missjude

    @@missjude: possibly but that’s nothing new to each of them. never seen her look so rough.

  • legends

    GB & MG: they both look a little worn out, but I think that’s called jet-lag!

  • Carmen, you filthy tramp….

    What’s wrong with the Nobel Prize pics?
    I didn’t see anything wrong. She looked tired to me though. What’s wrong with the way she looks and dressed? I don’t see anything wrong but tiredness and even gb yawned too. Things really are that simple. And, let’s be honest, it could have been boring too.

  • missjude

    @legends: well then they are what i call bad actors if they can’t sit and look professional and awake

  • Unprofessional

    Then they should have left a day earlier. Gerard Butler is supposed to be a professional and this is a professional event for him. He should handle it professionally and make arrangements to account for jet lag and the “beauty rest” they both need. That’s his damn job at this event.
    Plus, Gerry’s a bloody actor. He can’t PRETEND to be alert and interested at an event that he’s attending to make himself look like less of a schmuck? Makes him a pretty sheet actor, doncha think?
    And Madalina Ghenea is a bloody MODEL. According to the PR spin Gerry’s people are trying to put on her, a “super” model (laughable since she’s never had a US or UK cover, has no big international contracts, and has never walked a high fashion runway.) Looking good under varied circumstances and conditions is her entire damn job.
    You people making excuses for some of the most over-privileged people in the world screwing up at ridiculously simple “jobs” are just batsheet.
    Oh poor Gerry had to fly first class and sleep on a flat bed in flight to Oslo to stay in a 5 star hotel and sit in the audience of a prestigious event AND not yawn or doze off or look disinterested. Poor baby, and his poor widdle girlfriend whose arm was obviously twisted to go along too.
    Please. Piss off.

  • carmen

    @Carmen, you filthy tramp….: People, forgive her, for she does not know what she is doing. She’s just an angry troll because she takes it in the dry an*s

  • train wreck

    “Then they should have left a day earlier.”
    Actually, they did leave a day earlier. They left NYC on Saturday and arrived in Norway on Sunday morning. The Nobel ceremony wasn’t until Monday. They must have stayed up and partied their asses off in Norway on Sunday night. I also suspect there are substances involved. Jet lag does not explain MG’s appearance the next day. She looked like an extra from the “Walking Dead”. No matter how much sleep I missed in my 20’s I never looked like that.

  • Clamsie

    SJP looks older but for once her dark roots aren’t showing and she had a decent coloring job done. The long hair doesn’t make her look any younger, she should go for a shorter layered ‘do instead. Her gown looked nice.

    Too many threads to keep up with. I’m wondering how long they’ll stay together without a “couple’s name” like Brangelina, TomKat and the like.

    My pick would be Gerbilina. Anyone else?

  • Untamable Shrew

    @train wreck: Post 39-Tat tat tat.No need to place her with that great show-it might jinx it or something.

  • Manny

    @oh get real:
    Maybe we should take up a collection for hair conditioner or at least some better extensions… Is anyone trimming their horse’s tail???

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Clamsie: Clamsie, Gerbilina was always my fave but I like Butlerina too!
    @Untamable Shrew: Agreed! Love that show and I just don’t think a zoolander zombie would fit in at all.

  • SouthernBelle


    Someone (Manny, maybe) came up with Madbut. That should be a contender.

  • Manny

    madBut wasn’t mine… I’m partial to Cheesy Macaroni.

  • papermoon

    @Clamsie: I totally vote for your Gerbilina. Almost fell off of couch laughing. :)

  • *???*

    @Clamsie: These two clowns are never like Brangelina, even as a joke! How can you compare them?? They’re just a who*res! MG looks like a prosti*tute and ad*dict!
    It’s ridiculous to think that they are a couple! lol!

  • SouthernBelle


    Sorry, thought that was you.

    Have to give Clamsy props, though. Just think of the endorsements Gerbilina could get (pet stores, travel, labs, clothing, watches). They could have their own emblem – the two of them running inside a little wheel. Who needs a movie career?

  • *???*

    @SouthernBelle: blah-blah-blah-blah……LOL!

  • Maggie P.U.

    @ loli-19…

    Hey compadre!!!! Was emailed that you had posted for me. Just had a 4th surgery the 13th. MAJOR infection, so bad got inside the bone. Cleaned out over 2″ of bone. On 3 types antibiotics and scheduled to go back the 4th (January) for pre-op. The 5th (and final hopefully, LOL) surgery. This is going to be the knee straightening and replacement. Pain goes in spurts especially at night. And the dampness here in the Mountains doesn’t help.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hope things are going ok for your. Strength and Courage.