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Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

Gerard Butler and Sarah Jessica Parker take the stage to host the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert on Tuesday (December 11) at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

The 47-year-old actress looked lovely in an Erdem dress and Fred Leighton jewelry while being joined by performers Seal, Ne-Yo, Kylie Minogue and others at the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, the stars all attended a press conference ahead of the big event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and others at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

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gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 01
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 02
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 03
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 04
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 05
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 06
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 07
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 08
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 09
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 10
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 11
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 12

Credit: Ragnar Singsaas; Photos: Getty
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  • bitter blue pill

    Your facts area bit backwards. Gerry was an alcoholic. He admits it.

    I have never done drugs, nor been drunk because I have no interest but have no issue with those that do. I am the resident designated driver, and proud of it.

    I don’t resent anything but drunk drivers that kill innocent people.

    The bitter part was a mockery of an earlier post.

    Why are YOU so emotionally invested? I get off of work late and this trivial garbage is less upsetting than the news of killing sprees and fiscal cliffs. I need to unwind and sleep, not stay up thinking about it. My job is stressful enough without being upset.

    You get a life. Unless you know this guy you are a bit too involved.

  • Philosopher King

    “We find comfort among those who agree with us – growth among those who don’t.” Frank A. Clark

  • Christmas Fairy Erm. Waking up in the office in my pjs! – still can’t get over meeting Gerard Butler last night – he genuinely nearly come for a drink!

  • whine whine whine

    @@bitter blue pill: Get your own life whiner unless you are on the PR payroll. What kind of loser hangs out some place THEY don’t like, unless they are getting paid. You want to save GB’s career you are badgering the wrong people. Maybe you should spam casting directors and get your boy some great roles for 2013. Or shake down the movie critics.

  • jessica

    Gerard Butler went to rehab for painkillers and cocaine.
    He also admitted to abusing alcohol so badly he almost died.
    That’s an addiction to booze, hard drugs, and prescription drugs — the full gamut.

  • Alina

    The Studio Executive

    #MOVIENEWS Gerard Butler to star as an actor on the brink of oblivion after a string of failed Rom- Coms in Ron Howards ‘Butler’

  • Sassita

    @Angel Tree Topper: You’re the first person who thinks the way I do. There’s something wrong with him. Crazy and unfocused, he contradicts himself all the time. Something else I see in him is that he says he loved working with Hillary Swank and Zach and Heigl etc. So why isn’t he working with them again? There are a lot of actors who do lots of films together because they become great friends. Gerry doesn’t seem to have any actor friends he hangs out with.. I have seen him in pics with Djimon several times so why don’t they do another film together?

  • jessica

    Gerard does have two actor friends — Adrien Brody and Leonardo DiCaprio. They’re the only two actors I’ve consistently seen him hang out with.

  • Sassita

    @jessica: So why doesn’t Leo or Adrian give Gerry a costar role in any of their films? Leo seems to get good movies to star in. I’ve never heard of Gerry hanging out with Leo on a regular basis.

  • ???

    Where is the new vid then?

  • twitter


  • twitter


    I’ve just been given Gerard Butler’s unwanted coffee… # thanks !

  • twitter

    Just bumped in to Gerard Butler in Leicester Square…. #fit!

    OMG I just saw Gerard Butler in CapitalFM… 😰😍

  • twitter

    Just gave Gerard Butler a tight Xmas jumper with a 3D knitted snowman on it. He loves it so much he’s wearing it for a photoshoot right now.

  • Alina

    Getit Film Club

    John Abraham will produce & star in remake Of Gerard Butler starrer ‘Law Abiding Citizen’

  • tumblr

    Jennifer Hudson and Gerard Butler at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo.

  • twitter

    On my way to interview a certain Mr Gerard Butler about his new film #playingforkeeps

    Playing for Keeps – UK Gala Screening

  • twitter

    Darryl Smith
    Entertainment writer and TV critic for Scotland’s finest, The Sunday Post, with a smile you can trust (apparently)

    Met the very nice Gerard Butler this morning. That man’s had some injuries

  • glaswegian

    so who in fact did the person in Glasglow see when GB was clearly in London, you cannae trust those weegies

  • Lise


    Ben Affleck said it best last night when he was on Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People 2012. To summerize what he said, if you expose yourself too much the public tends to get tired of you. He’s nominated for 2 Oscars for his movie Best Actor and Best Director but at one time the public and press didnt take him seriously either.That was during the Bennifer phase. NOW he’s keeping his personal life personal not exposing himself or his family in public and is back to the business of acting. GB and for that matter BRAD PITT should take a lesson from him. Brads movie hasnt done too well either!

  • Lise

    PS–If you notice neither Ben A. nor his friend Matt Damon go to the papp or tourists traps the way GB and Brangelina do. Not to say that GB should get married if he really doesnt want to BUT when you are going to every freakin party and event there is in HW and NYC how can you even CONCENTRATE on improving your acting skill and picking great projects? A GREAT ACTOR NEVER STOPS LEARNING.

  • what?

    @Lise: Ben, wifey and the kids have been featured many, many times right here on JJ. Jennifer and Violet were becoming another Katie and Suri for awhile. Maybe they saw the error in their ways.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @Angel Tree Topper: Post 233.He seems to have an art about leading people on.

  • Lise


    Maybe HERE.But not any place else.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @bitter blue pill: Post 249.I’m sure he drank and fell off the wagon too.He admitted to cigs,but not the other.I just don’t believe he has that much will power.

  • Sassita

    @Lise: Agreed. Ben A and Matt Damon don’t hang out in clubs trying to pick up hundreds of women around the world all the time. They’re married with children and appear to be mature and grown up. Gerry comes off as an unstable party boy or middleaged frat boy. Hard to take him seriously. He’s not going to be up for serious roles because some might not be interested in hiring him because of the rehab thing, either. Insiders might be wondering if he’s high risk. His fans couldn’t make CM or PFK hits because his fan base isn’t as big as it once was. The quality of his films has nosedived.

  • twitter

    Jane Witherspoon @Janeyspoon
    Presenter, Journalist, Geordie lass.

    About to chat to Mr. # gerardbutler
    Just had a striptease from Gerard Butler!!! # merrychristmas

  • whine whine whine

    that goes for the rest of you too
    nothing but whiners
    get a life

  • twitter

    We just got #Christmas jumper cosy with Hollywood heartthrob Gerard Butler

    Spent half the interview with Gerard Butler discussing our hat collections. He has 200, I have 50…Grounds for a strong marriage I’d say.

  • Papal Blessing
    Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.

  • Joel Olsteen

    Your destiny is not determined by your critics. Rise above the criticism and run your own race.

  • Joel Olsteen

    If you’ll spend time praying for people instead of talking about them, you’ll get better results.

  • Pope Benedict XVI

    Offer everything you do to the Lord, ask his help in all the circumstances of daily life and remember that he is always beside you

  • missjude

    @Joel Olsteen: isn’t a gossip site a strange place for someone with those ideas to be..?

  • twitter

    old pic

    Me and Gerard Butler !

  • Probably

    He is probably under a spell. I don’t see any other way for GB to be with this woman. Or he must be crazy

  • Christmas Fairy
  • the inhumanity of nurses/hospi

    “The Nursing profession,AND ADMINISTRATION,are rife with bullying,gossip,and retribution.I dont believe Mrs Salandah wasn’t reprimanded over the incident. Iv’e worked in “lesser institutions”and have seen colleagues reprimanded,blamed,shamed,left,and suicided for less. ”
    Hospitals are THE most stressful work environments of all work environments because nurses are so competitive with each other and major b!atch-y control fr/eaks. Manny is a perfect example of one of those bullying dou/c/h/e/s.

  • No spell

    @Probably: He has all the signs of a mid-life crisis. It explains a lot, not to mention the fact that men tend to wig out just as bad as women sometimes do with menopause. It’s a form of male menopause, really.

  • …bullies

    I think your pranks and such like are nasty and the people that perpetrate them are actually bullies. On the whole they are carried out by men.I have worked with hundreds of men in my career in a very male-dominated industry and there were many wind-ups and pranks and I found them all petty, nasty and vindictive.There is always a victim.

  • TiredofButler

    I wonder if Gerry knows about this…I think she is a whore. Seems like she clings on to any man within her vacinity.!/photo.php?fbid=529048780440726&set=a.475195379159400.115381.165285033483771&type=1&theater

  • vulat

    @the inhumanity of nurses/hospi: Good point about Many. There are couples buitches at IMDB who are “nurses”

  • Nurse

    @the inhumanity of nurses/hospi: I have been the recipient of Manny’s degrading posts on a few occasions. Seems she enjoys it or why would she be that way. Lost all respect for her a very long time ago. Yes, I can see her in the er causing strife among her fellow nurses. She can’t be any different there and here. Feel sorry for those she works with. Gossip in a hospital is inevitable, but feeding it is not ever a good thing in the work place.

  • No spell

    @TiredofButler: I think most here agree, but I don’t know why you would want to give her any hits on her fb page. Just ignore. It will end in its own time. Everyone needs to stop paying her any attention. That’s exactly what she wants.

  • christmasfairy When is Hollywood finally going to get down to brass tacks and cast a Ziploc baggy of cocaine as Gerard Butler’s love interest?

  • twitter


    Just seen: Gerard Butler taking a photo of a bus with his own face on it. Think he’s going to see his own film.

  • christmasfairy

    so my mum got Gerad Butler’s signature!! WHAT!?

  • christmasfairy Look on bright side: Despite wacko Kidman actress nom, at least Globes didn’t give actor nom to Gerard Butler in ‘Playing for Keeps.’


  • christmasfairy Just spat sick lyrics to gerard butler #topbloke