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Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!

Gerard Butler and Sarah Jessica Parker take the stage to host the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert on Tuesday (December 11) at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

The 47-year-old actress looked lovely in an Erdem dress and Fred Leighton jewelry while being joined by performers Seal, Ne-Yo, Kylie Minogue and others at the event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, the stars all attended a press conference ahead of the big event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and others at the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

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gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 01
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 02
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 03
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 04
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 05
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 06
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 07
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 08
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 09
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 10
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 11
gerard butler sarah jessica parker nobel peace prize concert 12

Credit: Ragnar Singsaas; Photos: Getty
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360 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Sarah Jessica Parker: Nobel Peace Prize Concert!”

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  1. 151
    missjude Says:

    gb should marry her surgeon if he’s that impressed

  2. 152
    Philosopher King Says:

    “We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shaking them.” ~Charles C. West

  3. 153
    Angel Tree Topper Says:

  4. 154
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @um what’s up: Or what about Bonnie and Clyde? That relationship didn’t end well although I doubt they will be shot IRL, their relationship in public is being shot down by the little group of fans he has left…. Which I think is a pity as he does have potential but he needs to steer clear of the blood sucking vampire types who are only in it for their own gain!

  5. 155
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @gerryfanopinion: Post 133-Gerry lies too so,it’s no biggie to him what she mutters.They’re cut out of the same cloth.Sad.

  6. 156
    Christmas Fairy Says:


    And why is he lately SO p/issed off when he sees someone taking a video when they’re together. I am really really baffled by this behavior. He wants people to know he has a girlfriend, but the second someone catches it on film they separate and he becomes miserable. What is his logic here? He even said to the bodyguard “do you see the photographer there?” like there’s some protocol in place. Right after that, the video cuts out so I wonder if the bodyguard told them to shut it down.
    I actually feel sorry for him now. It’ gone past the point of being a joke. This girl is who he believes he deserves. She’s the best he thinks he can get. This reflects the little amount of self esteem he really has. Sad.


    Can only thumb you up once, but I’m in complete agreement with what you’re saying. She’s been doing her utmost to get this relationship media attention for months. He’s been making references to his ‘girlfriend’ in the media for the past couple of months, so why behave like this? You’ve actively invited the attention, Gerry, so you’re going to have to deal with it – both good and bad.
    I’m sure there are some long-term former girlfriends who, if not rolling their eyes at all of this, are wondering what was so bad/awful/different about them that they had to be ‘hidden’, when MG and her baggage is the one he’s apparently happy to go public with.
    Please sort yourself out, Gerry. The crap this year has been so completely unnecessary.

  7. 157
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @all you bltches: She must be very careful with her lip fillers… Does Lisa
    Rinna ring a Bell? THAT is a BAD example of over using lip fillers and plastic not-fantastic is going exactly in that same direction! LR had to have reconstructive surgery on her lips to remove the blobs in her lips and G is having those blobs as well!

  8. 158
    observation Says:

    Must be odd to be treated like a mistress when your boyfriend is not even married.

  9. 159
    GGG Says:

    At least she’s giving him one or two nice smiles in that video! But it seems to me that he isn’t amused at all. And why aren’t they walking in together? I think that I never saw them talking… So talking doesn’t seems to be a requirement for this so called “relationship”. LOL

    To be honest I don’t think that she is that ugly. Okay, her hair are sometimes a mess and she has dark shadows under her eyes, but there are definitely worst looking woman, even in the long chain of GBs ex-”girlfriends”. And honestly I don’t think that GB is a stunning beauty as a guy. He aged a lot in the last years… If it’s only for the looks, for me, he is the uglier part of this couple (I’m sorry, ladies! Just my opinion!)
    The bigger problem for me is that she behaves like a prostitute by b/anging every man, who is famous, rich and maybe brings her an advantage for her career.

  10. 160
    missjude Says:

    my post #149 was for @snowfall!

  11. 161
    Philosopher King Says:

    “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” H. L. MENCKEN

  12. 162
    missjude Says:

    @GGG: i agree her behaviour is uglier than her fake appearance

  13. 163
    snowfall Says:

    @observation: YES! That’s exactly what it resembles! “The other woman syndrome”! Sneaking her in back doors, walking 20 feet apart, freaking out at the sight of a camera. What. Is. The. Deal??!!

  14. 164
    @Annie Mouse Says:

    @Annie Mouse: Oh how right you are. And yes, Manny has been here forever and still prides herself in having her sewer rat followers and her foul mouth. Wait for it…this is a gossip site not a fan site, go elsewhere or we just say these things because we know he can do better and be a better person. They would love to remake him into gosling or anyone else than who he has always been, forgetting why they are here to begin with. Actually have no idea why they are here with pages and years of bashing everything about him from his teeth to his feet.
    Their lives are sad and addicted to cutting people apart. They can’t help it. So in about 5 min. we will both disappear by thumb, but I feel better and so should you. He hit a bump in the road, but he is also a survivor and has done well and will continue to well in film or whatever his choice is.

  15. 165
    snowfall Says:

    @missjude: And I gave you a thumbs up! :)

  16. 166
    @observation Says:

    @observation: she really is the kind of girl a man will feel he has to keep on the downlow, whether attached to another or not. she just has that vibe about her

  17. 167
    missjude Says:

    @snowfall: phew! lol

  18. 168
    observation Says:

    This is true, try to find photos of her with her Romanian boyfriend of over 2 years, Dragos Savulescu.

  19. 169
    missjude Says:

    @observation: yes, some men have a habit of putting women into boxes like that. wife or ho box. even if he marries her i suspect he will always feel slightly uneasy about her.

    deep down, these guys are usually over the moon at dating these women and it seriously pumps up their ego at dating such a hot chick but when it comes to public opinion they are not so proud as they have put the woman into the ho box and are embarrassed and coy about dating her openly. thats why you see two different sides to his reactions in regards to her.

  20. 170
    That's hysterical Says:

    @@Annie Mouse: No, you don’t bash GB and his “girlfriend.” You get much more enjoyment bashing the posters here. If it offended you so much, you would leave. But you don’t, and never will, because being sanctimonious and feeling superior is what you’re about. Carry on. I think you know by now how much attention we pay to you, lol.

  21. 171
    Manny Says:

    @Annie Mouse:
    Oh the big bad Manny blaming again… Yawn.
    If you are so worried about poor little gerry and us mean old people without the fan shades on, post your poor ass excuse for a film career and let us have at it. Squandering life’s blessings to mediocrity tends to bring out the truth in some of us. Not you apparently…

  22. 172
    Angel Tree Topper Says:

    It is absolutely rediculous the way he acts lately when he notices he is being papped, especially when he is with her. There will come a time when no one will care to pap him so he better be grateful people still care. I don’t understand why all the hiding with her. Like sneaking in the back door and her hiding. This whole thing is too weird. Not unless her reputation with men in Europe is not as it should be. I think her hair is a mess lately. The pics posted of her earlier in the thread showed a very pretty and sweet girl before all the surgeries.
    So does anyone have a guess where they are off to now?

  23. 173
    missjude Says:

    @observation: are there no pics? wow, they apparently dated for over a year and the romanian tabloids knew this. he allegedly dumped her. Leo, for the brief fling they had, tried to keep her hidden away and quickly dumped her once the paps published pics of her at his villa connecting him with her.

    her boyfriends know what she is all about and are fully aware of her true character so they take what she is offering whilst keeping it quiet and usually flee once they are connected with her publicly. not great behaviour on the guys part but what does she expect portraying herself the way she does.

  24. 174
    Manny Says:

    @That’s hysterical:
    Amen sista…

  25. 175
    ImaBigStar Says:

    Okay, I just suffered through that vid. WTF was that? What planet do these people live on? First, I just gotta say, what is with the security lately? If he’s trying to make himself seem important, it’s having just the opposite effect. If these two bozos stopped acting so bizarre, no one would even notice them. William and Kate act more normal in public than these two, and they have bona fide security. Second, between the phone permanently stuck to his ear, and her hand permanently stuck to her hair, I couldn’t stop laughing. This vid is better than any movie he’s ever done in terms of laughs. The poor people in hotels and restaurants that have to live through this scene must be wondering “who the hel.l are these two idiots?” Just ridiculous behavior. I wouldn’t recognize either one of them in public even if I tripped over them.

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