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Kristen Stewart: Private Jet Takeoff in Los Angeles!

Kristen Stewart: Private Jet Takeoff in Los Angeles!

Kristen Stewart hops out of her car and heads right to board a private jet to fly out of town on Tuesday (December 11) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 22-year-old actress made an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Make sure to watch the appearance below!

Kristen recently confirmed that she will star opposite Ben Affleck in the sexy comedy Focus.

“I can confirm that rumor,” Kristen told the Huffington Post. “It’s a comedy. I’m really excited about it. We start shooting in April.”

Kristen Stewart – “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”

20+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart boarding a private plane…

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# 1

Jennifer better watch out, trampires on the loose

# 2

She flies private but still calls the paparazzi. KStew is so desperate for attention. Did Rob finally grow a pair and drop the trash?

# 4

Wheres’s her boy toy? Anyways, I don’t have the strength to see another post about her OTR screenings which seems to be a “forever” concept.

# 5

@Steph: Didn’t Jen cheat with Ben while she was dating someone else?

# 6

that was a cute uncomfortable interview.

# 7

Great to see Kristen…and since when does Kristen call the paps? These paps practically live at LAX. So many people are photographed getting on and off planes. Not just Kristen.

# 8

@tee: Yea Craig was so apologetic.

# 9

She’s on her way out. Mark my words. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving and talentless ******.

Always love her chic messy hairstyle!


She’s excited all right..she’s ready to become entangled in another cheating scandal. And Ben’s a douche so he’ll have no problem cheating on his devoted wife.
Both of them are horrible actors so it’s a no brainer this film is just an excuse for each to get their rocks off with each other.

@Trust….yea you may wish she was, but she’s not….she may lack talent as you say, but others disagree with you and it just so happens those others are the ones who make movies… need to hate just don’t go see her movies

Craig had to do all the talking which made his mocking tone even more obvious.

1) Always awkward as always
2)Needs to shower
3)Put more affort on her outfits
4)Buy new sneakers or wash them
Rob + Kristen= TRAMP!

Craig’s best interviews are always Kristen Bell, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Lena Dunham… to name a few. You have to be witty and clever to keep up with him. I almost feel bad for him, he had to sit there. Her dude and man’s are annoying… Learn how to speak and act. There is nothing articulate about this girl. I like how Craig made a hipster comment too…

The interview was fun. Kristen is absolutely beautiful and it will be nice to see her in some of her new upcoming movies. Go Kristen! Would like to see her in a serious interview, she seems like a very complex and introspective person.

who are these last twilight standing fanatics who find this talented twat beautiful? you make hating this twat a sport.

Will she let Affleck butt-fu*k her?

@KAY blood: She about as complex as an episode of Here Comes Honey boo boo.

I liked Craig’s comment about the dance, “sex with your clothes on.” Wasn’t that what she was doing with Rupert against the guard rail and in her mini. He got in a few subtle digs, but then again he did 90 per cent of the talking.

Supporting actress nominee Kristen Stewart

Oh so Kristen is starring in a movie with a guy in her 40′s as her romantic lead…good.I’m sure it will bring a lot of fond memories for Rob.

@Lol: you mean that haters like you, like hating on her as if its a sport.

@OTR: at Lax yes, in the airport. but how they have free pass to the runway of a private jet? how they knew the hour she would flight ? coz she called the paps, bing!

This was so uncomfortable. Craig can be very funny with someone who can give and take. Im so dissapointed.

WhatATool @ 12/12/2012 at 8:52 am

Ben Afflick is a D-bag he will hit on someone young enough to be his daughter and sloppyJen will look the other way Again


She always does.

@R: she is the last person who would call the papz considering how much she hates them

Waaaaaaaa,why can’t i be like Kristen?She’s pretty ,she’s rich,she’s sexy,she’s got a nice robust ass and she’s got Rob too,wwwwhhhyyyy ,wwwwhhhhyyyy can’t i be like her,it’s so unfair!lol!

i seriously don’t get how all these fans of hers find her the most desirable person in hollywood! She is awkward, trashy at times and a cheater. Also i know many times she said why she doesn’t smile, but still would it kill her to damn smile? There are many more desirable women than her, I’m sorry, I don’t think she has the appeal or anything.

She’s only flying out for a test bang.
The real pounding begins in April.

@hags: Dont worry Krisbian. No one wants to be the worlds number one homewrecker! With big teeth and huge ears

@KAY blood: you show watch the tavis smiley one. that was good

Don't forget X mas @ 12/12/2012 at 12:51 pm

She is not running for an office. Love her, such normal looking gal. Hope the Sandy even will be a big sucess! Greetings to all kind hearted posters! Don’t gorget X mas errands.


Sexy comedy? Opposite Ben Affleck? Definitely something wrong with this picture.

SHE HAS NO PRIVACY AT ALL. EVEN A BLURRY PICTURES are sold and purchesed? Kristen looks lovely . It that “7″ jeans? Anybody knows? Who is that guy next to her? Lovely gal. I am very happy for her being here in NY, and exciting about the concert(on tv, lol!)

I found this in a psychology book my friend had titled ‘This Book has Feelings’ under a chapter The Power of Hatred and it made me think about when people, such as the nonstens, hate on people for ridiculous reasons and try to justify it. Maybe some of them have fallen into this mindset:

“As a general rule, we might expect that the more you dislike someone, the worse you’ll behave towards them. Perversely, cognitive dissonance suggests that the worse you treat someone, the more you’ll dislike them. This is because you need to justify why you acted so badly to them; and the more unpleasant you decide they are, the more they deserved it. You tell yourself you’re not a bad person for being unpleasant to them, they’re just getting that they deserve

She is an actress, not a terrorist. I’m floored by how many angry negative feelings people have devoted to a stranger. Haters love to hate. Don’t you think it would be smarter and healthier to either go to her movies and enjoy the entertainment and stop judging (you all must be saints by the way, though aren’t saints good hearted), or ignore her and support films with actors you approve of. Hate is hate, why contribute.

she is not even funny ? i CANNOT picture in a comedy !

@Wow: where is the fun if we can’t judge ?

@u: affort? really?

Tramp on loose Rob should get better!

You people are so full of envy and jealousy it just spews from your mouth. If you don’t like her, why do you even bother to look at anything that has to do with her

You people and your filthy, insulting mouths are so full of envy and jealousy you can hardly wait for a chance to be disgusting. You have a choice to not read anything or see anything or have ANYTHING to do with her or Rob. Why do you waste your time composing such eloquent filth about them? Unbelievable!

People will always have something about anyone so judgemental!

stop flagging good posts @ 12/12/2012 at 7:11 pm

@Tia: The F cker who flags positive posts like this above should check herself into mental clinic ASAP!!! Fc k off

thnak you @ 12/12/2012 at 7:13 pm

@<a href="/2012/12/11/kristen-stewart-private-jet-

Good post, thank you. There is a sick person here who hides positive posts! Help her. I wish I could help her! You can drink poison and wait for Kristen to die!!

@RDJ: I assumed That the comment section if for fans not some sick individulas. Twilight IS OVER, OVER! She is not your Bella anymore to poke her around. Shame for humanity. Some sick man in prison odrered killing Justin Bieber because he hated thim, never met. He just hated his music or his his earings or his kiddy ways. enough to kill sombody. That man is convicted murderer. Some of the posters here are not any better! Hate can not be aloowed in a civil world. That is how Jews were murdered in Europe during WW2. They had big noses, ugly clothes and a lot of money- perhaps- or were just different and that was a reason to kill them.

Famewh**re… When will she realize that she’s one of the worst actresses and fake person? It was painful watching her in movies; the heavy breathing, slow talking and lack of emotion… She’s a casting couch girl. Shame on you ksl*t…

for those that R 'tarded @ 12/12/2012 at 8:55 pm

thumbs up = agreement with
thumbs down = disagreement with
a measure of positivity

aquarius64 @ 12/12/2012 at 9:17 pm

Stewart has taken private jets before, but after that incident with the paps at LAX last month I wouldn’t be surprised if she uses that mode of transport more often. As for the movie….her past performances doesn’t suggest she has the chops to carry off a comedy. I hope Affeck did not do any stunt casting just to put butts in movie theater seats.. As for off-set time….it’s already been suggested Ben is Kristen’s new married target. This story and the airport confrontation show her mess is not going away soon. Thanks to SWATH-gate, not only Ben and Kristen are going to be watch by the paps and the gossip press, they are also going to watch Ben’s WIFE Jennifer Garner. They are going to gauge Jennifer’s interaction with Kristen like a hawk. If the two women hang out together and Kristen spends time with these children it will read Kristen has finally gotten past the mess completely; for here’s a woman who is willing to trust her husband to be alone with the aforementioned “trampire”. If there’s nothing more than small talk between the women, or socializing at an industry event stories will spread the Afflecks have quarreled about Stewart being in the movie and Stewart’s track record is the problem. Rob will have to endure a new round of cheating allegations; but this time they are going to be weighed more heavily because of one proven incident that happened on Rob’s watch.

wait! she’s doing a comedy? why?!

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