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Miranda Kerr: Mango Madrid Photo Call!

Miranda Kerr: Mango Madrid Photo Call!

Miranda Kerr blows kisses to the camera at her Mango photo call held at the Villamagna Hotel on Tuesday (December 11) in Madrid, Spain.

The 29-year-old model was officially unveiled as the new face of the Spanish high street retailer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda will star as the face of Mango‘s spring/summer 2013 campaign, replacing supermodel, Kate Moss.

“Mango is a brand that I love,” Miranda expressed. “You always find the perfect garment for every occasion!”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at her Mango photo call in Madrid…

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134 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Mango Madrid Photo Call!”

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  1. 26
    Mika Says:

    Who cares for Orlando where’s the fun in Madrid!

  2. 27
    @20 Says:

    You follow her every move? You see pictures and search the internet to identify everything that she is wearing?
    Wow. You are obsessed, aren’t you . You really need professional help.

  3. 28
    @7 Says:

    A psychotic hater calling someone else crazy? That’s rich!
    Are you just afraid of the truth?
    Angry that someone points out your lies.
    Oh, and just so you know, she was in London all weekend. What is a short day trip for an important launch, when you will have the rest of the holidays together?

  4. 29
    Sara Says:

    I wish were more photos of game of thrones cast than models like her.

  5. 30
    A Says:

    I prefer Candice Swanepoel over her.

  6. 31
    Bret Says:

    She needs to eat something that behind of hers is as flat as a pancake. I like the South African chick Candice much more too because she is curvy and sexyyyyyy with an amazing face.

  7. 32
    London Says:

    Spain is very close to England so let’s see if she will remember she has a “husband” there. I doubt they are even still married though. No man can live without sex for a month. Who wants to have sex with someone who looks like a 12 year old anyway?

  8. 33
    sara Says:

    Miranda for Mango is a major coup for her!

  9. 34
    Nsf Says:

    @@7: oh yeah, prove it, where are the pictures of her weekend in London? Jared has people follow her in Madrid but somehow no one in London has a camera? Trust me if Miranda is there so is her PR team and Jared. So don’t lie for her. If you don’t have proof that she was there, don’t claim she was.

  10. 35
    @32 Says:

    Since she was with him for the last few days, I ‘m pretty sure that she remembers him?
    And really?
    You think that a man in a committed relationship can’t be faithful to HIS WIFE for a month? That he is an animal existing solely on his lesser base instincts?
    Gee, your man (if you have EVER had one) sure handed you a load of bull.

  11. 36
    @34 Says:

    So since we don’t have photos of her in any airports, that must mean that that she SWAM to Madrid?
    Such an idiot.
    Oh, and Jared didn’t have to have “people follow her”. This is a major press event for the launch of a new season.
    How stupid are you? EXACTLY?

  12. 37
    @34 Says:

    No pictures, but sightings.
    There weren’t and pictures of her in NY this weekend either, except for that EARLY morning tweet, so you can’t prove that she was in NY.
    So prove it.

  13. 38
    Jess Says:

    If Miranda is so “popular” and well-liked, how come her obsessed psycho-fan is the ONLY one posting nice comments? PATHETIC. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  14. 39
    StopHiding Says:

    @@32: hahah you are the most stupid person ever! This isn’t the first time Miranda and her fake husband have spent weeks apart. For them, this is a way of life. If you think any man likes having sex with his wife 4-5 times a year then you don’t know the nature of men. Maybe in your dream world everything else comes before that but in reality sex is the number one reason relationships work or don’t work out. Grown men aren’t happy with just cuddling dear, something you will learn when you find a man. Your stupid question about NY just proves how low of an IQ you have. It is not my job to prove she was elsewhere because you are the one claiming she was in London, so the burden of proof is on you. Do you get that or is it too much for your teeny brain to comprehend?

  15. 40
    Andie Says:

    @Jess: if her haters are lying in wait, where are all the people who look her to post nice things about her? there’s ONE psycho obsessed fan who posts ALL the nice comments about her. i think that says quote a lot about how “popular” she is, hahaha….

  16. 41
    *eyeroll* Says:

    Actually, there have been a couple of her fans on this thread today.
    But are you hater socks actually saying that you are proud that you stalk her across the internet with more obsession and dedication than her fans?
    Is that really something to be proud of?
    Admitting that you are pathalogically obsessed with a total stranger that you despise? Yo guys really are sick, aren’t you.

  17. 42
    @psycho Says:

    @*eyeroll*: here you come again with a diffferent name…drop it already psycho. Someone shut you up then you go on pretending to be someone else.

  18. 43
    @39 Says:

    Since you are the one claiming that the sightings of her in London are false, it is your burden to prove that she was still in NY this weekend.
    We have proof that those photos were not taken on Saturday night.
    You have nothing.
    Oh, and I guess that you live with them? Otherwise, how would you know how many times they have sex? You really are creepy, aren’t you.

  19. 44
    *eyeroll* Says:

    “shut me up”?
    Shut who up?
    You haters make no sense and spread nothing but lies.
    Fans who know the truth will never be “shut up”.
    And that goes for all of us.

  20. 45
    Leila Says:

    For Heaven’s sake, can all commentators just cool it? Either provide pictures of her having been in London with her husband over the weekend, or it didn’t happen. No one’s saying you are lying BUT if you can’t claim that there were sightings without presenting evidence; your word literally counts for nothing and no one will believe you. If she really is as famous and followed by the paparazzi to such an extent that she can’t go out the door without them following after her, there would have been pictures of her in London. Simple as that. SIGH.

  21. 46
    Adelante Says:

    haha omg miranda has ONE fan who keeps commenting against every single negative comments she gets….that really says something about how “popular” she is…..hahaha….

  22. 47
    @45 Says:

    So, people who claim that she was in NY WITHOUT PHOTO EVIDENCE, don’t have to prove anything?
    Oh, and just so you know, Orlando and Miranda live in the countryside, outside of London, not in the city. The paps can’t camp out outside of their house, like they could (and did) in NY.
    And since there aren’t any pics of her at an airport, I guess that with your logic, she isn’t in Madrid, either.
    And you wonder why we call you “idiots”?

  23. 48
    *eyeroll* Says:

    Says haters who are PROUD of their socks. So proud that they admit that they have them.
    But sorry to burst your bubble. There’s more than one Miranda fan here.
    But keep posting socks!
    The more posts, the more threads!
    LOVE IT!

  24. 49
    Andie Says:

    @@45: omg you are actually insane….more comments don’t mean more miranda posts, the amount of posts she gets depends on how much her pr team shells out….duh….and in the case of law, unless you provide some proof other than you saying so, it would be constituted as hearsay and not be legitimately valid….omg you are such a loser…..spam psycho. i’m outta here

  25. 50
    Chica Says:

    Methinks that one psycho fan of Miranda is on her PR team! Trying so desperately to get Miranda well-liked by the public. Too bad she’s so smug, looks like her head’s about to explode!

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