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Miranda Kerr: Mango Madrid Photo Call!

Miranda Kerr: Mango Madrid Photo Call!

Miranda Kerr blows kisses to the camera at her Mango photo call held at the Villamagna Hotel on Tuesday (December 11) in Madrid, Spain.

The 29-year-old model was officially unveiled as the new face of the Spanish high street retailer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda will star as the face of Mango‘s spring/summer 2013 campaign, replacing supermodel, Kate Moss.

“Mango is a brand that I love,” Miranda expressed. “You always find the perfect garment for every occasion!”

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at her Mango photo call in Madrid…

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Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • hm

    @@98: Look who got caught in her own lies.. (that would be you btw)
    Everything that happens in sydney is advertised on pitt/elizabeth/george st (meaning: mardi gras/the xmas parade/anzac day march etc) and never once has MIRANDA KERR or the fashion show she (presumably) walks in been featured. And when aren’t fashion shows advertised? LOLLLLLL In milan there are posters everywhere – even in london during their fashion week. ahah!!

    She is not popular here at all – women like gemma ward, sam harris, abbie lee, elle mcpherson etc are popular here (and internationally) the reason miranda kerr is on this site is because she is married to someone famous.. if it weren’t for her husband she’d just be another V.S model..

    and you aren’t australian because if you were you’d know she has never had a photo up in any of our stores. least of all our display windows. good try though..

  • ivvie

    Your girls on this site are so jealous your probably all ugly its obvious that miranda kerr is a very beautiful lady haters.

  • oy

    Put the white away until after Memorial Day, “supermodel.”

  • @101

    Your stupidity knows no bounds, does it.
    Does that tiny little brain of yours function at all?
    Do you know that there is a difference between a show being covered by the media, and a show that is “advertised”? They promoted Miranda’s appearance. They didn’t advertise for people to attend. They didn’t have to.
    And you have swung back from your ‘I know there are shows but I don’t care, nyaa, nyaaa, nyaa’, to a show the “presumably” happened? You really need to get your stories straight. Did she appear in shows that you didn’t care about? Or did she not appear in shows?
    And if you say that you aren’t sure whether or not she was in the shows (pssst, that what ‘presumably’ means…that you have doubts) that means that you have VERY LITTLE knowledge of what happens in the world of fashion at ‘presumably’ your own employer. She has been the star attraction for DJ’s shows for years. Ignorance of your own workplace is inexcusable. I take back what I said about you working in the stockrooms. I think that to be this willfully ignorant, you must work on the loading docks. Or on the cleaning crew, maybe?
    And you still say that the woman who IS THE FACE OF DJ’S has “never had a photo up” in any of your stores? REALLY? You’re going with that? Are you saying that even at the Kora displays, they show SOMEONE ELSE? Not Miranda?
    Funny, because I’ve seen her pictures in the store numerous times. And often in the windows at the start of a new season.
    But you still say that ” she has never had a photo up in any of our stores”??? Even non-Australians would know that isn’t true, because it makes no sense. Why would DJ’s spend a truckload of money on a model, then never put up her picture? Ridiculous.
    You need help. Serious help. Your lying is pathological. Get help now.

  • @103

    You want her to wear black to promote the SPRING/SUMMER 2013 line?

  • hm

    @@101: LOL!!!!!!!
    i’m sure you don’t know how to handle being wrong but by your previous comment i can tell you don’t handle it well at all
    stay mad
    and stay wrong. hahaha

    aaaaaaand ps – you’re not australian.. lollllll

  • @106

    Sooo, you try to divert attention from your lies, by claiming that the person who exposed those lies and put you in your place is “wrong”.
    Wrong about what?
    That you don’t know what goes on in your own store?
    That you lied when you claimed that “she has never had a photo up in any of our stores”?
    That you lied when you said that she has never had a photo in your windows?
    Oh, wait. That can’t be. Since I am right about all of that, I must have been wrong about your job. Maybe you don’t work on the loading dock.
    But please enlighten us. What kind of job could you possibly have for 10 years, and still not know one thing about your place of employment?
    Come on. Please tell us.

  • hm

    @@101: “Funny, because I’ve seen her pictures in the store numerous times. And often in the windows at the start of a new season.” MY FAVOURTIE SENTENCE!! ahahahah “at the start of a new season” my god you must be american.. the store window displays stay then same until xmas and then they go back to the same mannequins. They don’t change them for each new “season” AHAHHAHA
    and BTW if you were australian you’d know megan gale was the spokeswoman for david jones before miranda kerr and she was actually in the window displays.. why don’t you go look up who megan gale is.. i’ll wait.. oh actually i won’t.

    stay simple b&tch

  • hm

    @@106: cry me a riverrrrr…
    you’re not australian – fact
    she is not in the window displays – fact
    you got caught out – fact
    enjoy yourself.

  • Arya

    I like Mango. So I’m so, so happy that Miranda is new face of Mango. She is on of my favourite models. Can’t wait for campaign.

  • rachel

    she is not special in looks or personality. her kid is the pr

  • @hm……

    I don’t think you work for David Jones or are Australian.

    If you were you would know that her photos are in the windows & are a huge banner size inside the stores, she is also in the catalogues & commercials on tv.

    When she comes to do the runway shows it’s big news, she’s on all the national news on every channel & all the entertainment shows.

    It’s obvious you have no clue what you are talking about and are the same person who makes all the negative posts about her over & over again under different names, you green arrow your own nasty posts as well as reply to them which proves that you’re the only one making the spiteful comments.

    The fact you have to red arrow every positive post about her not only shows she has many fans but that you have access to many computers.

    Why don’t you just for once not alter her positive comments or post over & over under different names & green arrow your own posts then maybe that would show your not delusional & full of hatred for Miranda!!!

    Otherwise if you keep this up we will complain to JJ as you’re manipulating the comment page!

  • hm

    @@hm……: LOL you’re pathetic.
    just.. pathetic. i haven’t changed ‘names’. why would i? i’m too old to give a sh&t . Again with the window displays? jesus take the wheel you’re stupid.

    go complain – i’d send you a tissue if i could. But as i haven’t changed names or done anything wrong besides state the truth (which apparently is wrong on this thread) i’m not sure how anyone will give a crap :)
    threaten me all you like, all you’re doing is expressing what a complete nut bag you are. Find the angelina thread, you’d fit in well there.

    but seriously, you and crazy need to take a seat because you’re both wrong :)

  • hm

    @@hm……: “When she comes to do the runway shows it’s big news, she’s on all the national news on every channel & all the entertainment shows.” — what entertainment shows??? aahhaha we don’t have entertainment shows but OK!!
    “Why don’t you just for once not alter her positive comments” – how can i alter a comment? by thumbing them down? are you really telling me what i can and cant do? ohhhhh my god

    please stop yourself!!

  • @hm

    What a weirdo, you have red arrowed over 40 positive posts about Miranda, then tried to claim she has only one fan……lol. The rest are mostly your jealous comments, with maybe one or at most two negative comments that are not yours…….talk about being obessessed, what in the world did Miranda ever do to you to make you be so jealous and envious???

  • @hm….#114

    When I said entertainment I meant shows like the morning programs like Sunrise, etc., the Project, Sunday, 60 minutes, Today Tonight, ACA.

    She’s on all those programs and on radio as well.

    If you’re really Australian you know very well in the city store there are huge banners of Miranda as you go up & down the escalators as well as all over the store.

    She is also appears in commercials on tv as well as in their catalogues, I have one I received in the mail with her on the cover 2 weeks ago!

    I just don’t believe you’re an Aussie & work for David Jones if you claim she doesn’t have photos in their stores, catalogues and that the runway shows are not featured on the national evening news because if you were you know this is all true.

  • LOL!

    Wow, I guess that the haters have reached a new low of desperation.
    The only one you have left is this idiot ‘hm’?
    First she says Miranda isn’t in any shows that she knows of.
    Then she says that she may be in shows, but no one cares about them.
    Then she says that she has never seen these shows promoted.
    Then she says that there have never been pictures in any store, EVER!!
    That those huge pictures of her plastered across the store fronts is just someone who looks like her.
    That Miranda has never EVER!! had a picture in one of the windows.
    Then she says that the windows never EVER!! change.
    That DJ ‘s windows look EXACTLY the same, spring, summer, fall and winter. Except for Christmas, of course.
    That even in the dead of summer, DJ’s is advertising woolies and warm coats.
    That DJ’s pays a small fortune to a model, and never uses her!
    And now, NOW! she is saying that Australia has NO ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS!
    I guess that all of those fashion show segments, interviews, and behind the scene shows that any of us could pull up on YouTube are just our imagination! This idiot says that they don’t exist, so they must not, right?
    We really need toget hold of these anchors and talking heads to tell them that apparently they AREN’T really talking to millions of Australians. Bet that they will be surprised!
    Funny. She claims to have orked for DJ’s for ten years. Yet she knows nothing about the store, or its promotions
    She must really have a horrible job to be that in the dark.
    But I guess any job is OK when you are pathologically insane.
    next she will be claiming that there is NO AUSTRALIA!

  • LOL!

    You don’t have to clarify your statement.
    Anyne who doesn’t understand that those are entertainment shows is too stupid to remember to breathe.

  • Mango is cheap

    I do not like Mango. It is cheap and not attractive. Look at her shoes- plastic, unconfortable, ugly and cheap. Mango is popular among young people because of the low prices. But Miranda is just old for this cheap street style. I am not impressed.

  • @Mango is cheap…… #119

    Oh please when Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were the face of Mango and both older than Miranda I bet you didn’t have a problem.

    At this years fashion shows all the designers had “White shoes” on the runway for next years spring/summer collections!!!

  • UK

    Is she still with Orlando? Haven’t seen pics of them together in weeks. She does love the attention. Over the top.

  • Yep

    For someone with a camera in her face when working or not, we never seem to gets pics of Orlando or the family. Are the papz chasing her around after all? I don’t think so. If they are, then something must be up with the marriage since we never see them together.

  • *eyeroll*

    I’m wondering…
    Exactly how many times must we say that Orlando has been filming in South Africa to get through those improbably thick hater skulls?
    You guys may think that you are just yanking our chains, but this is just making you morons look even more stupid than you really are.
    If that’s even possible.

  • bla

    Honestly, I find her scary in these pictures.

  • o

    the outfit and her hair aren’t the best look

  • KB xx

    looks like a chipmunk! Ugliest VS model.

  • uhmmm

    Funny that she was just ranked above all of the other VS models on teh latest “Ask Mem’ poll. Oh, and named sexiest woman on the planet by Esquire UK.
    Everyone is entitles to their own opinion, but it seems that yours in in the very tiny minority.

  • @KBxx……#126

    After all these years still bringing out the old “chipmunk” comment while Miranda becomes even more successful….lol.

    Her gorgeous “dimples” are her trademark and make her unique giving her that sexy yet sweet look that appeals to both men and women.

    You can call her “chipmunk” or “cabbage patch” whatever you like BUT it will NOT change the fact she’s beautiful, successful, popular while you’re still the same old jealous person calling her chipmunk out of pure jealousy simply because she’s happily married to Orlando.

    Don’t you think you’re too old to be an obsessed fan girl, Orlando is nearly 36 after all, he’s not 22 anymore & has been with Miranda for over 6 years. Yet your still carrying on like a teenager over him, like some obsessed One Direction fan…….cringe!!!

  • o

    @@KBxx……#126: shut up loser

  • o

    @@KBxx……#126: shut up loser

  • Reba

    I’ve never heard of Mango before now. ‘High street’: What does that mean anyway?

  • Itisme

    There’s something I don’t understand; why are all the positive comments thumbed down? come on! can’t we respect other’s opinions?

    Miranda Kerr is just a person, so please remember that.
    And sure there are lots of things about her to dislike (personally I don’t like that image of devoted mother, wife and sexual object) but I don’t come here to comment about her being ugly or silly, that just gets that mentality of people having to be beautiful or smart to be valuable going on.

  • LeeZette

    the only word that comes to mind is narcissistic….i don’t have any other words for her

  • mirandakerrfan

    @Reba: you never heard about mango? haha then you are not european, that’s fore sure…