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Anne Hathaway on Wardrobe Malfunction: 'It Was Devastating'

Anne Hathaway on Wardrobe Malfunction: 'It Was Devastating'

Anne Hathaway heads back to her apartment after a day full of press for her new film Les Miserables on Wednesday (December 12) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 30-year-old actress was later spotted leaving her apartment with her luggage and said goodbye to her husband Adam Shulman.

Anne recently talked about her wardrobe malfunction at the Les Miserables premiere earlier this week, where she was caught without underwear while getting out of her car.

“I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” Anne told Vanity Fair (via Us Weekly). “It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

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  • ha ha

    omfg, she’s so effin full of it, it aint funny
    if she’s that clueless, honey,wear panties, are you that freakin dumb?
    but you cant convince me and alot of others NO EFFIN ACCIDENT!
    ANNE THAT WAS AN EPIC FAIL! Do you feel you need to be a classless b!tch like the rest? pathetic……….
    If she wins the oscar, i’ll leave the country! she will simply be unbearable……..
    and her catwoman wasnt all that, IMO

  • ha ha

    o and btw, Anne, that outfit was hideous!

  • Kirsten

    Why did she not feel the need to wear underwear? Ian sorry but I am not the biggest fan of Anne Hathaway. She is cute and I like her movies but she reminds me of the girl who tried way too hard in drama class.

  • anon

    PLEASE! what was she doing not wearing panties? When you choose the dress you choose the underwear that goes with it. If the dress only looks good without panties or even a g-string, then that is not the dress to wear. Ugh!

  • Cute pie

    Wow, she is only human! She is lovely, talented and funny! We all have had some unforseen moments in our life! I know i have! I am not perfect! At least she owned it., Was devastated then laughed it off! What else are you supposed to do?? Thats Life! Leave the the country?? as my 11 year old son says ” be kind and gracious” x

  • Anne

    Oh come on! Devastating are natural catastrophes and people dying of hunger. That was just a funny incident.

  • Anne

    OMG her husband looks like the leprechaun from the movie “Where’s Me Gold” That will be here biggest devastation!

  • green with envy

    Jealous much? Ha Ha and anne??

  • terry

    She didn’t own it. She blamed others. Owning it would have had her saying “oops I blew know I know better than that, I’m so humiliated…lesson learned.” And then she would have had people cheering for her.

  • CMG

    Seriously, in Love and Other Drugs I could clearly see you pulling your boobs out, having sex 100 times for the film and we could see your bummy, it is sad your coin purse was exposed *btw you need to shave* it is called underwear!

  • Ceara

    She’s an idiot.

  • callmeirresponisble

    @ha ha:

    I love you! your comment said it all! I’ve never disliked an actress so much in my life. I’ll move to Europe with you but most likely if she wins the AA a meteor will hit earth ;-)

  • heh

    it annoys me that shes getting heat for not wearing underwear but the paparazzis aren’t getting heat for taking perverted picture shots

  • marq

    Relax, you hardly endured a P.E.
    If you are all that self-conscious, maybe you could heed some depilatory advice.
    If still awkward with your own body image, after that, maybe you might want to explore some personal products, such as, for instance, say something like lactacyd white intimate.
    If still uncomfortable with yourself, after all that, maybe vajazzle.

  • green with envy

    Must be an english language barrier somewhere? She is laughing it off now? she accepted/owned/ devastated etc her own actions. what else can she do? take a full page in the new york times? Why so cruel??? at least she is moving on with her mistake instead of letting it drag her down forevever!!

  • Carmen

    I’m disappointed in her. Anne should have known better! :( if she wasn’t this famous, i would consider her a famewhore

  • OK

    When designers loan out their dresses to actresses, they should make wearing underwear part of the contract. ‘Cause the dress returned… eww.

    I do like her hair like this as an aside.

  • LOL

    Nice to know the carpet matches the drapes!

  • Giggidy


  • green with envy

    i am so distressed for this human being mistake. I will have too sue for emotional distress and someone not putting a coffee cup on tight enough me etc

  • mel

    Holy cow so much anger from people commenting!! Most celebs don’t wear underwear on red carpets because no matter what you’ll see the lines.. How was she supposed to know they were taking pics of her as she was getting out of the car? Most photogs at premiers dont get that close.

  • lucy


    many celebs wear spanx under their dresses.

  • green with envy

    thanks mel for getting it?? my fault i am bored until my job starts next year

  • Cece

    She is trying to generate more publicity for an Oscar! Her getting naked in her previous movie wasn’t enough, so she flashed her vag to seal the deal with les miserables.

  • Ginger

    what a bimbo!

    I would not allow her to sit in my chairs! Ewwwwwww. gross

    There is no excuse to not wearing underwear.

  • N

    That is THE most accurate description of Anne Hathaway I’ve ever heard.

  • Corinne

    Matt Lauer’s remark about “seeing more” of her lately was just as tasteless as the papparazzi taking the pics. Dislike people to try to get a one-up from other peoples’ misfortunes.

  • mimi

    She blames the photographers for not being classy. Anne dear…. classy ladies wear undies when they go out in public. And, they know how to get out of cars gracefully, with knees together.

    You’ve flashed your lady bits before… wearing see through dresses, no undies, before.

  • hmm..hmm

    there’s definitely no excuse to not wearing underwear, especially if the dress is that UGLY! the dress isn’t worth getting your v*gina seen in public. btw, the shoes wear hideous, too!

  • Annie

    I’d have respected her a lot more if she’d just laughed and made a joke of it – her answer is SO pretentious not to mention total BS. Anne seems fine with getting naked and playing the sex kitten in movies yet this is “devastating”? It wasn’t as if the photog was lying on the ground or anything – I think is *was* more likely intentional than not. Damn I used to like this girl but she’s making it harder.

  • Laurie

    I am sorry but why going out with no underwear??? I mean who does that ???? It’s not like she can’t afford some that’s no nasty ewwww how can you even feel confortable like that with the wind and everything ewwww

  • Laurie

    @mel: your mama didn’t told you should wear panties . Ain’t that common sense ? Who does that ?? this is so nasty ewwwww and how can she even feel confortable like that espacially at a public event when you know people are going to watch you. She needs to sit somewhere and make sure she has panties on before sitting