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Kristen Stewart: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief!

Kristen Stewart: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief!

Kristen Stewart appears on stage during the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund on Wednesday (December 12) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress, in a Jonathan Simkhai outfit, presented a video of Jon Bon Jovi visiting Sayreville, New Jersey after the destruction from Hurricane Sandy.

“A day after the storm one of Jersey’s most famous own went back to his home town of Sayreville to see the devastation first hand. What Bon Jovi – sorry, Jon Bon Jovi – saw served to humble, inspire, and move him,” Kristen said.

Check out Kristen‘s appearance at the 2:30 mark in the video below!

Kristen Stewart: 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief!
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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Joe Petitjean

    Leave her alone

  • ANT

    Making time for charity is always a good thing. However, she looks dirty and disheveled . It gives the appearance that this was all an after thought. Does she have to be so blah about everything?

  • KS is BS

    This is PR to help clean up her tarnished image. She doesn’t give a rat’s tail about any victims. #1 she’s illiterate #2..this is just a means to clean up her image which took a nose dive after she was caught cheating with that married director

  • huh

    famewh*re ‘s trying to clean her image…absolutely. and she always looks nasty.

  • giggles

    Her nudie scene failed to nab any acting nominations so she’s trying REAL hard to get attention for that boring movie..ha ha..she’s getting desperate now. She doesn’t get it, this trampire is no Jennifer Lawrence.

  • hunkey

    Of courser coz even her flat boobies cant act!

  • hunkey

    Of course coz even her flat as an iron-board boobies cant act!

  • LaCroix

    She’s an actress that can’t even “act” like she cares about Sandy & it’s NYC victims .. Using what happened here as an excuse to make herself look better in the public really makes me not like her even more! PR backfired.

  • Old words still haunt

    “But all this ridiculously empty charity work that you see? Like, you show up at an event & you wear a dress and you auction your dress off & you suddenly feel important. I want to do it right. Right now, I just feel it. It’s not to be wasted because I know my value is f–king strong.” -Kristen Stewart quote from her pre scandal days

  • Koree

    Wow. On one post every hates her and is calling her all kinds of names and on this one people are being so nice with the comments to her…is it really just because she’s at a charity event that people are being nice? Smh

  • an

    why is she laughing ? Stop with your haters thing ! She only does it to clear her image ! I don’t even get it why she is here ? She is just reading the whole thing , reading not so well for an actress ! And plus she is smiling ? Here ? How fake does that sound ? I cannot stand her no matter what she does , she might be a nice girl in the real life , but as a personality she is pretty lame …

  • F

    Lazy girl slut

  • andi

    eeww, she’s gross

  • lizzie

    I don’t really care about the girl and it looks like she doesn’t care about what’s going on either.
    She looks boring like always when she’s talking, she doesn’t have the attitude of someone who actually care.

  • A

    Kristen is getting a lot of hate on twitter for showing up looking like a meth addict and most of it is coming from snarky men I guess they are jealous of Kristen because they want to screw Rob….oh wait.

  • J

    good for kristen and all the other celebrities who attended this event to raise money for a great cause.

  • eve

    That outfit must be the worst she has ever worn. That short is ridiculous.

  • asdf

    I’m sure she is a lovely girl but sometimes she just comes off so rude and she also dresses very tomboyish..


    @Jensen B.:
    LOVE HER!!!


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH LOOKING TOMBOYISH? Women , liberate yourself. Don’t let men tell you that you are acceptable only if you look liek Blake Lively, red dress and high heels! No and no! You are not an object. Women should support ane another. Next time men will tell you to wear burka or dress like those poor hosts on Spanish television. Soo we all walk and talk like Jlo. Wake up girls!

  • Rosita

    You can always start doing positive thing. She is young, what do you mean “since when”? She is not 60! Did you heat about her plans to open shelters , school for girls in LA and in New Orleans? You don’t! It is a very ambitiuos project, millions of dollars needed. It is plan that counts. Happy she was there.

  • aquarius64

    In light of her scandal this appearance looks like damage control.

  • Fck off Aqu64


    Are paid hater? fack off Kristen, why do you fcking follow here?Missionary worker? If you think that Rob will love you for your comments you are wrong! Get off K’s butt !
    What scandal? Elmo scandal with rape of teens?

  • Natasha

    Kristen is a beautiful girl but for this event that support a good cause, she did not want the main highlight to be her fashion sense or dress to be the center of attention so that’s why she was dressed normally.

  • noone

    What dafuq is she wearing?

  • Opinion

    Whatever happened to if you dont have anyhing nice to say dont say it at all? Come on guys seriously, shes a human being with feelings just like you and me. I Know if i had all these vile comments said about me i would never want to show my face, and yet she does and i respect her so much for that. You keep shooting her down no matter what she does, shes like an easy taget for you people. Its not fun and games when a real person is involved, its sad. You dont even personally know her to have the right to judge her as harshly as you do.

  • an

    @Opinion: come on ! We can express ourselves !

  • Opinion

    @an: You absolutely can, no doubt about that but you dont have to be so cruel about it, thats all. I cant force you to like her nor will i, thats your right but the way some of you guys criticize her is unfair and sometimes uncalled for.

  • Keith

    I read elsewhere that her outfit alludes to the colors and schemes etc. worn by the emergency workers, a rather affectionately complimentary choice, I would say.

  • an

    @Opinion: come on ! What did I say but the truth ?
    She is fake , her being here is weird , she can’t even read right ! But that was very funny to watch her being that uncomfortable :).
    Plus I said that she MIGHT be nice in real life !

  • an

    sorry but i cannot stop giggling ! she is so fun

  • an

    @Keith: ironic or sincere ?

  • Opinion

    @an: The truth in your own opinion though, do you understand what i mean? You think shes fake and i think shes truly genuine, but that’s our own opinions, everyone’s is different and that is okay. I don’t think it was not being able to read right, it was most likely from being nervous and that’s just who she is, whats the big deal? I don’t think i would have been able to stand on that stage in MSG and read what she did, i would have most likely passed out. I respect your opinion of her and i understand why there are mixed opinions on her but i just wish people would also realize she does have fans and she is admirable to many, so when her fans see whats being said they get defensive as i’m sure you would of someone you admire. I think opinions of her acting, and outfit choices are fair game since people have different likes but it shouldn’t mean we have to bring another person down for it. What i don’t think is fair is the name calling and harassment. I don’t like it directed toward her and i don’t like it directed to haters or fans, there is no point to it, we are human beings and words hurt. Some people god bless them can stand strong and brush it off but most people cant, just be careful with what you say is what i wish people would do that’s all.

  • an

    @Opinion: Whatever , That’s great if you like her ! I understand , I do hate when people say shit about my favorite band …

  • Keith

    @an: Sincere apparently. I’m afraid I didn’t check up any further on the source but she’s a good kid and it would fit. Just glad after reading the classless character assassinations of her on the internet that better people than spinless trolls and cyberbullies are around to respond when real humanity is called for.

  • an

    @Keith: wow that was deep :o

  • Crisk


    She is a young and talented actress, she is a cool person and interesting, a good deed is great!!

  • Crisk

    She is a young and talented actress, she is a cool person and interesting, a good deed is great!!

  • aquarius64

    @Fck off Aqu64: Oh dear another colossally DUMB Kristen fan that assumes a criticism of his/her idol = a desire to have Rob. Grow up. Your profanity and statement as a whole not only makes you look like you’re 12, but inspires Kristen to call her attorneys to go to court and get a restraining order against you.

  • Lillian

    All you haters on this board have no business being here bashing a caring young girl who took the time to fly across country to help others. What are you doing to help, you miserable, unsatisfyable people. Kristen is a beautiful young girl, dressed the way she feels comfortable and doing good for others. Kudos to her for using her enormous celebrity especially with younger folks to help those who m=needed most. All of you criticising her in any way, shame on you, and examine your motif for hating others

  • uh huh

    I love how people think these donations actually go to the places they should be going to. These relief concerts are scams.