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Victoria's Secret Angels Sing 'Deck the Halls' in Holiday Video!

Victoria's Secret Angels Sing 'Deck the Halls' in Holiday Video!

Miranda Kerr, Erin Heatherton, Doutzen Kroes, and Alessandra Ambrosio sing their best rendition of “Deck the Halls” in this new holiday video from the Victoria’s Secret Angels!

The ladies were joined by their fellow supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Ellingson, and Lily Aldridge in the video.

FULL COVERAGE: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012!

Pictured inside: Alessandra looking white hot while hosting an event for Oral-B 3D White on Wednesday (December 12) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Victoria’s Secret holiday video?

Victoria’s Secret Angels Sing ‘Deck the Halls’ in Holiday Video!

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  • D.Scott

    Merry, Merry Christmas indeed haHa

  • piston

    what a bunch of high profiled intellectuals….LOL!

  • jane

    Just because your pretty, doesnt mean you have to act like a slut…..

  • Ed

    Santa’s tramps. How heart warming.

  • Jeanne

    It must be quite humiliating for these girls to be forced to do such degrading jobs. Is this written in their VS contracts?

  • Jess

    Victoria’s Secret models used to be crème de la crème. These girls all look the same to me.

  • VS models are dumb

    … when they’re not waving padded pushup bras or blowing kisses they sing Xmas songs. WOW.

  • —-

    What a joke! This is totally pathetic.

  • Journalistic

    Ew Miranda…Such a ditz

  • Tony

    Ugh. It’s 2012, and we still have this crap? Victoria’s Secret is overpriced and ridiculous crap…and the “angels” are overpaid and ridiculous too.

  • MirandaAdele

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Anonymous

    At least these are relevant models.
    ‘blowing kisses’, ‘padded push up bras’ LOL fans of D list catalogue models are pissed that between them these girls have 23 Vogue covers and editorials between them. No to mention W, Vanity Fair and Elle US.
    They’ve also ALL done runway at NY, Paris, Milan Fashion week. And have contracts with Versace, Atwood, Miu Miu, Prada, Oscar De La Renta -still in demand with the exclusive fashion crowd.
    They do not have to do local plays and panto to pay the rent now THAT’S pathetic.

  • Weirdo

    How degrading. They are the skinny version of a Playboy bunny.

  • ????

    @anonymous (12)
    Yeah very relevant! LOL! So they actually accept to go from Vogue or Paris runways to blowing kisses and waving pushup bras. Why don’t you say that these idiots would do just about anything for a paycheck.
    What a awful example for young girls.

  • @Anonymous

    You aren’t still over Bar, are you? LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Its interesting that Bar’s the first name that comes to mind for you. Kinda proves my point. And not Kate Upton. Oh wait Kate’s on Vogue UK and just finished Vogue Italia as well as Vogue Germany and US editorials. Stay pressed. Why don’t you pic spam instead?
    @14 Yep they’re relevant in their field. Fact not opinion. Its a testament to their versatility that like Gisele, Stephaie Seymour and Helena Christensen they can do the typical VS promo and dominate the runway with Prada campaigns while pocketing nice change and making the Forbes list.
    An example to young girls? I dunno why any model should be an example to young girls but they aren’t any different to actresses that play druggy controversial roles. I’ve never heard anyone describe either to be role models but Mmmk.

  • Happy

    The pretty girls with ” high” intellectual and IQ, who give ridiculous poses and acts embarising, earn millions. And the people who spend their life on their eduction and work hard can’t earn this money in their whole life. Why???

  • Sylvie

    Adios women’s liberation. Welcome to the vapid skinny bunch of VS illeterate who can not even sing a song on tune. Instead of going forward the place of women in society is regressing.

  • Losa

    This video was painful. I’m sorry but now I know why models don’t talk too much. They just open their mouth and this ruins everything. That’s why there is a prejudice that pretty women don’t have brain. Everyone says to me that I look pretty and I’m beautiful but almost everyone thinks that I’m silly and uncultivated. And it’s a hard work to prove that I’m not. So please VS models, just pose and take photos but don’t sing or talk ! It’s a shame for pretty women who have brain.

  • Saywer

    They really should get rid of Erin and Lilly. Candace is the only decent “new” angel. Sad

  • Jenna

    WORST SINGING EVER. Just because you look good doesn’t mean you can sing.

  • Get Real

    These women are underwear models, not doctors. I don’t understand why you all seem offended; this isn’t much different from what they normally do….

  • aww

    So silly and cute.

  • uhmmm

    You guys do know that this was made for fun, right?
    They are poking fun at themselves, and having a good time doing it.
    You just have no sense of humor, do you.

  • sarah

    @24 -

    No? For fun? Are you sure? I thought they were giving a seminar on the history of humanity. Please.

  • ta

    Wow. Doutzen isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, is she.
    They why are you all treating this so seriously?
    It’s ridiculous.

  • Michi

    When you’re that thin, you start looking way older than you are. Unless you were blessed with puff cheeks like Miranda. Yikes…VS jobs are so embarrassing…grown women and all that!

  • Diliana von Bork

    VS models are so ridiculous. Blowing kisses, blink, act like dumb… Why Adriana is not there?
    Ambrosio and her veneers… If you want that horse smile, get veneers, not Oral-B.

  • a

    Since when is singing badly mean you don’t have a high IQ. Most people don’t know how to sing on cue but the last time i checked that doesn’t leave an impact on their IQ level.

  • bla bla

    i think that Miranda is over confident which is such a turn off and yeah i think the commercial was stupid …… sluts

  • Full of sour grapes….

    Oh for goodness sake lighten up, it’s meant to be a bit of fun. Like when you see gag reels of actors messing up their lines.

    You’re all as usual just looking for an excuse to find fault with them out of jealousy and spite. Their beautiful and successful, get over the bitterness!!!

  • Giggidy


  • @a-29

    when you have a high IQ you don’t even try to sing in public when you know you sound ridiculous.

  • Wow….

    Miranda should definitely take up acting, she has a lot of screen presence and was by far the most natural & confident……wait for the red arrows from the haters……lol.

  • @29

    No, not remembering a very simple line and mucking it up over and over again made it look like she’s not very bright.

  • Lillybogi

    Lololololol lol…these women are all gorg…I have to lololololol at the stupid comments from people who either wished they looked like them, or wished they were dating them. Dumb.

  • mike

    Alessandra Ambrosio the BEst , the oldest angel with Adriana Lima , two ICONICS ANGELS

  • mike


  • Miss the old VS Models

    GET RID OF LILY, who did she bl0w to get a VS contract? Well maybe she didn’t bl0w anyone because with teeth like that they’d rip a guy a part

  • Model Fan

    ^ I don’t know about all of that, but she’s definitely the worst VS model, and I hope she’s replaced soon. Her walk was and posing is just embarrassing! I don’t know why VS keeps her, when there are so many better models. I hope they start using Behati and Barbara more, at least they can model!

  • Arya

    Candice, Miranda & Alessandra are the best VS’s angels!

  • Linds

    As alwasy people are jelous of these women. They are models, they also have a part to play in this world. Not everyone wants to become a doctor or lawyer, and even if you are one so what? It doesn’t put you higher in anyway.

  • Nia

    agreed…i dont understandball the nasty comments

  • Nancy

    Miranda is my favourite VS model. The Delphi board is getting way out of hand again. They are so obsessed with hating Miranda and I don’t get why they have so much hatred for her. She has done nothing to them. I went to check the site out because I had never been there and was curious about the hateful comments. I was shocked. They are out of control on there.They keep making despicable comments about Miranda and her family. If you don’t agree with what they are saying, they ban you from the site. They cannot handle it when fans of hers defend her. I like Miranda and don’t like that their comments have gotten so horrible that they are even insulting Flynn. They are sick and bitter people on there. They can’t handle that there are people out there that like Miranda. I am a fan of Miranda and Orlando and what these Delphi people are saying is really out of line. Have any of you checked out the board and what do you think.

  • karen

    Fun ha ha and ho ho. They absolutely made fools of themselve and made Christmas look like it had no meaning what so ever. No talent and no sense of reality at all. Shows you once again no talent with these women. Bad taste…

  • karen

    @Happy: Exactly Happy-sad sad world. Believe tho in the end unless they are saving their money they won’t be able to use their bodies forever.

  • karen

    @Get Real: Its probably because it is pretty pathetic that they have to go and do this around Christmas when that is not what Christmas is about they are a sad excuse for a human being.

  • @Karen

    Gee, so now singing Christmas carols while poking fun at yourself is the devil’s work?
    I think that you really need to get back on those meds,

  • blah

    @Jess: lol of course the jobs are degrading, it’s called modeling.

  • LeeZette

    this is so bad, it’s not positive PR for these models at all, now we know they sound really dumb, and Miranda is as slutty as she comes across. When she said “down under” the first thing that came to mind was her vjj cause she’s been naked everywhere.