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Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Premiere!

Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Premiere!

Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst pose together on the red carpet at the premiere of their film On the Road on Thursday (December 13) at the SVA Theater in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress wore a sheer Erdem dress and Christian Louboutin pumps to the big event.

Earlier in the day, Kristen was spotted heading into The Daily Show‘s studios to tape an appearance on the show.

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Beckley dress and a Band of Outsiders jacket at the talk show. The premiere was sponsored by Grey Goose.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst at the premiere…

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Credit: Zelig Shaul/ACE; Photos: INFdaily, Getty
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# 1

Another one??Good for them…but seriously..i lost the count of OTR premieres xD

# 2

omg kristen looks fat??? and we all now she isn’t! awful dress, geez

# 3

Dear Kristen Stewart,

# 4

what is she wearing again? :o

# 5

Kristen’s outfit, pathetic.

# 6

Very hot <3 RupStew Forever

# 7

I like the neon pumps the dress not much but give her some credit for wear it

# 8

Kristen looks GORGEOUS!! Love the hair, make up and shoes!! Not a fan of the dress though.

# 9

Man, WTF is she wearing?

her face and make up are beautiful thought kristen is gorgeous

I love what Kristen wore to the Daily Show!! That striped dress is fabulous!! Not keen on the sheer dress. She looks beautiful but that dress lets her down!

It’s like she’s been sexually awakened and shameless since her “indescretion” with Rupert Sanders.

Ummm what in the world is she wearing? That is like… so vulgar for a premiere.

Not loving Kirsten or Kristens dresses for the screening! Both beautiful girls and I love them…but no to those dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My G-D!! I can’t believe she would go out like that! What the h-ll is she wearing???

That striped dress is so beautiful

Horrible stylist @ 12/13/2012 at 9:07 pm

Ew she looks so slvtty. I don’t understand why she’s been wearing so many see through dresses since her cheating scandal. It’s not helping her image at all.



Not liking the dresses on either girl to be honest. I love their hair and makeup though!

yikes, hideous, head to toe.

woot woot @ 12/13/2012 at 9:09 pm

My jaw dropped.

At how awful that dress is. Can it even be called a dress? Only Kristen Stewart would wear a bikini and see through sundress to a premiere.

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Vulgarity @ 12/13/2012 at 9:09 pm

That can’t even be called a dress. Such white trash this girl is.

Her parents really made a mistake in raising her.

I love Kristen’s hair and makeup. Absolutely perfect. The dress is not her best though. I love the other dress she’s wearing in the pics here. Gorgeous. I see much more good than bad here. Just a little dress faux paux…the rest is stunning!!

This slapper is such a pathetic famewhØre and for goodness sake..ENOUGH with this movie..It’s been online for free who is idiotic to pay to see that boring film. For an indie film it’s not good. Just because it’s an indie film doesn’t make it better. WT…is that a halloween costume she’s wearing??

LooseLipz @ 12/13/2012 at 9:15 pm

This stylist dressing her for all these appearances should be fired. These looks are completely wrong for this young boring plain tomboy. I’m embarrassed for her.

Gorgeous girl no matter what she wears!! Love Kristen. Love Kirsten too. Beautiful ladies.

Most of these comments are about Kristen Stewart. Kristen Dunst is such a hasbeen. Too much competition from pretty young things like Emma Stone & Jennifer Lawrence. After you turn 30 in Hollywood, no one cares about you anymore. LOL

That looks like something you would find at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Dirty Homewrecker @ 12/13/2012 at 9:39 pm

She’s wearing granny panties and a bra under a lace tablecloth showing all her bits. Even her easily butthurt stans have to admit it is vulgar. Is she trying to remind us she’s the **** in this movie? We know KStew

KStew’s shoes are fabulous. Do wish her skirt didn’t look like pajama’s tho.

KAY blood @ 12/13/2012 at 9:41 pm

Dump the dress.

JJ, you endorsing her and all her horrendous fashion choices is like making her a walking Trash Tour 2012 on your site…

is that any pool out there after premiere?

Funny thing that trampire is doing Jon Stewart, when a few months ago he told that pathetic, no self respect or self esteem of a boyfriend of hers, to kick her to the curb. Ahahahahaaaa!

her team must hate her. wth is she wearing? oO

Once upon a time Kristen’s dress was used as swimsuit :P

Kristen has said in the past that she only knows what she is wearing 30 mins before she goes on. Lately her outfits are a bit inappropriate for the events or seasons??? This short outfit is more of a spring/summer thing and not winter. What is her stylist thinking?? I do like the striped dress and jacket, very chic.

Love both these ladies!!!!!!

Gorgeous make up and hair!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not care for the dresses! But love the ladies!


You clown haters cant deny how pretty Kristen is so you might as well accept it LOL

@uh huh: not even fredericks of hollywood would have this sh*teous “thing” in their inventory lmfao. i sure as hell wouldn’t wear that trash out in cold as balls NYC. what a fail

aquarius64 @ 12/13/2012 at 10:39 pm

Horrible dresses on both women. Kirsten looks like she borrowed her dress from Wednesday Aadams. Kristen’s get up? Someone will take a look at her and ask “How much?” and they won’t mean the cost of the dress.

first, stop pretending to be happy.. you’re not that good of an actress
and secondly, that dress is fu&cking ugly… i don’t even know which part i hate more

(((.. this girl needs to lay off the dru*gs – kirsten dunst is 30 and looks more youthful)))

Who told her this was a good look? This outfit has managed to make a thin girl look heavy. I just don’t get it.

his girl’s outfit choices are worse than her movie choices..she is hitting an all time low..

poor kirsten because everyone just pay attention to kristen only. no matter what she wears i still love her. kristen is the best!

Alexandria @ 12/13/2012 at 11:33 pm

Not trying to piggy-back off rumors, but something is just off about Kristen. I really think she might be pregnant. Her stomach is actually out further than her chest. She’s been wearing stripes so much.

I’m not a fan of Kristen, and do not understand the hype with her as an actress. She speaks poorly, fidgets, average looking, and her mannerism is very boyish in my opinion. My conclusion, she is the total opposite of class and a lady. We will see how her career continues in the lights and action works~

Also, look forward to seeing her film with Affleck, that should be interesting:)

This is a same girl who said that “I’m particularly weird because I DON’T even like being looked at. ” A person who hates attention would never wear something like this because they know it attracts too much attention.Kstew needs to keep a journal to maintain her track of lies that she spews to main her anti-Hollywood image

Kstew is trash who is heading for a mental break down

Jesus Christ WTF is she wearing? She looks like she is wearing men’s shoes with that striped dress, and that sheer thing is just hideous. She’s got no class or style at all.

Beautiful girl. Dont care what she is wearing.

RUPSTEN IS BROKEN! @ 12/14/2012 at 12:29 am


There really are some scary, crazy people here! I suggest you get some help. Seriously.

Someone needs to tell Stew that such dresses are not suitable for a movie premiere and in order to pull of this look you need to have curvey body.Pale white boys shouldn’t be wearing this dress JS

Time will tell.She is heading in Lilo’s direction

Kstew is mah Queen @ 12/14/2012 at 12:39 am

Kstew is the coolest and most honest gal in the universe she knows she is a cheap lay and she is accepting that fact through her new & improved dressing sense GO KSTEW! ROCK THAT C*OCK?

I agree!!! Scary and crazy definitely sums these people up!! Best just to ignore them.

@Jason: commonality between k.stew, k.dunst, emma stone, and is that they are/were in movie franchises. once the franchises are over, then thats the point where everybody sees if they can really last in the industry and continue to shine or not. k.dunst effed up after spiderman 3 by goin to rehab after her breakup with jake gyllenhaal and has been trying to revive her career even though its been pretty stagnant for almost the past 6 yrs (except getting snubbed for melancholia nomination). k.stew should really step back, make an example out of what has happened to her movie franchise predecessors, and straighten out her personal life because as you can see it will affect her professionally. kristen messed up garretts chances towards being truly recognized by the academy so i think that already speaks volumes and it isnt even her career she screwed with. she has a longgg way to go before being along the ranks of stone and lawrence.

I wonder how much she charges for a night

Screw the stew @ 12/14/2012 at 1:02 am

This post is filled with lunatic K fans that have crawled out K’s diseased ******.

she is pure *****

She’s gorgeous!

Where is Kristen’s extra-touch super creepy BG a.k.a secret lover #2 nowadays?

Kristen’s next ed carpet outfit.

Kristen owns her haters! Alas they will never understand that!

Wotsmyname @ 12/14/2012 at 1:56 am

@Nightwish: You can find prettier hoes in your local brothel

Wotsmyname @ 12/14/2012 at 1:57 am

This is Kristen’s way of searching for jobs I bet she will take it in her ass from her next director

she’s up to anything to make people talk about her, dressing slutier and slutier is a part of her plan. Kirsten looks embarassed to have to stand beside this *****.

Here what I said about Kristen on the last post yesterday:

They are trying so hard to get this movie recognized by people who actually matter(legitimate critics and major award jury). Kristen’s ass kissers who spam every board with “Kstew deserves Oscar for OTR because she is the BEST ACTRESS OF OUR GENERATION.Ya’ll are jelly because she has Rob’s true love!!!!!” don’t count as people who matter. Ngl I’m quite amused with Kristen’s latest trend of wearing sheer or revealing dresses.She gets caught with a married tool and starts showing more skin…..hmm now this is what I call lack of self awareness.I guess its only matter of time before she shows up wearing bra and panties on red carpet.

I predicted that she would show up in her bra & panties soon and guess what Kristen did EXACTLY what I said lol.

This pathetic outfit looks like bra and granny panties

@bee: her parents didnt’ raised her. she has all the behavior of a child left to herself: her lack of social skills, education, poise. She may had be introduced to sex and drugs very early too.

hahahaha look at kristen’s dress… lol. Don’t blame her stylist, if she didn’t want to wear dress like that she could have chosen other dress which was more decent. She seems love to wear that kind of dress lately.

WalnutDrama @ 12/14/2012 at 2:21 am

@green: Kristen is a star not a newbie she has say in what she wants to wear.She wears these dresses because she wants to and ends up looking like a cheap escort

ups kristen’s outfit is not a dress, it more looks like bikini or bra and granny panties. Also, Kirsten’s more beautiful than kristen.

Her stomach and chest are on same level which makes this “dress” even more FAIL!

@Xfl: True! in fact she has no curve in her body, no waist, nothing! it’s so weird, she has the body of a pubescent boy

She looks stupid. Learn how to dress you stiff zombie.

enough already ! @ 12/14/2012 at 2:58 am

@bee: ”’ that’s funny !! the mistake here is you actually breathing and living in this world … I’m suer your parents have many regrets on how you turned out !!!

Glad to see Sam Riley

just jared is the only one reporting on KStew nobody else cares

For someone who is uncomfortable with the limelight, she doesn’t mind wearing revealing clothes

the back kristen’s dress she is wearing fro the premiere pics actually looks nice but the front is horrendous

Jeez, I’ve seen Kirsten in bad dresses but this is awful!

She looks like a school loser who got invited to some high-class party, but was told to wear some 50s costume, to make her look ridiculous!

i think she need fire her stylist ….

@Alexandria: She is not pregnant she has just gained weight because she stopped going to gym back in July after Rob found out that her real physical trainer was Rupert Sanders LOL

LOL @ Kristen trying to be friendly and waving. So forced. Her people have probably been telling her for a while to try and be more approachable and likeable. It’s not working. Don’t even get me started on the outfit.

Only Kristen could make an Erdem dress look tacky and the shoes are two sizes to big. What a bloody state, she looks like she should be working the corner outside not going in to the premiere.

Was she also promoting herself as a ho*ker at BD2 and OTR premiere?

I love how she dresses for Rupert, knowing he looks at photos of her online moaning as he remembers all those times in the mini cooper…

Lovely girl @ 12/14/2012 at 7:20 am

I was there in front of the theatre last night and I had seen her. The dress looked cute on her, looked like a dress not a swin suit. SHE LOOKED LIKE A FAIRY, A MAGICAL PERSON. Papzz got mad. One of them in the back open a travel size vodka and drunk from it. Papzz out side were kept in a holding pan, fans were even farther back. I went to the front and had seen them all” Garrett, Sam Riley, Kirsten D. Patti Smith was there and a lot of old people. I felt very special. Some girl from Manhattan were following her the whole day and it was teh third time they had seen her that day. I am so sorry I was lazy to come and see her bofore. I will miss her a lot.

syxdcfvgbhnj @ 12/14/2012 at 7:20 am

I think Kirsten looks beautiful.

Remember the time when Kirsten Dunst was THE it-girl. Haha seems soo far away.
But i’m always glad to see her happy, had some hard past years. :)

Lovely girl @ 12/14/2012 at 7:20 am


I was there in front of the theatre last night and I had seen her. The dress looked cute on her, looked like a dress not a swin suit. SHE LOOKED LIKE A FAIRY, A MAGICAL PERSON. Papzz got mad. One of them in the back open a travel size vodka and drunk from it. Papzz out side were kept in a holding pan, fans were even farther back. I went to the front and had seen them all” Garrett, Sam Riley, Kirsten D. Patti Smith was there and a lot of old people. I felt very special. Some girl from Manhattan were following her the whole day and it was teh third time they had seen her that day. I am so sorry I was lazy to come and see her bofore. I will miss her a lot.

Just so, i think it’s ridiculous to say that you are “too old” for Hollywood with 30 [!!!!].

Kristen’s fans are in denial. You know that your idol is a terrible actress and bad person,but you don’t want to admit it,instead you told yourself the opposite, you’re lying to yourself. Trust me, one day you’ll regret that you used to be her fans and you’ll be ashamed of yourself for supporting and defending her. Ask yourself, does she deserve your support? You owe yourself better things than supporting her, don’t you? I know that no one is perfect, but there are better people who can be better role models and deserve to be idolized. Why do you choose the worse one?

Sorry, but Kristen looks like a prostitute.

Oure love for Kristen @ 12/14/2012 at 8:03 am

Back off moron . How dare you tell people who to love? Fans love her. I will always support her. Go back to you reight wing, red neck America and don’t miss your Walmart sale.

Rotten you @ 12/14/2012 at 8:06 am


For you , yes. Honey Boo Boo will air soon for you. Nicholas Sparks novels shoud be on sale now too. For you.(She looked like a fairy, a butterfly,a magical being last night) It was as if you had seen an angel!

@Oure love for Kristen: typical kristen fans… you really need help asap.

If a Kristen Stewart fan thinks this look is amazing as well, I think those people are the staunchest fans ever. No matter what she does, they’ll stand by her. Seriously? What the bloody hell is she wearing. Why does she wear such funnily scandalous clothes if she doesn’t apparently want to be looked at. She obviously wants to be in the news.

As someone above rightly said, one day you guys are going to be ashamed of being such crazy fans, you’ll realise she’s not worth any of this bulls-hit love you’re giving her. She has lost all sense of morality and she’s stupid. There was a time when she was nice and what she said made sense, but she changed into this douche, I can’t stand her and moreover her insane fans

Kristen looks gorgeous. Interesting dress though

@Rotten you: I feel sorry for you if you think she in this dress looks like a angel. Btw, I can’t stand N.Sparks and would never read his books and I don’t even know boo boo. Kristen look like a prostitute in this dress, just have a look to the fashion sites.

Kristen Stewart is a casting couch actress. She is not talented or savvy like JLaw and Emma. The prostitute dress above is an advertisement for future directors. How else is she going to keep her career going?

How long before she strays on Rob again?

Waaa,waaa,waaa,you old hags just jealous because you won’t be able to fit your 200 pound leg over that dress. She rocks everything she wear,atleast she wear granny panty rather than pantyless Anne.She looks gorgeous .

What is up with all the sheer clothes she is wearing lately. It’s like a curtain company is dressing her in the curtain sheers.

Horrible personality, horrible actress and now horrible dresser…3 for 3….and no award love either (as if). In 5 years she will be a “whatever happened to..” sorry doing LIfetime movies.

I’m sure that dress looks better in person, but it doesn’t photograph well. Calling it white trash isn’t fair, since it’s a high fashion, probably thousands of dollars dress. It’s not like she’s in a stained tshirt and overalls…
The striped one in the other pictures is awesome.

Her wayward outfit was the least of it. You shoulda heard the boo’s after she ran past fans and press line!


@notafan: and one day haters will realise hating on her is a waste of your time when you could be supporting an actor/actress that you like as that would be a much better use of your time.

Kristen should take advice from Kirsten Dunst who is aging beautifully and is on top of her game while always looking good. Dunst had some issues in the past but she is better than ever. Kristen does not seem to have a good management team around but she is probably making them rich anyway. Kristen needs to fire all of them, or maybe she is just not listening to them. In any case, everything about her is going downhill. Too bad because I like her. This outfit is wrong for all reasons.

Gawd, this getup is dreadful. It looks like a beach coverup, which is the only place it belongs and it adds pounds that she doesn’t have since the folds in that sheer fabric look like flab at first glance. I even hated this on the model.

Kristen S…no no no…just no. Your outfits are getting worst not better. Please find something that fits your body. You canNOT wear these kind outfits.

That dress makes her look heavy…her legs look heavier…and does not look good at all!!

Kristen looks great. She has a lot of talent and I wish her well. All of you bashing and trashing her: you’re pathetic. Mob mentality is alive and well, unfortunately.

Dirty hair and a dress that looks like cheap lingerie…nice. For someone who claims not to like attention and wanting to start over in her relationship, dressing like that is an interesting choice to say the least. She acts awkward and yet is very immodest at the same time.

This is not a good look. After she is done promoting she needs to just disappear for awhile. Maybe take some acting classes and media training classes. I’ve never seen a young actress with such an unfinessed awkward presence.

Muffin Top! Trying to hide a tummy with that outfit is like trying to hide a whale with a bedsheet. Probably the most unflattering thing a girl with that problem area can wear.

This is the girl who recently said she doesn’t even like to be looked at? She’s so full of b.s. it’s not funny.
She doesn’t have to wear everything a stylist puts in front of her unless she had no self esteem and no sense of her self. So, if she’s wearing this crap it’s because she wants to or she’s so giddy that these people are paying attention to her that she will lest them do anything they want. Either way, she’s sad.
I really don’t care about how she wants to dress or what she wants to do, but I do take exception to the fact that she’s a terrible phony, liar and hypocrite. She should own what she is instead of always spouting slop that she immediately disprove by her Behavior. Always look at what people do, not what they say.

WoW slouchy and a camel toe shes just plain disgusting

f ck off reposter @ 12/14/2012 at 6:52 pm

MESSAGE TO THE FCKER WHO REPOST AND STEALS FROM D LISTED. F ck off this board and stop reposting!! You aRE f cking dead brain and A PARASITE WHO EATS SIT ZZ TO live. I have told you once already, f ucker- go and seek mental help!! You are beyond help at this point. Kristen’s security team must be infromed about the f ck like you. Pretending to be many poster while if is a job of one crazy fck er who reposts lifted info.

She is so fresh looking, such a cute face.

Didn’t Jon Stewert trash her when Robert Pattinson came on the show? Why is she going there?

****NEON SIGN**** @ 12/14/2012 at 7:35 pm

p l e a s e

d o n ‘ t

l o o k

a t

m e

f ck off for good @ 12/14/2012 at 9:19 pm

@so what:
You came back here again, crab? Didn’t I tell you to fck off from here and stop reposting and stealing posts that your fcking dead brain would not even put together?
Go re read Twilight while masturbating yourself with a mop. Do it!

bitter blue pill @ 12/14/2012 at 11:14 pm

Actually it’s cute. It should have been more flouncy, a bit longer. it’s kinda retro.

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The dress would have looked better longer, like it was worn by the model on the runaway.

She looks like Robin Tunney could be her older sister. Very pretty as always.

fit for the role @ 12/15/2012 at 10:58 am

@bitter blue pill:

It fit the role she played-Marylou- was that over sexual being,there is a picture of her in a corset like this. Her daughter was interview and stated that her mother was very cute and sensual and sexy dresses.

omg! what was Kristen wearing?! please, someone tell her and her stylist that it’s enough of see through dresses!
we know she is beautiful and skinny, she doesn’t need to show her body in tacky-see through-cut off dresses like this one! she even wore just a bra once!
again, she is certainly beautiful, she doesn’t need this body overexposure!

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