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Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart & Kirsten Dunst: 'On the Road' Screening!

Kristen Stewart attends a special screening of her new film On the Road on Wednesday (December 12) at the IFC Theatre in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Catherine Malandrino dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Kristen was joined at the screening by her co-stars (and real-life couple) Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund.

That same evening, Kristen showed her support for the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by presenting a segment on stage at the 12-12-12 Concert at Madison Square Garden.

On the Road hits select theaters on December 21. Make sure to check it out!

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# 1

she looks like a freak. more old then 22

# 2

@lyly: So everyone over 22 is a freak? I guess you, and countless others, come to these posts more than her fans. Nothing else to do?

# 3

naked much lately? Golly. The movie sucks, get over it.

# 4

Will the amount of so-called screenings, red carpet events make up for making an inherent bad movie with an actress with no acting skills?

# 5

cranky diva is no more…a movie that nobody wants to see…desperate for work …

# 6


# 7

The movie will still suck tomorrow. Sorry.

# 8

Yup, looks like she cannot keep her clothes on lately. I agree that she has been flaunting herself. Girl has no shame whatsoever.

# 9

That is a terrible thing to say about Kirsten Dunst!!

I think they all look great!!! So sick of all the hateful comments. Its disgusting.

No skills @ 12/13/2012 at 2:40 am

Her makeup looks horrid, but I’m sure it’s still looks better than her acting skills.

Over her. Yes, I use to be a fan until I realized she is full of herself.

Kristen looks stunning!!!!! Wish I could wear that!

Who did her makeup her acting coach probably? Both are horrible.

Oh dear Kirsten Dunsts dress looks like a sack. Love her though and the others!

How much money is spent on screenings for this movie. Are they even going to break even? The investors are probably pissed.

Is she still feeling itchy because she sure looks itchy.

They are beautiful people

I’m over her. Ruined the Twilight for me after I spent my money watching the previous installments.

On the Road is a fantastic movie and all the actors did a wonderful job. It is a little intellectual though so maybe some just did not get it!

oh, oh, not again. This is at least the billionth screening for this horrible movie! Kristen’s acting is simply one dimensional, nothing more.

Another screening?? LMAO

Kristen and Garrett are getting buzzed about for awards! Very proud of them!

I saw this movie and thank goodness I did not pay for it. And for anyone who believe those who do not like the movie are not intellectually capable is an idiot.

The movie was lame. I wanted to like it,, that’s why I spent my hard earned money on it, but it failed me. Too bad I could not get a refund.

I love how all anyone wants to talk about is Kristen!!! Its like she is only person in the World who exists to some haters!! Hilarious! Did they even notice Kirsten and Garrett?? Probably not! It is all about Kristen all the time to them! She wins!!

Yes, the movie sucked. But then again, Kristen cannot act. I think management was hoping her popularity with Twilight would bring people in to watch in droves– but that’s not the case at all.

Dear angry Rob fans,
Your idol is nothing. All his movies are gonna bomb. They already have so far. I wonder if he’ll ever have a hit outside twilight hmmm. It must suck being a fan of a flat faced. untalented waste of space while other legit actors are out there doing good movies and being recognized.

I understand that you’re all so angry that you have to vent on literally every kristen stewart article everywhere in the world because she’s actually doing something and “On The Road” is getting some recognition while Crapsmopolis…oh, im sorry i meant Cosmopolis premiered in August, then bombed a week later only to be forgotten like Bel Ami was. Oh sigh. Poor bitter Pattinson fans. Making fools of yourself everywhere you go. Harassing respected critics and journalists because Kristen is being taken more seriously than Rob.

And here you all are, again! How predictable!

Another screening? What number is this one?

Waste of time. enough is enough. The movie is a flop. The movie had some potential, but it was not realized. Move on already.

Is there a contest for sheer, scandalous dressing in Hollywood right now?

The movie needs more than another screening to be a success. It’s need to be remade and it can do without Kristen.

Over the non-actress @ 12/13/2012 at 2:55 am

Kristen’s eyes look itchy.

Not this flop again.

come on already, is this seriously another screening. They are pretending not to have had a zillion screenings already. Tickets are not selling for a reason.

Charlotte @ 12/13/2012 at 2:58 am

Movie is still blah and Kristen is still naked and shameless.


still trashy. What’s up with the slu*tty attire?

I’m sick and tired of this so-called screenings. At this point, it’s called pimping.

this already has 40 comments…she’s so popular lol

Kristen appear much older here. I think it’s her outfit. Too bad she had the luck to star in a movie with a no capable actress.

Does sheer clothing create Oscar or award buzz? Kristen needs to give it a rest.

It is obvious all these lame nasty comments are coming from the same person!!!!!

there she goes again allowing us common folks to look at her.

Kristen-skank_ has no acting skills. Needs to take a year off to take some intensive acting lessons.

Kirsten on the other hand can actually act.

So many negative comments on here. It’s sad how many people waste their precious time being bitter and on people they obviously don’t like.
Life is short, spend your time more wisely.

Haven’t see the film yet. But the cast was praised in as good as every review, so Kristen can’t be that bad. ;)

I like all three on that pic.

this must be the 8765439th screening for this boring movie and yet no buzz, no nom for any award, nothing, they have money to waste in UFC!
It’s crazy how Stew can loss, gain, re-loss weight so fast! heroin? meth? coke?

@Sally: i have to agree with sally, for a post that features three people in the picture, y’all seem to be only paying attention to kristen

because kristen doesn’t have talent and acting skill at all, she sells her body to get jobs and fame. She has no shame at all…

(aham) Ladies…..your jealousy is showing!!!! No need to bitter dears.

@Psst: Please crawl back to Kristen’s *******

@Kiera: [sarcasm] I’m so jealous of a home wrecker [/sarcasm]

[not sarcasm] You protest too much!! You sure are jealous!! It is blatantly obvious!! [not sarcasm]

PS.. No homes were wrecked. You argument is invalid.

They are trying so hard to get this movie recognized by people who actually matter(legitimate critics and major award jury). Kristen’s ass kissers who spam every board with “Kstew deserves Oscar for OTR because she is the BEST ACTRESS OF OUR GENERATION.Ya’ll are jelly because she has Rob’s true love!!!!!” don’t count as people who matter. Ngl I’m quite amused with Kristen’s latest trend of wearing sheer or revealing dresses.She gets caught with a married tool and starts showing more skin…..hmm now this is what I call lack of self awareness.I guess its only matter of time before she shows up wearing bra and panties on red carpet.

What’s wrong with America? No wonder your kids commit suicide, it’s because of bullies like you. Lately America is more famous for their bullies than their entertainment. And this comment is coming all the way from South Africa! Poepholle.

@@Trudy: Last time I checked Rupert and Liberty were living separately and going for marriage counseling session.If they don’t work things out they will get a divorce and Kstew will go down in history as cheating **** & a homewrecker

@@Trudy: I don’t have any reason to be jealous of cheap ***** who slept with a married man

Except you still are jealous of her! Director is more than capable of wrecking his own marriage as he has chased after young girls before!! Anyway they are still together so still your argument is invalid. Also you have no idea if they slept together,,,just your sordid imagination. You secretly love her. It is the only explanation as to you passion about her! Ask any psychologist!

@Geri: You need get out of tweeny Kristen fandom and face the reality,sweetie.Just go on twitter and check out what normal people are saying about Kristen after her 12-12-12 concert appearance.She came across as disrespectful and uninterested and now people are calling her names like cokewhore,meth addict, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards lookalike,hooker,cheap,robot,etc That’s what the general public thinks and no they are not jealous of Kristen because most of the hate tweets are from grown up men

@@Trudy: Rupert didn’t have an affair with thin air.No woman would leavethe father of her children over few hugs and kisses exchanged in a so-called momentary indiscretion.A 40 something guy going through mid-life crisis will never stray from his wife just for few hugs and kisses from a young woman. As I said before RS/LR are going for marriage counseling session so nobody knows if they will make it or not.Do you even know the basics of psychology?

This has to be screening 739

You have no idea what state the directors marriage was in! From what I here they had a pretty rocking relationship for years. And I repeat, you do not even know if they are getting counseling. This is just small part of their problems! What they do now is their business…but like I said..they’ve had big problems for years. Ross herself has said so. His marriage and his family was his responsibility anyway. And yes I am training as a psychologist and my mother is a psychologist. Hate and Love all equals passion which means you have invested feelings therefore you obviously care about her….or you would not be here. Simple. Basic.

@A: think you need to go and do something fun rather than checking twitter to see what people are saying about kristen. for someone who does not like her, you sure do comment on every post about her saying the exact same thing

**I meant rocky relationship** obviously

Disgusting! And the fact that you think that is okay and something to be proud of only showcases your own misgivings and those of the people on twitter. Sad Sad World.

@@Trudy: There have been pap pictures of them coming out of counselor’s office. I’ve never heard anything about the nature their relationship even though this scandal was all over media.But I’ve heard many Kristen fans say that their marriage was already broken before Kristen came into picture.This is a part of their convenient logic because deep down inside in their heart they have fear of RS/LR getting divorce and so they need to pretend that Kristen had no role in breaking a family.Kristen knew he was married,she had met his wife and kids and she still became his *****,that’s the main point here.Its hard to ignore a train wreck or train wreck in making and I don’t need have to be passionate for it.

Its hilarious to see how Kristen fans are still so butt hurt by the fact that Kristen got ‘mini-coopered’ by Rupert lol

@@Trudy: We don’t know the truth abt KS’s fling but you seem to know all about Liberty Ross’s marriage I mean you even claim to know about the marriage problems that they hv supposedly had for yrs! Delusional much?

Yet you are still talking about her!! Sounds like passion to me!!! I honestly do not mind if the director marriage breaks up,,,their lives….their business!!

RUPSTEN IS UNBROKEN! @ 12/13/2012 at 5:43 am


And it is not a convenience about their marriage problems before. Just a fact. LR herself has spoken about it. If they do split I seriously doubt it would be just because of this incident but all their other problems. But like I said their business. I am not invested in them and never comment on their articles.

great actors and good people

Kirsten Dunst and Garret don’t need to promote this boring hipster movie to be respected, i think they came by frinendship for Walter Salles, Kscrew is the one who need desperately attract attention.

Billie,it’s probably because they’re all immature teens and I agree with you,the movie is Great,it brought the book to life for me,I loved it as well as the cast…Good luck to Kristen and Garrett,hope you two get the noms.

You stupid hater look like a freak, not her! That menopausal hag is already on a board to delete the positive post!! What a waste of lofe. Should be reported!

to delle 1 @ 12/13/2012 at 7:20 am

Agree. I loved the book so much. I a,m looking forward to see the movie, to relive the book. It is shown tonight at 7:30 at SVA theatre.
At last teh day has come. Love it

Thank you Kristen for being you! Hags, the Twilight IS OVER, OVER, HEARd that? Fck off Kirtsen. She is not your Bella. To that one hat full person aka trudy and company- stop using multiple monikers. Get off Kristen’s ass.Stop tweeting and Googleing about sombody you do not car!! wash your sweat pants instead. Why ARE YOU EVEN POSTING HERE? SKIP IT! That space is for her fans.She is not running for a pilitical office.

kho 12-12-12 @ 12/13/2012 at 7:30 am

12 days
12 men
12 diseases

This Trudy person really sounds like a *****. so bitter. Who would want a disgusting ***** like her?

@kho 12-12-12: You had 12 men in 12 days? I bet they are all losers!

@R: Who is Kscrew? Your mom?

Kristen Stewart (kho) @ 12/13/2012 at 8:12 am

My diseases are Left Coast
Right Coast

@Lol: Oh I guess you think that being a low life ***** worshiper is much better oh well okay then whateva floats your boat.

Enjoy my anemic peep show while you can people.
Have you seen my ugly mother?
Well ,that’s where I’m headed.

@kho: No, don’t want to see your ugly mother. She is all yours.

@Trudy: You are a low life ***** yourself. So who’s better? bwahahaha

@@Trudy: I’ve read that quote and all LR said was she felt like single mom cause Rupert was away most of the time with his work related commitments You took that quote to declare that they had serious marriage problems for years which doesn’t make sense but like I said before Kristen fans need to pretend that it wasn’t her fault at all.If RS/LR’s marriage ends Liberty may start revealing details of her husband’s s so-called momentary indiscretion and it won’t be good for Kristen fans who desperately want to hold on to their wacky theories.

inyourface @ 12/13/2012 at 8:24 am

@Sally: yes i agree with you. love to see haters obsessed and keep thinking about her. kristen is the winner!

@Lol: That has got to be the most intelligent insult I’ve ever heard.Are you a kinder garden dropout?

Kristen Stewart (kho) @ 12/13/2012 at 8:25 am

Her name is Jules. She’s an ugly old bag and she got me into the Bizz.
Somebody wants to sit on my looong chin and take a ride. : )

Kristen looks beautiful. Very on trend.

sad old hags @ 12/13/2012 at 9:08 am

The world as we know it might end soon ,and all these old hags haters still promoting hate to no endThey must have a sad sad life if what they do everyday is to wait on Kristens post so they could insult her,guess what,no matter what you say or do ,Rob still and always warms her bed whenever she’s home with him.

@sad old hags: Rob still and always warms her bed whenever she’s home with him sounds like something taken from a cheesy bodice ripper LOL

Kristen is a very pretty girl but that make-up is too pale for her. And she sure does look miserable/bored..

@Tina: well I don’t get it … why is she nominated ? She did do that much ! Garret however did a very nice job

you can tell that garrett looks annoyed being at these screenings especially after he realized that after all the hard work he put into OTR, he never got nominated for supporting actor this awards season like everybody hyped it up to be. sucks cause this movie as well as the novel meant the world to him but the reason that he didnt get nominated was cause the movie simply didnt reach the high expectations that it was brought up to be. poor thing, he actually did a great job :/

alas, no award noms for Kristen. Guess the publicity rampage didn’t work…

how dumb are you? why would these ppl support Kristen if they were jealous of her having Rob?

@@A: @J: LOL calm your tits,ladies(?) All those hate tweets were very easy to find because Kristen trended on Twitter for a short while due to it and her fans were going crazy attacking all those who said mean things about her.Its not my fault that people think that she is a pathetic joke ;)

I love both Kirsten and Kristen’s looks. And Garrett looks very handsome even though his look IMO is not exactly screening-appropriate (he made the effort though and put on a tie).
And the reason for so many screenings is because SAG and HFPA does not equal AMPAS. Academy members love to be invited to screenings. And they also like it when actors get to talk about the research that went into their roles and the experience they had throughout the filming. Maybe it’ll pay off or maybe not. But they get to go through the experience of an awards campaign and that’s what matters.

Can Kristen, Garrett, and Kristen look any less then thrilled to be there. They look like they are over all the screenings for this movie too. Has anyone noticed Tom has done no press for this movie? I know he apparently had a small part but he has not had 1 picture taken to promote this movie.

Who the heck is dressing Kristen? Stop putting her in these revailing clothes she does not have the body for these types of clothes. It makes her look more out of place then usual.

She is a young and talented actress, she is a cool person and interesting, a good deed is great!!

She is a talented and young actress, has all my admiration and respect!! Very beautiful and adorable, as always!! Go Kristen, we are with you!!


Don´t include me please!!!!

That movie was bad and it’s not definitely not a critics fav..enough already. No one is shelling out $$$ for’s getting closer to the end of the year and bigger better movies are opening up.
Kristen you can put your clothes on one is offering you a nomination.

kirsten almost didn’t do anything in the movie.. sam riley is a lot more important, and he’s nowhere promoting the movie..

aquarius64 @ 12/13/2012 at 7:58 pm

@Tina: So far Kristen and Garrett are 0 for 2 in nominations: SAG & Golden Globes.


Love Fairy @ 12/14/2012 at 12:24 am

a freak? look at her gorgeous body. at least she doesn’t look like a whale, that’s what you prolly look like, jealous much? lol

This girl dresses like she was caught in a tornado at a thrift shop.

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