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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: NOH8 Party Kisses!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: NOH8 Party Kisses!

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian share a kiss as they arrive at the NOH8 Campaign Party held at the Avalon on Wednesday (December 12) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 30-year-old singer helped celebrate the fourth anniversary of the charitable organization at the event and served as the performer for the night.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Love how my husband texts me to remind me it’ll be 12:12 on 12/12/12 in a few minutes,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account. “Makes me smile! Enjoy it everyone!!”

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Credit: Paul A. Hebert; Photos: Getty
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  • Kel

    Hypocrites. She is the biggest bully of all.

  • leigh

    terrible dress. can she not see how awful her chest looks. bony flat between boobs that are going east and west.

  • Marie

    Oh my, he is gray and looking tired. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • Iris

    Eeewww. I wish I could unsee that.

  • nomorerimes

    Look how “happy” (?) EC looks!! Haha! In the pic of them “kissing” it sure doesn’t even look like he puckered up his lips. Looks like she surprised him and moved in quick enough to touch his lips. He is sooooo not into her. Must have been payday for EC! He needs to ask for a pay raise to even appear with this POS!

  • Mimi

    They are an attractive couple who seem so in love. Good for them.

  • LooseLipz


    You took the words right out of my mouth. He’s over her. Probably at the point of fantasizing about his next conquest…and she is so desperately in awe and in love with that tool.
    She has so much growing up to do.

    By the way, EC’s Ex Brandi is quite the loon herself. That chick lacks a sensitivity gene. He sure knows how to pick them.

  • bubbaness

    She must be endlessly tiring to be around with all the validation and attention she needs.

  • nomorerimes

    And in the pic of them kissing he has his eyes closed so he doesn’t have to see her! Haha! Usually when people kiss quickly like this their eyes are open! Haha! Don’t blame hime at al’!!!

  • Lol

    I was always told growing up ” cheaters never win and winners never cheat” just saying

  • Renee

    LeAnn, I’m suing a Special Education teacher with 6 kids,Rimes at an anti-bullying event? With her husband who uses her money and lawyers to bully his ex? What a farce. She looks fug as usual and is of course, doing her usual clinging and trying to french him in public. Eddie looks unhappy, tired, haggard, drunk and old. Must be taxing living with LeAnn, even if he can roll around in her money and stay perpetually high on her dime. I wonder how many years he has to stay married to her to get a nice big settlement? I;m guessing 5. They have become caricatures of themselves. Both have careers in the toilet. Both are now more infamous than famous. Both like to hate on and blame his ex for the fact that the majority of the public now view them as jokes and horrible people. Both are insane enough to believe they are one fluff interview away from redemption and forgiveness from the public. When you marry someone for their money, you work to earn each and every penny and when the mistress marries the man she cheats with, she creates a job vacancy. They are perfect for each other.

  • macaque

    What a clown to laugh at. Scary…

  • KC

    He doesn’t really look like he’s enjoying that kiss.

  • pauley

    Eddie is so over LeAnn.

  • betty

    MIMI If that is LOVE give me hate any day. I seen people kissing a dog with more affection. Poor Leann keep living in your fantasy. Ed looks more like a puppet than a mate. All the staged photos won’t help either of you. It is something about Eddie eyes that doesn’t look right. They always appeared glazed. Brandi is no loon she had sense enough to dump that zero only Leann thinks that loser is a hero.

  • get a new hubby

    yeah he doesnt look into her at all.

  • Renee

    @betty: My favorite thing is that her few fans like to accuse everyone of being “jealous” for disliking her and taunt that she gets to sleep with Eddie. Wow, how lucky is she to get to sleep with her kept, drunk, serial cheater husband. From the looks of their “chemistry”, she probably has to slip him a few crisp bills first. He never looks happy of in love when with LeAnn. He looks drunk while on vacation and dead in the eyes the rest of the time. She looks manic and clingy and like she is trying so very hard to project joy. If they both weren’t so despicable, I’d feel sorry for them.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Yeah, he doesn’t seem invested in that kiss, as he usually is. He’s probably fed up with her drama.

  • elisa

    Omg you guys are so mean. Just look at yourselves before judging.
    You’re judging her look, but we all know it’s because you’re still pissed because she fell in love with Eddie, who was married at the time, i know!

    Yes, they did a mistake, yes they broke a family and yes they hurt people.

    But come on ! We don’t know their lives! How do you know Brandi was a loving wife, or Dean a good husband ? ” You can’t prevent what you can’t predict “, you can’t control your whole life neither your feelings for someone.

    They’re just 2 people who fell in love. End of story.
    Eddie’s children are fine, I don’t see the problem here.

    And in my opinion, she looks really good. And so does Eddie ! Handsome ! And looking very happy by the way :-)

  • Sam

    I feel so sad for this young woman on so many levels.

  • Lynn

    Her face looks like she just sucked on a lemon. U-G-L-Y!

  • Fercy

    What happened to her singing career?

  • cari

    She is insane. And he looks like she sucked all the ‘hot’ out of him….he’s aged at least twenty years because of her special kind of ‘crazy’. Brandi is clearly the ‘winner’ here. Karma is such a bitch Eddie, right?

  • Renee

    @elisa: As I’ve never s c r e w e d a married man with kids while married myself, I can judge her all I want. I’ve know MANY people who’ve been unhappily married and chosen to do the “right” thing and end their marriages first before jumping into bed with another. Just because a lot of people have affairs doesn’t excuse any one of them. Lots of people have committed murder and stolen and they are judged. So are liars. “Making a mistake” is a really candy coated description of actions that destroyed two family units If you look at the other candid pictures of Eddie Cibrian at the event, he looks anything but happy and “in love”. He looks miserable and bored out of his skull. LeAnn can make the negativity directed toward her go away by getting off Twitter permanently, quitting the staged photo ops, especially the ones with the kids, enjoying her new life in a dignified and private way and focusing on her floundering music career. That is the ONLY way she will ever get public redemption which she so obviously craves. She seems to feel a need to constantly prove to everyone that she is living in perfect bliss, She can do this on her for profit fan site. That is a great way for her to control her image while letting those who are on “her side” in on what is going on in her life. She started this all and only she can stop it.

  • elisa


    What can I say after that.. so much hate towards LeAnn !

    Of course they should’ve end their marriages before all of this.. but we’re humain beings right ? We made mistakes, sometimes BIG mistakes.. Did you never act wrong towards someone ? Are you an angel ? I don’t think so.
    Before all of this happened, did you like LeAnn ? She did ONE mistake, are you really gonna blame her for the rest of her life ? Plus we don’t see LeAnn as much as before these days.

    Whatever she’s done, she doesn’t deserve insults about her look.

  • Ink

    @Renee: get off your high horse and take the pole out of you a$$ , like your pathetic life is so perfect…all you judgers,juding on people you don’t even know, only going by what the media feeds you, lapping it up like little robots with no humanity at all. This world is so sick…hating on other you don’t even know, that is the height of stupidity and soulessness.

  • betty

    Elisa Being married and have an affair with a married man is no mistake she went into it with her eyes wide open and if she was sorry she would not have flaunted it. If she was so happy she wouldn’t have anything to prove. Unfortunately she ruined her reputation and career for a loser, user and womanizer. Brandi has really blossomed since she left that loser.and Leann is steadily declining whether she admits it or not. She has change her whole persona for a man that is interested in her for her money only.

  • Jen

    all you idiot judgers, careful with your hateful disgusting words, so will karma get you

  • sadpeoplehere

    omg, look at all the stupid people thinking they know what is going on by looking at a photo. Maybe someone judge you harshly looking at your photo, some one who doesn’t know you projecting their hate filled self on you, just like you are doing to them.

  • laura

    Would you look at his body language! Expressionless face, hand in pocket, absolutely no feeling while he’s being kissed by her. He looks like a dead fish in fact. Man is he sick of her. Poor Leann hasn’t gotten the memo yet. It reminds me if the way JLo held on to Affleck with bloody fingernails…

  • Carrie

    Hahahaha. Could Eddie be any more unhappy? Unlimited gifts and allowance may not keep him much longer.

  • Renee

    Gee JJ, why none of her “accidental” nip slip photos. I guess she sold those to x17 and you get the family friendly version. Not that anything about lLeann is family friendly. What with her being a home wrecker and all. How hilarious the posts reprimanding anyone who thinks her behavior is not beyond reproach. Everybody judges people. Maybe you judge for other reasons, but everyone judges and anyone who claims they judge no one is a liar.

  • Tracy

    Is it me or does he seem not to be into her? Kissing her looks like the last thing he wants to do, he looks so grossed out. It is just a matter of time and he is going to be gone. LeAnn you lose them the same way you got them.

  • Gwen

    Help to celebrate? It looks like all she did was turn this event into the Leann Rimes show. Should NoH8 and Party Kiss even be in the same sentence together considerting that NoH8 is about promoting equality, not the marriages of attention seekers? How isit that everytime Leann gets her hands on a charity organization we only hear about her and Eddie packing on the pda, kissing, or in this case a nip slip? So N0H8 was so desperate for attention that they allow Leann and Eddie to make a mockery of their cause? BTW, were Eddie and Leann the ONLY celebs who attended this event? Where are the photos of other celebs walking the red carpet? I forgot, this article only exists because Leann paid for it.

    Why would NoH8 have their party on the same night that 12-12-12 is doing their benefit for hurricane Sandy?So NoH8 thought that they could overshadow the Sandy concert by inviting Leann and Eddie?

    Why would Eddie have to remind Leann that it was 12:12 12/12/12? Leann would have seen this on her phone since she was tweeting up a storm all day long. So either she is lying to make her marriage appear to be something it’s not or she is trying to cover up for the fact that Oct 21, 2009 Eddie cheated with SMJ!.

    Of course Leann and Eddie share a kiss on the red carpet for NoH8. Could it possilbly be because people pointed out how Eddie was too busy “working”(aka with his mistress) to walk the red carpet for the ACAs with Leann? It’s a shame that her relationship on Eddie depends on what we are saying. Many people didn’t buy their lovey dovery act during their E! interview, so it comes as no surprise that they try to fix it on this red carpet.

    It’s also interesting to see how JJ, DM, Entertainmentwise, and Eonline are spinning this into a romantic moment. Look at Eddie’s face. I can’t tell if he smelled something bad or if he is flinching. That is definately not the romantic kiss that Eonlin and Entertainmentwise made it out to be. I wish the media would just admit to themselves that this marriage is over. No, don’t be surprised when Leann finally gives the exclusive to E about how she and Eddie are having a baby. She is trying to save face and if a baby will convince people that her marriage isn’t in trouble, then so be it.

    It’s wrong to glorify Leann when she abuses causes like NoH8 just to keep up the farce that is her marriage. It makes NoH8 look even worse for allowing Leann to take advantage of them like this.

  • Gwen


    Are you making threats? How many different names are you going to use to make this “KARMA” post?

    @sadpeoplehere: If Leann didn’t want to be judged, then she should have never had DM, ETW, E, and JJ write this fluffpiece. It was wrong on so many levels because that isn’t even what NoH8 is all about. Leann can’t possibly be upst by the negative feedback here.

    @INK: No, we go by the information that Leann puts out. Leann is constantly trying to prove that her marriage is sunshine and rainbows, so how pathetic do you think this makes Leann? Who in their right mind would use NoH8 as an opportunity to promote “We are still going strong” stories? Sick is using a NoH8 event to keep her name in the press.

    @ELISA: Doesn’t Leann have a friend named ELISA? So now she is letting you make posts in her friend’s name? You have used 4 different names to make the same post over and over. Your writing style gives you away and the fact that you love those ellipses so much.

    You know very well why there is so much dislike for Leann. It’s all due to Leann’s bad behavior. Leann glorifies her affair, so don’t get upset because people are not patting on her the back

    So basically you are saying that Leann should never be held accountable for her bad actions. Thanks to Leann’ s E interview, she made it quite clear that she isn’t sorry for what she did and that her affair with Eddie wasn’t a mistake. It was an act of selfishness.Leann didn’t do ONE mistake. She did a lot and continues to do a lot. People learn from their mistake and stop doing what got them in trouble, but not Leann.

    We see Leann EVERY DAY, whether it be a staged photo-op or a twitpic. We do know Leann’s life, she makes sure to keep her life a subject of JJ and Eonline and DM. We know that Brandi was a loving wife because Leann hints at it in her song Borrowed. If Eddie and Leann fell in love why did Eddie call Leann a speedbump? Do you know what a speedbump does and is right?


  • nomorerimes

    @elisa: What do you mean –”we don’t see LeAnn as much as before these days”????? She has her puss plastered all over. And she showed way too much at the NoH8 concert red carpet walk! Really! She loves any publicity–good or bad–doesn’t matter as long as her name and pics are in the news! She keeps saying that Brandi has to get over it but LiaR is the one going on shows talking about it over and over again trying to get sympathy and trying to get people to think she is such a nice, moral person. Her morals–taught to her by her mommy???–are in the toilet and have been since her mommy let her live with an older guy while she was still a young teenager. Guess we can’t blame LiaR for the way she was brought up. But there comes a time when a mature person has to take control of their lives and improve their character. She is so immature and selfish!

    As far as making mistakes–she isn’t sorry about the situation she created–she is only sorry that people are critical of her. She would definitely do the same thing over again. After all she doesn’t like the word “regret”. She doesn’t regret ANYTHING about the whole sordid affair and she loves taunting Brandi in any way she can.

    Did I like her before all this? Didn’t pay any attention to her. But her actions have changed all that. She keeps putting herself out there for people to see what her character is like. All I keep hearing is that she is a “Grammy” winner. Yup de do! A lot of singers have won Grammys and yet they don’ keep bragging about it constantly. And that award was years ago. Time she let it go as her career is about done for! And it’s all her own fault!

  • Gwen

    Has anyone seen this yet(I didn’t post the entire article):

    From HeckersSpray: “Why Is LeAnn Rimes Still Relevant?

    It’s hard to blame the public when plenty of other forgotten stars have 1) stolen other people’s spouses and 2) been to the beach–without all the media attention. I mean, hell, even after all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s foibles, we’re now talking less about his transgressions and more about his movies. It’s possible to bounce back, especially when the person with whom you had the affair isn’t terribly famous in the first place.

    Bottom line, Rimes is capitalizing on her drama, and we’re all buying into it. And this is actually great for Brandi Glanville, Cibrian’s ex-wife, who stars on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Without her background of being the woman scorned by LeAnn Rimes, I doubt she’d be as much of a focal point in the show. Although, her personality is pretty amusing. But I digress.

    Rimes and Glanville have been involved in a handful of petty Twitter feuds over the past few years despite the fact that they’re both grown women. In fact, their ongoing feud became so petty, people stopped paying attention. That’s when Rimes brought out the big guns—she had paparazzi photograph her frolicking in her bikini

    Don’t think celebs hire paparazzi to keep themselves relevant? Then why the hell aren’t we inundated with photos of Parker Posey on the beach? Because she’s not a fame whore, that’s why.

    Briefly, despite not having done anything significant in the past few years, the public became interested in Rimes’ weight loss via those bikini photos. She was making headlines over this for a while, but after some time, the world lost interest.

    And that’s when Rimes’ rep announced that she’d enter rehab to deal with stress and anxiety. Her rep actually made the statement to the media, and when the media followed up, the response was: “while privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.”

  • nomorerimes

    @Ink: So we are only “going by what the media feeds” us??? How about what LiaR feeds us!!! Her life is an open book by all her papwhoring and her tweets! So if we do judge via (LiaR–that means by way of!) the media, then LiaR is to blame! If she had just melted into the background and enjoyed her “ho”sband, there wouldn’t have been the harsh comments! But she had to let the whole world know how happy happy happy she is that she “won” her wonderful “ho”sband. And make herself the laughingstock of the entertainment world.

  • Gwen

    I think she did a disservice to NoH8 by setting up a fake nip slip. She knew what she was doing. How many times have we seen Leann on the red carpet messing around with her shoes? Never. So the one day she wants to trend on Yahoo, she decides to bend over and fix her shoes while wearing an outfit she knew would be reveal and expose herself?

    I also find it disgusting that thetop topic about this NoH8 concert is Eddie and Leann making out and being all lovey dovey. Is this what NoH8 stands for now? Why didn’t they invite Courtney and Doug in that case? Leann and Eddie’s pda is on the same lines of Courtney and Doug’s, it’s gross and always happens at inappropriate times and places. This is how you know that Eddie and Leann’s marriage is over because articles that should have been about NoH8 are telling us that Leann and Eddie are still going stong because they cuddled and packed on the pda at NoH8!

    I didn’t think that NoH8 could stoop to the level of E! and Extra, but they did. They wanted attention for their party and they did it using any means necessary! Great job Leann. So now neither should be surprised by the backlash!

  • lori

    Hi Leann, still trollin’ daily I see. Do you troll these sites from the potty all day? Better make room for Eddie cause it looks like he just threw up in his mouth when you moved in with your Grinch face.

  • Aranka Paul

    LeAnn’s face looks like she is perpetually constipated. What’s with the puffy, slenty eyes. I agree with some of the responders, he is so over her. I am not sure what women see in him. Yes, she does appear clingy and needy. If I kissed somebody and in return got his face expression, rest assured I wouldn’t kiss again.

  • Donna

    Leann has a long line of “mistakes” that aren’t mistakes. They are abuse. The deliberate cruel actions of a spoiled brat meant to hurt and abuse people around her. Leann is a dangerous narcissist. This started when she was a spoiled young teen with her dad when he tried to be a father and stop her from her underage drinking, drug use and sex with adult men. She sued him and took control of her money, so she could continue to party without consequences. She went on a spending spree, got drunk, high, went to sex parties at the Playboy mansion, slept around and crashed cars. She stalked and harassed Andrew Keegan and his new girlfriend when he dared to leave her, she stalked and harassed Eddie and Brandi until Brandi kicked him out. She stalked and harassed a special ed teacher who wouldn’t become a fan, and then sued the teacher to punish her. Leann continues to threaten stalk and harass Brandi and her boys daily with paid teams of employees and paparazzi. She is a sick abusive narcissist who lies to herself that she is the victim. Leann needs ongoing psychotherapy to deal with her narcissism and abusive behavior. She won’t get ongoing therapy even though this would be the beginning of her own self healing.

  • elisa


    Okay, you’re being stupid and paranoid i’m not a friend of LeAnn, I live in Northern France, and i can give you my facebook if you want ;-)

    I’m just giving my opinion, respect it.

  • Christmas

    The cheating I could get past. It’s all the rubbing it in your face and the bullying that followed that is sickening. She’s a spoiled narcissist who simply can’t handle people not drinking her kool-aid.

  • ravencurls

    Leann and Eddie at a NoH8 event — with Leann entertaining at same event, no less — only goes to show that politics continues to make strange bedfellows.

  • weweisuglee

    Hahaha, Eddie looks like death warmed over. He is becoming as ugly as she is, must be the alcoholism.

  • Bren

    @Donna: where’s the MD by your name? think you are the one in need of pyscotherapy…. you get all your info from tabloids and project you own sick issues on others. sickchick- People worry about other people way too much. Get your own shit together before you ever criticize someone else.

  • Jya

    How ironic this article is about them at NOH8 and most of these posts are from judgmental haters.

  • Jen

    @Gwen: omg.. look how much you know, you must stalk her …ewww… so ready and willing frothing at the mouth to put her down and you must enjoy it. sorry, you are sick, it’s people like you who are the problems in this world, critisizing and belitting. And how stupid, I am not threatening, only saying if you put out such crap you get it back. Remember Gwen, when you sling mud it’s hard to keep your own hands clean. I feel so very sorry for you.

  • Joe

    Money talks. Ain’t no other reason a man would leave his smokin hot wife for this.