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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Riviera Lunch Date!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Riviera Lunch Date!

LeAnn Rimes and her hubby Eddie Cibrian hold hands while leaving Riviera restaurant after having lunch together on Thursday (December 13) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 30-year-old singer posted some sad news on Twitter later in the day. “Just found out a friend died in a plane crash…life gets put into serious perspective. It’s a very sad day,” LeAnn wrote.

On a more positive note, LeAnn shared the day before how Eddie reminded her it was 12-12-12.

“Love how my husband texts me to remind me it’ll be 12:12 on 12/12/12 in a few minutes. :) makes me smile! Enjoy it everyone!!” she tweeted.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian out for lunch…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 17
leann rimes eddie cibrian riviera lunch date 18

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Marco

    Ha Ha Ha! Look….all of a sudden Ed has a big smile on his face! Was it his payday today! LeAnn must have increased his allowance just to get him to smile big for the cameras! LOOK…..WE REALLY ARE HAPPY!!!!

  • Jessica

    They look so cute and happy together!

  • Holly

    I haven’t been on a plane since 1991 and currently I have no desire to change that fact.

    God bless you and LeAnn and the family of her friend always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn)

  • janekay

    i want her handbag…

  • Rose

    Goodness gracious, if she gets anymore clingy he won’t be a able to go to the loo by himself.

  • Rose

    Also, Eddie’s cheesy fake smile is the worst pretense I’ve seen in some time. She must pay him quite well.

  • lolllllaa
  • Anne

    It’s a Stella McCartney handbag.

  • Cam S

    I find it sad the way she clings to any little crumb he throws her way. Obviously she doesn’t get much attention from him. My gosh he looks slovenly, and pudgy. His second wife is not very photogenic is she? Ratfaced, mousey/greasy hair (caused by not taking in enough vitamins), no hips whatsoever, and is constantly dong sitting her lothario husband

  • SWF

    Yup, Brandi’s had that Stella bag (diff color) for a long time. Brandi also tweeted a pic of a pair of pants she was buying a few weeks back, very similar to the ones Leann is wearing.

  • me

    why does he even like her? her self hatered is so obvious- she seems so insecure. weird. her first husband is gay, right? I predict this guy wil dump leanne and she will go off the deep end. I sense a troubled childhood – she doesn’t seem to have any sense of self worth!

  • Dee

    Uhhh why is Jared indulging in so many Leann posts? She was relatively unheard of for a while….then bam, 3 posts in 24hrs?!

  • Ding Ding

    Look, it’s the McSquintys

  • Nice Job

    She seriously scares me to look at, i know that is absolutely mean but really what is wrong with her face she is the weirdest looking women i have ever seen.

  • Rayray

    Proves at least he isn’t shallow. She’s never been much of a looker but now she looks…. Well not good. Reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character.

  • fred

    That’s not a woman that’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!!

  • EdLovEsmoney

    @Rayray: How does being with a fug faced rat like Leann prove he isn’t shallow. We all know who paid for lunch. She has DEEP pockets and he likes to gamble and have someone pay his bills. He’s basically a gigolo, so as long as she pays him well, he’s going to hang around. Maybe that is why he seems so squinty as of late, He’s afraid to open his eyes any wider for read of seeing what she really looks like. I love how she clings and smiles like she is in the midst of a manic episode. For all of the photo ops they stage, you’d think that they would be better at it by mow.

  • kiki

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  • Sweet
  • uh huh

    Her face gives me nightmares.

  • betty

    This relationship must be in big trouble people in love don’t
    continue to take BS photos about nothing. Since everyone stated how Eddie doesn’t smile now he smiles PULEEZ!!! Leann you can’t convince the public Eddie loves you. You are the one clinging to him on all the photos,, So next time you stage photos just walk like a normal couple. Eddie acts like a prop and you make yourself look too needy.

  • ^_^

    ugh so fake

  • Brandi

    I like Leann, leave her alone. She is a better mother to my kids than I am! Who will take care of them while I am out selling out all of my friends and exes and getting me some from strange? Oh, I have a bad yeast infection so I am off the market for a hot second, boys.

  • Sweet

    BETTYJ2U aka betty: Your entire twitter page is about LeAnn Rimes, are you okay? Maybe you should seek some help.

  • leigh

    Oh, come on Mateo and leann. all these comments for 2 adulterous people. Do you think for one minute if eddie was rich and famous and Leann had nothing, that he would pick her over all the beautiful, caring compassionate women in the world

  • Jack

    Something has hapened to her face? Puffy and inflated. She didn’t look like this at the beginning of this year. Fillers maybe? Hope she has sense to leave them alone as she looks older now.

  • jackee

    @Jack: Oh Jack. You so whack!

  • Michelle

    If they went away and stopped trying so hard, people would move onto the next “scandal”.. This has been dragged out because of Le’s Twitter addiction and desire for attention. I’m not even saying she’s a bad person. She just really, really seems to want positive affirmation that everyone thinks she’s blissfully in love and with her dream man. That’s why so many go after her and them as a couple. What about living privately is so hard for her? Other way bigger celebs do it successfully. It would allow her to enjoy her new family dynamic much more and people wouldn’t have any fodder to use against her. I’m not saying she has to live under a rock, she is a performer, but she could really make some changes that would help her image a great deal. I’m starting to think she just wants attention, even if it’s negative. Actions speak louder than words and her actions are not those of a woman who wants privacy. Until she truly seeks privacy, she’s going to be in the cross hairs of the critics. I know that for Le’s fans, no one is ever allowed to even suggest that she should change anything in her behavior, but it would help public perception of her SO much and would probably help her career make a positive upswing.

  • Nina

    Her recent face work makes her look like the Joker. I’m not trying to mean, because I don’t hate her, but she looks awful.

  • Amber

    @Nina: No I agree. I’ve always enjoyed her music and I used to think she was somewhat cute but I am actually really saddened that she did whatever she did to her face. It’s really hard to look at.

    As for everything else that’s been going on, honestly, I feel second hand embarrassment. I just wish she would learn to keep her mouth shut.

  • Gwen

    What happened to the votes? How do they in ONE DAY flip so that now all the posts in favor of Leann are postive and those not in favor of Leann are negative? Someone has been messing around with the voting system. Why would JJ permit this? Because of their deal with Leann? Are things really that bad for Leann that JJ has to cheat for her by allowing her fans to mess with the votes? This must be the “KARMA” that the “Jen” talked about in the other thread. Since people won’t write fluff, Leann has begged JJ to take advantage of their voting system. The same thing happened on Eonline too yesterday!

  • betty

    @Sweet aka anditfeelsx MY twitter page was in response to YOU and the BS you were espousing and the bashing of Brandi. As you can see Leann has a lot of people that dislike and bash her so trying to silence me was no help I told you If I never tweeted about Leann there are multitudes to replace me. Leann needs to lie low all these “happy couple” photos are not convincing and no one is buying it. Just making her look more foolish.

  • doe

    Wow, Eddie must be cheating right in your face Leann since you’re on here full time stalking, posting and voting. Is he meeting his girlfriend in Vegas? I hope they have a romantic time while your working. It’s so nice of you to finance his love affairs!

  • Holly

    The truth is I can’t stand Horseface Rimes, but I’m hard up for cash and she pays her fans well. I get $2.00 every time I post something nice online and the cash adds up for Christmas gifts!!!

  • Sweet

    Me too!!! Except I get tickets to her concerts for all my posting. She always has lots of empty seats and flys me in to fill them with my kids.

  • Gwen

    Wow, look another staged photo-op from Courtney and Doug 2.0. Did HECKERSPRAY call it or what?

    Why Is LeAnn Rimes Still Relevant?

    It’s hard to blame the public when plenty of other forgotten stars have 1) stolen other people’s spouses and 2) been to the beach–without all the media attention. I mean, hell, even after all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s foibles, we’re now talking less about his transgressions and more about his movies. It’s possible to bounce back, especially when the person with whom you had the affair isn’t terribly famous in the first place.

    Bottom line, Rimes is capitalizing on her drama, and we’re all buying into it. And this is actually great for Brandi Glanville, Cibrian’s ex-wife, who stars on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Without her background of being the woman scorned by LeAnn Rimes, I doubt she’d be as much of a focal point in the show. Although, her personality is pretty amusing. But I digress.

    Rimes and Glanville have been involved in a handful of petty Twitter feuds over the past few years despite the fact that they’re both grown women. In fact, their ongoing feud became so petty, people stopped paying attention. That’s when Rimes brought out the big guns—she had paparazzi photograph her frolicking in her bikini.

    Don’t think celebs hire paparazzi to keep themselves relevant? Then why the hell aren’t we inundated with photos of Parker Posey on the beach? Because she’s not a fame whore, that’s why.

    Briefly, despite not having done anything significant in the past few years, the public became interested in Rimes’ weight loss via those bikini photos. She was making headlines over this for a while, but after some time, the world lost interest.

    And that’s when Rimes’ rep announced that she’d enter rehab to deal with stress and anxiety. Her rep actually made the statement to the media, and when the media followed up, the response was: “while privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.”

    Want privacy? Then be private. Don’t give interviews that involve you having an faux emotional breakdown, saying things like,

    “I never in my heart want to hurt anyone. But I don’t think anything can separate anything that’s super-connected … (We) might have had so many wonderful things with each other’s (previous) spouses, but something along the way broke that. You can’t break what’s broken already.”

    In that same interview, Rimes criticizes the very public whose attention she begs:

    “People are so quick to judge and make decisions for themselves about situations they know absolutely nothing about.”

    We’d know even less if you stopped Tweeting about it.

    -Source:HECKLERSPRAY 12/13/12

  • jackee

    No fair!! I’m demanding a pay raise from Horsey next time I post!!

  • Gwen


    SWEET @POST24:

    Oh look, you have a new name. But it doesn’t change the fact that this is the same post you made on twitter as ANDITFEELSLIKEX and on this site as LEELOO, PROTEST2MUCH. POORKIDS, MUSTBEJOKING. You are really in stalker mode, from making posts in Brandi’s name to using 4 different names back to back everytime you return to this site. Things are bad for Leann.

    Why are you messing with the votes? That was a very strupid move, especially when you were on Eonline doing the same thing. Do you think that no one was going to notice how hte votes just suddenly flipped

  • Sweet


    LOL, I don’t even have a twitter account, nice try. It seems you like to attack and bully anybody who doesn’t agree with you, how sad is your life? Every waking minute of your day is spent worrying about what people say about LeAnn and Eddie. And it’s funny that when there’s an article you missed about them, there are no negative posts. Yet the ones you comment on there are many, many hateful ones. Hmmm

  • Sweet


    Oh my gosh, I’m not any of those screen names! Could there be other people out there who think you’re ridiculous and like LeAnn and Eddie. Earth-shattering, I know.

  • Gwen


    Says the poster who has made how many posts about BETTY and who has been here for THREE DAYS now defending Leann using 10 different names?

    Seriously, why are you so stupid? POST 39 is the VERY SAME post you made on this site using over 5 different names and the VERY SAME post everyone witnessed you making on twitter when your name was ANDITFEELSLIKEX, so why lie since you are going to be dumb enough to keep making the same posts?

    You are just too dumb for your own good. It’s Betty how is the stalker yet you just admitted to going to those articles seeking out BETTY.

    We know it’s you because who else is that obsessed with BETTY? ANDU\ITFEELSLIKEX.

    You are the one who is hateful because every month you show up with a different name to write this post.

  • Sweet


    Ah, you’ve figured me out! You’re so smart!!!

  • Gwen


    Yes you are. Your obsession with Betty makes it very obvious. The posts are still in those threads for all to see.

    That’s just odd because how come all of these so called people only show up with YOU do? Seriously, if you are going to talk about ridiculous, then let’s discuss how you keep making this same post to Betty every single month. The only thing that changes is your name. Did you honestly think that no one was going to notice?

    What is earth shattering is that you still are pulling the same stupid stunts and then getting mad because we call you out on it. Why show up obsessing over Betty when there are over 60 posts of you doing this very same thing on this site?

  • Gwen


    Thanks again for confirming that I was right. I was told that you made the very same comment on PEREZ when someone called you out on that site for doing what you are doing here.

    Why would you come back here making the same post we have seen you make over a dozen times? Did you really think that no one was going to notice? It’s your own fault? Sarcasm doesn’t change the fact that you made the same posts about Betty when your names was ANDITFEELSLIKEX, LEELOO, PROTEST2MUCH, POORKIDS, and MUSTBEKIDDING. Think before you post, so you won’t have to save face by posting “you figured me out” comments!

  • Gwen


    Why are you messing with the votes? See thanks for proving that I was right!

  • Gwen

    Leann and Eddie are no different than Courtney and Doug. They are over the top with the pda and it’s always looks forced and contrived.

    1) Look who took these “Lunch Date” photos. AKM-GSI. The same AKM-GSI who was with Eddie and Leann on the private beaches of Cabo. As Fox News pointed out, the only way those paps could have gotten that close to Eddie and access to that beach, was if Eddie and Leann invited them. So if Eddie and Leann invited AKM-GSI to Cabo with them, then they did the same thing yesterday. This is a STAGED photo-op. So why would some media outlets pass it off as a romantic date when it was nothing more than just an act?

    2) Now why might we be seeing photos of Eddie holding Leann’s hand and smiling? This is damage control.Leann didn’t like the fact that people were commenting on how bored Eddie looked on the red carpet when she kisse dhim and so she thinks she can fix it by setting up this lovey dovey photo-op.

    3) She is trying way too hard to stir up pregnancy rumors. From the huge bag in front of her belly, to the baggy shirt with no bra, to hanging onto Eddie so that he can “protect” her bump from the paps. This is sad.

    4) I find it quite telling that when GG and DM wrote about this lunch dates, they pushed ” Leann and Eddie are still going strong despite… because they had a romantic/lovey dovey lunch”. Why would comments like that even be necessary if things were going well in Leann and Eddie’s marriage? Their marriage is over. This is all just an act because Leann can’t admit that she was wrong.So why keep deceiving your readers?

    5) The staged photo-ops show no signs of stopping. Leann has already alerted the paps of where and when she can be found with Brandi’s kids this weekend. The question becomes, will the media call her out on exploiting Brandi’s kids or will they continue to write ridiculous fluffpieces.

    6) Which media outlet will get the next round of Leann’s staged photo-ops: FameFlynet, AKM-GSI, or INFDaily? Which one of Leann’s mouthpieces will be the first to post the fluffpiece: GG, JJ, x17, DM, People, Eonline, Extra, CB.

    7) I can already tell by the behavior of the Leann fan in this thread and the pervious thread that things are bad for Leann. He is hijacking name- Brandi’s, made posts in the name of the woman he was stalking from Radaronline in the previous threa, Leann’s friend ELISA He is making threats and messing around with the votes on two sites.

    8)“Just found out a friend died in a plane crash…life gets put into serious perspective. It’s a very sad day,” LeAnn wrote

    Leann uses ANYTHING and ANYONE to get attention. Typical HPD behavior. She couldn’t allow that family to mourn without making it all about herself. If she had any compassion at all, she would have sent the family flowers and not played it out on twitter by making over 40 tweets about the plane crash.

    9″)On a more positive note, LeAnn shared the day before how Eddie reminded her it was 12-12-12. “Love how my husband texts me to remind me it’ll be 12:12 on 12/12/12 in a few minutes. :) makes me smile! Enjoy it everyone!!” she tweeted.”

    How is this being positive when it’s a lie? Why would Eddie need to remind her it was 12:12 @12/12/12 when she was tweeting all day long and would have seen it on her phone anyway? So she is either lying to make it seem like Eddie is a loving husband who cares about her and really does talk to her or she is SWF Oct 21, the day that Eddie hooked up with SMJ in 2009.

  • Gwen

    Why is JUST JARED allowing Leann and AMEJEAN to mess with the votes? Seriously, the votes flipped in ONE DAY? Does JJ really want us to believe that Leann has a massive influx of fans? What’s next? You know that “SWEETS” is reporting comments as well. Which is a waste of time on his part. Why would JJ remove posts when the posts that “SWEETS” made in Brandi’s name are still here? So when you report my comments make sure that you have JJ remove those comments that you made in Brandi’s name because it makes JJ look bad to those moderators who are watching this site because they were warned about how the Leann fan has been stalking people from their site!

  • badbob


    You are sooooo sick and weird, kitty kat. Stop choking puppies and STFU.

  • nomorerimes

    Amazing how many comments were made on various sites about the ho-hum kiss at the NoH8 red carpet stroll. A lot of people, me included, made the comment that EC sure looked like he just looked at LiaR and she planted a kiss on him. He is soooo not into her at all. And now, we have her papwhoring again with Mike to the rescue to show how happy happy happy her and EC are! LiaR must have increased his allowance to get him to perform like a trained seal! Or maybe she told him he could be with his mistress while she is working in LV! Sorry but the paid pics are telling lies which is all LiaR tells.

    Her interview with Robin Leach has so many lies in it! And then she has the gall to say that Brandi tells lies. Grow up, LiaR! You are so immature and pathetic! And such a hypocrit–especially when you said
    you “can’t go online, on radio, or television because I don’t want to see any of it.” You are constantly trolling sites and twitter to see what is being said aboutl you! And another lie–”I am not sitting here bashing and hurting others.” Oh wait–there was one true statement in that interview –”I don’t feel ashamed or bad about the life I am living.”
    You have no shame because in your eyes you are perfect and can do no wrong. You are disgusting! Now get busy and make this post a negative and get all you immoral little pieces of paid for friends to do the same!

  • betty

    Sweet Tell which post is that? You wish! if you call my comments bullying you are a weakling anyone that can be intimidated by words is a wimp. Speaking of another post I read that Eddie didn’t come with Leann to the NOH8 gig he showed up later and the photos posted showed he didn’t appear happy to be there in time for her”happy couple” photos. LOL .@Gwen Sweet aka ansitfeelsx can’t stand me because I called him out on BS and everything I tweeted about those clowns are coming to light.