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Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Taylor Swift kisses Reeve Carney on the nose in her brand new music video for her song “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

The 23-year-old entertainer’s song comes off of her brand new album Red, which is currently available in stores.

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“The video. Starring the unbelievable @ReeveCarney, directed by the amazing @AnthonyMandler. I’m so proud of this one.” Taylor tweeted, along with a link to the video.

FYI: Today is Taylor‘s 23rd birthday! Happy birthday Tay!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Swift’s latest vid???

Taylor Swift – ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Music Video
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  • rikki

    @Dave Franco: lol yeah. i thought the monologue was just awkward and banal.

  • Dave Franco

    Sounds just like Avril lavgine
    Looks like one of her videos “Happy Ending”
    Same style hair.

    Hmm… did she?


    I agree with the person who said “too much violence.” They could’ve easily done without it. The video hurt my eyes, and I am too lazy to watch it again to see what exactly went on.

  • alicia devis

    Really amazing song and her kissing style…

  • trendeh

    it looks like from the video of We Found Love isn’t it?

  • Trevor

    So is she’s saying she lost her V-Card to Mayer???

  • fatgayvegan

    I would enjoy hearing her sing in a lower key/register. Everything is so shrill.

  • Sam

    I just wish she had made a “State Of Grace” Video instead of this.. that was also a new style for her.. and she wouldn’t get all this drama about the video..

  • Boozy

    Joe Jonas was to Taylor Swift what Justin Timberlake was to Brittany Spears. And just like what happened to Brittany spears after justin dumped her is what’s happening to t. swift- a loss of oneself and somewhat of a personal downhill. Let’s just say she’s been unlucky in love here lately. Obviously, she’s been putting 100% into each and everyone of these relationships but she’s got to self preserve and hold back or she’s going to die of a broken heart….lol so cliche.Harry is a GOOD guy who hasn’t let fame go to his head. Anyway, I hope it works out for them or her. LOVE U TAYLOR SWIFT! YOU R TRULY A REAL TALENT!!!

  • akashaa01

    I Knew You Were Trouble’ is one of my favourite songs and this new video is gorgeous.

  • an opinion

    So I guess Conor Kennedy changed the lyrics for himself after they break up not so long ago
    She also “moved on” really quickly so “shame on him” because he dated her,” a new notch in “her” belt that’s what ‘he’ll” ever be “,(so will Harry Styles)he should knew she was trouble when she wlaked in, a clingy, a freak,aaaaa MANEATER! So shame on Harry styles cause he’s her new target!!!!!

  • M.

    Give her a break for God’s sake! she’s doing what she loves,, if you don’t like her, just don’t watch or listen to her music, and go get a life instead.

  • ozzie

    wow … another anti man song … why is this person famous again? … because people will buy anything they are told to.

  • Maria

    she was more mature when se did the videoclipe “picture to burn”, with only nineteen. i miss the ripe old taylor swift.

  • stan

    Taylor Swift>>>>>>1 Direction. You delusional fangirlzzzz are so funny. He does not give a fuc/k about you….get it through your thick heads.

  • M

    Ain’t no shame in this girl’s game. This girl knows how to make money and what sells. Write a catchy pop song that focuses on heartbreak so the surburban teens can relate. Make sure the chorus is catchy, catchy so it gets radio play like mad. Promote to the hilt. Engage in a PR romance with whoever will garner the most attention. Break up and write another song. Play that good girl image to the surburban teen masses. Try and get every award that you can but feign modesty…you mean me? Sit back and watch the money and endorsements roll in. How to build an empire Taylor Swift style. Not a hater..not a fan but I’ll admit that this girl runs her show like a CEO. At this rate, by the time she hit’s early 30′s she can retire and buy another career.

  • L.

    @Boozy: I’m so sorry but I have to laugh so hard to your comment. What “personal downhill’? Taylor has a “personal downhill’ every time she dates a new guy and wrote a song about them.

  • L.

    @M: I agree with you. Every single word. I’m gonna add that she probably got hurt in the past, you know, she’s a person. But the business girl is bigger than the woman.

  • A

    I feel like she was trying to be Lana Del Rey in her “Ride” music video at the beginning. It didn’t work.

  • A

    Also, she clearly tried to make the dude a John Mayer lookalike.

  • M

    @L.: I agree. She probably was hurt. But I have to give this girl credit. You may question her talent compared to the Adeles and Alesha Keys of the business but TS is much smarter than she proposes to be or than what others think. I think she knows exactly what she is doing.

  • Manoush

    I kinda like the song

  • Alaia

    I have trouble listening to her music.

  • Nikki

    ugh she’s pathetic.if u know da guy is trouble why not stay away from him.without getting involved & then writing a song about it.

  • http://trichick1225 trichick1225

    @Chatter: don’t judge so someone you don’t know just because her life and her identity is public doesn’t give you the right to bitch and tear her down

  • Patrica crosby

    Taylor is wearing A GIVING KEY! Reeve Carney (the rocker in the video) supports that charity – I have one, that’s how I know! They hire homeless people to engrave vintage keys and make into necklaces – they are amazing! I actually think this is not a bad song and one of her best videos.

  • liz

    @Patrica crosby: are you saying taylor and reeve are/were a thing then? giving a girl jewelry is a sign of romantic feelings for her. :-)

  • jade

    That dude has been around the block if you know what I mean. I guess that’s why they casted him as the manslut douchebag hipster boyfriend. Good thing they found a guy who could easily play that part LOL.

  • Heather

    I’m curious. Do country fans still consider her to be country? She really has drastically change her music and image. I’m not hating. Her PR team is exceptional (others should learn from her) at covering up her flaws by having her dress as a conservative virgin. lol I just don’t think she as innocent as she makes herself out to be. Although others don’t, I see you, Taylor, gurl. I see you!

  • Jess0

    Love it! She’s taking risks and it’s paying off.

  • http://@_crazycatrach Rachel

    I really think hating on her is pathetic, she’s the highest earning person in music so even if you want to sit behind your laptop and hate on her, it doesn’t change anything. She has broken so many records, she doesn’t need publicity stunts. Who blames her for wanting a change? And really, she’s 23 and had had 6 real boyfriends – why does it matter? Jesus, there are people who are 16 and have had more than that.
    Just because she is famous it doesn’t mean you have to scrutinise every little thing she does.

  • Gigi

    LOL…does she think she’s Lana del Rey now?

  • Nia

    That doesn’t make much sense. She’s still dating Harry Styles. She was out with him on the 13th for her birthday…

  • Nia

    I loved it. The video portrayed the song so well. The cinematography was perfect. I got everything, I felt everything, while watching the video. I think the talking at the beginning was great. It added to what was to come in the video.
    I don’t think she’s being a poser, or a slut, or trying to be sexy (she already is gorgeous, BTW. She doesn’t have to try….), like all you eejits say. I think she’s just decided to branch out a bit with this video. And I think that was a great idea.
    I loved it. And I’m totally going to watch it again. Outstanding, amazing, and fantastic job, Taylor! You never cease to impress. And you never disappoint. :)

  • Nia

    @Chatter: Just shut up if you don’t like it. And please, for the sake of humanity, get a life, stop spending time wasting your disposable life posting stupid and useless comments online, and stop tearing down other people just because you’re jealous and probably have no talent yourself. Just saying. Love you! :)

  • Nia

    @Effy: PLEASE shut up! GET. A. LIFE!!! >:(
    LOVE YOU, TAYLOR!!!!! :D

  • Nia

    @CrystalG: I agree entirely! :D

  • Nia

    @M.: YES!!

  • Nia

    @M.: YES!! Amen!!

  • Nia

    @Maria: I don’t see how you can day that. She trashed his house. Of course it was fantasy, but she did. And she didn’t do anything in video…

  • Nia

    @Gigi: I thumbs down your comment. Just to let you know.

  • nin

    the intro is waaaay to long