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Tom Cruise & Rosamund Pike: 'Jack Reacher' Madrid Premiere!

Tom Cruise & Rosamund Pike: 'Jack Reacher' Madrid Premiere!

Tom Cruise and his lovely co-star Rosamund Pike hit the red carpet at the premiere of their film Jack Reacher on Thursday (December 13) at the Callao Cinema in Madrid, Spain.

The 50-year-old actor and the 33-year-old actress were joined by the film’s writer and director Christopher McQuarrie.

Tom‘s publicity tour for the film has reportedly been limited and there will not be a Hollywood or New York premiere, with one being scheduled for Pittsburgh instead.

Jack Reacher hits theaters on December 21 – make sure to check it out!

FYI: Rosamund is wearing an Emilio Pucci dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Bvlgari rings.

25+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike at the Madrid premiere…

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tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 17
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tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 19
tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 20
tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 21
tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 22
tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 23
tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 24
tom cruise rosamund pike jack reacher madrid premiere 25

Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • carrie

    Rosamund is taller than Cruise and he doesn’t care

  • laly

    he looks great

  • Krix

    Definitely seeing it Dec 21st!

  • RupertSanders

    Tom forgot his lifts

  • 4 Geekenstein

    “The only reason anyone I talked to didn’t want to see Jack Reacher was because of Tom Cruise. Sure, his couch hopping, crazy ranting antics may disgust certain people, but he’s always delivered a good performance, so I’ve never really cared about what he does in his personal life. Cruise himself if pretty short, and while they usually cover that up with movie magic, they did a good job in Jack Reacher of not making him this looming figure. He pulls off Jack Reacher brilliantly, a man that could break every bone in your body but looks unassuming.
    There was something about the way Cruise carried himself throughout the movie that was incredibly effective. There’s been a trend in recent action movies, with a few exceptions, that has moved more towards the stylized, flashy scenes than the realistic. Every fight, every shootout and car chase in Jack Reacher felt like something you would read about on the news. It grounded the movie amidst the more fictional conspiracy elements and gave it a ripped from the headlines feel. There are far too few action movies, not based on real events, that feel real.

    Sure, the plot may have been a bit predictable, but even that was done with some skill. There was a bit of a message about looking past what you want to see to see what’s really there that, while also a bit cliched, was serviced well. Yes, Jack Reacher is another action movie, but this is an action movie that stuck with me more than anything in recent memory. I left the theater wanting to see the way the plot transpired again. I hope that Jack Reacher does well so we get the next novel in movie form.”

  • r&b mom

    How many V-neck sweaters does this man have?

  • Twitchfilm

    Tom Cruise takes on the role of the antihero Jack Reacher whole-heartedly…….Jack Reacher begins more like Dirty Harry than a modern action movie……Jack Reacher is probably best-described as an action mystery, but in truth it traverses many genres, and ultimately treads much familiar ground with a new pair of shoes. However, the tropes of the action, mystery, crime, noir and thriller genres are simply asides that are circumvented by razor sharp writing that turns the conventions on their head…….The characters in Jack Reacher are stand-out and memorable. Cruise himself ensures Jack never oversteps into caricature, and while you can feel the burden he is carrying with him, it is never addressed head-on. Meanwhile, Rosamund Pike adds some much needed flair to the tried-and-true procedural lawyer-type as Cruise’s counter-part……Blending action, mystery and comedy with many other elements, Jack Reacher is a strange film to define; at times it is a parody of the seriousness you expect, and some truly off-kilter moments turn the film into something else entirely. But Cruise handles McQuarrie’s direction and script so well, it is not a stretch to say this character and duo will return, I welcome it and the new Hollywood mould it has created. If nothing else, it will be fascinating to gauge general audience’s reactions to this change.”

  • The Verdict

    The inevitable Internet Armageddon that greeted the news of Cruise’s casting as Child’s 6’ 5” military cop/lone wolf/fanny magnet must have been viewed by the studio as the very definition of a mixed blessing. The fans may have been moaning but, in a world where the word ‘meh’ appears to now qualify as considered critique, at least the fu**ers cared.

    The cast deliver the twists with confidence and are uniformly top drawer — not least the legendary Robert Duvall and newcomer Jai Courtney, who more than justifies his casting as McClane Jr. in the upcoming A Good Day To Die Hard with a knockout turn as a chief henchman. Cruise, meanwhile, does enough to silence the naysayers prepared to be open to interpretation (and he could actually grow a foot and the others still wouldn’t be convinced, so what’s the point in worrying?)

    Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise deliver on their promise, with a witty, violent take on Reacher that makes up for its lack of height with an abundance of smarts and thrills.

  • The Verdict
  • Screen One Review

    “Whether you are a fan of the book or not, the brilliance of this film is not the fact that Cruise is a mere 5”8 when the literary character is 6”5 (something he had to address quite extensively at the World Premiere) but that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that it doesn’t patronize its audience. The humour in this film is well placed and provides the optimum reaction from the people watching, mixed in well with all the elements that make it a great action movie.”

    “Tom Cruise makes an excellent Jack Reacher. His delivery of the lines are as dry as a desert and this creates maximum effect as the audience pinch themselves throughout asking “is this guy for real?” He fits the bill physically, his height really doesn’t seem an issue on screen and his broody loneliness and dis-engagement with the real world is apparent and clear. There is also the odd feeling of vulnerability for this vigilante which brings out a human side to the character making him far from indestructible, and in some instances, refreshingly out of his depth and control.”

    “For all its ridiculousness, I found it hard to fault, it is what it is, nothing too serious and yet it has a stroke of brilliance about it, which makes all its absurdities forgivable. A very watchable movie, fans of the book wont be disappointed, action loving boys will love it and maybe girls will swoon at Tom Cruise in this new action role. I for one loved it.”

  • Tatum

    funny that Tom has to avoid press because of Katie. He looks stressed. Must be torture for him to not have total control. He always had premiers in NY and LA. Katie Holmes is the worse thing that ever happened to him. LoL.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Why is it that so many male stars recently are short (Pita from Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Cruise) and women are tall (Kidmen, Rosemund, Hatheway)? Can’t be good for egos. Then u have the short matched up with the tall: Stephen Tyler and his model girlfriends, Richard Greer, Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollen. The male alpha dog has to feel better when they are the taller partner….

  • kiki

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  • Sincerely concerned

    She’s posing like Katie Holmes in the 5th pic. Must be a model pose I’m not privy to. Looks creepy to me… Like she has lateral scoliosis.

  • Alex

    TC is awesome

  • rp3

    Jack reacher getting great reviews!!!!!!!

  • Spanish Teaser Trailer Review

    “Cruise rarely plays bad guys, but when he does, he does it extremely well, so maybe he should be doing it more often. Now, Jack Reacher is not exactly a villain, but he is one bad ass bastard, and Cruise appears to be relishing the role and giving the character some real depth. A new Spanish teaser and a rather cool new clip only emphasize further Cruise’s talents. i can honestly say that I am rather looking forward to this now, and with The Hobbit ruling the entire Christmas season, I think Jack Reacher will make a welcome alternative when it arrives in UK cinemas on Boxing Day.”

  • Access Reel Review

    “Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher and he’s really good at it!”
    “The story is smart, intense and totally absorbing”
    “The action thriller features Cruise at the top of his game”
    “The next Jack Reacher can’t get here fast enough!”

  • Rolling Stone Review

    “Cruise is good in the role, damn good…. Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote ‘The Usual Suspects’ and adapted Child’s book, has an irresistible feel for the criminal underbelly.”

  • annie

    Tom looks a bit subdued, different, not so out there.
    I think he’s hurting a little, and he’s taken the casual look a bit far here, for a premiere I think.

  • Annie

    He looks good – except for that jacket, WTF is it? Reminds me of an astronaut.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Annie: Reminds me of the puffy coat my parents bought my husband from Walmart for Christmas years ago. To this day, we chuckle about it…

  • Sincerely concerned

    Must really SUCK to be short right now!!!

  • Teeny

    Looks like TC’s PR people are out in force. LOL! I’ve never seen so many reviews posted. Wish Cruise and his PR people would realize thst they don’t need to shove everything down the public’s throat. We know he’s a total freak, but if the film is good, people will see it.

    As for the Cruise fans, they’re all completely nuts. The guy has the craziest, most fanatical, obsessed, delusional fans in the entire world. Check out “Hamlet” who’s a regular here. Guys a total nutter.

  • Silvana

    Now he always looks so sad in photographs … but smile, your smile is the most forced and sad = (

    Finally I will never know really why they divorced, and always will be strange because they were always one of the most beautiful and stable couples in Hollywood … well … never spoke, his divorce was unilateral and probably until today things he wanted to remedy and repair errors he may have committed with Katie and Suri …. but so far there has never been a real option that can try to remedy something.

  • laura

    Tudo na vida é um aprendizado. espero que ele amadureça. Já é tempo, 50 não são 25.

  • TC Fan

    He looks good and confident. I am glad he does not have to impress anyone bc he can act and deliver he will. I hope he has a new life with his his girlfriend. The X Katie was no price.

  • Manoil

    Lol… Why is everybody talking about Tom Cruise’s height ?… Society talks about insignificant things like the nose of that actress or the height of this actor or the hair of these dog actors…? The perfect picture? – a guy 10’10 with a bazooka?, No one is perfect…But yet Tom Cruise is a brilliant actor! I watched the movie a few days ago and I was simply thrilled ! The action was way above the average quality and the humour was marvelous and well placed. No boring scenes or fake play, he was a bada** ! I’ve watched movies with big guys- the Rock, Michael Clarke Duncan, Silvester Stallone, Seagal but the charge was not the same…I can watch the movie again and I thing i won’t be bored, not even a bit! Top Gun, Mission Impossible ( Ghost Protocol and now Jack Reacher!… way to go, “little” buddy…!

  • Mama

    Is she married? She’s 33, so it looks like her expiry date is over. I now realized that she’s Jane from Pride and Prejudice, 2005 movie.