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Aishwarya Rai: Book Unveiling with Abhishek Bachchan!

Aishwarya Rai: Book Unveiling with Abhishek Bachchan!

Aishwarya Rai and her husband Abhishek Bachchan attend the unveiling of the book “My Father, Our Fraternity” on Thursday (December 13) in Mumbai, India.

The 39-year-old Bollywood actress recently talked to The Times of India about being a mother to her one-year-old daughter Aaradhya.

“I feel like I know about every little aspect of motherhood already. I feel blessed to have Aaradhya in our lives. However, I don’t quite understand the obsession about her and it’s amusing when people ask me what we want her to become once she grows up,” she said. “Arre, she is just one year old! Let her experience life and enjoy her growing up years! As a mother, I look at my parents for inspiration. If I can do even half of what they did for me, I will be a supermom!”

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  • notafan

    The most beautiful family in the world is theirs

  • Tina

    39 years old?!!? Wow!! She looks better than girls in their 20s!

  • Anna


  • wow

    Not only BEAUTY, but BRAINS too…

  • Ari

    She is really beautiful. Wow. Nice to see a woman of color getting this title. I can see why she was named the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Ari

    @Tina: Haha. Yes she does. Some of these girls in their 20s have aged weirdly. like Selenza Gomez looks like shes 14 and Jennifer Lawrence looks likes shes 26.

  • @6

    How the hell can you tell the difference between a 22 year old and a 26 year old? Maybe they are not thinking so maturely at 22 but as far as looks are concerned there is no difference…

  • ladyb

    Looks like she lost some of her baby weight.

  • janith

    wooow Aishwarya looks really beautiful.seems she is well educated.otherwise how she could get maximum score at miss world history.I love her. kisses from colombo

  • nika

    she’s the most beautiful actress for sure…just a natural beauty and her face is to die for!

  • http://! hag

    i see age on her face. she is aging gracefully.

  • Tina

    she is NOT a natural beauty. she has gotten plastic surgery. people who aren’t familiar with her wouldn’t know this…but her face has changed drastically and i’m NOT talking about the weight gain.

  • Khana

    @Tina: I am indian and I like her. I don’t think she has gotten plastic surgery. Her face is just bloated. But she is very pretty.

  • Nita

    One heck of a beautiful, elegant and classy lady. JustJared should feature her more often!

  • Djhani

    @Nita: JJ is too busy promoting untalented fugly actresses like Minka kelly and freida pinto on thier sites. Aishwarya doesn’t need JJ to promote her.

  • Tina

    @Khana: I’m Indian too. As a plastic surgeon expert, she has definitely gotten work done. She is not a natural beauty.

  • Rages

    @Tina: She had no surgeries. And really you are a plastic surgeon expert? Okay then I am George Cloony!

  • random

    Abhishek always looks so handsome! ;) Aishwarya has lost some of the baby weight. They are such a beautiful family.

  • Tina

    @Rages: Yeah and Kim Kardashian is a natural beauty! Wake up Rages! The woman is as fake as fake can get! She is plastic surgery riddened!

  • Sonia

    @Tina: Why are you comparing Kim Kardashian with Aishwarya? Aishwarya Rai has no surgery done. She is not a plastic woman.
    There are same rumour about even Angelina Jolie being plastic but its not true.
    Besides are you comaparing Aishwarya Rai’s look from 1994 to currently? if so then its dumb. 1994 was almost 20 years ago. of course people age within that time! She just looks fatter. thats all. I hope you realized that these pictures are also photoshopped too?

  • janith

    @Tina: if u guys think Aishwarya has done a plastic sugery.if she ever had one y she didnt wanan get rid of her neck lines.its just a 45 minutes neck lift.india’s higest earning celebrity woman doesnt got money to do a sugery?. y she didnt bother about even her weight.? she is not like hollywood celebs guys.the woman who doesnt wanna look beautiful never bother abt having surgeries. Kim kardashina had soo many surgeries over the time.everyone knws tht even she slept with 17 Famous celevrity men men.dont compare Aishwarya With a Woman like Kim,Who lost virginity at age of 12

  • monro

    Wooow!! she is 39? but how come she doesnt have wrinkles at all.bit chubby but looks beautiful. she is d only indian woman i heard of

  • duleeka

    @janith: Yeah You Are Right,She Got Some Lines On Her Neck ,Which Isnt Look Great,But She Got An Amazing Skin, I’Ve Seen Her Once In Mumbai Saw Her in Real,She Is Very Tall Woman,in Photos She Looks Like Short.Maybe Cuz Abhishek is 6″5′. Our Indian Women Doesnt Need Plastic Surgeries To be Beautiful,Like Hollywood Actresses, Everyone Who does Yoghi & Ashtanga Can Get a Great Look By Practising Minds,

  • Anu

    @Sonia: she is the most overrated and fakest actress ever. people whine about how kim k and claudia lynx have gotten plastic surgery. i’m not going to say that they haven’t, but look at aishwarya too. any amount of “prettiness” she has is from the gallons of makeup she puts on and the surgeries she has had. i can never find a woman pretty by doing these two things. yes, people obviously age but who the hell can you change so much from anywhere between one to three years? check this out:

  • Elif

    @Anu: You are comparing her when she was 19 or 20 in 1993. This woman is in gonna be 40 next year. Why hasn’t she gotten a neck lift or whatever or even reduced some of her weight?
    Her face also looks chubby why didn’t she suction out the fat in her face? Many have done it before.

  • Elif

    @Tina: Kim Kardashian? Are you gonna compare her with Aishwarya Rai? Aishwarya is known for acting and her beauty worldwide. Kim is only famous in US and Canada. She is a loser and a nobody. Only in US soemone like her can get famous. India atleast doesn’t cater to crap like that. Yes in India there is Rakhi Swant or whatever but she is not celebrated greatly like how Kim Kartrashin is treated greatly in US. Obama should be ashamed of himself for invitng her and her disgusting family to the White House Corespodents Dinner this year. Why the hell were they invited?! Lost a ton of respect for him when he did that.

  • Elif

    Also I would like to add that Kim Kardtrashin is famous for a sex tape. She has been riding on it since 2008.
    Its quitse sad how someone like her does a nasty thing and is celebrated.

  • Anu

    @Elif: I don’t like Kim at all, but to say she is famous for her sex tape is stupid. Yes, that boosted her popularity a lot, but I knew who she was before her tape was exposed to the world. Maybe you were living in a cave all this time. I’m not comparing Aishwarya from 19 to now. I am comparing her from 19 to the NEXT YEAR when she won Miss World. Aishwarya is known for her “fake beauty” and ACTING?! the woman can’t act! And why she didn’t remove her neck lines??? Some people are okay with certain surgeries. Me, personally I would NEVER get a lip job, but I am not totally against the “non-surgerical nose job” …not saying I’m going to get it done, but I am not completely ruling it out. She used to have a cleft chin before. Now it has completely disappeared.
    The media and blind people made such a big deal over her overhyped beauty when she has gotten so much of plastic surgery. She doesn’t even deserve any of the hype.

  • Elif

    @Anu: You are moron with the IQ of 40. Really? Kim was famous before a sex tape, when was that? Please tell me. I am living in US and I did not know who she was until the sex tape incident. Most people did not know who she was really until that incident. I was not living in a cave at the time, Idiot, maybe you are were and still are since what your speaking is crap.
    Aishwarya Rai is known for acting and beauty all over the world. She has had both her peformences panned and praised. You are a extreamly dumb for comaparing Kim Kardashain to Aishwarya Rai. Rai is a natural beauty, looks change over time. Kim Kardashian is a loser who got famous for a sex tape and you know it too. Thats all shes knwon for and will always be known for. No talent or looks.

  • Elif

    Kim Kardashian is a fake plastic loser. Quites sad how you are defending this moron. But you’re a moron too, so no wonder.
    How is the media blind and wrong just because they like Aishwarya and you don’t? Idiot. You think only your views are correct and everyone must be wrong or deluded I guess. Haha go back to school. I guess you must have enjoyed watching Kim Kardashains fake wedding then . Must have been the first one to turn on the TV in your family to watch it.

  • Anu

    yes you are living in a cave if you didn’t know who she until her sex tape. she was a model, fashion stylist, is oj simpson’s lawyer’s daughter, socialite, was paris hilton’s ex friend, was dating ray-j (a singer…because you don’t know who he is…since you’re living in a cave) at the time, and is the step daughter of somebody who won a gold medal in the olympics. she was photographed MANY TIMES before anyone knew her sex tape was released. there are millions of photos taken with bruce jenner (i’m assuming you don’t know him too? he is famous, but then again you wouldn’t know since you’re living in a cave), ray-j, and paris hilton. i already knew who she was before her tape got released. i’m not even a fan of hers so it doesn’t bother me if you bash her. i really don’t care. the point is she was known before the release of that tape so in conclusion: if you didn’t know who she was before the tape then you are living in a cave.

    aishwarya is far from being a natural beauty. She is the queen of SURGERY !!!!!
Everything in her face is fake, she is the brand ambassador of made in China! she can endorse the DVD of nip/TUCK LOL. she went under knife for nose job, brow lift, upper eye lift, mid facelift, correcting her jaw line and teeth and cheek and chin implants. she bleached her skin too and also wears color enhancers on her eyes all the time. She even had a smile correction surgery period. she looked horrible in her Miss world video when she smiled after winning her crown..even these days she is struggles to keep her teeth from showing while smiling. look at her lips. you must be blind to not know the difference..and yes there are smile correction surgeries…google it (since you’ve lived in a cave all this time). How can you not notice the widening gap in her eyebrows? Her left eyebrow is abnormally high than her modeling days. It’s called a botox injection to keep eye area from drooping with age.

    aishwarya was never praised for her acting. she bribes critics to write good things about her. roger ebert, one of the most respected critics said, after watching ‘Provoked’ that aishwarya can’t act. that is true praising!! anyone who has seen The Pink Panther 2 said that she can’t act. are you even indian??? because if you aren’t, then it’s a waste of time arguing with you but if you are then you it’s confirmed that you are living in a cave because every indian knows she can’t act and has starred in majority of flops. if she’s that big of a star and has “billions of fans” (please don’t believe the lies that Oprah said), ALL of her movies will do well regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Even somebody like Shahrukh Khan (who recently did horrible movies like Ra. One and Jab Tak Hai Jaan) will always have super hit movies regardless whether his films make sense or no sense at all because he has so many fans and is truly loved by a billion people (yeah, he’s the one who is loved by a billion. not trashwhoreya) who will watch his movies and therefore make his movies a hit.

    99% of Bollywood stars have gone under the knife. I agree with some people it is a combination of both natural aging process and plastic surgery. But stop being delusional by saying Aishwarya is a natural beauty. That’s the biggest joke of the century! After seeing her teenaged pics, she definitely needed it. Every actress/ actor has got plastic surgery/ enhancements done to themselves, because there profession demands it! If they can afford it, they do it, because that extends their timeline in the industry. Stars can never please people, either they have imperfections or they have got something done.

    p.s. Aishwarya is just as fake…or even MORE FAKE than Kim Kardashian.

  • Anu

    @Elif: it’s well known that aishwarya had jawline correction surgery, lip surgery–she had uneven size of lips, teeth correction with veneer. Also Botox is obvious …she had started to age by 30 years. Her eye brow pin up surgery is sooo obvious. Dont be sooo insecure can you get? how can you call her a natural beauty after getting this much work? she’s made in china.

  • Elif

    You are full of crap and are too obessed.
    Yes of course I am indian born in US. Why would’t I be?
    Yeah I am not living in a cave. How many people who know of Kim K. would know this much of her? Are you paid to talk and spread good about her about her?
    She was never really follwed as much as Paris Hilton until the sex tape incident. I seriosuly doubt most americans had even heard of her before the sex tape. Go to any Hollywood site and many people only know of her because of the sex tape and her fake marriage. Are they living in a cave according to you?
    Daniel Craig and John Hamm both trashed her and said that she only got fame throu doing a sex tape and is milking off of it like a TV show, her frangance, handbag line,etc. Daniel Craig himself said that she makes a living by acting like a f**king idiot.
    Are you really gonna compare someone like Rai with lowly being?

    Ps. Sweetheart I live in the United States . You clearly don’t. You must be living in the sewers in India.

  • Elif

    It might not bother you if I am speaking the truth about your porn star but its really does bother you when I say I like Aishwarya Rai?
    Its a matter of an opinion. Do you really need to go on a rant?
    Also where did you get this information that she bribes ciritcs to give her good reviews? What stupidity is this?! Did you get a hold of her plastic surgeon and he gave you al this information about her? Moron
    Yeah I guess Oprah, WIll Smith must all be deluded because they are a fan of hers. Idiot with an IQ of 40.

  • Anu

    @Elif: Your IQ is lower than 40 because you seem to miss the fact that I am not a fan of Kim so you can trash her all you want. It doesn’t hurt me. Daniel Craig is not the only one who made fun of her, btw. A lot of people have. But you still live in a cave if you never heard of her until her sex tape got released. I certainly don’t even live in India. I live in a rich area in America that neither you nor Aishwarya can ever dream of living (don’t believe that crap that she makes $15 million per movie…most Bollywood movies aren’t even worth that much). If Kim is trashy and cheap (will absolutely not defend her that she is not) then Aishwarya is no different. She was NEVER the #1 Bollywood actress before her fake “Hollywood career.” If you like her horrible acting, dreadful movies, fake personality, and plastic looks then yes it’s all matter of taste. Not everyone finds plastic people pretty, but some do so I won’t hold it against you. You have every right to like her but don’t give me crap that she never had any work done and is a natural beauty. Oprah is a fake woman too. At least she has worked hard for her money so I won’t say anything about her, but don’t take the “most beautiful woman” comment to Aishwarya that seriously. She even said the same thing to Halle Berry and said nobody can look prettier than her. please get your facts straight ASAP. Do you also believe she was the FIRST actress to be offered films like Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Hancock, Rush Hour 3, I Am Legend, Every James Bond movie that existed, Inception, and Hitch….BUT rejected it because she is too modest and a sati savitri? LOL! She was NEVER offered roles in Will Smith movies except a small part as the college roommate in Hitch. Will also offered her a chance to AUDITION for Hancock and I Am Legend. She never went (probably because she would never get it and it would be the laughing stock of the Indian media–which I don’t blame her because she can’t act). She was also NEVER offered Rush Hour 3. Brett Ratner just rattled her name out in an interview along with Gong Li’s. You can watch that on YouTube: it’s clear he has never even heard of her. No role was ever written or offered to either woman. The Julia Roberts thing is an Internet rumor. Try finding any interview where she actually commented on Rai. Good luck because you’re not going to find it. Aishwarya brags how the is the first woman to be approached for every big budget movie/endorsement but “rejects it” because she is professional, modest, etc. She didn’t think of her modesty and had no problem being slutty, stripping and kissing in Dhoom 2. And professional? Indeed, she’s so professional that she told Kalpana Lajmi that she’ll act in her ‘Chingaari’. She makes her wait for one year and then tells her that she won’t do it. And then she leaves Mangal Pandey to do Bride & Prejudice…that is one professional, attention-seeking, plastic, fake WHORE! But like I said, you can like her all you want, but don’t spread lies that she is loved all over the world and is a natural beauty. Want me to tell you what work she has gotten done all over again? You lost, sweet heart. You can’t even defend your favorite hooker “actress” that she hasn’t gotten work done. How sad.

  • Anu

    @Elif: Forgot to add that she’s so professional that she told Kalpana Lajmi that she’ll act in her ‘Chingaari’. She makes her wait for one year and then tells her that she won’t do it. That’s one professional hooker! She also was 5 months pregnant while shooting for ‘Heroine’ and knew fully well she was pregnant prior to signing for the film. The film required to do racy scenes including smoking. Nobody knew she was pregnant up until her father-in-law posted it on his twitter account. How could she do such scenes while being pregnant? How can you not see how unprofessional, selfish, greedy, fake she is? How can you like her after all this? After all this, she even tried to sue the director when it was of no fault of his own. I’m so glad he did the right thing of kicking her fat self out from the project and put a much more talented, beautiful actress (Kareena Kapoor) in the film. She was amazing in the film and Aishwarya would’ve ruined it with her ugly, fat presence if she was in it. If my IQ is low…Aishwarya married two trees. How’s that? Go to Hindustan times, you’ll find evidence of Aishwarya’s botanical marriage.

  • Elif

    @Anu: You Do have a low IQ. I don’t. Tryng to insult me? Loser.
    You know more about Aishwarya rai then most of her fans do. Its very strange. You also seem to know stuff about Kim Kar then most do too. As someone living in US, I can for sure tell you that she was not really that well known until the sex tape incident. How do you know so mich of Kim Kardashain? don’t say google or twitter,or yotube Most people would not bother searching for it.
    You live in a wealthy part of US? I don’t believe you. You are not american or canadian. Your choice of words sound too indian.I am not getting defensive of Aishwarya. I did not even mention Julia Robert or the Hitch movies. Are you also mentally retarded too? You must be living in India . The sewers probably.
    How can I dream of living in US when I was already fuking born here? Idiot. You are not american, its obvious. I doubt you live in a rich place in US, yet alone India.

  • Elif

    @Anu: Also, try to write shorter responses. Why so are you getting so worked up over an opinion?
    I find your name calling hilarious and I find it funny how I am fighting with a 12 year old girl or guy most likely living in the dumps in India. If you are an wealthy american, then please do invest in some writing classes or gettiing an education. You sound extreamly uneducated.
    Aishwarya Rai is a ‘hooker’? LOL. I bet she is much more wealthy then you are. I don’t believe you live in US at all or even a first world country. More like a third world country. You writing skills even show that you must be living in India. No amercian writes the way you do. Learn to atleast write and sound like you are educated. Moron loser.

  • Elif

    Aren’t you the one on Pinkvilla and other sites writing the same exact thing? I have seen you comment and write this way. Loser! Don’t you have a life? Oh wiat, you love to pass off as a wealthy american and think you are richer then an actress. You are a poor, uneducated indian person living in india most likely. Find something else to do. Retard.

  • Lozi

    OMG! Who is Anu? ANd how does he know so much about a woman he hates ?! I like Ash too but even I don’t know all this stuff about her. My god

  • Anu

    @Elif: LOL! Reread what you have posted on here from the beginning. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation need a lot of work. That would be so embarrassing if you even went to an American school because you haven’t learned jack sh!t. There are people abroad that make fun of some Americans for being too dumb…from not locating where Arizona is on a map to grammar issues…and you’re living proof of that. Even 3rd class citizen in India can write better than you. “Your choice of words sound too Indian” –LOL! I was neither born nor brought up there so how could my “choice of words” sound too Indian? What a ludicrous thing to say.

    Firstly, JustJared is an American site. I don’t think anyone in India knows that this site even exists. But it’s cute that you think I live in a 3rd world country or that I’m not an American citizen. Sweet heart, I don’t think I’m wealthier; I know I’m wealthier than her, but if it makes you feel better to assume I’m poor then so be it. In fact, a lot of people IN INDIA are wealthier than her. I don’t even know why we are discussing about me. Just because I made comments about this hooker by proving you wrong that she is nowhere close to a natural beauty you are getting so defensive and making personal attacks just because I proved you wrong. The only person who’s making a complete ass of himself/herself/whatever you are, is you. And the “Are you also mentally retarded too? You must be living in India . The sewers probably” just proves how you’re desperately grasping for anything to try to argue with me. Your arguments either make very little sense or you have to pull “facts” out of your a-s-s to argue with me. And I’m a loser? I’m not the one who has to make up “facts” to argue her point. I’m not the one who has to take some random things out of my a-s-s and accuse the other person of being those things. Oh, wait! You do all those things. You’re sad.

    LOL! Just because I posted one link from Pinkvilla you assume that I post comments there also? Honey, there are millions of people that visit that site and post there. There are millions of people that can’t stand her and wishes she disappears. You can’t assume that every comment against is possibly me. I really doubt that you’re Indian because most Indians don’t even like her. Even her own fans can accept that.

    “You also seem to know stuff about Kim Kar then most do too.”
    Like I said, everybody in America knows who her family is. Her and her family are seen everywhere. Oh wait a second…you do know that she has her own reality tv show right? It’s pointless even asking you that question when I know you were born and brought up in either a homeless shelter or cave. Before you find that creepy that I know she has her own show…EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT! Even people who hate her. I have never watched a single episode yet I know she has her own show. I guess the reason why I brought up Kim K in the first place was because people here bash her up by saying how she’s so fake, plastic, attention-seeking, greedy, selfish, has no morals, is a slut etc (again will definitely NOT defend her that she isn’t), but Aishwarya is just like her, in fact, even worst!

    “As someone living in US, I can for sure tell you that she was not really that well known until the sex tape incident. How do you know so mich of Kim Kardashain?”

    You can’t tell me anything. That’s how I can tell you are full of crap. As a person who has been born and brought up in America, I can say Kim K was already known before her tape released. I don’t even need to even say whom her father or stepfather is because it’s already known. She was a party girl, socialite, had many celebrity friends, and was photographed thousands of times. This is not what I know…this is what millions of people in America already know. I can understand if someone in India or other parts of the world never knew who she was until her tape released. It makes perfect sense, but for someone who claims they are born and brought up in America…it makes no sense unless they have lived in a cave or homeless shelter their whole life. I knew her WITHOUT the help of Google, twitter, and YouTube. You are a different case because you have lived in a cave all your life. Stop being in denial and accept the fact.

  • Anu

    @Elif: LOL! You had to change your name to Lozi on purpose so I wouldn’t have to embarass you again? How sad.

  • Elif

    @Anu: Dear dumbass. I am not lozi, I am Elif. You are a big-time loser and yes, you are not amerian. Your creativity level is too indian and you don’t use american or canadian terms. This shows you are living in India or a third world country. The whole of US knew who KK was before? HA!
    She is just a reality TV star who did a scandel .Thats all. She isn’t a legit celebirty who is famous for some talent.
    You , retard are living proof of why its not good to argue with retards like yourself..
    This post was from Dec 14, and you are still trying to get your 2 cents in everytime I leave a comment? Whose worse me or you?
    My grammer,spelling is fine. Yours isn’t. Yes you live in a wealthy area of US. I bet you are neighbours with Brad Pitt then? You are the same person on Pinkvilla. Just stop it and get a life. You retarded piece of shit. Your life must be sad.

  • Elif

    And Justjared might be an american site but the moderaters are in India. There are tons of Indians who come in JJ incase your little pea brain didn’t know.
    Your just a sad human being thats all. You are accusing me of being dub yet you still come back here to say what you like. God you must be the same idiot on Yotube creating multiple fake accounts on Aishwarya vidoes all the time. I can clearly identify your writing you stupid piece of shit. You are living in the sewers or a gutter hole from the way you sound. Go away and find a hobby. Or find a boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh you can’t get one? Wonder why.

  • Anu

    1.) Keep telling yourself that you are not Lozi, that you aren’t from a sewer or homeless shelter, that you are an American citizen, that you haven’t lived in a cave all your life because I know the truth.

    2.) There is no way to tell I am living in India or any other country other than America judging by my “choice of words.” I don’t even know how you can come up with such stupid logic. Your attempts at humor are very embarrassing. I feel sorry for your family and friends (that is, if you have any).

    3.) I agree that KK doesn’t have any real talent. The same goes for Aishwarya. I never said that all Americans knew KK. I said that she was in the limelight and photographed BEFORE people even knew she had a sex tape. I have lived in America my whole life and I can tell you I have seen her pictures many times before I knew her tape released. I also knew she was the daughter of OJ Simpson’s lawyer, stepdaughter of Bruce Jenner, stylist, socialite, and girlfriend of Ray-J (at the time) all before I even knew her sex tape existed. I can agree she was not a legit celeb at the time, BUT she was a celebutante (just like Paris Hilton). There are people who have such extreme hatred for people like KK and Paris Hilton. It’s so quick to say something like: they are only famous due to their sex tape. They like to pretend that they’ve never heard of them until their tapes released and hence they can back up their reason to hate them which is: they are only popular because they released a sex tape. I’m not a fan of either of them, but I’ll be fair and honest that I knew who both of them were before I even knew they each had a sex tape.

    4.) You’re saying that I have no life yet you are responding back to my comments. If I have no life for replying back to you then what does that make you? You are also doing the same thing, hypocrite. Look at your loser self before you point your dirty finger at others. I proved you wrong that Aishwarya is not a natural beauty and yet you are coming back posting immature and stupid comments that are off topic. You seem to be bitter about me proving you wrong that it burns you. There’s nothing you prove to anyone that she is natural. If you can’t defend her then drop it. Accept defeat.

    5.) “My grammer,spelling is fine. Yours isn’t.”
    I don’t think you should be commenting on my grammar and spelling considering that sentence of yours makes absolutely no sense and you can’t even spell “grammar” properly. Please copy and paste your own comments on Word. You will find MANY errors. What an idiot you are. Have you considered buying yourself a dictionary? Or maybe a properly functioning brain would be more useful.

    6.) You do know that there are many wealthy cities all across America other than Hollywood and Beverly Hills, right? I guess some slow people from India would never know that, so I understand.

    7.) Right, with your logic everyone who made a negative comment about Aishwarya on YouTube, Pinkvilla, JustJared, any other site is actually me. Please. Many people don’t like this woman for very obvious reasons. Try using some logic next time. If I am the same person then even you are the same loser who defends Aishwarya and claims that she is a natural beauty. I can identify your writing.
    I remember when Freida Pinto became well known for Slumdog Millionaire EVERYBODY thought she was gorgeous. There were many Aishwarya fans (must’ve been you this whole time) that tried to prove Freida’s new fans that Aishwarya is prettier…and they didn’t succeed. Btw, how does it feel that Freida Pinto is more well known than Aishwarya in America?

    8a.) “And Justjared might be an american site but the moderaters are in India. There are tons of Indians who come in JJ incase your little pea brain didn’t know.” JustJared IS an American site. Not “might” be an American site.
    8b.)No I never knew that because I have lived in America all of my life, but you would definitely know since you aren’t from America—so I’d trust you on this. In America, we have Celebuzz, Gossip Cop, JustJared, Perez Hilton, E! etc. for celeb gossip. What do people in India rely on for gossip? This might be the only thing you might know.

  • Elif

    @Anu : LOL Idiot. Go get some professional help. You need it badly. Really? Sure you are ‘american’. Okay I believe. Next time try to use american terms and slangs cos your don’t, which gives you away. You are the same person and you have been caught. Deal with it moron. F**king idiot with no life.

    PS. I like Freida too but she is not anymore known then Aishwarya. Niether of them have achieved anything big in Hollywood and you know it.

  • Elif

    @Anu: Also retard this post was done over a month ago. Why do you still come? Piece of shit. You must be a’ special’ needs child. Haha fighting with a retard like you is funny.
    Aishwarya Rai is probably more richer and succeful then you and you are just rotting in a craphole in India. F**k off douchebag. Lots of people have found you, and I am not the same person who defends Aishwarya constantly. She has many fans and many adore her. More then Kim, Paris, or Freida. Those ladies are not seen as beauties like with Rai. But good is it agruing with a special needs person like you? I will leave you now. Goodybe retard!

  • Elif

    Also, How is it possible to pretend to be million of the fans shes got?
    I can identfy your writing and while AR just like many celebs have their fans and haters, how many of Ash’s haters are obessive and take great passion for writing long, paragraphs of her? Stop lying.
    I do live in US. Why the f**k wwould I lie about it? You are lying about it. You sound uneducated you piece of shit. Attakcing someone you don’t know? Go rot in your gutter hole and find yourself a guy/girl. Maybe one with ‘special’ needs like you.
    Your just a stupid little kid or a bitter person that vents their anger out on the celebrity sites. Thats all. I highly doubt you are intelligent enough to attend a university or college on either US,Canada,etc. I doubt they would even hire you to clean the toilets on the campus property. Thats the perfect job for ugly, dumb crap like you.

  • Anu

    @Elif: Tell me WHY would I lie about living in America? Nothing you say makes any sense. You’re going to be a spinster all your life. Mark my words. Even if you find anyone, they’ll leave you in a heart beat. Why are you even defending this plastic woman? Why are you getting so sensitive over what I say? She doesn’t care about you and neither is she going to pay your bills.

    You’re too dumb to get enrolled in special education. Take a writing class, learn some grammar, and how to spell. You’re too dumb to learn anything, but try! You’re the last person to tell somebody else that they have ‘special’ needs.

    ” Attakcing someone you don’t know?”
    What the hell does that make YOU then? I’m expressing my opinion about somebody who is in the public eye and you are attacking somebody daily who you don’t even know. You’re a very disturbed troll who is bullying someone on the internet. Get help.

  • Anu

    @Elif: 1.) You need help.
    2.) I’m writing to you in ENGLISH in case you are too slow to understand. My grammar and spelling is better than yours. That’s enough to prove that I was born and raised here.
    3.) I’ve been caught? Why the hell should I deal with it ? You can’t prove I’m the same person, moron. Everybody says the same thing about this woman and people don’t like her for the same reasons. You mean to say a billion people adore this woman except for one? PLEASE! Maybe a few love her while billions hate her. She made very few blockbusters and those are all due to her co-stars. She has more haters than fans. Grow a brain, loser.
    4.) I actually don’t like Freida Pinto. For the kind of fame she got after making a cameo appearance in Slumdog Millionaire, she is extremely overrated. BUT, I like her more than Aishwarya and she is better known in America (I can vouch for this because I live here) than a certain woman who named herself the most beautiful woman in the world and has spread rumors that Brad Pitt, Will Smith, every top Hollywood actor wants to work with her.
    5.) “Also ****** this post was done over a month ago. Why do you still come?” I should ask you the same thing. This post was done over a month ago. Why do you still come? Heard of the saying, “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?” Google it since you’re too stupid to know the meaning behind it. You’re stupid, slow, and you have to rely on making things up and that tired “you’re from India” or “special needs” thing. You have a lot of nerve to say that when you can’t even spell grammar. Brush up on your English skills and stop trying to pretend you’re intelligent. Stop grasping for anything in your sad attempts to insult me. Try something original.
    6.) Your way of thinking is very strange and backward. Was your mom drinking while you were in her stomach? That would explain things. if I were to be jealous of someone’s wealth and success then I would be jealous of Paris, KK, and Freida than this trash. Paris is worth more than $100 million, the Kardashians made more than $60 million last year, and while I don’t know how much Freida Pinto makes she is more well known in America (I can vouch for this since I live here) without achieving much and lives in a decent house in Santa Moncia. They are all richer than more successful than Rai. Next time try using some logic. Look at this list: If I am soooo insecure of someone’s wealth and success (according to your dumb logic) then I would rather be jealous of these people. Rai doesn’t even come CLOSE to the top million richest people in India and neither is she even the highest paid actress in Bollywood. She’s a has-been.
    7.) I don’t stay in India, but there are many rich places. Gosh, do you think all of India looks like the slums just like in Slumdog Millionaire? I know that’s where you live, but don’t assume that’s all of India. Get out more. You’re too broke to live in the posh places there, but just know that not all of India
    8.) I’m not a fan of KK, Paris, Freida but they are all better looking than this plastic b*tch and they probably look better than you too. KK is plastic looking now, but during the 2007 circa Rai can’t even hold a candle to her. Rai is not at all remotely good looking with her stocky face and parrot nose. She looks old and fat. This b*tch isn’t even going to pay your bills s
    9.) You’re too stupid and backward to be enrolled in special education. The gutter thing is unoriginal…like pretty much anything you say. You’re the one has been attacking me with your rude comments and now you’re whining about me attacking you? You’re stupid, you can’t think of anything original to say, and you grasp for random things to use against me even though they don’t apply to me at all. How embarrassing.