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Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler hits the soccer field for the Street League charity training session on Friday (December 14) in South London, England.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor came out to support the charity which helps to change the lives of disadvantaged young people through the power of the sport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard is currently in town promoting his latest flick Playing for Keeps. The previous evening, Gerard attended a special screening for the flick in London.

Playing for Keeps is currently in theaters in the US, and will be released in the UK on January 1!

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1,719 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!”

  1. 1
    yaddle Says:

    It’s like he notifies the paparazzi himself and lets them know where he will be for some “candid” shots.

  2. 2
    Jaz Says:

    Is she wearing a skirt?

  3. 3
    SuperficialB*Butler Says:

    So if the world comes to an end, according to his last interview (I know people) Butler will save himself (and a few lingerie models). He has a seat to watch the world implode from above (and procreate a new Butkingdom).

    Do he really think anyone would be saved?

    He “knows” people.

  4. 4
    m Says:


  5. 5
    exfantiredbyallthebs Says:

    Nice try Gerry. I know its self publicity, but it also brings a worthwhile project to the fore.

    Shame you spoiled it all last night with the one finger salute. No matter what you do today, you’ll still look a complete j*rk.

  6. 6
    m Says:

    @SuperficialB*Butler: sorry, I hit enter accidently. Just saw Skyfall. So good. so I will call myself “m”.

    Interesting? A Little Butler kingdom?

    Hey ButMad, didn’t you know aliens already left the earth before December and the real question is do you want to stick around since
    Our Alien Creators Will Return to Take it Over. LOL

    (Just kidding)

  7. 7
    exfantiredbyallthebs Says:

    He played in last night’s suit trousers. Last minute arrangment?

    BBc comments, spot on.

  8. 8
    Aussie Says:

    Madalina is definitely one of the most beautiful women on earth!!!

  9. 9
    Ola Says:


    DAY-UM! The least he could do is take her by the arm and walk the red carpet with her! She seems contented to be little more then a traveling bimbo!

  10. 10
    so over it Says:

    UK viewers – tune into ‘The One Show’ tonight at 7pm, to no doubt see Butler continue to make an even bigger ars/e of himself most likely by swearing on a live show. *groan*

  11. 11
    oscar buzzy Says:

    At least those smiles seem genuine.

    @Ola: As long as her bills are being paid and the PR is advancing her career you betcha. Sure he paid for the new weave.

  12. 12
    20/20 Vision Says:

    @Aussie: Clearly, you don’t get out much.

  13. 13
    TravelingCircus Says:

    I was reading the DM this morning, and apparently he left the restaurant he went to after the premiere, ALONE, and yet we know she was there. These two are so completely bizarre, and yet, I think I’m seeing a pattern. Anyone else spotting it?

  14. 14
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Her hair looks a little better. Are the only clothes she has are black?

  15. 15
    Snow Flakes Says:


    Can you give us a clue?

  16. 16
    Gerry Sheen & Madalina Fleiss Says:

    Gerard Butler has given interviews about how Alan followed up with him when Gerry didn’t show up for their initial meeting and promised Gerry that he would be a star. Stardom is what Gerry has always been after, and he got it. He doesn’t care about being taken seriously as an actor. He never has. Look at his film choices. The Ugly Truth? The Bounty Hunter? Playing for Keeps? Gamer? Those aren’t movies that an actor who’s had a break like 300 chooses to do if he wants to be taken seriously. Those are movies that an actor chooses to do when he wants to make money and become Mr. Vanilla Big Budget Romcom star.
    That’s what Gerry got and as a result, when he does a movie like MGP, no one cares. Because he’s Mr. Vanilla Big Budget Romcom star trying to be taken seriously. It comes off as contrived.
    Can you blame anyone when Gerry has chosen to use his fame to be best buddies with all the club promoters where the paparazzi live and to get into the pants of legions of young women – which he admits to BTW. He may give interviews now saying he’s not a womanizer, but he’s also given tons of interviews about how he’s been a bad boy and has slept with “100 times” the list of women he’s been asked about on shows like Howard Stern.
    So which is true? Has Gerry Butler taken advantage of the fact that young hot girls are seduced by fame and will shag him for it or does he respect women too much to engage in such exploitation? The real Gerry Butler doesn’t even have to stand up. Someone who talks out of different sides of his mouth the way he does busts himself and his lack of integrity.
    Especially when he chooses to make a girlfriend out of a known fameho like Madalina Ghenea who was obviously hellbent on landing some big Hollywood name for a boyfriend. If Gerry doesn’t make “an honest woman of her,” you can bet there will be another famous fling in her future, though with probably and even seedier character, because what man of substance would have anything to do with such a shallow, opportunistic creature?
    Other than Gerard Butler, who wants the whole world to know that his sexual proclivities involve young girls who could be his children and have no problem stripping down for the whole world to see, presumably because he thinks it means something about him if a hot young girl who everyone wants to see virtually naked has chosen him.
    What a sad pair. It’s actually kind of nice to see karma come back to bite Gerry Butler in the a$$ with this career implosion. It’s a good message to send to young men and women who might see what Gerry Butler and Madalina Ghenea are about, and realize that it does have a cost in terms of what others perceive about their dignity (as in they have none).

  17. 17
    Madalina Ghenea is Degrading Says:

    @Gerry Sheen & Madalina Fleiss:
    Madalina Ghenea is an embarrassment to women and a horrible example for young girls!!! It’s bad enough that she’s one of these girls who engages in the seedier form of “lingerie modeling.” I’m not a big fan of lingerie modeling generally, but there’s Victoria’s Secret and then there’s what Madalina Ghenea does, which are photos that land on porn sites.
    Add on top of that her Hollywood bed hopping. People say “every woman would have accepted Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler.” NO THEY WOULDN’T. Some of us have some self-respect and don’t think you can call yourself successful if the way you got what you want is through prostitution.
    But what really gets me is the plastic surgery. So many girls have such self-esteem issues, and it’s made so much worse by the fashion industry and advertising that puts so much pressure on young girls and young women to look a certain way.
    Then you have someone like Madalina Ghenea whose photos make clear that she’s at least had lip injections or lip implants to try and get the Angelina Jolie look and that she did it before she was even 23.
    What are young girls supposed to think when a beautiful young model like Madalina Ghenea thinks that looking a certain way is so important, that such superficial concerns are so important, that she has work done to her face?
    What are young girls supposed to think when a beautiful young model like Madalina Ghenea has work done to her face for the PURPOSE of modeling and selling a look to the public that is not just an unrealistic standard of beauty because it’s not typical, but is LITERALLY unrealistic because Madalina Ghenea had plastic surgery to get it?
    Madalina Ghenea is one of the most degrading, terrible examples for young women that I’ve seen in so long on so many levels – the plastic surgery, the purposeful objectification of her body for money, her self prostitution with famous men to get fame herself. Madalina Ghenea is EVERYTHING that parents and countless organizations working to support young women tell girls that they shouldn’t be. She degrades herself in ways that all of us who know young girls tell them they shouldn’t do. And she’s rewarded for it by people like Gerard Butler.
    Let’s all just pray that neither of these plastic fools has children. Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea have both already done enough to promote demeaning and superficial interests among young people. They don’t need to pass it on to any children of their own.

  18. 18
    bitly Says:

    hahaha…sour grapes all the way, jealous old hags

  19. 19
    gerry shouldn't have kids Says:

    @Madalina Ghenea is Degrading: gerry shouldn’t have kids. whenever he talks about kids, it’s always from an angle of how fun he thinks they are, having them run around and so on. nothing about him says that he’s ready for the truth of having children, that as much as you love them, they’re also really hard hard hard work and the biggest responsibility will have have in his or her life. a man who thinks of children that way would never have children with someone like madalina ghenea, because the child might be a girl and what would that girl have to look up to? next-to-nude photos of her mom taken for cash? videos of her mom in skimpy underwear wriggling for men? a line of famous sex partners? it’s bad enough that having a father like gerard butler would teach the girl that it’s okay for men to use her for sex so long as they’re rich and famous. to have a mother like madalina ghenea who doesn’t balance all of that out but just makes it seem more okay?
    i guess the same would apply for a boy in terms of it teaching him that it’s okay to be a player, but i think it would do real damage for a girl. gerry doesn’t think about these things, what would be good for a child. he just knows he wants one. people like that shouldn’t be parents.

  20. 20
    TravelingCircus Says:

    @Snow Flakes: It’s nothing major, just that she pops up when he’s going to be papped going to an appearance, and when there’s nothing going on, or he’s just running around casually, she’s not around, with large gaps in between. I’m surprised one of the detectives here or the Russians haven’t made a chart by now, lol. It’ll be telling to see just how much time they spend together now that he doesn’t have anything going on career-wise until next spring. And I don’t care what the fantasizers say, I’m not feeling a romance vibe here. Sorry, it’s just not there.

  21. 21
    Ola Says:

    Hello LOL!

  22. 22
    twitter Says:
    Has Gerard butler been on the snowballs? Seems a little tipsy to me. #oneshow

    Erm. Gerard butler doesn’t drink!!! He looks good but he is mad as a bunch of frogs. #nutter
    Is gerard butler drunk on the one show?

  23. 23
    twitter Says:
    Gerard Butler acting as if he has had a wee too many drams in hospitality on #TheOneShow #awkward

  24. 24
    Grow up Says:

    @bitly: You really are silly. You act like this is all new. Posters all over the interwebs were saying these same things about her a year ago when she was with LDC. This isn’t about GB. She’s established a reputation now which will not disappear. Are you going to move to the threads of the next celebrity she hooks up with and pepper the thread with your silly taunts then, as well? It won’t change a thing.

  25. 25
    twitter Says:

    Emma Tonkin ‏@emma_t10
    Gerard Butler doesn’t drink but he is acting pretty drunk with a stroke face going on #fail #theoneshow

    il mio nome ‏@white_italy
    Gerard Butler on the One show. “If you want a lot of Zombies, go to Glasgow”. lol he knows.

    Did Gerard Butler just say “why would you move to Poland? Or Aushwitz?!” On the One show? Had some mulled wine tonight Gerard?

    tel ‏@tell1999
    gerard butler is a fu.cking disgrace after his comments on the one show #shameonbbc

  26. 26
    twitter Says:

    gross ‏@GeorgeRoss101
    I’m sorry but Gerard Butler on the one show is deffinately pissed up

    Mick Convey ‏@nalaknip
    I’d say Gerard Butler is currently now more aggressive on The One Show than at any time in 300

    Shaun ‏@sims_shaun
    Is it just me or has Gerard Butler been drinking? Haha #oneshow

    Antonia De Feo ‏@antonia
    Well Gerard Butler is a difficult guest isn’t he?! #awkward #theoneshow

  27. 27
    twitter Says:

    Jon Stickler ‏@jonstickler
    First tweet in months… Is Gerard Butler hammered on the #oneshow ?

    David Moore ‏@DavidMoore19
    Gerard butler is an utter imbecile with terrible chat. He should just sit and talk about the ‘tic for an hour instead of being a walloper

    DayInSpace ‏@DayInSpace
    The #OneShow is going all Blue Peter, while Gerard Butler trusses up a teddy with green ribbon. Properly hilarious. He looks confused

  28. 28
    Aussie Says:

    I agree Madalina should try wearing different colors!She would be more beautiful if that’s even possible! Best couple ever!

  29. 29
    What happenned on the ONE show Says:


  30. 30
    twitter Says:

    AnneMurray ‏@Mam_a_Mi
    Well there’s another illusion shattered !! Gone off Gerard Butler after seeing him on The One Show :(

    Susanne Burton ‏@bagpuss_mcd
    @frankieboyle :In eloquent words of local Paisley cabbie who’d pleasure of Mr B’s hire.. ‘Gerard Butler – the man’s a sausage!’ Nuff said!

    Jan Dobbs ‏@Jan_writes
    BBC One Show getting worse & as for that actor Gerard Butler – is he drunk? #rubbish

  31. 31
    JMO but... Says:

    I think he was drunk, and I think he goes through periods of drinking, despite his denials. There are just too many reports to the contrary, and it looks like he outed himself on the One Show. All just my personal opinion, but that’s what I believe.

  32. 32
    twitter Says:

    Chris Evans ‏@achrisevans
    For the record Gerard Butler doesn’t drink, hasn’t done for years. Wonder what he was like when he did !!!

    David Wilson ‏@DaveR1Wilson
    Gerard Butler. My fu.cking hero if I were invited on #theoneshow I’d get faced beforehand aswell. Legend.

    Emma Barbour ‏@emzaa_b
    On the day an official statement clearly demonstrating our continuous history was released, Gerard Butler has a wee dig #obsessed #clown

    Gemma Burrell ‏@weegemgem
    Gerard Butler on the one show was the most awkwardly funny thing I’ve seen on tv ever. #legend

  33. 33
    oscar buzzy Says:

    @Grow up: If there is a video of this appearance perhaps YOU need to watch it before you make a broad dismissal. You did not see it did you?

  34. 34
    Kay Says:

    Hate him.

  35. 35
    Yikes! Says:

    @twitter: Was it really that bad?

  36. 36
    arbys Says:

    @JMO but…: Like a sad cry for help in the wilderness?

    If he wasn’t drunk he seems intent on giving his career its final blows. Maybe he is dusting off those law textbooks.

  37. 37
    Grow up Says:

    @oscar buzzy: What are you talking about?

  38. 38
    twitter Says:

    Janey Godley ‏@JaneyGodley
    Apparently Chris Evans just explained Gerard Butler doesn’t drink and was sober on the show – maybe he is just an actor after all?

    tel ‏@tell1999
    gerard butler is a fu.cking disgrace after his comments on the one show #shameonbbc.

    Nathan ‏@NathanKus
    Gerard butler high on more than christmas spirit on tonights one show! #wasted

    Michael McHugh ‏@Micker67
    @Cales49 said it was good that World War Z was filmed in Glasgow, cos there’s loads of zombies about Glasgow these days #GerardButler

  39. 39
    Feeling better now Says:

    @bitly: Exactly!! And no I am not LOL either. The threads here are so trite anymore. Gerry is now on his own turf and sounds like he doesn’t give flying scud what he says and about time too. You cannot see a joke or sarcasm when it is right in front of your face. He hasn’t changed. He is the same as he has always been only wiser and older. He isn’t dumb, strange or whatever else you are calling him. He knows exactly who he is. He isn’t broke either. He has made some great movies and if he chooses to, will make more.
    Why is it that everything you once enjoyed about him, now changes into something pathetic. He always said what he thought and that is what you once liked about him. Find a clooney thread, he is safe and dull. I’ll take the scotsman any time. If he loves the woman he is with, good for him. If not, you will find out soon enough. He doesn’t owe you anything and certainly not his private affairs so you can further treat him and her with gross injustice.
    He looks great, doing charity work…..isn’t that what you are all complaining that he doesn’t do. The kids with cancer, the Artists for Peace, the football league. He was doing the concert to benifit the Nobel prize and you think he should have been in NY for 12/12 concert. Good Lord, what do you want? Have any of you seen his movies, read any of the positive reviews. or just sit at your computers pumping out trash like him taking overdose. PLEASE have mercy and get a life. I am sticking with the scot.

  40. 40
    so over it Says:

    At least he didn’t swear, that’s the only positive I can say about his appearance on ‘The One Show’.

    No wonder his mother’s in Poland right now touring Auschwitz.

    Gerry, you need some serious professional help and fast.

  41. 41
    Feeling better now Says:

    Oh by the way, the show was fantastic, shame you missed it, but go right ahead and make your crap judgement calls.
    Gerry would make a great father. Whoever the diss was that said kids are all work, obviously doesn’t like them much. I have a few and think they are wonderful little people and enjoy every moment with them. Get off the computer and find out what your missing.

  42. 42
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @so over it: Just watched the One Show episode and I must say, he was quite funny and charming. No swearing, no flipping the finger, just the Gerry we know and love from a couple of years ago. Talking lovingly about Margaret and that she’s his best buddy and that he’s spending Xmas with his family. Too bad I’m celebrating Xmas overseas otherwise I would’ve driven to Comrie for a surprise visit lol

  43. 43
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Jesus, how much has he had to drink?? insults the whole of Glasgow before implying that Alex was going to the toilet to play with herself….
    Today, 19:34
    Posts: 151
    I had to turn over, he was making a fool of himself!

  44. 44
    lolita Says:

    @Feeling better now: I was one person who thought Gerry would have enjoyed being at the 12/12 event because he likes music and would have loved to see the Stones perform. He also looked like he had a good time at the Nobel concert. Dancing on the stage with Jennifer. I think right now Gerry is dealing the best way he can with what is going on with his career. It can’t be easy to keep a smile on your face when so many want to tear you down. Is he being a little defiant, I think so but he probably is letting his critics know if they want to attack him, he is ready to respond to it. He can be a pistol when he wants to be but it seems like he has been left high and dry by his costars to face all the flack about PFK’s.

  45. 45
    twitter Says:

    Robert Gilbert ‏@thegilbertros
    Gerald Butler is acting like a right pr.ick on #TheOneShow tonight. Butler thinks the show is about him. His jokes & banter are not funny!

    @TimJones15 Nooooo. I shall have a look now. I could tell Alex Jones was getting a bit annoyed with his behaviour. #TheOneShow

    Matt Procter ‏@RoflProcter
    Gerard Butler has gotta be the worst person to interview in the World. His segment on The One Show so awkward.

    Nick West ‏@thewestwing67
    Well said Gerard Butler taking the piss out the huns on the one show #zombienation

  46. 46
    So Swedish Says:

    So what is it? All the tweets paints a horrible picture, But ‘Kali Orexi’ above says everything was nice and fine on the One Show.

    I’m confused here.

  47. 47
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @So Swedish: I love the British humour and he’s taking the out of himself as well as out of the weegies etc. Ok, he might have come across as a bit ADD but I really enjoyed the show! (Am expecting loadsa red thumbs now)

  48. 48
    so over it Says:

  49. 49
    food 4 thought Says:

    WTF? Is he in full-melt-down mode? Based on the tweets it sounds like he’s losing it. Any good rehab facilities in Glasgow? This makes me sad.

  50. 50
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Gerard Butler jokes about zombies in Glasgow and makes Alex Jones blush during hilarious appearance on the One Show…

  51. 51
    christmasfairy Says:

  52. 52
    christmasfairy Says:

    This is nearly the end of the show, and she’d had enough of him by then

  53. 53
    The fans don't care about him Says:

    This is where Gerry’s fans really hurt him.
    He does stuff that makes everyone else think “what’s wrong with this guy” and they defend defend defend, saying no, he’s fine, he’s just being funny, he’s just being a saucy bloke, blah blah blah. Then he turns up in rehab because like everyone else but them saw, there was something wrong.
    Enablers don’t help anyone.
    An ambitious 24 year old underwear model who started dating him when things didn’t work out with other Hollywood actors – the fans say “that’s GREAT!”
    His movies suck and do horribly at the box office – the fans say “no, they’re great, and the failures are everyone else’s fault!”
    He says things in interviews that makes most people cringe – the fans say “oh, he was just being funny!”
    The fans don’t care about him. They care more about their fandom of him and are terrified of being perceived as unsupportive. It’s a good thing that they’re not actually in his life and are just fans. They would be horrible friends.

  54. 54
    christmasfairy Says: According to @boxofficemojo #PlayingForKeeps is in more theaters this week than last week… are some theaters trying to go out of business?

  55. 55
    time to ask Says:

    OMG OMG OMG…what a tragedy in Connecticut…26 people dead, 20 are children.
    There are no words for this……… my heart is with their families!!!

  56. 56
    christmasfairy Says: Total takings so far: $7,591,092

  57. 57
    One Says:

    What is going on? I wonder if there is a video of this interview? I seriously hope he wasn’t drunk. I know of a great rehab center similar to BF that would work wonders for him.

  58. 58
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    I have just listened the radio interview posted in the previous thread ….
    So according to him she is “a lucky lady” because she is with HIM …
    He is a real jerk, isnt’ it? A real man would have said “I AM THE LUCKY ONE”. I am starting to feel sorry for her … well, no really … they deserve each other!!! LOL!
    Secondly, did he changed the story about the “homeless person” … I think that in a previous interview he told the same story but he said that the person in question was a friend of him and not himself.

  59. 59
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @JMO but…: Post 31,I’m telling you he has a look of a drunk.I seen people who ended up with that look.I agree with you 100 percent too.

  60. 60
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    More comments from out there … what’s wrong with him????
    “#10 Zombies will be foaming at the mouth over this.
    And will naturally move to boycott Gerard Butler films!”
    “#11 the Phantom has spoken”

  61. 61
    Obvious Says:

    @So Swedish: Clearly Kali is the troll. The troll has a tendency to make itself obvious by popping up and posting under several different socks, but all at the same time and with a short span between posts. When you see Aussie, bitly, or any of the others pop up, you know the troll is here.

  62. 62
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @The fans don’t care about him: Very smart post-53.Well said.He needs help.It’s clear he’s on something.

  63. 63
    christmasfairy Says:

    Gerard Butler on The One Show…car crash tv…managed to offend Glaswegians and Holocaust survivors in first five minutes. Sober? Really???

  64. 64
    ITAWY Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: He’s losing weight rapidly again as well, just like last year. I agree that he has the look of a drinker, IMO, and I’ve known plenty of them. That whole thing of going to rehab for a couple of weeks was laughable. No problem, no matter what kind, is solved that quickly. I knew there would be trouble when he was back at the parties a couple of days later. And Coachella, what can I say? The pics from that were scary.

  65. 65
    christmasfairy Says: Gerard Butler needs to fire his agent yesterday. So many awful films..

  66. 66
    christmasfairy Says:

  67. 67
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Obvious: Excuse me, are you calling me a troll? I have been following GB since Mrs Brown and have been a big fan. If you have read my earlier posts you will have noticed that I have ALL bar a few only released in the States DVDs and that I was going to donate them to charity. I HATE what has become of him and that he is surrounded by leechers like a lot of HW stars that will do whatever they can to keep a hold of their jobs! I guess it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t but I did enjoy the one show interview. I despise the fact that he’s a bit of an Errol Flynn -for those who don’t know who I’m talking about, he was well known for his love for young girls – but he has done some great work! POTO, The Jury, Dear Frankie, Rock’nRolla. Shame on you Obvious for accusing people to be trolls when you know no effing thing about them!

  68. 68
    papermoon Says:

    Just listened to that Capital fm radio interview. Some what weirdly. Seems he’s spending christmas with his mum, but isn’t sure where his gf is going to be spending it. He said that they would probably meet up after. He figures she going home for the holidays. It would be interesting if she asked if she could spend the holidays with him and his family. Can anyone remember the last time she went home. Not that it matters. Just an interesting thought. Thumb down if need be.

  69. 69
    christmasfairy Says: @achrisevans Gerard Butler used to drink cider in the park with my wife and her pals from school. She doesn’t talk about it……..much

  70. 70
    So Swedish Says:

    To Kali Orexi and Obvious:
    Thank you for your answers. Hopefully I’ll get to see the show and form my own opinion.

    Or maybe I should’nt be hoping for it… :-/

  71. 71
    christmasfairy Says: Anyone see the one show earlier?Gerrard butler came across a bit weird. Bet lots of women have gone off him after seeing him earlier #weird

    @ste_mills I thought he was half cut but he said he no longer drinks. Maybe drugs?? Struck me as a bit of an obnoxious twat tbh!

  72. 72
    London Says:

    In Glasgow Rangers football fans get called zombies by Celtic football fans,it’s all banter.Thats what he meant by zombies in Glasgow.
    Believe me Rangers football fans call Celtic fans names also.
    All banter.

  73. 73
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @So Swedish: I have kept it on my sky box so if you ever need a copy just let me know. Have to figure out first how to copy it from skybox to USB stick though

  74. 74
    christmasfairy Says: #oneshow Gerad Butler?!? Err…wait until after the show to party hey?

  75. 75
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    If people in Glasgow are aware of that, then why are so many people annoyed by his comments? Can somebody explain what was wrong with him on the show? Something else he said?

  76. 76
    So Swedish Says:

    @Kali Orexi:
    Thank you for your kind offer! I think I’ll wait till it comes out on youtube or similar site, it probably will.
    Have a great weekend! :)

  77. 77
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    What about the twitter of #48 … why is his cousin embarrassed to be related to him?

  78. 78
    Question Says:

    @papermoon: I don’t want to listen to it, but I find that incredibly strange. Did he say they would “probably” meet up after, and that he didn’t know what her plans were for Xmas? If so, that is beyond bizarre.

  79. 79
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    James Killington
    6 minutes ago via mobile
    Just walked past Gerard Butler – he’s a big chap! — at Bassoon Bar.

  80. 80
    .. Says:


  81. 81
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Kali Orexi: Post 67.Not everyone that posts is here all day.So if I pop out a couple of comments here and there.I’m not a troll either,but I’m fairly new here.

  82. 82
    .. Says:

  83. 83
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: I’m not here all day either and I don’t respond to a lot of comments but when I am being accused of being a troll I will respond! nowadays it’s so easy to accuse anyone of anything and thankfully I have a thick skin but I cannot stand injustice. for a lot of people it doesn’t matter if you say anything positive or negative, you will get thumbed down anyway…. All I want for GB is to get good parts in films, start smartening up his life, lose the leeches that are surrounding him and find a decent woman instead of a starf*cker that has been swapped around more blokes than spin the bottle….

  84. 84
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @So Swedish: Have a grat weekend too So Swedish :) x

  85. 85
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    What’s the deal with this interview? I haven’t heard it, but all of these tweets are obviously from the UK, so if this was his idea of “British humor”, he did a poor job of it. Regardless of whether he was drinking or not, he was apparently very offensive.
    Between this and the photos from yesterday, I’m not sure what to think. What’s wrong with him??
    And he said in the earlier interview “there is a lucky lady right now”. Right now?????
    I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t spend Christmas with him in Scotland. She doesn’t seem to visit her family often, so I was surprised he made this comment about Christmas. We’ll certainly get the tweets if she’s there with him.

  86. 86
    christmasfairy Says:

    It was his general demeanour, imo. Very loud and hyper (which some would say was obnoxious), very fidgety, he talks so fast he slurs at times, really didn’t seem to want to participate in the last section of the show (wrapping presents), and for some reason he’d tied green ribbon/string around a teddy bear which made it look like it was auditioning for those ‘Fifty Shades’ books.
    Made a couple of remarks which have offended some, namely the ‘zombies’ comment after a video of the film industry in Glasgow was shown. And then whilst explaining where his mother is presently, the presenter misunderstood what GB was saying and thought his mother had moved to Poland. GB’s reply was something like, “Who wants to live in Auschwitz?”
    But, generally it was his overall demeanour that’s made people question whether he was sober or not.
    Personally, I thought he came across as a bit of an ars.e, but everybody will view it differently.

  87. 87
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Duncan Hartwig
    8 minutes ago near London, England via mobile
    Drinking with Gerard Butler. Don’t know who he is but he likes my shoes

  88. 88
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Short video of GB at the Street League training session:

  89. 89
    papermoon Says:

    @Question: I think that he said that they would hang out before or after christmas or something. Here’s the link. scoll down the page to where it says “BEST BITS’ and you will see the audio interview there

  90. 90
    London Says:

    @Mmmmmmm: 75…The people in Glasgow who will be annoyed about the zombie comment would be the Glasgow Rangers fans,after all it was said in Television.Banter goes on between Celtic and Rangers fans all the time .It is one big competition.

  91. 91
    here's one answer Says:

    @time to ask: This is a tragedy beyond comprehension. IMO kicking God out of our schools and our lives was the first mistake. Makes Gerard Butler’s antics seem quite trivial now, dunnit.

  92. 92
    christmasfairy Says: “The Butler Did It.” The Butler in question being Gerry. The “it” being every narcotic under the sun. #PaisleyBoy #Shambles

  93. 93
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Thanks for your answer, and all the description. I think I understand now.
    What can I say … so sad and pathetic for a man of his age.

  94. 94
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Gerard Butler – The One Show, Dec ’12 !!!

  95. 95
    Bar tweets Says:

    Clearly he’s free from the ball and chain, cuz it sounds like he’s right back to his old ways. He must be drinking a lot of sodas tonight by the sounds of it.

  96. 96
    WINNING Says:

    Watched the One Show. Is he rapidly trying to become Charlie Sheen. He looked p!ssed up or high and was downright offensive. What an awkward and horrible interview for 7pm prime early evening entertainment it was terrible. His behaviour reminds me of his LAC sh@g tour and the press conference from hell when he did so much damage to his rep infront of the British Press, and was almost incoherent infront of them. Seriously, what has happened. I am only interested in whether I want to watch the movie. On his appearance and his attitude this early evening; no more Mr Butler. Find someone else to watch you films.

  97. 97
    food 4 thought Says:

    Just from all these tweets, it seems obvious he is on an epic coke and booze bender. Hyper, unable to focus, obnoxious comments. He’s always had ants in his pants, but this sounds way over the top even for him. And he has no idea what the “girlfriend” is doing for Christmas? That is the phoniest “relationship” since ….. ever. Perhaps Clan Butler banned her strung-out looking @ss from their home.

  98. 98
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Doesn’t he sound a little bit angry when he mentions that his mother missed the premiere of his film because she was in Auschwitz instead? (min 9:00 to 9:30)

  99. 99
    food 4 thought Says:

    His poor family, his poor lovely nieces. What an embarrassment he is! Can they cart him off to rehab and slam the door, so they can have a peaceful holiday? Jeezuz they must be so over him.

  100. 100
    What a mess Says:

    I can’t stand Macaroni, so I want them to marry, asap! LOL. What a nightmare he would be for anyone he’s involved with.

  101. 101
    Eh Says:

    Unless something it missing, this video isn’t as bad as the tweets make it seem.
    GerBear doesn’t seem like he’s intoxicated.
    GerBear is just being a dweeb.
    He always says stupid stuff when he’s trying so hard to be funny. This reminds me of one of his Leno appearances when he started telling a story that just wasn’t funny, and no one was laughing, but he wouldn’t let it go and he kept going on and on trying to make it funny, and it was just uncomfortable.
    The bear thing was weird. Was he almost talking baby talk there at the end with the bear thing?
    Just because I say he doesn’t seem intoxicated doesn’t mean that I don’t think there’s something wrong tho. I think there’s something wrong with him. He seems quite desperate. Seems that the bad public impression by girlfriend that no one respects and who is way too young for him, and his film career tanking, is taking its toll.
    Instead of being so defiant and plowing ahead with both in some stupid attempt to prove that he hasn’t made mistakes and the public’s opinion of his life doesn’t matter, he should just accept the fact that he’s chosen a career that he can only succeed in if the public likes him, and figure out how to map out his life in the public eye in a manner that doesn’t turn the public off.
    There are some people who are just their own worst enemies.
    GerBear really does seem like he’s one of them.

  102. 102
    So Swedish Says:

    First I want to say that I am not a person wearing rose colored glasses. I’m not afraid to see the truth.

    However, his participation on the One Show was not as bad as I expected it to be after reading all these dreadful comments.
    Sure, he seemed fidgety and unfocused. Like he was over tired and had to struggle to focus at times. But no worse than that.
    The Poland/Auschwitz comment wasn’t so bad either. I don’t think he meant any harm regarding that.

    Again, I’m not trying to shield over anything, this is just my opinion on this show.

  103. 103
    lolita Says:

    That’s the video that all the fuss is about. Good grief, he always fidgets and gets goofy and sometimes loud in interviews. He didn’t look drunk to me or strung out. How many guys do you know who get all giddy about wrapping packages. He said he usually gets them wrapped for him. I also take advantage of free wrapping when it is offered. Look between the lines, he was disapponted that his Mum wasn’t there so he tried to joke his way out of it. At times he has the attention span of a gnat, but think about it he gets asked the same thing over and over. We have seen interviews where he is very attentive because the interviewer makes it interesting to him. He didn’t seem angry to me and I think the zombies reference was in regards to soccer or football. I think his drug of choice is that red bull you always see him with. Hyper on caffene. I don’t have the slightest idea what a coke head looks like so I can’t say he does or doesn’t do it. I hope that is not the case. Since I don’t live in the UK than I don’t know if he was being disrespectful to anyone there. I hope not.

  104. 104
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Did you all watch the same One Show I did. GB was fine…not antsy, not hyper, more subdued than usual, gave a nice interview. I thought he was fine. I think you are reaching, here, Folks.

  105. 105
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    I agree with you … the tweets made it seems worst than what it really was, but obviously there is something wrong with him. I think “desperation” fit well with what he see.
    I am still surprised about his comment regarding his mother, that she didn’t attend the premiere … I guess he is in need of support these days and that probably affected him.

  106. 106
    lolita Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: i think they were talking about him slouching on the sofa and picking at the fuzzies flying around. He was wilder and louder and cussed on Chelsie H. show and he was rubbing his legs which he always does. Gerry stutters a little bit not severe and he does have hearing loss so that makes him seem distracted when he asks them to repeat a question.
    He is supposed to be at the Celtics game in Glasgow tomorrow so we may see how well the zombie joke goes over there.

  107. 107
    lolita Says:

    @Mmmmmmm: I think you are right about his Mum. I think he always looks to her for the support he needs when things aren’t looking so rosy for him. He respects her that is obvious and she is there to give him confidence and support when he feels low. He made the comment she is his best friend so that says alot about their relationship. I envy him that.

  108. 108
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    “Can Gerard Butler’s career be rescued? He seems to be in a pretty rough spot right now, starring in the virtually ignored Playing for Keeps and with the little-see Chasing Mavericks, Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher as the last few titles on his resume. But he’ll at least be getting back into his action star wheelhouse for his next project, Olympus Has Fallen, which has him starring as a Secret Service agent protecting the President during a terrorist attack on the White House.

    If that plot line sounds familiar, it’s because it’s pretty much exactly what’s happening in White House Down, which stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx and is coming out next June. Olympus Has Fallen seems like the clear underdog of the two, if only because Channing Tatum is pretty much as popular a movie star as exists right now, so Butler’s film will be looking to get the leg up by coming out earlier. Now they’re making that date even sooner– Deadline reports that Olympus Has Fallen has moved its release date to March 22, which is a full two months before White House Down arrives June 28.”

  109. 109
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Thanks for the explanation, but I watched, I know what I saw and heard. He was making a joke with the slouching, did you happen to notice the faux white fur he was sitting on which sheds like a sheepdog and yes, most of us know all about his hearing loss. There was nothing untoward about his behavior.

  110. 110
    bitter blue pill Says:


    He’s on some sort of drug, you don’t have to drink to be an addict.

  111. 111
    aaaahhh Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: I’m sure that was someone else’s finger when he was flipping the brd, too. Or Photoshop. All those tweeters in London must be on something themselves. They’re all hallucinating. GB obviously has a doppelganger walking around London and going to all those bars and clubs. It’s probably a conspiracy.

  112. 112
    thanks for restoring my faith Says:

    in JJ land

    so thats about 6 of us who all saw the same interview and agree Gerry was being Gerry, nevos and fidety at times,as aways.

    people here are reaching to tear this guy apart at every turn, making stuff up as one poster said earlier.

    i don’t think he is using,and i certainly don’ think i am an enabler, and i think his PR team, is doing a fine job, he’s everywhere that is what PR is about, duh.

  113. 113
    DocP Says:

    Remember what one of the posters here said? She’s from Scotland and apparently they did’nt have nice things to say about their relationship in the bars and pubs. Maybe he doesn’t want her there because it will cause to much friction with family and friends? Just a thought. However i would think he would spend Christmas with her somewhere quiet, who knows.

  114. 114
    thanks for restoring my faith Says:

    sorry i have sticky keys..excuse the spelling…thanks to my kids :)

  115. 115
    London Says:

    @lolita: the zombie joke is already in Glasgow it’s what Celtic supporters call Rangers .,they shout zombie Rangers. They are very big rival teams.Gerard new what he meant it is only banter between two rival football teams.

  116. 116
    thanks for restoring my faith Says:

    my gosh thumbing opposing views is so lame, why do i bother to post here?

    kicking myself

  117. 117
    GGG Says:

    I’m sorry, but I can not agree with some of the previous posters. His behavior on the one show seemed to me absolutely strange! When they were wrapping the presents I think he was even a little bit swaying (or nutating, I don’t know what the right word is. Sorry!). and he was so hyper! He could hardly sitting still for at least a few seconds. And his eyes and this strange expression in his face, that’s kind of spooky.

    And I really hope, that I just got this wrong because of my English, but did he say, that visiting Auschwitz is NICE?????? And then something like “Okay, it’s a bit depressing.”??? If he said this: OMG!!!! Is he now getting totally crazy? Visiting Auschwitz is definitely not nice! It’s the absolute opposite. It’s like visiting hell!!!!

  118. 118
    lolita Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: I agree, i don’t think he was behaving badly. I know you have been here a while, so if my response to you seemed like I was being being a know it all, that was not my intention. Just chatting with you.

  119. 119
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    aaaahhh @ 12/14/2012 at 8:02 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    @Totally Useless Information: I’m sure that was someone else’s finger when he was flipping the brd, too. Or Photoshop. All those tweeters in London must be on something themselves. They’re all hallucinating. GB obviously has a doppelganger walking around London and going to all those bars and clubs. It’s probably a conspiracy
    I was talking about the One Show video and nothing else. Don’t try to change the subject to justify your thoughts.

  120. 120
    lolita Says:

    @London: When did the zombie thing start? What are some of the other sayings if they can be repeated when the two teams get together.

  121. 121
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Don’t worry about it…no problem.

  122. 122
    bitter blue pill Says:

    @thanks for restoring my faith:

    The issue is other people that aren’t fans of his don’t like it. He needs them to be interested in his movies too, not just a handful.

  123. 123
    London Says:

    @lolita:I don,t actually know when it all started.But these are two teams Celtic are Catholic supporters Rangers are Protestant supporters and the rivalry between them is astounding.Think my father was glad he had all daughters and would not be into football.So it’s not as if Gerard is the only one who hacks come out with zombies.They know it was in jest ,they may give him some stick over it though.

  124. 124
    lolita Says:

    @London: I remember some of the comments his fellow Scots said about him when he played for the Celtics when he was so thin. Some were quite colorful.

  125. 125
    Realist Says:

    JJ doesn’t want positive comments about GB. I keep trying to give people thumbs up and it actually counts it as a thumbs down. What is going on here?

  126. 126
    lolita Says:

    Thanks for the chat today, have a good evening to all.

  127. 127
    huh Says:

    GB, his footie allegiances and even MG pale in comparison to the horror in Connecticut. THE WORLD HAS MORE TO WORRY ABOUT THAN gb. You wouldn’t know it reading here. What has brought on all this hideious violence? Any thoughts? Is it all the mindless violence in films and TV? Are young people so immersed in violence, it doesn’t seem real?

  128. 128
    angelsrock Says:

    @thanks for restoring my faith:

    I was watching that video from the One Show through my fingers, expecting the worst. Not so . It was typical Gerry. I am busy wrapping so I didn’t even finish the video. But half way through and not even close to a train wreck as I was expecting from the tweets and remarks. If that is true about the soccer banter using zombies than many Glaswegians will get it.

  129. 129
    bitter blue pill Says:

    No kidding. Too sad to care very much about anything trivial.

  130. 130
    Stella Says:

    @huh: OK, I know I said I wouldn’t post again until 2013. But i’ve been glued to CNN today, and I started to wonder what posters on JJ were thinking on the events of the day. I don’t see much. I know this is a celebrity gossip board, but there are things that transcend celeb gossip. I think we should all send out prayers for the parents of those poor little kids.

  131. 131
    angelsrock Says:


    It is so so sad and such an enigma. Why would a young man do something like this? We probably will never know. I hate guns, just hate them. And there is no reason for civilians to have such a horrific weapon like this one. I can’t imagine the pain those families are feeling tonight. I wish we had answers for these poor families. Killing little innocent babies like that, my heart aches.

  132. 132
    Ms Cleo Says:


    I agree. I thought I’d come here to take my mind off of the terrible news but… I just got really angry at the self importance of these inconsequential morons. The games he and his girlfriend play with the photographers. He doesn’t want anybody to see her but has no problem mentioning her when it might get him some extra press. His vile attitude towards women and his willingness to use people (see charity pics) in his sad attempts at pr… Ugh, he and his girlfriend are both disgusting narcissists.

    When I think about the things that are really important, like the terrible tragedy that happened today, it just reminds me of what shallow, plastic idiots these two are.

    He wants his privacy? He can have it. I refuse to give two effs what these idiots do in future and you can bet that I will never spend a dime on anything that either one of them is promoting.

    There are better people out there who deserve my interest, support and respect.

    For Christmas, let’s give them what they say they want and let them disappear.

  133. 133
    Realist Says:

    That’s 3 positive comments, alrighty then.

  134. 134
    JMO Says:

    This is a gossip thread about Gerard Butler. That’s why people aren’t talking about the shooting here. We’re talking about the shooting on news forums — where the discussion belongs. If you try and turn this into a Connecticut thread, guess what will happen? Some will blame Obama, some will blame Bush, and the whole thread will erupt into political mud slinging and the thread will go right into the ditch. That’s why some of us have learned to keep those types of discussions to the appropriate forums, not on celebrity gossip threads. If you don’t want to talk about GB, fair enough, then don’t be on a thread about GB. CNN and all the major news networks have some great blogs and forums where discussion about the shootings is taking place right now. I’ll see you there!

  135. 135
    wow Says:

    @Ms Cleo: You just don’t get it, do you?. Posts like yours just show what “shallow” ids care about. You are more caught up in dissing gerry than in what’s wrong with the world,

  136. 136
    ??? Says:

    Saw it. He did looked like he had a few to many drinks and wasn’t paying attention, like the harmless slightly inebriated  man in the corner who everyone is very patronising towards. He made a silly joke about zombies in Scotland,  and joked that he didn’t like the taste of the food another guest had cooked – but he did say he was joking. Basically, he just looked like a harmless, befuddled, tipsy, baffoon, who was oblivious that he was irritating everyone. Was it professional? No.  Will it harm his image? Absolutely.  Have I seen people behave worse on TV? Again absolutely. Would I say he’s in a mess?  Hell, yeah.  I see a  deja vu rehab moment coming up for GB

  137. 137
    Jocky Says:

    Gerry, I saw your mental breakdown on The One Show. There is a good reason why your mum refused to attend your bullshit premiere..

    Ditch your enablers and go back to rehab before it’s too late. You are a mess.

  138. 138
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Well said, thank you.

  139. 139
    Stella Says:

    @JMO: Are you talking to me? I said some things transcend celebrity gossip.We have as much right as anyone to discuss the news of the day. I remember when the revolution was going on in Egypt, some of the most interesting posts were recorded here. Sukar was from Egypt and helped us understand the situation. And by the way, I LOVE to talk about Butler.But I don’t have tunnel vision. Bringing the convo back to GB, have some of his films been too violent?

  140. 140
    babs Says:

    Homeschooling is beginning to look like an option.

  141. 141
    Unbelievable! Says:

    What the F**k is wrong with you people!!! I just watched the video and you all that are saying he is high & on drugs and offensive are just plain CRAZY! There was nothing wrong with this interview at all. Just Gerry being silly and cute as usual. He was NOT drunk or on drugs and the comments he made were not offensive, you just don’t understand his sense of humor, that’s all. That’s not his problem, it’s yours! Those of you who don’t like him are just looking for things and putting your own negative spin on what you see and hear. I don’t care for Madalina and I don’t like him ***************** or swearing but this interview was just fine.He looked great and acted according to the silly tone of the show and the hosts and guests.. There is something very sick about people who waste time continually degrading someone you don’t like. Get the hell over it and move on.l

  142. 142
    Hello Says:

    Bringing the convo back to GB, have some of his films been too violent?
    Yes, I think that HTTYD was grounds for animal abuse charges as well as child abuse…forcing a child to kill unsuspecting dragons was heinous. Feel the same about the poor camel.

  143. 143
    Gee Whiz Says:


    Anger management problems, Petunia?

  144. 144
    look on the bright side Says:

    Just rented Ted, made PFK look Oscar worthy.

  145. 145
    Unbelievable! Says:

    @Gee Whiz:

    Yes, I have serious anger issues at stupid people making stupid comments that aren’t based on any degree of the truth! People who continually see things that aren’t there.

  146. 146
    Hello Says:

    @Unbelievable!: Good post! Also, Gerry has been supporting the Street League for some time now. But nobody noticed or cared. The one time it is mentioned is in conjunction with his movie and he takes flak on that too for publicity. Well maybe it’s time he got some and they will glean more supporters for the football team. Go Gerry!
    BTW, saw PFKs and loved it.

  147. 147
    bitter blue pill Says:

    I’ll probably catch the move in a couple of weeks if it’s still there. Got The Hobbit on Sunday and the Le Mis!

  148. 148
    Snow Flakes Says:

    I watched the video twice and thought he was fine. It seemed that fluffy thing he was sitting on was slippery and he would try to sit back and he would slide forward in it. I thought his accent seemed to be stronger, maybe the british accent brought that out. If anything he may have been a little more hyper—red bull use. He only said one cuss word which was great. Over all I don’t know what all the fuss was.

  149. 149
    Snow Flakes Says:


    I saw PFK also and really thought it was good. I don;t know why the critics were so harsh towards it. It had some comedy but al lot of sincerety. If the critics would have seen it they would have made a better report about it.

  150. 150
    Gee Whiz Says:


    People’s seeing things differently than you doesn’t make them stupid. It also doesn’t mean that they’re making up things that aren’t there. It merely means that perceptions differ. You need to grow up and learn a little tolerance. Considering the mood of the US today, no one needs your belligerence because someone interprets something differently than you. There is enough mean spiritedness in the world. It’s not necessary to bring it here, to something that’s little more than a diversion.

  151. 151
    Snow Flakes Says:

  152. 152
    LLL Says:

    I think Chris Evans is the one with ADD and/or the drunk one on THE ONE SHOW video. When Gerard said he switched support to the Celtics as a boy because he wanted to be different from his brother and his cousin started taking him to the Celtic’s games, Chris stated then Gerard started hang out with Rod Stewart & Co at the games. Gerard said I was eight. Then he asked if Gerard’s mother lived in Poland. Clearly Chris Evans wasn’t listening. Also the stupid comment about Swedish when Gerard said sweetheart. Chris Evans also made the comment that made Alex Jones blush and she was the one that said she was going to the toilet. Gerard just played along with it, as he does many times when interviewers bring up the lady’s man thing. Alex asked the dumb question about did Beckham ask for Gerard’s autograph. Reminds me of the time David Letterman asked what brought Gerard to the US and Gerard answered a plane. When an interviewer asks a stupid question, one can expect the quick-witted Butler to come back with a snarky answer (personally, I like that about him). As for the wrapping paper lady… she and Alex remind of some the phannies and posters on JJ. Gerard, pay attention to me. Gerard, I am going to tell how to do this. Gerard, do as I tell you to do. Every time they said Gerard it sounded like nails on a chalk board. Wouldn’t it have been great… if Gerard said f-u lady, I will pay someone to wrap my Christmas presents. Its what I would have wanted to say. I think the only thing Gerard had been snorting was the fluff from that ridiculous sofa, not so sure about the others. Midst Chris, Alex and the wrapping paper lady, Gerard seemed the most sane and lucid of the lot. The best line of the video… when the guy says “she doesn’t think much of your films” and Gerard replies “Who does?” …hahaha.

  153. 153
    Eh Says:

    Some of you fan-haven’t-been-girls-for-years are a real trip.
    What are you bleeting on about?
    Aye, a few here posted that he’s mad in the vid, but most of the comments came from people on twitter. If you want to have a fit, get thee to twitter and wage your sad little jihad in the name of The Butler there.
    I’m one who said that I don’t think the vid is as bad as the tweets, but Christ, I’m not going to purge my uterus over it.
    I’ll say this about Le Butler. He’s not very manly in that vid or really generally. He looks manly enough, but the minute the bloke opens his mouth and starts gesturing, he transforms into a little boy.
    It’s not goofiness. Goofiness is charming.
    He’s more like the child you still have using a plastic tumbler because you know he’d break a glass, or who you can’t let outside in his nice trousers because he will find a puddle of mud to roll in.
    Maybe that’s why he dates girls so young. His maturity is at their level and women over 30 want a man, not a silly boy.

  154. 154
    Snow Flakes Says:

  155. 155
    Snow Flakes Says:

  156. 156
    Snow Flakes Says:

    I can hear him giggeling

  157. 157
    LLL Says:

    Gee…. I think if I had left out the part about the phannies on post #152, I would gotten the thumbs up.

  158. 158
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Looks like no matter what anyone post here recently it is going to get thumbed! Oh well.

  159. 159
    .. Says:

  160. 160
    LLL Says:

    @Snow Flakes: Hasn’t it always been that way here on the JJ Gerard Butler thread? Evidently giggling is also unseemly. If one is to become an adult, one must put away enjoyment.

  161. 161
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Maybe it is because I mispelled giggling. Who knows? Usually the thumbs start right after people start attacking each other. Some times this place is just as confusing as Gerry is.

  162. 162
    Regarding Thumbs Says:

    Keep in mind that both die-hard Gerry fans and die-hard Gerry haters frequent this place… so, unless you’re an obvious troll or spammer, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the thumbs if I were you… Just say what you think. After all, that’s what this board is for, right??

    I’m just glad to see him doing something resembling service to others after the last little chapter in his life (whether you believe it to be solely for PR or not). In the eyes of those kids, it probably makes them feel good to have a movie star kicking around a ball with them. And that matters.

  163. 163
    Lyla J. Says:

    It looked like the ridiculous sofa for the guests on the One Show got the best of Gerard in that interview. It wasn’t any worse than several other interviews in the past two years. That said, imo he looks to be using again and for that I am very sad.

  164. 164
    Breakdown Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    That’s a huge, shiny ring on her finger!

    Costume jewellery or engagement ring?

    Gerard is a damaged soul (like many). It’s disappointing his twitter family member is publicly disowning him because he didn’t “perform” to her standard.

    It would be difficult for a stable, healthy person with great support to promote a film where the co-stars flee, and critics are slamming it.

    His obnoxious behaviour is a reflex to hide his hurt (not excusing it).

  165. 165
    Lyla J. Says:

    And I also believe his cousin or whomever related, probably by way of his stepdad, was giving him a hard time for making fun of his Rangers team (Zombie talk). Gerard’s stepdad is a Rangers fan.

  166. 166
    Lyla J. Says:

    One last thing is he outed himself on another non-truth when the One Show nailed him on his Celtic fandom, which started when he was in grade school vs. the story we all heard last year about him being a Celtic fan since he was a baby, blah, blah, blah.

  167. 167
    Hello Says:

    @Regarding Thumbs: As I said before, Gerry has been supporting the street league for quite a while.
    SNOW FKS and LLL like Regarding Thumbs said, No worries about the thumbs. It just lets people know where your heart is and if it is with the man, good for you. Thought your tweeter posts were so nice and the Russian girls certainly can put it all together. What joy on his face and the kids too.
    Somebody is unhappy tonight and obviously not loving life so much.

  168. 168
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Maybe he says comments like the soccer comment and the Poland comment to express his anger at his mom and stepdad for not going to London to be with him for his premiere. I believe he needed them because he was hurting and having a hard time. All this passive aggressive behavior shows his emotional immaturity which I think we all knows he has. Possible if we really listen to him at times we can connect his subtle comments of anger which is why some times some of the things he says don’t make sense to us.
    I knew someone like this and it took awhile for me to really find out what he was angry about. I believe Gerry is a very emotionally sensitive person and has been very hurt when he was young and has never learned in a mature way to deal with his anger. IMO

  169. 169
    Snow Flakes Says:

    There is a term for how he cryptically expresses his anger but I can’t think of it right now—-when I do I will pass it along to everyone.

    Thanks for the support about the thumbs ladies. :)

  170. 170
    Regarding Thumbs Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    I happen to agree with your assessment. He has admitted in interviews about feeling abandoned by his father, and thus feeling like his mother is his whole world. It only makes sense for him to feel out of sorts when his mother isn’t there for him when he needs her the most… and, judging by his recent actions, he seems to really need her the most right now. His career seems dismal, and he needs some support and real love. Obviously, he can only count on REAL family for this — people who are only out for themselves cannot provide support in dismal times. I have every confidence that Margaret is the type who will come home and do everything in her power. We cannot forget, though, that her power is limited.

  171. 171
    Snow Flakes Says:


    I think that is a real ring but not an engagement ring. Possibly donated by a designer for her to wear for the night?

  172. 172
    Snow Flakes Says:


    Do we really know the person that made that tweet is really a family member? Or just a lot of competition regarding the soccer teams in Glasgow and they don’t like the team he supports.

  173. 173
    Snow Flakes Says:

    @Regarding Thumbs:

    Not to long ago he mentioned that when he went home for his birthday the family sat and watched some of his movies and critique his films. I think that shows that what his family thinks of his career is very important to him. Probably more important than what the fans think. It shows his insecurity and that the support of his famly is very important. Remember he is the younger brother and has probably felt he had to compete with big brother all his life. Which is not uncommon.

  174. 174
    Regarding Thumbs Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    Completely agree. I wholeheartedly think there is something that goes on when he goes on… whether it is real or in his head… to which he compares himself, and decides whether or not he lives up to the expectations of his family. Remember a while back when he was caught by paps going to lunch with his brother/nieces? I really think that meant something to him…Whether it was “see how important I am, bro? They’re papping me at lunch! OR “Mofos, leave me alone while I eat lunch with my fam”… I have ABSOLUTELY no idea… but either way, I think it meant something. Being the youngest, I 100% understand his pov, in trying to prove he is worth something in the eyes of the rest of his fam. I’m in the same situation. The thing of it is, I don’t know if is straight, laced Catholic family feels the same as he does about what ‘success’ means, and how it is demonstrated. I think that very well may be the core problem of his showing-off —- trying to prove ‘success’ in such a way that the rest of his family doesnt consider success.

  175. 175
    team butler Says:

    great charity to be associated with, good on ya gerry!

  176. 176
    Snow Flakes Says:

    @Regarding Thumbs:

    Maybe going home for Christmas without Maddie is planned, so he can go home be with family and his mum to do some healing. Several posters have mentioned that this is what he needs to do and may well be just the thing.
    He evidently took Maddie home for his birthday to stroll all the old neighborhoods with her to show her off. I think it is very important for him to have everyone be impressed with the boy from Paisley that made it big. Ego? Maybe. But more than likely, his own insecurity.

  177. 177
    Snow Flakes Says:

    @Regarding Thumbs:

    Excellent point. I never thought of it that way. Maybe the family’s idea of success would be for him to be a lawyer in a nice house with a picket fence in Edinburg sp
    with a good catholic Scottish woman with two kids a dog and driving a nice car. And/or like big brother on the city council.
    It may be very frustrating for him when they don’t understand what all the film business is about. I’m sure their patience can be stretched when he does want to confide in them when he is going through a difficult time like now.

  178. 178
    Snow Flakes Says:

    All my links were provided by WO. Thanks ladies!!!!!

  179. 179
    Grace (AKA Regarding Thumbs) Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    Completely agree. I had been thinking that returning home without her had been planned… tho it had been going through my mind that this had been more on his families plan than his — someone had mentioned that, previously, she had said going to his house was like ‘being at an exam’. Knowing his family is extremely religious and all about education, I personally doubt they would just accept someone like her into their nest. Whoever it was who said they were out walking the streets for his bday instead of being home,it tends to ring true to me — I can’t imagine his Catholic mother welcoming someone like her into their home.

    That being said, although I have no proof, I tend to belive that he is going back home (as usual, per his claimings), but she is not invited, as his family doesn’t accept it. I think that, because of this, this is why he doesn’t know where his gf will be for Xmas — he just knows that she will not be at his family’s party, as they have shunned her. This makes sense in my mind, though I welcome other opinions, and I know the story can change at any time… who knows what will come in the next couple of weeks.

  180. 180
    Snow Flakes Says:

    @Grace (AKA Regarding Thumbs):

    If his family feels that way about her is another thing that might be putting stress on him. This may be something else they don’t understand about the life style he has chosen for himself. I just know his mum probably knows him better than anyone else and has to deal with his rebelious nature all his life.

  181. 181
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Does anyone know how his college was paid for?

  182. 182
    Grace Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    I understand what you mean. Being the youngest child myself, I understand what it is like, trying to prove yourself to the rest of the family, to the siblings who have gone before you, know more than you do…. Also, being the youngest, you are used to receving the most attention – you are the “baby”, after all! You are the last little one, and therefore, the most pressure to make it is placed on you — the pressure that wasn’t placed on those before you

    I absolutely do NOT acknowledge or accept Gerry’s behavior as of late…. I think he is capable of much more, but is more in tune with the attention he is getting. However, despite what others may think, I really do think he is a decent person… maybe not with regards to women (I do think he is a 16 year old in regards to how he treats them), but I think he is really a decent person, in that he TRIES to help others… with this soccer think, with kids kicking cancer, in sponsoring the school in Haiti before the tragedy even hit… I think, though he is clueless,he IS an okay person…. he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Hopefully he will learn before it’s too late.

  183. 183
    Grace Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    I truly have absolutely no idea, but I’ve recently been looking into college in Ireland, and I know it’s paid for. Is Scotland the same way? Gov pd?

  184. 184
    Snow Flakes Says:


    Wow—Ireland pays—-great! I don’t know about Scotland. I was thinking maybe his father came through for him?
    I can only imagine that Maddie’s life style—-career?—would really rub his mum the wrong way.

  185. 185
    Snow Flakes Says:


    Well it was nice talking with you I have to go. Besides it won’t be long before someone posts that all we are doing is babbling and talking nonsence here 24/7.
    Good night.

  186. 186
    Grace Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    No idea about Mad’s education, but her being kicked out of school for baring her body, then getting a stream of rich older men… And having no where where she lives, so just living off of older rich men… you can only imagine what a woman who sacrificed to care for her 3 young children would think of a woman like Maddie, who lives off of the success of others….

    That’s why I believe G doesn’t know where she will be for Xmas – because she has no plans, and has simply been banned from his home, which has morals….

  187. 187
    Grace Says:

    @Snow Flakes: @Snow Flakes:

    Haha – no matter what, there will ALWAYS be someone here who disagrees with what you say… so, don’t take it personally. Keep posting your opinions, else, the trolls and nay sayers win. :) Merry Christmas to all!!

  188. 188
    team butler Says:

    scroll down to pic 21 is this Gerry? thanks for you help peeps

  189. 189
    Jax Says:

    @team butler:
    It’s a photo manip. Someone took Gerry’s head (from Beowulf) and put it on someone else’s body.

  190. 190
    Kkk Says:

    Gerald butler! Please go away. Your agent apparently forgot to inform you, you are no longer popular. I used to be your number 1 fan . Look at your face! Bloated from too much booze, looking unprofessional most of the time. Yuck….pls go away you are a very bad actor.

  191. 191
    just an opinion Says:

    Given his mother is listed as an associate producer for Playing for Keeps more odd that she was not at his premiere in London. Didn’t hear that she went to the NY Premiere either. What is also odd is that after his mother and stepdad visited him in LA after his stint in rehab, he started to party harder than ever, almost as if he was also giving them the finger.

  192. 192
    team butler Says:

    I thought so , thanks Jax. Thought the head was definately Gerry but I didn’t recognze the rest of the gear from any movie I’ve seen, cheers!

    I was thinking did I miss Outlander?, lol.

  193. 193
    Hi Says:

    @Grace: It isn’t or shouldn’t be about winning or losing. This is a thread and ideas and opinions are passed about. I hope that you don’t feel that anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a troll.

  194. 194
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Grace: If Scottish people go to university in Scotland, the tuition is free.

  195. 195
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @team butler: Yes it is Gerry

  196. 196
    christmasfairy Says:

    @just an opinion:

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed his behaviour/attitude after that LA visit from mum/stepdad earlier in the year.

  197. 197
    foreboding Says:

    @just an opinion:

    Does that mean his mother put money into this turkey? Bearing in mind it was filmed nearly two years before its UK release, and followed a GB dry spell after Booty Hunter, how financially challenged is Gerry?

    It’s been rather obvious that the quality UK radio and tv outlets are giving him a miss this round of promotion. Along with his costars. All those saying Gerry is just being Gerry are ignoring an elephant in the room. And the fact that the UK public don’t see many of his tv appearances and they don’t know who Gerry is usually, so last night he just looked like a total PR*T. Make all the excuses you like, public perception is key.

  198. 198
    christmasfairy Says:

    And the fact that the UK public don’t see many of his tv appearances and they don’t know who Gerry is usually, so last night he just looked like a total PR*T. Make all the excuses you like, public perception is key.

    Exactly. GB is far from a regular on UK TV chat shows or other. This is the second time GB’s been a guest on a UK show this year, and neither time has he given a good account of himself. The Graham Norton show back in January was pre-recorded and heavily edited according to some accounts, and even that didn’t help him. Last night’s show was live and unedited and people on Twitter were reacting to it as happened. Nobody – fan, hater, critic, man-in-the-moon – is trying to destroy GB and his credibility – he’s doing that all by himself. Sorry if that offends anybody.

  199. 199
    He wasn't fine Says:

    He looked like he was on drugs(either prescription or the hard ****) and was showing signs of itching for his next fix. The shakes, the sweating, no eye contact, slurring words.etc,

    MY brother is a car crash and has battled drugs most of his adult life so I can spot the signs. My mom is not happy with with him either. He choses trashy girlfriends who can act as participants and a go-between to purchase drugs for him, at least that’s what we suspect. I hope this isn’t the case with Gerard Butler. I hope he gets well soon genuinely.

  200. 200
    'The one show' on facebook... Says:

    Janice Kilmurry
    Gerard Butler ….. all the Glasgow zombies cannae wait for your next visit home! maybe you’ve been mixing with the wrong type of zombies for too long….

  201. 201
    christmasfairy Says:

  202. 202
    GGG Says:

    @ Grace and Snow Flakes:

    I just thought through your last posts and I must say, that I totally agree with you!!! The importance of his family and his “special position by being the youngest” plus the factor that his HW life doesn’t fit into a catholic family may have influenced him a lot and put a lot of pressure on him.

  203. 203
    christmasfairy Says:

    GB’s just been shown on ‘Football Focus’ a BBC1 show. Was recorded on Thursday.
    Came across much better, and clearly focused on what he was talking about. Related a story about Kenny Dalglish calling him on his 13th birthday. And then a story about kicking his mother’s ashtray across the room and breaking a vase when watching Archie Gemmell score a goal at 1978 World Cup.

  204. 204
    GGG Says:


    But isn’t it typical for drinking or using persons to be sometimes calm and quiet normal and on another day suddenly hyper and strange? I’m sorry, but after watching the video of The One Show I am sure that he has some addiction problems. No matter how focused he is in upcoming interviews.

    Interesting point that he started to party even harder after his rehab and his mother/stepdad visited him in LA!

  205. 205
    snowfall Says:

    @He wasn’t fine: Agree with you. I too have been touched by addictions around me both alcohol and pres drugs (or even heavier at times for one person). The first thing I thought when I saw the video was that he was on prescription drugs again (or still). He’s high there imo. Look at the difference between the video of him doing the radio show and this one. In Video A he is bright, quick to wit and humor at appropriate times and in the moment. In Video B he is 5 seconds behind everyone throughout the whole thing. It’s not blatantly obvious, and I wouldn’t say he was as bad as some twitters were saying (he didn’t look drunk to me) but something was definitely off with him. He was in his own world the whole time. And slouching? Blame the couch ONE time and have a laugh about it by slouching and sliding off, then a normal person would sit upright and still. You can say he was nervous and therefore talking stupid and being fidgety but I’m sorry I don’t buy that. He’s been in front of cameras and been in interviews for HOW many years? Nervous my a/ss.
    Oh and I hope he is done with whatserface. I won’t be surprised if he’s not, but it sounds like it to me with his radio interview comment about what she’ll “probably” do for xmas while he’s at home with his own family and saying “We’ll probably hang out at some point after”. uh… “hang out”? Okay. What man has no clue what his hanger-on-follow-him-everywhere gf is doing or where she’s going when they part ways at the London airport? Oh, I guess Amy ordered her plane ticket though right so why would he know? lol
    Anyway I have a super busy day ahead and wish you all peace today and always. And I especially wish Gerry peace both eminating from those around him and for once in his life inner peace. And get off the pills!! :) Happy weekend everyone!

  206. 206
    cupcake Says:

    Hello everyone.hope all are having a good day.

  207. 207
    spice Says:

    @Snow Flakes: The story a few years ago was that his favorite aunt, the one he says is so beautiful, paid for his education and anything else he needed.

  208. 208
    Yikes! Says:

    @snowfall: Seriously? Just saw the the interview on YouTube. Not a fan of the guy, but, really, what’s all the pearl clutching about? He was fine. From some of the comments I thought he set the hosts on fire then powdered his nose with cocaine dust. Good grief.

  209. 209
    christmasfairy Says:

    Oh and I hope he is done with whatserface. I won’t be surprised if he’s not, but it sounds like it to me with his radio interview comment about what she’ll “probably” do for xmas while he’s at home with his own family and saying “We’ll probably hang out at some point after”. uh… “hang out”? Okay. What man has no clue what his hanger-on-follow-him-everywhere gf is doing or where she’s going when they part ways at the London airport? Oh, I guess Amy ordered her plane ticket though right so why would he know? lol


    You’ve managed to get a very loud giggle out of me with this description!
    I now have visions of the pair of them turning up on Christmas Day at his mum/sister/brother/greatAuntGertie’s house, and finding them all locked up and nobody at home.

  210. 210
    One Says:

    Really hope GB is well! The One interviewed seemed o.k. to me. I was laughing at the gift wrap segment. I enjoy watching him during interviews although I don’t have the knowledge to know what someone with an addiction might look like, well maybe, lol. Always wishing the best for him.

  211. 211
    snowfall Says:

    @Yikes!: Fair enough, this is your opinion. I can only fair to guess that you might be one of those who was surprised he was in Betty Ford too and that you may even believe his story about only needing 2-3 weeks inside because he wasn’t there for addiction, but for their “Pain Management Program” and 2-3 weeks was all that was required of him.
    um… here’s direct quotes from the BF website about that program. He was supposed to stay for 45 days minimum and you can only be admitted if you have a chemical dependency. He was addicted. He didn’t finish the program. My best guess is that he’s still using. He’s not healed. He’s not healthy.
    ” Betty Ford Center is a licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital that treats all patients age 18 years and older suffering from chemical dependency, including patients with co-occurring disorders such as chronic pain, and trauma.
    A primary diagnosis of chemical dependency is necessary for admission to the Betty Ford Center. If the patient demonstrates significant pain issues, she/he is offered a 45-day schedule – the Pain Management Track – to focus on both addictive disease and developing and implementing a personalized pain curriculum. Many patients enter treatment at the Betty Ford Center for addiction to pain medication.
    Betty Ford Center has designed a pain management track that goes well beyond the traditional approach of symptom relief. Our track is based upon two recently discovered findings. First, chronic pain is a disease of the brain. Second, given an optimal environment, the brain of the chronic pain patient retains the ability to heal and return to normal function. Chronic pain affects about 25-30% of the population and confers considerable misery and disability to those who suffer its consequences.
    Chronic pain patients have changes in mood, lose the ability to remain calm, lack coping skills, experience the inability to sleep, and lack attention to task, hopelessness, memory, planning, and one’s overall outlook toward life. These changes are common to all chronic pain patients and are very treatable. Our holistic approach to treatment targets those areas of the brain that have been affected by chronic pain and restores them to normal function (adaptive plasticity). The track allows patients to gain insight into the ways in which pain has changed their ability to think and approach life. Patients learn a different approach to pain: one in which they are transformed and learn to recognize pain as a relapse trigger.”
    I’d post the link but so many times links go into moderation so I’ll just suggest you google BF clinic programs and look at the Pain Management program that he himself said he went in for. He was not there for 45 days. Explain that someone please, but spare the excuses for it for the love of God.

  212. 212
    Yikes! Says:

    @snowfall: Wow. Don’t know or care if he needs rehab, like I stated, not a fan and it’s his life, his business. But thanks for the condescending and presumptuous page-long reply to a few lines of observation about the interview. Methinks you could do with some professional help, too. Ciao!

  213. 213
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Those of you that think it’s acceptable for a family to shun a son’s girlfriend, you’d better be careful. You might not see your son for as long as he is with the girlfriend and if he marries her, you’ll never see him. Because she will win, every time, you can count on it.

    The most logical thing going on here is Little Maddie is going home to see her family, especially her mother. It is Christmas, time for one’s family. They are not married and have been apart before for weeks at a time.

  214. 214
    Lyla J. Says:

    I read somewhere that his father paid for his education. It was worded that Gerard took him up on his offer to attend Law School. Could be one of the reasons they became so close after reconnecting. Maybe Edward was trying to clear his conscience, if it’s true.

  215. 215
    oh please Says:

    @Lyla J.:
    If you are Scottish and you take up Uni education IN Scotland it is free. There is no payment required. There is no conscience clearing or fiscal involvement.

  216. 216
    Lyla J. Says:

    Didn’t know that. Very nice perk for the Scottish people taking their education in Scotland. I shared something I read somewhere, but, hey, thanks for the friendly education.

  217. 217
    twitter Says:

    At the Winter Festival and Gerard Butler is standing next to me….

  218. 218
    Idontknow Says:

    @snowfall: He could just be playing games again in terms of these vague answers about Xmas plans. They’ve been doing this kind of thing all along. One second he’s talking about having a girlfriend, and the next he’s back to hiding her in the background. It’s really childish and weird, but he obviously thinks he’s being “mysterious” or something. Bottom line is, you can’t believe a word, one way or the other. Frankly, I wish they’d both just disappear for a long time.

  219. 219
    so over it Says:



    Thanks Snowfall for the overview of BFC’s program. Really does make one wonder what was going on at the beginning of the year. Then the convenience of his “perfect woman” just happening to drop into his lap at a time when he really should have been concentrating on dealing with the issues that required him to seek professional treatment in the first place. Instead, he’s continued doing what he’s always done and laughed it off, covered it up or replaced with an equally, if not worse, issue.

  220. 220
    christmasfairy Says: Just bumped into Gerard Butler at The Southbank with @StyleSurgery @shanefrater ! He’s even hotter in the flesh #whiteboyswag

  221. 221
    twitter Says:

    Just bumped into Gerard Butler at The Southbank with @StyleSurgery @ shanefrater ! He’s even hotter in the flesh # whiteboyswag

  222. 222
    christmasfairy Says:

    7. Playing For Keeps (Millenium/FilmDistrict) Week 2 [Runs 2,840] PG13

    Friday $1.0K (-53%), Weekend $3.0M, Cume $10.6M

  223. 223
    twitter Says:

    oy! :)

  224. 224
    Idontknow Says:

    @so over it: IMO, the whole thing looks orchestrated, and now it’s just annoying.

  225. 225
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Time will tell if he is spinning stories about Christmas; they will eventually show up walking the streets somewhere if they are together. Maddie, depending on her religion, may not celebrate Christmas in December. A lot of the Eastern European countries are Orthodox and celebrate their Christmas later in January.

  226. 226
    Ducky Says:

  227. 227
    LLL Says:

    @Grace (AKA Regarding Thumbs): Grace is an appropriate name for you. You seem very fair-minded… a very refreshing trait. Thank you for your encouragement to keep posting. I received thumbs down on a supportive post of Gerard in the same time frame that others were given thumbs up on making supportive post. Therefore, I can only attribute the thumbs down to my negative reference to some of the “phannies”. There are certain “phannies” that have never liked me. The thumbs down were so blatant, that I found it amusing.

  228. 228
    Mmmmmmm Says:

  229. 229
    christmasfairy Says: Gerard Butler was right next to me just now what a ledge he is

  230. 230
    christmasfairy Says: Just seen Gerard Butler at the Southbank!

  231. 231
    christmasfairy Says: SWOON ALERT: Women (and gays) of Twitter. Whilst buying a crepe on London’s Southbank, I just rubbed shoulders with Gerard Butler!

  232. 232
    christmasfairy Says:

    Hi Gerard Butler. #gerardbutler #casualbanter #celebspot #london #psiloveyou

  233. 233
    christmasfairy Says:
    Me, Gerard and his big sausage!! #GerardButler

  234. 234
    christmasfairy Says: Had a lovely evening out with @kerrylyme at the @southbankcentre with all of the festive food. Even saw Gerard Butler wandering around

  235. 235
    bonne nuit Says:

    Just got a chance to watch The One Show video. I didn’t notice anything too unusual about his behavior until that gift wrapping segment. That was just really weird. He almost seemed to be swaying on his feet a little. Whether or not he was on something is anyone’s guess but…….Let’s just say, I will leave it at that.

  236. 236
    christmasfairy Says: Highlights in London: Saw the hobbit-so good Gerrard Butler saying hello to me #starstruck Some guy p****** on the train station floor

  237. 237
    gigibee Says:

    Chris Evans didn’t hear or understand that his mother had gone to visit Auschwitz.I think Gerry made the joke about his mum going there instead of` her son`s premiere `to cover the fact that Evans cocked up.Also the comment about Alex going to the loo …. because she was put on the spot by Evans..Gerry tried to brush over it by making a joke people…..It is sarcasm.Who wants to tell the world every personal detail about themselves.He and his girlfriend are the only people who can decide how to handle the press.These people interviewing him are not friends or acquaintances they are press.He is not under any obligation to bare his soul to the world.It must be so boring hanging around studios saying the same stuff day in day out.We see but a rehearsed snapshot of whatever film is being promoted with a bit of gossip chucked in for good measure.It is no way a fair and accurate portrayal of a person.Imo

  238. 238
    Grace Says:


    Haha, I’ll let my parents know that the name they picked is a winner. :D No problem, darlin’. Just remember, no matter what your opinion is, you are bound to be upsetting SOMEBODY… there’s no way to please everyone… If you feel discouraged by the nay sayers, remember the law of confirmation bias – those whose opinions are confirmed by others will continue on the same path, 100 fold, due to the accolades. I am sure that is what accounts for the majority of the hatred found here. Don’t stop posting your opinion – it matters!

  239. 239
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” – Psalm 55:22

  240. 240
    Snow Flakes Says:

  241. 241
    lolita Says:

    PFK’s must be doing better because it has been added to five different theater locations in WNY, with multiple showings at each location.

  242. 242
    cf Says:

  243. 243
    Unbelievable! Says:

    @Gee Whiz:

    You are right that seeing things differently doesn’t make one stupid but seeing things that aaren’t there is stupid and delusional and vindictive. Thumb me down and we’ll see how many stupid people agree with you.
    If you see a red apple and think it is yellow then you are stupid or delusional. That is truth and not opinion. Just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean it’s correct, truthful or worth anything. It has nothing to do with being mean spirited. It has everything to due with the truth and spreading convoluted lies just to be mean. I’m not the mean one for hating the lies told here.

  244. 244
    Unbelievable! Says:


    Once again the delusional speak! The two shows were totally different. Gerry will be silly and campy if it’s that type of show like the One Show. He was his usual self and NOT ON ANYHING! Did any of you see him and Zack Snyder on some of those off-the-wall shows they were on for 300? They were totally crazy and so were the hosts. The hosts on the One Show were crazy and silly so why would he be calm and serious? Some of you people need to take some serious psychology classes so you know something about human behavior. Seeing things that aren’t there only feeds your delusions.

  245. 245
    Blue Says:

    Opinions aren’t delusions. The opinions on Twitter were just opinions there were some bad comments and some good ones. Chill.

  246. 246
    Unbelievable! Says:


    No, ‘yikes’ saw the truth! You are one of the delusional ones and seeing the truth is NOT an opinion. You are simply wrong and no one here needs links to the BF center although you may need to visit for your delusional view of his behavior. Based on your views most of the world should be in rehab.

  247. 247
    DocP Says:

    Okay I’m assuming that you are refering to many posters opinions that he must be on drugs based on his behavior on “The One Show”. the fact is that no one but Gerry “knows” the truth as to whether he does drugs. Unless of course you are with him 24/7, even when hes in the bathroom. Even if you are friends with the guy and he told you he isn’t using doesn’t mean he’s not lying to you. The fact is that you are basing your “opinion” on what you see, perhaps you are a die hard fan and you have been following him for years and yu feel you know him like hes a good friend. Even then its still your opinion. the other posters have just as much right to have their opinion based on their perception of the way he acted. The fact is theres bias either way, whether you are a fan or are not. Its close minded and rude to call someone else view “delusional”, its their perception. Just cause it doesn’t match up with yours doesn’t mean their wrong, just like it doesn’t mean their right either. Its simply a different point of view based on how they perceived his actions. Personally i haven’t seen the show so I don’t have a view on how he acted, I have followed Gerry for at least 6 years and he does do things a little off the wall. He isn’t as drastic as Colin Farrell but he has his excentricity’s.

  248. 248
    MoPopcorn Says:

    Does anyone else believe Gerry’s mom intentionally did not go to his London premiere? Who think she approves of the MadBut relationship? Is that why Maddie is not hanging with him at X-mas? Or is this just a diversion?

  249. 249
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Maybe a diversion – maybe it was a six-month contract. The strange continues. I don’t care if they have been apart for a couple of weeks at a time. Who doesn’t spend Christmas with someone he’s dated for half a year and lived with for three months?

    One of the posters here made a comment about GB and MG parting at the airport, and we didn’t know where she was going because Amy probably bought the ticket. MG was at the London showing of PFK, so where did the “parting at the airport” come from? She wasn’t with him after the showing (probably bored again), but do we know that she isn’t still with him in London?

  250. 250
    @SouthernBelle Says:

    ” She wasn’t with him after the showing ”

    She sure was.

  251. 251
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Your comment #243 to Gee Whiz

    It comes down to “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” Granted the color of an apple is a simple truth. If it’s red, it’s red and not yellow. However, a person’s appearance, attitude, inflection, choice of words, sense of humor, just general demeanor are subjective to viewers/listeners. That’s why eyewitnesses are so unreliable. Your words, “just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean it’s correct, truthful or worth anything” applies to you as well as the rest of us. The only thing delusional here is your belief that if people don’t see things your way it’s because they’re hate mongers spreading lies just to be mean. That isn’t rational thought.

  252. 252
    MoPopcorn Says:

    And where is the Haitian boy and the pug that MadBut adopted? Maybe in their carry-on?

  253. 253
    SouthernBelle Says:


    Okay, then they didn’t ride together when they left unless she was in the trunk.

  254. 254
    MoPopcorn Says:

    @SouthernBelle: Trunk! That’s where the kid, pug and Mads live. Got it.

  255. 255
    Snow Flakes Says:

    I think Gerry is in Maddie’s trunk! lol

  256. 256
    Hey Doc Says:

    “their” wrong
    just like it doesn’t mean “their” right
    The proper way to say that is, “they’re” right or “they’re” wrong or “they are”.
    “Their” shows possession, “as their eccentricities”.

  257. 257
    Jess Says:

    Ok, the mad gf zoolands and flaunts she is attached at the hip to the Butman on her FB. Then, she deletes all those posts once he announces he has a gf on lenno and walks 20 feet behind at all public events. Also, she is happy when they are papped and makes sure her face is seen yet the Butman is pissed. When before was he ever upset, when the camaras were on? I think only when he wanted to hide a relationship. But he announced it to the world.

  258. 258
    Bright and Cheerful Says:

    @team butler:

    scroll down to pic 21 is this Gerry? thanks for you help peeps”

    That is definitely Gerry’s head, but I do not think it is his body!

  259. 259
    christmasfairy Says: Nothing can beat this night… Met Gerrard Butler and mixed up the tunes with Pete Tong #amazingnight

  260. 260
    christmasfairy Says:

  261. 261
    team butler Says:

    @Bright and Cheerful: and kali orlexi……sigh, I wish Gerry would play a rugged Highlander. Someone commented he needs to be in a historical drama. I couldn’t agree more.
    Thanks for the replies, I absolutley drooled over hm in Beowulf. I still think he is the handsomest man ever. Have a great night or day ladies, Happy Holidays too.

  262. 262
    COME ON, GERRY Says:


  263. 263
    Twitter Says:

    gerard butler said i was pretty n asked me for my number last nite :) cool
    14 minutes ago

  264. 264
    angelsrock Says:


    I finally got a chance to watch the entire interview. Those 2 hosts were horrible. They were a mess. Especially Chris Evans. What was wrong with them. I thought Gerry did great considering. And what a good sport he was to hang around with the food lady and the gift wrapping. He tried his best to look interested. But once again the 2 hosts of the show did not seem well prepared and were horrible at adlibbing.

  265. 265
    Uh oh Says:

    @Twitter: If this is for real, then either its over, or she’s definitely gone for the holidays. He’ll never stay with one person. Never.

  266. 266
    taua Says:

    Like draws to like…..

  267. 267
    GGG Says:


    Oh, I hope this is not true. The girl is really pretty, yes, but to me she looks like she’s not even 20 years old….

  268. 268
    Masha Says:

    It’s his thing, that’s the way he gives compliments to girls, there is nothing wrong with being a flirtatious person, you create a good energy around you…

  269. 269
    GGG Says:


    To ask for the number of a girl is more than just “create a good energy around you”. I mean, what’s he want with this number? If he doesn’t call, he definitely doesn’t create a good energy, and if he does: 1.: Isn’t she to young for him? and 2. MG? (Even if I’m not a big fan of this so called relationship, nobody deserves to get betrayed and disgraced while your “boyfriend” is flirting in public)

    A compliment would be: “You are very pretty!” And not more. If you ask a girl for her number, than you don’t create just a positive energy, you create an expectation.

  270. 270
    What's the deal? Says:

    Where are these enabling phannies in denial coming from all of a sudden? Or maybe it’s just one using different socks. Have the mothership sites closed down now? They have an excuse for virtually anything he does. Amazing.

  271. 271
    Typical Says:

    @GGG: Well, if you’ve been following him for awhile, you know that he likes them as young as possible. She looks about 18 to me. If that.

  272. 272
    JC Says:

    @Twitter: I think she´s lying, he probably just said something nice to her and she makes (or writes) it bigger than it is.

  273. 273
    junk Says:

    Variety in girls is his motto, after 7 month with a boring 25-29 year old eastern european, tall brunette model, it´s about time for him to shag a tiny, blond teen s.lut from Great Britain.

  274. 274
    GGG Says:


    That this is typical for him makes it even worse…

  275. 275
    ??? Says:

    @Typical: I heard that Gerard Butler pe/do!!!

  276. 276
    JC Says:

    Edit: emwilliams
    @hantabbitt he obvs didn’t I’m convinced theyr related tho
    2 hours ago

  277. 277
    junk Says:

    maybe the little girl wants to become an actress in HW.

    “Girl you look pretty, probably you will need my assistance, give me your number, and……”

  278. 278
    Alina Says:

    You just had to read the answer. She said “no”!

    hanz bananz @ hantabbitt

    @ _emwilliams wuw did you give him your number?
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    em @ _emwilliams

    @ hantabbitt no 😩

  279. 279
    Good Says:

    @Alina: Thank g.od there’s still some young women out there with a brain and self-respect.

  280. 280
    junk Says:

    @Alina: Oh sorry, I missed this. Good girl for not giving him her number.
    But if it´s true and he asked for her number, omg, what is going on in his brain? I have to shake my head, this is not funny anymore.

  281. 281
    Nope Says:

    He did not ask for the girls number, her face is not manly enough. If she had looked like a trannie I would be convinced it’s true.

  282. 282
    AA Says:

    If you read her tweets u will see that it wasnt GB asking for her number,but someone who looks related to him.

  283. 283
    Good point Says:

    @Nope: Agreed. Personally, I would rather have him asking the whole planet for numbers, as long as he isn’t around whatsherface any more. If I had the money, I’d pay him to dump her, just so I don’t have to hear her name ever again, lol.

  284. 284
    @Good point Says:

    Madalina Diana Ghenea

  285. 285
    Good point Says:

    @@Good point: Hahahahahaha. You are pathetic. And so predictable.

  286. 286
    tumblr Says:

    Excuse me while I’m having a very intense fangirl moment seeing my favorite Scot and Dutch-semi-Scot together.

  287. 287
    ! Says:

    Never give credits to teen tweets.

  288. 288
    @! Says:

    …..and to Gerry’s words.

  289. 289
    christmasfairy Says:

    8. Playing for Keeps, 2/2,840, FilmDistrict, $3.2 million, $10.8 million

  290. 290
    just an opinion Says:

    @Twitter: You know Gerry always hedging his bets even if there is a girlfriend in tow – that’s a master player

  291. 291
    just an opinion Says:

    @christmasfairy: At least PFK made the top 10, given it was competing vs the Hobbit.

  292. 292
    just an opinion Says:

    And it beat out Silver Linings Playbook except Silver Linings is still only playing in 371 theatres. Wonder when it goes wide.

  293. 293
    cupcake Says:

    Hi there. Hope all are having a relaxing sun Sunday. It’s good that pfk made the top ten. Not all is lost.

  294. 294
    mediator Says:

    @angelsrock: Maybe it is cultural or what you are used to, all the tweeters were UKers who watch this show all the time. I can only imagine what UKers might think of some of the American talk show hosts or American fans of GB would know something was off like Gerry on The Daily Show. He kept sipping on that damn mug of his like you’d think there was something more than water in it, perhaps highly intimidated by being in the presence of a talk show host with an actual brain.

  295. 295
    just a thought Says:

    This is the greatest place to go to destroy people. You don’t read everything just what you want to. #282 GB didn’t ask for the number someone else did. As far as his movie yeah it dropped from #6 to #8 but did you see it or are u basing your thoughts on others. If so how sad. Come on stop being followers and start thinking for yourself. I did not see the movie so I can not give my thoughts on it. I know this is a website that is one where people can go to say what they feel. But the hate that is directed to this man and/or anyone around him is unreal. I’ve read what other people say on JJ but this one is down right nasty.

  296. 296
    just my opinion Says:

    @Masha: however when you are a celebrity male publicly touting your new girlfiend asking women for their phone numbers is an insult to the girlfriend and you know it could be tweeted or posted on Facebook and I would not be surprised if the girlfriend was walking her 20 paces behind him last night too. Really I think SHE needs to get some dignity and respect, if this is how he treated his past girlfriends, it explains a lot. She must be hanging in there for scraps.

  297. 297
    OMG Says:


  298. 298
    Gotta say Says:

    @just my opinion:

    He wasn’t asking for a phone number. That has already been made clear.

  299. 299
    just my opinion Says:

    @just a thought: I see that there is some confusion around the phone number twitter story but because he had done it before when supposed he was in a relationship with some of his hidden girlfriends it is not hard to believe. Wasn’t he doing this when they were apart for a while there in the fall if not more than just collecting phone numbers from randoms. It is still an insult to the girlfriend.

  300. 300
    Alina Says:

    @OMG: Gerry on the hunt again!

  301. 301
    just my opinion Says:

    @Gotta say: Oops someone new is claiming same. What to believe.

  302. 302
    MoPopcorn Says:

    @just my opinion: So soon if he broke it off with Mad? If he did, is this to throw us off the trail. He needs tail so fast? He is usually more careful. Or he is getting hitched!
    I need carmel, choclate and butter with this pop corn.

  303. 303
    Snow Flakes Says:

  304. 304
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Hi ladies—-A little off topic—-I knew Seal was a big man, but did anyone noticed how much bigger he was the GB? Wow he made Gerry look small.

  305. 305
    Snow Flakes Says:

    WO has the entire video of the NPP concert. I tried to post it here but JJ wouldn’t let me. I watched it and it was a wonderful show. Especially liked Seal and Hudson they both had the place rocking.

  306. 306
    GGG Says:

    It’s like he said in an interview before: “Threesomes?” “The Butler did it!” LOL

    There gonna be a lot of miserable, heartbroken teenage-girls in London in the next few days, when they realise that he either doesn’t call or that they are just one lady of his harem…

  307. 307
    Come on Says:

    @MoPopcorn: Seriously, would you marry some guy that’s out trying to nail other women while you are engaged? Even if you were a fame ho? No one in their right mind would do that. He may be trying to get out of it in his usual passive aggressive manner, if true. He could also be playing y’all and she could be right there, although that’s a weird game to play.

  308. 308
    Hello Says:

    Who said they were engaged?

  309. 309
    Come on Says:

    @Hello: MoPopcorn thought he might be out getting numbers to throw everyone off the trail “if” he’s getting hitched. No one said he was.

  310. 310
    Sweet Tea Says:

    Gus is grumbling and I’m bruising. All of you sound stoupid.

  311. 311
    christmasfairy Says:

    Tong and gerald butler…unfortunately gerald brought his girlfriend

  312. 312
    so what? Says:

    @christmasfairy: That doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to get numbers, LOL.

  313. 313
    What R U Trying to Prove? Says:

    Why are some of you so desperate to prove that Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea either aren’t together or aren’t serious?
    No one respects Madalina Ghenea except for her friends and family. The general public who knows of her at all knows her as a golddigging fameho.
    You’re not going to make her seem even more so by trying to convince anyone that Gerard Butler doesn’t really like her, because guess what?
    No one respects Gerard Butler EITHER.
    He’s a douche who has spent the last decade using his fame to seduce the pants off of WAY TOO YOUNG starry eyed girls and who’s taste in women is otherwise in the gutter with Brandi Glanville reality TV star and Madalina Ghenea, aforementioned golddigging fameho, not to mention Martina Rajic Playboy playmate and countless other seedy women.
    And his films suck to boot. Say what you will about George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio being players – at least they make good movies.
    There’s nothing redeeming about Gerard Butler.
    So why is it SO important to some of you to prove that he and Madalina aren’t together?
    The two of them being together seems about right to me. I think they’re perfect for each other. Better that they’re together than either one of them tainting someone who’s actually admirable.
    I love Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea being together and sincerely hope they do get married and fall off the face of the entertainment world together.
    I just hope that one or both also turn out to be sterile so that the low-moral-character-do-anything-for-money-and-fame DNA doesn’t spread any farther.

  314. 314
    bitter blue pill Says:

    PFK has made about 11 million so far. I think it’s going to redeem him a bit, he is hot in it.

    I guess this means he’ll continue to do crappy rom coms though.

  315. 315
    curious Says:

    @Snow Flakes: with or without clothes? just kidding

  316. 316
    ITAWY Says:

    @What R U Trying to Prove?: I’ve been hoping all along they will marry and disappear. At least that way they’ll be leaving other people alone. I hope for the world’s sake they don’t breed. There’s a reason he likes her, people, and it says a lot about who he really is, and it’s nothing admirable, imo.

  317. 317
    movieluv Says:

    the previews for Dhango Unchained look good, DiCaprio’s role looks campy and funny

  318. 318
    movieluv Says:

    @bitter blue pill: for projects that he’s attached to now are all action/thriller movies so it does look like he is trying to shift back in that direction. Better late than never? Too bad Motor City fell through, it could have been a breakthrough kind of role esp if Oldman and Heard were still attached but oh well. People forget it takes 1 – 2 years to get films out so shifting your career is going to take that long.

  319. 319
    Imaboutdone Says:

    @ITAWY: I agree with this, also. I’ve just been popping in to see how the movie turned out and what’s going on in the soap opera, but truth be told, once he hooked up with this one, I lost all respect for him. No man with any decency would be into this, especially since she’s a cast off of his friends. It’s just gross. have more wholesome choices for eye candy these days.

  320. 320
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    He asked for her number, you can count on it, it’s his MO. Players always keep their own hope high just in case and it strokes their ego when they get the number. They don’t care what the other person thinks if he doesn’t call. Out of sight, out of mind unless they are in for a quick shag.

    It doesn’t matter one iota if Little Maddie was there or not, he’d still ask and make up some idiotic excuse she’d buy because either she is in love with him and will take crumbs or he’s got the money for now. Take your pick. Nice guy, GB, getting phone numbers of young girls while his girlfriend is around. If any of you think for one moment that GB will marry her or anyone and drop off the face of the earth, you are sadly mistaken.

  321. 321
    Snow Flakes Says:

  322. 322
    Snow Flakes Says:

  323. 323
    Hello Says:

    @movieluv: Don’t think you will have to wait that long. OHF will be released on March 22,2013. Was bumped up a month.
    WHD has a release date of June 28, so this will be good for gerry.

  324. 324
    Pics Says:

    What a bummer, as I was totally expecting to see something else when I opened the pic posted at #233. LOL! (Me, Gerard and his big sausage!!). Also, I’m wondering what “ledge” means in the UK? Sounded like something positive. :)

  325. 325
    Snow Flakes Says:


    Got your mind in the gutter? lol

  326. 326
    Snow Flakes Says:


    I wonder the same thing. I don’t understand some of the UK slang that the tweeters are posting as well.

  327. 327
    Snow Flakes Says:

    Seriously?????? My posts # 303-304-305 got thumbed????

  328. 328
    Hello Says:

    @Pics: legend

  329. 329
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    @Snow Flakes:
    #326 I don’t understand either …

  330. 330
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Sorry I meant #327

  331. 331
    Clamsie Says:

    It’s all true…LOL is right! Let’s say Gerry and Maddie are breaking up or…not rock solid. IF and ONLY IF he is attempting to run around on her (doubt it because twitter is nothing but BS anyway), why do the majority here still hate her? If she doesn’t have much of a relationship with him (not that anyone here knows a thing anyway) why get so bent out of shape against the poor girl?

    It’s because a lot of you are sooooooooooo jealous. You’re eaten up with jealousy and you hate her no matter what.. Some of you are old hags and some are just hags but a lot of you are jealous.

    It’s no way to live Be happy for him. It looks like his whole life is imploding since his career is in making flops and touring about pretending to be somebody. Sometimes I think he’s got a death wish and could care less about anything.

  332. 332
    Phoenix Says:

    Hey y’all!

    Just checking in to see what’s up, and I can’t believe how slow the thread is.
    Several posts back, someone mentioned that GB was hearing impaired. -I’d never heard that before. If someone doesn’t mind sharing- what caused it?

  333. 333
    Mmmmmmm Says:


  334. 334
    Sigh... Says:

    @Clamsie: Don’t play dumb, Clams, it doesn’t suit you. And stop with the silly jealousy talk. You know damm well that it has nothing to do with that. If you’ve been reading regularly, you will note that most here who don’t like her would feel the same no matter who she is dating. See LDC thread. It’s about who she is, and her pattern of behavior. More than anything I think there’s a sense of disappointment, as most wanted better for him, and are sad to see how shallow his choices are of late. Whether he marries her or not, there’s really nothing to be happy about. I’m sure you can see the writing on the wall.

  335. 335
    Grinch Says:

    Off topic, but doesn’t LeAnn Rimes look exactly like the Grinch in that pic at the top? Lordy, I’ll never figure out why he busted up his family for that.

  336. 336
    Clamsie Says:

    @Sigh…: Who’s playing dumb? Why hate on someone who has nothing to do with you?

    Have you considered that Gerry is the one who is shallow and flighty? He has nothing to keep him connected to anything. He’s only there for the temporary fix, nothing more. I think HE’s the one with the problems, all of them.

    Maddie is the one who is tolerating HIM and all his baggage. She deserves better.

  337. 337
    Bonnie Says:

    @Sigh…: Well said.

  338. 338
    Sigh... Says:

    @Clamsie: Unless you know GB personally, you just “hated” on him, and he as nothing to do with you. People are entitled to their opinions. I happen to think they are both equally problematic.

  339. 339
    Phoenix Says:


    Hi Mmmmmmm,
    Wow! Thanks so much for the link. It’s funny, but I’ve never noticed his head being lopsided, just his smile which I’ve always thought was so down to earth and very sweet.

  340. 340
    GGG Says:


    This has nothing to do with jealousy. For me it’s just entertaining, to be honest. His life and behavior is comparable to a car crash. It’s terrible, but you just can’t look away.
    And, BTW, it was his decision to become a person of public interest. And it was his decision to behave like he is doing at the moment. So he has to suffer the consequences like being a topic on gossip sites. And if he doesn’t want this anymore he should stop partying in big cities like LA, NY or London, where paparazziare all over the place (which he knows BTW and which is probably one of the reasons, why he is there).

    My opinion: GB and MG deserve each other. So go for it, you selfish, superficial jerks! Destroy and fool each other and not some innocent people!

  341. 341
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    @Sigh…: @GGG:
    Well said girls!
    GGG … I couldn’t agree more with that last sentence you wrote

  342. 342
    Le Obvious Says:

    People didn’t like Madalina Ghenea when she was with Leo DiCaprio.
    People didn’t like Madalina Ghenea when she was with Adrien Brody.
    People don’t like Madalina Ghenea now that she’s with Gerard Butler.
    And if Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea have broken up, or do so in the future, and Madi attaches herself to her next famous conquest, you can bet that people won’t like her then either.
    People just don’t like Madalina Ghenea.
    They’ve not liked her regardless of who she’s been with.
    That means that it has less to do with the man and more to do with her and her conduct.
    There’s a lot to dislike about her image-wise. Personally I think she’s a ridiculous parody of herself in the cheap, fame hungry woman department.
    But if you’re so desperate for entertainment that you think that the dislike of Madalina Ghenea is something unique to her relationship with Gerard Butler, despite all evidence to the contrary, knock yourself out.
    You could just cut to the chase and spend your time watching estrogen charged reality television.
    But if you prefer to live out your cat fight fetish here, go for it.

  343. 343
    Clamsie Says:

    @GGG: I like your answer LOL!

    Agreed. It is like watching a train wreck. It seems so strange that they think they have to hide after he admitted being with her for all these months.

  344. 344
    Sigh... Says:

    @Le Obvious: Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If I’m lucky enough to have a daughter someday, I hope that she never wants to get ahead in life by taking off her clothes or being arm candy to a rich man. And if she wanted to leave school as a young teen to do so, I would lock her in the basement until she was 18. It’s hard to believe sometimes that there are still women who do this in the 21st century.

  345. 345
    GGG Says:

    @Le Obvious: @Sigh…:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!

  346. 346
    Dot Says:


  347. 347
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God…” – Psalm 50:14

    “I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people” (Luke 2:10)

  348. 348
    Autumn Says:

    Evening JJers! Husband and I just returned from the movies and I won the toss to see PFK. First, let me say IMO, it had its moments – I think GB did an admirable job playing a very flawed character not too far from his own personal reality (minus the child and perhaps turning women down who threw themselves at him). It was just flat! The females in this film I just wanted to slap and say ala Moonstruck “Snap out of it!” It hit all the stereotypical women – kind of sad. We are so much more than this.

    Any way I love London at Christmas – too lovely for words! Wish I could be in Scotland visiting my family for Hogmanay – perhaps next year!

    Best to you all – have a wonderful week!

  349. 349
    Bonnie Says:

    @Autumn: I am in Scotland for Hogmanay,Iooking forward to it .

  350. 350
    Chelsea Says:

    I just caught up on the appearances and watched the CH show. Anybody else catch that remark about his personal life? Knowing how CH operates, it sounded like he told her backstage not to ask, since he wanted to keep his female fans interested, and she outed him and said it out loud on air, basically repeating what he said back to him. He looked like he didn’t know what to say. CH probably finds it offensive and condescending to women to play that game.

  351. 351
    Not Being Snarky Says:

    @Snow Flakes:

    Just trying to answer your question about why your posts were thumbed

    #303 One Show is now old news
    #304 Mention of a celebrity other than GB often gets thumbed
    #305 No idea – maybe they don’t like Seal and J Hudson

    Most posters are showing that they disagree with the comment – not trying to be nasty. Of course there are exceptions.

  352. 352
    Suzanne Cummings Says:

    @movieluv: I won’t pay to see Django. That racist Foxx is in it and I boycott all his films. He’s a nasty piece of trash and I will never pay to see a film he’s in. Also boycotted LAC.

  353. 353
    SouthernBelle Says:


    “CH probably finds it offensive and condescending to women to play that game.”

    Think you’re right, plus she and Jennifer Anniston are close friends, so who knows how much firsthand info Chelsea has about GB.

    If you remember, at one point she said to him, “no one is paying attention to this interview, including the interviewer.” Since she has a really dry sense of humor, it’s hard to tell whether or not she’s serious, but I think she’s enjoyed other guests more than Gerry.

  354. 354
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Suzanne Cummings:

    Foxx waived off his comment about getting to kill all the white people as nothing more than his being a comedian. I agree with you, I won’t see the movie either and find nothing funny about his remark. Guess he doesn’t have to be PC.

  355. 355
    DocP Says:

    You just don’t get it Clam!!! Posters here that dislike Maddie don’t dislike her because they are jelous as you would like to believe. Its because she is fake, from her fake T&A right down to her resume and personailty.People don’t like fake people, they insult intelligent posters here. Being fake is nothing more than lying about who you were born to be and who you actually are. What i don’t get is your agenda, why do you need to feel that others are jealous?? Are you?? Give the posters here some credit, just because you refuse to see that shes fake don’t insult us by telling us that she isn’t and that we should like her. Maybe you don’t care if your daughter has a low self esteem because her breasts aren’t big or she doesn’t have that perfet a$$. Many concerned parents do care and they don’t want people like Madalina selling an image that is surgically enhanced. Thats not real and you can’t find happiness in pleasing others. You must find happiness in being pleased with who you were born to be, not what society tells you that you should be.

  356. 356
    Chelsea Says:

    @SouthernBelle: I did feel the interview was a wee bit hostile on her part. More than usual for her. I definitely wasn’t feeling any love, and she was quite snarky throughout. I’m sure she knows all the dirt.

  357. 357
    What a hateful human being Says:

    @What R U Trying to Prove?:

    ” just hope that one or both also turn out to be sterile so that the low-moral-character-do-anything-for-money-and-fame DNA doesn’t spread any farther.’” Wow you are hateful and bitter. Wish you never will have any offspring to pass on this sort of hate or suffer at your hands.

    Wow just wow, Given what happen in CT last Friday when the nation is at grieving, anyone giving thumbs up to this hateful post should repent.

  358. 358
    LLL Says:

    @AA: A doppelganger??? Oh ok…..thanks for clearing that one up.

  359. 359
    Bazinga Says:

    @time to ask:

    You are right on! God Bless the families of Sandy Hook! And here you people are worried about the goings on of a Celebrity and his GF, when our world is going to **** in a handbasket! Let’s start loving one another people instead of spewing all this hatred!

  360. 360
    Sicko Says:

    @What a hateful human being:
    I agree with her post. There’s nothing hateful about hoping that two people with no redeeming qualities don’t procreate. That’s a bloody public service!
    What is TOTALLY SICK is comparing the tragedy and horrible losses suffered in Connecticut to such a statement and trying to use that horrific tragedy to start a bloody argument on an entertainment gossip website.
    Until you get some mental help and perspective, you would be well advised to stay off the internet.

  361. 361
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    No matter when you pop in to this thread, it’s always the same story going round and round. The good news is that Mr. Butler’s latest movie has done more than $10,000,000 in sales and that is not disgraceful. So happy for him for tha much so far. With the Christmas season upon us, warm wishes and many good tidings for the coming year. If you want to surprise someone with a gorgeous gift this Christmas, then buy them a copy of the movie Lawless. You’ll be a hero. Campaigning for my Tom again. Right. Shameless. Actually that would be LAWLESS.

  362. 362
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    @Sunshine Daydream:
    Well, $10,000,000 is still disgraceful, if you consider an estimated production budget of $35,000,000.

  363. 363
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    @Mmmmmmm: Well. Considering his recent takes from MGP, Coriolanus and Chasing Mavericks, I’d say $10,000,000 is not disgraceful for him and his recent movies. Production budgets seem to be a moot point with Mr. Butler’s movies lately, aren’t they?

  364. 364
    Hello Says:

    @Sunshine Daydream: No it isn’t disgraceful at all and hasn’t opened in the UK yet. Positive break for Gerry and happy for that and in 3 months OHF begins. The action people will be happy about that. Busy days ahead for pr.

  365. 365
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    @Hello: Much obliged for your truthful response. I wish only success for Mr. Butler in his endeavours.

  366. 366
    Autumn Says:

    @Bonnie: You are so lucky! The Flambeaux Procession is stupendous! I have family near the Mill of Ross on Loch Earn. Just love that area so much – it got hit by the floods recently. My cousins are fine, but got a good soaking.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  367. 367
    .............................. Says:

    I think it’s time for you, my friend
    To stop pretending that you are a

    Movie Star, Movie Star, ahahar
    You think you are a movie
    Movie Star, Movie Star, ahahar
    You think you are a Movie? Star, ahahar

    The frozen hero!
    Your words are zero
    When your dreams had vanished into dark
    Along the go that you don’t want to know

  368. 368
    What a hateful human being Says:

    @Sicko: @Sicko: “There’s nothing hateful about hoping that two people with no redeeming qualities don’t procreate.” In some culture, cursing someone to never have any children is worse than putting a bullet through him/her. Karma is a biitch. Mindful of what you wish for someone else.

  369. 369
    Hello Says:

    @Sicko: Hateful? Of course it is hateful. No redeeming qualities? Hard to comprehend that remark and very disturbing to me. These are people that you know not of, their reasoning or their lives. So sorry to have read those remarks. I cannot imagine what else you wish on people. You judge them by common gossip and tweets and form truth from that? Dangerous waters you tread with your remarks my dear. There is always karma.

  370. 370
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    @Autumn: You seem like you have your wits about you from reading your posts. A true Scot. Have you ever attended a tattoo ceremony? Not sure why some are so cross with my assessment of Mr. Butler’s movie reaching double digit sales. How bad can that be for his real fans, yeah?

  371. 371
    What Santa says... Says:

    @chelsea: CH is also JA’s BFF, so maybe she has heard some stories even prior to MG.

  372. 372
    Sicko Says:

    @Hello: @What a hateful human being:
    I’m not worried about karma. I spend hours each week working with young girls who suffer from eating disorders and have made very bad choices as a result of bad self-esteem. Just as children raised in a gang culture become desensitized to violence, a blow is dealt to the self-esteem of girls raised in a media culture that celebrates women like Madalina Ghenea, who exploit their own bodies to promote the objectification of women for commerce, use sex to get what they want, and tell girls that if they’re not born with features that fashion magazines deem beautiful, they should have plastic surgery to change themselves.
    The same goes for men like Gerard Butler, who admit to using their hot Hollywood actors status to sleeping with throngs of young women, and tell the world that women like Madalina Ghenea are who they admire.
    My objection to these two individuals is studied and I’ve seen first hand the consequences of their brand of vanity and efforts to profit from pure superficiality.
    I will take strong opinions expressed on those matters any day of the week over your blind devotion to an actor who you don’t know and who sees you as nothing more than a dollar sign. Get help.

  373. 373
    Hello Says:

    @Sicko: And you are the one posting on a movie stars gossip site. What is it with that? So you are lumping all HW in your pile or is it just GB and MG. Are they responsible as a couple for all the woes of intercity. I think you need to take a break, stay away from gossip sites and speak more kindly about those you treat. GB an MG are no more vain than any other actor in the limelight. Your hatred and name speaks volumes.

  374. 374
    Gerry's Zombies Says:

    Good God Gerard Butler’s threads have been taken over by zombies with no brain and no substance!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!! You should all be ashamed that you couldn’t solicit even an ounce of attention from Andrew Lincoln…..

  375. 375
    Gerry's Zombies Says:

    You are such a pathetic bunch with not an ounce of life collectively. How can anyone attempt to….oh, never mind….you people suc/k ba/lls and get nowhere doing it….show’s how truly pathetic you are.

  376. 376
    Sicko Says:

    @Hello: “So you are lumping all HW in your pile or is it just GB and MG.”
    It’s certainly not just Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea. I’ve made similar comments in other forums about other individuals. Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea are prime examples, however. Not all leading men in Hollywood so blatantly womanize, so blatantly pursue such young girls, and so blatantly pursue such young girls who are themselves degrading to women – like Madalina Ghenea.
    I take exception to a lot of what the fashion industry does when it comes to the depiction of women, but what Madalina Ghenea does is particularly bad. She doesn’t model fashion. She models underwear, and not even in a manner along the lines of Victoria’s Secret. She models underwear in a fashion that has landed her on X.X.X. sites. She has made videos that aren’t even about selling underwear, but about selling sex for men’s magazines like GQ. She appearing on one of these “dancing with the stars” reality television shows in Europe, and her promo for the show was her stripping off her stockings!
    That is what this particular actor is about. That is what this particular “model” is about. That is what they put out there. I’m sorry if that means that people aren’t going to join you in your little fan existence, but not everyone is has so little going on that they actually love an actor who doesn’t even know they exist, the way you do. Not everyone is so desperate that they believe that actor is the image that he sells in the interviews that, not coincidently, he gives to promote himself.
    And not everyone is so illiterate and stupid to not realize that the screen name is a reference to you and your ilk and not myself.
    Get help. And a life while you’re at it.

  377. 377
    Snow Flakes Says:

  378. 378
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Gerry’s Zombies:

    And what brings you here – someone so obviously superior to other posters? Are you frustrated that you can’t express an opinion because none of us are intellectually capable of understanding or did you just want to insult people who comment on JJ?

  379. 379
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    If you are positive about Mr. Butler and express such feelings, then you are thumbed off the platform. So what if it’s a gossip site and not a Gerard Butler site. The extremism is baffling. So glad my life only contains minutes in time devoted to this environment. You lot are a despicable bunch. Time to get a life but only if you can handle it. Contrary to your beliefs, Mr. Butler has a GREAT life and continues to live it thusly. Many of you are the cocl/ed up ones, not Mr. Butler. So/d off losers!!!

  380. 380
    Gerry's Zombies Says:

    @SouthernBelle: Good question and the only answer is that I made a left turn into the Sanctimonious Circle of Condescention. Have fun ripping your idol to shreds. You all deserve each other and that’s good because no one else will have you. TRUTH!!

  381. 381
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Gerry’s Zombies:

    You’ll surely have no problem correcting your error and finding your way out of this dreadful place. The sooner the better – for all of us. TRUTH!!

  382. 382
    Autumn Says:

    @Sunshine Daydream: No, unfortunately I have not been to the Tattoo Ceremony, but it is on my bucket list :) especially in Edinburgh. Scots-Irish and quite proud of the fact.

    There are so many differing opinions here, don’t get disheartened just respect people for their own views no matter how different they are. You never know what way the wind blows here on any given day.

    I would just like to see GB in a better film with a great script and a bit more maturity – he’s like a kid in candy store eating all the candy until you’re sick – I’m hopeful a few more buckets might make him so sick, he’ll wake up. Just hate to see wasted talent!

    Have a wonderful week and happy holidays!

  383. 383
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Pics: Ledge would be legend

  384. 384
    christmasfairy Says:

    Can’t believe that a couple of posters here think that $10million for PFK is “a positive break” for Butler and his films. How much kool aid have you been drinking?

    Gerry needs to completely clean his house up and get some better representation if he genuinely wishes to continue acting or producing films.
    He needs to pack it now and take his money and his ego, and find himself an island where he can have as many MG-types on tap as he likes.

  385. 385
    twitter Says:

    here’s our competition winner Emma with the rugged and somewhat Shrek voiced Gerard Butler! Time for some more winners.

  386. 386
    Bonnie Says:

    @Autumn: I have family who live around the area were the procession takes place.Won’t get that area this time ,I have 5days and family think they have my days planned but they know me,I like to do my own thing……

  387. 387
    christmasfairy Says:

  388. 388
    Thumper Says:

    @christmasfairy: That’s funny!

  389. 389
    shill shill shill Says:

    on that show the Bachelor Neil Lane provides the engagement rings and it just occurred to me if these two got engaged you can bet the ring will be a promotional freebie, how unromantic

    on the Bachelor though you have to return the ring if you don’t get married within a certain time frame

  390. 390
    shill shill shill Says:

  391. 391
    Snow Flakes Says:

    My new screen saver—-

  392. 392
    Viola Says:

    Popped in to see what was happening. See not much has changed. I watched a bit of the one show interview. He didn’t seem like he was on anything, except maybe caffeine and is sleep deprived. GB has no filter and needs one at times. He insulted that womans (whatever type of baked good it was). You NEVER insult a woman’s cooking/baking, even if joking around. She didn’t look happy. The zombie joke, was a football joke from what I read.


    Looking at the pictures of the nobel peace price ceremony, I would say that if a twenty-five(?) year old can look that puffy eyed and tired from trying to keep up with Gerry, then I know my thirty-something butt wouldn’t be able to.


    Also had the realization that he looks A LOT like my brother-in-law so any slight crush that may have been there, has just been thrown away with my empty coconut water container.

  393. 393
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Hot-tempered people must pay the penalty. If you rescue them once, you will have to do it again.” – Proverbs 19:19

  394. 394
    Merry Christmas Says:

    Wish they would have played shirts and skins—of course you know which side I would want Gerry on—-

  395. 395
    dargabriel Says:

    Good beautiful afternoon, I wish and hope the holidays are grand. Its amazing to me how you can make wishes and have them happen in abundance, having my beautiful family be at eagle for a get away, sunshine and snow, fun miraculous times. Hi to all my buddies. Just dropped by, been traveling and hosting. I wish you the best butler… I hope you find whats real and fast, unless you just don’t desire yourself’s true other half, parallel. Time will tell, some people never wake up, I suggest you butler, go back to a guru and have them remind you of what you’re supposed to be doing. Maybe if you ever want to do a spiritual deed, find your other, multiply thy power and be a true light bulb for humanity, remember proximity, it makes all the difference. All my love and light to everyone. Love, dargabriel

  396. 396
    team gerry Says:

    @Snow Flakes: Christmas came early. Thanks! Let’s hope for more shirtless action or historical flicks in 2013. You made me smile on a Monday. :))

  397. 397
    time to ask dargabriel... Says:

    @dargabriel: Hi Dar, It’s nice to hear from you, I’m glad you’re doing well and sharing with your family!

  398. 398
    Just a though Says:

    @shill shill shill:
    Was she using the NPP concert to promote that jewelry? In an event where she wasn’t even a real guest but just a companion? It was never her intention to be out of the spotlight … isn’t it?(that picture is in the official facebook page of the jewelry). Then they want to sell the story about training to keep a low profile.LOL!

  399. 399
    Autumn Says:

    @Bonnie: I’m really envious! Enjoy your holiday and family!


  400. 400
    SPAM! Says:

    Your greetings and wishes of certain persons on the public site are inappropriate! It’s not interesting! STOP SPAM!

  401. 401
    What a hateful human being Says:

    @Sicko: Let’s get back to your point that you agree that GB and MG, being so flawed in the many ways you described eloquently, should not procreate. Your argument strikes as very similar in essence to premise of the forced sterilization practiced in Nazi Germany in the 1930s on the hundreds of thousands of undesirable and certainly flawed people, some of whom were deemed morally corrupt by some members of the society. You are a Nazi-minded relic and you should stay away from the children you said you work with.

  402. 402
    Rome? Says:

    Didn’t someone say once that there’s supposed to be a premier of PFK in Rome? Was it cancelled?
    I wouldn’t put it the same way but what you said makes sense and you’re not alone. My friend is on a planning committee for an event to take place during the inauguration in Washington, DC in January and they had Gerry on their wish list of attendees to give their public affairs people since he was at the last inauguration. But he’s not on it anymore. Someone else on the committee had seen PFK and found it really insulting and thought it would be inappropriate for him to appear for a group advocating for women’s health and rights. I told my friend about the Madalina Ghenea stuff. She didn’t know about it, but said that after she looked at it, she was glad to know because it would also look awkward for a group that advocates for women to have a sugar daddy relationship photographed in front of their logo, particularly involving a young girl who’s a model that’s done the things that you described in your post because it is all contrary to everything they believe in and the programs they operate. She said that Gerry and Madalina might still show up if they’re in Washington for the inauguration because it’s going to be a big event with big name musical artists, celebrities tend to invite themselves, and they can’t really say no without burning other bridges unless the celebrity has actually done something illegal or egregious. But she said that they’re not proactively seeking Gerry’s attendance.
    I don’t think Gerry really gets that his choices have consequences.

  403. 403
    Ignore the Troll Says:

    @What a hateful human being:
    LOL. Dropping the “nazi” bomb is the sure sign of a troll.
    Thumb and ignore peeps.

  404. 404
    Susie Says:

    @ Rome?

    And we’re supposed to believe this story you happen to know about Gerry and the inauguration? Right…….. I’m sure you just happen to have a friend in D.C. blah blah blah…
    I think that the Rome premiere was to be in January.

  405. 405
    Olivia Says:

    The PFK premiere in Rome is on January 10.

  406. 406
    Rome Says:

    I don’t really care if you believe it or not. This is an anonymous board so no one really has any basis to believe anything anyone says here and it’s up to everyone to believe what they want and ignore what they want. If you don’t want to believe my post, feel free to ignore it. No skin off my nose.
    Thanks for the info Olivia!

  407. 407
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    “Gabriele Muccino’s PFK flops.
    …the director said that he was forced to relegate his story for a very specific reason, “marketing”, having to adjust to a strict protocol genre: romantic comedy”

  408. 408
    Flaying Says:

    You@Rome: You are correct to say it’s no skin off your nose whether you tell the truth or not since this is just some anonymous board. But don’t you feel accountable to something more powerful than you if you disseminate lies online? Not saying you are.

  409. 409
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Are you serious? So seeing PFK turned off people enough to un-invite GB for the inauguration but inviting a Korean singer who called for the killing of Americans to entertain the First Daughters was just a fabulous idea? Really.

  410. 410
    Susie Says:


    I agree! Also, if “Rome” is telling the truth, shouldn’t the business and discussions of an inaugural planning committee stay confidential? And why would those discussions about a HW actor be posted on a gossip site?

  411. 411
    Rome Says:

    I’m not lying. I’m saying that it’s no skin off my nose if you don’t believe me. I’m not going to insist that everyone believe me. It’s up for everyone to choose for themselves.
    That’s the last I’ll say about it. Choose to believe my post or not. It’s up to you.

  412. 412
    Rome Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:
    Errrr ……. I don’t know anything about invitations for the inauguration generally. My friend is on the planning committee for a group putting on one event taking place around the inauguration. There’s no affiliation with The White House and whoever they’re inviting for the government events. I’m talking about a private event.
    Just to be clear. Okay, THAT is the last that I’m saying about it. Whew.

  413. 413
    Flaying Says:

    @Susie: Well common sense tells me its nothing but a lie about “un-inviting “. But like @Rome said, you believe what you want to believe so don’t complain if you are fooled .

  414. 414
    Flaying Says:

    So far 11 fools believe it….

    To have the nerve to insult people’s intelligence by such a lousy story full of holes.

  415. 415
    Spinner Says:

    “Oh what a tangled web…” With you Susie on the Rome poster/post. Give me a fu/c’ki/ng break! And look at ALL the thumbs up for that speculation gibberish inauguration BS! Really, people? That IS discouraging when the comment is so ridiculous, outrageous and speculative but people still thumb it up. +13 right now, ugh…Oh yeah, don’t worry I know…I know…my post will be thumbed down to -60 by an hour from now by that poster, the 13 others who agreed with her/him and their multiple socks. Whatever. Carry on.

  416. 416
    Flaying Says:

    People are to gullible it’s unbelievable.

    I have a swamp land in Florida to sell, any takers?

  417. 417
    Becca Says:

    @Flaying: I’m not saying that the story is true, but why shouldn’t it be? A ton of organizations have parties every time there’s an inauguration and they all invite actors and musicians who come to town that they think would be good to get the word out about their cause. It stands to reason that they also don’t want people there who they think would make their cause look bad or hypocritical. Also there’s nothing in the story about Gerry being uninvited. Just that they group had Gerry on a “wish list” to attend because they thought he might be in town again, and now he’s not on it because of what’s come out about him over the past several weeks. That really does not sound too strange or unbelievable to me. Again, it may not be true, but I’m not sure why some people are freaking out like it’s something beyond belief. Sounds like something that probably happens all the time to me.

  418. 418
    Alina Says:

    Who is Arturik??????????? Maybe Gerry knows??

  419. 419
    Alina Says:

    Gerard Butler Was AWFUL At Soccer Before New Film

  420. 420
    Autumn Says:

    @SPAM!: You know your moniker is also considered a type of unedible food – It’s a public gossip site you poor soul! Craftsman called they want their tool back. Get a grip! Find someone else to play with – I’m neither interested or impressed!


  421. 421
    Fraying Says:

    @Becca: You believe what you want to believe, especially if the story fits your per-conceived ideas about Butler. Truth has nothing to do with it.
    A succker is born every second and it’s no skin off my nose.

  422. 422
    Amy Says:

    @Becca: “Sounds like something that probably happens all the time to me.”
    It does happen all the time. Leonardo DiCaprio was and kind of still is a posterchild for environmentalism but came under crazy fire when stories ran about his travel by private plane and related carbon footprint. Environmentalist groups openly called Leo D. out, they didn’t just take him off a list of people they’d like to invite to a party like Rome is talking about. Her story might not actually be true, but it’s definitely believable.
    Gerry’s fans are alarmist hens that are totally disconnected from reality. In their eyes, Gerry is sainted and no one could possibly see him in a disenchanted light. The police could catch Gerry standing over a dead body holding the murder weapon, and they would argue that either the victim deserved it or the police framed Gerry because they’re jealous of his manhood. Just read the comments they leave for reviewers who say bad things about Gerry. Ask the writers at IndieWire about Gerry’s nutter fans.

  423. 423
    SPAM! Says:

    AUTUMN! You’re an id/iot if you think that someone needs you! Hahahaha

  424. 424
    Jacie Says:

    Gerry has made the list for the 15 biggest box office bombs of 2012. But here’s the kicker …. he made the list twice! Both CM and PFK are on it. As the author of the article writes, “What can we surmise from this list? That there WAS someone even less of a draw than Taylor Kitch at the box office this year, and his name was Gerard Butler.”

  425. 425
    dargabriel Says:

    @time to ask dargabriel…: Hi ask, everything thing is divine, there is always someone listening to your wishes. Have you ever felt as though everything is flowing perfect timing? I wish you terrific holidays. Hi Mr. Butler, with all do respect to jj, butler thread.. Peace and light. Love,dar

  426. 426
    Autumn Says:

    @SPAM!: Perhaps! But I’d rather not play board mommy and tell other people what’s appropriate or inappropriate on a public site. I guess being kind is what a daft git like you considers inappropriate! Who are you judge others on a silly gossip site – who’s the numpty now? Oh, by the way, that scots for Idiot.

    Itching for a fight, are we? Play in your own lane. There are a lot of people here who know each other and visit from time to time plus they are kind to and respectful of each other. Sorry you can’t see this or understand it – if you don’t like it, just ignore it like I ignore lots of overzealous posts that are a tad scandalous and libelious. Like I said before, neither interested or impressed by you, your opinions, stellar intellect or grasp of the vernacular. Enjoy what’s left of your evening!

    1 minute of my life I can’t get back – ugh!

  427. 427
    Enablers Says:

    @Amy: I’ve said the same thing here several times. I think the one that’s here the most, and is easily recognizable, is one of the two over at imdb who have a fit if you say anything bad about him, or his flavor of the month. If you read the posts over there, you will easily tell who the main two are. Total loons. They would have an excuse for anything he did, no matter what. GFW’s creepy stalker is easy to spot over there, too.

  428. 428
    Loretta Martin Says:

    Way to go, two box office bombs and your girlfriend is featured on Russian dating sites. All is going in your favor. It’s time to throw in the towel and realize the old man in the group is you.

  429. 429
    time to ask dargabriel... Says:

    @dargabriel: yes, perfect, perfect timing! ;-)

  430. 430
    Lesser Magic Says:

    Funky vest

  431. 431
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Gordon Smart ‏@gordonsmart
    Boozing with @What_Liam_Said #courteeners and the sober Gerard Butler…. Amazing night #winterwonderland @Xfm

  432. 432
    Suzanne Cummings Says:

    @Rome?: Really? You mean Gerry as a single man dating a single woman would be considered shocking and horrible in DC? The politicians are sleeping with everyone and suddenly they’re going to judge Butler?

    HAH! This is insanity. BTW, I don’t believe a word of your story. Sounds like you made it up to try to sway people against MG out of desperation.

  433. 433
    fun Says:

    He always talks like he is really good at soccer, surfing, and all other s word activities.

  434. 434
    SouthernBelle Says:


    I saw a picture of Gerry when he was eight years old, and the child was a porker. That’s not to say that he couldn’t play sports, but I would think that the excess weight would get in the way of his being a real jock. Most guys like to brag about their sports accomplishments – real or imagined. Guess GB’s no different.

  435. 435
    Merry Christmas Says:


    LOL so funny—Anyone heard about men always saying how big the fish was that they caught? Every Fri I have to listen to the great golf shots my husband makes from the night before golf league. I bet many woman go through the same thing regarding bowling, hunting, softball or any other interests their husband has. He is a typical man when it comes to his soccor. :0

  436. 436
    Merry Christmas Says:

  437. 437
    Merry Christmas Says:

    Gerry at .58

  438. 438
    Merry Christmas Says:

  439. 439
    Merry Christmas Says:

    Nobel Peace Prize concert—–enjoy.

  440. 440
    Merry Christmas Says:

    All links provided by WO—-thanks ladies!!!!!

  441. 441
    Merry Christmas Says:

    It looks like he is still in London. I hope next stop is Comrie.

    Merry Christmas Gerry and to your family and friends and wishing you a Happy New Year and a successful 2013.

  442. 442
    dargabriel Says:

    I wish everyone a very festive holidays…… It’s so cool being in the company of positive people, sometimes downer people are so gloomy, stick to the flow of happiness, hope, and trust, and things will be just glorious. My heart and soul goes out to the little children who were mascred, oh my gosh, so devestating. Oh and one final thing, the world won’t end on dec, 21, it’s kind of funny how people fear this, what a waste of time and precious energies. Peace to all of you… I hope to have my positive force beside me one day, wouldn’t that be nice. One wish, please god/gabriel, wake butler up and guide him to the one.

  443. 443
    SPAM! Says:

    @Autumn: Fu/ck you…. ugh!

  444. 444
    Really Says:

    @Amy: I think it’s believable too. It sounds like a women’s advocacy group and Butler’s name has been coupled with the term misogyny in media across the USA for weeks. It’s not the group’s job to front for him or make an arguments on his behalf. If the media has declared someone to be part of a misogynistic project, it makes sense that a group that promotes women wouldn’t be eager to invite that person to their event.
    . .
    “Rome” points out the that group probably wouldn’t rebuff him if someone calls and says Butler wants to go because he hasn’t done anything illegal. But why should they seek him out if he’s currently out-of-favor with regard to respect to women? Just because Butler’s fanlosers think he’s the second coming no matter what anyone else says about him doesn’t mean that the group should have to look the other way with regard to its mission or what it sounds like is their mission.
    . .
    Amazing that Butler’s fanlosers have lost it so badly over the notion that a group wouldn’t seek out Butler for their event. Obviously they haven’t pulled their heads out of their foxholes to notice that they man isn’t exactly beloved. lol.

  445. 445
    foreboding Says:

    Love indiewire – only three people saw CM and two were related to Gerry! They forgot the third was a phannie on an OAP concession.

    But they are correct, he needs a major career rethink. OHF hasn’t got box office success written over it, and the alternate is generating more buzz and has a higher budget, and then yet another soccer movie? Has there ever been a commercially viable soccer movie? And after the coach’s comments thus week that he’s cr*p at soccer and needed a stunt double because he keeps tripping over his own feet?!

  446. 446
    christmasfairy Says:


  447. 447
    christmasfairy Says: Sat next to Gerard Butler!!! Omfg!!!

  448. 448
    christmasfairy Says: Birthday fun with @haggislover with @PREEYAKALIDAS Gerald Butler and Sadie Smith #funtimes I’m so worse for wear I meant #sadiefrost… Grrrr! Anyways #goodtimes

  449. 449
    christmasfairy Says: Celebrating @haggislover birthday with @Karen_bryson , Sadie frost, Gerald butler , herger…

  450. 450
    twitter Says:

    Jade Avia ‏@JadeAvia
    Hot stuff Gerard Butler joined us in the @choicefm studio. Wow he’s a charmer. He asked me what @ Choice FM

  451. 451
    @christmasfairy Says:

    Why don’t you live up to your moniker and give Gerry & Madalina a break? They seem to be very happy & don’t they deserve it?

  452. 452
    christmasfairy Says:

  453. 453
    christmasfairy Says:

  454. 454
    Madonna Says:

    Just thought i’d share the truth with you jealous haters. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks MADONNA is Admirable.
    It was recently announced that the 54-year-old singer’s tour, MDNA, was the highest grossing tour of 2012, according to Billboard!

    The seventy-two sold out shows brought in $228,406,085 in ticket sales, with the number of seats being filled at a whopping 1,635,176.

  455. 455
    Alina Says:

    Sorry ladies but…
    “Gerard Butler and girlfriend at the Playboy Club in London”

  456. 456
    Alina Says:

    Sorry ladies but … Madalina’s pregnant!

  457. 457
    E.P.T. Says:

    @Alina: How do you know that?

  458. 458
    AA Says:

    @E.P.T.: Because of her belly in the pic. If she really is, he is really stupid after less than a year of dating.

  459. 459
    Jacie Says:

    The article got it’s dates wrong. The party at the Playboy club was on Saturday, not yesterday.
    And, MG isn’t pregnant. She’s just doing one of her Zoolanders where she sticks her b.utt out so far that it makes her belly stick out in the opposite direction as a consequence. You’re seeing bad posture and a try-hard pose, not pregnancy.

  460. 460
    Sid Says:

    Well, I’ve got my popcorn already. And one question. Why she always keep the distance between their pelvises? She doesn’t like his touches, does she?

  461. 461
    E.P.T. Says:

    @AA: Her belly looked like that in St. Tropez pics. And yes, he is stupid whether she’s pregnant or not.

  462. 462
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    I doubt it Alina. How many times in the past 7 months have we thought she had a belly? I think it’s just the way she poses. Time will tell, but like I said, I really think it’s doubtful.
    Doesn’t GB look much thinner though??

  463. 463
    E.P.T. Says:

    @Alina: Alina, are you Madalina or a JJ employee? This thread got really slow the past few days. Bad for JJ’s revenues. Here to spice it up dear?

  464. 464
    Alina Says:

    @E.P.T.: No, I’m Alina and I don’t like MG. But this’s reality.

  465. 465
    Nope Says:

    This isn’t Alina. It’s either JJ or a troll trying to revive a dying thread. Nice try, but way too obvious.

  466. 466
    Alina Says:

    Thanks Russian girls from site

  467. 467
    Masha Says:

    He looks like an idiotic fan of a supermodel, taking a photo with a super model…And she is just posing non stop, there is no emotion on any of her pics…

  468. 468
    noma Says:

    Wonder is this tweeter being facetious or why the need to point out sober GB?

    Gordon Smart ‏@gordonsmart
    Boozing with @What_Liam_Said #courteeners and the sober Gerard Butler…. Amazing night #winterwonderland @Xfm

  469. 469
    noma Says:


    She is a drinker so could be booze bloat.

  470. 470
    Merry Christmas Says:

    What is MG doing checking the old man’s pulse? lol

  471. 471
    noma Says:

    @christmasfairy: Interesting Sadie Frost ex wife of Jude Law. Small world.

  472. 472
    @Masha Says:

    Okay, but where is the super model in that pic?

  473. 473
    @Masha Says:

    She is no super model! Please stop calling her a super model. And she is no actress at all.

  474. 474
    @Masha Says:

    Nothing but a cheap, lazy gold digging fame ho!

  475. 475
    Bonnie Says:

    @Masha: She is no supermodel that’s what she wants to be or thinks she is.I agree with all else you said.
    Anyway I have seen her tummy like that before,if he had got a girl with any morals pregnant I would be happy for them .Just not that one.yuk

  476. 476
    Oh puhleeze Says:

    Are these two going to be releasing their fake romance pics every couple of weeks now to keep their faces in any rag that cares enough to print them? This is so obvious. And her body language couldn’t be worse. You can tell what she’s in it for, imo, and it has nothing to do with “love.” In every pic I’ve ever seen she is always holding her body away from him, just like you would do when hugging a friend.

  477. 477
    food 4 thought Says:

    These two are such a joke. He’s got more chemistry with perfect strangers that he poses with on the street, and her ridiculous contortions are simply embarrassing. If she could stick her lips, rear and chest out any farther, she could be Jessica Rabbit. Fake Fake Fake.

  478. 478
    Horrid Says:

    You’d think she would know by now not to pose from the side like that. Her enhanced features look hideous from that angle, and her jaw line could open an envelope. Blech. Not attractive in the least. She is barely a model, never mind a supermodel. I know he likes masculine women, but come on. He could do better.

  479. 479
    GGG Says:

    OMG, this pic is so ridiculous. It’s embarrassing for GB! He looks so old in comparison to MG (not that she is looking like a 25 year old girl, but i mentioned it before).

    She could not be pregnant. Because flying isn’t allowed during the first months of pregnancy. And they flew to Oslo and London together.

  480. 480
    zzzzzzz Says:

    I couldn´t care less who the hell he spends his private time with, but oh how I hate looking at pictures with that plastic drag queen. She has absolutely no expression on her face, in each and every pic she looks the same, as if she was a brainless idiot. Look I´m so sexy.

  481. 481
    Masha Says:

    I didn’t say she’s a supermodel, but that he is acting that way…

  482. 482
    @GGG Says:

    Pregnant women aren’t to fly at the end of their terms, not the beginning.

  483. 483
    GGG Says:


    They shouldn’t fly during the first 3 AND the last 3 months….

  484. 484
    Merry Christmas Says:

    @food 4 thought:

    Jessica Rabbit —Lol what a pair.

  485. 485
    Masha Says:

    She had even bigger belly in the France photos from a few months ago, that’s how she ” poses” ….So this story about her being pregnant is ridiculous…

  486. 486
    The One Show on Facebook Says:

    Lisa Gigante
    Best one show ive seen for ages on Friday night… G Butler.. bring him back! We love drunk people on telly.. any of you that say he was an embarrassment you need to get a grip. I am tee total and thought he was super cute trying to wrap his bear lol bless could have taken him home and put him to bed to sleep it off :В
    Stuart Robertson
    no pics of gerry the guys a muppet,i went to school with him he was a pratt then and the folk of Paisley my home town certainly aint proud of that drunk……as for his racial comments ,,,he a silly silly boy

  487. 487
    Xmas gift Says:

    Thankfully there’s still very little interest, if any, in these two, and absolutely zero in the US. At least she won’t get any publicity in this country, which I’m sure she was counting on. Merry Xmas!

  488. 488
    Merry Christmas Says:

    @The One Show on Facebook:

    Anyone know what a “pratt” is?

  489. 489
    Fisheye Says:

    @zzzzzzz: I feel the same. She has the most dead eyes I’ve ever seen. I don’t like looking at her, either. She makes my skin crawl. Have at it Ger, if that’s what you’re into, just try not to take pics with her, lol.

  490. 490
    The One Show on Facebook Says:

    @Merry Christmas:

  491. 491
    Masha Says:

    Did anyone else notice that in his early interviews, when he was just starting, he was trying for people to like him, he was this humble, down to earth, funny, spiritual guy…And now he looks like he is so full of him self …. He’s like : Yeah , I’m a celebrity everybody likes me, I’m hot what’s new about that? I don’t know, there is just something so antipathyc about him now…

  492. 492
    Not so sure Says:

    @Masha: Not so sure about the humble part. From all accounts I’ve read from people who went to school with him or grew up with him in his town, it sounds like he had a bad rep for being an a-hole. He’s just more of one now. That accounts for his thinking it makes him look good to date an underwear model. Only a shallow jerk would believe that.

  493. 493
    He was very cocky Says:


    ‘During the show, aired on US network ABC last week, Butler claimed Carol Anne had also broken his heart.

    Asked by Kimmel if he had ever been shunned by a woman, Butler held his head in his hands as he said: “When I was 15 or 16, I actually fell in love a couple of times at high school.

    “She flirted outrageously with me, holding my hand, smiling and always pretending we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    “I made my huge attraction to her very clear – at which point she said, ‘I’m not in the slightest bit interested’, and it killed me.”

    At her home in Newton Mearns, Glasgow, Carol Anne, 40, who was head girl at St Mirin’s when Butler was head boy, said: “It’s no big deal to me but it clearly still is to him, despite all these years.

    “He was very cocky and loved himself – that seems to be the way he is now.”

  494. 494
    christmasfairy Says:

    @Not so sure:

    Not sure if I’m quoting it correctly, but, “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.”
    As we’ve been seeing with GB and his arrogance, total lack of humility and displays of utter shallowness this year. Which is hard to believe given that exactly a year ago, he almost drowned. Shame he didn’t listen to the ‘message’ the universe has been trying to tell him, seeing as he claims to be such a great believer in that too. Full of crap, Mr Butler, as your actions keep on proving.

  495. 495
    Playboy Says:

    I hesitate to say anything but…as an outsider looking in if I didn’t know anything about GB and simply stumbled upon this site and saw that pic I would be very worried for him. I am very worried. I’m sure it’s all good and just my own perception of things but…

  496. 496
    Merry Christmas Says:

    @He was very cocky:

    So almost 3 yrs ago—and people are still saying the same thing about him—-so what’s changed?

  497. 497
    pratts Says:

    pratt = annoying, time wasting, stupid (not as in dumb, but getting in peoples way and creeping them out or being a nuisance).
    A pratt is generally someone who you would rather avoid, but if you had them as a friend or a work colleague, would make sure that you didnt get to close to, as they would always make a fool of themselves and spoil things for others by goofing around and ‘making a pratt of themselves!’.

  498. 498
    Gerry Sheen Says:

    Playboy Club? So Gerry went to visit Madalina Ghenea at work again? How nice of him!
    This photo is so ridiculous. I just showed some people at work and it’s flown around like wildfire with people laughing.
    Madalina Ghenea is striking a tacky lingerie pose with her T&A out and chin jutted up AGAIN (cuz we’ve all seen Madalina’s candid (aka unphotoshopped) photos – she can’t take a shot straight on without looking like she’s been punched in the face).
    Gerard Butler looks like a middle aged hick who’s all giddy because he’s escaped the backwoods and discovered Hooters, taking a souvenir shot with a young Hooters girl.
    File this one with the Olsen/Sarkozy pics.

  499. 499
    Ames Says:

    Hmmmmm…. Take that

  500. 500
    noma Says:

    @Merry Christmas: sounds like brat and pric k mixed together you get the meaning

  501. 501
    wiphoenix Says:


    My god, what fugly ho she is. She’s straight up ugly. Why does he have such low standards? He’s got taste only in his mouth. Blechhh!

    He needs a *****.

  502. 502
    noma Says:

    @Ames: You are late to the game I was hoping it was Gerry posing with some real Playmates

  503. 503
    dargabriel Says:

    Butler looks so unhealthy in that photo, I guess being with the wrong person is killing his soul power, oh well I guess he’d rather have his skin look ashy and dark then be light and glowing. Sorry but that woman whos my daughter’s age looks like a black widow, the way she has her pointy eyebrows makes her look very hard, wonder what margret’s thinking about her beloved son hooking up with that. I do know butler’s other half now wants nothing to do with him, he will be lost forever, one thing to say, good luck with that butler. I really never have respected this butler and his ways,but I’ve watched a few of his gigs. This road he’s on is doomed this I can see, he knows this, I believe he’s trying to die. I thought I acted childlike, but this butler is childish. Oh my god, this so isn’t going to work. If he has kids with this, there will be many complications, all red flags, all negative karma. Just my predictions, she is and will cheat, she is the one who gave him herpes, so maybe he feels stuck. Have a great day. Love,dargabriel

  504. 504
    noma Says:

    you know when Gerry tried to lose his shadow at that party at the Playboy Club

  505. 505
    christmasfairy Says:

  506. 506
    twitter Says:

    Me and Gerard butler chilling in Soho!

  507. 507
    twitter Says:


    omg ;)))))))

  508. 508
    noma Says:

    some UK guy on twitter was ranting on about how he had been up for the role of One Two on RocknRolla still bitter that Gerry got the role, jealous he got to slowdance with Tom Hardy

  509. 509
    Butterface Says:

    @wiphoenix: Ain’t that the truth. Good bod, but imo only because of major implants front and back. But that face, OMG. What a scary broad. She kinda looks like one of those grey aliens.

  510. 510
    Phoenix Says:

    Afternoon y’all!

    Hope everyone is well.
    First of all, Hi Autumn! Read your posts a little bit ago and just wanted say, “You go girl!”. Sometimes you just have get in people’s faces and let them know what the deal is.


    Secondly, saw the Playboy pic- not impressed. GB looks washed out, worn out, dragged out, funky and tired! He does not look any where near healthy and well. His kind of living is starting to take its toll, and it’s there for all to see now. He needs a serious break. He most likely will not do it, but if, and it’s a big if, he cares ANYTHING about his physical and mental health, he’ll chill for few months, pull his kahunas together and find a way to to begin again.

  511. 511
    christmasfairy Says: My aunties friend went out with GERARD BUTLER when she was young and dumped him,bet she regrets that now. @__caraelizabeth how raging she must be,she said he was a **** though and didnt treat her nice so she dumped him..haha @__caraelizabeth i know! but still i’d be so annoyed thinking he good be my husband and i dumped him :’)

  512. 512
    Michel Says:

    Thought to check out Butler’s soccer skills on this board and found myself wallowed in this much female stuff. Had to say Butler you got yourself a piece of some azzz. Keep it up bro.

  513. 513
    christmasfairy Says:

    @What_Liam_Said heard you drinking with Mr 300 last night, also believe the gig was immense as ever, how’s the head feeling today..

    @mikecambo1 good stuff, were you it boozing with Gerard Butler as well, heard Liam was

  514. 514
    Sure you did Says:

    @Michel: Nice try, phannie. Pathetic.

  515. 515
    Party on Says:

    @christmasfairy: IMHO, he’s drinking. I have trouble believing that he’s drinking water or pop at these parties every night. And these tweets lately certainly sound as if he is. JMO, but it would explain his haggard appearance too.

  516. 516
    Suzanne Cummings Says:

    They’ve been together for 8 months now. She looks a lot better than he does. He looks tired and in need of a spa visit or something. Does he ever slow down and take time off to relax and stay out of the clubs?

    Question for those who know, is dargabriel a 2012 version of Miss Cleo?

  517. 517
    TeaCakes Says:

    @twitter: He’s wearing the Norwegian sweater he was given in Oslo. Nice pic.

    I see the Romanian is still with him. He looks like he needs a bath and a nap.

  518. 518
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    GB is beginning to loose weight again much as he did last year before he went to rehab.

    As far as Little Maddie saying she feels like she’s being examined when she visits with GB’s family, put it in perspective. She is a 25 year old high school drop out who made it on her looks (enhanced); she is with the star of the family who happens to have the equivalent of a doctorate here in the states under his belt. She walks into a house full of college educated, successful people who are trying to set a good example for their children. Just picture that in your mind and see what you come up with.

  519. 519
    Nitpicking Says:

    @Suzanne Cummings: Doesn’t really matter one way or the other, but I don’t think it’s eight months until January, if you go with the theory they hooked up in mid to late May.

  520. 520
    Family fun Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: IMO his family are crossing their fingers this is a passing phase. Especially if they are strict Catholics. My family is also, so I know if it was my mom she wouldn’t let whatsherface in the house, lol. I think moving in with someone right when you meet them is pretty much frowned upon.

  521. 521
    Merry Christmas Says:


    Does that include a useless type person?

  522. 522
    wiphoenix Says:

    @Family fun: someone in his family should shove her gangly jazz down the stairs, and pretend it was accident. Maybe one her lip aeroimplants will explode..

  523. 523
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Family fun @ 12/18/2012 at 2:17 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Totally Useless Information: IMO his family are crossing their fingers this is a passing phase. Especially if they are strict Catholics. My family is also, so I know if it was my mom she wouldn’t let whatsherface in the house, lol. I think moving in with someone right when you meet them is pretty much frowned upon.

    I don’t think his family would ever be rude to a significant other of any family member. And they shouldn’t be because it can backfire quickly. I would guess Little Maddie is one in a string of youthful beauties GB has taken home to meet the family. At this point, they probably just look the other way if GB is happy and not restless.

  524. 524
    Family fun Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: Who said anything about being rude? It’s not about being rude. It’s about being true to your beliefs, and not being a phony. She just wouldn’t be invited at all if it were my family.

  525. 525
    Interesting info.... Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:

    When or where did she say she felt like she was being examined? And I bet that both and women AND the men in Gerry’s family are with it enough to see what see’s done to herself physically and otherwise.

  526. 526
    Merry Christmas Says:

    @Interesting info….:

    I don’t think it took a whole lot for his family to size her up in just one look!!

  527. 527
    Merry Christmas Says:

    I wonder tho if Gerry’s step dad thinks she is just great and has been sneaking to look at her online. LOL

  528. 528
    Merry Christmas Says:

  529. 529
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    As I said, not inviting a significant other can backfire especially if the relationship ends in a marriage. We are presuming they are staying in his mother’s house and we know nothing of the sort. I’m sure there are plenty of rentals available. If my family didn’t invite my boyfriend to Christmas festivities because they didn’t approve of our relationship, they wouldn’t see me either.

    Someone on one of the these threads translated an interview where Little Maddie said she felt like it was a test when she visited GB’s family in Scotland. Whether that is true or not, it still stands to reason she might be uncomfortable to around her 43 year old sugar daddy’s family.

  530. 530
    Interesting info.... Says:

    @Merry Christmas: @Merry Christmas:

    The younger or more naive male members may think so–like all the guys who tweet how “hot” she is. Gerry’s stepdad seems like a righteous dude to me.

  531. 531
    How shallow Says:

    Yawn…I used to live quite similarly, running from party to party, club to club. In my twenties. It really is beyond belief that he behaves this way at his age. I cannot think of one other “celebrity” in his age bracket who lives this way. He appears to be completely starved for attention from anyone that will give it to him.

  532. 532
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: A lot of the stories are made up about MG right here at JJ by people who feel threatened by the fact that Gerry is with someone. People are skewing stories and making up stuff as they go along. It’s so obvious most here don’t like her but the question is why? Would they like anyone he’s with? Doubt it! They just can’t handle that he’s with anyone.

    Some examples of the lies– she’s a tranny, an escort and has a kid. Oh, they say she’s using Gerry to get ahead. Let me guess, she’s after a nothing role like he gets these days? LMFAO.

    None of that is true and each time someone posts those lies it becomes more ridiculous.

    I’m a truther. Give me something that’s true and proof of it and I’ll believe you.

  533. 533
    Hahahahaha Says:

    @TeaCakes: Really, truther? How do you know none of those things are true? Prove it. You are blinded by your own adulation. It’s your OPINION that none of these things are true, and your daily attempts to berate the posters are boring.

  534. 534
    Justme Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:
    I wouldn’t not go home because of a boyfriend. Thats still my family and personally I woldn’t be laying up in my mamas house with a boyfriend anyway. thats just a respect thing to me.

  535. 535
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    @Tea Cakes

    I would if I cared enough. I have no like or dislike toward Little Maddie one way or the other. The tranny remarks, escort remarks are reprehensible as far as I’m concerned. The interviews I read myself, but they were translated on Google. Believe what you will, and so shall I.

  536. 536
    missjude Says:

    @TeaCakes: most of what is said here about madalina is 100% true. she’s not a tranny but looks like she is because of all the surgeries/enhancements she’s had. apart from the tranny remarks everything has been proven with links to pictures and interviews. you have to be stupid to not see she is a compulsive liar.

  537. 537
    missjude Says:

    just seen the playboy club picture. she poses like an idiot. she has no idea how to be natural. thus making her an awful Actress.

  538. 538
    Phoenix Says:


    Hi, Justme

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Simply put, it IS a matter of respect, isn’t it? Personally, I don’t think he would do that to his parents. I also get the feeling that when he’s traveling with “company”, he makes it a point to make other accommodations-jmo.


    On the Nobel thread, I read your comment about Seal. I laughed before I realized I shouldn’t have. I’m on the other side the coin, I’ve always thought he was handsome. To me, it’s his scars that make him so sexy. I know you’re cringing just about now. *big laugh*

  539. 539
    Justme Says:

    I think he has enough respect for his mom also but I’m sure she doesn’t ahve much ion common with them to carry on any decent conversations.I’m sure he’s brought many a girl home like a lot of guys so she goes with the flow and is nice to them all. as for SEAL, girl that brotha is toast. His scars didn’t appeal to Heidi Klum that monster hanging low did. Something tells me she won’t last to long with a White guy and mainly because of the kids. So before I gt thumbs down, let me tell ya thats just usually how it works when you cross the railroad tracks. Only time will tell.

  540. 540
    big apple Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: He never stays with his family he is always in hotels even then, probably because he has his model du jour in tow or if he is single, he wants privacy if he gets lucky,

  541. 541
    lololololol Says:

    I don´t know if idiot Madalina Ghenea knows that she looks like a caricature? Her style should be called Maddie Rabbit idiot posing.

  542. 542
    Interesting info.... Says:


    Well, Hallie Berry has no trouble because of her daughter. People esp alot of artists are more open minded when it comes to race then even a decade ago. ESP with all the celebs adopting black and multiracial kids. If seal is toast its because of his alleged monster temper not whats “hanging. Too many stories about him not being able to control it.

  543. 543
    Justme Says:

    @Interesting info….: Ok lets start the thumbs. It’s always different for a black woman than a white one. White men tend to look down on a white woman for crossing over. Look around your neighborhoods. normally when a white girl has kids with a black guy she more than likely will continue to date black. Black women, we have our pick. Normally when a black woman is with a white guy it’s more on an even keel. Educationally, etc and also he’s looked at as being able to satisfy a black woman (ohhh the myths, lol)

  544. 544
    Phoenix Says:


    I am officially cracking up now!

    You and all the other JJers have a great evening!

  545. 545
    Interesting info.... Says:


    Not the change the subject from GB maybe that seemedto be true years ago but I DO think perception is changing. And I think Europeans IN GENERAL are more open minded about so called “mixing” than problably Americans. Heidi wont have trouble I dont believe. There was a theory that Whites in america werent willing to adopt a Black child as well. But a good decade ago on one of the American programs there were SIX White couples on the show who were dispondent because they were perfectly willing to adopt Black children but U.S. social services wouldnt allow them feeling they wouldnt havethe understanding to raise a Black American child.These kids just wanted kids! I also read that a number of Black American kids where being shipped overseas to be rasied by White Europeans. Call me naive but I always like to believe that those hard held attitudes are disappearing.

  546. 546
    Accommodations Says:

    @Phoenix: I couldn’t help but notice that during the b-day trip, they seemed to be in Edinburgh most of the time, which is on the opposite coast to Glasgow. Imo he probably brought her to the dinner on his b-day, but he kept her in a different city for the duration. I do think the staying in hotels in cities where he owns property is really bizarre, and I wonder if he still owns anything at this point. It doesn’t make sense.

  547. 547
    cupcake Says:

    Hi girls how is everyone doing still can’t get over what happen in conneticut. The shootings need to stop.

  548. 548
    cupcake Says:

    Not to take away from the tragedy that happened. On a much lighter note, saw the pic of Gerry and maddie. Just a question? Why does it always have to be a zoolander pose?. Why can’t she be just natural.

  549. 549
    Justme Says:

    @Interesting info….: You are correct some things are changing however some don’t Case in point. I had a lady at work ask me if I wanted to be called African american or Black and I said Black. I hate the term African American because it doesn’t depict us as a people. That term gained popularity when Jesse Jackson was running for office. She asked me why and I explained. You don’t go around calling yourself German American or Irish American and she said no. Your ancestors may have been from there but you aren’t. Some of our ancestors were from Africa but when the slave owner went to the cabins late at night and had his way and started ahvding children those dynamics changed. We are a mixture of White, Black, Indian, etc. Just look at our names mostly Irish and Sottish.But in America people look at your skin color and believe thats all thats in you and it’s definately not.

  550. 550
    Justme Says:

    @Phoenix: I’ve actually had white guys tell me that. They liked a black girl, wanted to ask her out but felt sexually she wouldn’t accept him. Sad but true. However, a sister like me is an equal opportunity employer!!!!!!!!

  551. 551
    Merry Christmas Says:

    Maddie Rabbit—I just couldn’t resist posting

  552. 552
    Purse Says:

    Photo op pictures she looks one way. Normal pictures she looks a different way. We should all tag ourselves super duper models. Gotta wonder whats wrong with her that she can’t nail someone her own age.

  553. 553
    GladysKravitz Says:

    @cupcake: Her idea of what it means to be a “model” is similar to Courtney Stodden’s idea of what “sexy” is. Caricatures to the extreme. I expect both are self-taught, and read too many Cosmo mags, along with many viewings of Pretty Woman.

  554. 554
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    @Merry Christmas:
    Is she having a broomstick shoved up her butt? LMAO! This is her best zoolander ever so far!

  555. 555
    idiots at jj Says:


    are you really that stupid?
    if he owns as much property as you claim, then its rental property. he can’t just show up out of the blue and sleep over. the renters are the ones paying the mortgage on HIS property and they are also paying him a profit on top of that. he doesn’t have the right to just show up and visit. he doesn’t have the right to enter without prior notice and he can’t hang out.

  556. 556
    idiots at jj Says:

    its not polite to knock gonads in public. you shameful dou/che.

  557. 557
    Mad Rabbit Says:

    @cupcake: ….cause she is a fake.

  558. 558
    idiots at jj Says:

    i always thought you were black LOL

  559. 559
    idiots at jj Says:

    ummm….maybe boys her age fail to measure up. she after all is more successful than most men her age. she started her career early and has been working since she was a teenager. she should stay away from boys her age unless they are as successful as she is and have already made it or are close to getting a high paying job in a management position.

  560. 560
    TeaCakes Says:

    @idiots at jj: Yes, some of the posters here really are that stupid.

  561. 561
    idiots at jj Says:

    unless she meets someone sexually attractive to her who is her own age. she should stay away from boys her age. and when i say boys i mean boys. at 24 they are still jealous immature boys.

  562. 562
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.” – Luke 2:6-7

    Open my ears, that I may hear
    Voices of truth Thou sendest clear;
    And while the wave-notes fall on my ear,
    Everything false will disappear. —Scott

    God speaks through His Word
    to those who listen with their heart.

  563. 563
    idiots at jj Says:

    i don’t remember who wrote it but someone said that you peeps are not jealous of maddie….give me a break. you most certainly are. you are jealous of women who are better looking than you or ahead of you on the social ladder, the promotion ladder. if someone’s cookie is bigger than yours, your jealous of that too. you are childish whiners. grow up and accept the fact that some people are born with a better hand at life than you were. and if you don’t like your hand, you have the right to get better cards and improve your life situation.

  564. 564
    idiots at jj Says:

    just don’t expect the winners with the better hand to give up what they were given just to make you feel better about your poorer hand. you’re a pathetic lot.

  565. 565
    idiots at jj Says:

    if you’re upset that maddie looks different from you then find someone who more closely resembles your personal physical image. if you’re asian, there’s lucy liu. she’s skinny and successful. but gb will never and i mean never go out with her.

  566. 566
    christmasfairy Says:

  567. 567
    idiots at jj Says:

    and if you are going to complain about people who have opted for plastic surgery then stop wearing makeup. most men think makeup is gross and fake. they hate licking it or kissing it.

  568. 568
    Toni Says:

    People call his girlfriend ugly but call that ugly slum girl freida Pinto beautiful? EWWWW!! nasty slum filth!

  569. 569
    Eileen Says:

    @Merry Christmas:
    What broom brand is she advertising for in that picture? I don’t think she is modeling lingerie, because she doesn’t appear to be wearing any underwear at all! LOL!

  570. 570
    idiots at jj Says:

    if she was the virgin mary, you’d be complaining about that too. you’re nothing but mean spirited hypocrites.

  571. 571
    wiphoenix Says:

    @TeaCakes: The truth is no one cares what tea cakes thinks.

  572. 572
    idiots at jj Says:

    you’re nothing but jealous mean spirited arrogant hypocrites. you are so jealous you make things up that aren’t true, but she is the one who ends up with the positive attention and you get the negative attention. so you are losing by complaining about her. she keeps getting ahead and you keep falling behind.

  573. 573
    GGG Says:

    It’s so funny, that guy(s) like ‘Toni’ or ‘idiots at jj’ are always posting at one time to insult the other posters. Could it be more obviously? LOL

  574. 574
    wiphoenix Says:

    @idiots at jj: I have a friend far better looking than trout mouth, natural a business woman with her company. The CEO of Viacom is in love with her and could make her the next Julia Roberts, except she doesn’t. Want him. She’s got a good man. That’s. Called ETHICAL. Some beautiful women are 99% ain’t. MG is the leader of the 99%. Low level trash that screws instead of earns. And she,s a fig. She never be seen from the neck up. I bet she spends a lot time on her knees so her johns can see her best features or the ceiling.

  575. 575
    wiphoenix Says:

    @idiots at jj: why don’t you leave then you simpering whin y crybaby.

  576. 576
    Bollywood Fan Says:

    @Toni: The exotic appeal she brings to her roles, are the only reasons for her being cast in films. Pinto is a very bad actress.
    I would not say she is ugly, but she is not as beautiful as other indian actresses. She has a large square chin and masculine jawline just like Jennifer Aniston. Without the support of her then boyfriend, she would not have come that far.

  577. 577
    wiphoenix Says:

    @idiots at jj: You mean she keeps giving head to get ahead while decent people earn.

  578. 578
    TeaCakes Says:

    @idiots at jj: You’re right. Some others here say the same thing, that some are jealous of Maddie. It’s the only explanation for their radical hatred and the lies they keep making up about her. It’s very childish. Reminds me of stuff that a junior high kid would make up.

  579. 579
    sociologist Says:

    @idiots at jj: oh you don’t know much about Mr. Butler he likes exotic mixes, the more exotic the better, just that he probably doesn’t bring those girls to mama or Nobel Peace Prize concerts.

    Note on form is a black and Japanese mixed race person considered blasian?

    I think in the end we are all mixed in varying degrees even the whitest of the white etc or at least in the Western World where intermixing of the races is much ahead of places like China and Japan. I think the US is far more tolerant of intermixing than many areas of the world and not as tolerant as other areas of the world like Brazil.

  580. 580
    GGG Says:

    @ teacup AKA Toni AKA idiots at jj and all your other synoyms:

    Could you pleeease stop talking about this dumb idea of jealousy!!! I beg you!! It’s getting so boring to explain this over and over again:

    If you read the previous pages of posts a little bit more carefully, you will recognise, that the majority of the posts doesn’t say anything positive either about GB or MG. By that fact why should we be jealous of one of them? Why?? Why?? Why?? So pleeease sit down and reflect a little BEFORE you claim (again and again) something that doesn’t make sense at all!!!!

  581. 581
    sociologist Says:

    @GladysKravitz: What is really sad is Courtney Stodden looks older than MG.

  582. 582
    TeaCakes Says:

    @wiphoenix: Truth is, you’re the president of the Hate Maddie club. I’m sure Gerry isn’t listening to any of your advice. He’s in love, deal with it. LOL

  583. 583
    missjude Says:

    @TeaCakes: not lies. are you not paying attention? you’re very annoying

  584. 584
    sociologist Says:

    @Merry Christmas: so she DOES do housework.

  585. 585
    idiots at jj Says:


    You sound jealous and now you are looking real bad, not to mention paranoid delusional, because i am not the other two posters who have also called you out as jealous. people who are jealous do tend to be paranoid and tend to have delusions about their so called competition. just like you do right now.

  586. 586
    sigh! Says:

    @Bollywood Fan: Just leave Bollywood where it belongs, in the gutter.

  587. 587
    idiots at jj Says:

    you’re the type that is jealous of the blessed virgin mary. i know your kind. jealous to the hilt. you can’t handle any woman who is better than you or exceeds you in any area. bottom line>>>not only are you jealous, but you are also a loser.

  588. 588
    idiots at jj Says:

    funny that your head is up her ass about everything because you are the one who is falling behind.

  589. 589
    Yawn Rinse & Repeat Says:

    @idiots at jj: You are the idiot. No one cares what you think. Yet this fact does not register in your peabrain after all this time. The board was on a good roll. Let the funny witty people continue.

  590. 590
    Merry Christmas Says:

    I could never be jealous of Mad Rabbit—you know why?—-because I am happy with myself the way I am——Mad will never know that peace!!!!!

  591. 591
    Joseph Says:


  592. 592
    idiots at jj Says:

    don’t get into plastic surgery. you suck. you are one of the people tearing women apart and cutting them into little pieces because of your insane jealousy of other women who are your betters and/or winners. spoilsport. you need to learn to accept defeat graciously. now go trot out and play with your ball dogbreath.

  593. 593
    GGG Says:

    @idiots at jj:

    Jealous of whom?
    Of MG because she has a relationship with a guy who doesn’t even spend birthday or christmas with her, who is asking other women for their numbers, who is a child captured in the body of a middle aged man, who has to party all the time?
    Or of GB because he has a relationship with a woman who already had a fling with two of his friends, who is a model whose pics are published on po.rn sites?
    I’m in heavy trouble, that’s a very tough decision…

  594. 594
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Greetings all! Hope this finds everyone well and happy. Butler’s career seems to be stuck and stalled out at this point. I had such high hopes for him but he does come across now as a bit lazy about his craft in my opinion. Wonder where and when he lost his drive. It’s not going to stop the world from spinning on its axis, but it’s still disappointing as a fan to watch him make bad choices again and again in his professional and personal lives. Ah, well, it is what it is. If he doesn’t care, then why should anyone else. Much more important things to put our emotional investment into. Sad to think he really is that superficial, though. Take care everybody and Merry Christmas to all and warm wishes for a safe and healthy year ahead.

  595. 595
    idiots at jj Says:

    @Merry Christmas:
    madalina is happy with herself. you are the one who isn’t happy with her. that means you’re the unhappy one. deal with it.

  596. 596
    Yawn Rinse & Repeat Says:

    @idiots at jj: And what you are a candidate for Secretary of State? If all this upsets you maybe you need to stalk every tweeter, columnist, critic, comedian that says negative things about Gerry and his concubine. Don’t go to a comedy club ever because you won’t be able to handle it. I think we know where the broomstick went.

  597. 597
    No worries Says:

    @Yawn Rinse & Repeat: The ‘tard is getting thumbed off just as fast as it’s posting, so just ignore. This person is clearly very disturbed. Teacup is a little old lady from imdb.

  598. 598
    Shark Jumping Trolls Says:

    @idiots at jj: “you’re the type that is jealous of the blessed virgin mary.”
    LOL. Why does JJ always get the really crappy trolls from the short bus?
    Folks if you want to continue bickering with this thing because you want to bicker, go ahead. But I promise you — this is a 13 year old boy or girl trolling. It hasn’t even taken off its troll training bra yet. Play with it if you want.
    LOL, jealous of the bloody virgin mary ……..

  599. 599
    Merry Christmas Says:

    @idiots at jj:

    I have no idea what you just said. Do you??

  600. 600
    Thumbing them all Says:

    I’m thumbing the troll and everyone who responds to it. They’re all idiots and probably the same troll.

  601. 601
    idiots at jj Says:

    you just proved you are jealous by trotting out those same worn out lies. and you are jealous of people like what you just described. really, my cat can do better.

  602. 602
    missjude Says:

    @idiots at jj: madalina IS happy with herself…after the breast enlargement, lip fillers, butt implants, dermal fillers, leonardo di caprio, adrien brody and gerard butler. she’d better be happy..

  603. 603
    Merry Christmas Says:

    Or this is someone who is still having happy hour!

  604. 604
    idiots at jj Says:

    @Shark Jumping Trolls:
    go to hell you lousy catholic hating brit. i just stuck a fork in you and you are done.
    you just proved you are indeed jealous of the blessed virgin mary by calling her bloody mary instead. you also showed your country of origin is england. stick it up your fat arsxe, jealous loser

  605. 605
    idiots at jj Says:

    i thumbed up your comment. good smart girl.

  606. 606
    idiots at jj Says:

    @shark, there’s a whale whose going to eat you for dinner on friday.

  607. 607
    Merry Christmas Says:

    I was wrong—it is a teenager.

  608. 608
    google Says:

    Omg! Put this into Google ‘madalina ghenea operatii estetice’. certainly confirms a lot!

  609. 609
    Toni Says:

    I emailed a friend of mine a copy of that crazy pic of Gerry and Madalina Ghenea and she emailed it back to me with thought bubbles for GB and MG down the sides of it. It’s sooooo funny! She said that she might post it online. If she does, I’ll link to it. It’s not the same without the photo, but it goes:
    GB’s Top Thought Bubble – “She’s only 24!”
    MG’s Top Thought Bubble – “He’s rich!”
    GB’s Second Thought Bubble – “Even at 43, I’ve still got it.”
    MG’s Second Thought Bubble – “Christ. Does this old geezer still have a pulse?”
    GB’s Third Thought Bubble – “She’s so into me.”
    MG’s Third Thought Bubble – “He’s no Leo, but he’ll do the job.”
    GB’s Fourth Thought Bubble – “I’m so awesome.”
    MG’s Fourth Thought Bubble – “I’m so awesome.”

  610. 610
    LLL Says:

    @dargabriel: The tone of your posts has changed. Has it been so long ago that all of your predictions were positive for Gerard? Have you given up on Gerard and his one? Do you really think she has given up on him too?

  611. 611
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Hi Joie, good to see you. I think Gerry has let himself down more than his fans. He wanted so much to be a good actor but he took the wrong road to success and now he is empty. All the wealth he has made didn’t give him the respect as an actor he was hoping for. Yes it made him rich financially but broke in the things that really count.
    Joie, have a wonderful Holiday and God Bless you and yours♥♥
    To the rest of the JJr’s, I hope your holiday will be blessed with love for all of you and your families.
    To Gerry, I hope someday you find what you are searching for and it brings you the peace and love and contentment you seek.

  612. 612
    Autumn Says:

    @Phoenix: Thanks for the kind words Phoenix! Love your city! Those photos are just too practiced to be real. So sad – I would love to be a fly on the wall at his mum’s for Christmas. Has to be tense.

    His mum strikes me like most Scottish mums (mine included) – they do not suffer fools lightly. Why do I have a feeling his mum grabs him by the ear and gives a good tug.

    Have a lovely evening!

  613. 613
    LLL Says:

    Honestly, I had just glanced at some of the pics of Gerard and his gf…. didn’t pay much attention to them. Looking at the one most recently posted, I think I see all I need to see, thank you.

  614. 614
    Autumn Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Joie nice to see you here! Missed seeing you here. Best wishes for the holidays as well.


  615. 615
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    I don’t know if anyone knows this already, so if it is old news sorry. Just saw the email. Anyway on Madalina Ghenea’s Fan Page Photos (besides all being her of course and posing as she does…in the 10 row 2 one towards the right is GB holding a sign “Real Men dont buy Girls…” K, LDC didnt AB didnt. They both dropped her like a very hot tater, especially LDC.

    He sure isn’t getting her ‘affections” for free…. Pathetic.



  616. 616
    Merry Christmas Says:


    I couldn’t find anything?

  617. 617
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Merry Christmas:

    Just copy the phrase into your google search. There are numerous articles and pics about MG’s plastic surgery.

  618. 618
    Wishes Says:

    #437: I can’t stop watching GB in this video, lol. He is so sweet and genuine. Now that’s the GB I love! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  619. 619
    Gerry's FrankenGirlfriend Says:

    At least some of this is obvious just from looking at her portfolio –
    I mean this is her “before” face –
    Leave it to superficial Gerard Butler to find a woman who sells artificial beauty attractive. Hasn’t he said that he likes “natural” girls in the past? What a joke.
    Careful GerBear. Girls who start rearranging their faces at such young ages always end up looking busted later when the artifice starts wearing down.

  620. 620
    lmao! Says:

    faces at about the same angle-
    lmao! the lips are absurd, and either her jawline or cheekbones are different. no wonder she doesn’t look 24. her face had to heal from being messed with. that’ll age ya. also i think she and gerry could have a contest for who buttons the least buttons on the tops they wear. that’s one classy lady in the second photo no?
    lmao. way to pick ‘em gerry. yeesh.

  621. 621
    dargabriel Says:

    @LLL: Dear poster, we all can walk many paths to walk, but only one spiritual, there has been moments where butler could’ve come together with his other, but because of wrongdoings, karma, and divine timing, they both are the same parallel intertwined through emotion, so this is very challenging, especially because butler is jealous and posessive, he is with someone, she is with someone…. Butler knows what is real and is a supernatural magician, he plays with telepathy, you see, he haunts and makes sure his other half won’t forget with lots of tricks, messages, and messengers . He,wishes his other half’s soul/gabriel was incarnated into a model, but fortunately she’s nothing like that fake, natural pretty much. I’ve dealt with alot of negative karma when I was to marry and then for years, I felt like God was clobbering me with a frying pan through the universe, twilight zone. Yes, butler is a joker, both he and the other are distant and are distracted, but butler’s other is very saddened over past stuff, can’t understand how people can be,so cruel and hateful, see butler can understand this, but not the light hope, this has been a push/pull for years now through spirit. It’s divine and difficult when you’re awake in spirit. I feel butler is just plain angry at his other for being with others, this is a problem. He looks like he needs his other half’s light essences. Peace and light. Love,dar

  622. 622
    Hello Says:
    Going to Romania for Christmas?
    I doubt it, but…..

  623. 623
    I wonder Says:

    I wonder what except for enhanced boobs, lips and etc.:))) Gerry finds in this 25-year old high school drop out? Do they have anything to talk about? It seems that sex is the only thing that keeps them together, if they really are… Gerry does not look so happy how usually a man in love should be, happy and shining.
    I do not want to be his gf – he does not hug his 2012 woman, does not really kiss her in public. Even for a celebrity it is so normal to show affection to your beloved one He does not show his true affection to this woman.

  624. 624
    I wonder Says:

    They maybe truly and madly in love, but the impression is that Gerry is not into her or her plays so cool for some purpose, who knows. I do not want to speculate on this, just a thought.

  625. 625
    Alina Says:

    …”Recently, the beautiful brunette won the “Sorriso Diverso Rome 2012″ for outstanding performance in “Razzabastarda”, in which she plays a Romanian women prosti/tutes arrived in Italy.”

    Why does she need to “play”?? She’s just a pros/titute!

  626. 626
    Alina Says:

    Sorry, but Gerry Butler just an IDI.OT !

  627. 627
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Morning JJer’s. Hope you are all enjoying this festive and crazy time of year! Here’s a recent photo of GB:
    kath44 kath44 7h
    Two weeks ago today I met Gerard Butler at the NY premier of PFK. He is such a nice guy. Best Day Ever!
    I’m off to do some baking. If the world is going to end on Friday, I might as well have chocolate chip cookies for dinner! Have a great day!

  628. 628
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Playing for Keeps photo call, courtesy of GALS:

  629. 629
    dasani Says:

    @Hello: Considering MG has nothing on her schedule but to entertain her old boyfriend funny how her mother is not sure what is happening when Xmas is just a few days away. I am assuming mom either called the tabloids herself to help promote her daughter or they called her, seems like they talk to her mother on a regular basis. Why isn’t Margaret more forthcoming. Maybe it was his public statement that “his girlfriend’ wasn’t coming to Scotland for Xmas that has Mom confused or maybe Mom only knows her daughter is coming home because she said it in an interview. Of course he doesn’t always mean what he says and how. Besides sex it seems they enjoy partying all night and perhaps partying “accessories”. Imagine however they will both be hitting the Capri Film Festival which starts right after Xmas for some more party party party. Of course Gerry has brought girlfriends to the Ischia Film Festivals in the past and still hit on everything that moved. Girlfriends he actually looked happy to pose in pictures with. Maybe he is just too tired now.

  630. 630
    Pyssant Says:

    @dasani: You will see nothing but partying from these two for the foreseeable future, as neither one has any employment. They will make sure that a pic is taken every so often to keep their faces out there, you can count on that, although at this point almost no one is interested.

  631. 631
    Phoenix Says:

    Morning, y’all!
    Hope everyone is well, and up and doing.

    Hi, Autumn!
    I chuckled at your last post when you said you loved my city. My moniker is for that mythical bird that rises from the ashes when it seems all has been lost. I actually hail from the North Carolina foothills, and it is gorgeous here today. Blue skies and sunshine all the way!

    About GB, it’s almost like you’re looking at a shell, isn,t. It? These last several photos I’ve seen of him, it’s like there’s nothing left inside- nothing. I think you may be right. He needs a good strong dose of tough, tough love, the kind that comes from close family. I think in his heart of hearts, he knows that, you know what I mean?

  632. 632
    christmasfairy Says:

    @Phoenix: #

    About GB, it’s almost like you’re looking at a shell, isn,t. It? These last several photos I’ve seen of him, it’s like there’s nothing left inside- nothing. I think you may be right. He needs a good strong dose of tough, tough love, the kind that comes from close family. I think in his heart of hearts, he knows that, you know what I mean?

    Completely agree with you, Phoenix. “Shell” is a very apt description of GB these days. Would love his family to practise a bit of tough love (and maybe they are, hence the no-shows at recent premieres?). GB has way too many leeches around him, including the one who’s been given the moniker of “girlfriend”. Really would love him to see sense and turn things around, but it doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon.

  633. 633
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Gerry’s FrankenGirlfriend: Post 619,hopefully she doesn’t talk him into any plastic surgery.You never know if he feels that insecure with himself and his mid life crisis.

  634. 634
    Phoenix Says:


    Hi, Christmas Fairy!

    I know, right. But let’s we, as his fans, not give up hope. Things have a way of turning round when you least expect it. I hope that doesn’t sound too “Pollyanna-ish”, but if we’ve done any living at all, it’s something we can all definitely testify to.

    Have a great day.

  635. 635
    christmasfairy Says:


    Am hanging in by the skin of my nails, Phoenix! Have a great day yourself!

  636. 636
    christmasfairy Says: No press screenings for the Gerard Butler movie then? That’s not a good sign.

    @JigsawLounge Playing For Keeps. No NPS, from what I can see.
    @andyffgibbons Knew there were junket screenings, but I’ve been too mean about Gerard Butler in print to ever interview him, so didn’t chase

  637. 637
    Fountain Says:

    Madalina should watch “About Face: Supermodel”. It’s a documentary on HBO. It’s models talking about the industry. There’s lots of stuff in there about plastic surgery.
    Christy Turlington talks about how she might like someone else’s nose, but she can’t imagine having surgery to have someone else’s nose, the way Madalina Ghenea had surgery to look like Sophia Loren. That it’s just imitation and the opposite of projecting personal beauty.
    Jerry Hall talks about people who have fat from their bottoms implanted into their lips to get that plumped up lip look, and how when you’re kissing those people, you’re kissing their a.s.s.e.s. Fat implants are a top way that women surgically pump up their lips the way Madalina Ghenea has obviously done.
    Isabella Rossellini talks about how girls having surgery to change how they look, and older women having surgery to look younger, is the latest form of misogyny.
    Kim Alexis talks about how her son thanked her for not going all the way nude in her photos because it would mortify him if his lacrosse team could go on the internet and see his mother naked. Madalina Ghenea’s children will have to deal with all of their friends being able to see her nearly nude in provocative photos and writhing around in videos that aren’t even for fashion but just for men’s websites to get them off.
    These are the true supermodels of the world and they’re condemning what Madalina Ghenea has done and stands for. Gerry has to know that she’s not natural. Even without looking at her portfolio, when she’s facing the camera and not angling her face, something doesn’t look right. The lips are too much. She’s overdone it. Her lip enhancements are the equivalent of of women who have an A bra cup getting implants for a DD cup. It just doesn’t look right on her.
    And whatever else she’s done to get the angles on her face that look pretty even if familiar (Sophia) in a profile just look wrong when she’s looking forward with her chin at a normal angle and eyes straight into the camera.
    Why does Gerry want to promote that? Why does he want women to feel badly about themselves and advocate the idea of cutting themselves up to look another way instead of feeling beautiful as they are? As someone else put it, why is Gerry okay with the idea of a model selling an image of beauty, and setting a bar for beauty seen by impressionable young minds, that is unattainable because even when you strip the photo of its airbrushing, the image isn’t real on the foundation level, the level of the girl’s face?
    I’m very disappointed in Gerard Butler that these are the values that he’s embracing. I knew that he treated women like playthings sexually, but never really thought much of it because I assumed that the women were willing participants. He got the sex he was after, they got the famous close encounter they were after. But THIS? That THIS is what he finds attractive in a woman? It tells me that he has no depth, which makes the fact that his films are tanking seem even less surprising because his film choices have no depth either.
    As someone else said, these two are probably worthy of each other and will hopefully just disappear. Neither one of them should be celebrated. The public should admire people with more depth.

  638. 638
    dargabriel Says:

    Good morning from eagle….. I figure gerard had pretty much given up on what’s real, I know things will be bumpy for him, this is what you get, when you do not listen to the law of God, maybe he’ll just be a farmer and knock up that woman, then he’ll become a poor scottish man, then mg will leave, more sugar daddies abroad. I wished butler loved his other half, she is the perfect fit for him, its a shame to see true angel love go, stupid butmunch, his career will continue to descend and so will hers, so be it, karma butler, for what you’ve done with your wrongful use of power. I’m disqusted, he could have,a daughter her age, child molester, have fun explaining this to thy father. This will blow sky high, time is coming. Hi to all on here and jj. Have a great christmas. Love,dargabriel, oh and I hope he marries, so she can take him for every dime, then butler you can be poor too.

  639. 639
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    I’m disappointed….but then again..Gerry picks his scripts like he picks his women….

    empty with no subtance

  640. 640
    dargabriel Says:

    These two should go back home, to their real homes, not italy or america, especially not america, stay home people. I am very nice, but I don’t stand for foul play,lies,deceit,betrayal, sneakiness, this is butler, this is not god’s work. I know butler and mg are laughing at my posts, but thats ok because there will be answering behind the scenes. dargabriel

  641. 641
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Fountain: Post 637,of course he has no depth,he’s not using his right head if you know what I mean.

  642. 642
    Wishes Says:

    I am always intrigued by dargabriel’s powerful messages.There is a wish I have, too, a very simple wish that’s everything I never knew I always wanted. It’s a wish that many everyday, ordinary people you pass on the street have experienced at least once in their life but yet it is so dificult to attain. You wait and hope, and hope and wait, and with every passing day you realize that perhaps it’s just not meant to be. I hope you don’t mind me addressing you by the way. :) I am so happy for GB because he seems to have found love in his life with his GF MG. Alhough I don’t know him I truly hope this is what’s best for him. I see him in these recent pics and my heart just breaks because the smile doesn’t seem genuine. I am a romantic at heart and when you speak about finding your “other half” I just can’t imagine why someone would not want to do that. How can you not love your other half? This and many, many other things make no sense to me, but I’ve slowly realized life doesn’t always make sense, does it? Everyone has to live their life the way they see fit and although they may hurt others, which I’m sure they have, they make choices along the way to either have what’s real or fake in their lives.

  643. 643
    Hello Says:

    @The Noise In The Walls: I don’t think that is true. MGP had substance and certainly Coriolanus did too. CM is the only movie of his that I haven’t seen but I think the story line of Jay Moriority had substance. Don’t know what went wrong, direction, promotion. have no idea.
    Hi Dar, hope you are doing well on the mountain, thought your post #638 was really harsh, wouldn’t wish that one anybody, but right on with #640.
    Hanging in with Phoenix and Christmasfairy and hoping for a miracle from the ashes.

  644. 644
    Wishes Says:

    I am also sure my previous post will also be met with laughter…and probably many before that as well by those who think they are better than others in some way I suppose. Such is life.

  645. 645
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    #643..You’re right..let me re phrase that…

    His later scripts…..
    I loved him in his eariler career…The Jury…Dear Frankie…300…even Shooters and RocknRolla…He showed passion and inner suffering in the Phantom…

    He had spirit and intensity in his eyes…then…

  646. 646
    I think... Says:

    @Fountain: …you’re overthinking, and assuming he had depth, to begin with which I don’t believe he had, or has. Imo, it’s just as simple as someone very young and in his view, hot, who is willing to give him what he wants, in exchange for her getting what she wants (which she is probably now figuring out is not going to happen). No rocket science here. He thinks it makes him look cool to have a young model on his arm. Maybe in his circles, it does. To most of the world, it makes a man look like a huge tool. Bottom line is, it won’t help his reputation or career at all, but I’m sure he doesn’t care right now, because he is having his fun for as long as it lasts.

  647. 647
    Hello Says:

    @The Noise In The Walls: True as well.

  648. 648
    #627 Says:

    A simple wish realized. So nice to see.

  649. 649
    Gotta say Says:

    Maybe we should hope that 2013 is a better year for Gerry than 2012 has been.

  650. 650
    Fans Disappointed in Gerry Says:

    Disappointment in Gerard Butler is why these threads have been so crazy. No one actually cares about Madalina Ghenea because everyone has seen this story 1000 times. Just look at the Girls of George Clooney Past. They’ve all gotten more attention, better modeling work, hosting work, and magazine/entertainment show features when they’ve been with him, but then after the break up !POOF!, they’re gone and back to obscurity. I had to think for a second to remember the name of his last girlfriend, the Italian model Elisabeta Canalis (sp?), and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the one before that, the Vegas waitress. They were in everyone’s faces for a year+ when they were with GC though, and GC took them all on the red carpet with him. He didn’t hide them. They were prominently on his arm everywhere he went, and George Clooney is 20x the star that Gerard Butler is, who hasn’t taken women with him on the red carpet. So, if GB breaks up with Madalina Ghenea, she’ll go back to obscurity just like George Clooney’s girls did. Madalina Ghenea is nothing. She’ll either be the arm candy that GB marries or “who was that Romanian girl that Gerard Butler dated for a while? The one who also slept with Leo DiCaprio?”
    The person people care about is Gerard Butler and they’re disappointed by his choices in both women and films. GB has been given so much and he’s chosen to spend it on bad scripts, young girls who demean other women, and parties, with a spattering of charitable endeavors in between that feel disingenuous because they are are conveniently timed and publicized to promote his movies or gloss over PR blunders.
    People thought he was better than that because he’s given his best acting performances in interviews and when dealing with fans, but as it turns out, he’s just as shallow as everyone less interested in him assumes him to be. So people who hoped for more are disappointed and I don’t blame them. When you support someone, it’s natural to be pissed off and annoyed when they let you down, and when you believe in someone, it’s natural to be pissed off at yourself for buying into what turns out to be BS. The frustration is totally normal I think.

  651. 651
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Yes, I hope it is a better year for Gerry in 2013…Still wish him the best…His life…his choices….Maybe that intensity will re appear….and if Friday is the end….let’s make Thursday worth it…

  652. 652
    dargabriel Says:

    @Hello: You’re very right, however when someone cast negative spiritual power on their other half,her family, and other people, not cool, god works in mysterious ways, I just call it, the way I see it, no harm done, I swear, nobody gets away with any nonsense anything in God’s true work. I wished butler would be real, that’s it. I love everybody, but am also as strict as butler in his private behind the scenes actions, he’s not innocent in the physical as well as the spiritual. He’s not happy, he’s empty, he’s lopsided, as is his other, they both are just trying to live pretend fairytale lives. I only speak from the heart and know universal power, trust me I’ve suffered a great deal by the hand of my God. Be blessed and loved. Dargabriel

  653. 653
    scotland? Says:

    Jemmmmarrr~ ‏@DrJWatson_221B
    Guys I just can’t. Gerard Butler in the same village… #fangirling

  654. 654
    scotland? Says:


    Jemmmmarrr~ ‏@DrJWatson_221B

  655. 655
    Merry Christmas Says:

  656. 656
    papermoon Says:

    @Merry Christmas: There is no light in those eyes of his at all. He looks so worn and tired. Poor fella. Well I hope that in the coming year he will wake up and see her for what she is and move on and away from her.
    I hope that all of you have a great and merry christmas and a joyous new year.

  657. 657
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 24:14

    There are things mommies aren’t ever supposed to find.

    They aren’t supposed to find themselves in a firehouse frantically looking for their child.

    They aren’t supposed to find their child’s name on a list of those who won’t be coming home. They aren’t supposed to find a dress to wear to their child’s funeral.

    They aren’t supposed to turn their calendar and find a date circled for the birthday party they were supposed to be planning next month. The one that won’t be.

    Or walk to the mailbox and find their child’s dentist appointment reminder card. The receptionist forgot to pull that one out.

    Or find a book they know their child would love. Only half way to the checkout counter they remember, their child is gone.

    They aren’t supposed to find these things.

    They aren’t supposed to find that grieving for a child is like navigating a path with chasms so wide their continued steps seem impossible. Terrifying. Hopeless.

    I know these chasms. I watched my mom stare at them. I saw her wish she could fall in them and never have to take another painful step. I wept over everything she found reminding her my sister was gone.

    That’s how I know what God would have me pray right now. For the families of the loved ones that lost so much last Friday. But especially for the mommies.

    The mommies that even right now are finding things no mommy should have to find.

    I want my prayers to slip into those chasms and somehow fill them. I am asking God to show me. Make me aware of the specific things those mommies might find in the months to come.

    When the black dresses are hanging in the closets. The media has packed up and gone home. The cards stop coming. The neighbors’ lives go back to normal.

    And in the quietness of her own grief that mommy finds something. Something that breaks her heart all over again. And in that space of pure grief, she feels horrifically alone.

    Please Lord, let my prayers go there. Prick my heart to fill that chasm with layers of prayers from my mommy heart. Let me take the deep grief of that moment so she doesn’t have to be so alone.

    Though she won’t see me or hear my prayers, may she feel an unexplainable sense of Your presence. And know. You.

    That’s what I pray she does find. You. With her. Comfort. Peace. Healing. Hope.

    Oh God, show us how to pray.

  658. 658
    bitter blue pill Says:

    @The Noise In The Walls:

    I was about to say this, he has the same tastes in scripts as women. Quick and easy no work done, just sign the dotted line.

    He thinks some dumb ho following across the planet the day he met her is passionate but it’s really just “leech”. He never earned a woman. Never WON a woman. He just takes what is easy and is thrown at him, and will play his dumb games and allow herself to be hidden and treated like a dirty secret.

    If only he had a modicum of self respect and dignity…

  659. 659
    christmasfairy Says:

    No idea if this is genuine or not won’t lie i felt quite smug today when everyone was wishing they could see Gerard Butler, knowing i’ve been a metre from him. #yeaaaah and in a pair of football shorts sweating his backside off, mmm yeah

  660. 660
    Suzanne Cummings Says:

    @Merry Christmas: He’s looked worn and tired for years. This is what he looks like without airbrushing and photoshopping. He can’t keep up with a young chick forever.

  661. 661
    Fly Says:

    I’ll give you some advise. Suck it up and do what’s right.

  662. 662
    Sassita Says:

    @I think…: I have to agree. Think about all the VS and fashion shows and model parties he’s gone to. Not once did he end up with anyone (that we know of). If he did, he’d have paraded those big names all over the place. He supposedly ban.ged Naomi C and you know he would have loved the attention he would have gotten from that. IMO, he strikes out all the time with these young models because they have his number.

    Everyone knows what a sl.ut he is and how insincere and phoney he is. Actions have consequences. One can only be a for so long before everyone knows he’s bad news. In the circles he travels in (show business and fashion), his reputation isn’t good. I also think this may be why he can’t get any decent roles.

  663. 663
    BEFORE ... Says:

    only three years ago …

  664. 664
    AFTER ... Says:

    now …

  665. 665
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    He is really getting old!!!!

  666. 666
    Scary Says:

    @AFTER …: If this is recent, then he’s losing weight rapidly again. Like last year. I would swear he was at least 55 looking at this pic.

  667. 667
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    @God Bless Yoou All
    Your post left me in tears. I can’t imagine the pain mother’s are going through right now, and Christmas Day will be even harder with their little angels gone. I get so depressed seeing the news every night; when is this madness going to end? I can’t understand why someone would take the lives of such innocent children; take your own, but not theirs.

    How are you Dar? Good to see you around.

  668. 668
    Jacie Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!:
    That was really incredible. Thanks for posting. It puts into words what so many of us feel watching this tragedy unfold. Bless you.

  669. 669
    Sassita Says:

    @Scary: To me, he looks worse with the botox and the dyed darker hair. If he’d only get some sleep and good skin care, and stop hanging out in bars, he might have a more rested look.

  670. 670
    ironic Says:

    @Phoenix: “About GB, it’s almost like you’re looking at a shell, isn,t. It? These last several photos I’ve seen of him, it’s like there’s nothing left inside- nothing. ”

    The word zombie springs to mind.

  671. 671
    Phoenix Says:


    Two different people! Amazing!

    #God Bless You

    When it comes to something as tragic as this incident was, you think that words will never be enough to speak for the hurt that is ripping these hearts apart- until now. Absolutely beautiful!

  672. 672
    Phoenix Says:


    Hi, Ironic
    This last photo from #664 is driving that thought home
    big time.

  673. 673
    dargabriel Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: good afternoon trying, everythings groovy, its so great, I wished for these very special things to happen and everything and more is flowing, good things. I hope all is splendid with you, happy holidays. Love,dar

  674. 674
    bonne nuit Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Your post left tears in my eyes. My heart goes out to the families that lost their precious babies. Their lives will never be the same again, as they will always wonder what their child had to endure in their last moments of life… is just heart breaking. God bless the families that lost their children.

  675. 675
    Scary Says:

    @Sassita: Did he get botox? If so, they missed most of his forehead. I agree with your assessment. All of the flying doesn’t help, either. Apparently, spending too much time flying is extremely aging.

  676. 676
    Masha Says:

    @ Anyone here – American :
    I think the whole world is still in shock from what happened to those pore little children and their teachers…My heart hurts when ever I think about it… I’m from the other side of the world and I’m under heavy stress these days, because of what happened, I can’t even begin to imagine what Americans or the families affected by this must be going through right now… You people need to do something about this! Your media is instantly making the killer a celebrity … Other crazy cases will see this and use it to their advantage … You need to fight against the violence that’s happening in your country… The fist time I saw a homeless person was in America, the first time I ever so a mentally disturbed person walking down the street talking to him self and starring at me, and me praying he doesn’t attack me, the first time I saw racism directed towards my African – American colleague was in USA… and yet some of the best people I’ve ever met are from America… you guys need to do something about reforming your whole culture and laws…this is obviously not working….I fear for my friends… And I fear for other countries as well because one day some of these insane people will be apart of your government…
    I pray for the families that are in loss …

  677. 677
    Thanks Says:

    Thank you for your sentiments. The world is grieving for this loss, as are all Americans. This type of crime isn’t peculiar to this country, though it may seem so. Back in the 90′s, a similar crime occurred in a tiny village in Scotland, killing I believe 16 innocent children. There was also an attack on children in China on the same day as the Newtown murders. Sadly there are mentally ill people running around loose everywhere on earth.

  678. 678
    bitter blue pill Says:


    Masha thank you for your sentiments. The real issue in America is pretending that mental illness is curable and that people that are clinically insane (mental, bi polar, etc) will be okay with stupid pills. It’s completely wrong. Mentally ill people NEED to be kept in institutions away from society. all cases of the shooter in these stories is autistic, bi-polar, schizo, sociopathic, psychotic CLINICALLY. meaning they were assessed and diagnosed and still it’s “optional” to take the meds, it’s “optional” for lunatics to live in half way houses, NOT a necessity. It’s like they are more entitled than a decent sane person and we are to feel sorry for and make tons of room for their personailty disorders. I can’t stand them. I had a coworker that threatened to coem to work and kill all of us on a weekly basis. We ALL complained,a nd the manager refused to fire him because he was black and they feared the race card. he went onto to to kill everyone in the lunch room but a coworker was a semi pro boxer and knocked him out. if wasn’t there what would have happened. The nuts always get all the empathy and we are supposed to cross our fingers and pretend it’s all okay it’s their problem until they go on some spree and then guns are blamed but a nut can also steal guns from cops so what good does disarming law abiding citizens do?

  679. 679
    bitter blue pill Says:

    @bitter blue pill:

    Sorry TRY to kill everyone int he lunch room. He bought a flip razor and knives.

  680. 680
    Masha Says:

    @bitter blue pill : thank you for explaining that… What you people have to go through is terrifying… other countries maybe seem to harsh when it comes to “certain” human wrights, but it’s with a reason … But there is also the issue of media…it made the society a very competitive one… people have to live up to this insane criteria… if your not a celebrity you don’t matter, if you’re not perfect looking you’re not good enough… just by following a celebrity gossip site like this… you can see the changes…

  681. 681
    food 4 thought Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Thank you for your eloquent and heartfelt post.

  682. 682
    Thanks Says:

    @bitter blue pill: Sorry you went through that. I know how scary it is, myself. I had a co-worker who was bipolar (diagnosed) and would get schizophrenic when in the manic phase. I was convinced he was going to kill us, and begged my boss not to leave me alone with him ever. My boss ended up having to escort him to the mental ward one day when he was hearing voices, and had to convince the guy’s wife to commit him for “observation” which turned into 5 weeks in the psych ward. He was THAT sick. So sick he was throwing off the meds. When he got out, he refused to take the meds again. There are just a ton of mentally ill people, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, running around. They can be extremely dangerous. Not sure what can be done, though.

  683. 683
    Masha Says:

    Btw. I’m suppose to do my internship in the USA next year, so thanks guys for sharing that!:)

  684. 684
    dargabriel Says:

    I am american, a native of california. Where are some of you from? Big snow coming for california. Does anyone know how cold it gets in scotland? Where butler is from. Hey butler, how’s the energies?

  685. 685
    Sassita Says:

    @Scary: I don’t think he botoxes now but he sure has in the past. You can see it in his PSILY days and at one of the Cons he went to. I think it was after RnR because I remember him in pics with Idris and Gerry looked rough and plastic.

  686. 686
    Masha Says:

    Scotland should have the same weather like we do in former Yugoslavia, so very very cold and snowy … It’s big snow here, everything was in co-laps for days… I didn’t know it snows in Calif??? Does it happen every year? I though you guys wait for Santa in shorts.;)

  687. 687
    loveislight Says:

    Hello Dargabriel,

    I’ve been reading here for years, and agree with what you see, in that Gerard is playing games with his twin flame…but she is over it. She’s tired of the games he plays.

    It took her so long to accept that she’s his other half because she’s not the glamorous Hollywood type, naturally beautiful she is, but fake and plastic she is not. She is not impressed with him as a person because of his behavior. Regardless of what Gerard “feels”, he’s wrong in thinking she’s been with many men. She’s been single for the past five years, not dating anyone except one man because she’s been waiting for Gerard…despite her uncertainty in being informed he’s her other half. And the one relationship she was in lasted only four months.

    But again, regardless of that, she no longer will wait for Gerard. He’s disappointed her/angered her, her family/friends…honestly, what decent person would now want him at all? She’s done the best she can. She will now move on by continuing to help others and spend time enjoying her life with family and friends as Gerard has made the decision to live his life in a selfish, meaningless, and shallow existence.

    She washes her hands of him. She’s not into these kinds of games, and honestly can’t get past the fact that he would direct this kind of unwarranted anger towards her. If he “knew” her at all, he would realize the kind of damage he’s done.

    Hope you see something positive for these two, because right now, I don’t think there’s anything he can do to win her back. So sad for this type of rare love to be lost…

  688. 688
    bitter blue pill Says:


    It is scary. The sad part was how many people that were great employees left because he’d say such awful things. It’s terrible what you went through also. It’s to the point where I look for places to hide if I ever hear anything start and always know where the exits are, so on. It’s lousy.

  689. 689
    bitter blue pill Says:


    GB has The Greatest Love by Whitney Houston as his anthem. Loving yourself is the greatest gift of all.

  690. 690
    Autumn Says:

    @Phoenix: Now I like your moniker even more – Phoenix rising from the ashes! I’ve spent some time in NC – beautiful there as well!

    Nice chatting with you!

  691. 691
    Autumn Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi there CGE! I’m coming to your house on Friday for the cookies! Sounds like a great plan. Have a great holiday and it’s nice to see you here!


  692. 692
    Thanks Says:

    @bitter blue pill: I do that too. Isn’t it horrible to have to think like that? I always have an escape route and a hidey hole. I don’t know what can be done, because the laws protect the rights of the ill, and don’t really protect the rights of the co-workers of the ill very well.

  693. 693
    Half & Half Says:

    @loveislight: It sounds like you think you are his other half. I’m pretty sure Dar thinks she’s his other half, too. There may be more here. How will you decide between you who the real half is?

  694. 694
    Manny Says:

    Hey JJers. Went with some coworkers to see PFK this afternoon. It evoked an feeling I never imagined I would feel, I was totally and completely BORED. We were the only 6 people in the theater. At one point we were laughing our asses off making up dialogue as we were watching. Sorry to be disrespectful Gerry but this movie was 100% meh. Save your money ladies, I wish I had.
    BTW Gerry, Merry Christmas. I gave you $8 of my money today. Get yourself a value meal at MiccieDees on me. *mwah*

  695. 695
    Dang Says:

    @Manny: You gave him money towards thingamajig’s clothing allowance. How much are thongs now?

  696. 696
    Quangena Says:

    @bitter blue pill: Please get your facts straight he was not autistic, and autism is not a mental disorder–it is a neurological problem.

  697. 697
    Sweet Tea Says:

    loveislight, your an idiot and know you’re letting everyone else know it. how’s your tranny

  698. 698
    loveislight Says:

    @Half & Half: No, but I know who I believe to be his other half. She came to me for a reading a few years ago and directed me to this sight to see what I could glean in addition to my readings. And Dar is right. Gerard is playing games, and his other half is not happy with him. As we used to say when I was growing up, ” Enough is enough, and too much stinks.” Well, Gerard is stinking to high heaven right about now.

  699. 699
    Gerard is middle aged! Says:

    You guys, Gerry looks like a middle aged man because he IS a middle aged man!
    Look at how deep the wrinkles are in his forehead and the crows feet. Look at the vertical wrinkles under his eyes. The skin under his eyes looks like crinkled tissue paper.
    The hair dye is SOOOO bad. I wish he’d stop. He doesn’t have to dye his hair for a role right now. He’s not shooting anything new for ages and ages. He’s just doing it because he’s got a 24 year old girlfriend in Madalina Ghenea and if he let his natural hair color show, the age difference between them would be even more pronounced. As if everyone doesn’t already know that he’s got a head full of gray hair. He was salt and peppery when he was promoting 300 and his roots were solid gray and white when this was taken several years ago –
    He’s dying his hair because Madalina is so young. He’s had no problems with letting it be natural between roles before her. The bottle brown makes him look really desperate and old, like an insecure old guy trying to look younger.
    TRUTH – at 45, Anderson Cooper is two years older than Gerry and has a full head of white and gray hair and looks YOUNGER than Gerry does.

  700. 700
    loveislight Says:

    @Sweet Tea: And from your reply hon, you indicate that your tea is not so sweet ;-)

  701. 701
    bitter blue pill Says:


    My heading for that is “crazy”. I’m not a shrink so I don’t go into specifics and crazy suffices. None of it is okay.

  702. 702
    bitter blue pill Says:

    @Gerard is middle aged!:

    I’m almost Gerry’s age. I still get carded sometimes. i have no wrinkles and also no vices. The no vices helps along with a lifelong habit of eating organic healthy foods.

    Christie Brinkley is almost 60.

  703. 703
    bitter blue pill Says:

    @Gerard is middle aged!:

    It’s funny that he thinks that he has to be fake before that 50% silicon object he’s “dating”.

  704. 704
    Half & Half Says:

    @loveislight: Psychic or tarot? Do you do readings in person only?

  705. 705
    GGG Says:


    Just to make sure that I got this right: You say, that GB has a GF (not MG) for years and this relationship never came public? Or did I just got this wrong?

  706. 706
    loveislight Says:

    @Half & Half: I hate the word psychic, but in a manner of speaking, yes. It’s not like I see whole scenes like in a movie or anything like that. It runs in my family. Some of us have dreams, some of us get a “gut feeling”, and others of us have seeings. But what I see comes in bits and pieces. Some things stand out more than others and resonate with my gut. Those type of things are easier for me to determine the meaning for. But others are so vague, that it ends up being me guessing at what I’m seeing and not knowing if I’m wrong or right till after the fact.

    And I don’t do this as a business. I don’t have enough control over it to feel like I’d be giving enough “true” information in return for someone’s hard-earned money. And I have to be around the person for a while before I can control how I direct my “sight”. Otherwise, things just come at me randomly.

  707. 707
    loveislight Says:

    @GGG: No, I’m speaking of his twin flame…his other half. And no, they haven’t met, and more than likely won’t now after his recent behavior.

  708. 708
    bitter blue pill Says:

    BTW, this is what a supermodel is:

  709. 709
    Half & Half Says:

    @loveislight: So what’s your feeling about the current person he’s with?

  710. 710
    GGG Says:


    Ah… okay. Thank you for explaining, but now I’m really irritated, because how do you wanna know who GB’s twin flame is, if neither you nor this so called twin flame have met him? Wow, I am sorry, but that’s totally weird!!

  711. 711
    bitter blue pill Says:


    I don’t think he’d recognize that if his life depended on it.

  712. 712
    dargabriel Says:

    @loveislight: I do agree with most of what you said but not everything, his other half was married, I know this to be true. Stayed away from men and obided by God’s law, for some years, but then a very good man rescued and took her away, this is what happens if you waste your time, I know alot about this union, trust me. His woman attracts attention because of the light, I see all kinds of predictions going on but, I do know butler pretty well through spirit,body, and soul, he’s so mean sometimes and then so loving, really funny but also a jerk. He projects madness on the man in her life, his energies are fixated, alot of toment on her and her family, all because butler doesn’t have full control, he does indeed have power though. His other half may not be a model or hollywood, but is in fact an archangel, light, very bright. See he’s mad just because his other got married and he now says she is an adulterous and unfaithful to the covenant. Butler has said to me, don’t believe everything you read on jj, because there’s alot of tricks,games, and bs, and he has something to do with whats being written. He needs to forgive and meet face to face so he, can see a reflection of himself, no lie.

  713. 713
    Jacie Says:

    MG sounds like Gerry’s twin flame to me. He’s fake, superficial, and narcissistic. MG is fake, superficial, and narcissistic. Gerry wanted to be famous and used acting as a route to become a celebrity. MG wants to be famous and is trying to break into acting so she can be a celebrity. They both look way older than their actual age. They both party and vacation more than they work. They sound like frickin twins to me.

  714. 714
    loveislight Says:

    @Half & Half: Well…it doesn’t take a psychic to see that they’re not sincere about each other. Anyone can see that in their facial expressions and body language. When you look at his face, he looks just like any other middle-aged man that has gotten a young thing – like the cat that swallowed the canary. But there’s no love or respect that shines from his eyes. Only shallow appreciation for his arm decor.

    And she, the poor thing, may look older in the face due to her surgeries, but if you look into her eyes, you see a young, immature girl, who may be wise to older men and how to entice them, but is so lost beyond that, that she may have a tendency to be clingy in relationships because she doesn’t know how to navigate life. But do I see love in her eyes? No. I see opportunity. The opportunity for her to gain “success” without having to try and the opportunity for someone to take care of her as she can’t really take care of herself and is VERY co-dependent.

    The two of them will flounder together. Whether they marry or not, I don’t know. Do I see them lasting come what may? No. Between the two of them, they don’t have what it takes to make a sound relationship. It is surface only.

    Now, what I feel from him is that he wants to be with his true flame, but something deep within him is keeping him from pursuing her. I feel it’s a cross between him getting “lost” in Hollywood and at this point, not feeling that he truly deserves to be with someone good. I kind of get the feeling that he is punishing himself for letting the Hollywood lifestyle get the better of him and losing track of who he really is and his true purpose in life.

  715. 715
    Maslow Says:

    @bitter blue pill:

    “My heading for that is “crazy”. I’m not a shrink so I don’t go into specifics and crazy suffices.”

    I can’t believe you put autism under the heading of crazy, but since you did, how do you describe Dargabriel?

  716. 716
    loveislight Says:

    @dargabriel: Thank you for the reply Dargabriel, and yes, this lady that I speak of WAS married. But since she’s been told of Gerry, she’s been obedient to God/Universe accepting Gerard as her other, even though she’s had her doubts. It may be possible that he’s confusing past with present. Regardless, it’s not as though he’s been living a stellar life, so what right does he have to “punish” anyone?

    @ GGG: I didn’t choose to know who Gerard’s twin is, she came to me. And also, this world is SO MUCH MORE than what we can know and understand with our poor little finite minds :-) If we could literally see all the powers of the spiritual realm, we would truly be overwhelmed. I’m not berating you hon, believe what you will :-) But I’ve seen and experienced too many things to know that this world is truly beyond our imagination.

  717. 717
    dargabriel Says:

    @loveislight: I’ve a very valid question, what do you know about archangel Gabriel in connection to butler and his twinflame? This is very powerful. If you have visions then you will definitely know the power that is around these two. Love,dar

  718. 718
    loveislight Says:

    @dargabriel: I know that she’s received some pretty impressive signs that have been guiding her these past 4+ years. She’s a believer in God/Universe and is a very spiritual person. She uses the Bible as her foundation, but draws from all beliefs. After her divorce, she placed the choosing of her next husband in God’s hands and a short while later, the signs began.

    And I believe that Gerard has also been receiving signs, or at least has in the past. I just pray if the two of them find each other, as stubborn as he’s been during this time before they meet, that he will be more stubborn in regards to improving his life for the better and making their relationship work.

  719. 719
    dargabriel Says:

    @loveislight: yes you pretty much described the real. Butler likes to manhandle, gosh, he is so jealous, isn’t unconditional love mean, you love the person no matter what they’ve done, forgiveness is divine. Butler does indeed look out for his other half, but very minimal and is trying to make up for the madness, there has been much. These people on here have called me crazy for my wisdom and my words, its fine because most live unaware, ignorance is bliss. Universal law is very powerful, depending on how high up you are on the spiritual realm. .

  720. 720
    bitter blue pill Says:


    I guess she believes it.

    I believe in free will. No one is obligated to be with anyone.

    GB seems directionless but who knows, we don’t know him. I think he could do better and find a clean nice woman. But maybe he just wants a simple fling, with no attachment. He’s an odd one.

  721. 721
    dargabriel Says:

    @loveislight: that is pretty right, however Archangel Gabriel has much to do with them. This is what the 22 and 8 intertwine with Gabriel. I hope butler doesn’t hurt the man in her life anymore. Peace and light. Dargabriel

  722. 722
    Merry Christmas Says:

  723. 723
    dargabriel Says:

    @Maslow: it would be wise to not inquire about who or what I am. Thank you and have a very nice evening. Love,dargabriel

  724. 724
    loveislight Says:

    @dargabriel: Peace and light to you as well Dargabriel. And thank you for the conversation and insight.

  725. 725
    papermoon Says:

    You’re travelling through another dimension–a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop; The Twilight Zone. Sorry. Just couldn’t resist a little teasing. Good luck and good-night.

  726. 726
    Simone Says:

    @Gerard is middle aged!: Gerry’s had gray hair for a long time but this photo – – is only from February 2011, and I think he looks better in it than he has in the photos he’s taken over the last six months to a year. His natural gray/brown mix in his hair and beard compliments his natural skin tone to make him look healthy and frankly, normal. The terrible hair dye he’s using and the fake tanner/bronzer that he oompa-loompafies himself with really highlights his wrinkles, and because it doesn’t look right on him, makes him look older generally. I think he looks much younger, more vital, and a million times sexier in the February 2011 photo than he did at the Chasing Mavericks premiere –
    People are never their hottest when they’re trying too hard to be something they’re not. If he would just be his natural self, he would be a smokin’ hot 43 year old man.

  727. 727
    MoPopcorn Says:

    @loveislight: @dargabriel: I am so interested to know why this twin flame union is so important for Butler?

  728. 728
    Allusions Says:

    He truly believe another movie hit will set everything straight.

  729. 729
    HaHa Says:

    Look at this Romanian article (Russian girls found it). Only one year ago the Madalina’s brother waited Leo DC for his wedding ceremony. My God, apparently this terrible family want to catch any Hollywood сelebrity in their trap (use google translate).

  730. 730
    lorna Says:

    He looked so good in that Feb 2011 photo. There’s something about the grey that really complements his eye colour. It’s a beautiful combination.
    Unfortunately, while he’s with his young clinger he won’t let the grey come in. Sad, but true.

  731. 731
    @lorna Says:

    Gerry’s been dyeing his hair in unGodly shades for years before he met Madalina. Sometimes for a role, others not. You gonna blame her for your hangnails too?

  732. 732
    lorna Says:

    Gerry usually lets his grey grow in between films. Hence why there are so many photos out there of his grey hair. Duh! As usual @, you don’t know what you’re talking about. But keep up with your bullsh,it defences, they’re great comedy. :D

  733. 733
    @lorna Says:

    Except when he has reshoots sweetums

  734. 734
    lorna Says:

    Oh I see, so he’s doing reshoots for OHF in England and Scotland then? You’re so full of @.

  735. 735
    @lorna Says:

    Whatever you want to believe dear

  736. 736
    christmasfairy Says:

    Anybody here speak Italian? Because my (bad) translation is saying that the Rome premiere of PFK has been cancelled????

  737. 737
    christmasfairy Says: Daybreak interview. Interview starts around 25 minutes into the programme. Pre-recorded and GB looking very rough in my opinion, but at least focused on what he’s saying. Claims to be spending Xmas in Scotland. And yes Gerry, you have missed more than one Christmas in Scotland over the last 15 years. Memory playing tricks on you again.
    Confirms ‘girlfriend’ but some people will be having a field day with his body language/reaction. “She’s very nice” followed by fidgeting and gulping down water. Really is a 14 year old trapped in the body of a 43 year old. Dear me…

  738. 738
    CHOLITA Says:

    aqui envio mi ultima cancion……….del año ……2012……… DESIRELESS……….VOYAGE………..VOYAGE………..Au-dessus des vieux volcans
    Glissent tes ailes sous le tapis du vent
    Voyage, voyage, eternellement
    De nuages en marecages
    De vent d’espagne en pluie d’equateur
    Voyage, voyage vole dans le hauteurs
    Au-dessus des capitales, des idées fatales
    Regarde l’ocean
    Voyage, voyage, plus loin que la nuit et le jour
    Voyage, voyage, dans l’espace inoui de l’amour
    Voyage, voyage, sur l’eau sacré d’un fleuve indian
    Voyage, voyage, et jamais ne revienne
    Sur le gange ou l’amazone
    Chez les blacks, chez les sickhs, chez les jaunes
    Voyage, voyage, dans tout le royaume
    Sur les dunes du sahara
    De iles fidji au fujiyama
    Voyage, voyage, ne t’arrêtes pas
    Au-dessus des barbalés, des coeurs bombardés
    Regarde l’ocean
    Au-dessus des capitales, des idées fatales
    Regarde l’ocean
    ……………………AMADO OSITO ESCOCES……..I LOVE YOU…………..pronto nos veremos……….alegria……..alegria……muchos besitos………………calientes………………..ayyyyyyy!!……………..good luck….my….baby!!!!…..
    FUERZA BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!……………..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!………………..

  739. 739
    Half & Half Says:

    @christmasfairy: It says it got cancelled due to all of the bad publicity it received in the US. At least the translator says that’s what it says.

  740. 740
    christmasfairy Says:

    @Half & Half:

    LOL! Thanks Half & Half!

  741. 741
    missjude Says:

    @MoPopcorn: if they were twin flames they would have less or no criticism. and more importantly they would appear natural together, which they most definitely do not.

  742. 742
    twitter Says:

    Kayleigh Robertson ‏@aint_it_kayyy
    Heard a story the other day about how my colleague knocked back Gerard Butler in an airport #BULLSHIT

  743. 743
    papermoon Says:

    @christmasfairy: (ASCA)-Roma, 20 Dec-Scheduled after la Befana, the Invitational Preview in the capital of ” what I know about love, ” the last film made in the Usa by Gabriele Muccino, in the presence of Director and actors, it was cancelled. Nipped by critics, the movie, whose original title is ” Playing the Keeps, ” will be released in Italy on 10 January and the cast includes Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid. Landed in America after the two beloved movies as directing ” the pursuit of happiness ” and ” seven souls ” with Will Smith, Muccino has been criticized harshly instead this time at New York’s Lincoln Center premiere of 5 December, which participated with the entire cast. Long replica of the filmmaker, who the day after accusing Hollywood of being ” a cut-throat industry where people tell tall tales from morning to night. Count only charts, testing, marketing, profit. ” from/sam/rl
    This is using bing translator. I guessing the director is not a big fan of HW.

  744. 744
    twitter Says:

    Angie McMahon ‏@angie_mcmahon
    Just walked past Gerard Butler in the street no big deal whatever whatever #london

  745. 745
    twitter Says:


    natasha hud ‏@tashietashness
    Just saw gerard butler. Just died a little #starstruck

  746. 746
    twitter Says:

    Crispin Lord ‏@Crispin_Lord
    Just seen aleisha from misfits in urban outfitters. And gerard butler was right outside. What a day for famous people

    Graphic Patrick ‏@graphicpatrick
    Today’s celebrity spot: Gerard Butler. The cap disguise rarely works.

  747. 747
    twitter Says:

    Its,Sule ‏@Suleban11
    Jus bumped into Gerard Butler near covent garden haha

  748. 748
    dargabriel Says:

    @MoPopcorn: It’s a very deep spiritual purpose, we have this powerful light called soul and themore and more butler defys it, he becomes more empty, he knows this. This soul is important because its a great force to humanity and real pure love, plus karma goes smoothly when butler meets with his other. All things are fated and when you are predestined with an angel, you reap all of the beautiful things in life. I imagine right about now, butler is without a woman, I know this, he is in touch and waiting to sting his other half again by using a woman, because he cannot bare to see his half with another man, his spiritual madness is beyond negativity. Just to be honest, he uses other women, but the heart knows, whoever said hes an empty shell, he is, half empty. If butler obeys his spiritual path eventually then he will have his one and only, but if he remains fake,tsk,tsk. His other half is the one who keeps him alive, he is her lifeline to, when he hurts,she hurts, when she is with someone, he is with someone, parelle all the way. This union is so important for many, too many they will be jealous until they see what these two are capable of, healing,helping,spreading positive light, brighter then you can imagine, no kidding. People who thumb me down are just negative and this is what butler attracts being away from his reason for existing, his life central. If anyone knows about spiritual energy then you will know what I talk about. Love,dargabriel

  749. 749
    christmasfairy Says:

    Sorry if it’s already been posted

  750. 750
    christmasfairy Says:'lorraine_live'_tv_programme,_london

  751. 751
    @dargabriel Says:

    Life would be very frightening if your relationships were not only per-destined, but also literally dissected and explained on a gossip website by some person proclaiming to know his path. With all due respect, I don’t buy it that it’s okay to tear down his current relationship because she’s not some shadowy maybe-true love.

  752. 752
    papermoon Says:

    @christmasfairy: Really interesting article. Thanks for finding it.
    I found this part interesting:
    “But without a doubt it’s more difficult for sportsmen because in a sense you do stop developing as much when you’re thrown into the limelight in such a big way. It’s hard to mature and for certain parts of your character to develop as they would normally if that was not your field or your life. So I could empathise with this guy – he’s a good dude – he’s not a nasty guy, he’s always tried his best; he’s just been living that life that it’s made it very hard for him to work out exactly who he is and what the most important things in life are. He’s only now learning this at a later age, when unfortunately those plaudits, those highlights, have kinda gone from his life, and he has to sit back and say, “actually who am I and what do I really want?” And there’s something very sweet, but at the same time very sad, about that.”
    I would say a very true to life statement. GB is trying to figure himself out. Some one trying to be young still. I have the felling he’ll never figure things out. Poor GB. lol.
    And the part at the end about going to see a chiropractor in Oslo to have a couple of ribs readjusted would explain a lot.

  753. 753
    dargabriel Says:

    To poster who dissed me, you know very little about the spiritual realm and its perfectly fine for me to shed info and light. You have to have a tremendous amount of faith to make magic happen, I am one who lives in the real, yet is sad about about peoples wrong ideas of the physical presence. God be with everybody. If you think this failure on butler’s part is a hoax, guess again, gabriel is very disappointed, so be it. To all the nice posters, happy holidays and for the others, be careful and mindful. Love,dar

  754. 754
    @dargabriel Says:

    I do have a tremendous amount of faith in God and Man’s free will.

  755. 755
    christmasfairy Says: I JUST FELL INTO GERARD BUTLER!!!!!! Literally fell into him FIIIIIT!!!

  756. 756
    christmasfairy Says: Casj just bumped into Gerard Butler with @adamjacksaaaan ME AND @hayleysmith27 MEETING GERARD BUTLER IN LONDON OMGGG

  757. 757
    christmasfairy Says: Bumped into Gerald Butler shopping in Liberty. Guess he was buying Christmas presents. #geraldbutler #shopping

  758. 758
    christmasfairy Says: JUST MET GERARD BUTLER OMFG! Asjdmndnfd!

  759. 759
    christmasfairy Says: Loving London with @AlexConroy1 just bumped into Gerrard Butler in Liberty! #eyecandy #lovinglondonatchristmas

  760. 760
    christmasfairy Says: Just seen Gerard Butler in Liberty. I wouldn’t normally care but he’s kind of hot in the flesh

  761. 761
    noma Says:

    Still in London then, party party party. It doesn’t help that Muccino complained publicly just a few days ago that producer interference ruined his movie. Gee guess who was a producer? I think the Rome premiere would have been on Muccino’s insistence and now he’s publicly dissed his own film so why bother. Gerry barely going through the motions for UK PFK promotion. MG must be heartbroken.

  762. 762
    Wow Says:

    I’m surprised he feels it’s safe to walk the streets of London and go Xmas shopping without his mall-cop bodyguards. Perhaps the threat is over, or maybe they’re undercover now, lol.

  763. 763
    Blond hair blue jeans Says:


    Is this true that Muccino said this? Is there any proof? I might missed it…
    It is so sad and strange, he should not have done this in public, if he’s ever done it.

    Merry Christmas to all readers and writers here! :))))

  764. 764
    christmasfairy Says: To Gerard Butler’s agent &/or manager &/or close friends: YOU ARE DOING A HORRIBLE JOB.

  765. 765
    christmasfairy Says: Omg Gerard Butler made my last hour of work today amazing.

  766. 766
    christmasfairy Says: I just had a wee next to gerard butler. Gerard butler is in the house #beautifulman #libertylondon

  767. 767
    christmasfairy Says:

    @Blond hair blue jeans:

    I could be wrong, but I gather his remarks stem from this interview:

  768. 768
    Blond hair blue jeans Says:

    Despite the harsh things happened this year, I await miracles this winter! I hope Gerry will get some nice miracles in his careere and his life too!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  769. 769
    christmasfairy Says: Gerard Butler came to my work place with his smoking hot girlfriend. Picked £4000 worth off stuff and got it free. The perks of being famous

  770. 770
    Merry Christmas Says:

    When he commented in that article about ribs needing popped back in I was thinking this may be a reason he looks stressed and tired sometimes. Chronic pain can take a toll on a person. But especially when someone has bouts of very bad pain. When he does some interviews and moves a lot and changes position a lot and doesn’t seem to be into the interview may be due to bad pain at the time. He seems to be commenting about his pain more now which may mean he is having more problems with it. Age? IMO

  771. 771
    noma Says:

  772. 772
    Wow Says:

    @christmasfairy: Sorry, that’s just disgusting.

  773. 773
    @Wow Says:

    Why is it disgusting? It’s advertising for the business. Tell me you wouldn’t take the same offer.

  774. 774
    christmasfairy Says:

    Just catching up on viewing last night’s Film 2012 (UK’s main TV film show), and either I’m completely blind, deaf and dumb, or they deliberately chose not to include PFK in the upcoming film releases for the next few weeks. Show’s now off air until 9th Jan too.
    Sigh. Gerry, your £4000 worth of ‘free perks’ aren’t going to be lasting much longer at this rate. Sort it out, please (but I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that you no longer care, so…)

  775. 775
    big apple Says:

    There you go he doesn’t even have to spend his own money he can just regift his freebies or is this a little something something for the girlfriend. Don’t say I never do anything nice for you babe.

  776. 776
    big apple Says:

    And no doubt his holiday plans will be dictated by where can he get someone to foot the bill.

  777. 777
    noma Says:

    Interesting is Millenium still footing the bill for his stay in London?

  778. 778
    Wow Says:

    @@Wow: No, I wouldn’t, Enabler. I would either give the stuff to charity or pay for it. Do you think the stuff he bought has billboards all over it? It doesn’t help their advertising.

  779. 779
    big apple Says:

    @noma: Ha the least he could do is call the paparazzi and drum up some PR to show he is working on promoting this film. Give JJ a new thread.

  780. 780
    noma Says:

    Actually aren’t those perks a taxable benefit?

  781. 781
    @Wow Says:


    Of course it does. If the merchandise is from a well-known shop or with a well-known name, you’d better believe it’s advertising.

    @noma, the perks are taxable to the recipient if the giving company chooses to report them. Most swag at events is produced by sponsors of the event.

  782. 782
    @Wow2.0 Says:

    @Wow: 4000 pounds buys a lot of happy dust or no wait that is usually another perk of fame free happy dust

  783. 783
    Wow Says:

    @@Wow: Funny, I don’t think he was at Burberry or had pics of him taken while shopping at the store.. How does this theory of yours work exactly? Unless he bought something that could visibly show he was at THAT store, how does it help them? Face it. He got free shite because he’s a celeb, and for no other reason. May as well do it now, cuz that gravy train is going to come to a screaming halt soon.

  784. 784
    noma Says:

    Is it me or are the thumbs out of commission? Site wide?

  785. 785
    @Wow Says:

    Liberty of London carries many major designer labels in clothing, jewelry, housewares, etc. Gerry advertises by walking the streets carrying their carrier bags. Of course he got free stuff for being a celeb; that’s how it works. Your argument has no merit here aside from sour grapes.

  786. 786
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Perks for a very wealthy man. Anyone see the irony in that situation?

  787. 787
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    There is something inherently wrong with a wealthy man accepting that much in perks. It’s almost shameful. JMO

  788. 788
    Manny Says:

    I think I contributed to a three pack of jock straps for Macaroni. :)))

  789. 789
    @Totally Useless Information Says:

    It’s all part of being a well-known actor. It’s the same as any of us getting bags of swag at Comic Con. The studios give us shirts, cups, etc. so we can carry it around and promote their project. There is nothing wrong with accepting swag. A good number of celebs do donate a large amount of it, because who could actually use everything they get?

  790. 790
    Wow Says:

    @@Wow: Hahahahaha. Your level of denial is only surpassed by your sycophancy. And your knowledge of PR and advertising is nonexistent. How will you possibly dislodge your head from his **** when he disappears from the scene, which will be quite soon?

  791. 791
    Manny Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:
    I agree. When we did get up to Sundance last year, the gift/hospitality suites for celebrities was nauseating. I know that Paris Hilton walked out of a suite at Sundance several years ago with more than $20,000 in free purses. It is unbelievable the perks that being famous can bring. And 99.9999999% of the celebrities just add it to their closets, etc. and never give a mind to charity.
    I can’t stand Kristen Stewart as an actress but I did read that she put up her premiere dress from Breaking Dawn II for auction and the proceeds are heading to charity. That very rarely happens so kudos to Kristen for trying to do some good with the excess of celebrity.

  792. 792
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    @Totally Useless Information
    The way things are are the way things are but that doesn’t equal high class behavior.


  793. 793
    @Wow Says:

    @Wow: “And your knowledge of PR and advertising is nonexistent.” Interesting comment considering this is my field. I was speaking in general terms; you seem to be the one fixated on Butler.

    Whether you are disgusted by swag is irrelevant as long as it is a win-win for everyone involved. One actress I know picks up everything she can and re-gifts it to friends and associates who would otherwise not be able to afford some of the styles. Win-win.

  794. 794
    christmasfairy Says: Mum just mistook Gerard Butler in Liberty for Mel Gibson. She was very disappointed

  795. 795
    Bonnie Says:

    Ha ha bet Gerard was well pi/ssed.

  796. 796
    christmasfairy Says:

    Just reading Total Film (February 2013 issue). No mention of PFK on contents page in new releases.
    One line on reviews page directing you to their website, because they haven’t a review to include in the magazine.
    Then, page 61, “Reviews Just In!” (again directing you to their website), this blurb appears – “And Playing For Keeps (1 January) sees Gerard Butler as an ex-footy player trying to win back his family in what Variety un-poster-quotably calls “a misogynistic romantic comedy”.
    This issue contains their “Massive 2013 Preview” which includes write-ups of varying lengths about many 2013 film releases. It does include a brief summary of Movie 43, and does list Butler’s name as part of the cast. They also include ‘White House Down’ but make no mention of ‘Olympus has Fallen’.

  797. 797
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    Thanks for the article. I agree with Muccino that nowadays “There’s no respect for the intelligence of the public” in Hollywood films. Of course, there are some exceptions, but very very few …
    It seems that only GB is promoting the film now (his co-starts have been almost absent and the director is not happy with the result). While the film is out there GB will be saying that this is a good film because (he needs to sell it anyway) … only in a few years time we will know what he really thinks (or may be not).

  798. 798
    Wow Says:

    @Manny: It’s disgusting and totally unwarranted. Especially in this world we live in at the moment. It should all be turned over to charity. Somehow I doubt that’ll happen here.

  799. 799
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Call it however you want, it’s not win win, it’s unscrupulous considering how many are going without. It’s great if some re-gift or put that stuff up for auction for charity. I’ve never seen GB do anything of the sort. George Clooney has I believe.

  800. 800
    what a Liberty Says:

    I felt really very disappointed that GBs shopping trip turned into a freebee gifting expedition. How excited him mum will be to have a gift that someone else has given. How excited will his family be to get their pressies when they are handouts at the gift of Libertys. Feeling rather queezy that he uses his celebrity to do Christmas shopping. The picture is all too complete now. Walks away

  801. 801
    Side eye Says:

    This guy is getting closer and closer to reaching the top of my doosh-o-meter with each passing day.

  802. 802
    christmasfairy Says: Eventful day! Mulled wine infused party at work. Brief chat with Gerard Butler in Liberty. Lush Vietnamese dinner at Pho, Soho #LondonLife

  803. 803
    GGG Says:

    Unfortunately 4000 pounds are nothing in comparison to the other gifts that celebrities get. A common gift, which most of the celebs achieve from a company for free, are cars. And of course a car costs much more than GB’s christmas presents.

    But I have to agree with you: It’s not fair, that a celebrity who is already very wealthy gets all this stuff for free. But that’s how PR works… And that is the reason, why GB and most of the other HW actors will never get poor(er).

  804. 804
    foreboding Says:

    @Mmmmmmm: well ge produced, and on the balance of probability influenced its script/end result, so on his head be it, literally. What other explanation could there be for all his costars blanking it totally, or after the first screening, and the director slagging it off ?

  805. 805
    @Totally Useless Information Says:

    So you are privy to everything Gerry does with the items he is given? You believe George C. has. Oh, okay.

    It’s business. Period. Business.

    Celebs have a high exposure rate. Reporters on the red carpet want to know who they are wearing, where did that bag come from, great shoes. This advertising is less expensive for a merchant than an ad in a glossy magazine. It’s also tax-deductible.

    You are all such children. You are just ridiculing today because Madalina happens to be with Gerry.

  806. 806
    Mad Men and Women Says:

    @@Totally Useless Information: It is now a part of being an celebrity reality stars get the same perks but it still doesn’t mean it does seem obscene, especially the swag bags at events. If you have to pay people to come to your events, just pay them cash or is that just too tacky. Getting paid to do a commercial for that company seems more honest. Of course some celebrites do both. Such is the way the advertising world works today because the masses are fools who feel that buying what Gerry buys somehow makes you closer to him or just as good as him which is a construct that has been very successful for decades. Really it is what celebrity endorsements are predicated on. The kids all have to buy the Nikes the hottest NBA star is wearing or the men have to buy the same golf clubs as Tiger Woods as if that is going to improve their golf game. Though buying the same jeans as Gerry, what is that going to get me young hot models like MG? Not without the fat wallet in the back pocket or access for freebies.

  807. 807
    Mad Men and Women Says:

    @Side eye:
    “doosh-o-meter” you need to trademark that

  808. 808
    horse cocky Says:

    @@Totally Useless Information:

    If you all only realized how ridiculous you sound. OMFG. Now I know what people mean when they describe gossip sites. Totally bored today, but I’d rather being retching than to ever be forced to read here again. You all are a joke, man. Where is the humanity???

  809. 809
    @horse cocky Says:

    They realize. It’s all part of the “fun”.

  810. 810
    Maureen Says:

    Actually, George Clooney is famous for not accepting swag. He’s even publicly spoken out against it. When he’s in a situation like awards ceremonies, and the swag is given whether requested or not, Clooney ALWAYS gives it away to charity. He’s been doing this for years. There are celebrities who find the practice as ugly as everyone else.

  811. 811
    noma Says:

    “@noma, the perks are taxable to the recipient if the giving company chooses to report them. Most swag at events is produced by sponsors of the event.”

    Better hope no IRS agents or whatever they call them in the UK are Butler fans. You know the US government needs all the tax revenue it can get. So if the implication is a lot of these companies are giving out freebies and making money hand over fist may not be reporting these freebies, tsk tsk.

  812. 812
    christmasfairy Says: Served Jill Halfpenny and assisted Gerard Butler today….life’s a trial ;) #casual

  813. 813
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    @Merry Christmas:
    “When he commented in that article about ribs needing popped back in I was thinking this may be a reason he looks stressed and tired sometimes. Chronic pain can take a toll on a person. But especially when someone has bouts of very bad pain. When he does some interviews and moves a lot and changes position a lot and doesn’t seem to be into the interview may be due to bad pain at the time. He seems to be commenting about his pain more now which may mean he is having more problems with it. Age? IMO”
    I agree … chronic pain is something terrible. But this is not unexpected considering his life style and lack of common sense. He admitted it was his own fault having damaged his back during the filming of 300 (because of the excess of workout). The accident during CM was an unnecessary risk that he took (his stunt double should have taken it) … some people have also mentioned that he had been partying hard the night before some of those scenes where shot.
    It is like a smoker with lung cancer, or a alcoholic person with liver failure … it’s terrible, but they made their choices. In those cases I really feel sorry for their families and the people who really love them. We are not alone in this world, and our (selfish) behavior inevitably impacts others … everything bad we do to ourselves, we do to the people who love us.

  814. 814
    noma Says:

    @christmasfairy: Maybe Mom thought MG was Oksana cough cough

  815. 815
    GGG Says:

    @Mad Men and Women:

    You’re right.
    For example ‘Ed Hardy’: When Christian Audigier established his business, he didn’t had the money for “regular” advertising/ commercial in print media, magizines etc. So the only reason why this brand became public and sucessful was because stars like Madonna started to wear it (and I’m sure that she got the shirts etc. from C. Audigier for free). Then paparazzi took pics of them and by doing that C. Audigier and his brand found their way in the magazines without spending thousands of dollars for advertisement.

  816. 816
    big apple Says:

    @Mmmmmmm: A bit concerning too given his pain issues put him in rehab or so we are told and even if you buy it was just prescription drugs which I don’t, he may be in trouble again.

  817. 817
    Sure Says:

    @horse cocky: And yet you took the time to contribute to the ridiculousness of it all? Liar. You’re one of the MG supporters who sits here 24/7 and bashes on everyone else. Just own your obsession.

  818. 818
    @GGG Says:


  819. 819
    big apple Says:

    I slap myself because I don’t mean abuse of prescription drugs alone is anything that is less serious or dangerous than any other substance though Hollywood likes to portray it as such but add other substance abuse issues that ups the ante.

  820. 820
    plastic fantastic Says:

  821. 821
    Here we go again Says:

    @@Totally Useless Information: Thank you for saying it. Don’t forget the red carpet and all those gowns that are gifted as well. Every designer wants their name out there.
    Sure that George take a charitable deduction from his taxes. Good grief grow up, it has never been any different. If GC gives his goods to charity and the world knows it, he has already received his reward. Do any of you know what GB does with his gifts? Of course not. Carry on with your claptrap.

  822. 822
    ahem Says:

    @GGG: GB is no Madonna. He is useless in terms of selling clothes. How many middle-aged people run out and buy what he’s wearing? Most people don’t even know who he is. I didn’t a year ago. This kind of advertising works with teens, and women in their 20′s only.

  823. 823
    christmasfairy Says: Good bit of Christmas shopping done in London. Gerard Butler and me were competing in Liberty #whataman

  824. 824
    @Here we go again Says:

    Actually, the majority of the dresses for award season are loaned. The actresses are supplied with racks of clothing to choose from, unless a dress is being made specifically for them. Sometimes they are gifted, but others not since the average woman isn’t going to (nor wants to) be wearing couture anytime soon.

  825. 825
    Mmmmmmm Says:

    #738 “‘I have a girlfriend and she’s very nice …”
    Is this the same guy who tends to overuses worlds such as “AWESOME!”, “AMAZING”, “INCREDIBLE”, etc … and his girlfriend is just “very nice”? LOL!

  826. 826
    GGG Says:


    That’s true, but maybe Madonna just doesn’t step into that shop, so they took what they could get. Even if it’s the old looking falling HW-star GB. LOL

  827. 827
    Yep. Says:

    @Mmmmmmm: That’s right. Jessica Biel and CZJ are his “heroes” — he actually called them that in some recent interview for PFK. His gf is just “very nice”. What a lucky girl she is!

  828. 828
    shill shill shill Says:

    @Here we go again: I think you fail to perceive that the issue is that Mr. Butler seems to embrace these perks with more vigor that some of his more talented and distinguished peers. It may not be true but it is a perception.

    Why did that employee feel the need to tweet about Butler, did he tweet about other celebs picking up freebies? Was Butler the only one or did he take the biggest haul so far? Was he and the gf rude?

    It would be bit tacky if this is a preferred method of Christmas shopping. I wonder how many times does he come up with the idea first? Of course they may be items for him or for her anyway. It is better to receive after all.

    Let us know when the paparazzi post those photos with the Liberty store bags. Doesn’t Butler have a go to agency in London? The Daily Mail seems to love him. Oh wait we’ve done their work for them. Where is our referral fee?

  829. 829
    noma Says:

    @Yep.: Jessica Biel is an amazing girl – how many times did he say that in print and in interviews. He wasn’t being insincere was he?????????????????

  830. 830
    shill shill shill Says:

    I can’t wait for a Liberty ad to show up in the sidebar. Just Asian beauties and some shoe brand so far. Oh and Doctors without Borders. Fab organization.

  831. 831
    Yep. Says:

    Biel’s “amazing”, too? Haven’t counted the adjectives, but he does tend to lay it on thick. The “they are my heroes” one in regards to JB an CJZ was just…well, there are no words. Apparently, there are no words he can muster up either for his gf.

  832. 832
    christmasfairy Says:

    @shill shill shill:

    Oh and Doctors without Borders. Fab organization


    Wonder how many people’s lives they could improve with £4000′s worth of ‘freebies’?? Rhetorical question, btw ;)

  833. 833
    Olivia Says:

    GB said something very similar about Jasmine. He said she was a “nice girl”. He can’t seem to muster up anything more than that for the women he dates.
    Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, he was so effusive it was hilarious. He called her a “genius”, “sexy”, “beautiful”, and “my best friend”. LOL!
    He describes his co-stars the way a man usually describes a girlfriend, and describes his girlfriends the way most men speak of an acquaintance they barely know.

  834. 834
    Merry Christmas Says:

  835. 835
    Oddball Says:

    @Olivia: I can never recall any man I know, or any celebrity for that matter, referring to their girlfriend like this. It’s almost as if he barely knows her, and they’ve been living together for months. Weirdos, both of them. Hopefully they will be getting zero attention soon.

  836. 836
    Oddball Says:

    Oh, goodness me. I have the vapors. I just noticed the pic of LDC and that is the hottest he’s ever looked. I never found him in the least attractive before. Very handsome. And has a brain, too.

  837. 837
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @shill shill shill:

    “Why did that employee feel the need to tweet about Butler”

    His next tweet said that he guessed hard work really paid off (sarcasm I’m sure). He’s a young guy who as a clerk makes nothing compared to GB. The tweeter talked about how expensive London is, how he would like to live in a better part of town and that he was so discouraged that he really didn’t want to live in London at all anymore.

    He had to feel some resentment towards GB and maybe the same disgust as MOST of us.

    I’m with those of you who said donate to charity. If he has to get advertising out of it (which I don’t buy) then donate the stuff in Liberty’s name.

  838. 838
    christmasfairy Says: Definitely in the Corinthia hotel with Gerard Butler. #christmasparty

  839. 839
    Let me guess Says:

    @christmasfairy: What? Another party? Nooooooooooo…I can’t believe it!!

  840. 840
    Sassita Says:

    @christmasfairy: No one wants to spring for the cost of a film premiere or screenings that have bombed this badly. Guess it’s going straight to dvd next.

  841. 841
    Sassita Says:

    @noma: Butler ruins everything he touches. Someone needs to tell him he doesn’t know how to produce and he doesn’t need to be ******** with scripts and direction etc. He’s not a good enough actor to be working behind the scenes. He needs to take some time off and have his head examined.

  842. 842
    christmasfairy Says: only met gerrard butler today! he is sooo sexyyyyy Okay, so now I’m sitting next to Gerard Butler #christmasparty

  843. 843
    Sassita Says:

    @ahem: Good point. The only things he advertises are high-end Swiss watches that no one can afford and cheap razors. Not only is his film career coming to a screeching halt, his money train is going to crash and burn when he finds out no one wants him to endorse any products. He needs serious career rehab pronto.

  844. 844
    missjude Says:

    @Merry Christmas: look at 5:18 on the video- when asked if he’s ready to settle down with his girlfriend (madalina) he basically says he isn’t sure if he wants to settle down with madalina but he wants to settle down at some point. lol! ouch!

  845. 845
    missjude Says:

    i meant from 5:15

  846. 846
    shill shill shill Says:

    @Let me guess: Different night same shite.

  847. 847
    Let me guess Says:

    @missjude: Whaaaat? Hahahahahahahahaa.

  848. 848
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls. For My yoke is wholesome (useful, good—not harsh, hard, sharp, or pressing, but comfortable, gracious, and pleasant), and My burden is light and easy to be borne.” – Matthew 11:29-30

  849. 849
    Xmas gift PSA Says:

    I hear Tom Cruise is actively seeking his fourth wife. Just sayin’ in case interested parties are reading.

  850. 850
    Unbelievable! Says:


    Of course he does! His girlfriends won’t be around long and aren’t going to help him network in Hollywood whereas his co-stars can help him with his career. You always play up your fellow cast members because you never know when youy might be working with them again.

  851. 851
    Unbelievable! Says:


    “Butler ruins everything he touches. Someone needs to tell him he doesn’t know how to produce and he doesn’t need to be ******** with scripts and direction etc. He’s not a good enough actor to be working behind the scenes. He needs to take some time off and have his head examined.”

    You first, since you seem to thnk you know so much about the movie making process. What do you think a producer does? From your comments I’d say you know about enough to fill a small thimble.

  852. 852
    Observations Says:

    He lies, he doesn´t want a kids. He likes kids, but doesn´t want own kids. He is afraid this will tie him down for a long time.
    He knows this relationship with MG won´t last, cause when he´s tired of parading her around, he will bring this to an end. This man is cold as ice, he is a user, that´s why he goes for women like MG, who are easy to get and dependent on rich and famous men.
    He wants no normal relationship, he will not settle down, never ever, it´s just not in his genes. He is a commitment phobe, only long distance love affairs are welcome, or short flings. And he is not waiting or looking for his other half, he loves himself only, and he loves and needs his stardom, fandom, friends, and women who adore him, these women will come and go, that´s business as usual for Mr. Butler.
    They really should enjoy their time together, cause soon enough this hocus pocus will be over. I see no heart and soul in it, it´s not magic, not to mention, there is absolutely no chemistry shown between them.

  853. 853
    Lorraine Says:

    Nice interview…and check out those muscles. Wowza! :)

  854. 854
    Sparkles Says:

    He’s broke and his hungry ho is going to be stuck with his bills. She’s dreaming that this guy is buying everything when in fact it’s all done on credit. Her videos, hair, trips … credit. He’ll be gone saying, what’s her name, you mean that foolish ho. Live and learn.

  855. 855
    Allusions Says:

    I think they had a little rift before her movie premier in Italy. He had said something in an interview in the U.S. at that time he worked to impress his last gf. But they both are so much alike and superficial that they might stick together for a while.

    Does anyone notice he is taking on her facial expressions especially around the eyes. Couple do that.

  856. 856
    Azalea Says:

    I haven’t been around in a while and want to thank those with links to interviews. I must say I am very disappointed in Gerry. The more I read and see the more I realize he has become a loser. It’s a shame, but it’s his own doing.

  857. 857
    Gotta say Says:


    You’re very wrong. He wants children badly and is ready to settle down and start a family. 2013 will be the year when it all happens.

  858. 858
    Really Says:

    @Gotta say:

    If you say so.

  859. 859
    @Lorraine Says:


  860. 860
    sounds like a plan Says:

  861. 861
    Yawning Says:

    Gerry’s been talking about having children for years, nothing new. If he wanted them that badly, he’d have them by now.

  862. 862
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @sounds like a plan: If he’s so tired of all the attention, then why is he making sure he’s seen everywhere and has his picture taken with everybody? Another lie….

  863. 863
    silly goose Says:

    @@Lorraine: Sure and he said he preferred natural girls too.

  864. 864
    silly goose Says:

    Earth to Gerry – many other actors have been having private fulfilling lives away from the limelight. It is very simple, don’t live in LA or NY or London or if you do, don’t call the media when you want photo ops and then expect them to leave you alone when you don’t want them around. Don’t hang out at all the happening nightspots where the paparazzi sit every single day or the areas in LA where anyone with a brain knows the paps hang out. Don’t walk up and down streets waiting for people to notice you. Don’t date the recent ex of fellow actor friends who is looking for the attention you claim you no longer crave. Don’t go to parties straight out of rehab. Lose those friends who are parasitic and offer to sell your photos to gossip sites. Don’t attend the opening of a postage stamp. However the other way to lose the attention is for your movies to bomb. Maybe this was all part of the plan. How did we not see the brilliance of it all.

  865. 865
    twitter Says:

    Grzeg ‏@Grzeg
    Perhaps all this end of the world talk was just overexcitement at the prospect of a new Gerard Butler film.

    Steven Gaydos ‏@HighSierraMan
    BREAKING NEWS! 3 US Senators have just accused makers of the new Gerard Butler film “Playing for Keeps” of “promoting torture.”

  866. 866
    twitter Says:

    Michael Kupperman @MKupperman
    Gerard Butler is busy shooting his next movie “Oh No Not Him Again”

  867. 867
    Alina Says:

    This’s fun!
    Leslie @LilJerseyDevil

    @MKupperman What about other film “The Gerald Butler Did it”?

  868. 868
    food 4 thought Says:

    Looks like twitter comments about GB have become far more entertaining than his dreary, vapid private life, and his rapidly disintegrating film career.

  869. 869
    Manny Says:

    Happy End of the World day girlies…
    I vote Macaroni and Cheesy get married today. Then it can be the “End of the World as We Know It” Day…
    I can’t blame the tweeters. I saw the movie and it was sooooo boring, stupid, and YAWN. Please keep posting the tweets. Far more entertaining than Braying for Sheep… oops I mean Slaying the Peeps… oops I mean Straying for Teets… oops I mean Praying for Sleep… oops I mean Playing for Keeps.

  870. 870
    christmasfairy Says: Noway dads gf was out with Gerard butler last night omgg #luckylucky

  871. 871
    christmasfairy Says:

    PFK screens/theatres in the US is dropping this week to 851

  872. 872
    Heh heh Says:

    @Manny: I really hope they get married. Best karma, ever.

  873. 873
    christmasfairy Says:

    Has this been posted?

  874. 874
    Manny Says:

    “I am nice with fans and people to a fault, and you won’t find me hidden away in the darkest recesses in the VIP room speaking to one person…”
    Good Lord this guy is a d!nk. No he is hiding in the VIP lounge while his buddies hold the Miss Butler-Lay-For-The-Night Pagneant…

  875. 875
    silly goose Says:

    @Manny: MG won the grand prize.

  876. 876
    shmanny Says:

    @Manny: No wonder you wear the “queen of hate” crown. You disgust me. Every time I see your name I cringe as what poison you will put out. Why are you here? You despise everything about gb and yet you continue to spew. Hope it makes you feel good, at least better than the patients you care for.

  877. 877
    Geeeeezus Says:

    He needs to shut up already. I’m starting to think he’s believing his own hype. Truly a legend in his own mind.

  878. 878
    Manny Says:

    @silly goose:
    Or is that the b00ty prize???

  879. 879
    Manny Says:

    So true. Do you think he has affirmations on his mirror? “I’m great.” “I’m brilliant.” “Women love me.” “I am the best actor on the planet.” I can say stupid stuff because I am Gerard Butler after all.”
    Makes you wonder. Maybe that is why Macaroni is a good match for Cheesy. He looks at her and asks, “Am I not the most talented actor on the planet?” and Macaroni not understanding his accent just nods in agreement. hehehehe

  880. 880
    GGG Says:


    “There’s a story about George being in this hotel room with an ex-Miss World and a lot of champagne. The waiter comes to bring him more champagne and says: ‘Where did it all go wrong, Mr Best?’ Which George apparently found very funny because he was in bed with an ex-Miss World in an amazing hotel suite with amazing champagne.”

    That describes exactly the life of GB. While he is partying around, sleeping with young girls etc. all the others are just thinking: “What the h.ell is this guy doing???” And he doesn’t even realise how embarrassing, disgusting and hopeless his behavior is. So sad…

  881. 881
    Geeeeezus Says:

    @Manny: I think he gets his affirmations by parading up and down the street and going to crowded bars every night, and most likely announcing his presence in a very loud fashion. Come to think of it, I think there are tweets stating that he does just that. With any luck, he will disappear completely in 2013, and take Macaroni with him. Oh, wait. We have one more miserable PR torture session in the spring. Drat.

  882. 882
    Crapola Says:


    MG and him haven’t been living together for months. She was in Milan when he had that 4th of July party. She seems to have found out about it here on JJ as then she showed up there.

    She has her own paid for her apt. in NYC close to the Brooklyn Bridge, paid for her by one of her many sugar daddied so no actual proof they lived together in NYC in his loft.

    They’ve been apart since the premiere of CM and he made no effort to go back to her during that though he had ample time to do so.

    I get the impression they only get to see each other sporadically and that she was taken out of hiding this time to show off he has a GF. Quite odd since she was supposed to be sick in bed when she showed up at that charity event in LA for PFK.

    Around the time she was supposed to be living with him in Shreveport, an article came out about him saying he once allowed a GF to move in, regretted it so badly that he moved out till she got the message he wanted her out because he wouldn’t confront her about having made a mistake in letting her move in. I wonder if he would make such a mistake again especially since his reasons for saying she’s the one in “Psychologies”, a magazine from Russia, seem so flimsy as you never pick somebody as your future wife/husband just by the color and texture of their skin.

  883. 883
    Manny Says:

    She was paraded around for the movie PFK. All that “see Butler is a changed man: and all that rot…

  884. 884
    papermoon Says:

    This part of the article made giggle.
    “Yeah, yeah. Whenever I hang out with cool kids. If I hang out with a little brat, I think: ‘Thank Christ I’m not a dad.’ But the kid in this film, Noah, is truly an amazing child. When I was hanging out with Noah, I’d go: ‘Oh God, I’d love to have a kid like this. How cool to have this relationship.’ And listen, at some point I would like to have a kid, no doubt about it but I’m just going along and doing my thing.”
    So does this mean he’ll only want to be a father to his future children when their good? I had an aunt like that, she only liked being with her kids when they were behaving themselves and would dump them with some one else when they were bad or crying. Gerry has a lot of growing up left to do. lol

  885. 885
    Interesting Says:

    @Crapola: I wonder myself just how much time they’ve actually spent together, and was doubtful she was with him the whole time in Shreve. My theory is that her purpose was to show he’d changed his ways, since he went through a year prior of nothing but negative press about his personal life. She seems to pop up when a photo op is needed. She was probably thinking it was a good deal because she would get attention for being his girlfriend. Unfortunately on her end, I think she overestimated his fame and/or popularity. It’s all just a theory, but I think it’s possible we are being led to believe they are together, when indeed they are not. And I agree also with all the people who say there is no chemistry here. He looks more in love with complete strangers in his twitpics. BTW, what’s this about skin color? I swear those rags over there are hysterical with the stuff they come up with.

  886. 886
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @silly goose: Post 864-Brillant,common sense post.He knows all that.He likes the attention.Good or bad.A lot of actresses called him man boy.Must be true.Now he’s changing his tune because it’s backfiring on himself now.The money drying up from crappy movies scares him more than anything-me thinks.I’m sorry,I don’t believe Maddie loves him.She’s a leech.He’s aging very quickly,and if he can’t climb out of this rut,she’ll dump him soon enough.He really looks like an old fool.

  887. 887
    tumblr Says:

    Gerard Butler once went to MSU for their homecoming game because their mascot was the Spartans. While the band was marching into the stadium he was outside with the many other spectators who enjoy stalking the band pre-game. During the series at one of the headsnaps, my friend who was in the color guard looked him dead in the eye and he had this look of complete terror on his face because these college students were all marching so uniformly looking like they were about to go on a genocidal rampage before the game and go eat the away teams raw flesh. I laughed harder than I should have that the man who played King Leonidas was terrified of a college marching band.

  888. 888
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    Yeah,Gerry your at home now reading books by the fire,just like your average Joe.Bullsquat.He’s buttering up fans to see his next movie.Gerry maybe this crap worked when you were a kid and you could charm lie your way out of scrapes.No more.It’s time to grow up like the rest of the world.

  889. 889
    Allusions Says:

    Interviewer asks You play a dad. Do you get paternal?

    “Yeah, yeah. Whenever I hang out with cool kids. If I hang out with a little brat, I think: ‘Thank Christ I’m not a dad.’ But the kid in this film, Noah, is truly an amazing child. When I was hanging out with Noah, I’d go: ‘Oh God, I’d love to have a kid like this. How cool to have this relationship.’ And listen, at some point I would like to have a kid, no doubt about it but I’m just going along and doing my thing.”

    Butler will throw his kid at the nanny or the mother the moment it acts up or is ADHD like him. There can be only one baby with him and that is himself.

  890. 890
    twitter Says:

    Gerard Butler tarred and feathered by Spartan cosplayers for ****** acting choices

  891. 891
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @shmanny: post 876,fans are pissed at what a liar he is.I mean come on.How long can we say “Oh he so hot”.Nope.Can’t ride that anymore.People thought he was different.He’s not.He superficial.And it’s funny that he thinks he’s all that in a can of beans.He can treat women like garbage make crappy movies,lie and well….he’s Gerard Butler-he can get away with it all.He’s a star.He doesn’t have to treat people good.Gerry can do what ever he likes.

  892. 892
    lookthat Says:

    you are so stupid and believe everything are reading. The b * tch arrived at shevre at that time and was sent as a gift. Actually, gb is being paid for this farce. I imagine he is gay

    August 26, 2012 Gerard Butler visited Natchitoches Alligator Park – the largest theme park alligators in Louisiana. Five acres with daily shows, feeding, gift shop, restaurant, and more than 1,000 alligators

    Madalina Ghenea‏@Madalina_Ghenea


  893. 893
    Sassita Says:

    @papermoon: He could end up with a bookish kid who wants to stay indoors too. A computer geek or a scientist type who prefers loner activities to being outdoors and playing. I have two kids who love being outside and one who likes cooking, reading and more solitary activities. She’s not antisocial but she loves to read and I think half the time she would rather be reading than doing anything else, LOL.

    Gerry better learn that if he has kids, he has to accept who they are. They aren’t cookie cutter children, they are individuals with personalities all their own.

  894. 894
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn [entirely] away from evil.” – Proverbs 3:5-7

  895. 895
    Crapola Says:



    MG is certainly more fake than he is! She has no obvious talent at all!

    He at least does have some real talent. Not so long ago, actually before 300 even came out,, critics were saying that he was what saved movies like Timeline and Dracula 2000 from being major bombs! He has talent but like people who work work work (doing real work that is) all the time, he forgot to stop and make plans for a family life and now he’s feeling his age and time passing him by so he’s not thinking too clearly.

    They have very little in common. When he said former GF got him roles, what he meant was that they got him auditions which all actors/actresses can do for friends and family but that means you have to work hard at that audition to get the role. He never got roles the way she got her roles.

    Other than the dark hair, hazel eyes and accent, they have very little in common. What they have the hair and eyes would make them more father and daughter than BF and GF if she looked her age which she doesn’t as she actually looks older than he is.

    The other thing they do have in common is Avi Lerner whom she should thank for getting the role in Dom Hemingway and for hooking her up with GB as Avi who’s the producer of OHF saw how wild Gerry was at the beginning of the year after his rehab stint of 3 weeks.

    Gerry was hitting on barely legal cheerleaders right in front of Avi Lerner who wanted him to stay away from nightclubs and barely legal girls while filming OHF. I wouldn’t be surprised that Avi thought MG could make GB stay home and hooked them up together. Kind of backfired as GB still went to nightclubs solo in Shreveport as she wasn’t there. There were also tweets indicating he still hitted on other women.

  896. 896
    Crapola Says:

    @Gerard is middle aged!:

    He’s dying his hair because she’s nagging him to do so because she doesn’t want to be reminded he could be her father! She should date somebody her own age but she won’t unless the guy is a multi-millionaire’s son and such a guy will probably not want to date her as he will see her for what she is and will want something looking fresher. If she’s 24, I’m 5.

  897. 897
    Crapola Says:



    I find it quite odd that in Shreveport in the middle of the night she was on FB posting about them since at that time he would have been in bed since he had to be on the set early in the morning.

    I think she was put there to make it look like he was more serious, ready to settle down but when you look at his behaviour, he’s not acting like a man who’s serious about her at all.

    He had time in October after the talk-shows for CM to go back and be with her but instead he chose to stay in NY and be with friends and other women. He won’t even name her and confirm her as his GF and I bet in a while if we don’t see them together and somebody ask him if he has broken up with her, he’ll say what she said in Cannes that they were just friends. I see so little chemistry between those 2 and I find it odd that in the one picture at that London nightclub, it’s obvious they’re both posing and that the photographer couldn’t get one picture of them acting natural around each other. I’ve seen so many pictures of celebrities dating somebody at nightclubs and premieres and there would always be one picture you could tell if they were really dating or not, you could tell that they were together and not just posing for the cameras.

  898. 898
    XO Says:


  899. 899
    GOD Says:

    Ave is Jewish and does business with Nazi? very strange

  900. 900
    Interesting Says:

    @Crapola: If my theory plays out, then what I think may happen next is that once this publicity tour in London is over, they will separate again, and she will probably pop up next during awards season, and show up with him at the AA’s, maybe even the GG’s. He will probably head back to L.A. or NY after holidays in Scotland. They may spend a few days around New Years, not sure, but I would say after awards season is over, this will be done. And I could be totally wrong about all of it, but that’s what I’m feeling when I look at the whole picture.

  901. 901
    Merry Christmas Says:

  902. 902
    Merry Christmas Says:

  903. 903
    Clamsie Says:

    @Interesting: I still think he could be gay. You have to admit everything else about him is fake and manufactured. Who’s to say he didn’t drop to his kn.ees and b.l.o.w gay Stephen Berkoff who starred with him in Attila. Didn’t Berkoff give him his first job? What other reason would someone offer young inexperienced GB a job? There’s just so much out there that’s questionable and makes me go hmmmmmmmm.

    I’m starting to wonder if he’s anything we ever thought he was. We know he can’t act and has lousy taste in just about everything. He’s a strange one. I’m pretty sure we’ll never know his true nature, whatever it is.

  904. 904
    christmasfairy Says:

    I must admit that GB willingly inviting attention to this particular relationship has always struck me as strange given the way he’s kept previous relationships out of the limelight. It all smacks a little too much of “convenience”. But, I have to say, if any of this is true that somebody “arranged” for MG to be with GB as a way of keeping him on the straight and narrow, and GB’s been happy to go along with it, then my opinion of GB has now hit an all-time low.

  905. 905
    christmasfairy Says:


    Steven Berkoff isn’t gay.

  906. 906
    christmasfairy Says: Gerard butler at shoreditch house amazing!!!!!!!!

  907. 907
    Cheese Log Says:

    @Clamsie: I’m not ruling it out, Clams. I think it’s definitely in play. Unless someone has been in the room themselves, no one knows what’s really going on behind the scenes. We can only go by what he says, and we know how much that’s worth. I can only say that based on what I see in terms of body language, “vibes”, instinct, whatever you want to call it, there is something off about this whole recent scenario. He doesn’t appear in the pics, even the staged ones in France, to be into her much at all.

  908. 908
    Eh... Says:

    @Merry Christmas:
    Same ole s**t, different interview…

    One of the best things he could do is stop arranging razzi shots and feeding bits of his personal life to the press & public. Don’t understand why any actors feel the need to say anything more than “no comment” to questions about their personal life.

  909. 909
    Bonnie Says:

    I don’t think he is gay,
    I have always thought it has all been an arrangement,no chemistry with these two.It kills two birds with one stone,she tries to keeps him on the straight and narrow ,he gives her name a boost and tries to make her a star(ha)Someone is getting paid here.
    Talk in Scotland he has never taken her home.Come on they walked all over Glasgow and Edinburgh when they could have been with family.
    That’s what the trip was about ,meeting family.
    Now they wander all over London,I know he has had a few interviews etc
    But he has been in London 10days?,he could have done a day return trip
    From Heathrow to Glasgow flying its about 1hr 20min then drive about 20mins just so she could have seen his family as she is not going for Christmas.She is not going to Scotland because she has not been invited.
    All an arrangement,………..

  910. 910
    Cheese Log Says:

    @Bonnie: I agree with whoever said she probably only went to the b-day party, but I don’t think they were anywhere near his family other than that. I thought at the time it was odd that he was supposed to be visiting family and they spent most of the trip in Edinburgh. Wasn’t that where most of the sightings were?

  911. 911
    Hello Says:

    Well, seeing that it’s flooded in Comrie, banks aren’t holding and evacuations in play, maybe he won’t make it home. I thought MG was going to her homeland for Christmas.

  912. 912
    cupcake Says:

    Hi ladies. TGIF. Then Christmas.

  913. 913
    Bonnie Says:

    @Cheese Log The sightings where between Glasgow and Edinburgh.
    I believe she did not go to the dinner.

  914. 914
    Merry Christmas Says:

  915. 915
    Merry Christmas Says:

    Sorry that news release was when it flooded in Nov.

  916. 916
    GOD Says:

    indeed, many lies and money involved, more a movie that goes into the hole.

  917. 917
    Cheese Log Says:

    @Bonnie: He made a remark, in print, that sounded like she did. It was hard to tell from the way he worded it, as usual.

  918. 918
    dargabriel Says:

    Hello jj and everybody from the bay today, woo hoo, timing is everything. My 13 year old daughter, claire needs some positive energy, there has been much madness towards my beloved family, its not right, but claire is with her dad, who basically reaped my 3 babies, this isn’t godlike, my kids have had issues since the devil took them, their father is very powerful, and he’s been doing bad things, claire started cutting herself a yr ago, I put my faith in Christ to keep my babies safe, its been anything but that, and i am pissed, i told my ex i hope he dies, how can an evil man even exist, im not into this madness and hatred, i’ve tried to overcome this feeling. I know this isn’t about my family, but much needed positive vibes for my baby. So you say there’s flooding in Comrie? I wonder why. Reap what we sow, butler that goes for you too. I love, butler does not. Learn love and light for the world. Love,dar

  919. 919
    bitter blue pill Says:


    Affirmations? Just like Jack Donaghy. Just add the Scottish brogue…

  920. 920
    bitter blue pill Says:

    @Untamable Shrew:

    Don’t believe him, he’s reading 50 Shades Gray. It’s like a day planner to him.

  921. 921
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Sending good vibes your way for your daughter and your family. I was thinking of you today while I watched the snow fall; it was the first real fall of the season and we got about 7 inches. Christmas isn’t Christmas without snow.

    I’m totally bored with the butler – his $4,000 of freebies really pissed me off. When there are kids donating their pocket money to help children get toys that just did it. He has just become a big joke. When is his GF going to jump ship, she isn’t supposed to be with him for Christmas. Right? Does she get dumped in London while he goes to Scotland to see his family? He has to make some serious choices as far as I am concerned.

    No matter how nasty people have been to me throughout the year I bear no malice at Christmas and wish everyone well.

    Take care.

  922. 922
    Olivia Says:

    @Trying to figure it out:
    It was even worse than that. Gerry was given £4,000 of freebies which is $6,470.

  923. 923
    Pounds Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: Just thought I’d point out it was in pounds, so in dollars was around $10,000, and I totally agree. It makes me furious, too. Merry Xmas, though, lol.

  924. 924
    Pounds Says:

    @Olivia: Oops, I forgot the pound isn’t worth what it once was. I’m still thinking its $2.50, lol.

  925. 925
    dargabriel Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: thanks a bunch for the positive vibes. You’re right about a white christmas, I’m with my family in the bay right now. This butler I used to like but he, has really changed up, karma I see very much in the path of his career and relationship, I don’t like to say this but, I do not like him much, but I like all of you. I will pray for him to get it on the right path. Take great care. Love,dargabriel

  926. 926
    Just an observation Says:

    Ever heard the adage, “Bad press is better than no press?” Given the relative perceived free fall of his movies, the relationship with a ‘young’ underwear model keeps him in the media and keeps the public interested. Although my perspective is that given the economic power of online clicks to drive ad revenue on JJ and elsewhere, I would offer media has little to no interest in him, and a few remaining stragglers among his dwindling fan base combined with those of us who find his antics as compelling as a car accident (just…can’t…look…away) are wagging the dog. An interesting hypothesis to test: if we put a moratorium on posts here and elsewhere, would that drive even more bizarre behavior from Butler, or would he quietly start to disappear from the scene? Just food for mental chewing, of course.

  927. 927
    justsayin'too Says:

    Hi dar- Thoughts are with you and your daughter. I like to read your predictions. I think you may be on to something. What do you think his other have does and will they meet this year? Maybe she will be a writer or producer and resurrect his career. LOL I have to say this relationship seems way too contrived. If it were real and my boyfriend said in an interview he hoped I wasn’t a mistake, I would have to kick his **** to the curb. If he is going to say something about her, it should at least be flattering and not this insulting crap. Sheesh Butler I hope you get your act together soon!!

  928. 928
    GOOD Says:

    why go to Scotland? a people subservient. Pay the Prince Harry`s panties.

  929. 929
    bitter blue pill Says:

    I actually just watched the most entertaining Gerard Butler performance this year:

    Don’t miss the dancing elf.

  930. 930
    @dargabriel Says:

    So you are blaming Gerry for the floods in Scotland? You certainly are a spiritual being.

    Aside from that moment of ire, I wish the very best for your daughter and will be praying for her.

  931. 931
    dargabriel Says:

    @justsayin’too: Thank you for your well wishes. I don’t believe butler will come together with his other half this year, the gate is closed until possibly next year, divine timing will play out, also this union is dependent on the karma madness. I feel his other half is broken hearted over negative karma he has been in control of. Butler please control your anger, spiritual power is very saddening, I cry over this stuff, its so very tormenting. I love you all. Love,dargabriel

  932. 932
    bitter blue pill Says:


    I think you should actually take a year off from GB. You have more important things to worry about than him.

  933. 933
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Madalina is posting on her fb page again. About 4-5 hours ago (the same time the tweet came in about GB’s being at the private/social club) she posted new pics, her Romanian Cosmo spread, her Aldo hair video and a video of Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Merci.”

    If you don’t remember from what? middle school, the poem is about a knight who has been duped by a woman who is beautiful, erotically attractive, fascinating, and deadly. It has been interpreted by some as Keats’ personal rebellion against the pains of love which he resented, particularly the loss of freedom that came with falling in love.

    It probably means nothing more than MG just discovered the poem; however, I have to think that she sees herself as “a beautiful woman without pity” – a femme fatale.

    Basically, just find it strange that GB’s out partying again at a social club that offers overnight bedrooms, since he’s tired of all that and spends most nights in bed with a good book. LOL — especially since his GF is at the same time promoting herself on her FB. Think she takes her laptop to clubs?

    Merry Christmas, all!

  934. 934
    Side eye Says:

    @Just an observation: I agree with most of what you say here, although I’m wondering who has shown any interest in his relationship, other than those of us who bandy it about here for amusement? The US press has shown no interest whatsoever, TMZ and others of its ilk haven’ touched it. Even his usual lambasters like Lainey are staying away. So the relationship isn’t working to generate interest, imo, other than for JJ, who is definitely making money from the fact the Butler threads are used as a chat room.

  935. 935
    bitter blue pill Says:


    WHAT 24YO would want to spend the nights next to an old guy with jowls and gray hair reading a book. i sure as hell didn’t!

  936. 936
    Good Idea Says:

    @Just an observation:
    I LOVE this idea. I would love to see all this dude’s threads die and watch what happens next. Interesting experiment, non? But… I would miss reading all the interesting discussion from our fellow car crash observers. The commenters are the reason I read anything on this site.

    How about this… let’s pick a different person and post all comments on their threads so we can watch and see what happens when it suddenly appears that nobody gives a crap about this guy anymore. What will he and his PR people do?

    I think it would be fascinating and fun to, as you say, wag the dog a little and find out.

    Merry Xmas to everyone!

  937. 937
    justsayin'too Says:

    If MG were banking on GB to take her to the top of the Hollywood ladder, she must realize by now she is bankrupt. I have been surprised that NO outlets are having anything to do with this showmance or whatever it is. It seems Mr. Butler has crossed the wrong people in Hollyweird because it is as if he is being shunned by the powers that be and I gurantee MG won’t stay much longer if she can’t get some mileage out of the media. She will move on to catch a bigger fish.

  938. 938
    dargabriel Says:

    @@dargabriel: Thank you much. I’m very spiritual both love and lessons, gabriel’s yob, righting the wrongs, discipline, weather,telepathy,hope,messages,judgement, annunciation, trumpet blower,lily of death, death angel, transporter of souls, meaning to and from home. Trust me this is butler’s soul Gabriel, incarnated this lifetime, sent from God to perform duties for mankind, seeing as how Gabriel has his counterpart in female form, this is hope. very powerful energies, intense. I hope this explains who butler belongs to, Arch Gabriel. He is very much all around all of you, pretty cool. Oh boy, he and she are truly one, the have a striking likeliness. Gabriel is water/earth sign, butler is a master 22 lifepath, Gabriel refers to him/her as being a fallen angel, because of misuse of powers, understood, judging what I’ve felt and see, he is very good at being a fly on the wall, when need be, he can spark,crackle, and sting, he really likes burning things, something from very,very long ago, turning seas to salt, I wish I knew more biblical stuff, These messages brought especially to you from Arch Gabriel with love and light on this most interesting dec,21, 2012, powerful alignment. Happy holidays, the true meaning, christ,family, friends, and big love. Peace, dargabriel

  939. 939
    Psy op Says:

    Did you hear…Sandy Hook is all fake…all actors, no one died…it’s all over the internet

  940. 940
    Psy op Says:

    Just a matter of will all come out…bite them in the a$$

  941. 941
    Side eye Says:

    @Good Idea: I think it’s a great idea, too. But how will we move the conversation to another celebrity’s thread without revealing the new location on this one? Ideas?

  942. 942
    Good Idea Says:

    @Side eye:

    Hmmm… Can we vote on someone else to post on and then everyone just goes there?

    Can we make it someone that we don’t mind seeing get some support?

  943. 943
    Shame on you Says:

    @Psy op: You’re sick.

  944. 944
    Good Idea Says:

    I don’t think it will matter too much if the newly selected celeb chat room is posted in one thread. I think that the comment statistics are matched through the name the post is tagged to. Logistically its not feasible to report on anything else (says the nerdy computer programmer).

  945. 945
    Shame on you Says:

    @Good Idea: Good plan. What do we do about the regulars on the other thread, if there are any? They might get hostile if we take over their thread. It has to be a celeb that doesn’t get traffic.

  946. 946
    twitter Says:

    Joe Represci @ jesterjacobs
    Straight feltzing in shoreditch house just told Gerard butler to suck out

    2 hours ago

  947. 947
    Hello Says:

    Connecticut officials cautioned against the spread of false information on social media sites in the wake of Friday’s massacre.

    Anyone who posts fake material about the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School or killer Adam Lanza could face arrest, Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said at a press conference.

    Read more:

  948. 948
    Suggestion Says:

    Ken Castle?

    Good actor. Low traffic threads. And, sort of tied to GB via a movie.

  949. 949
    Good Idea Says:

    @Shame on you:

    Good point. Let’s all take a looksie at posts within the last few days. I remember seeing one a couple of weeks ago that was getting almost no traffic and it was about someone who seemed pretty decent, too. Might have been Eric Bana. He has a wife and kids and stays out of the “Hollywood Scene”. I’ve never read anything bad about him. Same goes for James McAvoy.

    Then we can watch the car crash and report from a safe distance.

  950. 950
    mwahahaha Says:

    @SouthernBelle: “A good book” is the name of his new piece on the side.

  951. 951
    Psy op Says:

    Look up Robbie Parker fake on you tube…start watching…with eyes wide open

  952. 952
    food 4 thought Says:

    @Shame on you: I like the plan. I’m so sick of @sshat Butler – former fan, but I like the conversation around here, and I would miss it. I vote for Paul Bettany. JJ posts an occasional thread, but it never gets many comments, just because he’s a nice guy, solid husband and father. He doesn’t attract rabidity either way. Here is his last thread:

  953. 953
    Good Idea Says:


    That would be ok with me. Last thread for him was on 11/28/12. Only 8 comments and the last one was 11/30.

    Might also be good to get rid of some of the crazy comments that show up in the middle of the night.

  954. 954
    Shame on you Says:

    @food 4 thought: Looks like a good one. How will we redirect traffic?

  955. 955
    Good Idea Says:

    @food 4 thought:

    Oooh I like that one too! And he’s easy on the eyes.

    Really hoping the regulars like twitter, dargabriel, angelsrock, DocP, Manny and everyone else comes.

  956. 956
    food 4 thought Says:

    Basically just post a comment – “conversation here” and the link to the other thread. Consistency would be key.

  957. 957
    Good Idea Says:

    @food 4 thought:

    I’m in. Shall we go now?

  958. 958
    food 4 thought Says:

    @Good Idea: If somebody posts a link, they will come. I’m sure I’m not the only one hanging around simply for the chat.

  959. 959
    food 4 thought Says:

    Head Up JJrs. If you too are sick of driving hits to Gerard Butler’s threads, chat with friends old and new at this link…

  960. 960
    Side eye Says:

    @twitter: I wonder what this means? lol

  961. 961
    Good Idea Says:

    @food 4 thought:

    How’s this?

    Are you tired of appearing to support this dude and his questionable choices but would miss the interesting chat from the JJ GB regulars?

    Well we have a solution… for only $19.99 (that’s a lie, it’s free), you can continue your favorite GB conversations from the comfort and safety of this brand new thread !!!!

    But wait, there’s more! (Not really.)

  962. 962
    foreboding Says:

    @twitter: anyone knowtf this is about? Poker or homos**ual antics? What’s feltzing?

  963. 963
    Meaning of tweet Says:

    There is a sexual term ‘f/elching’ that sounds like feltzing and also involves s/ucking. Hmmm, not sure about this, or if this tweet is even for real. For those who are curious (and not squeamish) the Urban dictionary is your friend.

  964. 964
    it kinda Says:

    means suuck the seaman out of my azz…its an insult.

  965. 965
    seems like Butler Says:

    p/o a few comedians tonight at Shoreditch

    doesn’t go well when you heckle here in the UK

  966. 966
    seems like Butler Says:

    couldn’t stand being the center of attention, a few fans laid him out too, corrected him on his manners…too funny

  967. 967
    seems like Butler Says:

    oops meant to say NOT being the center of attention

    too tired for words

  968. 968
    Still a Fan Says:

    Still love ya Gerry, like a fat kid loves cake. Keep up the good work and it would be great to see you in another historical movie soon. Something about Robert the Bruce maybe, directed by Mel Gibson. IMO the two of you could be a dynamite collaboration on this with the right script.

  969. 969
    ... ♏ Says:

    dargabriel is not the twin flame of gerard butler……..she lies………

  970. 970
    Has this been posted? Says:

    Gerry is interviewed by Lorraine on UK TV

  971. 971
    ?? Says:

    Didn’t someone out Dargabriel as a sock of GFW?

  972. 972
    @Seems like Butler Says:

    PMSL at the tweeter who called Gerry a ‘mumped cheek c/ock’.

  973. 973
    hohum Says:

    @food 4 thought: Took a look. What a disappointment.

  974. 974
    Mad Men and Women Says:

    “Madalina is posting on her fb page again. About 4-5 hours ago (the same time the tweet came in about GB’s being at the private/social club) she posted new pics, her Romanian Cosmo spread, her Aldo hair video and a video of Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Merci.”
    If you don’t remember from what? middle school, the poem is about a knight who has been duped by a woman who is beautiful, erotically attractive, fascinating, and deadly. It has been interpreted by some as Keats’ personal rebellion against the pains of love which he resented, particularly the loss of freedom that came with falling in love.
    It probably means nothing more than MG just discovered the poem; however, I have to think that she sees herself as “a beautiful woman without pity” – a femme fatale.
    Basically, just find it strange that GB’s out partying again at a social club that offers overnight bedrooms, since he’s tired of all that and spends most nights in bed with a good book. LOL — especially since his GF is at the same time promoting herself on her FB. Think she takes her laptop to clubs?
    Merry Christmas, all!”

    Brilliant thanks for a good morning chuckle as I head out to face the hordes and the cold to finish ye old Xmas shopping.

  975. 975
    wiphoenix Says:

    @Still a Fan: My friend is a Bruce. I wonder she would think of that.

  976. 976
    dargabriel Says:

    @… ♏: well good dip shiiiiieeettt, take that a.d stick it up your ****. These are my sliritual words to you. Besides butler wouldn’t deserve me,anyways.

  977. 977
    dargabriel Says:

    @??: do you reallyk what you’re talking about, trust me, if people attack me on here, they’re sure to receive retaliation, I don’t put up with shiieet. You don’t know me person, so don’t ask. For the damn record I am dargabriel and always will be, my true name is DAR.

  978. 978
    dargabriel Says:

    To the posters who are respectful, you will see me put no good posters in their ace, its my job. They might not like it, especially the karma that comes with it, however, if everyone treats everyone with respect then its good karma, this isn’t a joke. I right the wrongs. I’ve a light side and dark, I do prefer the light and my family does too. I send my well wishes to everyone who deserves it, you know who you are. And f/uck off to the losers on the thread. Have a great day. Dargabriel

  979. 979
    dargabriel Says:

    @dargabriel: Do you really know me? I really wished people wouldn’t say mean things, it makes my blood boil and shiieet happens. Please don’t f/uck with someone you don’t know. It’s really to everyone’s benefit to be nice and positive. Sorry about my typos. Love,dargabriel

  980. 980
    dargabriel Says:

    The previous post was directed to ?? Person, not myself,oops, I need to go get starbucks now, so I can cool off. Bye

  981. 981
    Special One Says:

    I watched “Playing for Keeps” finally. And I didn’t loved it, but it wasn’t Gerry Butler’s fault. The director was horrible, really. And Dennis Quaid character looks like on drugs. I think Jessica Biel did a good job.

  982. 982
    Psssttt... Dar Says:


    I think you should check out Paul Bettany…

  983. 983
    Good Idea Says:

    @Psssttt… Dar: So discreet. I wonder where everyone went? (fingers at cheeks like Shirley Temple) It’s a huge mystery. Hope the trolls don’t find out.

  984. 984
    Blue Says:

    @Meaning of tweet:

    That is the most sick and disgusting deviant pervert crap I have ever read. How grosssssss!!!!

  985. 985
    linguist Says:

    @Blue: The Urban Dictionary is full of such things. Learn something new every day.

  986. 986
    Happy together Says:

    Judging by the photos just posted on MG’s facebook and a Gerry sighting there it seems the happy couple are staying somewhere near Winterwonderland in London. Too much in love and too busy making wonderful memories to travel to Scotland as planned?

  987. 987
    Holidays Says:

    Super busy time of year! Great update on GB. Fun times! Glad he’s happy, but… Well they must love London. The city looks beautiful this time of year.

  988. 988
    Blue Says:

    @Happy together:

    As long as he isn’t “felching” in some sleazy bathhouse, that’s great.

  989. 989
    TeaCakes Says:

    He’ll probably felch anywhere he can get away with it. Hope Maddie’s getting her money’s worth of whatever it is they have.

  990. 990
    GoodTimeGloria Says:

    The pictures Madalina posted on her FB, she posted last night (Fri) when Gerry was at Shoredich Club without her. She is just continuing to play her silly games. The pictures do appear to be from the window of the Corinthia Hotel, which is near Winterwonderland, and that is where they were staying. She may not even be in London still, but it’s part of her gaming that she send out these cryptic messages of being with Gerry. It’s hoped that he is either in Scotland now or will be on his way there soon and without her.

  991. 991
    DoRaMe Says:

    Is he reading his “book” in between flights, walking around town and clubbing. When does he sleep? No wonder he is aging fast.

  992. 992
    i guess all the cool kids Says:

    are over at the Bettany thread. their way of protesting his girlfriend. how lame and what a mature bunch. i’m still a fan and grown up enough to support him no matter what his haters make up about him or who he dates.

    i hope the few of them stay over there and give JJ back to his fans.i bet manny is the president of the club and dar the vice prez. good lord how highschool.

  993. 993
    ** Says:

    @i guess all the cool kids:

    Paul Betteny has fans?????

  994. 994
    i guess all the cool kids Says:

    @**: no just gerry’s ex pats, LOL!

  995. 995
    :) Says:

    I’ll stay here, because I’m all for freedom of thought and speech. No one tells me what to do, what to think, or where to go. Who to like and who not to like and why.

    I agree , I find it a bit too highschool. Gerry is better off without fans like that anyway. Good riddance , I say. Pass the champagne.

  996. 996
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

  997. 997
    wiphoenix Says:

    Anyway he’s so vague, he doesn’t express like esquire. Why doesn’t he like sophistication?

  998. 998
    Sunshine Daydream Says:

    An exodus from one thread to another to “punish” a celebrity on a gossip site is a load of shi/te and very laughable. The worst crime here; however, is that the chosen landing spot, a.k.a. Mr. Butler’s anti-promised land, was not Tom Hardy’s thread. I mean, come on ladies. Look at his threads. They are in dire need of reinforcements. He is a likable chap who still knows how to be truthful and he really appreciates his fans as well. And he is VERY SUCCESSFUL in his film career.

  999. 999
    hey sunshine daydream Says:

    the cool kids say it can’t be anyone with any link to gerry whatsoever (like being in a movie wih him) ….*eyeroll*…..but I agree, Tom is a real doll.

  1000. 1000
    wiphoenix Says:


    Isn’t that better than first? :-)

  1001. 1001
    Nerd Says:

    @i guess all the cool kids:

    I think this is a Christmas gift from the Cool Kids. They can use other actors’ threads to bore each other to tears and, at the same time, raise the intelligence level here by leaving.

  1002. 1002
    hey nerd Says:

    LMFAO, yep, don’t let the door hit you on the way out ,haters. What is laughable is they just steal stuff from the fansites anyway. Years ago a few of the cool chicks had their own chat room, but in the end, nobody went there because the open forum on GB/JJ had nicer posters. Your right, I can smell the air clearing already.

  1003. 1003
    karen Says:

    Just saw a photo of Gerry and MG together and she looks like she has a baby bump they are at a playboy club. Did anyone else see it?

  1004. 1004
    hey karen Says:

    yep, we came to the conclusion that it was her hard zoolander posing and christmas goodie bloat making her look like that. mind you they are shacked up in a hotel together….still, so maybe that is Gerry’s Xmas surprise. His and his mom’s. GULP

  1005. 1005
    too easy Says:

  1006. 1006
    too easy Says: Last night I had a nice chat with Gerard Butler and his supermodel girlfriend Madalina Ghenea..#Nice people #sorry4namedropping

  1007. 1007
    too easy Says: Got “BEAT” a bit better than Rose. I just saw @Gerardbutler with a russian chick I suspect!! Enough already!!!

  1008. 1008
    too easy Says: My friend met Gerard Butler last night, lucky *****.

  1009. 1009
    too easy Says:

  1010. 1010
    wiphoenix Says:

    @too easy:

    Where is she a supermodel again?

  1011. 1011
    too easy Says:

    ok bored now, easy to steal peoples finds ain’t it?

    i’ll post all the good stuff here anyway hehehehe

  1012. 1012
    too easy Says:

    @too easy: just lucky33 in London says she is a supermodel, probably what she called herself.

    Personally I think she is a lingerie model at best.

  1013. 1013
    wiphoenix Says:

    Geez, it’s like The Muppet take Manhattan. It’s a whispering campaign. Hey, isn’t that that SUPERmodel that everyone (that is a GB fan) keeps talking about..? Yea… Whatever

  1014. 1014
    oh why not Says:

    Gerard Butler was at our Stand Winter Wonderland. Here with our manager:) he got salt, his girlfriend from Romania:)

  1015. 1015
    oh why not Says:

    Hollywood child star Noah Lomax reveals how starring alongside Gerard Butler turned him into a Celtic fan

  1016. 1016
    oh why not Says:

  1017. 1017
    oh why not Says:

  1018. 1018
    JC Says:

    Just saw the pic of GB and MG at the nightclub, and it does look awkward. It just looks iike two random celebrities posing together, not an actual couple. At least it didn´t make me uncomfortable like the France-pics from October did when they were all over each other.

  1019. 1019
    oh why not Says:

    think he loves every girls patties there luv

  1020. 1020
    oh why not Says:

    outta here rose colored glass eyed fans of gerry, stay well , eat alot of turkey and don’t let them other turkeys get you down

    did my bit for the Gerry hit meter….hehehehehe

  1021. 1021
    JC Says:

    Also the pregnancy thing, I don´t think she is. I can make myself look pregnant if I want to quite easily. It´s all a matter of posing and just putting out your stomach.

  1022. 1022
    @oh why not Says:

    saw this on WO the other night nearly died laughing, love the o face

    yes we will let the jealous hags leave… as far as MG being pregnant, we will know soon enough.

  1023. 1023
    @oh why not Says:


  1024. 1024
    *** Says:

  1025. 1025
    *** Says:

    Gaulthier LVK ‏@gaulthierf
    @beatclublondon , just bumped into #GerrardButler… #Normal :)
    5 hours ago

    Private members club
    50 margaret street

  1026. 1026
    *** Says:

    he was there with MG,
    partied all night together, kissing, dancing
    I think she is going home to Scotland with him

  1027. 1027
    omg Says:

  1028. 1028
    ZZZZZZZZZ Says: This beautiful man is going to be at the same concert I’m at on Hogmanay in Scotland eeeek #gerrardbutler

    From Thursday’s freebie shopping trip: Amazing Gerrard Butler at out boutique today has made my Christmas. Sorry girls his Victoria secret girlfriend as actually really lovely too…… Hate her much!!!! Ahhhh he is officially beautiful in real life —

    He’s actually another level…… And such a gentle man the whole shop feel in love with him! Awwwww life is good….. Amanda I thought of you straight away! Xxxx

  1029. 1029

    smooches with maddy…tic tic tic…

    is it bye bye dear or lets go tell mum

  1030. 1030
    blake Says:

    @ZZZZZZZZZ: Victoria’s Secret?!…So now the Butler is telling people MG is a VS model?….LOL…. Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t give MG the time of day!!

  1031. 1031
    ... ♏ Says:

    dargabriel.. .the true Archangel gabriel judge you by thine iniquities… waiting karma sent for you…

  1032. 1032
    lolita Says:

    I don’t think he is telling them she is a VS model, they are making their own conclusions up about her. He is not correcting them when they make these conclusions. VS models have faces that are young and youthful looking something she doesn’t have.
    Until Gerry starts to act first class and gets rid of the sponges in his life he will never get his career back on track. If he thinks all this prancing around is creating work for him he is sadly mistaken. He has all the free time in the world because he has nothing lined up that is set in stone. I wonder how he feels that the director of PFK’s just dissed it and is sorry he took the project on. How does that bode well for Gerry when a director of your movie wishes he was not part of it. Does this make other directors want to work with you, I think not. He really needs to get his act together soon.
    How sad it is going to be for him at all the HW parties that are coming up for networking purposes and he is going to look so desperate because he hasn’t had any movies that had any box office draws. If he is really arrogant enough to think he still has it, oh well it will be an eye opener. No matter how he tries everyone in HW will know Gerry has taken on Leo’s and Adrian’s discarded woman, but Gerry seems to be happy with settling for second best.
    I had hoped he would grow in his acting ability and find someone who stood by him to bring the best out of him. I honestly don’t think he sees just how far he has fallen. He has a long road to go to recover his bankability as a box office draw and I just wonder if he has it in him to do so. He says he loves acting then I think it’s about time he proves that statement and shows us what he really is made of. Stop feeling sorry for the past failures put on you big boy pants and get to work to prove all the naysayers are wrong and you have an oscar perfomance in you. Clean house Gerry and get to work before no one remembers who you are. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you are the man I think you are and not this shallow mess we are seeing now.
    Hoping the best for you.

  1033. 1033
    @lolita Says:

    the regulars have moved here.

    you are welcome!

  1034. 1034
    lolita Says:

    @@lolita: I’m not going anywhere else. I have only posted here on GB threads and of late I haven’t posted a lot here. Moving to somewhere else is not going to hurt him because he is doing that by his own actions. He needs to step up and clean up his own house before it’s to late, before he is only an after thought to everyone.

  1035. 1035
    lolita Says:

    This is my thoughts on Gerry at this point in time. He is a desperate man trying to prove he has changed and not this manho he has created, unfortunately he chose the wrong woman to prove this. He was trying to be a power player in HW by producing but since he doesn’t have the connections as say George C, the projects he has chosen have all been second class. He should have given himself more acting jobs with better performances before trying to create movies when he did not have enough hits under his belt to have powerful backers.
    He now has most HW doors shut in his face. The whole of his fandom and HW is waiting to see how OHF is accepted. God forbide if this doesn’t give him some critical acclaim. Look at who are getting the roles he could have been good in. Those actors have two or three movies coming out and more lined up. He has nothing to speak of that will allow him to make a come back.
    If he is this arrogant and stubborn that he can’t see what is happening right now then I don’t think he will be able to recover. He puts on this happy face to the public but I think he really knows where he stands even if he doesn’t want to believe it.
    How fast do you think he will leave London when the movie is played and it gets trashed like it has in America. Even if some people like it, more did not including the director. That speaks volumes that the showing on the red carpet in Italy has been cancelled.
    Here in WNY it went from 5 theaters to 2 with limited showings all within a week and by next week it will be gone. His movies have not stayed for more than two weeks in most areas. He can’t blame anyone else for this but himself for choosing so poorly what he wanted to star in and produce.
    I like Gerry and do not wish to see his career end but he needs to swallow some pride and get in movies even if he isn’t the lead to renew his career. Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and get down to business to establishing a career that I know he has it in him to have.
    No more soap box from me I promise.

  1036. 1036
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1027,omg….. did you watch his interview with Lorraine? (link is a few posts back) He said something to the effect they may not even be together much longer, that she isn’t the one he wants to settle with, she was nice and all. Basically flavor of the moment… find out what was siad, watch the interview.



  1037. 1037
    lolita Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: Maggie, how are you feeling? Hope you have a wonderful Holiday before your next surgery.
    Gerry has lost his focus. I hope he gets it back.

  1038. 1038
    wiphoenix Says:

    @JC: Exactly. Besides has had this rumored bump for about 6 months already. Women do have innards as hard as that for some to accept.

  1039. 1039
    DocP Says:

    Theres a video of her promoting a swim wear line where she parades around in a number of diiferent outfits and in each one she has a gut. She spent so much money on her A&T that she heglected the tummy tuck. I wonder if she even realises that once she hits 30 her career is pretty much over, afterall there are always younger, prettier and even more gullable girls coming out every day and thats what the industry wants, If you haven’t made it big by the time you reach 30, you better have a back up plan for your career. Not to mention all those old farts like Gerry will be onto the next best youngest thing that will give them the time of day. To place weight in ones looks and not to harvest ones mind and soul ,leaves people with a very sad and empty life. We all grow old and looks fade, but if your smart you will put value in friends and family. the ones who truly know you and love you. Then with each passing season life will just grow richer and richer.

  1040. 1040
    awful Says:

    @@lolita: I’m not posting on a thread for that dweebie dude Paul whoever. Never heard of him and I don’t want to again. Gag. Not going there. The regulars as you call them aren’t that interesting. Be gone.

  1041. 1041
    lolita Says:

    @awful: I like some of the regulars and it saddens me that they feel this way about Gerry. I really don’t know Paul as an actor so I have nothing to say about him. On the other hand I do know Gerry by being a fan for years and I think he is going through a really bad point in his life right now. I don’t think he really knows what to do to change how he is being preceived. He is angry one minute and defiant and then he tries to be the sweetie again. If I knew what he could do to get himself out of this mess I would show him the way. That is something only he can determine and if he really is interested in trying. He is his own man and he has to make the changes no one else can do that for him. Stay here and be his fan right now he needs all he can get.

  1042. 1042
    Stella Says:

    @awful: So agree. I’m not slinking off somewhere else to post about GB when I have something to say. I’m still a fan. I saw both CM and PFK and there are a lot worse films out there. PFK is run of the mill, but I thought CM was very good. And just because I don’t care for his gf, I’m not abandoning him. He can sleep with her, I don’t have to!!

  1043. 1043
    Sassita Says:

    @awful: I’m with you. They sound like a bunch of Wo rejects, angry because they can’t control Gerry’s life.

    I’m kinda surprised she’s still with him over the holidays, meaning he wasn’t being truthful to interviewers saying that she was going home to Romania. I am now guessing that they are both to the point where they are evading questions or making up bs because they have been stalked by the Russians. I still think it’s totally sick that some Russian chick showed up at Gerry’s mother’s house looking for him. That is scary. They probably have a backup plan now to evade and escape, sight unseen. Meanwhile, they hang out in London where it would be harder for a stalker to find them among the crowds. They could always spend Christmas at his siblings’ wherever they live.

  1044. 1044
    oy Says:

    Is this the first time he’s taken a gf home to Mummy over the holidays? Maybe if she does the dishes she’ll earn a New Year’s Eve engagement ring. Is anyone else anxious to hear him whining about how painful childbirth was…for him?

  1045. 1045
    lolita Says:

    @oy: Isn’t it funny Oy that he had more movie roles and projects when he was considered a manho and now this change in him just makes him look the fool and with no work coming his way.

  1046. 1046
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray To GOD Says:

    @lolita: Guys – if anything right now Gerry needs is prayer. In looking at this, and listening to certain people “something is not right.” It appears he may have entered some type of negotiation to promote his film…..a PR stunt gone bad. 1 – He is doing all the things he really does not like (being with a co-dependent woman, immature, liar and superficial (lip injections, etc.)….Gerry “is in love with women of strength and power” Monica Bellucci/Angelina Jolie. 2 – This girl is a “copycat” of who she wants to be, Gerry likes the real thing. 3 – He voiced his ready to settle down and no longer want the playboy life….hence he is in a club call “playboy club” just right after that statement…No one would ever make such a statement and then do such a thing…..there is a contract somewhere and this “little girl” is playing games with our lovely and talented Gerard….She (contract) connives him to a club called PLAYBOY (career suicide further for Gerry to make his fans and loved ones believe he is a liar but he is not – contract)…she means him no good and you the fans have mentioned “the way she manipulates” and especially on her facebook. 4 – One of the fans mentioned that when Gerry was filming OHF, he was in a bar and appeared not happy and made the statement “a certain beautiful woman is not at all that special.” Lolita, DarGabriel, Maggie P.U. and many others do not give up on Gerry. He needs your prayers. This is a dark time for him and one of trickery. Think about it…if it were you and you were trying hard to provide for your family (be it your parent(s), wife, husband, your children)…would you and have you not done anythig to ensure they were comfortable and provided for…Gerry was probably doing that for his to come and his mum …….and just ran into some bad stuff. We know he tries hard to make it guys. 5 – He acknowledged he needed help and on his own went to rehab…she and others fed on his fragility 6 – Gerry mentioned in an interview that for “300″ they were satisfied with the way (emphasis) he made the statement “This is Sparta! Gerry mentioned “no let’s give it one more try….Then the Great Gerard roared it like thunder….they used it and now that statement is Legendary. The man knows his craft and Only needs to be aligned with the right people. He needs a new agent (YES!). He needs new PR people (YES!) He needs new friends (good friends)(YES!)…last but not least his needs a “WOMAN” the real deal that will tell him….sit your a** down and regroup…in the meantime “I got this!” “You are not leaving Hollywood…you will pull out of you the Greatness we all know you have and you will bring it!!! (YES!) and most of all …Gerard needs GOD…pray for this man everyone. Do not leave and abandon him when this is purely a time his fans need him the most. This is one of a many battles between GOD and the devil to save one of GOD’s children. Gerry is in a spiritual battle….trying to get out and the devil placed one of his right by Gerry’s side. Gerry needs moral support, his family, his friends and his fans. When it gets dark for someone you do not leave you get with GOD to save that person. Maybe the people who are trying to have some of you leave this thread or behind the scenes people to further try to hurt this man. How do we know the devil is walking beside him …..his career is presently being hurt, etc… This little girl is a co-depender not a real woman….she cannot help him but only feed off of him…she is not a provider but a taker (trying to get him to now enter her into Victoria’s Secret and as a supermodel…making look foolish..he knows it is making him look foolish (contract)). Now you guys know “that man is smarter than that” “come on now” Gerry has greatness in him…We all know it…Do not turn your backs…Turn to God for Gerard….Matthew 18:20…”For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” This Christmas pray for Gerard to be clear of all his troubles and remove from the people and things that are not good for him. This man is in a battle as he is a messenger of God and in his acting transpiring God’s love…look at the majority of his movies it does speak of love and caring and telling the truth of phenomenal people (Sam – MGP; Jay Moriarty, etc.). The devil does not want that and is trying to hurt him. When we are at our greatest that is when the devil tries to hurt us. YOU ALL KNOW IT. Get with power and get with GOD for this man, for Gerard is for the common people and is trying to help us through his movies. Save this angel and protect him, promote him, support him, pray for him so that he can return to the big screen, the silverscreen sending forth GOD’s message through what we know he has inside, Powerful acting, Powerful performer, GREATNESS! LOVE AND LIGHT FOR US ALL… AMEN.

  1047. 1047
    lolita Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray To GOD: I have asked GOD to intercede and help him out of this rut, to guide him to where he should be. I hope my prayer will be answered and I have not given up on him yet. Maybe I am the fool to want this of a person I don’t really know.

  1048. 1048
    Sassita Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray To GOD: Maybe he really doesn’t care about the future so much. Doesn’t he have a death wish already? Or he used to. He needs to help himself first. There’s nothing anyone else can do if he’s happy with the way things are.

  1049. 1049
    WHAT?????????? Says:

    @lolita: You look the fool for acting like an old phannie wronged.

  1050. 1050
    just wanna Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray To GOD: The only thing Gerard Butler needs is to drop out of earth….and take his so called “girlfriend / mother of his child ” with him ….If she’s pregnat she’s NOT looking out for her unborn child the way she’s out all the time and party all the time ….

  1051. 1051
    lolita Says:

    @WHAT??????????: Sorry you feel that way towards me, I am not an old phannie just someone who has followed his career and wish the best for him. I would prayer for you if you needed it to help you with troubles in your life. If it makes you feel good to attack me so be it.

  1052. 1052
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    If what we are reading is true, it sounds to me like Gerry is having the time of his life. He’s got his young Little Maddie, he’s got plenty of money, people are recognizing him on street, he’s convinced himself he could live a life of less fame. There is still hope for PFK since it will be released in the UK on the first and in other countries throughout February. He’ll be treated like a VIP in Cannes and shortly after will start filming another movie. What’s not to enjoy?

  1053. 1053
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @lolita: post 1035,I have a feeling that movie will fall flat.How many movies of taking over the White House can be make?Plus with the shootings that happened with the children-I wonder how many people are going to be interested in that type of movie.And not just his movie but quite a few movies coming out of the likes.What happened to those children hit a lot of us in the heart to be interested in the same old shooting and terrorist.Jmho, but I could be wrong.

  1054. 1054
    lolita Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: No you could be right, all the violence and useless killings are taking a toll on everyone and we want this trend to end. It does seem as though his movies do have bad timing connected to them. Time will tell if it is a hit or miss for him.

  1055. 1055
    ONE SOUL Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray To GOD: You are right! Unfortunately people are “asleep”!!!! They do NOT understand “where” they live and what place this World is!
    They do NOT understand who they really are!
    We don’t loose hope.
    And we pray for Gerard!!!!

  1056. 1056
    WHAT?????????? Says:

    @lolita: I see nothing wrong in praying for someone’s happiness and success. I wish him all the best. I do have a problem with those who talk smack about him simply because he has disappointed them by not living his life as they would have him live or didn’t make the movie choices they wish he had. I believe he’ll be back on top asap and he can do it with the support of his fans, not their negative energy.

  1057. 1057
    lolita Says:

    @WHAT??????????: I hope you are right that he will be back on top asap. I wish that for him too. I also see a man going through some harsh realities that has hit him through his career choices. He is not at the moment at the top of his game but I have seen what he can accomplish with some of the roles he has been in and the good reviews he has gotten from those roles. I try and stay positive for his success but I also see what the negative have brought to him by his choices. Did he sell his soul to the HW devils to be just another star or is he really into it to be a very good actor that I know he can be. His earlier work has so out shone his later work. MGP moved me by his performance. CM was an outstanding story of personal triumphs. PFK was just for entertainment.
    I hope OHF does well even with the violent matter in it.

  1058. 1058
    negatives Says:

    @WHAT??????????: Right. Negative energy should be avoided. However, there is enough of it here to sink a ship.or depress the most positive person.

  1059. 1059
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” John 15:9

  1060. 1060
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @WHAT??????????: Post 1056,if your going to talk bible,you know it does say people will be lover of themselves,selfish arrogant,boastful ungodly lovers of money.People thought Gerry was different,he’s not.With all the money he has or had,what good is he doing?Hmmm?Some fake charities for more publicity?He only seems to care about fame,money,sex.You want him to have more of it?If his soul going to be save,it will take a huge fall for him to realize their is more to the meaning life than his superficial living..Ha.Maybe he should play Scrooge.Might do him some good.

  1061. 1061
    lolita Says:

    @What??????, you may be right I have given to much time, energy and some money to a man I will never really know and he is leading his life the way he choses the same as I am living mine. I think it is time I give up the ghost and move on. I wish him well in career and life in however he choses to live it.

  1062. 1062
    here we go Says:

    How do you know what he cares about. What FAKE charities? KKC is not Fake. Do you think he should enter the priesthood? I don’t see that he is doing anything so wrong with his life. He pledged all that money for schools in Haiti. What benevolent things have you done recently big mouth? Maybe he should parade around the world patting himself on the back like the Jolie=Pitts and then take a big tax deduction like most of the celebs.

  1063. 1063
    here we go Says:

    The negative miserable comments here by some people who don’t know GB yet somehow think they have all his faults figured out upset me to no end. I’m turning into a hateful b/itch reading this stuff. I’ve got to get the heck out of here. I don’t understand this place or its nasty posters. But I’m not going to get my tummy in knots by reading any more dissing of GB. People can offer criticism but remain positive and not come off as hateful shrews.

  1064. 1064
    so.............. Says:

    nice to see some people are not going to a different thread, I decided I was in Gerry fandom for the long haul, the good , the bad and the downright ugly, (think some one else said this recently too, my apologies if I stole your line)

    off to the relatives, and I just wanted to wish you all on JJ a restful, joyful and peaceful holiday.

    2013 will be interesting year to watch the enigma that is Butler, and hopefully we can all have a few laughs along the way.

  1065. 1065
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hi Lolita, I loved your posts as always, but the last one was sad. Don’t give up on him and you are needed here with your practical outlook. You have turned things around for the good so many times. A realistic outlook, if you will. I don’t know know any more today than I have in the past, but won’t give up on him. So much potential but it seems that his life is very mixed up.
    I wish he would go off somewhere and really think things out, get his priorities straight and stop worrying about pleasing every body and live his life the way he should. Maybe he is done with HW. Have to find that interview that he mentioned he had everything he set out for and now what is in store for him, but he said he loved acting. Guess he does, but time to live in the real perhaps.
    Some very postitive posts here and trying to catch up, but don’t think that is going to happen ha. Have a wonderful Christmas Lolita and to all jjrs as well. Ducky

  1066. 1066
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    I think the best thing we can do for Mr. Butler is pray for him as well as each other. I also think he is by no means a saint and we all know it. He knows it too. He’s fallen prey to the whole Hollywood life style. I, like Lolita and others have been a fan of his for a while, since POTO. I am not thrilled with his life style, but it’s not my life to live either. None of us are perfect and expecting him to live up to our ideals for him is wasted energy. Prayer is the best thing we can do for anyone. Not everyone will find that easy. It’s much easier to tear him down when we get frustrated with what we hear and see from him. There’s still a lot we don’t see or hear about going on behind the scenes, nor should we. It’s Christmas time and we can celebrate the gift that God gave us all long ago in the birth of his son. With the crazy world we live in today, prayer can be the most powerful thing we can give each other. Including Mr. Butler.

    Merry Christmas to you all. I don’t care who you are or where you come from. God loves us all and I wish you every hope and blessing in the coming year.

  1067. 1067
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @here we go: post 1063,calm down,you not of Gerard Butler either.Just harmless people posting about a celeb,nothing more.

  1068. 1068
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Yes indeed, we do need to pray for him. God bless you too! You have been here for so long and sometimes in the fray of such negative and sometimes hateful posts and yet you post. Very thankful for that and more impact than you know. Isaiah 55:11
    Joyous and blessed Christmas dear girl. Ducky

  1069. 1069
    imho Says:

    @Untamable Shrew: I don”t think people who consistently spew hateful remarks are harmless.Something isn’t firing right in their brains.

  1070. 1070
    crazies among us Says:

    @imho: So true. I would not want to be a celebrity today who is the least bit controversial. Too many crazies living in their own imaginations.

  1071. 1071
    two sides Says:

    @crazies among us:
    lets not forget the crazy fanatics who think they are this actors personal pit bulls either. Its not healthy to adore someone you don’t know. They’re the real ones that celebs need to worry about.

  1072. 1072
    crazies among us Says:

    @two sides: True. That type can turn on a dime if they think they’ve been wronged.

  1073. 1073
    two sides Says:

    @crazies among us: I guess neither side likes our comments. Oh well :)

  1074. 1074
    dargabriel Says:

    Why do people fear UTOPIA? I like bringing positive light to people, it’ makes it challenging when the darkness slows you down, or people try and pull you into their misery, one of the biggest challenges in this physical life. Everyone needs positive love and vibes, however when someone that misuses spiritual power, hurting innocent people, this in my eyes is so wrong, but yet I can’t stay negative towards these people, my heart overrides feeling as if everything is programmed to be good and evil, but I truly know the soul is love and benevolent. Why can’t people fight negativity ? doing bad things to people, our people. The universe is such a beautiful place for the positive flow. I do still wish the best for butler, for whats right for him by the hand of GOD. I know things could and probably be great for him, I pray for madness to end….. This place is beautiful when you open your heart. Happy holidays and happy new year 2013. I love you b, peace to all. Love,dargabriel

  1075. 1075
    dargabriel Says:

    I’m posting everywhere wishing everyone love, come let me give you a squeeze…. Go,go, 9ners, woo hoo SF going to the superbowl. Hey if butler makes more money off jj hits, more power to him, whatever makes him happy. Seasons greetings. Dar

  1076. 1076
    wiphoenix Says:

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  1077. 1077
    lolita Says:

    Ducky and God bless you all, Have a blessed Holiday with much love and happiness.
    I just want to say this….I can’t understand how the tide has changed for Gerry in the last year and a half. On the one hand he has people screaming his name wanting pics and autographs but do not support him at the box office. I will never believe he takes a role on without putting his all into it. He has talent and the ability to shine in a role. We may never know why things have changed for him but I do know if he still wants to do what he says he loves doing he is going to have to find the reason for this trend and do all he can to change it.
    You both have been an inspiration in kindness in what you post.

  1078. 1078
    bonne nuit Says:

    Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. Wishing all peace and happiness in 2013. God bless.

  1079. 1079
    Vivian Says:

    Before his films ever hit the screen they are panned as being bad. No rom com he does Mavericks and no one goes. This poor guy can’t win for losing. Studio heads have lost interest in him This next movie better hit a home run or I am afraid it’s over. However even before a trailer is out they are comparing this to a movie that is not even complete. So chances are he’ll only get a few showing the same way MGP and Coreolanus (not sure how you spell that one. and it will be considered a bomb.

  1080. 1080
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    I would like to wish every poster here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or Happy Holidays.I enjoy reading all the threads.I don’t take this serious or have any gripes about anyone here.I’m sure there’ll be a new thread shortly on Butler and we’ll start clucking the New Year on that.

  1081. 1081
    chat noir Says:

    @Vivian: Coriolanus was not just a Butler film. It was first and foremost a Ralph Fiennes film. In it were Vanessa Redgrave and the current IT girl, Jessica Chastain.Its low numbers were in no way Gerry’s fault. He was given good reviews for his work. It was Shakespeare’s fault. The bard just isn’t it with today’s audiences like he was 500 years ago.
    Anyway, I’m still a Butler fan. I have been since back in about 2001 when I first saw a commercial for Attila. GB may not be Attila any more, but my reflection has changed too. Still love ya Mr. B.

  1082. 1082
    Violet Says:

    Poor widdle Gerry. Nothing is ever his fault. He’s just a victim. He never does anything wrong. It’s the big bad world’s fault. Because Gerry is perfect, you see, and can’t be held accountable for his own choices.
    Fans who have turned into enablers are as destructive to this man’s life as drugs and alcohol. Well done, phannies. Keep fiddling while Rome burns.

  1083. 1083
    question Says:

    @Violet: How can fans be enablers for any celeb unless they know them personally and have real contact with them?. I like Gerard Butler, but I’m sure I have zero influence in his private life or career. Nor do other fans.He’s accountable for whatever he does. But I don’;t see he does anything so awful. Look at other actors. Married couples with affairs, babies out of wedlock, DUI fatal accidents ODs. What are Butler’s terrible deeds? A gf and a movie or two you don’t like? Oh, the horror of it all.

  1084. 1084
    cupcake Says:

    Hello ladies. To all the regulars and the newbies. Happy holidays to all and a happy New year. To Gerry happy holidays and may 2013 be a betteryear in all aaspects for you and your loved ones. To cge, jvd, autumn, Lolita, DocP, Ducky, and everyone else I missed. Much love and joy. I really hope that the regulars do come back. Don’t abandon gerry now.

  1085. 1085
    two sides Says:

    Happy Holiday to you to Cupcake. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Its been a sad December but even in sadness we can all find joy. I was watching the news tonight and apparently people from all over the country are giving to the Children of Sandy Hook tons of toys and donations. they in turn are giving back to other parts of the country and those people are paying it forward to others in need. Life is ironic, out of one horrific act comes a thousand wonderful acts of kindness. God bless all of you here and may you find the happiness you desire. To all the regulars keep on posting whether it be good or bad, your opinion matters just as much as anyone elses. Once again Merry Christmas

  1086. 1086
    DocP Says:

    Happy Holidays to you Cupcake and to all the posters. May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! May gerry,and all those he cares for also have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year, this goes for all those who work for him. And of course I hope all those here at JJ also have a wonderful Holiday season and thank you for all that you do, Merry Christmas!!!

  1087. 1087
    Autumn Says:

    @cupcake: Hey CCake! Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year! I don’t think anyone is abandoning GB just taking a break – it was a fun lark to visit elsewhere for a day! Not sure who else went, but I like PB too. No worries I have to stand by my fellow Scot.


  1088. 1088
    moonshadow Says:

    @Maggie P.U.:

    ” ….. did you watch his interview with Lorraine? (link is a few posts back) He said something to the effect they may not even be together much longer, that she isn’t the one he wants to settle with, she was nice and all. Basically flavor of the moment… find out what was siad, watch the interview. ”

    I could not find the link for the interview you mentioned. I did find an interview on youtube with her for PFK but he never said anything about her or their relationship other than he had a girlfriend and she was nice. Could you post a link for what you referenced Thanks.

  1089. 1089
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1088..moonshadow, sorry. I got emailed saying you had a question. You are gong to have to go back a few pages in this thread. I noticed it while surfing. Also, The Butlers Pantry has it also in their Gerry News, Gerry Sightings/Latest News (Gerard Butler on Lorraine talks about Playing for Keeps…). Anyway, it is also here just have to go back because somehave commented on it (like one saying “Ouch”, which was what I thought).

    It is a very familiar interview . Goole it if anything.



  1090. 1090
    team gerry Says:

    @question: loved your post, my thoughts precisely.Cheers!

  1091. 1091
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    1088-moonshadow…OK, I went back as I suggested you do.

    Referencing the interview: #834
    missjude’s “ouch”comment (which as I said, I agree that had to have stung a bit…) #844.

    Just do like everyone does… go back and look if not sure or missed something. I am always doing so to catch up.



  1092. 1092
    time to ask ... Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray To GOD: and

    :-). :-). ;-). :-D. :-D. I like how it feels!!! you just changed the outcome just by giving love and good wishes, you can be sure of that!
    You see, by being here and reading so many negative things we become part of it….so its important to surround ourselves with goodness, our energy sends vibrations and it more or less works like a magnet because its attracts things with similar or ,in this case, with low vibration , and like I said before, it hurts everyone…writers or readers involved.
    I saw the movie today, it is a family movie, light and cute like many others that I’ve seen and enjoyed, like the proposal, you’ve got mail, and so many others that I see again every year on tv because I like the actors, and it makes me smile!
    The last time, in Mavericks, I wrote that Gerry didn’t make me cry or feel sad (in the movie, when his wife dies) I wrote that I’m a typical Pisces, so its not hard to make me cry in movies….this time I have to say that there was chemistry between actors, specially with Noah, and I felt the connection and feelings…Gerard Butler…(please add the Scottish accent)… did very good this time! I believe that one of your weakness is to show real emotion , during a romantic scene, when you don’t feel the attraction or chemistry with your partner. You might say….well, he IS an actor…and I’ll say..I just said it is his weakness!! So GB, please, think about this small advice.
    Most of the time, what we see or hear from others (specially from people we don’t know) is not real, there are many known actors in this movie, and to me, it doesn’t justify so much criticism on one person, who I must add, has been out there, alone, showing his support . It seems over exaggerated, like Mr. Vengeance on a mission!! Its confusing because I’ve never seen the press stand together against a movie or a person so strongly (and its not about the soccer moms, in the James Bond’s movies we, women, are no more than sex objects, all Bond’s girls are perfect, young, and always beautiful, and I’ve never heard any criticism on that area! It could be sooo many things or a combination of things , and we might never find out what happened, so far it has just been speculation.
    When people becomes so popular, It’s very hard to stay there long and please or make everyone happy, GB is only human, a man with many flaws, but with many, many good things too!! So my dear scott, your good is what I choose to remember in this turbulent times for you, 2012 is almost over, 2013 is around the corner, and with it, I wish you and all your readers new opportunities, much success, health as a priority, and tones of happiness!!!

  1093. 1093
    salt Says:


    I’m kinda surprised she’s still with him over the holidays, meaning he wasn’t being truthful to interviewers saying that she was going home to Romania. I am now guessing that they are both to the point where they are evading questions or making up bs because they have been stalked by the Russians. I still think it’s totally sick that some Russian chick showed up at Gerry’s mother’s house looking for him. That is scary. They probably have a backup plan now to evade and escape, sight unseen. Meanwhile, they hang out in London where it would be harder for a stalker to find them among the crowds.


    That’s if the story about a Russian turning up at his mother’s house is true to begin with. As you’ve pointed out yourself, he also claims that somebody was going home to her own family, yet she’s still here in London. If nothing else, this year has proven that Gerry’s version of the ‘truth’ is highly questionable at best.

  1094. 1094
    *** Says:

  1095. 1095
    salt Says:

    Waddup london!

    Omfg omfg omfg just saw gerard butler with Blaine!!

    Can’t believe we just saw gerard butler :o #madness

  1096. 1096
    salt Says: On the plane to glasgow with my good friend famous actor gerard butler #iLovedYouInBraveheart

  1097. 1097
    salt Says: Just walked past Gerard Butler with his big Tiffany & Co bag….swoon!

  1098. 1098
    salt Says: Omg Gerald butler sitting about 50 yards away in heathrow whoop whoop, that made me wake up!!!! Xx

  1099. 1099
    salt Says: The first time since moving to London, I’m not picking Kezia up from the airport and Gerard Butler is on the flight!!!!!

  1100. 1100
    Alina Says:

    “Playing for Keeps Interview – Gerard Butler Discusses Football and Near-Death Experiences”

  1101. 1101
    Alina Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  1102. 1102
    GoodTimeGloria Says:

    Wonder if he told the truth and went to see his family alone for Christmas or if he too his little Romanian prostitute with him? I hope if he did, and his family does not like her, that they would not allow her in their home. It would serve Gerry right. But, he probably lied, like he has so much lately when he said that he was going to his home for Christmas and she was going to her home in Romania for Christmas. Gerry lies quite frequently lately, and probably did about this too. I have lost all faith and respect for him over the past months. Whatever has happened to him has ruined him for life and he has only himself to blame, and that two bit trollop that he hooked up with. She will destroy him in every conceivable way. She has already started

  1103. 1103
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    Merry Christmas and warm wishes to all for a safe and healthy and happy new year to lolita ♥, Autumn, cupcake, Maggie, angelsrock, God Bless youu all, Ducky, CGE, Ana B. (if you still read) and all the other lovely ladies who read and post here. This is the thread I will read and post on when I have time. Not jumping to another person’s thread. Merry Christmas, Butler, and all good wishes for a 180 degree turn in 2013 for your career and your life if that is what you want for yourself. Love and hugs to all!

  1104. 1104
    lolita Says:

    To ALL the wonderful people I have met here at JJ’s, God’s blessings to you all during this special time of the year and the new year. I hope all your dreams come true and life is good to you. Be kind to each other.
    To the reason we have all met each other, Gerry, God’s blessings on you and I hope the new year brings you success and happiness.

  1105. 1105
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Merry Christmas, angel of the board. Wishing you all good things and boundless joy, lolita! We will always have Butler to thank as you say for all of us finding one another and becoming cyber buddies. God bless you! ♥

  1106. 1106
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Joie, you will always be special to me for all the kindness you have shown me here. I will always consider you my cyber friend. Peace and love to you and your family always♥♥

  1107. 1107
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Same goes, darling one ♥

  1108. 1108
    Stella Says:

    Happy holidays. It’s nice to read here this morning. Wish posts could be so kind every day. It’ll be fun to find out what our numpty actually is doing over the holidays.

  1109. 1109
    salt Says: Gerald butler wis just in ma work…burst thru fire.exit and the bold jean gave him a row :) funny as fek! Haha :D

  1110. 1110
    salt Says: GERARD BUTLER was just in my sisters work!!! and Olly Murs was there not long ago!! soooooo jealous!

  1111. 1111
    Phoenix Says:

    Good Morning Y’all!

    I just want to take this time to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


    I wanted to say that I have not abandoned GB. However, I understand how others have felt. It’s frustration pure and simple. Sometimes you have to step up a little to get your point across. I can only speak for myself, though. That’s why I joined the “insurrection”. I wasn’t sure how long it would last, but I was in it for the long haul.

    My prayer for Mr. Butler is what it has always been- to take a look in the mirror and ask if this is the man he REALLY wants to be. Light and dark cannot co-exist in the same space. GB needs to find his way back to the light. He needs prayers going up for him, because for him especially, it will be a fight. It always is when you are your own worst enemy.


    All of you please take care. Be safe, be happy, and most of all be blessed!

  1112. 1112
    ??? Says:

    @salt: Me thinks she’s confusd unless he just went to Texas for some unknown reason.

  1113. 1113
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @time to ask …:

    Good lovely Blessed Holiday Season. I have worked on some of Gerry’s films and am a studier of theatrics.

    MGP – Should have been Oscar nominated – What happened? Not widely distributed. This was this man’s finest work and this was the one not widely distributed. Someone needs to be punched all across the solar system for that….That was a classic movie and the ending as the camera draws away from the scene is called Classic film… true art…true beauty……that man worked his excuse me (a** off) for that movie…and got hit two/three times with bullets
    Coriolanus – Beautiful Shakespearean acting – What happened? Sadly, Shakespeare is not understood too much anymore but it is a beautiful language and only true acting can own it and speak it….Our Gerard James Butler

    Playing for Keeps – What happened? A combination of things. Noah was the best actor in the film…the power of the tear….”I will not call him Dad…” brought power to Gerry….that was what was needed….the Power between father and son (many out there fit this scenario). This power was missing in several parts of the film. Gerry with Jessica at Gerry’s guesthouse — Gerry was in black which makes him look good and a symbol of power when worn beautifully. He resonated through the screen in that seen as power, a veteran, you could feel him BUT he had a beginner opposite him…the chemistry was not there to emulate that power. CZT Jones should have been the ex-wife. I felt chemistry more from those two than him and Jessica. Veterans. Gerry you’re a veteran you needed a veteran to play your opposite and one of stellar performance. CZT Jones, Noah and Gerry would have brought that movie home. Oscar nomination – if directed right as the Pursuit of Happyness…The power of love between an absent father trying to save time, make up time to regain a son (many boys now men can relate to such this would have hit the excuse me (f*****) heart) and brought this movie home. One thing — It is all about the right people. Clinging with CZT is no telling what Gerry would be offered right now.
    Gerry advice – Jessica Biel is a nice person. BUT forget about this young tail because it is hurting your filming. He should have used a veteran. If you read this Gerard James Butler….. CZT Jones would have brought you home BABY! The Douglas and you would be the best of friends right now.

    Chasing Mavericks – You are correct blogger “time to ask” the scene of Gerry at the wife’s funeral. I was viewing him on the outside when the father-in-law was telling him to come inside and he was crying. That scene needed more power. That scene if directed right could have given Gerard and Oscar nom…..and this man almost drowned

    Skyfall – I shed a tear at the end of this movie because it ended in the land of James Bond…Scotland. I had forgotten that. GERARD JAMES BUTLER was to be handed this torch from that of Daniel Craig. GERARD JAMES BUTLER came from his mother to be one of the finest actors of all time. She delivered the next James Bond. Gerard is a good man ( I met him and that hurt my heart to see/hear his now experiences, enablers) BUT he can be saved but he has to save himself. Our prayers can open that window for him to further seek GOD and ask for deliverance. Yes Gerry has to do it himself, we can only pray for him.
    Richard Burton – GERARD JAMES BUTLER is a powerhouse in resurrecting the acting of the legendary Richard Burton. I read where HW was what hurt Richard Burton, enabling. I was astound and read on…I did not know that. I thought…oh goodness poor Gerry.

    Gerard is an intelligent man, profound actor. He has a university degree. A chess player. Lover of opera. This European brother is the next “in great film” Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier and Charleton Heston. To Europe “We thank you for sending us such a Great Actor!”

    Gerry you are powerful, successful and truly a man of GOD. We all have flaws and demons and we all have GOD. Straighten up (leave the arrogance yep I love you but you can be offstream on arrogance) get with GOD surround yourself with only light and BRING IT!!! Bring to us good old Hollywood that only you and an elite group in HW can bring!

    Many men have been playas as have women but he does and also has a Christian heart. Karma can be something else but we all still have time to get with GOD.

    To be Continued (on I have been there) and then my lovely people I am going finish enjoy this Beautiful Season. We pray for everyone even those we do not know or have not met. I will pray for you if you ask..people have lost sight of GOD and The Power of Love. GOD Bless

  1114. 1114
    salt Says: Gerard butler is definitely not staying with his mum next door #starstruck

  1115. 1115
    salt Says:

  1116. 1116
    blake Says:

    Happy Holidays everyone !!

  1117. 1117
    Time to ask .... Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD: Thank you!! That was very thorough written, I appreciated it!
    A Great Day for you, Gerry, and JJers!

    All my love to the families in Connecticut, everyday must be a struggle for them, but tonight and tomorrow…….. G_D Bless you all, may He give you all the strengh to overcome such hard times!

  1118. 1118
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Hi Joie, love your name for Lolita “angel of the board”. How absolutely fitting for her. Happy Christmas to Cupcake [Sunshine] and Angelsrock too and anyone I missed. Hope your knee surgery goes well Maggie. Do let us know when it will be, okay.
    One more gathering to do tonight and church and I will be ready for a long winter’s nap.
    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD: That was a great post. So much I hadn’t thought of before. Good insight for sure on the PFK and CZJ. Wow. Lots to think about.
    Wishing all a most joyous time of celebration and wishing you all a healthy year to come. We can hope and pray for a good year for Gerry as well, that there will be some wonderful turnaround news to make us smile. Ducky

  1119. 1119
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Afternoon JJer’s! I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope that all of you, wherever you may be, have a fun, happy, wonderful, and safe holiday.
    Thanks to everyone here for all the “entertainment” this past year….and a thank you should go to Butler because he sure has a way of keeping us entertained even without going to see any of his films. LOL
    Hope he enjoys himself with his family. Do we have any guesses yet on where he will show up for New Year’s Eve (with MG in tow I’m sure)??

  1120. 1120
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. -Isaiah 9:6

  1121. 1121
    angelsrock Says:

    I wish all of my friends here a very special Christmas season. I have had much sadness in my life over the past month or so. Things are looking brighter today and i thank god for that. I dont venture here much lately as it does nothing to lift my spirit. Peace out.

  1122. 1122
    Blond hair blue jeans Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD:

    Wonderfully written! Thank you!

  1123. 1123
    sukar Says:

    Merry Christmas to Gerry and to everyone here.

  1124. 1124
    salt Says: Just the usual Christmas Eve trip down the pub in Comrie. Gerard was there. #gerardbutler #comriepride

  1125. 1125
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Merry Christmas to all JJer’s past and present.

    Dar, I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

    Manny, I hope your father stays well over the holiday and I hope your “puppy” gets lots of treats from Santa.

    Fritz, if you are reading this. – hope you are well too.

  1126. 1126
    Stella Says:

    @sukar: The real Sukar? Seriously? if so, Welcome back. Where are you and how is everything in general?

  1127. 1127
    sukar Says:


    Yes, it’s me. I am good. I live back home now. I haven’t been following Gerard Butler news. I think this is the first thread I follow in two years :) How are you?

  1128. 1128
    salt Says: Got a wee piccy with Gerard Butler. Think me heart fell out my ****.

  1129. 1129
    Stella Says:

    @sukar: It’s wonderful to hear from an old friend in Butlerland. Nothing too exciting going on in my life. I finally retired, and that means no more late nights on the job. Sounded nice at first, but it gets a bit boring. But boring isn’t sos bad. I have a new granddaughter, but she and her family are half way across the country. I visit, but I hate the hassle of airports. I’m still a Gerry fan of sorts, just not as rabid as I once was.
    Cyber hug to you Sukar.

  1130. 1130
    Mia Says:

    @Stella: I can’t believe too that after two years of not posting here, just quickly looking, I picked today to read more…and I see Sukar and Stella from my good old days on JJ. It’s kind of serendipity as GB would say because the other night I was watching TV and thought of both of you. I was watching all the junk on 12/21/12 and the Aztek calendar end. One show included an interview with Dr. Hawass talking about similar ancient predictions and inscriptions all over the world as well as in Egypt. I remembered the enjoyable posts we used to have about Dr. Hawass and his enthusiasm. Glad to see you all around. There is life after Butlermania worth living. LOL.

  1131. 1131
    Merry Christmas Says:

  1132. 1132
    moonshadow Says:

    @Maggie P.U.:

    Maggie you said “He said something to the effect they may not even be together much longer, that she isn’t the one he wants to settle with, she was nice and all. ”

    Unless there is another video interview with Lorraine for PFK, I did not see anything in the one I saw about those things you claimed he said about him and Maddie may not be together much longer and that she’s not the one he wants to settle with. All he said was that he had a girfriend and she was nice. Then Lorraine asked him if it was time to settle down ans would we be seeing coaching a kid’s team and he replied that he didn’t know about that but he would settle down sometime. So I don’t understand your saying what you claim.

  1133. 1133
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1132…I claimed nothing. Please do not assume nor speculate. I DID NOT SAY He said they would not be together, etc. I stated it came across (in effect)basing things on past interviews and other things he said that is what is observed. Calling it as I see it in both writing and interviews. Plus, like missjude said “Ouch” doesnt take a rocket scientist to read between the lines as to what his (or anyones intentions) are. Like I said, read the other posts regarding the interview, you will see the same thing, not to mention past comments by Gerry himself. A spade is a spade. And I agreed with missjude (844) because he might have as well sadi it straight out…. the sting ws and is there. JMO, do not dissect it please, you have yours….and if you have read others you will see they have their take on things.




  1134. 1134
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    My apologies, peeps for the typos. Facing my fifth and final surgery on my knee after the first of the year (replacement and straightening the leg). So, sitting for a time and holding my knee in a bend position is extremely painful.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.



  1135. 1135
    cupcake Says:

    Hello ladies. Happy Christmas eve. Maggie P.U. good with your surgery.

  1136. 1136
    Question? Says:

    So he called his co-star, Biel, a “goddess” on Chelsea, but can only muster up “nice” for the gf. Nice. Nice and underwhelming. Whatever. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

  1137. 1137
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @angelsrock: Hi Angel, I read your post earlier yesterday and now here it is mid Christmas. So sorry about your troubles. I hope that things are resolving. Know that you are in my thoughts and hope your day is a very special one. Ducky

  1138. 1138
    bitter blue pill Says:


    Posted pictures of her on his FB page.

  1139. 1139
    bitter blue pill Says:

    OOps, my bad he doesnt’ have one, it’s a fan page:

  1140. 1140
    whadaya mean no top 50? Says:

    guess that blows the theory about the number of hits influencing the popularity of the celeb… Gerry in JJ’s top 50, huh?WTF

    sniff sniff guess no one cares about us…and we post thousands and thousands of bits of useless valuable insights

    guess snogging on fugly twigs in the rain and making garbage movies doesn’t count as popular, nor does fake rehab,or dancing in coachella porta potties

    pffffffft oh well nice try Alan..aim bigger in 2013

    on the brightside I couldn’t give a rats azz about Miley, Kristen or Riri……gag…and they are there listed as big stories

  1141. 1141
    @bitter blue pill Says:

    Actually he does, it’s just well hidden.

  1142. 1142
    Alina Says:

    @@bitter blue pill: He loves attention. Why did he have to hide? Just no one cares! lol!

  1143. 1143
    Alina Says:

    @@bitter blue pill: And he doesn’t have FB!

  1144. 1144
    Alina Says:

    Oops, rather he has FB, but there is a long time nothing new!
    Can check! All his real friends are there!

  1145. 1145
    @Alina Says:

    Obviously you care since you went off searching

  1146. 1146
    sukar Says:


    Wow Mia, how nice to see you! Did you manage to come to Egypt? It’s been a bit crazy here. :)

  1147. 1147
    salt Says:

  1148. 1148
    Merry Christmas Says:


    What’s different about his face?

  1149. 1149
    @Merry Christmas Says:

    The young lady did some very serious photoshopping on both their faces.

    Merry Christmas All!

  1150. 1150
    Time to ask .... Says:

    @CHOLITA: Hello Cholita, I’ve heard your name mentioned before, but this is the first time I see you writing. I hope you don’t mind me taking this opportunity and asking you a question…. why do you write to Gerry in Spanish if he can not understand a word of what you are saying?
    I’m just curious.

  1151. 1151
    Toronto Says:

    Merry Christmas to EVERYONE! Have a splendid day!

  1152. 1152
    willyS Says:

    A lot of the discussion about Coriolanus is moot. Anyone who knew anything about Shakespearean films knew it would not be a commercial success from the get go not at the box office unless very very lucky, not a film true to the words of William Shakespeare and not his most obscure play. It was discussed here quite thoroughly when the casting news of Butler came out.

    Fiennes knew it was his vanity project and he clearly was in it for the experience and critical acclaim and really there should have been more award nominations, at least BAFTAs because Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox were brilliant in that movie. However It should have a long shelf life in DVD because it will be bought up by the schools and universities that teach Shakespeare and Shakespearean fans.

    And that is one thing Butler did get, critical acclaim for his part. So Coriolanus is in fact his one outstanding shining moment in 2012.

  1153. 1153
    Mia Says:

    @sukar: Hello.No, I have not yet made it to Egypt, but I’m not too old to stop dreaming. If the world calms down, I’m going some day. I haven’t been out of the US in two years since my daughter and family no longer live in Germany. I have a friend who took a tour several months ago that included Turkey, Israel and Egypt. She is still over the moon over the beauty and history of those countries.

  1154. 1154
    Sweet Tea Says:

    Bahh Humm Bug

  1155. 1155
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” Isaiah 7:14
    May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord. – 2 Peter 1:2

  1156. 1156
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @willyS: I agree totally. Never saw the stage version, but loved the movie and glad he was able to be in it. He played it well. Was also disappointed in BAFTA.
    “One thing that concerns me is that my life is too much about myself. I was passing a graveyard the other day and I thought, What are you when you die? A few generations later, when you’re not even a memory of any living person, you’re nothing. Maybe that’s why I make movies. For longevity.” Gerard Butler in interview.

  1157. 1157
    Special One Says:

    Where is Lolita, I mean Gerry’s pug? did he gave him in adoption? hope she is not abandoned or in a shelter, im worried.

  1158. 1158
    Hello Says: This explains a LOT. Wonder if Gerry will go to Italy to film. It worked for Clint Eastwood.

  1159. 1159
    wiphoenix Says:

    @salt: I don’t get why he doesn’t go for adorable cute girls like that. Instead he likes dirty looking brooding black eyes and used looking. Why not fresh?

  1160. 1160
    JC Says:

    @wiphoenix: Well he said after Phantom of the opera that if Emmy Rossum had been a little older (she was 17 when they filmed it) things would probably be different between them. She´s fresh in my opinion. She´s young (17 years younger than him) but respectable, nice and cute.

  1161. 1161
    dargabriel Says:

    Merry holidays. Butler wants my daughter and I to starve for the holidays, nice,huh. Love, me

  1162. 1162
    .925 Says:

    Nice to see some pics of GB! Hoping all have had a wonderful Christmas…and welcome in the New Year with love and laughter!

  1163. 1163
    .925 Says:

    #1158: Clint Eastwood, YES, do what he did GB!

  1164. 1164
    wiphoenix Says:

    @JC: I’d like them together. She’s more his caliber instead of a gold digger. She’s very talented. Funny that his GF was 13 back then.

  1165. 1165
    moonshadow Says:


    I am sorry to upset you but to repeat your post……..”did you watch his interview with Lorraine? (link is a few posts back) He said something to the effect they may not even be together much longer, that she isn’t the one he wants to settle with, she was nice and all. Basically flavor of the moment… find out what was siad, watch the interview.”

    I watched the interview 3 times and he said nothing of the sort. You told me, “I claimed nothing. **Please do not assume nor speculate.** I DID NOT SAY He said they would not be together, etc. I stated it came across (in effect)basing things on past interviews and other things he said that is what is observed.

    There is no other way I could have interpreted what you said as it was
    very clear and you referenced that particular interview with your comments.. In fact he said no such thing about it being over soon or her not being the one, effectively or not, so you are the one assuming and speculating on what he said. It is very misleading to anyone reading to state something as if were fact when it was actually your spin on what he said. I honestly don’t see how anyone could come to the conclusions you did based on what he said. I wish people would stop putting words in his mouth and jumping to conclusions based on their own fabrications and not the facts.

  1166. 1166
    moonshadow Says:


    Our dispute aside, I sympathize with your knee pain as I, too, am suffering and barely able to walk but I will put off surgery as long as I can. I don’t think anyone can understand how debilitating it is unless they have gone through it. I hope things work out for you. God bless!

  1167. 1167
    DocP Says:

    Dar i do hope you guys were able to find food, I don’t know why you seem to think Gerry would have anything to do with your troubles. I don’t believe that he would ever wish evil upon you. I do pray that you and your daughter had a good Christmas. I took a cue from the Movie “A Christmas Story” and i had Chinese for my Christmas dinner :)

  1168. 1168
    dargabriel Says:

    @DocP: Oh sorry about my last post, I’m just really disappointed in gerards spiritual madness, just a little war thats all. We had a great dinner, didn’t feel like cooking , plus I’m in the bay area, so we bought dinner and warmed it,lol. Thank you for the warm wishes. Very true about the spiritual war, so I’m standing by until surrender happens, let’s just say its almost like someone hitting their physical bottom and then rising to the top at its best. I don’t really celebrate christmas anymore, pretty much only the birth of christ. New thread hopefully soon. Have a beautiful happy new year. Dargabriel

  1169. 1169
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1165, moonshadow…Never considered a dispute,.before you pass judgment again on my post/opinion regarding the “Lorraine” interview….I did exactly what I told you to do and that was go back and read the other posts referencing the same interview and you would find that they noticed the same thing. THEIR INPUT/OPINION!.NOTICE THE SAME THING SAID….BUT DIFFERENT WORDING…not sure if wants to settle down
    with MG, but does….and then “ouch”…which yes, that did sting a bit, because she is supposedly his GF and he says that instead of saying something like “Yes, I am wanting to settle down and it may be with MG….”, but he did not.. So, before you go and start in on my take on something or for anyone elses make sure you have read all the posts involved in that subject matter and see all opinions. Everyone interprets things differently, but most of the time often comes close to each others opinion/input. And as it has been made clear many, many times in the past it is not fabrication but out and out fact via Gerry’s words himself. So if people are jumping to conclusions it is because Gerry put himself out in the open to be done that way. As missjude said it it is the same thing that came across with me. Not to mention past interviews (only refering to MG as nice and so on…yeah, a real BF), pictures of them together (which BTW, the playboy one where she is playing with his shirt/lapel and in a black dress) if you notice he is LEANING into her. But, I guess that is fabrication also. I am old enough to know what the difference is between fabrication and fact. Been in the legal field for quite some time and I also follow many opinions of different sorts…

    missjude @ 12/20/2012 at 7:28 pm(844)

    @Merry Christmas: look at 5:18 on the video- when asked if he’s ready to settle down with his girlfriend (madalina) he basically says he isn’t sure if he wants to settle down with madalina but he wants to settle down at some point. lol! ouch!



  1170. 1170
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1165…Forgot to add to my last post….(had to get up) just like missjude said in their post (844)”he basically says he isnt sure……” I said in mine (1036) “He said SOMETHING TO THE EFFECT they may not even be together……..” again not assuming nor speculating…just going on the tone of the interview then and past reads/interviews. And I am sure many others would have worded it differently, which also would not have suited you. But, that is their opinion as you have yours

    And as for your post 1166.. I feel for you. Going on the pain and how you are walking and when u can/do I would do the surgery. In my case, I had nor have a choice. But to be honest…. I am so thankful they are doing the replacement and leg straightening now instead of 12-18 months from now as was the original plan. Though the hardware is out I still have the “rolling” effect and sleepless nights. On 3 antibiotics and pain meds, which BTW ceased to work. I have always though mouth pain was the worse…no, this is. I hope things work out for you also, because no one should hurt in this manner. And again, I was not upset nor did I consider at any time this a dispute. More a debate. LOL. And I have had more than my share especially before the accident. That weekend I would have had my Associates in Legal Studies and June, starting my BS into Advacy (sorry, starting to hurt, typing quick). And the last month was papers/simulations of legal daebating and so forth.

    You take care and feel free to ask any questions about your knee problems and if I can help in sharing what I have learned and or been through I will. And please, challenge me at any time.



  1171. 1171
    TORONTO Says:

    Really? he is not sure! we hope that he has found his soul and marry her very soon. I’m sure they are perfect for each other. Two unscrupulous people. They deserve each other.

  1172. 1172
    salt Says:

    Going to disappear then, Gerry?

  1173. 1173
    JC Says:

    @wiphoenix: Actually, she was as “old” as 15 ;)

  1174. 1174
    Alina Says:

    Jamie Edwards

    Don’t forget, Rick Astley is on @magicfm 2-5pm this afternoon with special guest Gerard Butler!

  1175. 1175
    Alina Says:

    The Comedy Café 28/12/2012
    Billy Connolly and Gerard Butler ahead of their upcoming films, which will both be released on New Year’s Day.

  1176. 1176
    just wanna Says:

    @salt: Just another PR stunt …..

  1177. 1177
    Leftovers Says:


    So does that mean he will be in London on the 28th?

  1178. 1178
    Terrible truth Says:

    Gerry’s so called gf looks better with older men:

  1179. 1179
    GoodTimeGloria Says:

    Magic FM radio station is in London, so Gerry apparenly is back in London for that radio show. I’m not sure about the Comedy Cafe if it’s in London or if it’s in Scotland. I’m thinking he is meeting MG in London now that Christmas if over and he can leave Scotland with a free conscience that he did go and see his mom for Christmas. I hope he doesn’t look at visiting his mom and family as something he HAS to do and not something he WANTS to do, visiting them out of guilt and not with a free and loving heart as he had BEFORE MG came along and ruined him.

  1180. 1180
    lolita Says:

    WO, found out the fm radio interview was last week in London. He is in Scotland and he is at a theater showing Cinderella, maybe he is taking his nieces to the show. There are tweets coming where saying he is in Scotland.

  1181. 1181
    lolita Says:

    The ladies at WO do a fine job of reporting news on Gerry with pics whenever possible. Congrats to them on the work they put into good Gerry news.

  1182. 1182
    salt Says: At the panto in Glasgow standing next to Gerard Butler….. And we have flashing gloves!! —

  1183. 1183
    salt Says: In a theatre with gerard butler #standard He’s even fitter in real life biggrin.gif Just saw Gerard butler omg!!!

  1184. 1184
    salt Says: Waiting to see Cinderella at kings theatre Glasgow …..oh yes we are!!!! Gerard butler just signed autograph for Gillian I kid you not! In bar at kings

  1185. 1185
    Hello Says:

  1186. 1186


    Hello Dargabriel, I’ve just started reading posts of GJB on JJ a couple of months on & off & I’ve been reading your posts about GJB and find them quite interesting. What other insight do you have on GJB? I believe in the whole Universe thing – after all it’s God’s world(s), but alas, I do not have your talent to see into the future. I’m curious about his ”twin flame” – she sounds quite mysterious. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1187. 1187
    Um hmmm Says:

    @Hello: This is the bs he was spewing during the CM interview time period. The only thing he’ll be doing imo is hopping planes and jumping from city to city every week with his baggage in tow. He’s not spending quality time with a guru any time soon.

  1188. 1188
    Hello Says:

  1189. 1189
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    csally1 Claire Sally 7m
    So yeah this is me and gerard butler!!!!! At the panto!!!!!

  1190. 1190
    Terrible truth Says:


    No one can tell who is Gerry’s twin flame, only he can feel it. This is just a speculation to claim that someone knows about his twin flame/soulmate.

  1191. 1191
    Derwisch Says:


    Sorry for my ignorance: who or what is WO?

  1192. 1192
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-7

  1193. 1193
    terrible Says:

    @Terrible truth: Please no more pics of that ugly drag queen.

  1194. 1194
    salt Says: Was sitting 4 seats away from Gerrard Butler at the panto tonight

  1195. 1195
    dargabriel Says:

    I do know more then just feeling.Twinflames are the deepest spiritual force, same energies times two, pretty much everything is in tandem. although you can have many of the same likes, there will be differences. Now if you ever needed a transplant or blood transfusion, your twinflame is the exact match. We are born to different physical parents, however our spirit is linked together, one in unison. Then you add Archangel Gabriel energies, well, then you have mass energies, almost too intense when in close proximity, trust me this is real. Butler has been in the same building as his other, never met, but the energies were so intense it was too much. Butler is VERY AWARE of his twinflame, but because of his phychic ability to fcku with energies, he’d rather manhandle through his invisble force and now has to prove himself to GOD again, he is very jealous and will bring his other half and any man she’s with to their knees, but, now his other has realized her powers and is pushing back towards the equal sign. Its not just a feeling in butlers case, he sees all. He has immense power and needs to stop misusing it. She is dark haired and exotic and mysterious and will not come forth until the gate has been lifted, Gabriel is protecting, butler is frustrated, haha, but in all fairness they’re in great hands. She doesn’t have to work at all, she knows she is looked out for until butler arrives in this field. Working on balancing energies, because butler can knock her out by shifting energies, its the invisible that is real and powerful, we are able to summon things, but no gambling, no cheating, no bad things or distractions allowed, a very strict life, however both these are very attractive and magnetic because of their GOD LIGHT. Nobody believes the messages I bring forth, thats only until my predictions come true, then people act afraid, no fear, just know that this is a blessing. Weather is my forte , I made alot of promises regarding weather, its now happening, I can only hope the souls that I’ve brought this to are happy. Books, meteorologist, do not control Gods plan, Gabriel is very good about what needs to happen. We live in this material world by true illusion only, all this stuff. I love you butler, but please pay attention, after all, you do know what you truly desire. He likes the word renegade and manhandling,bandit, and babylonia. He refers to his houses as his pads also likes noon loaves, whatever that means,lol. His other half is little, the opposite of him, deep penetrating eyes, white strong teeth, a little girl, looks much younger then many her age, doesnt really understand physical age, very childlike but not childish. Theres much more, but peeps here have a very naughty habit of thumbing me, because fear is so great, I call this action sweeping under the carpet, however, it always rises back to the top no matter how many times you attempt to bury it,lol. I’m heading home to Eagle very soon, adjusting weather for travels, bay area pretty nice now. I love you all. Happy new year. Butler’s otherhalf is being naughty, uh oh. Love, dargabriel

  1196. 1196
    salt Says: Gerry number 7

  1197. 1197


    Dargabriel, please, don’t stop. I like what you write about GJB & his twin flame…it really is interesting. May Raphael travel with you so you may be safe!

  1198. 1198
    lolita Says:

    @Derwisch: It is a fan site for Gerry, Weirdly Obsessive. Many of the posters here bring the news from WO here and they bring news from here to WO. They just don’t tolerate any hate against Gerry because it is a fan site not a gossip site.

  1199. 1199
    dargabriel Says:

    @TRULY INTERESTED: Thank you for this. Gabriel is always with me, I love Raphael too. Gabriel doesn’t really allow many other guides to jump in, lol, actually I’m not allowed to try and over rule this, funny how when I’ve tried to over ride power, archangel shuts me down, chop chop. Arch Gabriel is very masterful and has helped me prove to the greatest skeptics, this power is invisible but powerful, my anger has made things fall off walls, only when someone challenges me. You see I like any others, I like and desires to be treated the way you want to be treated, I’ve/he/ she has broken objects without physical contact, people get scared, but, oh well, its their bad for not listening. I will make your candles crackle and dance water bottles pop, computers freeze, among other things, but Gabriel just looks out and has fun. Love,dargabriel

  1200. 1200
    lolita Says:

    @dargabriel: Dar, on the last thread did you say you are his twin flame but you don’t really want him, if not someone used your moniker.

  1201. 1201
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    LoriMatthews3 Lori Matthews 46m
    No bad meeting Gerrard Butler at the panto 😍 #starstruck

  1202. 1202
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

  1203. 1203
    lolita Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hi,CGE, how are you doing, hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks for the pic.

  1204. 1204
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @lolita: Hi Lolita! I’m doing just fine, thank you for asking. Christmas was quiet and spent at home. I was glad I didn’t have to do any traveling. Much less stressful. How are you and how was your Christmas?

  1205. 1205
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    Hey loli (1200) r u? I agree also. And in reading that dar is describing the exact same “person” as in the other posts she sends when she talks about his so called “twin flame”. So, there is no other moniker it is her. She is describing herself.

    Dar, enough. I also know Gabriel and Michael but in the true biblical and holy sense. Not your rendition of them, which is by your own admission of using the Quija and tarot. God and his Angels do not use those tools. You are like Chloe, who via Jamicia by means of Sacramento are frauds. And please do not threaten me or talk to me as you have the other posters. I can throw it right back. Telling people you talk to animals and have revived birds. Please!!!!! 9 out of 10 birds who have hit windows or glass doors knok themselves out and within a few minutes revive themselves. I have seen it happen and also have neighbors who deal with it regularly because of their glass windows/doors.

    No one can say who if they exist Gerry’s soul mate, twin flame what everwill be or is. And to describe them in your form puts yourself right out there as obvious. And you did it in the past as you are now. And please, call me Connie….I do not understnad your point in bringing up my first name, short of your nostrils flaring when you do so. Least I can say that is my real name and I do not nor will I give myself other names as you do and have. You are not a messenger of anyone/things, you are not of the Univerise….you are one who is so far gone in fantasy and make believe. If you are who you claim, you would not be professing it on any type of board. Nor using 666 in any of your communications, email etc.

    Now. Please. Bring it on. Your rants, rambles etc. And next time when you post your name be honest about it. I do not scare easily especially with those like you. You are not “protected” or anything of the sort. So, it would be who of you to leave it at that. I have read all the so called “threats and warnings and so forth…” You might want to stop, because I have also read some posts who have also challenged you you might want to heed what they say…..that is if you are for real. Playing with the spiritual realm can get you in serious dookey…..and continuing to claim being something or someone you are not can and will backfire in your face. Like your so called predictions….not one has been right. Especially the one whre in October he was to have been married to the soul mate describe to your persona.

    Now, please….. throw me your line of crap. But, try to keep your nostrils at norm and not flaring. And by all means show the immaturity especially calling me Connie. I have yet to figure your point or gain for that one. But, I am laughing at that one. A spade,Dar is a spade. And I am calling it.



  1206. 1206
    lolita Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: Same as yours, home on vacation from work and spent a quiet Christmas with family.
    Now I am looking out the window at a snow storm with possible 7 to 10 inches due. If the weather report is correct this will be our first big storm this winter, of course since I have to go back to work tomorrow.

  1207. 1207
    lolita Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: Maggie, doing well, I didn’t want to open a can of worms with my question to Dar…I don’t remember her ever saying that out right that’s why I thought someone might be using her moniker again.
    I know your surgery is coming up soon and I hope all goes well with it.
    I hope the new year brings you better health, take care and God Bless, stay strong.

  1208. 1208
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @dargabriel: Dar is actually correct – Let me help you Dar……

    1 – His becoming spiritual and focusing on himself is 100% not a PR stunt. He actually has been doing this for almost 2 years. HW interfered.
    2 – Gerard – Alphamale (look up the definition). Mrs. Gerard James Butler – Alphafemale (look up the definition. Mrs. Gerard James Butler – extremely private. The limelight is not a fancy of hers. Christian. Intelligent. Highly educated as he in fact overlyeducated. Decent. Respectable. Chessplayer. Adventurous. Rides motorbikes. Likes nature walks talks with God. Does not drink. Does not smoke. Does not like clubs. Loves mountainclimbing. Pilot license. Multilingual. Exotic looking. Mysterious. Naturally beautiful – no makeup. Strong. Powerfully Independent. Petite. Beautiful Smile. Eyes dark and transition. One minute you look at her, her eyes are dark deep as a tunnel blink your eyes again and they are crystalline in appearance (F***** your mind up) as if she is wearing contact lenses. Changeup. It has to do with her heritage.
    The twist to Mrs. Gerard James Butler – of all the women he has had (models, supermodels…) she puts them to shame. Lip gloss (even just the $0.99 lip gloss) and one light brush of mascara of the eyelashes and the woman looks like a billion dollars. Naturally beautiful. Exotic – no injections—the real thing.

    The twist to Mrs. Gerard James Butler – she is very youthful in appearance but “she is very mature in age – you will be surprise how much mature.” She is blessed as she takes care of herself. As him, childlike as loves enjoying life but not childish.

    His and her conflicts – she is very modest. The woman wears frumpy clothes as she is shy of her body. During awards night and premiers he will have to beg her to wear something sexy.

    The twist to Mrs. Gerard James Butler – A patent can actually be placed on her body. Hourglass figure – so sexy she breaks the hourglass. He knows he can place a patent on that a**. The woman has an a** that won’t quit. — She is a Christian hence the shyness and she has a beautiful body. Vivian Leigh type build. The Liz to his Richard Burton except she is exotic looking. Instead of having him in a “club” she will say “Gerard we have to go and see what we can do to help those people in Conneticut.”

    His and her conflicts – They are both Alphas. They have each other’s back but they are both stubborn. Headstrong. They will wrestle one moment but the next cuddled up like puppies. The most they would probably fuss over is that he does not want to give the children anymore ice cream and she is sneaking it up to their bedrooms when he is not watching and saying shhhhhh…don’t tell daddy. Until he hears Thanks mommy….

    His and her conflicts – They are both Alphas. He gets into a fist fight she is not the dainty woman screaming for help…she is right there with him whippin a**. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful. Too Beautiful to be doing such but don’t touch her man. She calls it protecting her family.
    The twist to Mrs. Gerard James Butler – She rocks a six pack just as he – very fit. They are both Alphas.
    The twist to Mrs. Gerard James Butler – She is sexy but only will show that side to him behind closed doors. She becomes whatever he wants her to be behind close doors….sacred…..she loves him

    The beauty of them both – “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” has nothing on these two. These two could make a good $802M worldwide on the silverscreen. Classy, Intelligent, Dignified and sexxxual. Magnetic and Attractive Together. It is no act….it is actually them. Your popcorn will refill itself once you empty it watching them as these two are sooo hot together the leftover kernels will begin popping themselves. You won’t even notice it as you will be too busy trying to control an org*** watching these two.

    The beauty of Mrs. Gerard James Butler – He goes to a Nobel Peace Prize with her….it is because she is receiving one – for her literary work. This woman is that intelligent.

    Spiritual madness – Dar is right. He was to have ended the year with her. HW (enablers) interfered. She loves him wants him and cares for him. Even if he has hurt her if she sees he needs help she puts all aside and will protect him. The woman goes down to her knees in prayer. True Christian because she knows he is a good man.

    TwinFlame – yes, she exists.

  1209. 1209
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1207…Hey loli…you didnt open anything. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to read through Dar and her “predictions” especially the soul mate/twin flame one. Quite a few others hae challenged her also on that one. It is obvious as to who she is describing.

    As for this surgery, my BF alreeady has told me NO going against Doctors orders this time…LOL. This is the final one, though the most major. Thanks also. It will be ok. And I hope the New Year brings great things to you and yours. Strenght and Courage, in keeping the faith.



  1210. 1210
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: Good luck with your surgery Maggie! Always glad to see you here and I think of you often! Hope you had a good holiday. Happy New Year!
    @lolita: We’re getting sleet right now, which is terrible to drive in, but not much snow accumulation. Stay safe!

  1211. 1211
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Moira Murray
    34 minutes ago via mobile
    At Cinderella tonight and in the bar before it starts. Gill types on her phone “mum don’t turn round but the guy your standing back to back with looks an awful lot like Gerard butler”. And it was!

  1212. 1212
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @1210….thanks, compadre!!!! I amassuming now our gutter is snowed in and not rained out, LOL. Best holiday wishes to you and yours!!!

    Just got a email also saying “Maggie” is in the top 12 female dog names!!! And my “Maggie” is only a moniker…LOL!



  1213. 1213
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @dargabriel: Dar – and I leave it to you. See you next year!

    Spiritual battle he is going through – She has been around longer than the decoy. She has been around almost two years.
    The naysayers – This man is not at all gay and people have been labeling him. This man has been in love for a long time and playboy ways have not been winning. Sex sales is presently taking a backseat to Love Reigns…..

    Spirituality – Brad and Angelina met on Mr. and Mrs. Smith… a family. Gerard actually met her (his wife) in the time frame of “Playing the Field” — catch the spirituality — it is in the title. At the time neither she or him knew it. Spiritual power — the hint is in the title change “Playing the Field” now “Playing for Keeps” a simple title change to add substance but was it also a spiritual change because now “someone” realizes they met their wife and now has to change spiritually (he become one with God) to have the blessings God has for him. God will not let him have her unless he changes for the better. He keeps missing her because he needs to grow spiritually.

    The blah to all of this – She is real. The reality of her would have initially actually helped this film. HW got in the way. January 1st it appears in the UK. Is it worth seeing, yes. Why? Historically in film, it will mark where Gerard met his wife but no one knows that right now. It will not be until years to come that you will find out why— Remember the statement “Behind every great man there is a great woman” and you will know what it means. Hint: His wife was right behind him PFK and the bond became. He is actually and presently living this movie. If anything you will witness about this movie, it is Gerard going through a spiritual change. His voicing of wanting kids, settling down, charities, being a Christian and searching within himself and hoping he did not make a mistake —- it is because Baaaby he has seen and met his wife the mother of his children and is now realizing it and “she” is not the woman presently on his arm………. and she even knows it —- hold on tight guys —– Mrs. Gerard James Butler is on the way and her energy is very powerful

    Angelina is very admirable and powerful but Mrs. Gerard James Butler makes Angelina look like she works in a cheesefactory —— at Disneyland. No insult to whoever he has been with is with and whatever but the time is coming to “Hang it UP!”
    Happy Beautiful Holiday Season! Happy New Year! I shall return this time next year and remember “I told you so….” Will the real Mrs. Gerard James Butler please stand up!

    Dar – you have been right. I will leave the board to you. See you next year.

    How do I know…………………………………….I have met her

  1214. 1214
    holy cow! Says:

    I thought I’d stop by and see what was going on but I think I took a wrong turn and ended up in the looney bin!

  1215. 1215
    dargabriel Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD: I’ve have witnessed this incredible protection at times it gets peoples attention. There are some folks on here that Gabriel has protected me, dar, from for reasons. Again I always treat people the way I like to be treated, always looking out, but not tolerant of disrespectful behavior. Mr. Butler will most certainly put road blocks up for his other half, he does not let up, universally tuned into every frequency, drives her crazy, lol. Likes telepathy with animals, especially with cats. This butler loves his other to death. He has healed her internally, that was one of first things he has done for her, this in itself is a miracle, she had liver damage fro a very bad staff infection that got into the blood, illness in childhood, weird things that would’ve maybe killed others, but thanks to this magnificent healing power, dynamic duo. No one else will ever come between, butler will make sure of it. These two already know each other through spirit,body, and soul, always cuddling in spirit, until he gives her spiritual anger, he has left marks on her without even being in the same room. They are into some pretty erotic stuffs, every essence is grand,lol. I do not really care about what people think they know or even rude things that are said, I only care about magical universal gifts being used in the proper way. Love and light. Dargabriel

  1216. 1216
    ... ♏ Says:

    dargabriel continuous lying… She is not twin flame of gerard butler…

  1217. 1217


    hi dargabriel, keep the info coming…it’s fascinating…

  1218. 1218
    lolita Says:

    sorry Dar, I thought someone stole your moniker again.

  1219. 1219
    salt Says: @rachelclare47 omg @becca_1Dxxxx ‘s mum has quite a connection to Mr Gerard Butler himself haha
    @becca_1Dxxxx @rachelclare47 Rebecca’s mum went to high school with him and he asked her out like loads of times, but she rejected him lmfao

  1220. 1220
    ... ♏ Says:

    dargabriel has different monikers.. .the same person… pure lies… She doesn’t have a real connection with butler…………………

  1221. 1221
    dargabriel Says:

    @lolita: no this is me, dar. I always stay me. Have a great day. Love, dar

  1222. 1222

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD:

    so are you saying she’s his age or older (when you say she’s mature in age)…

  1223. 1223
    dargabriel Says:

    @… ♏: haha, goofball, you are really funny. More power to you from all corners of the earth. I have a,love in my life already, I do not need someone’s leftovers. Money and fame mean squat to me, so be it. I’ve myself and my christ king. Keep saying this and you’ll probably believe it, listen to your conscious. My protector returns to my side in a few weeks. And I’m not an adulterous and unfaithful you’re wrong, just had to clear this up. Bye

  1224. 1224
    dargabriel Says:

    @… ♏: you’re really unaware of what or who I am, just go blow your steam somewhere else. Ciao

  1225. 1225
    dargabriel Says:

    Still angry, eh butler, battlefields. Love and war, good times. God is power. Have a fine day everybody. Love,dargabriel

  1226. 1226
    Untamable Shrew Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: post 1205,speaking of birds,I kept going through stages-everytime I drove somewhere a bird flew across my path,either it almost hit my wind shield or I almost hit it but I never did.And sometimes it would be a few birds.I kept going through this and thinking WTH?Almost every time I drove.Sorry I know this has nothing to do with some things spook me I guess.

  1227. 1227
    loveislight Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD: @dargabriel:

    Dargabriel and TakeAGoodLook…,

    I have information I’d like to share with you, but not here. Is there any way I may contact you both outside of JJ?

  1228. 1228
    cupcake Says:

    Hello everyone. I hope all had a good Christmas. Looking foward to 2013.

  1229. 1229
    dargabriel Says:

    @loveislight: dareagle66@hotmail. Have a great day. Love, dar

  1230. 1230
    Blue Says:

    All this spirit stuff sounds like fan fiction. Should go to

  1231. 1231
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Boy you got that right. What a bunch of nonsense.

  1232. 1232
    Blue Says:


    You should not put your email on a public forum! Be careful!

  1233. 1233
    dargabriel Says:

    @Blue: thank you, but I’ve no fear, my electronics are tightly secure. Dargabriel

  1234. 1234
    Toys Says:


    “Dargabriel and TakeAGoodLook…,

    I have information I’d like to share with you, but not here. Is there any way I may contact you both outside of JJ?”

    Now that you have Dar’s email address, I hope you’re passing on the name and number of local mental health facilities. Can you say, “schizophrenial?”

  1235. 1235
    Toys Says:


    Sorry that’s schizophrenia – didn’t mean to ad an “l”.

  1236. 1236
    Loveislight Says:


    Thank you Dargabriel. Sending you love and light.

  1237. 1237
    dargabriel Says:

    @Loveislight: cool deal. Well I hope these posters be nice, because there is someone here that doesn’t like bad behavior. People still want to play with fire. Love,dar

  1238. 1238
    SouthernBelle Says:

    Hope each of you had a blessed and joyful Christmas and that none of you is stranded due to the snowstorms in the States.

    After a few days away from JJ, I see that we now have cool kids on another actor’s thread posting about Gerry and messengers of two of the archangels posting about him here. Why not? Considering the mess the world’s in, it stands to reason that Raphael and Gabriel would focus on GB and his other half.

    I read that Gerry is going spiritual for 2013 – a wake-up call from his near death experience. Geez, that took a while didn’t it – a whole year. Maybe he’ll post here as dar Michael.

    Since most of you don’t like to visit MG’s fb, I’ll quote what she wrote and also give the link. – first entry, second comment, “2012 was an amazing year for me, brought me so much…so proud to be a part of ‘razza bastarda’ and ‘dom hemingway’. The title of this poem ‘la belle dame sans merci’ is the perfect description of Paolina, my character in the movie ‘Dom Heminway’: erotically attractive, fascinating, and deadly… you don’t really want to be in the knight’s shoes at the end of the poem …”

    Wouldn’t falling in love deserve a mention, even without naming BF?

  1239. 1239
    dargabriel Says:

    @<a @Toys: wonderful, I hope you realize there will be consqences. Treat people the way you want to be treated, I take it, you’re like a crazy person on prescription drugs. Take good care, karma loves people like yourself. Dar

  1240. 1240
    wiphoenix Says:

    She sure thinks a lot of herself, doesn’t she?

  1241. 1241
    Ya think? Says:

    @wiphoenix: Her head is so far up her own a/ss, it’s no wonder she has a three-foot long neck. For ease of insertion, I’m sure. This is why she’ll never amount to anything imo, especially in the US. Too much of a narcissist. I bet she has not one female friend.

  1242. 1242
    Toys Says:


    I re-read my comment, and it is flippant and snarky – for which I apologize. You seem to have experienced a lot of pain in your life and appear to have turned to spirituality as a means to sustain you. I understand and respect that, but comments about archangels’ interest in GB and his other half just seem over the top. Telling us that you are a messenger for Gabriel and TakeAGoodLook’s saying that she is channelling for Raphael sounds as though you’re both so caught up in your beliefs that you’re not in touch with reality. Archangels must have more to concern them than a man who lives soley for himself and his instant gratification.

  1243. 1243
    justsayin'too Says:

    @dargabriel and TakeaGoodLook -I enjoy the predictions, it’s fun to see if they will come true and if not, no harm done. LOL However, dargabriel, you say he has been in the same room with his twinflame but they have not met, whereas the other prediction says they met during PFK. Here is my prediction, his twinflame will be a writer as you say and will win awards for her writing and will rescue his career with a hit script. and that is how they will meet. He will be so grateful he will give up chasing PYT and enter a newfound popularity as an actor and they will become a power couple like Brange as his fans will like him with her instead of hating on her like MG. Now let’s hope that prediction comes true!

  1244. 1244
    Alina Says:

    Your prediction is great for Gerry! I too would like this to him! I think he’s a good guy, just a little lost in himself!
    Happy New Year everyone!

  1245. 1245
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @Toys: Let me apply correction here…I mentioned that I would not be returning at all as I am definitely not a blogger. Gerry is someone that I met through filming. When I noticed all the harshness and negativities, I could not believe this as it is truly uncomfortable. The lies and horrid things people said here is sad. Whenever I say something, it is because I have “physically” met these people. As far as Gabriel and Raphael, at no time did I mention such. I am a believer in GOD and know that he protects us. I mentioned about praying for Gerry as I know what it is like to be prosperous and successful and have people try to leech off of you because they cannot stand for themselves or are simply jealous. This man is a beautiful person and I do not go off into the wild blue yonder. Now what I did find and what amazes me is “How did dargabriel know some of this stuff?” That in itself did amaze me. Once again, I spoke from “physically” meeting these people. I will not elaborate because Gerry’s private business is even so none of my business. I was just standing up for a truly good person and what I know. It is that some of you people are bashing this man and have never met him. Some of you people are so totally wrong about this man when you describe him negatively. Guys that is such ashame. Am I aware of some things? Oh most definitely but I will only speak to a certain extent “to try and stop the lies.” I have had my battles and I see Gerry’s and I do pray he ends up with the person who truly loves and cares for him. Peace out.

  1246. 1246
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @justsayin’too: As mentioned, dargabriel’s statements amaze. Those two people have been in the same room but in dargabriel’s have not met I guess that could be true as they have not formed that type of relationship. She is a quality woman and she does not go for any playboy games. 0, Zilch. By the way, your prediction……she is presently a writer and such has been spoken of. I pray that this will happen. They have so much to offer…I mean powerhouses if put together and Gerry clears all bullsh**. She is loving but does not play.

  1247. 1247
    Hello Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD: I would like to be glad about this, but, if you know who she is and gb knows you, doesn’t it stand to reason that you would move heaven and earth to get the two together, somehow, someway. Contact for you shouldn’t be that hard if you truly believe that they are meant to be together. Guess that is what makes me so sad about this.

  1248. 1248
    Toys Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD:

    Gerry may well be an incredible human being; however, that is not the image he projects, and perception is everything. Although you are admirable for trying to right what you consider a wrong, GB’s actions belie your defense.

    Btw, you sound and write amazingly like Dar.

  1249. 1249
    dargabriel Says:

    Obviously no one believes what I say, however I do have power and Gabriel is in human form, its quite magical, especially when things show up, just by asking, call it the twilight zone, but I really don’t have to even move, everything is appointed. Oh and I didn’t find spirituality because of sadness in my life, it’s always been with me since and before my hanging in my toddler years. I’ve just been guided and been shaken to wake up since my separation and divorce. My ex-husband was aware of my spiritual gifts, and frankly he was scared in the end, this Gabriel does not like anyone stepping ion his turf, this is true. I write, Been ghost writing since 07, prophets. When Gerard gets his powers right he will have a place on the embarradero in san francisco, I know this. Spirit is very real people. I was also told that butler and his beloved will stun scientists, although this is just a powerful energy field. He has projected so much energy around her family,friends, and others. Only two people know, ger and her, he knows more than he at this point. I wished the madness would end. He is so controlling of everything she does. Believe it or not, he takes care of her at a distance, while he still projects madness. I do have a man in my life, but needless to say there has been stuff, I mean there has been good, but not so good. If Gerard sees his other half, he will see her and will know her straight away. I know these things, because I know his heart, a golden one. Love,dargabriel

  1250. 1250
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!:

    Hi God Bless, been trying to find my way back, getting there.

    Went to see Les Mis last night and after it was over everyone stood, clapped and whooped. It was amazing.

    Joie I miss u! I will write soon, there has been so much going on, so much to tell.

    Hi cupcake, autumn, cge, maggiepu, etc. no time to write much.

    Sorry, wish I could act interested in Gerard B, but not so much. Hope he is happy like I hope all of us are. xoxoxo

  1251. 1251
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @Hello: It is not hard BUT once again…he has ways to change first. He is “slowly” showing her he is worth the while. His self-reflection just announced is a huge plus in her book. It brings a warm smile to her. I really need to stop speaking about this because these two people are very private. Take care.

  1252. 1252
    wiphoenix Says:

    @dargabriel: why waste so much energy on an actor instead of bettering mankind yourself. Didn’t Jesus say to be about your own business? This actor already blessed. He doesn’t need your precious energy. You do and others in need, not one rich famous successful and sparkling. Help those with no light. Just saying, :-)

  1253. 1253
    wiphoenix Says:

    @TakeAGoodLook – Pray to GOD: It’s really not for you to decide. You can’t control a grown man. He has to do what he wants.

  1254. 1254
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says:

    @Toys: You are correct about his character. There is alot more going on than you know….he is learning. Read my very first post. She could absolutely not stand him at first…not at all. She did not like all his cursing. Ironically, she noticed they had so much in common in several other areas. I wish he would change because this a great woman for him. He will love her because she will not take sh** from him. Feeeisssty. Fame, money and furs do not mean a d*** thing to her and she has already made it known. His playboy ways absolutely turned her off. She noticed him during PFK but he would do silly sh** (playboy). There is so many similarities between these to as if it was meant to be. You remember that fighting scene Brad and Angie had in Mr. and Mrs. Smith ——- multiply that by 3 naaaah make it 5 and you have them. —– He has met his match….and he likes it. Okkkay now I really have to go….just wanted to set things straight.

  1255. 1255
    TakeAGoodLook - Pray to GOD Says: