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Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler hits the soccer field for the Street League charity training session on Friday (December 14) in South London, England.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor came out to support the charity which helps to change the lives of disadvantaged young people through the power of the sport.

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Gerard is currently in town promoting his latest flick Playing for Keeps. The previous evening, Gerard attended a special screening for the flick in London.

Playing for Keeps is currently in theaters in the US, and will be released in the UK on January 1!

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  • christmasfairy
  • GGG

    @ Grace and Snow Flakes:

    I just thought through your last posts and I must say, that I totally agree with you!!! The importance of his family and his “special position by being the youngest” plus the factor that his HW life doesn’t fit into a catholic family may have influenced him a lot and put a lot of pressure on him.

  • christmasfairy

    GB’s just been shown on ‘Football Focus’ a BBC1 show. Was recorded on Thursday.
    Came across much better, and clearly focused on what he was talking about. Related a story about Kenny Dalglish calling him on his 13th birthday. And then a story about kicking his mother’s ashtray across the room and breaking a vase when watching Archie Gemmell score a goal at 1978 World Cup.

  • GGG


    But isn’t it typical for drinking or using persons to be sometimes calm and quiet normal and on another day suddenly hyper and strange? I’m sorry, but after watching the video of The One Show I am sure that he has some addiction problems. No matter how focused he is in upcoming interviews.

    Interesting point that he started to party even harder after his rehab and his mother/stepdad visited him in LA!

  • snowfall

    @He wasn’t fine: Agree with you. I too have been touched by addictions around me both alcohol and pres drugs (or even heavier at times for one person). The first thing I thought when I saw the video was that he was on prescription drugs again (or still). He’s high there imo. Look at the difference between the video of him doing the radio show and this one. In Video A he is bright, quick to wit and humor at appropriate times and in the moment. In Video B he is 5 seconds behind everyone throughout the whole thing. It’s not blatantly obvious, and I wouldn’t say he was as bad as some twitters were saying (he didn’t look drunk to me) but something was definitely off with him. He was in his own world the whole time. And slouching? Blame the couch ONE time and have a laugh about it by slouching and sliding off, then a normal person would sit upright and still. You can say he was nervous and therefore talking stupid and being fidgety but I’m sorry I don’t buy that. He’s been in front of cameras and been in interviews for HOW many years? Nervous my a/ss.
    Oh and I hope he is done with whatserface. I won’t be surprised if he’s not, but it sounds like it to me with his radio interview comment about what she’ll “probably” do for xmas while he’s at home with his own family and saying “We’ll probably hang out at some point after”. uh… “hang out”? Okay. What man has no clue what his hanger-on-follow-him-everywhere gf is doing or where she’s going when they part ways at the London airport? Oh, I guess Amy ordered her plane ticket though right so why would he know? lol
    Anyway I have a super busy day ahead and wish you all peace today and always. And I especially wish Gerry peace both eminating from those around him and for once in his life inner peace. And get off the pills!! :) Happy weekend everyone!

  • cupcake

    Hello everyone.hope all are having a good day.

  • spice

    @Snow Flakes: The story a few years ago was that his favorite aunt, the one he says is so beautiful, paid for his education and anything else he needed.

  • Yikes!

    @snowfall: Seriously? Just saw the the interview on YouTube. Not a fan of the guy, but, really, what’s all the pearl clutching about? He was fine. From some of the comments I thought he set the hosts on fire then powdered his nose with cocaine dust. Good grief.

  • christmasfairy

    Oh and I hope he is done with whatserface. I won’t be surprised if he’s not, but it sounds like it to me with his radio interview comment about what she’ll “probably” do for xmas while he’s at home with his own family and saying “We’ll probably hang out at some point after”. uh… “hang out”? Okay. What man has no clue what his hanger-on-follow-him-everywhere gf is doing or where she’s going when they part ways at the London airport? Oh, I guess Amy ordered her plane ticket though right so why would he know? lol


    You’ve managed to get a very loud giggle out of me with this description!
    I now have visions of the pair of them turning up on Christmas Day at his mum/sister/brother/greatAuntGertie’s house, and finding them all locked up and nobody at home.

  • One

    Really hope GB is well! The One interviewed seemed o.k. to me. I was laughing at the gift wrap segment. I enjoy watching him during interviews although I don’t have the knowledge to know what someone with an addiction might look like, well maybe, lol. Always wishing the best for him.

  • snowfall

    @Yikes!: Fair enough, this is your opinion. I can only fair to guess that you might be one of those who was surprised he was in Betty Ford too and that you may even believe his story about only needing 2-3 weeks inside because he wasn’t there for addiction, but for their “Pain Management Program” and 2-3 weeks was all that was required of him.
    um… here’s direct quotes from the BF website about that program. He was supposed to stay for 45 days minimum and you can only be admitted if you have a chemical dependency. He was addicted. He didn’t finish the program. My best guess is that he’s still using. He’s not healed. He’s not healthy.
    ” Betty Ford Center is a licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital that treats all patients age 18 years and older suffering from chemical dependency, including patients with co-occurring disorders such as chronic pain, and trauma.
    A primary diagnosis of chemical dependency is necessary for admission to the Betty Ford Center. If the patient demonstrates significant pain issues, she/he is offered a 45-day schedule – the Pain Management Track – to focus on both addictive disease and developing and implementing a personalized pain curriculum. Many patients enter treatment at the Betty Ford Center for addiction to pain medication.
    Betty Ford Center has designed a pain management track that goes well beyond the traditional approach of symptom relief. Our track is based upon two recently discovered findings. First, chronic pain is a disease of the brain. Second, given an optimal environment, the brain of the chronic pain patient retains the ability to heal and return to normal function. Chronic pain affects about 25-30% of the population and confers considerable misery and disability to those who suffer its consequences.
    Chronic pain patients have changes in mood, lose the ability to remain calm, lack coping skills, experience the inability to sleep, and lack attention to task, hopelessness, memory, planning, and one’s overall outlook toward life. These changes are common to all chronic pain patients and are very treatable. Our holistic approach to treatment targets those areas of the brain that have been affected by chronic pain and restores them to normal function (adaptive plasticity). The track allows patients to gain insight into the ways in which pain has changed their ability to think and approach life. Patients learn a different approach to pain: one in which they are transformed and learn to recognize pain as a relapse trigger.”
    I’d post the link but so many times links go into moderation so I’ll just suggest you google BF clinic programs and look at the Pain Management program that he himself said he went in for. He was not there for 45 days. Explain that someone please, but spare the excuses for it for the love of God.

  • Yikes!

    @snowfall: Wow. Don’t know or care if he needs rehab, like I stated, not a fan and it’s his life, his business. But thanks for the condescending and presumptuous page-long reply to a few lines of observation about the interview. Methinks you could do with some professional help, too. Ciao!

  • Totally Useless Information

    Those of you that think it’s acceptable for a family to shun a son’s girlfriend, you’d better be careful. You might not see your son for as long as he is with the girlfriend and if he marries her, you’ll never see him. Because she will win, every time, you can count on it.

    The most logical thing going on here is Little Maddie is going home to see her family, especially her mother. It is Christmas, time for one’s family. They are not married and have been apart before for weeks at a time.

  • Lyla J.

    I read somewhere that his father paid for his education. It was worded that Gerard took him up on his offer to attend Law School. Could be one of the reasons they became so close after reconnecting. Maybe Edward was trying to clear his conscience, if it’s true.

  • oh please

    @Lyla J.:
    If you are Scottish and you take up Uni education IN Scotland it is free. There is no payment required. There is no conscience clearing or fiscal involvement.

  • Lyla J.

    Didn’t know that. Very nice perk for the Scottish people taking their education in Scotland. I shared something I read somewhere, but, hey, thanks for the friendly education.

  • twitter

    At the Winter Festival and Gerard Butler is standing next to me….

  • Idontknow

    @snowfall: He could just be playing games again in terms of these vague answers about Xmas plans. They’ve been doing this kind of thing all along. One second he’s talking about having a girlfriend, and the next he’s back to hiding her in the background. It’s really childish and weird, but he obviously thinks he’s being “mysterious” or something. Bottom line is, you can’t believe a word, one way or the other. Frankly, I wish they’d both just disappear for a long time.

  • so over it



    Thanks Snowfall for the overview of BFC’s program. Really does make one wonder what was going on at the beginning of the year. Then the convenience of his “perfect woman” just happening to drop into his lap at a time when he really should have been concentrating on dealing with the issues that required him to seek professional treatment in the first place. Instead, he’s continued doing what he’s always done and laughed it off, covered it up or replaced with an equally, if not worse, issue.

  • christmasfairy Just bumped into Gerard Butler at The Southbank with @StyleSurgery @shanefrater ! He’s even hotter in the flesh #whiteboyswag

  • twitter

    Just bumped into Gerard Butler at The Southbank with @StyleSurgery @ shanefrater ! He’s even hotter in the flesh # whiteboyswag

  • christmasfairy

    7. Playing For Keeps (Millenium/FilmDistrict) Week 2 [Runs 2,840] PG13

    Friday $1.0K (-53%), Weekend $3.0M, Cume $10.6M

  • twitter

    oy! :)

  • Idontknow

    @so over it: IMO, the whole thing looks orchestrated, and now it’s just annoying.

  • Trying to figure it out

    Time will tell if he is spinning stories about Christmas; they will eventually show up walking the streets somewhere if they are together. Maddie, depending on her religion, may not celebrate Christmas in December. A lot of the Eastern European countries are Orthodox and celebrate their Christmas later in January.

  • Ducky
  • LLL

    @Grace (AKA Regarding Thumbs): Grace is an appropriate name for you. You seem very fair-minded… a very refreshing trait. Thank you for your encouragement to keep posting. I received thumbs down on a supportive post of Gerard in the same time frame that others were given thumbs up on making supportive post. Therefore, I can only attribute the thumbs down to my negative reference to some of the “phannies”. There are certain “phannies” that have never liked me. The thumbs down were so blatant, that I found it amusing.

  • Mmmmmmm
  • christmasfairy Gerard Butler was right next to me just now what a ledge he is

  • christmasfairy Just seen Gerard Butler at the Southbank!

  • christmasfairy SWOON ALERT: Women (and gays) of Twitter. Whilst buying a crepe on London’s Southbank, I just rubbed shoulders with Gerard Butler!

  • christmasfairy

    Hi Gerard Butler. #gerardbutler #casualbanter #celebspot #london #psiloveyou

  • christmasfairy
    Me, Gerard and his big sausage!! #GerardButler

  • christmasfairy Had a lovely evening out with @kerrylyme at the @southbankcentre with all of the festive food. Even saw Gerard Butler wandering around

  • bonne nuit

    Just got a chance to watch The One Show video. I didn’t notice anything too unusual about his behavior until that gift wrapping segment. That was just really weird. He almost seemed to be swaying on his feet a little. Whether or not he was on something is anyone’s guess but…….Let’s just say, I will leave it at that.

  • christmasfairy Highlights in London: Saw the hobbit-so good Gerrard Butler saying hello to me #starstruck Some guy p****** on the train station floor

  • gigibee

    Chris Evans didn’t hear or understand that his mother had gone to visit Auschwitz.I think Gerry made the joke about his mum going there instead of` her son`s premiere `to cover the fact that Evans cocked up.Also the comment about Alex going to the loo …. because she was put on the spot by Evans..Gerry tried to brush over it by making a joke people…..It is sarcasm.Who wants to tell the world every personal detail about themselves.He and his girlfriend are the only people who can decide how to handle the press.These people interviewing him are not friends or acquaintances they are press.He is not under any obligation to bare his soul to the world.It must be so boring hanging around studios saying the same stuff day in day out.We see but a rehearsed snapshot of whatever film is being promoted with a bit of gossip chucked in for good measure.It is no way a fair and accurate portrayal of a person.Imo

  • Grace


    Haha, I’ll let my parents know that the name they picked is a winner. :D No problem, darlin’. Just remember, no matter what your opinion is, you are bound to be upsetting SOMEBODY… there’s no way to please everyone… If you feel discouraged by the nay sayers, remember the law of confirmation bias – those whose opinions are confirmed by others will continue on the same path, 100 fold, due to the accolades. I am sure that is what accounts for the majority of the hatred found here. Don’t stop posting your opinion – it matters!

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” – Psalm 55:22

  • Snow Flakes
  • lolita

    PFK’s must be doing better because it has been added to five different theater locations in WNY, with multiple showings at each location.

  • cf
  • Unbelievable!

    @Gee Whiz:

    You are right that seeing things differently doesn’t make one stupid but seeing things that aaren’t there is stupid and delusional and vindictive. Thumb me down and we’ll see how many stupid people agree with you.
    If you see a red apple and think it is yellow then you are stupid or delusional. That is truth and not opinion. Just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean it’s correct, truthful or worth anything. It has nothing to do with being mean spirited. It has everything to due with the truth and spreading convoluted lies just to be mean. I’m not the mean one for hating the lies told here.

  • Unbelievable!


    Once again the delusional speak! The two shows were totally different. Gerry will be silly and campy if it’s that type of show like the One Show. He was his usual self and NOT ON ANYHING! Did any of you see him and Zack Snyder on some of those off-the-wall shows they were on for 300? They were totally crazy and so were the hosts. The hosts on the One Show were crazy and silly so why would he be calm and serious? Some of you people need to take some serious psychology classes so you know something about human behavior. Seeing things that aren’t there only feeds your delusions.

  • Blue

    Opinions aren’t delusions. The opinions on Twitter were just opinions there were some bad comments and some good ones. Chill.

  • Unbelievable!


    No, ‘yikes’ saw the truth! You are one of the delusional ones and seeing the truth is NOT an opinion. You are simply wrong and no one here needs links to the BF center although you may need to visit for your delusional view of his behavior. Based on your views most of the world should be in rehab.

  • DocP

    Okay I’m assuming that you are refering to many posters opinions that he must be on drugs based on his behavior on “The One Show”. the fact is that no one but Gerry “knows” the truth as to whether he does drugs. Unless of course you are with him 24/7, even when hes in the bathroom. Even if you are friends with the guy and he told you he isn’t using doesn’t mean he’s not lying to you. The fact is that you are basing your “opinion” on what you see, perhaps you are a die hard fan and you have been following him for years and yu feel you know him like hes a good friend. Even then its still your opinion. the other posters have just as much right to have their opinion based on their perception of the way he acted. The fact is theres bias either way, whether you are a fan or are not. Its close minded and rude to call someone else view “delusional”, its their perception. Just cause it doesn’t match up with yours doesn’t mean their wrong, just like it doesn’t mean their right either. Its simply a different point of view based on how they perceived his actions. Personally i haven’t seen the show so I don’t have a view on how he acted, I have followed Gerry for at least 6 years and he does do things a little off the wall. He isn’t as drastic as Colin Farrell but he has his excentricity’s.

  • MoPopcorn

    Does anyone else believe Gerry’s mom intentionally did not go to his London premiere? Who think she approves of the MadBut relationship? Is that why Maddie is not hanging with him at X-mas? Or is this just a diversion?

  • SouthernBelle


    Maybe a diversion – maybe it was a six-month contract. The strange continues. I don’t care if they have been apart for a couple of weeks at a time. Who doesn’t spend Christmas with someone he’s dated for half a year and lived with for three months?

    One of the posters here made a comment about GB and MG parting at the airport, and we didn’t know where she was going because Amy probably bought the ticket. MG was at the London showing of PFK, so where did the “parting at the airport” come from? She wasn’t with him after the showing (probably bored again), but do we know that she isn’t still with him in London?

  • @SouthernBelle

    ” She wasn’t with him after the showing ”

    She sure was.