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Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler hits the soccer field for the Street League charity training session on Friday (December 14) in South London, England.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor came out to support the charity which helps to change the lives of disadvantaged young people through the power of the sport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard is currently in town promoting his latest flick Playing for Keeps. The previous evening, Gerard attended a special screening for the flick in London.

Playing for Keeps is currently in theaters in the US, and will be released in the UK on January 1!

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  • just my opinion

    @Gotta say: Oops someone new is claiming same. What to believe.

  • MoPopcorn

    @just my opinion: So soon if he broke it off with Mad? If he did, is this to throw us off the trail. He needs tail so fast? He is usually more careful. Or he is getting hitched!
    I need carmel, choclate and butter with this pop corn.

  • Snow Flakes
  • Snow Flakes

    Hi ladies—-A little off topic—-I knew Seal was a big man, but did anyone noticed how much bigger he was the GB? Wow he made Gerry look small.

  • Snow Flakes

    WO has the entire video of the NPP concert. I tried to post it here but JJ wouldn’t let me. I watched it and it was a wonderful show. Especially liked Seal and Hudson they both had the place rocking.

  • GGG

    It’s like he said in an interview before: “Threesomes?” “The Butler did it!” LOL

    There gonna be a lot of miserable, heartbroken teenage-girls in London in the next few days, when they realise that he either doesn’t call or that they are just one lady of his harem…

  • Come on

    @MoPopcorn: Seriously, would you marry some guy that’s out trying to nail other women while you are engaged? Even if you were a fame ho? No one in their right mind would do that. He may be trying to get out of it in his usual passive aggressive manner, if true. He could also be playing y’all and she could be right there, although that’s a weird game to play.

  • Hello

    Who said they were engaged?

  • Come on

    @Hello: MoPopcorn thought he might be out getting numbers to throw everyone off the trail “if” he’s getting hitched. No one said he was.

  • Sweet Tea

    Gus is grumbling and I’m bruising. All of you sound stoupid.

  • christmasfairy

    Tong and gerald butler…unfortunately gerald brought his girlfriend

  • so what?

    @christmasfairy: That doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to get numbers, LOL.

  • What R U Trying to Prove?

    Why are some of you so desperate to prove that Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea either aren’t together or aren’t serious?
    No one respects Madalina Ghenea except for her friends and family. The general public who knows of her at all knows her as a golddigging fameho.
    You’re not going to make her seem even more so by trying to convince anyone that Gerard Butler doesn’t really like her, because guess what?
    No one respects Gerard Butler EITHER.
    He’s a douche who has spent the last decade using his fame to seduce the pants off of WAY TOO YOUNG starry eyed girls and who’s taste in women is otherwise in the gutter with Brandi Glanville reality TV star and Madalina Ghenea, aforementioned golddigging fameho, not to mention Martina Rajic Playboy playmate and countless other seedy women.
    And his films suck to boot. Say what you will about George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio being players – at least they make good movies.
    There’s nothing redeeming about Gerard Butler.
    So why is it SO important to some of you to prove that he and Madalina aren’t together?
    The two of them being together seems about right to me. I think they’re perfect for each other. Better that they’re together than either one of them tainting someone who’s actually admirable.
    I love Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea being together and sincerely hope they do get married and fall off the face of the entertainment world together.
    I just hope that one or both also turn out to be sterile so that the low-moral-character-do-anything-for-money-and-fame DNA doesn’t spread any farther.

  • bitter blue pill

    PFK has made about 11 million so far. I think it’s going to redeem him a bit, he is hot in it.

    I guess this means he’ll continue to do crappy rom coms though.

  • curious

    @Snow Flakes: with or without clothes? just kidding


    @What R U Trying to Prove?: I’ve been hoping all along they will marry and disappear. At least that way they’ll be leaving other people alone. I hope for the world’s sake they don’t breed. There’s a reason he likes her, people, and it says a lot about who he really is, and it’s nothing admirable, imo.

  • movieluv

    the previews for Dhango Unchained look good, DiCaprio’s role looks campy and funny

  • movieluv

    @bitter blue pill: for projects that he’s attached to now are all action/thriller movies so it does look like he is trying to shift back in that direction. Better late than never? Too bad Motor City fell through, it could have been a breakthrough kind of role esp if Oldman and Heard were still attached but oh well. People forget it takes 1 – 2 years to get films out so shifting your career is going to take that long.

  • Imaboutdone

    @ITAWY: I agree with this, also. I’ve just been popping in to see how the movie turned out and what’s going on in the soap opera, but truth be told, once he hooked up with this one, I lost all respect for him. No man with any decency would be into this, especially since she’s a cast off of his friends. It’s just gross. have more wholesome choices for eye candy these days.

  • Totally Useless Information

    He asked for her number, you can count on it, it’s his MO. Players always keep their own hope high just in case and it strokes their ego when they get the number. They don’t care what the other person thinks if he doesn’t call. Out of sight, out of mind unless they are in for a quick shag.

    It doesn’t matter one iota if Little Maddie was there or not, he’d still ask and make up some idiotic excuse she’d buy because either she is in love with him and will take crumbs or he’s got the money for now. Take your pick. Nice guy, GB, getting phone numbers of young girls while his girlfriend is around. If any of you think for one moment that GB will marry her or anyone and drop off the face of the earth, you are sadly mistaken.

  • Snow Flakes
  • Snow Flakes
  • Hello

    @movieluv: Don’t think you will have to wait that long. OHF will be released on March 22,2013. Was bumped up a month.
    WHD has a release date of June 28, so this will be good for gerry.

  • Pics

    What a bummer, as I was totally expecting to see something else when I opened the pic posted at #233. LOL! (Me, Gerard and his big sausage!!). Also, I’m wondering what “ledge” means in the UK? Sounded like something positive. :)

  • Snow Flakes


    Got your mind in the gutter? lol

  • Snow Flakes


    I wonder the same thing. I don’t understand some of the UK slang that the tweeters are posting as well.

  • Snow Flakes

    Seriously?????? My posts # 303-304-305 got thumbed????

  • Hello

    @Pics: legend

  • Mmmmmmm

    @Snow Flakes:
    #326 I don’t understand either …

  • Mmmmmmm

    Sorry I meant #327

  • Clamsie

    It’s all true…LOL is right! Let’s say Gerry and Maddie are breaking up or…not rock solid. IF and ONLY IF he is attempting to run around on her (doubt it because twitter is nothing but BS anyway), why do the majority here still hate her? If she doesn’t have much of a relationship with him (not that anyone here knows a thing anyway) why get so bent out of shape against the poor girl?

    It’s because a lot of you are sooooooooooo jealous. You’re eaten up with jealousy and you hate her no matter what.. Some of you are old hags and some are just hags but a lot of you are jealous.

    It’s no way to live Be happy for him. It looks like his whole life is imploding since his career is in making flops and touring about pretending to be somebody. Sometimes I think he’s got a death wish and could care less about anything.

  • Phoenix

    Hey y’all!

    Just checking in to see what’s up, and I can’t believe how slow the thread is.
    Several posts back, someone mentioned that GB was hearing impaired. -I’d never heard that before. If someone doesn’t mind sharing- what caused it?

  • Mmmmmmm
  • Sigh…

    @Clamsie: Don’t play dumb, Clams, it doesn’t suit you. And stop with the silly jealousy talk. You know damm well that it has nothing to do with that. If you’ve been reading regularly, you will note that most here who don’t like her would feel the same no matter who she is dating. See LDC thread. It’s about who she is, and her pattern of behavior. More than anything I think there’s a sense of disappointment, as most wanted better for him, and are sad to see how shallow his choices are of late. Whether he marries her or not, there’s really nothing to be happy about. I’m sure you can see the writing on the wall.

  • Grinch

    Off topic, but doesn’t LeAnn Rimes look exactly like the Grinch in that pic at the top? Lordy, I’ll never figure out why he busted up his family for that.

  • Clamsie

    @Sigh…: Who’s playing dumb? Why hate on someone who has nothing to do with you?

    Have you considered that Gerry is the one who is shallow and flighty? He has nothing to keep him connected to anything. He’s only there for the temporary fix, nothing more. I think HE’s the one with the problems, all of them.

    Maddie is the one who is tolerating HIM and all his baggage. She deserves better.

  • http://JJ Bonnie

    @Sigh…: Well said.

  • Sigh…

    @Clamsie: Unless you know GB personally, you just “hated” on him, and he as nothing to do with you. People are entitled to their opinions. I happen to think they are both equally problematic.

  • Phoenix


    Hi Mmmmmmm,
    Wow! Thanks so much for the link. It’s funny, but I’ve never noticed his head being lopsided, just his smile which I’ve always thought was so down to earth and very sweet.

  • GGG


    This has nothing to do with jealousy. For me it’s just entertaining, to be honest. His life and behavior is comparable to a car crash. It’s terrible, but you just can’t look away.
    And, BTW, it was his decision to become a person of public interest. And it was his decision to behave like he is doing at the moment. So he has to suffer the consequences like being a topic on gossip sites. And if he doesn’t want this anymore he should stop partying in big cities like LA, NY or London, where paparazziare all over the place (which he knows BTW and which is probably one of the reasons, why he is there).

    My opinion: GB and MG deserve each other. So go for it, you selfish, superficial jerks! Destroy and fool each other and not some innocent people!

  • Mmmmmmm

    @Sigh…: @GGG:
    Well said girls!
    GGG … I couldn’t agree more with that last sentence you wrote

  • Le Obvious

    People didn’t like Madalina Ghenea when she was with Leo DiCaprio.
    People didn’t like Madalina Ghenea when she was with Adrien Brody.
    People don’t like Madalina Ghenea now that she’s with Gerard Butler.
    And if Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea have broken up, or do so in the future, and Madi attaches herself to her next famous conquest, you can bet that people won’t like her then either.
    People just don’t like Madalina Ghenea.
    They’ve not liked her regardless of who she’s been with.
    That means that it has less to do with the man and more to do with her and her conduct.
    There’s a lot to dislike about her image-wise. Personally I think she’s a ridiculous parody of herself in the cheap, fame hungry woman department.
    But if you’re so desperate for entertainment that you think that the dislike of Madalina Ghenea is something unique to her relationship with Gerard Butler, despite all evidence to the contrary, knock yourself out.
    You could just cut to the chase and spend your time watching estrogen charged reality television.
    But if you prefer to live out your cat fight fetish here, go for it.

  • Clamsie

    @GGG: I like your answer LOL!

    Agreed. It is like watching a train wreck. It seems so strange that they think they have to hide after he admitted being with her for all these months.

  • Sigh…

    @Le Obvious: Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If I’m lucky enough to have a daughter someday, I hope that she never wants to get ahead in life by taking off her clothes or being arm candy to a rich man. And if she wanted to leave school as a young teen to do so, I would lock her in the basement until she was 18. It’s hard to believe sometimes that there are still women who do this in the 21st century.

  • GGG

    @Le Obvious: @Sigh…:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!

  • Dot


  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God…” – Psalm 50:14

    “I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people” (Luke 2:10)

  • Autumn

    Evening JJers! Husband and I just returned from the movies and I won the toss to see PFK. First, let me say IMO, it had its moments – I think GB did an admirable job playing a very flawed character not too far from his own personal reality (minus the child and perhaps turning women down who threw themselves at him). It was just flat! The females in this film I just wanted to slap and say ala Moonstruck “Snap out of it!” It hit all the stereotypical women – kind of sad. We are so much more than this.

    Any way I love London at Christmas – too lovely for words! Wish I could be in Scotland visiting my family for Hogmanay – perhaps next year!

    Best to you all – have a wonderful week!

  • http://JJ Bonnie

    @Autumn: I am in Scotland for Hogmanay,Iooking forward to it .

  • Chelsea

    I just caught up on the appearances and watched the CH show. Anybody else catch that remark about his personal life? Knowing how CH operates, it sounded like he told her backstage not to ask, since he wanted to keep his female fans interested, and she outed him and said it out loud on air, basically repeating what he said back to him. He looked like he didn’t know what to say. CH probably finds it offensive and condescending to women to play that game.